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We are so sorry it is not what you were expecting, however we have sold thousands of that vest in the pink color you received, which is the only pink that we carry; it is one of our best selling colors for 3+ years It is possible the color adjustment on individual computer screens are adjusted differently, but this is out of our control These custom vests are designed specifically for each customer based on their specific order details, including customized monogram initials and thread color choices for the custom embroidery work, which is why our policy is stated clearly throughout the ordering and receiving process that custom items are not eligible for exchange or return Thank you

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I did receive the package in yesterday's delivery to my husband's office ( [redacted] ***) However, I did not receive notification that the the package would be received as late as weeks after the purchase...I would have NEVER agreed to such terms In a personal email to me, a representative named [redacted] wrote:"As posted on our product page, due to the unexpected, extremely high demand for our Custom Travel Jewelry Cases (due to the amazing steam of a deal we ran on [redacted] ), orders placed for this specific item on 7/30/and forward are experiencing a 4-week extended shipping time."I have attached a copy of the email to this correspondence If, as stated in the message you received from [redacted] , it was clear from the onset of the order that it might take an additional weeks (from the week projected time), why would I receive this explanation from ***? I think it is just an attempt to make it seem as if their poor customer service is somehow my fault Incidentally, had I known the quality of the item, I would not have purchased at allAs it is, it seems I am simply stuck with a product that is less than expectedAt least I have learned my lesson and, hopefully, others may learn from my mistake Regards, [redacted]

Hello- This customers orders were delivered last week, please see tracking belowCommunication about production schedule delays is posted in several places for the customer to see before placing an orderMost importantly on the homepage of our website where all orders are placedIn addition, in the order confirmation email that goes out immediately after a purchase is made, and through outbound email marketing to our customer listsWith over 30,orders taken during Qthis year, unfortunately there is a certain % of customers who did not see the production timeline schedules on our website, or did not read the production times on their order confirmation email, did not receive the production email updates that were sent, etcThank you Tracking Number: [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:Clearly I have no choice but to keep these ROSE colored vest because you will not take responsibility for this itemInteresting that I have been emailing you a MONTH about this and you only care to respond when I contact the Revdex.comI will make sure everyone I know understands your company policy and how terrible your customer service isSocial Media is a great thing Regards, [redacted]

We received Johns email on 2/27/and responded on 2/27/at 8:23pm and offered him a full refund or a replacement, whichever he preferred On 3/2/he responded that he would like a replacement The replacement has been stitched, is out of production and is due to ship today or tomorrow I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me I did receive the item shortly after filing a complaintI still think the business should improve their communication with customers! I won't be ordering from them in the future Regards, [redacted] Complaint ID [redacted] Update Hi, class="" I did finally receive my order from Embellish Accessories on Friday, December However, this was past the delivery time promised, and a day late to give as a present I could never get an answer from this company except a prewritten emaìl response There were over complaints on their Facebook page, which they have now deleted the complaints Please close the complaint as resolved [redacted]

Date Sent: 1/27/6:39:PMWe are not offering free merchandise but if the customer would like to cancel her order and receive a refund, we can do this for her We are fulfilling orders as quickly as possible and trying to keep the customers updated as much as possible as well

We have reviewed your account and the correspondence that has transpired so we can accommodate your request and resolve any outstanding issues.The groupon code for ball caps, that you have had trouble using towards your order on our website, is only valid for the item which was advertised: Adult Monogrammed Ball Cap in colorsWe pulled your unsuccessful orders and see that the reason it is not working is that you are attempting to use it for another item that the code is not valid for: Pigment Dyed Ball CapYour groupon codes are only valid for the item they are advertised forIf you place your order again for the correct item, your code should work just fineIf it has expired, please let us know so we can issue a new active code as a courtesy for your trouble.We show the denim shirt was delivered, it looks like you had included some notes regarding additional fees into the notes section and our production team was waiting for further clarification on how to handle your order Your size of XXXXL does have an additional $charge for the extended size, the additional charge for extended sized was included o our website and in the terms The windbreaker you ordered is the same scenario, you ordered the XXL extended size which it states is an additional $charge We agreed to waive your shipping fees and unfortunately, because all of your transactions were via PayPal, when we attempted to issue shipping refunds to you, Paypal would not allow us to do so as the orders were past time limit that PayPal will allow refunds to be issued We have issued you is a $credit for the shipping that you paid that we are not able to refund via paypalThank you

Resolution to Complaint # [redacted] I had placed a complaint previously on December 23rdThe complaint number is [redacted] The business associates with the complaint has sent me a tracking number for my shipmentIt has taken over weeks to receive my item which is unacceptableI no longer seek a refund, since the business has mailed my itemThank you for contacting the business [redacted] *

This customer requested and was granted a full refund on 12/17/

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: This is unacceptable as I have been waiting for these items for almost two monthsThese were Christmas gifts that friends and family have been waiting for When will my money be refunded?
Regards,*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

*** * *** *** *** ** *** ***We have previously responded to this customers concern via email September18th,We have not received any further contact with *** since. This specific item has a slight shipping delay that is and was posted and
noted at the time this order was placed. We have attached the posting to this response as well as our correspondance with the customer. This order is in our production line up scheduled to ship beginning October 23rd and no later than October 31stAs posted on our product page, due to the unexpected, extremely high demand for our *** *** *** *** (due to the amazing steam of a deal we ran on ***), orders placed for this item on 7/30/and forward are experiencing a 4-week extended shipping timePlease see our product page.***As soon as this order has shipped, *** will receive a shipping notification email.In this E-mail she will be provided with a tracking number so thatshe may anticipate where and when *** will have the item delivered.We will reach out to the customer once more via the provided email address: ***

This customer posted vulgar expletives on our Facebook page, which is why we blocked this customer Order tracking shows delivery occurred 1/15/
left: 4px; top: 21px; width: 1px; height: 1px;">Chiyo IshiiDec 27, 11:35amI need refund, this is bullstI also reported groupon and living social about your fked up businessChiyo Ishii
Dec 27, 11:35am
I need refund, this is bullstI also reported groupon and living social about your fked up businessChiyo Ishii
Dec 27, 11:35am
I need refund, this is bullstI also reported groupon and living social about your fked up business

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: I would like an apology for my negative experience with this company and for their lack of preparedness to honor their orders through Groupon. Any business-minded individual would have readied their staff and inventory to produce items to ship in a reasonable time frame; I find their version of customer service appalling and unacceptable
*** ***

I ordered from this company on December 3rd, pullover monogram jackets The order was supposed to take 3-weeks after weeks they said they took too many ordes and were sorry for the delay after weeks my order was to be sent I emialed and ask for free-shipping due to the months is had taken They cancelled my order completely at that point, never refunded my money and said I would need to get a refund from Living Social When I contacted Living Social they told me Embellish Accessories and Gifts had marked it as redemmed--which it was not! I have emailed them about times for assistance and received replies with basically too bad You cannot call because there voice mail picks up and says the voice mail box is full So now months after my purchase I have no products and no money back This company is TERRIBLE

Customers order is in production and she will receive an email with tracking link when it is out of production

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
Regards,after so many times I tried to call this business and sent emails to cancel my order but no response, I was very upset. They took my money and time.It was not appolopriate I agree however, how can costoumer cancel product if no one is responding? It was not the way of businessThere were no coustomer service exist.I apolozige that I said but I need to know what is their return products policy and refund policy if nobody responding coustomer email?there are so many other angry coustomers posting messages on Facebook.Not able to keep up sending products on time at all.I got products but I was not happy of the quality too.I do not deserve this type of service.*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
In the picture of the Groupon advertisement, it shows a pigment dyed ball capIf the Groupon was not for a pigment dyed ball cap, it should have had a different picture, and specified it like they did in the Living Social deal.Furthermore, if they had worked in the 1-week timeline they promised, they would have been able to do the refunds through Paypal. And, if they had questions, the most obvious solution would be to contact me, which they did not doInstead, they ignored repeated requests from both Groupon and myself asking for responses, as well as contacting them on Facebook and by fax. In January, I asked for all additional fees to be refunded, which meant the extended sizing pricing to me, as well as shipping, because a jacket took eight weeks and one day to arrive when it was to take only 1-weeksThen, everything else was to take 1-weeks as well, yet, a shipping label was created for my shirt, and it took over a month just to ship after it was finishedI purchased these in good faith, with the promise of 1-weeks, and was sent an email saying okay when I asked for the waiving of feesI've still got two Living Social ball caps to, the company reached out to me and offered me a $credit, which I do not wantI'm too frustrated with them, and the lack of communication, shipping lies, and overall untrustworthiness to order after the last two Living SocialsThey claim to have taken on too much work, yet, I saw that they posted more Living Social deals in the past few weeks which really irks me, since I've not gotten any explanation after the first email despite the dozens of times I've contacted them.
*** ***

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