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Emergency Medicine Associates, P.A., P.C.

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Review: My wife had a ER visit at [redacted] Hospital Center in September with a threatened miscarriageIn the nearly hours we waited in the ER, my wife was attended to between the physician and hospital personnel for less than minutes totalUnderstanding patients by priority, we do not have complaints about the length of time
However, I have concern regarding the billing from EMAReceived two separate bills - one from the hospital $745, one from EMA $The hospital bill clearly states a list of chargesUpon calling EMA to request a detailed statement to that we could have a better understanding of what the charges are, I was told that EMA does not have a list of chargesAfter pressing, the EMA rep stated that the amount was the fee reported by the physician himself and that only the physician would be able to explain the charges
Two weeks ago, I contacted the attending physicianHe stated that EMA's claim that he was the one to submit the fee was erroneousThe physician stated he would go "directly to the top" at EMA and be back in touch with me in one to two daysThis was more than two weeks ago and we have no replies
EMA is stating that they are willing to offer us a 20% discount, but still can not produce an explanation of charges other than the "professional component" of the ER visitEven given the fact that the physician read lab results and talked with my wife for about five minutes before discharge, we have difficulty justifying the $EMA fee on top of the hospital bill20% off makes it $786, but still difficult to comprehend what services were performed to justify the amountWe'd like to understand the charges, and as a self pay we are requesting that EMA offer a larger discount to make it more affordable for us to pay our bill.Desired Settlement: We'd like a justifiable list of the charges, and as a self pay, we are requesting that EMA adjust the charges to be more aligned with a doctor's office visit which would be equal to approximately 15% ($150) of the current bill, that it would be more affordable for us to pay our bill
October 20, 2014Dear [redacted],I am in receipt of your letter dated October 15th with the above referenced order numberI had a conversation with the husband of the patient and had mailed to him the above letter on October 17th.Please let me know if you have any additional questions.Sincerely,Gregory K.Chief Operating Officer

Review: I received care through [redacted] General Hospital Emergency Room on 1/17/08. Apparently the emergency room physician's billing company sent the bill to my insurance company , but had an incorrect spelling of my name and I believe they also had the wrong address. This resulted in denial from my insurance company. Because they had inaccurate information, the bills which they tried to forward to me , never made it to me. I was completely unaware of any issue as the hospital was paid by my insurance company for services. I find out about 3 years later, that a collection agency, [redacted] ?, was trying to collect on this account. I spoke to representatives from my insurance company as well as the EMA. It was clear that the EMA made a mistake in their billing and because of the delay in correctly submitting the claim, obviously the insurance company probably refused payment. I finally had one of the billing staff members review my account and admitted to their error. I was told that this account would be closed and that I should not worry. Now I am receiving letters and calls from a new collection agency, [redacted] that is trying to collect on the original balance plus late charges and fees which total $554.85. This information has been reported to the major credit bureaus and has had adverse effects on my rating. The really sad thing about this is that I am a physician who worked with your ER physicians. This company has shown itself to be unethical in its dealings with patients/consumers. Secondly, this incident shows a lack of respect for colleagues. I have made multiple calls to this office over the course of the past few years with no results. I most recently attempted to contact the billing manager to no avail. This problem originated because of the EMA billing offices' inability to appropriately bill. (The hospital had the correct spelling of my name and address)Instead of accepting responsibility for the error, they have continued over the past 5 years to collect from me, the patient. I would appreciate resolution of this issue. The EMA office needs to personally send a letter to [redacted] collection agency, [redacted], all major credit reporting agencies, and me --- to close this account.Desired Settlement: EMA needs to close this account with a detailed explanation. This needs to be sent to [redacted] collection agency, [redacted], all major credit reporting agencies, and me. There should be further follow-up to ensure that the [redacted] agency has released me from all responsibility regarding this account. I would also like to have a formal apology for the damage which has been done to my credit rating and for the time wasted over the YEARS in trying to resolve this matter.




Review: EMA has been harassing my mom, whose english is not great, about owing her money for an emergency room visit. My mother visited the emergency room on 12/5/2012 and payment was completed by 2/21/2013. They charged her twice for the same visit and in the invoice that they sent to us, you can clearly see this. I have called countless times and each time that I speak to a rep, they said I was right and would correct the billing error - they don't. I also wrote in countless times. Instead of fixing the error on their part, they have now sent my mom's case to a collection agency. This is ridiculous - the agency is now calling and harassing my mom. I hope you will please help us resolve this issue.Desired Settlement: I need them to please fix the billing error and to tell [redacted] to stop bothering my mom. Thank you so much.



I'm unable to locate this patient account information. May I have the patient's account number?



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: they are asking for account number which is [redacted].


So I was told that I owed a debt to a physicians office from going to the emergency room in August of 2012. I actually got on hospital [redacted] care because of my income. Well I thought this office was a bill collector at first but they never identified themselves as the VA Hospital Center Physicians office. Anyway, I sent this office a fax about a month ago in regards to my [redacted] care. I was told by a man that this would help the bill and reduce it to zero. I was also told by a lady named [redacted] ?? I believe???? That I would get a bill with an updated balance of zero. Still no bill... Now it seems they have sold the debt to some "Suburban Credit Corporation".

What lead me to make this complaint today is the fact they called my boyfriend while he was at work, which is totally unacceptable. Not only that but the collectors "suburban credit corp" were very very rude to him. This is just totally unacceptable.

Bottom line is I do not owe this debt, it is 100% covered under [redacted] care.

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Description: Medical Staffing, Medical Business Administration

Address: 20010 Century Blvd Ste 200, Germantown, Maryland, United States, 20874-1118


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