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Review: On 12/1/14, I ordered a pair of shoes: Nike Shox Deliver - Men's Black/Black Size 13. These were for my husband. He works in an office, but walks nearly all day, so he wanted a pair of comfortable, long-lasting shoes that would also look professional. We received the shoes, but one shoe makes a squishy air sound when he walks. My husband is concerned about how quiet his office is and if he will be reprimanded about the sound of that shoe as he's walking through there throughout the day. However, his primary concern is if the shoe will deteriorate quicker due to improper construction. We paid a lot of money for these shoes - more than we really ever pay for shoes - and we would both be highly disappointed if one of them didn't last as long as they are intended to last. We've had Nike Shox before, so we both know how durable and long-lasting they are.

Since this is clearly a defective item, we opted to send them back for a replacement pair. I emailed Eastbay via their online Customer Service Email contact ([redacted]) explaining the situation and asking that they let me know how we should go about having the item replaced. The response I received stated that "if you would like, you can send the product back to our Returns Department for further inspection. It can take 1-3 weeks for us to receive and process your return." It then specified what we would need to return, and at the bottom stated "You may choose to pay for an exchange order if you need the replacement as soon as possible, and you can be refunded pending the results of the inspection."

I did not find this as satisfactory customer service at all. We would basically be out of the shoes (and money) for over a month (it's the holidays...seriously, maybe even longer than that) while they "inspect" the shoes? Maybe other companies have spoiled me, but there have been multiple other companies I've done painless exchanges with - whether I ordered the wrong size, the item was defective, or it was under warranty and quit working. Regardless of the issue, the most I've had to wait is until the company received the item, and then they sent the replacement. But in Eastbay's case, they wanted us to also wait out the investigation process? That seemed odd to me. And what if we purchased a second pair so that we at least had some shoes for him to wear during that timeframe and then Eastbay determined that a squishy air sound was not defective according to their books? Then, what? We've paid for 2 pairs of shoes, of which only 1 pair can be used? This defect isn't our fault at all. Not even in the slightest bit. I'm not saying it's Eastbay's fault, as the fault would lie with Nike as the manufacturer, but still...the process is far too lengthy to consider that good customer service.

After expressing these feelings in another email, the response I received was what I should have expected. The representative explained the process and gave some sorry story about that it's in the consumer's best interest, though not at fault, to wait out the process, etc. I responded that I understand that the item should be returned. My complaint is not with that at all. My complaint is that whether I receive the replacement upon their receipt of the item or after their 3 week inspection, I still receive a replacement and they still have to deal with the manufacturer regarding the issue (or so I assume). So why am I waiting for their investigation? I feel that I'm being put on trial and deemed guilty, and am now having to prove my innocence to them. That's honestly what it feels like. They can check the tracking. We received the shoes the day before I emailed them of this complaint. Clearly, the item is defective. And guess what? Even if the item ISN'T defective (by whatever determination they use), they can still turn around & sell the shoes to someone else. They're still new!

So after I sent that email, the response I received this time was absurd! The "Customer Care Representative" copied and pasted the last email they sent to me and clicked "send". Seriously? Real classy. Overwhelmingly exceptional customer service right there. That "[redacted]" should be reprimanded for that, but I doubt he will, since each person that's responded has been someone different and none of them had been helpful.

Finally, though, I got a response from [redacted] I., another customer service representative. This time, however, she actually provided me with some quality customer service. I would love to figure out how to commend her and let her supervisor know how much I appreciated her, but the email system they use is clearly flawed. [redacted] expressed her deepest apologies for the prior email I had received (the copied & pasted one). She re-explained their process and why they operate that way. While I still do not agree, she at least was speaking to me as a person. She also stated that she had spoken with her supervisor who authorized an expedited shipping label free of charge to help speed up the process. I was very thankful toward [redacted] and requested that I continue dealing with her from that point forward. I asked a couple more questions so that I thoroughly understood what would happen in each possible scenario before deciding which route was the best for us to take.

Unfortunately, the response I received was not from [redacted], but from someone else who stated they cannot forward my email to [redacted]. The person answered my questions, though. At that point, we determined that we would be better off returning the shoes and waiting out the process, but wanted to apply our expedited shipping label to our return of the shoes. I emailed Eastbay that exact request. I received a response stating the shipping label would be sent to my email address within 24-48 hours.

I just received it and go figure - it's for UPS Ground. How is that expedited shipping? UPS Ground is the slowest, cheapest shipping option available. Clearly, only [redacted] and her supervisor were actually willing to help me.

Once I received that, I determined that I should just contact Nike directly to see if they could help. Nike's customer service is exceptional and was gladly willing to help in this case. However, the representative let me know that they discontinued production indefinitely of that shoe, and they had none in stock. So what would happen is we would receive a product voucher for the full retail value of the shoe. Unfortunately, my husband wanted this specific shoe because it was the only one he found that looked professional enough. So that's not really an option. The representative apologized, but I completely understand that there's nothing she can do.

But finding out that the shoe is discontinued put a light bulb in my head. So I went onto Eastbay's website to see if they had that shoe in stock. While they have the shoe in stock, they DO NOT have any more of that size in stock? So this entire time going back and forth with Eastbay's customer service was a waste of time. I did call them to ensure that what was reflected online was correct. I again got someone with attitude (because I couldn't hear her properly), but she confirmed that size was no longer in stock. Eastbay looked up my order number for me because I didn't have it on me when I originally emailed them. They did not once inform me that it was out of stock. So if I had sent the shoes back, what would they have done? Said they were defective, apologize, and send them back to me because they don't have a replacement pair. It's not like I expect them to magically pop a pair in the correct size out of the air, but it would have been nice to have saved all this time and back and forth and headache with their ridiculous customer service.

So now I'm stuck with this defective pair of shoes. All I ask is that I receive some sort of compensation for having to keep a defective item. Stores sell "refurbished", "blemished", "defective" items for a discounted price, so that consumers aren't paying so much for an item that is not what they expected. That is why I'd at least like that same courtesy, especially after all that I feel I've been through.Desired Settlement: All I ask is that I receive some sort of compensation for having to keep a defective item. Stores sell "refurbished", "blemished", "defective" items for a discounted price, so that consumers aren't paying so much for an item that is not what they expected. That is why I'd at least like that same courtesy, especially after all that I feel I've been through.



December 19, 2014

I ordered a black Twins hat and they sent a gray one, a size too big and want me to go to the trouble of sending it back instead of sending what I paid for. Won't use them again!

I am very disappointed by the horrible customer service I have received from Eastbay and I will never shop from you guys again. I ordered shoes Wednesday August 12 the Nike Free trainer 5.0 V6 Ohio State addition at 10am I waited for the countdown for them to go on sale. I order the shoes and got the email conformation back, I was super excited this was to be a birthday gift. So Friday comes and I have not gotten and shipment email that my shoes had been sent to me so I talked to someone on the live chat asking for the status of my order. She looked it up and said well it can take 72 hours to process. Meanwhile my bank account shows the amount for the shoes pending since Thursday the 13th (next day after purchase). Monday comes still showing pending in my account and still shows my order as open. Today Tuesday the 18th I called because I wanted and update on my order and I was told it has been cancelled, I did not get a call or an email letting me know of any issues they were having. Now the SHOES ARE OUT OF STOCK. So the manager told me they can send me a different item and they will pay for the next day shipping. Really this was my order I followed up on it and was never once told there was any problem, I feel from a customer stand point I should of gotten a call letting me know and rerun my payment again for whatever reason they are given me that it wasn’t working when clearly it was pending in my account so all the right information was there. But I did not get this call and now told I have lost the shoes because my order was cancelled and they are out of stock. This is clearly an Eastbay issue not mine but it was made out to be my issue to deal with, but once again I never got a call or an email to even let me know this information. I am very disappointed in the way this was handled and now I can’t buy these shoes because mine were now given to someone else. I will not hesitate to let people know this and to tell them not to shop at Eastbay.

Review: I went to the Eastbay tent sale on 6/8/15 and found a pair of men's shoes for myself for a good deal $45 (half off the retail price of $89.99), but the wrong size. The shift manager told me they had 2 pairs in the warehouse which they would ship to the store, and I could pick mine up the next day. I stopped there the next day and the shoes weren't there. He looked it up in the system and told me the 2 they had before had been sold, even though he was the shift manager who promised this to me. He would not honor the price that he promised to me. He also confirmed with me those had been men's shoes size 10.5 that I had ordered. All he was able to do was offer me a small discount, and I had to speak with the store manager the next day. I then went back on 6/10/15 to speak with Mike, the store manager, who was extremely rude and unprofessional to me. Mike told me and my girlfriend that we were lying and that we were not promised the men's version of this shoe at a 10.5 size and that I was trying to order the woman's version instead. I had confirmed with the shift manager the previous day twice that I would be getting the MENS 10.5, and it was pretty obvious when I told him those shoes were for ME, a MAN. I told this to Mike and asked him if I looked like a woman to him and he just shurgged his shoulders and said nothing. I felt insulted! He also made up other excuses implying my girlfriend and I were lying. He stated the pair of shoes I had found the first day was a women's pair, even though I had a pair of men's shoes in my hand. I had taken that up to the shift manager and asked for a men's 10.5 size, since the pair I had was a different size. Where would Mike get the idea that I had ordered a women's shoe? I know what I had in hand and he does not as he was not there. He was lying to cover himself and his employees. He was bullying and being very condescending to us, and he was trying to make us look stupid and like dishonest liars. I feel very disrespected, as well as my girlfriend. This has gone back and forth with the business in a previous review I submitted, and everything Mike said was a lie. He also stated there was some "mystery form/slip" that was filled out ordering a women's shoe, which I had never seen. This was also fabricated by Mike. The 30% discount Mike offered would bring the total to around $62, while the price that was promised to me was $45 (50% off). This is the mistake of an Eastbay employee, not myself or my girlfriend. However, this company and their store manager Mike will keep insulting and calling their customers liars just to save a few dollars. This is the worst business practice I have ever been subjected to!Desired Settlement: The resolution I seek is to simply get those shoes (Reebok Men's CF Lite Training Leather Shoe - Black) at the $45.00 price that was promised to me. An apology for the way my girlfriend and I were treated by Mike and Eastbay would be nice as well. Thank you.



This company was good at one time and I bought most all of my athletic attire from them.
This all has changed and now when an order is placed, you never know what you'll get.
My last two orders have not even been remotely close to what I ordered and to make maters worse, when you call them, their customer service people are very rude; when I contacted them to tell them they had shipped out the wrong order (yet again) they laughed.
Now I can spend my lunch hour waiting in line at the Post Office to return Eastbay's continual mistakes.

Review: The item was never delivered. It showed that it arrived on 09/25/2015 and no movement since. I have contacted Eastbay, UPS, and UPS surepost and have gotten the runaround. I tracked the package on 10/03/2015 and it mysteriously shows scans that the pkg is being returned to the shipper and not delivered to me as I have requested daily.Desired Settlement: I want the merchandise that I ordered delivered to my home adr.



[redacted]RE: Complaint # [redacted]Dear [redacted],I received your correspondence and reviewed the information in Ms. [redacted]’s account. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience she experienced with her recent order.The UPS tracking on her package is quite unusual and shows that UPS received an online request from the recipient to have the order held at a local UPS facility, but then shows that they deemed the package lost approximately one week later. Her account shows that we received the order back as undeliverable on 10/8/15. Our warehouse restocked the item on that date and issued a full refund of $98.99 back to the credit card used on the order. If Ms. [redacted] would like to place a new order, she is welcome to do so anytime on Thank you for your time.[redacted] Customer Care SupervisorEastbay

Review: My website provides a pair of ASICS WM GEL-FLASHPT-YL/BL shoes, but they sent me a pair of Nike shoes.Because the shoes I was sent to China by forwarding company only to find the wrong, so I asked my return to the site, but the site is unwilling to assume international shipping.Desired Settlement: Request a full refund



Review: I ordered a pair of Nike Shox for 83.69 for my brother for Christmas. I accidentally ordered wrong size. I sent back the item with return label [redacted] . I was assured that I would receive an even exchange which was outlined on form. I have contacted EASTBAY and was told they were out of the size I requested. To this day I have never received exchange and now I am being told that they never received the original back. I don't understand how it went from waiting on size to no record of return. I have attempted to resolve via email/chat/call and they refuse to help. They should contact UPS, not me. That is the shipping company label they provide.Desired Settlement: I want an exchange of my original order Number 44106124 size 10 1/2 . My cr is [redacted]. I made the purchase with my student [redacted] Debit Card for 83.69.



I am very disappointed that after placing an order online with Eastbay then deciding to cancel it within two hours, my request was denied. I will not do business with a company like that in the future! Buyer beware!

Review: I placed an order on sat morning and then later that evening we found out of a death in the family. I called to cancel my order becuase I need that money to make it to my family in minnesota. the customer service rep said I cant cancel it because its in the process of getting ready to ship. there website says we dont charge you till it ships well no shipping hppens on sunday so I dont see how there isnt time to cancel. the rep then informed me to wait till I receive the shoes then pay to ship them back and then wait 1-3 weeks for refund. ok that is not right. I then chatted with a rep online 6 hrs later and told her what was going on and she said she'd talk to her supervisor and then said try back mon afternoon and see if they got it canceled by then its gona be too late and they will have shipped. I have to be in minnesota at the latest fri morning.Desired Settlement: I would like my order cancelled and if they ship them I would like them to expedite my refund and pay for expedited shipping back to them. this process will have to be completed before fri morn. by them not cancelling the order they are making this more stress on me then I need at this point. from my calculations the shoes wont even be here till fri. so why ship them if they can prevent this



Ordered a weight bench and some compression tights from Eastbay on 2/6 and on 2/8 I received an e-mail from them telling me my order was on its way. On 2/11, I went to that e-mail again to click through to the UPS link to see if there was an updated delivery date and, when I did so, I noticed that it was actually only a partial shipment. So I went to the Eastbay site and looked at My Orders and saw that the weight bench showed “Back Ordered”.

I needed the bench within the 5-6 business days specified in Eastbay’s Shipping Policies so I called to cancel that part of the order, as it would not reach me in time. I was told that they cannot cancel the order as it’s actually a drop-ship item. I asked when it would be delivered then and the CS agent told me she did not know – that there was no way to know. I asked if she was telling me that the order would arrive whenever it arrived and I had no recourse. She assured me that, yes, this is their policy.

Later that day (still 2/11) I initiated a chat with their CS agent and he, though considerably less kind than the woman I’d spoken to earlier in the day, also assured me I had no recourse where Eastbay is concerned. I told him that this was in contravention of their stated shipping policies and he said the item was a drop-ship item and exempt from that policy. I told him the product description on the website, which I relied upon to make my purchase, mentioned nothing of this being exempt from their shipping policies or of it being a drop-ship item. He insisted that it did state so on the item description. This is false.

At this point, it’s clear that Eastbay has no further concern for the customer once a drop-shipped item is ordered from the manufacturer, nor does Eastbay feel obligated to disclose to the purchaser what items are drop-shipped and thereby exempt from any assurances from Eastbay with regard to delivery time.

Lesson learned: do not do business with Eastbay.

Current status: Day 5 from the date of order, my weight bench now shows “Ready to Ship”. No idea when it might ship, however, nor when it might arrive thereafter.

Review: I placed an order for a pair of shoes from on Sunday, August 9th. The shoes were regular price $140, but Eastbay was advertising a promotion for 15% off orders of $75. There were no exclusions noted on the product page for the shoes, and the code applied without issue in the checkout cart. I submitted payment through PayPal, and the order went through without issue. The next day I received an email from Eastbay's customer service, advising me that the product I ordered was "excluded from the promotion" and that my order had been cancelled. There was no mention of a refund, nor have I received one as of my writing this narrative. This "bait and switch" tactic is illegal, and Eastbay should be made to deliver they product they offered at the advertised price.Desired Settlement: Eastbay charged me $115.98 for the shoes that they notified me I would not be receiving. Eastbay should deliver the shoes they advertised at the $115.98 price with the 15% off code.



Dear [redacted],I received a copy of the complaint you filed with the regardingyour recent Eastbay order, and I am happy to assist you with your concerns.I reviewed your account and the chatle-mail logs from your contacts with our eCustomerCare department in regards to your cancelled online order. It appears that the item you orderedwas excluded from promotional pricing so the 15% code you used on the order couldn't beapplied to that item. However, as you stated in your complaint and when you contacted uspreviously, you didn't see that disclaimer listed at the time your order was placed and our systeminitially allowed the order to process through.Our manufacturers do limit promotional discounts on certain items and unfortunately weare not able to override those guidelines. I cannot state with certainty why the verbiage stating"this item is excluded from discounts" would not have appeared at the time of your order, as wedo not change that information once it is listed. As a courtesy for your inconvenience on thisorder and because you are a longtime and valued customer, I am sending an e-mailed $25 giftcard for use on a future order, which can be applied to any item regardless of manufacturerexclusions. (You should receive this card within 3-5 business days.)Please be aware, however, that the use of our website signifies agreement with the Termsand Conditions which state, in part, "In the event that a product sold is mistakenly listed at anincorrect price, Eastbay reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for the productlisted at the incorrect price, whether or not the order has been confirmed and your paymentmethod charged. If your payment method has already been charged for the purchase and yourorder is cancelled, Eastbay shall issue a credit to your payment method account. "In the event you aren't already aware, we refunded your PayPal account in full for theamount of your order (PayPal transaction ID #[redacted]). If you have any furtherquestions or concerns, please contact us anytime at ###-###-#### or

Review: I bought a paid of shoes...some how it is the wrong size. I called to get a refund or change the size. I was told I had to wait until the shoes are shipped and exchange or refund and or they can try to refund once a tracking number has been received. But they took my money out my account with out waiting until the shoes was shipped. At the bottom of the email that Eastbay sent me..says your credit card will not be charged until item(s) are shipped. I was told by a supervisor that my shoes aren't shipped but are at a warehouse waiting to be shipped. They lied and took my money. I want a refund nowDesired Settlement: I do not want to wait until the shoes are st my front door and then ship them back to get a refund. I want my money Now just like how they took my money.



November 3, 2014

Purchased 3 pairs of shoes from Eastbay online 2 yrs ago, 2 pairs of Jordan flight and a soccer cleat for my 11 yr old son. When the package arrived the boxes the shoes were in were torn and damaged. There was a strong paint smell coming from the Jordan flight and the edging of the shoe was sticky as if it had just been painted and shoved into the box. I was pretty upset as on one look at the shoe it looked like a knock off. I contacted Eastbay and informed them of my findings and the customer care agent was very rude and patronizing. She insisted that they don't sell dupes. Because my order was International, it would have been costly for me to return the shoes for an exchange. It would cost me more than the $225. I paid for bother Jordans. The other Jordan flight dry rotted after 2 months of wear. The soling fell off while my son was at school. The soccer cleats was the only thing that lasted.
I swore to never purchase shoes from Eastbay again. [redacted]
Eastbay, [redacted] all need to step up their customer service. The only reason I shop online is because stuff is way cheaper if I purchase it directly internationally.

I placed an order on December 16 which was on a Monday, hoping that my item would arrive before Christmas. I checked back on Tuesday, it hadn't been shipped which was fine because I figured they were busy. But on Wednesday when I checked back, it still hadn't been shipped. I talked to a representative on live chat and I was told it would ship that day and arrive before Christmas. But on Thursday, I checked again and it still hadn't been shipped, so I called customer service and I was told that since I ordered around mid-night that there was a one day grace period, which didn't make sense because if it had been ordered around mid-night it should have been shipped on Wednesday. The representative contacted the warehouse and told me that it would ship on Friday, and still arrive before Christmas. I checked again on Friday, and this time instead of it saying ready to ship or fully shipped, my order said released to ship, which I do not know what that means. Then on my bank account, the same amount of money that I had used for my order had been added to my account and I still didn't receive an e-mail stating that my order had been shipped. So I want to know, was my order canceled? Was it shipped? If Eastbay had refunded my order, why wasn't I notified? And why would it take an entire week to process and ship one item? Eastbay has been amazing to me in the past and customer service was friendly, but this time the buying experience was horrible. I will probably order from other websites instead of Eastbay around Christmas.

Review: Order Number: [redacted] Cr: [redacted] Order Date: 06/04/2015

Since the middle of June I am trying to return what I bought because my son did not like it. Since that time I was contact Customer Service asking for Return Authorization Number and what they have sent to me is a copy of the order I placed but not the UPS label. I have called them back several times and their anwers is: "UPS has to send that label to you" I explained that I have never received that label, they told me to "Check your Spam Folder" I checked and there is nothing. As I wrote above, I was keeping contact this company and they have not resolved this problem. One time I sent the items back to them and they send them back to me. I am tired to contact them by phone and by mail and what I received is the same answer. I let you know that Eastbay is the WORST company for returning items. I feel they have been lying to me. For sure, do not trust Eastbay company the way they handle the bussiness, is very bad.Desired Settlement: I want that Eastbay company take care of the UPS label and send it to me, then I could return the items correctly.

I do not want that they keep saying the same to me and they do not resolve this problem, then, I will receive a credit for my order.



Review: On March 18, 2015, I ordered a pair of Nike shoes from Foot Locker. On March 21, 2015, I received a confirmation e-mail that the shoes were shipped on Friday, March 20, 2015. On Saturday, March 28, 2015, I called Foot Locker customer service and spoke with Ashley at ###-###-####, who advised that the shoes were in Orlando, Florida and had been there since March 23, 2015. She advised to wait until March 31, 2015 and if the shoes still had not been delivered to call back to Foot Locker on March 31, 2015 and I would be issued a refund. On March 31, 2015, I called Foot Locker and spoke to [redacted], and [redacted] and requested said refund. The request was denied and I was informed that they had to request a "lost package" investigation to determine the location of the package before they could refund my money.Desired Settlement: Complete and immediate refund of entire purchase price. The lost package is completely out of my control and I should not be required to wait until they complete their lost package investigation to locate the package. I did not receive the item that I ordered, which is clearly indicated on their tracking system. Foot Locker should not be entitled to keep my money while they determine what failed or went wrong with the delivery carrier chosen by them to ship the package.




2, 2015

Review: I purchased a Cascade R Lac[redacted]e helmet AFTER a safety recall had been issued. Eastbay sent me a defective and unsafe helmet that my son cannot use and is not certified. They refuse to refund or replace.Desired Settlement: Send a replacement today. My son cannot play without a helmet.



January 29, 2015

Review: After ordering and paying for an item from EastBay, I was delivered an item meant for someone else - a Customer in Beaver, PA, I called to resolve. During the course of speaking with the resolution specialist, who was not providing satisfactory service I asked for employee info to wage a complaint with corporate. She hung up on me as soon as I asked for this. I called back and learned that the same woman who hung up on me flagged the account making herself the only person at EastBay that can provide service on this issue. However, she won't answer phone messages left. Therefore, there is no channel for me to get a resolution. I can't tell the status of my order or have a clear idea of how to proceed. I have never been in this position. As it stands, my understanding is to get a refund, I have to pay for packaging for shipping via UPS.Desired Settlement: Ideally, I'd like to return the product, have a credit for the price it will cost me to ship the item back (not a gift card for future purchase) and the item I ordered either expedited to me or totally refunded. Or, they could send me packing products and a mailing slip via UPS to send it back myself.



May 6, 2016 of Wisconsin Attn: [redacted] 10019 W. Greenfield Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53214 RE: Complaint #[redacted] – [redacted] Dear [redacted], I received your correspondence and would like to address Ms. [redacted]’s concerns regarding her recent shipment experience with [redacted], her Resolution Specialist. I sincerely apologize that she has been having such a poor experience with Eastbay! I contacted [redacted]’s supervisor and asked that he review Ms. [redacted]’s complaint with [redacted] and have her contact her back ASAP. She left a voicemail for Ms. [redacted] on 5/4 offering to send either a replacement order or a refund, as well as a compensation gift card for her inconvenience. If Ms. [redacted] contacts us at a time [redacted] is not working, any associate here would be happy to process those items for her. We are looking forward to resolving this for Ms. [redacted] and I thank her for bringing this matter to our attention. Superior customer service is our number one priority and we look forward to giving her a better experience in the future. Thank you for your time. [redacted] Customer Care Supervisor Eastbay



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. I did receive that phone message, but have been out of town until today. I will reach out to the company today to refund my order. You have been most helpful. I appreciate all of your service.


I ordered a pair of adi-zero Adidas football cleats from eastbay. They came to me used, not in the new adidas box, but in a normal cardboard box with no wrapping. Adidas also puts an extra pair of laces that come with the cleats, those were also missing. They smelt like they have been used, and have the name worn out on the inner heel of the cleats. These are used cleats that were bought, expected and advertised to be new. I am in my second year of college football and I have been using eastbay since I was in middle school. I called the customer service desk and They told me just to return them and buy new ones. I feel like there could be something done more than just that. I feel extremely disrespected by eastbay. I have photos of what I recieved and I am more than willing to share the photos as well.

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