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I had to have a piece of residential door glass replaced and decided to go with Glass Wholesalers, and I'm definitely glad that I did Everyone involved, from the guy at the counter to the man who came to give me a free quote and returned later to replace the glass, were all wonderful to do business with Everything was quick, easy and the service was great I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone who needs glass work, and I'll be calling them again if I ever need it myself These guys are the real deal, folks, and they deserve your business

On May 13th, I took my car to the body shop at Ourisman Chevrolet and received a rental from Enterprise Rent A CarMy car stayed at the body shop from May 13th until May 29thI never take the additional car insurance on a rental because I have learned that you’re always covered by your own insurance provider, but this time I didHow it was explained to me was that for five days, the insurance would be coveredI was told that I would be responsible after those five days What was NOT explained to me CLEARLY was that I would be paying $per day until my car was returnedI was charged in total $409! That’s totally unacceptableBecause my account was already closed out, I could not fight about that amountI was offered a free day rental which I felt was an insultI am not sure what can be done about this now, but I want a complaint on file

I recently (September 18) rented a family car from enterprise for a period of days then on november extended over the phone for seven additional days ( September to November 12)Our ref # and agreement # was 2m5bj9, and 2blxkp,I rented the car at the Tysons corner office (Greensboro drive)At that time, when my husband and I were presented with the various insurance options, the agent available explained the options briefly, summarizing the insurance packages by what we understood to be the final daily rate for the carWe therefore agreed to pay for full insurance, under the impression that the total daily rate was to be roughly dollarsAccordingly, my credit card was charged with dollarsWe assumed and were told that this was the total price we would payThe agent did not state that this was the charge for days and not days (and so we never realized that the total daily rate was actually much higher than dollars)When we returned our car today we were stunned that the final amount charged to my card was much higher than expectedWe were expecting to pay roughly an additional dollars for the days we extendedInstead we were presented with a final charge of +Apparently, the agent stated that the daily rates he was referring to when we were being given insurance options were not cumulativeThis was not clear, nor was the agent helpful in clarifying this: he immediately charged the card and proceeded to explain afterwards that we had misunderstoodOur complaint was shrugged off and we never received a response from anyone about it despite repeated emailsThe misunderstanding is one issue, and how it was handled at the level of the individual employee as well as the company (which was basically ignoring me until I'd stop sending emails), was highly unprofessional

Spoke with customerHer fiance hit a customer car at in a rental he had from StLouisThe reason Enterprise had her information was because she was listed as a secondary contact on his contractI assurred her the branch did not give her contact information to anyone elseI told her that if the fiance is not answering, the DRU or claims center is going to continue to reach out to other contacts to get the claim paid accordingly - [redacted] (AREA MANAGER)

I'd like to preface the below by saying that I have been renting from Enterprise for over yearsThis was my first time renting FROM that location at Fredrick Road in Rockville, MarylandThank you for choosing EnterprisePlease print this e-mail or record your confirmation number in order to pick up your rentalYour confirmation number is **SSN**We look forward to seeing you on February 5, at 4:PMOn 2/I arrived at the location and was told they had no compact cars, that they could upgrade but I'd have to pay$14+ moreI informed representative that I was not interested in a larger car, nor in paying the extra amountThey said rather than trying to find a compact car for me they would do the upgrade at the reservation priceWe then began the payment processWhen I had made the reservation I informed the agent that I would be using my debit cardShe told be about the requirements to do thatI did not have the required $but had the cost of the rental on a credit cardWhat I did not know was that there was a $for that which I also did not haveYou see I had been sick and out of workThat, 2/was my first day back and I was broke, not having received a paycheck since early JanuaryWhat I did have was $in cashThe agent offered to take me to the bank to deposit the cashHe pulled around front with a black Nissan that was covered in dirtWhen I asked if that was the vehicle I would be getting he said yesI asked whether it would be washed before I received itHe said their car wash was closed for the winterAll the cars they had parked in the front were cleanBeing a Friday evening there was a queue in the bankThe agent came in when I was the second person in line to be helped, told me he had to leave and that I was to call when I was ready so he could come back to pick me upHe nor anyone else from Enterprise came backI am willing to provide phone records to show how many times I called to ask, what car I should be looking out for, and when they would be coming to pick me upEach time I called I was told either he was alone and couldn't leave to come get me, or that they were very busyI must add that the contact information they had for me was my landline, so on one occasion when I called I pointed this out and offered to provide the cell number to my new cell serviceThe representative was able to read the number back to me telling me they had caller IDI asked that the number be given to the driver who would be picking me upHe said yesOn another occasion when I called the representative said they were busy, they had my cell number and would call when they were on their wayThat call never cameAs it got closer to 6PM, and I have to say this is a bank, so I aroused suspicion but that's another story, I got increasingly nervousCould it possibly be that I'm going to be left stranded miles away from home!? The last call a female answered the phone apparently a person who was responsible for making reservations I explained what was going on and she said they were closing in a couple of minutes and transferred me to the same agent who had taken all of my previous what seemed like a zillion callsHe answered with his name "This is Chris....." in a long drawl then silence, he had hung up the phone! After this there was no answers to their phoneThe bank now closed, with me standing in the ATM area that was accessible by customers who had a card to swipe, they were kind enough to let me stay, it was very cold outsideI called the corporate number listed online and was transferred to someone named Stacy who said she was a supervisorShe said there was nothing she could do as all their locations had closed at 6PMShe wanted me to provide her with information that she could use to fill out a form which she would then pass along to the branch managerI asked her how I was going to get home she suggested I take a taxiI told her where I lived and told her I didn't have enough money to do thatShe said she didn't know what to tell me and repeated everything she had said previouslyNot knowing what to do I began walking until I hit a main roadI'll never forget that walkIt was dark, cold, and there was no sidewalk in some spots due to accumulated snowI got information for the bus and train, using that combination plus walking hours and minutes later I was home!

Better Business Bureau: I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below I did receive a message from Enterprise from Dave and returned his call and left a message on August 28, at 3:27pmI just received another call today from him on September 4, @ 9:07amI just made another call to Dave and left a message today, September 4, @ 3:01pmI am wanting to speak with someone about this matter, but they only tried getting a hold of me twice, and I returned all calls and left a voice mailDave even said in his voice mail to me today that "he apologized and we have been playing phone tag." Due to my work, I am best reached after 3:00pm Regards, [redacted] ***

Our apologies to [redacted] for creating any confuision with her rental billingShe is correct in stating that the sales tax rate is 8.375% in the [redacted] areaHowever, what she may not be aware of is that the auto rental industry specifically has had a series of tax increases over the years that has driven the sales tax rate when renting a car at [redacted] County Airport to 18.375%There was an additional tax increase in and most recently an additional tax increase in The attached NY Times article mentions the tax increase that occurred in More detailed tax information can be obtained from the NY Sales Tax AuthorityAlthough we oppose these additional taxes imposed by the State upon our customers, we have to charge, collect and remit these monies to the StateI'm afraid the tax rate billed to [redacted] of 18.375% is entirely accurateThank you for your continued support and commerce Timm U [redacted] Regional Controller EHI Inc [redacted] @***.com [redacted]

Thank you for your feedback regarding ***'s recent experience at [redacted] Airport We have made several attempts to contact this customer to gain further detail to help resolve the situation, but to date, we have not heard back from the customer We remain open to finding a positive resolution with ** [redacted] and look forward to her correspondence Until then, we consider the case closed pending further information

First, allow me to apologize for our delay in our Damage Recover unit sending correspondence regarding claim # [redacted] to [redacted] and also [redacted] insurance co Ee respectfully disagree with [redacted] ’s claims that there was no damage done to our rental vehicle As is our custom, when the vehicle was rented to [redacted] ***, our employee performed a pre-rental walk-around inspection with [redacted] and noted on the rental contract any pre-existing damage (There are also specific notes on the contract stating the roof was checked for damage and none was present prior to renting the vehicle)The bottom of the contract specifically states “roof clear.” When [redacted] returned the vehicle, there was damage noticed upon our walk around inspectionThis is the damage that was repaired at our body shop The nature of this damage was clearly visible such that our employee would not have missed it when they performed their walk-around inspection of the vehicle before it was rented to himHowever, out of an abundance of caution, we also reviewed the seven previous rental agreements for this vehicle and verified that the subject damage was not pre-existing The roof of the vehicle was in fact repaired and the total cost of the repair was $which is less than the renter’s deductibleDue to this fact, Enterprise did not continue to pursue [redacted] for payment or send additional documents regarding the claim We sincerely regret that [redacted] disputes the claim for damages; however, we believe the damage was such that it would undoubtedly have been noted during the pre-rental walk-around inspection which [redacted] participated in Under the circumstances, we stand behind the decision to charge for the repair Please feel free to contact me if there should be any further questions Very truly yours, ENTERPRISE LEASING COMPANY OF MARYLAND, LLC

We have researched claim [redacted] and found no previous damage marked on any rental agreementIn fact we have the customer who rented just before [redacted] [redacted] , and it clearly states "no damage" [redacted] had the vehicle for days and did not return it back to an Enterprise branch for the walk aroundWe encourage all customers to return back to an Enterprise location so they can do the walk-around with an Enterprise representativeAt this time we have investigated to see if the damage was marked on her signed contract or any previous contact, and found that all tickets were rented with "no damage" markedAt this time we are pursing [redacted] for the damages

[redacted] ***, size="3"> After my review of your rental, I have decided to refund your credit card in fullI apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will consider Enterprise for your future car rental needsShould you have any questions, please reach out to me directly at my points of contact below Thank you, [redacted] Regional Controller ###-###-#### office###-###-#### cell###-###-#### fax ***[redacted] @ [redacted] Admiral Wilson BlvdPennsauken, NJ 08109USA

All renters are given the right to dispute claimsOur Damage Recovery Unit automatically checks prior contracts to see if prior damage had been noted, however, when disputed, Enterprise will contact renter back with findingsThe DRU can be reached at ###-###-####If it is found that the damages are preexisting, the deductible will be refunded to the customer and the claim will be dropped with his insurance company

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: It contains information I never received a call from Enterprise regarding the closure of their claim My insurance agent called to let me know they closed the case (I had notified them as well), and I requested Enterprise contact me directly The Enterprise rep with whom my [redacted] agent spoke had declined to do so when she had requested Enterprise call me directly to close the case Also, the regional sales manager stated in his reply that I was told they concurred in writing with my statements (regarding the lack of due diligence and inability to claim damages on Enterprise's part, and the lack of liability on my part) - this is also totally inaccurate The letter from Enterprise states that they've decided not to pursue the damages I caused on their vehicle The difference here being, the regional sales manager states they investigated this info, came to the same conclusion, and stated this by phone and in writing The reality is Enterprise refused to communicate with me, and sent a letter which still directs undue liability toward me and also provides them the ability to pursue this claim again later on down the road I do not feel this is resolved I need it in writing that I am not liable, and this was a mistake on their part They started this by putting and fraudulent allegations in writing in the first place (the PA Attorney General's Office has made contact and is investigate my complaints of insurance fraud and also consumer protection regarding this matter – I’ll be updating both investigators handling the complaints this afternoon so they’re aware of the continued dishonesty) Should Enterprise decide to attempt to hold me liable at a later date, such a letter admitting I was not liable would be necessary - the one they sent is useless and still indicates this company has a common business practice which is both deceptive and abusive to its customers Regards, [redacted]

I rented a car from Enterprise in Leesburg VA (Fairfax Street SE Leesburg, VA ((703) 777-5800) The rental was for two days - pick up Friday and drop off Sunday I was informed that they were closed on Sunday, but that I should leave off the car and drop off the keys on Sunday, and I would be charged only for the two days I did so They then proceeded to bill me for an additional day (Monday), because "they entered the returned car into the system on Monday morning." Outrageous! When I called to complain, they said that they would refund the money (this refund is pending), but they would have gotten away with it if I didn't check my credit card transactions I do not recommend this place - and check your credit card debits carefully when dealing with them!

My ex husband of years who has not resided at my residence for that period of time rented a vehicle from Enterprise apparently he did not return it in the proper time frame..I received a phone call at 4:AM which I did not answerWhen I went to my office I had a message on my business line from a man saying" he was calling about the van"I called him back and questioned him about his practice of calling uninvolved parties at in the morning...caller ID had identified that point he hung up on meThis is a aggressive behavior that I think Enterprise should be held responsible for

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Their story did not add upIt was made clear to me that they work in conjuction with [redacted] There is clear and continuous business relationship exist between them They have representative of [redacted] in their location that deals with their use vehicles or vehicles enterprise put out of serviceThis clearly affirmed principal and agency relationshipActing as a principal was the only main reason enterprise found themselve in a situation to be responsible for providing me a duplicate titleThey dont freely offered to help It was only when I decided to visit customer resident they are forced to do the right thingI made no threats to anyone in their premisesIn-fact, the oposite is trueThe said employee [redacted] was the one making threats to me that if I visited their customer resident they will call police on meI have a witness to collaborate my story because we visited the location togetherI only visited the location twiceFirst meet with [redacted] and second meet to received my tittle from ***I only called based on the time line givenIt is cleared that they are saying anything to escape liability or take responsibilityIt is only when I voiced out to her I will get the lawyers involved she quickly offered helpHowever she never kept to her promiseShe had me waiting for additional three weeks only to give broken promisesWhen I had enough, I walked to the corporate office and have a very responsible employee named [redacted] to help meThe second tittle given to me was never sign by the party alleged but rather their internal representativeTheir response is fabricated and contain zero truthThe issue should be boiled down to one basic statement: Are they going to compensate me for time, expenses and risk assumed for their own negligence? I think thats the right thing to do Regards, [redacted]

Customer was refunded all charges and was explained there was contact via email before the charges were put on his credit card These responses were made via email as we tried five times to contact the cusyomer via phone

Here is the resolution give by our area manager "I talked to the customer and am refunding the $charge for additional driverHe was very kind and appreciated that I reached out to himThanks! - [redacted] (ARM)" Thank you, [redacted] Executive Assistant [redacted]

The Area Manager over the Huntington Tri State airport spoke with the customer and agreed to cut a check for the tow bill due to the confusing nature of the signage size=2>I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Risk management in Indiana--Since my rental chaos started in Indiana and continued to follow me to Virginia--States that they are unable to remove me from their "DNR" list or "Do not rent list"So if I were to need a rental in the future, I am going to be unable to do so (which is ridiculous because how I was treated in INDIANA)My care insurance deals exclusively with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which is why I am having an issue from VirginiaI want to re-iterate how I am having my issueI was served a rental car in Indiana from the Princeton, IN areaI had a terrible car accident when I was years oldEnterprise gave me a rental per State Farm insuranceI then returned back to my apartment in Richmond, IN and continued to attend high schoolI called enterprise every day for two weeksThey grew tired of my phone calls and stated "Don't worry Miss [redacted] , WE WILL CALL YOU WHEN YOUR RENTAL IS NO LONGER COVERED BY YOUR INSURANCE." I stated to them, "Are you sure? I am a student and I do not have the money to pay for any surcharges or fees that may occur with the vehicle"They said, "Yes, trust that we will call you." I received no such call of the sort stating to return the car because the insurance WOULDN'T COVER IT ANY LONGERInstead, I receive a call stating "Miss [redacted] YOU OWE $265.05"I felt sick to my stomach and said"Excuse me? I told you I didn't have the money to pay the daily fee of the car, why didn't you call me?" They said, "Well you owe the amount and if you do not return the car, we will call the police." So It's okay for a company to go behind a consumers back and surcharge them and basically do what they had asked them not to do? This is how they intended to try to scam me out of money and it is not okayI do NOT appreciate being taken advantage ofI have asked to be removed off of the "DNR" list but "RISK MANAGEMENT" told me that they "Are unable to do so unless I pay the owed balance"I said "How do I owe you that balance? Ma'am how would you like this to have happened to you and what would you do?" She said "I still can't take the balance off until it is paid"When I spoke to Kathleen she said that they would remove me from the list and they will notTAKE ME OFF THE DNR LIST, PLEASE! REMOVE THE CHARGES ON MY NAME, AS I DO NOT OWE THEM Regards, [redacted]

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