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• Feb 12, 2022

Siding job
Your siding job is so unprofessional looks like a child did it! The whole house was not done properly! One side of the house you drive up and all you see is nail pops and front and back of house siding melting n bulging. I will not give them much longer as Alex ignores calls and their phone number is not connected? Wonder why ? Don’t hire four seasons construction company. I am sure they will go and change their name now. They have such a bad reputation!
Siding job
Siding job
Siding job
Siding job
Siding job

• Feb 11, 2022

Poor siding job!!!!
Mr. Alex his workers because Alex doesn’t work obviously. Two gentleman worked on my house which he worked on numerous houses for the second time in this development the nine year old homes set up at least seven houses had to be redone. Of course my siding job was the worst the lousiest all you see is nail pops melting missed cutting the Way etc. etc. I contact him several months ago and he text message me at two in the morning who texted somebody at two in the morning? Why am overseas but duh you live in America do you know what time it is totally rude. I will call you next week next week came and went came and went came away. I called him I texted him nothing my house is the worst house in the development of a nine year old house. He got 8500 from me which I got from KP plus I paid him $1000 extra for what I don’t know. It didn’t cost him nothing to do this house he got free siding and was paid and an extra thousand dollars for me I don’t know why. You come and look at this house it looks absolutely horrible the only house on the whole block the whole development that looks like this. But nothing from him all he worried about was me Pulling in the driveway in the driveway ? I said don’t worry I won’t hit your Bentley he wanted to move it… I want my money back for the supplies and the $8500 that he was paid for installing and I want all the money back that it would cost for the siding that KP paid. Siding is supposed to be warranted. This guy should not be doing siding or she said his workers. That one is extremely old and I’m old. Don’t ever hire Alex to do anything.
Poor siding job!!!!
Poor siding job!!!!
Poor siding job!!!!
Poor siding job!!!!
Poor siding job!!!!
Poor siding job!!!!
Poor siding job!!!!
Poor siding job!!!!
Poor siding job!!!!
Poor siding job!!!!

We have a problem communicating with Mr***From the first time, Mr [redacted] talked to Alex with such an attitude and tone of voice that is inappropriate.We have no problem in inspecting our work with Mr***He can call our office and speak to Alex in a tone of voiceAlso, any appointment that will be made with Mr [redacted] is weather sensitiveIt means that if forecastshows rain/heat, the appointment will be cancelled and will need to be rescheduled,Regards,Izabella V [redacted]

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: there is no supporting evidence from their sideThey installed an improper new roof that still leaks My complaints are similar to the others online They shouldn't be building roofs because their aren't qualified to build roofsI have videos of their workers being unsupervisedIf the better business wants them I can send them Regards, [redacted]

The service was doneAlex called the homeowner to explain on 9/6/

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your... acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Regards, [redacted]

Date: 5/22/2016Dear [redacted] :This is a respond to the letter we received regarding our customer, [redacted] .We received their contract from the sales team on 2/26/About that time, we deposited their check in the amount of $4,000, After that, installation Manager passed by their house and put the material list togetherWe ordered materials on 3/from [redacted] located in Huntingdon Valley PAThe material includes Special Order Siding with all accessoriesNone of these materials is returnable.On March 22, [redacted] called our installation office and asked us to call her husband after pm to discuss her home improvement projectNot sure why [redacted] did not want to discuss it herself and set up installation date which we were ready to do [redacted] gave us her husband's cellphone numberAlex called that number and left [redacted] a voice message twice that weekWe did not receive a call from them in March or in April.Next time, [redacted] called is to add more work (soffit and fascia installation) and that happened in the middle on May, [redacted] was acting and politeAnd we started to work on that price.Suddenly, in the beginning of June, 2016, both of them are trying to get out of the contractEven though we were offering to immediately start their job.Unfortunately, no refund will be given because of the expenses already incurred.Izbella V

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: The contract was signed by us on 08Decemberwith work to start on or about 6-weeksOur check was submitted to our bank and paid 29JanuaryWe patiently waited due to weather several more weeks after the check was cashedAs stated, on 22Marchthe company was contacted by [redacted] with request to contact [redacted] because he was at work until after 4pmAt no time, either on the 22nd or in the days to follow had we received a phone call either on a cell phone nor our home phone nor were there any messages leftAgain in May we contacted the company, again, no response was received from Star restorationOn 01June2016, we contacted Star restoration at the [redacted] number listed on our contract to request our deposit be returned to us due to breach of contract and once again no contact by anyone from Star restorationIt was only after leaving the message about breach of contract did they choose to contact us to miraculously expedite this job which was neglected for monthsIt should be noted the contract signed 08December2015, was signed by [redacted] only and [redacted] holds no contractual obligationAlso, at no time in any place on the contract does it state materials were special order sidingPlease note that the responder from Star is not known to us as we had only spoken to a female named Amber via the [redacted] number on the contract and a male named Alex from a numberTheir assertion that they did not have this contract until 26Februaryis a complete falsehoodAs I have the bank records that prove the deposit check was indeed cashed 29January Regards, [redacted]

This is our respond to the complaintSometime in the beginning of June 2015, Mr*** called screaming regarding his roofPer Mr***, he already talked to somebody in our company regarding his issues, but did not know when he talked or the name of the personAnyway, Alex scheduled the service
date for July 16, On July 9, Mr*** called to the office because he was expecting Alex to be on his property that dayThe way, Mr*** talked to Alex was inappropriate, We cannot accept these rude wordings that Mr*** used and a lot of Screaming.Meanwhile, Alex stepped by Mr*** property to take a look at the issue, And the issue was not foundThe job was done per contractIt was a nail over no removal, no flashing installation, Mr***'s flashing is in good conditionContract is attached.If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.Regards,Izabella V***

On 12/8/2015, I signed a contract to have my house re-sided due to storm damage The contract, specifically stated work to begin approximately 6-weeks with a completion time of to days Since then we have only heard from them twice, in March asking us for our insurance information and today, 6/1/a day after I contacted them and wished for them to refund my deposit of $ The deposit check I should note was cashed on 1/29/ Only today have they decided that all of a sudden they can come do the work after I asked for a refund I openly requested that they just send me my refund and that would be the end of it Instead, Alex, offered to send me a refund less the cost of materials He further told me he'd pay me when I get a judge to say so I'd appreciate you looking into this before I go further legally I have a copy of the original contract as well as my bank statement proving they cashed the deposit months ago despite neither contacting me that they were c

We contracted this company back in June of to perform hail damage roof repairThere was some delay in getting the work performed and the results were unremarkable at bestWe submitted an insurance claim for the repairs and there were a total of three payments disbursed by us via our home insurance providerFast forward, two years later - in October of - I was notified that the company never received the last payment installmentSubsequently, I was served court papers for judgement in my name due to nonpaymentI had never received any prior notification of nonpayment - for two yearsAfter further investigation, I discovered that a check had been received by an individual at Four Seasons and deposited on September 2015, but was not applied to the business accountThe judgement hearing was canceled, however this created a lot of turmoil for me as a consumer to try to clear my name from a accusationThis company came to me via door to door sales practices and I trusted themNow, I would not recommend this company to anyone because of its poor business practicesThis situation could have been resolved a lot sooner if I was only made aware

On 10/11/13, I signed a contract with this company to replace my roof My roof was replaced in My contract indicates I have a lifetime manufacturer warranty on the shingles and a 5-year labor warranty In July of 2018, I called the company and advised that my roof was leaking into my dining room I was told someone would get back to me but no one did I have called approximately times and have been told that someone will get back to me As of today, (9/14/18), I have still not heard from this company

Homeowners owes us a lot of moneyThe porch roof that was installed did not leakWhen this porch started to leak, we came many times, did water tests and this roof does not leakBut homeowner asked us to reinstall this porch roof and he promised to pay us the same day So finally we
reinstall this porch roof while the homeowner was watching usBut toward the end, he left leaving my roofers without the paymentNow he ignores our calls and we hired an attorney to file mechanical lien and suit against the homeownersPorch roof is not leakingWe do not know what kind of architectural or other structural problem this house hasWe also have many videos of water testing this roof and ready to present our case in front of the judge. By the way, we even installed new siding free of charge at this porchSo, we demand all outstanding invoice to be paid asap

Star Restoration which is under the company seasons construction group in Hunting Valley Pa They had completed the roofing job on 4/24/and I have had a total of leaks once they installed the new roof They fixed the first two leaks and third leak is still ongoing in the front porch They made an attempt to try and fix the leak on May 14, but were unsuccessful because it is still leaking I have never had leaks with the old roof but as soon as they installed this new roof I have leaks I have videos with all leaks for evidence Also, the gutters are not operating correctly and need to be fixed With this third leak they did not replace the rotten plywood under the shingles This has been an ongoing dispute and needs to be resolved because the third leak is now starting to become mold on the front porch

Good morning,
We got in touch with the homeowner and got all informationOur plan is to inspect by the end of this week weather permitting
As of Mrs*** complaint that her roof never had a problem, I am attaching the photos before we installed new roof

This company replaced our rain gutters with leaf guards when they put a new roof on our house in July The gutters started to leak because of improper installation About a year later we noticed the the gutters were leakingAfter several phone calls Alex came out in May and inspected the work and admitted that the gutters were installed improperly He stated that they were busy and would take a little time before they could reinstall then gutters I have waited until the end of summer (He claimed they were busy) to follow up on the repair I contacted Alex in August and he acted surprised that they were not fixed He said he would look into it and get back to me in a few minuted He has never returned the call I have called his celll phone several times and left messages I have contacted the office and left messages I have even sent emails No one has responded to any of my messages All I am asking is for Star (seasons) to come out and rectify the issue

Contracted Star Restoration for a roof I waited and waited for the appointment to begin the job and when I called they directed me to Season Construction Group in Huntingdon Valley, PA as they are the contractors to perform the job I delayed in my payment awaiting an explanation for additional charges from wither Season Construction Group and my insurance company Once the clarification was made I submitted payment on 05/25/to Seasons Construction Group as instructed, to date (7/18/18) I have not received the certification of Completion Numerous emails sent and the woman corresponding back and forth with me (Izabella Vradinsky) has been nothing but rude, unprofessional and totally disrespectful considering I am the customer Her emails stated that if I continue to send her emails with my suppose tone she will not assist me?????? Now you tell me if this is acceptable or professional????? Therefore I will not recommend either company, Star Restoration along with Seasons Construction Group, because if you hire a contractor to re[resent your company, their business, manners and professionalism will reflect on you Star Restoration has failed to answer any of my calls concerning this issue DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!!

This company replaced the siding on my home After a few weeks a piece of siding came loose and it was very difficult to get them to come back and fix itNow I have discovered they caulked over window drain holes which causes water to come in my house when the rain blows from that sideAlso another piece of siding came looseI have contacted Alex several times and he either puts me off or doesn't answer my call

Good morning,
We tried to schedule but homeowner was not responding for Alex's phone callsNow, homeowner is trying to schedule the repairs but we are not working in that areaAnyway, by the end of this week, we will send our service crew to inspect and addrees homeownner's

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Description: Roofing Contractors, Siding Contractors

Address: 111 Buck Rd Ste 700, Huntingdon Vy, Pennsylvania, United States, 19006-1554


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