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Review: I contacted this company to do my divorce papers on the 17th of July. I was told I had to pay them 200.00 upfront and 325.00 on the 17th of Aug. And they emailed me a bunch of forms to fill out. I got them filled out and I was able to pay them the rest by the end of the month. So then they said they would proceed. So the other day they sent me two pages and said that was all I need to file. Which my girlfriend had just finished doing the same kind of divorce and she had to file all the pages that I had fill out for them So I contacted my case worker and got into a argument with him cause he said I didn't need but just those two pages. I know for a fact that I need all of the pages. Which he now tells me that was a questionnaire for them. And refuses to give me anymore than those to pages. Tells me if I find out I need more pages to contact them and they will email them to me.Desired Settlement: I would like them to refund all the money they took from me. Because they didn't do what I needed done. I am now doing it myself. I contacted the clerk of courts and I was right I needed all the papers I filled out for them to be able to file it. I feel they are not what they pretend to be.



Mr. H[redacted] was provided the same information requests that are sent to every client to complete. Aftersubmission of this packet, his matter was assigned to an attorney who is licensed by the state of Ohio to review and prepare the necessary legal documents to initiate a divorce. After reviewing the information provided by Mr. H[redacted], the attorney drafted the divorce complaint that was provided to Mr. H[redacted] which was appropriate for his situation.

Review: My fiance [redacted] and I hired them to handle our case for child custody and child support. We paid them $750.00 over a month ago. We was promised that we would have our papers by October 23rd. We never received our papers and have been calling and leaving messages and emails to them with no responses. On this day November 4th, I called again and left a voice mail telling them how unsatisfied we are with their services and that we ended up having to settle out of court and ended up having to give his ex wife full custody and he only gets visitation on her discretion. Not what we was wanting at all, but cant go into court to fight with no one to help us, and we was supposed to go to court on November 10th. This next Monday and had not heard from them didn't thin we had any other choice. Very unsatisfied with the way they handled our case. We basically paid them $750.00 dollars to do nothing. We are out $750.00 plus $30.00 to fax them all the paperwork. Nothing they promised was delivered. I would not recommend anyone using their services at all. When [redacted] called to tell the lady Nancy Franklin that we was not happy with their service and that we wanted our money back since they had done nothing to help us or done anything with the money that we paid them to do their jobs. We ae really wanting our money back because now our child support has been increased and we could really use that $750.00 to go towards that.Desired Settlement: We would like to receive our $750.00 back that we paid them to handle our case, which was never received.



Mr. [redacted] requested that a response to the document that he

was served with be prepared. His matter was assigned to our Louisiana attorney for

preparation and the response was prepared. Before any documents were sent to

him for review, he contacted his case manager to request that some additional

information, such as witnesses and an email requesting the witness information

was sent to Mr. [redacted], but we were never provided the information needed. Mr.

[redacted] then contacted case management stating that he had met with the opposing

counsel and had reached a stipulated agreement and that he no longer needed the

response. His case manager stated to him that the fact that he was able to

reach an agreement did not negate the fact that work was performed for him and

that the only hold up was on his end, waiting for the witness information. He

then stated that he would be contacting the as he felt

entitled to a full refund, despite his signed contract terms stating that once

document preparation had begun, he would not be entitled to such. Lastly, if his Child Support was raised, he must have agreed to it in the stipulation, which is beyond our control.We feel that we did our best to assist Mr. [redacted] in his matter and would be happy to send him his completed documents as is.Regards,Family Court Direct



Review: 10295327

I am rejecting this response because:


[redacted] contacted us by phone and told us he would give us half our money back. We was in the middle of a busy place and he was told we would call him back and he would not take no for an answer. And didn't even give us an option we wanted our full refund back. He told us that he would send us a pic of our refund and for us to contact the We really felt like he was pushing to save himself. They sent half our money back but we still believe we are entitled to the full refund. Do to the way we had to settle the case and all the pain of the major lose we took because they did not do their jobs at all. We are upset about this and will not settle for just the half they gave us its not right to tell the that they did their job and not tell the that they gave us half back. Seems like they just want to hide the fact that they scammed us and no telling how many others they scammed. We still want the full refund not just half.

Thank you all for the help and advice as well the guidance throughout the months leading up to this day. All is well , and thanks again. Please pass on to your legal team , the thanks and appreciation.

Review: I was inquiring about services with Family Court Direct online and filled out the information request on services they provide. Shortly after I was given a call by a Customer services representative about the services. I explained to him my situation he informed me that I was a good candidate since the services they provide were mainly for family with low income. I informed him that I was interested in getting legal representation for my child custody case and child support case. I was told I would be given a call from a case manager then my process will be explained in greater details then services will start. He explained to the services will cost $525. I needed a down payment of $100 and a payment of $145 every two weeks after that. After the down payment I received an email and call from the case manager Mr. [redacted] welcoming me and a CIR Form and package of 26 pages to fill out. Every day until my balance was pay in full I received a reminder email to sign the documents and email them back, which I did after paying for their services. Once my payment was complete I got an email Oct 23 2015, stating that the team was working on my case and I will received my documents by 11/06/2015. Once I saw the date has passed and I did not received any documents, I started trying to contact Mr. [redacted] both telephonically and by email with no response. My calls go to an automated answering service and my emails go unanswered. It is a shame this company prey on low income households. I would like to get a refund so I can take my business somewhere else that actually conducts legal business.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund for $525.oo for services NOT provided.



Review: When I discussed my issue with the company I was informed that I would recieve immediate assistance and my documents would be prepared and delivered by a specific date. After I made full payment and requested that I receive my documents a little earlier I was informed that it would be provided with no problem. Every time I called I was routinely forewarded to an answering machine and almost never was able to speak to a representative. The court documents that I was promised to be delivered to me was not sent until a week later. The customer service that I recieved was unprofessional and at times argumentative by the staff. I was very dissappointed by the treatment of the company representatives and was even told by them that "I was not their only client and they had others other than me". The customer service and care was ultimately disgusting and I greatly regret using their services. Their sales personnel promised me quality service however they failed miserably in deliver. When I received the documents I requested it looked like there was no effort in the preparation. I greatly regret using them.Desired Settlement: The quality and delivery that I was promised was not provided.



Family Court Direct takes pride in our customer service and we make sure to follow up with all complaints and inquires. Each client is given a 2 to 3 week window to receive prepared documents. 2 weeks is our shortest time frame and is considered a rush. Mr. M[redacted] requested, due to his personal needs, that he receive his documents sooner then the 2 week minimum time frame required. We strived to accommodate his wishes, however it was not possible. We apologized for delivering the documents one day late, however it was not detrimental to his case.

I want to thank Jeff L. and his legal team for their professional work. They where very attentive and patient with me, they answered every single question I had. They also helped me get started with the process in a timely manner. I highly recommend Jeff L. and his legal team to anyone for any family case.


Review: I started with Family Court Direct giving a $100 down payment on March 4, 2014 to prepare child custody modification paperwork for me to file with the court to represent myself a total cost of $1000. I had to pay 3/4th down before they would work on my case and was told that the paper work would be complete within 2 weeks. I paid the amount of $670 that was needed to get to get paperwork started March 31, 2014. I received a rough draft of the documents on April 11, 2011 with the legal department stating it was a first draft receive another draft a we went along. These documents did not contain much information in them and they resembled something I could have printed online myself, the paperwork did not even state what action I wanted from the court. I sent this back to the legal department, "Everything looks great except not much is filled in on some of the documents and on some documents Gwinnett County is listed when it is Chatham County. I am requesting full legal and physical custody with very liberal visitation and communication with the children with Mr. Johnson having access to the children as he pleases. I don't see in any of the document my reasoning for wanting to modify custody order, will this be filled in later or do I have to supply that information to the court myself in the form of Sworn Affidavit? and how can my ex's correct salary be obtained for these court papers? I got no response. From April 11, 2014 - May 13, 2014 when I finally requested my money back because I filed the paperwork myself. I sent unanswered emails, unreturned calls, and got a lot of empty promises that I would have paperwork within a certain time period that I never received. I never even got a second draft to fix the problems I stated in the first draft. From my standpoint I feel that Family Court Direct is a scam that rips people off of their money. Even though they did not get official documents to me, they are not willing to provide me a refund for product and service I did not receive.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund of all money paid because I did not receive product/service of court papers to be filed in my child custody modification case and I had to file the paperwork with the court myself.



Please see attached files in regards to this complaint.

Family Direct helped me with my custody case. They were kind, and quick to answer all my questions. The final documents were well prepared, and included everything I asked for. I will definitely use them if needed in the future.

Review: I was assured by a case approval worker that my case was completely workable despite the special circumstances and tight response time that was required. Initially she was very hesitant to guarantee this. I did not know it at the time, but the paperwork that Family Court prepared for me could have very easily been done by me, but upon reviewing my submitted papers, no one at Family Court felt compelled to tell me this. They prepared two drafts for my review, both of which had critical mistakes even though I had provided their legal department with clear and concise figures and statements to work with. After I sent two emails pointing out the errors and providing correct information, the third revised draft never materialized, and after two working days I had yet to receive any response to my voicemails and emails. Two days before my hearing I called my case manager and left yet another message stating that I needed the completed documents in my possession that morning or at least in the early afternoon due to a filing cutoff window, or I would be forced to correct and file the previous incorrect document myself, and if I had to resort to this, I would expect a refund. Only then did my case manager return my call, telling me that he "bumped" my case to the front. No refund would be given, since they had provided documents, albeit incorrect. The corrected documents would still not reach me within the time frame that I needed. I resorted to correcting a previous and incorrect draft, and filing that rather than wait for their corrected paperwork. Again, no refund was offered, or even so much as an email apologizing for the inconvenience. Since there were admittedly doubts about meeting my requirements, Family Court should have never taken on my case if they felt that they couldn't do it. Furthermore, their lack of communication at the eleventh hour left me scrambling for an alternative solution during my work hours and at additional expense to me.Desired Settlement: Although I can appreciate the efforts Family Court made to accommodate me given the time constraint, I feel that the documents they supplied were not the professional quality that I had expected. I understand that theirs is a review and revision process, but one critical mistake that I pointed out was still not corrected entirely, even on the second draft. I would be satisfied if even a refund of half my payment of $525.00 would be given to me, considering the time and effort that they went to



We have tried reaching out to Mr. Wagner regarding this matter to work it out directly, however we have yet to receive a call back. We met his very tight deadline on 6/1/15, and the timeline is as follows:

Review: HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!! Took my money an did no service. SO HARD TO EVEN GET SOMEONE ON THE PHONE! After making it clear my case was time sensitive an I needed my documents within a week. Case manager told me it takes 2 weeks! SO right then an there I said this is not going to work (1 day of sending my information) An I had to call my case manager to ask if he even received it due to him not keeping in contact with me... Then when I got him on the phone stated he was late for work today an was just checking his emails! Its a joke!! I basically spend 200 dollars for an email! I would like my refund back this is totally UNFAIR!!! ESP after I was told a refund would be no problem. NO WORK WAS DONE!Seems like after I stated I no longer needed the services I get phone calls.Desired Settlement: I would like my payment back. This is very very unfair. An dishonest.



Ms. [redacted] enrolled on March 10th and was put on a payment plan per her request with her last payment scheduled on March 24th as outlined in her signed agreement. In that agreement it clearly states what services are provided and how the procedure works. (Agreement attached) Had she not agreed to the terms and conditions, she could have declined to enroll with Jean. Between March 11th and 13th our records show a few attempts were made by her case manager to reach her and contact was finally made on March 13th. In that call with her case manager, the process was explained to her once again. Additionally, on March 13th we received the needed information (CIR Form and Court Orders) pertaining to her case, which is then reviewed by the legal department. Due to the work performed in processing her order thus far and our refund policy stated in the signed agreement, Ms. Hammer is not entitled to a refund. Furthermore, we have reached out to Ms. Hammer in attempt to discuss this dispute with her, however, her phone line doesn’t accept voicemails, nor has she returned our calls. Her claims about our company are unfounded and are completely out of line. Family Court Direct has helped many single parents with their family court matters very successfully and her irrational complaint is a complete disservice to those in actual need of assistance. Additionally, our records show that all email and calls were returned in a standard and very reasonable time. Also: in the attached agreement it clearly states the following:

This is what I received as a reply. I would like to share with everybody because it sounds little condescending.

"...Not a problem. We can't please everyone but we have helped thousands of clients

so 6 complaints is all relative. We're working on getting positive reviews as well.

If you have the money to hire an attorney, then our services aren't for you. We're helping people who

can't afford to hire a traditional family law attorney.

Best Wishes,..."


Review: This company never provided a service for me. I was told at the time of pitch that would file paperwork and all I had to do was put $200 and they would start moving things forward. When I went ahead paid the $200 and Family Court Direct had another representative call said that I had to pay my full balance of $500 before they can do anything. So I decide to cancel because it works be two months before anything would get done by the service they provide and they told me that my $200 was not refundable because it was in the guideline at the time of their pitch. However there was no service provided by them when I cancelled and I believe I am entitled of a refund.Desired Settlement: All of my money



Mr. [redacted] enrolled in our services on January 26th and was clearly told that he would not receive documents until after his payments were completed, as it is our policy to not release documents until full payment is completed. On January 27th we received our internal intake form from him which was then reviewed to ensure it was completed correctly. On January 28th, during his initial call with his case manager, he asked to cancel because he didn't realize he had to be paid in full to get his documents, despite having signed our client agreement, which clearly states our policy. Only a few hours later he called back and changed his mind, at which time we reinstated his case. Mr. [redacted] then sent an email on January 29th stating that he had yet again changed his mind and wanted to cancel.

Review: This company tricks people into signing agreements before they understand what it is they are signing. They have people manipulating you decisions and it can be a really scam.Desired Settlement: I would like to a full refund of something I did not wish to purchase. There does not even have a cancellation policy.



FCD's enrollment process was created specifically to ensure that all client's are given multiple opportunities to ask questions and receive ample information on the scope of service and how it works. The agreement (attached) that each client is required to sign is worded in an extremely simple and straightforward manner, and specifically states that if client does not understand everything that is set forth in the agreement that they are to contact FCD for clarification before signing. Ms. F[redacted]'s description of this process is unfounded. We find these types of complaints to be irrational, irresponsible and a complete disservice to those that truly need and want legal assistance.

I hired family court direct only to be disappointed... I paid 900 to get papers in a week and it took almost two months. When I got the papers they were incorrect and thrown out of court. It took so long for them to send me the correct documents that I wasn't able to represent myself bc the case was moved to mo. I live 22 hours away. They did refund me 150 back for taking so long in documents.but now refuse to give me a full refund. They said they can send me 150 more... so now I am out 750 and had to hire a lawyer in mo to represent me due to being unprofessional. Mike said that I probably had someone at the courthouse that is against me and thats way!!!! Complete waste of my time a money!!! Do not go to family court direct! !!

I wanted to say how grateful I am to Family court Direct. I did not know where to turn and could not aford any lawyer fees. Thank god I found you. They helped me organize my visitation case and taught me exactly what to do. I was able to get the time with my kids. thank you Mike for everything! I will use you again next time.

Review: I am writing this complaint, because I paid this company $495.00 to file legal paperwork in Johnson County, Kansas so I can take my ex-spouse back to court. They suggested it would be best for them to file to get my divorce case moved from Kansas to Washington state where I moved to after paying for them to assist me with my legal matter. Well after several attempts of them sending me forms that I had problems downloading I finally was able to download the forms. I was told they were the correct forms to take to my local courthouse to get them filed. I went to the local courthouse and they wouldn't even let me file the forms, because they were the wrong forms. So I called Family Court and informed them of this matter, at this time 3 months have passed by. After leaving several messages by phone and email someone finally contacted me. I requested a full refund, because I was doing all the research and they had not provided me with any services. At that time they informed me that they had a heavy work load and they would get the paperwork filed. Finally on the 17 of March they filed my divorce decree with the county of Pierce where I resided. I had to call several times just to find out they finally filed the divorce decree, but that's all they did. I initially rendered their services to file a motion to enforce a divorce decree in Kansas, so they never provided me with the services I paid for. I made several attempts to work with Family court to get them to provide me the services I paid for. I ended up filing my own paperwork and after only two weeks It was filed my and I called to get a court date in Kansas. Well after I accomplished this on my own. I call [redacted] at Family court to inform him of this matter and request a full refund. He informed me he would have to talk to the legal team and the billing department and get back with me, well he did only to let me know they would give me some of my money, but it wouldn't be much. This company is very unprofessional.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund, because they did not provide me with the services I paid for.



We have contacted Ms. [redacted] and are working on a resolve with her directly. There was a miscommunication on Jurisdiction. At the time of enrollment, she lived in Florida and was soon to be moving to Washington State. Her original divorce was in Kansas and the opposing side lives in California. Ms. [redacted] only paid $495 and made it seem to our legal professional that this was a Washington and/or a California Case. Having that she was moving to Washington, legal team proceeded with the paperwork for that jurisdiction. Kansas cases run a bit more, $750 therefore throwing off our team and them thinking she wanted a change of jurisdiction.

Famil Court Direct will privide you documents, but the dicuments are not thorough and they give absolutely no support in proceeding once you have the documents in hand. Do not waste your miney.

My husband and I truly felt tremendously satisfied with Family Court Direct Services. They completed the papers in a timely and professional manne . They were always available when I called or emailed them. We couldn't have asked for a better team of professionals. Keep up the awesome work family court direct

Review: I was told when I looked into this company that I would be paying for the services of a lawyer to draw up paperwork for me to file and then I would have the ability to have someone help me with any questions or concerns that I have up until the day I went to court. I filed at the end of April 2014. Told them on June 5th that I had received his response and was told to send it to them. Was told it probably warranted a response but after that I never heard another word. I sent multiple e-mails requesting assistance and multiple phone calls were made with messages left and no return calls were made. I received absolutely no help once I filed their paperwork (which was wrong and I had to attempt to fix on my own). I am now trying to fight this battle on my own because they will not assist me.Desired Settlement: At this point, I am completely amazed that I have been treated this way. I paid $800 for their assistance and I haven't gotten it. I need that money refunded since I now have to start all over because the judge threw the paperwork out because it was wrong (both times). I would rather put that money towards a lawyer who may go in with me than to put it to them when they have no helped me at all.



Attached is our response to this complaint. Our company did provide legal support, and , to the best of our knowledge did use the legal documentation we produced. The case took an extraordinarily long time because the client did not perform the steps that they are required to do. In fact, we preformed services at no additional cost that we do not normally perform just to get this client their documents.

Family court direct is completely unorganized and not helpful at all. I asked them to initially petition for custody and then had to file a response to an order as opposed to petitioning. I informed them off this well ahead of time and told them my paperwork needs to be a response. They told me they informed the staff and they are filling accordingly. They still gave me the wrong paperwork and took all the way up to two weeks before the court date. This firm seeks completely incompetent and would never recommend or use them again.

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