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• 19 h ago

I recently applied for a home with First Key Homes. The market in Florida is insanely competitive right now so I made sure to email, call and stay in close communication with the realtor I had connected with weeks ago. She notified me that we were the only applicants and she would be looking for all our documentation to come through.

A couple of hours later when my husband went in to upload his documents,the price of the home had been raised 400.00. Again, when I called today and spoke with customer service, I was told we were the only applicants.

Now I understand the market is currently in a bit of a supply and demand crisis, however, there is much to be said about being honorable and ethical as a property management organization.

I called to try and insure our rate would be honored. The realtor agreed it should be but First Key had other plans. They refused to do so and cited "We want to keep the rate where it is since we have leased comparable homes in the area..." They obviously know they can get more and were more than willing to price gouge the only applicant they had.

Although I can understand business is business, To blatantly let the consumer know they are more interested in making a few extra bucks and "sorry not sorry" is pretty unethical and just greedy. Their pricing coordinator has absolutely no tact, no grace or communication skills.

This was an absolute gift. If they exercise this kind of behavior in the initial stages of an application, I imagine there would be more negligence and undesirable business tactics to be expected had we signed an actual lease. Stay away from this company if you are looking for a home.

• May 13, 2022

One star is too much
I leased a house in Powder Springs, GA with FIRSTKEY homes. They tell you not to worry about utilities and garbage because it is billed through the office. What they didn't tell me was that they do not set up trash service. When I moved in the garbage can was full and I had to go through many hurdle's just to find out that I was supposed to set up the garbage. Also they use yes energy to send utilities so you think you are supposed to mail the money due to the billing address on the bill. I later found out that you pay the bill to firstkey and not yes energy. When you call for customer service you are on the line waiting for over 30 minutes to speak to a leasing professional. When you get a leasing professional they are rude and unprofessional and try to lecture you like you are a child. I reported them to BBB AND they have a very low rating with he BBB SO I am not alone in my disatisfaction with this company. The only friendly and professional people is the maintenance staff. They also do not provide maintenance service for things they should be responsible for like cutting trees, power washing, home infested with spiders, or help with drainage problems at the bottom of the front steps. I had to build my own sort of dam and buy the equipment needed from Amazon. I had the house power washed and was told I would be reimbursed but I was not reimbursed. If you can avoid leasing with this company AVOID it. I am now breaking my lease and was trying to give the appropriate notice to the leasing agent because you are required to notify them in writing. I notified them three separate times in writing and it took 9 days before they would establish a notice to vacate. Ms H was rude and unprofessional and proceeded to lecture me on what was needed. None of this info was requested when they sent the notice to vacate form. They charged me for a lapse in homeowners insurance when it was clearly paid for the year. If I could give them a zero rating I would because one star is too high. Now they are telling me my final payment is past due by email when I never rec3ived an invoice. Stay away.

• May 08, 2022

A 5 minute google search of First Key Homes will tell you everything that you need to know. There are hundreds of complaints against them at the BBB and typically, any positive posts you find are as a result of staff encouraging residents to do so. I was literally told to leave a positive review and mention her name so that she could get a bonus. I didn't have a working heating system all winter. I stayed sick and because of a pre-existing condition, was afraid to go to the hospital in the middle of a pandemic. I spent over a thousand dollars at local hotels. There are a myriad of other issues - but this weekend, there was a horrible flood and in spite of the fact that I called them several times, no one returned my calls. After living here for almost 5 months, I discovered this weekend that behind the tree lined backyard is a huge body of swamp- like water. The torrential rainfall caused a horrible flood and now the home is surrounded by water, snakes and mosquitos. My biggest issue with this company is that they refuse to directly communicate with residents about legitimate maintenance concerns. Their online persona on Facebook, the BBB and YELP makes it LOOK like they are apologetic and concerned - but it's all theatrics. My safety was at risk a few months back where rain water was pouring out of an electrical fixture in the ceiling. I submitted my 28th request via the resident portal a few days ago and my concerns continue to get ignored. Don't rent from FKH. Don't do it!

• Apr 19, 2022

Illegal activity
Voided out our contract illegally
Un professional
Dirty pool
Refused to accept our service animal paperwork
Never paid rent late
I will make sure this company is punished for there actions
They are taking advantage of common citizens
Illegal activity
Illegal activity

• Apr 17, 2022

They want your application fee
Not even sure if you get approved with a spotless reputation. I got denied on an undefined rules of Criminal History where a misdemeanor from over 12 years ago was the only thing that could remotely be a reason for the denial. Not money. Not credit score. That's right, they do not tell you the reason. You ought to figure it out. By calling SafeRent Solutions. Other rental companies clearly define Felonies 7 years, misdemeanors 3. These folks say nothing on their Help | Criminal History page. Just the fee please.

• Apr 14, 2022

Horrible Service
I have never been treated so poorly in my life. The corporate office and staff is more concerned with appeasing, patronizing and stalling than they are with communicating and resolving issues. When I moved in a year ago - there was a rodent infestation in the attic - took over 2 months to resolve. Following that, I had a leak and mold - that took 1 month, and that quickly because I threatened to hold back my rent and get my own contractor. Most recently, I reported water damage to the interior or the home and that took 2 months. The work order approved for that was for the sub to paint the water mark... I had them open the ceiling to check for water in the installation and at the framing. Painting is covering, not fixing the issue, there was no repair done to the exterior, or at the source of the leak. Because of these issues - I turned in my notice to vacate. That was 1 month ago - and I asked them to waive the early termination fee because of these issues. 1 month, with weekly follow-ups only to be promised an answer this past Monday, with my patience being praised... that answer never came.

• Apr 02, 2022

If I could zero stars, I would
Firstkey Homes has got to be one of the worst companies I have ever rented from and that is a lot considering some of the properties I have stayed at in the Memphis area. From the day we have moved in it has been nothing but problems, one right after another; some of these problems from the beginning are still happening a year later. I won’t mention the lack of knowledge or communication about our trash pick up at the beginning or the fact that our dishwasher that looks like it belongs in a studio apartment, if that, and not our three bedroom home.
But let’s get to the current problems. Since we have moved in our hot water heater randomly turns off, yes I can go into the attic and hit the reset button to restart but when you really want a hot shower you really want a hot shower. I know multiple maintenance techs have been out to look at it, but how many times can you replace the thermostat or turn down the heat of the water heater. Iit is almost like no one keeps notes, keys them into the system, or reads the past history before coming to fix anything.
Then at the beginning of this year, our garage door quit closing completely. The job was outsourced to a third party vendor, whose idea of setting an appointment was calling the morning of and asking if anyone is going to be home. When we were finally able to meet at the house, they didn’t ask to move the cars out of the garage and proceeded to bang the metal fixturing for 15 mins before leaving, and yes it did finally close all the way. That is up until last week, when the garage door wouldn’t open at all. And no there isn’t a cord for me to pull and manually open the garage, which I would have seen and noticed had we actually had the virtual walk through with this company like we asked.
So all of this to say, last Friday 03/25 I called the maintenance phone number and asked for a maintenance supervisor. Apparently this company doesn’t have the means to transfer or give out other departments phone numbers but can instead take a form and submit it to whoever is supposed to see. Well fast forward to 04/01, I still have yet to hear from the maintenance supervisor from last week. I called back today and placed my number in the que, that didn’t work and this afternoon after which I am sure they called and answered the 10 people in front of me, I called back. Once again told the system isn’t set up for someone to speak with a maintenance supervisor but a form could be taken and submitted.
I decided to google the Memphis office so I could finally speak to someone who works in the Memphis area and not from a remote location. The office showed they were open until 530pm, I arrived at 520pm and the office was completely empty. Apparently it was a short day for everyone.
So here I sit maybe I will have hot water tonight, maybe I will have to reset the water heater again. Maybe I can get my cars out of the garage, maybe not. I am so upset that we actually renewed our lease with this company of incompetent, poorly ran management and even worse “maintenance techs” who do just enough to fix it for the moment.

• Apr 01, 2022

Bye Bye application fee
I have had 3 agents hang up on me during the application process. I simply wanted to ask about the process involved in application review and tenant selection because I didn't want to apply for a place that already had several applicants ahead of me. I took the risk and applied online and called the next day. They received all the documentation that was requested but now they are requesting me to obtain a letter from a supervisor confirming that I work remotely since I am moving from another state. Before paying an application fee there was no mentioning of the need to work in the same state or providing proof of remote work. The problem is that while I wait for a supervisor to create an email the house I want remains on the market. This place is scamming me out of my application fee and the customer service is terrible. Communication is horrible also. I told them if I don't get the house I want a refund because they didn't mention a requirement of working in the state.

• Mar 29, 2022

I would like to give a special thank you to NICOLE TORRES for all that you were attempting to do for me and my family. The online application process can be a bit frustrating at the least when the system shuts down or causes glitches that is not your fault, and you try to re-apply and it does not allow you to do so. Nicole did her best to work with us and with her going over and beyond we were extremely happy. This day in time you do not have customer service agents to go over and beyond. Some agents do just enough to get through the call. Thank you for all your hard work and the company is blessed to have someone such as yourself!

• Mar 04, 2022

Firstly, the home is beautiful and worth the renting price; however, my customer service experience has been horrible! Let me start off by saying, I moved in the home later than planning, although my fees were paid in advance. The home was filthy and had not been cleaned, there was no hot water, no working heat, nor was the fireplace working (it was wintertime). First Key finally resolved it and gave me $150 off of my first month's rent for doing my own cleaning. Moving forward, I caught COVID in December of 2021 and informed Sallay Chahan that my rent would be late because I was off work for two weeks. She had agreed to waive the late fee. It was waved and my rent is caught up and paid. They are now attempting to collect that late fee by adding it on to my rent every month. They are even pretending it is a gas bill when I just paid my almost $200 gas bill. Lastly, they took money out of my account under false pretense. Someone called saying they were calling about $26 dollars I owed on a utility bill, so I gave them my account information and permission to get the money, instead of extracting money for the utility bill, they took over $2000 without permission. I have emailed and called numerous times to no avail. They simply refused to respond to my messages. I have contacted the BBB and am looking into legal counsel for their unscrupulous collection practices.

• Feb 21, 2022

Scam stay away
Usually I don’t even write reviews but this company is a scam.. my husband and I applied and they denied us.. mind you we didn’t even have a inquiry on our report.. so how y’all deny us because of credit? My husband has a 700.. Y’all need to be shut down .. taking ppl applications money.. normally when ppl deny us they send a letter to tell us why or a letter with our credit score and where the report was pulled from.. y’all ain’t did nothing..I really believe y’all are paying ppl to give y’all 5 stars cause ain’t no way in hell y’all a 5 star company

• Feb 17, 2022

Zero stars!
I spent 2 weeks trying to get in touch with someone to tour a house that would've been perfect for my family since it was in the same school district my kids were already in. When I finally got a hold of Teresa Stribling, the one "in charge" of the listing, she told me that it wasn't available because their was some damage and tried to steer me towards another home. Since it was a Friday and she was heading out, she said she'd be in contact next week. I kept calling her for 3 days when I finally gave up and called the main number again. After being hung up on twice, I spoke to someone who was finally able to let me tour the home (at this point it'd been about 3 weeks). I brought my kids to see it, they loved it, so I submitted the application. I call back the next morning and it was supposedly already rented out.

They offered to let me use the application fee towards another home. Absolutely not!
Horrible company with no customer service and no integrity.

• Feb 11, 2022

If I could give them zero stars I absolutely would.
After applying for a rental house with FirstKey Homes a week ago my application has been bouncing back and forth between "Pending" and "Denied' without explanation. I have been trying to call the main number for days but after being on hold for 30 minutes it would disconnect my call. The number I received for the property manager just goes straight to voice mail and he does not return my calls. E-mails go unanswered as well.
After finally speaking to a person in the call center during my 6th attempt, I was told that there is some kind of computer glitch causing problems with my application. He gave me the phone number for someone called Jesus who should be able to reset my application and resolve my issue. This person however does not answer his phone and there is no voicemail set up.
All I can assume is that this company scams people out of the application fee without ever actually processing anything. It is a true shame, because the house was absolutely beautiful.

• Jan 16, 2022

I recently completed the application for a First Key home. I submitted my documents online and paid the fee. I then reached out to the agent in charge of this home. I called Jodi Pickett several times over a period of days and she never returned my call. I wanted to see the home, fully expecting to be approved. Then I received a denial that my rentscore was too low. My credit rating is over 700. I have a clean background history. I have rented a luxury apartment for over two years without ever being late on rent. My income is more than satisfactory. I was still denied.

I asked my real estate friends if they were familiar with the company. I thought it seemed odd that First Key owns the majority of great rental homes in Missouri. Many of them have been on the market a long time which is odd in this market.

What I uncovered was alarming! First Key is allegedly paying cash above listing price to buy homes across the area. They are saturating the rental market with their homes. People apply online, paying $49 for each person that will live in the home. The applications are denied and they keep the money. They are likely raking in thousands a week on each home in denied application fees. The home I looked at has been on the market for almost two months.

I’m turning First Key into my state’s Attorney General. I suggest you do the same. They shouldn’t be able to get away with this.

• Jan 05, 2022

Horrible Company
If you’re considering moving into a home owned my First Key, DON’T! My boyfriend and I started renting with them in August and have had nothing but problems. To summarize, our electric was shut off, and they won’t reimburse us for paying THEIR late bill from before we moved in (June/July), our garbage didn’t get collected because they never set up an account for us, we have had mold in our kitchen for 4 months, and they won’t fix it, and our calls are NEVER returned from our property manager. Here’s the full story if you want to know more:

My boyfriend and I moved into our house with First Key in August 2021. On September 22nd, our electric was shut off. We called every phone number we had to reach First Key multiple times, but never got an answer. My boyfriend and I both had work that day, and the temperature in our house was dropping. I was unable to get ready for work, make myself food, or charge my phone. Knowing that First Key wouldn’t answer the phone or help us resolve the issue before it got dark out and even colder, I called the City directly to find out why the electric was shut off. They informed me that the bill for June/July 2021 (when we hadn’t even moved in yet) was not paid, and that First Key was sent multiple notices that the electric would be shut off. He said I would have to pay almost $200, which included the late bill and the fee to have the electric tuned back on. I paid the bill and was told I should put the account in my name, so this doesn’t happen again. After sending all the proof to First Key to get reimbursed for this, my boyfriend got an email from them saying we are ineligible for reimbursement because I put the account into my name, so they aren’t responsible for the bill. I, again, sent them proof that it wasn’t changed into my name until AFTER I paid THEIR late bill. We have now been waiting for answers and have gotten none. It is so ridiculous for them to say we are responsible for a bill when we hadn’t even moved in yet. We had to deal with our electric being shut off for a full day because of their incompetence. This happened AGAIN when the trash company refused to take our garbage, saying that an account had never been set up for us.
In addition to this, we have been living with mold on our ceiling in the kitchen since September! Maintenance inspected it on September 20th and told us that we need a new roof ASAP. I am very allergic to mold, and First Key keeps denying the bid to get it fixed. It is now January, and they haven’t approved the work order or taken any steps to get rid of the mold.
Lastly, good luck trying to get a hold of a property manager. In the 5 months we’ve lived here, we have been given at least 4 different phone numbers for property managers. Any time we call any of these numbers, we leave a voicemail that is NEVER returned. Any time we call the main phone number, they tell us there’s nothing they can do and that we need to talk to our property manager. When we tell them we’ve never gotten our calls returned, they just keep telling us they can’t help.

• Apr 14, 2022

Sorry for just randomly replying, but I am in a similar situation in regards to maintenance issues. After getting NO WHERE locally, I just contact - the owner of first key, and they are escalating my concerns to contacts that are not available to us as tenants. Hopefully this will trigger a response Local Office and you are able to get resolution.

• Dec 22, 2021

Be careful!
Please be aware of this company. It is currently under investigation as it uses 3rd party companies to scam individuals and gets personal information such as credit cards, debit cards, SSN, bank information such as. Routing and account numbers. They use 3rd party companies to make it harder to be tracked down. You risk loosing application fee money and down payment money. This is just a friendly suggestion to be very careful. By all means. Feel free to try and see for yourself.

• Dec 10, 2021

Mr Jackson
My God where do I begin First Key is a disgrace on how they denied me and said my Document's were false. From My ID to My Passport to both of my Bank statements which I gave them 6mos of consistent deposits and all my business info from the sectary of state docs. and my PO BOX info and address of residents. I did respond to email and did reach out to a lawyer. NO one calls back so beware of this company.

• May 02, 2022

How did you pay your deposit and rent.Im trying to see if I'm actually working with first key or a scammer

• Nov 19, 2021

My experience with first key
I love this company! I have been living in my 2 car garage,4 bedroom, pool home now for over 2 years. I love my home, no matter what goes wrong from my pool pump leaking, my water heater exploding, the garbage disposal breaking/leaking...every issue was resolved timely and professionally. From placing the call directly or from the portal it is handled promptly and followed up immediately. I feel like a member of this family, and I am sure if you join in and rent a property you will feel the family warmth and heartfelt caring immediately. My name is Larr T. and I live in Clermont Florida, and I am looking forward to renewing my lease again this coming April 2022.

• Nov 07, 2021

Total incompetency, uncaring
I've lived in a 1st key home since Aug. 2021. When I got here, the AC didn't work, and it was a whopping 100 degrees and 100 % humidity. Didn't get any help for about a week to fix/repair AC. I was homeless. It's been a nightmare ever since. I have no heat today, no one responded, and no heating company showed up and temps are going into the 30's tonight. For your own safety, peace of mind…never, ever, ever rent from First Key homes. If I could give a -10 stars, I would.

• Nov 13, 2021

My son and daughter-in-law have been trying to get broken garage doors fixed for a month. They have called everyday and are promised someone would call back later in the day. Never happens. There are numerous BBB complaints on this company. My daughter-in-law is going to file a complaint with them as well. Maybe that will help.

• Oct 21, 2021

I should NOT have moved to a FirstKey house....
I moved from Miami to central Florida with my husband and oldest son, my rent, at the signing of the lease was $1300, we were not in the house not even a year and we were told that we need to sign a new lease or leave the premises, not only that, we had to agree to a now $1555 new lease, and it was established to them that we are on a fixed income as I am on disability, they did not care, their reasoning for the high increase of the rent from $1300 to $1555 was due to the market value of the area, and that they had to compete with the prices for the other houses in the area. We also was not told that the house that we rent was an HOA (Home owners Association), which we didn't know of until we started receiving fines for things that we had no idea that were issues for the HOA. And now we have a bigger issue, our light bill is at over $1000, yes one thousand dollars, and we are trying to get some answers and we can not get anyone on the phone, the property manager George (Alex) Gordon will not and have not returned any of my calls that myself and my husband has made to him, we even took an hour drive to their offices to be met with a letter on the door saying that as of march 2020 they are no longer in the office facility and the numbers that were left on the door are the same numbers that they are not answering from. So me and my family is at a lost, because we don't know what else to do. Me and my family wants to leave, we don't like it here anymore, so we are between a rock and a hard place. And we had to commit ourselves to a 2 yr lease, or else we are going to have major increases every year. We need answers!

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