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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved
*** ***

Hi ***,I have been asked to forward this email to you to let you know that the issue with *** *** has been resolved. He has agreed to receive a $gift card for customer satisfaction. Please let me know if you have any further questions.Thank you,*** ***Evans Tire &
Service Centers/Tag Motorsports*** ***/*** ***Ph. *** *** Ext # ***Fax. ***"ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING"*** *** *** ** ***“ABOVE & BEYOND”

We have contacted this customer and have given them a $credit towards any future tire and/or service purchase for customer satisfaction. The customer is happy and the issue has been resolved
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, the details of the referenced offer I reviewed appear below. 1) The manager admitted fault immediately after seeing the damage to all four wheelsHe stated that a new technician may have been responsible. 2) Before giving me the note (attached) the manager also stated that if the damages were preexisting, the technician should have made documentation prior to installation (per Evan’s policy), and that because he failed to do so, the responsibility of repair was now on Evan’s.3) The investigator’s statement about today’s tire equipment and the impossibility for the reported damages to occur is incorrectThere are a variety of online complaints that include pictures and descriptions of the same damage reported in this caseThe following explains how damage may be done during installation: There are a few different ways that wheels can get damaged while being mountedThe first is what called a “head drag.” The mounting head is the part that guides the tire sidewall over the lip of the wheel, and so it must lock in place very close to the wheel lip, while not quite close enough to touchSome tire sidewalls, particularly on stiff low-profile tires, can exert enough force to flex the head and cause it to touch the wheel, dragging the surface as the wheel turns on the mounterIf the tire tech does not notice, this will cause a long scrape against the outer edge of the finish that is quite similar to what we call “curb rash”, the damage caused by brushing up against a curb.The second major cause of damage is a “bar snap.” To remove a tire from a wheel, the tech inserts a prybar between the mounting head and the tire sidewall and levers the sidewall up and over the headWhen the wheel is then turned the tire can sometimes drag the prybar off the mounting head and slam it down onto the wheel hard enough to chip the paint.4) My vehicle is a V8, 6.2LThe technician listed it as a V6, 3.6LThere is a difference in the wheel size between the two engine types. 5) The two points above indicate that the investigator failed to acknowledge the possibility of human errorMoreover, the manager referenced a new technician when apologizing for the damages.6) The preexisting damages were resolved with the prescribed touchup paint, long before the date of the reported damagesIf the current damages occurred before the tire purchase, it is like the same touchup paint would have been used until the wheels were repairedTherefore, the damages are not consistent with any previous curb rash. 7) Considering the value of the vehicle, the amount of the tire purchase, and the car wash the day before, it is hardly likely that the damages would have gone unseen or unrepaired, prior to the tire installation. 8) After the damages received during installation, the lack of integrity, and lack of competence admitted by the manager, it would be irresponsible to allow any work or further damages to be rendered by Evan’s or its affiliates Regards,
Dr*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
I contacted *** precisely a couple times and less than minutes after I got a call from the store manager stating the same response as in this case, we didn't do anything wrong, if you want the correct tires bring your van and we will replace them.When I told the guy that I will seek a solution with customer service, the guy responded that it will be the same answer, which I confirmed the second time.When I explained everything to ***, she seemed to understand their error.I was never contacted by a territory manager.That's the reason of my comment on Customer Service just being a messenger and not being able to make business decisions
*** ***

*** is correct she gave us a deposit of for the purchase of new tiresThen another customer in the store gave To *** in front of *** our Sales Associate a to add to the deposit for the new tires*** is correct the next day she came in and asked for her deposit back
We gave her exactly what she gave us and contacted the customer that gave the additional and asked him if he wanted back his money or to give it to ***The gentleman said he would come pick up his My suggestion is that to resolve this all *** needs to do is ask her cousin for the There was no personal information given out, just gave the back to the customer of our who was happy we called him

Ref complaint id # *** In response to Dr*** ***’s response letter we would like to get a third party opinion on the wheelsWe have contacted *** *** @ *** *** ***, a local company that specializes in factory wheels as well as wheel repair and reconditioningWe sent *** *** *** the pictures of the damage on the wheels, provided by Dr*** *** and the dealership, and asked him for his opinion*** responded with the damage on the wheels appears to be curb damageWe would invite Dr*** to set up an appointment with the third party, *** *** *** , to have the wheels inspected in person, again to confirm the opinion of a third party based on the pictures provided*** *** *** information is: *** *** *** * *** *** *** ***, phone # ***At this time we feel a third party inspection , in person, would be appropriate*** *** *** is a reputable company and does most wheel repairs for local tire shops and dealershipsWe will respect the decision and opinion *** *** *** states upon inspection

*** *** of San Diego In response to your letter dated 8/03/2016, it is impossible for any automotive location to note every scratch, ding, curb damage or Any other small cosmetic issues on wheelsEvans Tire doesn’t not have a policy nor is there any where on our work order or invoice to note these Items on wheels On July 20th I received a letter from an attorney from Parker and Stanbury in regards to their client *** ***On July 21st I responded to their letterSo based on the fact an attorney has been retained by *** *** from now on all communication should be through their attorney *** *** Vice President & General Manager

Hi ***, The complaint made by *** *** has been resolved as of 4/22/2015. Mr*** signed a full release of liability and we have refunded him $as a sign of goodwill. Please see the attached signed Settlement Agreement and Release. The check was cut on
4/27/and sent to his address of record on the same day. This complaint should now be closed. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you, *** ***Evans Tire & Service Centers/Tag MotorsportsOffice Administrator/Customer Service***Ph. *** *** Ext # ***Fax. ***"ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING"*** *** *** ** *** “ABOVE & BEYOND”

To whom it may concern: This is in response to ID number *** In regards to the attached compliant I was involved with the investigationThe wheels have various scratches on them as the complainant reports, however after an investigation and seeing the wheels it is impossible to
condemn the location for the damagesThe following are the facts;, 1) There is one wheel that has prior damage to it on the outer lip which is consistent with curb damageI had not only pointed the damage out to the customer but also noted it appeared as if the damage had been painted over as there is a run of paint coming from the damaged areaI asked the customer and she admitted to me that damage was preexisting and her brother had attempted to paint the damaged areaThe scratches are vertical which is indicative of curb damage, furthermore the tire machine moves in a circular motion which is the exact opposite of the damage2) There are two wheels that have damage on the face of the wheel, which is also indicative of curb damageThe customer asked me if the wheel could have been dropped, but the scratching on the wheels is on one spoke only, if dropped all spokes would have damageThe damage on the face is also bigger than a wheel being dropped which would cause a nick, not a scratch, 3) There are two wheels that have small nicks by the valve stem area, however the tools used to replace the stems are designed whereas they would never touch the wheel4) It was also discussed with the customer the tire machines are designed for “todays” custom wheels and have plastic heads on them so as not to touch the wheelThe tire changer machines would never touch the face of the wheel and if they did they have a plastic head to prevent any damage Based on my investigation and the above listed facts it is impossible to condemn the shop or the equipment for the damages on the wheelsThe scratches are not consistent with any part of tire changing as well as some of the scratches are in areas that would not be worked around when changing the tiresWe offered a $goodwill jester based on 1) splitting the damages, we would pay for two and the customer would pay for two and 2) We can have the wheels repaired for $per wheel as the dealership is subletting the repairs and marking the cost upThese are the facts based on my investigation *** *** District Manager

Hi ***, In regards to the complaint made by *** ***, we offered to send the wheels back to ** *** *** and have them recoated again to fix the scratches as the damage is completely fixable. Or, we offered him $and he can sign a Settlement Agreement and
Release of Claims as that is what the wheel company was going to charge us to fix the damage. This offer is final and was made to him yesterday as of about 4PM and we have not heard back from the customer yet. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you, *** ***Evans Tire & Service Centers/Tag MotorsportsOffice Administrator/Customer Service***Ph. *** *** Ext # ***Fax. ***"ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING"*** *** *** ** *** “ABOVE & BEYOND”
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve
my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
I never received the phone number of the person that says he or she contacted mei believe my request was I'd like the phone number of the person I can call- nobody sent me the name or persons phone number this is the first email I received since I filed the complaintive even mailed a letter of two in the past and never heard from themhow did they try to reach me??? Was it the method I requested ?
*** ***

To whom it may concern,   The customer was last in our location on 12/10/2016 and had an oil change done on his vehicle. At that time the customer did not request a tire rotation, there Is no tire rotation listed on the invoice, thus we did not perform this service. The customer returned on or...

around late March or early April 2017 and asked for an oil change and a rotation, at that time we informed the customer the front tires had edge wear on them. The customer requested four free tires, we offered as a goodwill gesture to prorate the tires based on the mileage and the customer declined, and no services were done or performed in 2017. The tires were purchased  from a competitor, customer acknowledges this fact, and have approximately 20,000 + miles on the tires based  on our records. Even though the tires were not sold by us we still offered to do a proration for goodwill and the mileage used on the tires by the customer, he declined all services and offers and requested four free tires. Based on the above facts Evans Tire does not feel free tires are warranted, based on the mileage the customer got out of the tires as well as our records do not indicate a tire rotation was requested , which the customer signs the work order and final invoice before and after any services performed. We requestd from the customer a copy of his invoice for the tires so we may better do a goodwill prorated adjustment. Once the customer sends us the invoice we will be glad to do a goodwill adjustment.   [redacted]

Hi [redacted], Mr. [redacted]’s 4 wheels are still at our store.  We either need to send the wheels back to [redacted] to have them recoated or he needs to pick the wheels up by the end of the day today, per our agreement.  Our offer stands and is final. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you, [redacted]Evans Tire & Service Centers/Tag MotorsportsOffice Administrator/Customer Service[redacted]Ph. [redacted]  Ext # [redacted]Fax. [redacted]"ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING"[redacted] “ABOVE & BEYOND”

To whom it may concern:   This is in response to ID number [redacted] Our District Manager resolved this issue with the customer when it occurred. [redacted] had called our Call Center and was provided with a quote. His wife went into the location and had the services requested performed. Our...

technician had noticed that an alignment was needed and asked her if she would like it done for $75. His wife agreed to the services and signed the invoice. Westlake tires were put on their vehicle. [redacted] requested we take them off and replace them with Milestar tires. Our Chula Vista location did as [redacted] requested and took them off and replaced with the tires [redacted] was requesting. The two tires have the exact mileage warranty and are very similar. According to the last time our technician’s spoke with [redacted], the issue had been resolved.   [redacted] Customer Service/ Office Admin.

Hi [redacted], We have repaired the vehicle at no charge to the customer and he picked it up last night, 6/23/15.  The customer was happy when he picked up the car, he test drove with us and the repairs were to his satisfaction.  Please see the attached signed Settlement Agreement and...

Release.  This issue is resolved and closed. Thank you, [redacted]Evans Tire & Service Centers/Tag MotorsportsOffice Administrator/Customer Service[redacted]Ph. [redacted]  Ext # [redacted]Fax. [redacted]"ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING"[redacted] “ABOVE & BEYOND”

Hi [redacted], This issue has been resolved with the customer.  We have refunded him the $59.95 for customer satisfaction due to him not being happy with the alignment we performed.  Please see the attached Settlement Agreement and Release signed by [redacted].  Please close...

this complaint. Thank you, [redacted]Evans Tire & Service Centers/Tag Motorsports[redacted]Ph. [redacted]  Ext # [redacted]Fax. [redacted]"ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING"[redacted] “ABOVE & BEYOND”

Good morning Mr. [redacted],Our VP has asked me to provide you with our corporate office phone number, as well as, the extensions for his line and our District Managers. Our Corporate Office phone number is (760)579-4470 ext. [redacted] our VP of Operations) and ext. [redacted] ([redacted]r- District Manager).Thank you for your time,[redacted]|Office Admin./Customer ServiceEvans Tire & Service Centers|Tag Motorsports2520 Pioneer Ave. |Vista, CA 92081P (760) 579-4470 D. ext. 309 F: (760) 579-4478 [email protected] |"Dream Big, Work Hard." DISCLAIMER: This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed.  If you have received this email in error please notify the sender by replying to this message and then delete it from your system.  Use, dissemination or copying of this message by unintended recipients is not authorized and may be unlawful.  Please note that any views or opinions presented in this email are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the company.  Finally, the recipient should check this email and any attachments for the presence of viruses.  The company accepts no liability for damages caused by any virus transmitted by this email.

We have apologized to Mr. [redacted] for what happened.  We have also taken disciplinary action with the sales person and with the call center.  Mr. [redacted] is coming back in to have his services completed.  Please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you, [redacted]Evans...

Tire & Service Centers/Tag MotorsportsOffice Administrator/Customer [email protected] [redacted]  Ext # [redacted]Fax. [redacted]"Dream Big, Work Hard."[redacted]“ABOVE & BEYOND”

Hello [redacted]! Please see attached release of liability settlement agreement between Mrs.[redacted] and Evans Tire & Service Centers. The money was fully refunded to her for thehub cap and she agreed to settle on 01/12/2015. Please let me know if you have anyquestions or need anything further in...

regards to this matter. Thanks so much. 760-579-4478 or [email protected]

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