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Frost Cosmetics

6025 Santa Monica Blvd STE 203, West Hollywood, California, United States, 90038-1137

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I order *** plus an extra *** worth of product of nail polish on 1/31/2018. I have not received any product. Was told the same thing 20 times.
I order *** plus an extra *** for pink and purple polish, but worth of product of nail polish on 1/31/2018. I have not received any product. Was told the same thing over 20 times. I have screen shots and proof of me calling and emailing like crazy. *** which is the sales rep, never answer the phone anymore. He changes numbers all the time. Everytime I call a new number he always says "I'm going to call you back and I'm about to get with production now. Or he says, " *** I thought you receive tracking number, I'm going to call you back. " *** I'm on it right now, I'm going to call you back." "*** there was a wildfire and we are getting things caught up, I'm going to call you back". The list goes on. How can I run a business and I'm spending close to *** and ***'t yet seen any product. This is so hurtful because I trusted this company. I ask for a *** and for them to accommodate me. *** states, I'm going to call you back again. I have no money to waste at all. I emails *** and she is the owner of frost cosmetics, I email someone name *** before, they email me the same things. *** sends a email back in april 2019 stating I'm going to receive a tracking number on May 20th 2019. Still haven't receive it. Every time after that I email her she never response. I just want my money back. I have proof of card authorizations and all that I have completed. I still have no product. They still have all of my nail polish bottles that I got made on my own there. I want my STUFF! I kept being humble with them and they take it for granted. No one ever call me back. No number are working. Numbers change frequently on the website. *** also says will they are waiting on a ingredient for your green nail polish. However, he been saying that since jan.2019. I still have no update. Then he states they got the ingredient just haven't sent my order, so let me check with production and call you back. He still haven't call back. Can somebody please help me. I have no money to waste like this.

Desired Outcome

From the business I will like a refund. From dealing with them since 2017. I do not want them to finish the product, because I keep getting false information and the work is still not completed. I just want a full refund and more added because I keep getting wrong information told to me and *** stated I will be getting accommodated.

I had enjoyed shopping with Frost Cosmetics. They have an amazing collection of beauty products and all are available at very affordable prices. Even their delivery is very fast. Keep up the good work!

Frost Cosmetics Response time Apr 01, 2019

Thank you.

I've reached out to this company multiple times about the samples that they've sent me. Samples were like play dough they said they would fix ot but never did. Frost cosmetics is a joke find somewhere else

Frost Cosmetics Response time Oct 31, 2018

Sinful, you purchased lipgloss samplers and stated to our call support team that you purchased liquid lipstick samples. You got exactly what you purchased. We are no way in any form or fashion a joke. Good luck and God bless you l in your future in cosmetic business.

My friends and I purchased a huge lipgloss package with Frost Manufacturer and we love our products. Frost helped us with getting our tube components from China and they did all the importing for us. Our project was projected to be at least a 10 mos process. However, Frost had resources overseas, and an import company that they work with. Our line was created and ready in 6 months. We so happy and pleased with Frost. We already had an existing line on Amazon last year and had to stop selling our line because Lady Burd Cosmetics does not provide the required information for Amazon to check there product ingredient manufacturers which per Amazon; that is not good for consumers like us who are resellers. As I was reading reviews on Frost, I have to say my friend or I had not any of the issues that some of these people are stating. Frost did ask us to do a review and be very honest at our hotel room because the will not allow us to do a review at Frost headquarter because it is to many positive reviews now. So, I am doing my good deed because Frost is a great company with amazing staff that assists us with everything. I'm not sure if Frost small clients don't understand the business of cosmetics or if Frost maybe needs to focus on clients like my friends and myself that spends over $40K. Well, all I can say is Frost Cosmetics is a super real company. I can really say from experience that Frost is not a FRAUDULENT COMPANY.

Frost Cosmetics Response time Oct 02, 2018

Thank so much for your review and honesty.

What an amazing company! I love my product line with my friends/partners. I am so happy that our products will be back on Amazon before the new year. Words do not explain how happy myself and my partners are. We are so blessed that we found Frost. Thank you Frost.

Frost Cosmetics Response time Oct 02, 2018

Thank you for your your trust and business.

I am so glad that I decided to go with Frost for private labeling services. I did an order for lipsticks, lipglosses, foundations, and liquid highlighters. I am almost sold out of all my products. They also did all the requirements to get me on Amazon! My customers love my new added lipsticks from Frost. So happy everything worked out and went well.

I am so happy with my lipgloss line. Frost created my custom lipgloss line with a custom flavor oil that was created custom for a different type of fragrance. Thank you Frost.

My company has been working with Frost Cosmetics for 6 years now. We created so many beauty influencers brand with Frost. All influencers have great success with there cosmetics. Frost is most definitely our best manufacturer. We will continue to work with Frost. We highly recommend Frost for any Lip wear project.

I ordered $395.03 worth of nail polish from Frost Cosmetics on 4/17/2018 and was told 30-45 day eta and have not received my order.
I ordered 300 nail polishes from Frost Cosmetics on 4/17/2018 at 8:03pm for a total of $395.03 with ***. On their website it shows an ETA of 30-45 days and I have an email on 4/19/18 from the owner *** showing all private label packages are an estimate at 45 business days.

Clearly you can see that today is 9/11/2018 which is 5 months since I ordered my package and have yet to receive. I have been in close contact with *** who is the rep for my order.

I have sent numerous of emails, texts, voice-mails, and have called. I have been told in June that my order was up for production when *** called to see if I wanted to order labels.

I was told in July that there was an ingredient missing they had to order which delayed my order, which by the way no one bothered to notify me about.

I was told in August that my shipment will be sent out on 9/5/2018 by *** per the production manager and I have yet to receive it. (I have a recorded voicemail from *** as proof if needed)

I have called and left messages with no response for months. I have been getting the run around with no answers or rectification of this problem. This company does not communicate with their customers.

I checked the for other complaints and you will see that I am not the only one with these issues. When I asked for a refund they refused and said they don't do refunds but yet they haven't produced my product in 5 months.

I am going through to get this rectified if not then I will have to move forward with small claims court.

Desired Outcome

I am asking for a full refund of $395.03 for my order.

Frost Cosmetics Response time Sep 12, 2018


Thank you for your feedback, however, we have plenty of buyers who left positive reviews on our business as well because we are the professionals in our industry. We did see that your package was purchased at an exteme discount which does change production timeframe due to the discount. 15-45 business days is for regular sale items at regular sold pricing. Please contact *** the direct sales recovery person at ***.

Customer Response time Sep 14, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The response that was given is the FIRST TIME IM EVER HEARING THIS that the 15-45 days is for regular pricing only. They also did not tell me what the eta is for discounted purchases.

Every day its a different excuse with this company. The number they gave me to call *** has always routed to *** for FIVE MONTHS. I am attaching a full itemized list of what I've spent and how much I'm seeking for a refund since they only gave me partial.

The company has till 9/17/2018 or I will no longer discuss anything with them. I will then see them in court where more fees would be added on.

Frost Cosmetics Response time Sep 27, 2018

Hello, thank you for your feedback, however if there is anything issues with your services with us, please contact us at ***.

Customer Response time Sep 21, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Frost Cosmetics clearly does not know how to handle business.

I talked to *** who realized that the case was closed inappropriately and is issuing an appeal on my behalf due to Frost Cosmetics submitting only one tracking number which was for the Sample order that was part of my $82.84 purchase.

Frost Cosmetics has yet to submit a tracking number for the $395.03 order which I DID NOT RECEIVE.

Frost initiated a refund of $182.87 of the $430.03 I am owed. What Frost failed to mention in their response is that THEIR BANK DECLINED THE REFUND TO ME meaning I NEVER RECEIVED ANY REFUND AS OF 9/21/18 meaning I am owed $430.03

$395.03 for my 300 nail polish package
$35.00 for my add on colors fee
Totaling $430.03

Due to Frost not being able to provide a second tracking number PayPal has initiated in appeal in my favor due to the proof of documentation I have proofing my case that PAYPAL DID NOT HAVE AT FIRST which is why they believed Frost because they sent the tracking number for the samples as if it was for the $395.03 package.

I definitely will be finding another private label but not until I get the money owed to me from Frost first.

As far as the scheduled time for my nail polishes I read perfectly clear the eta on their website which says 15-45 days and also that was sent to me by the owner *** in an email which you can see attached to this case.

I also have screenshots from their website before they redesigned it stating 15-45 days. Not once have they ever said anything about it taking longer than 45 days for extreme discount purchases until they saw how serious I was with my case.

Also the other 22 cases against Frost Cosmetics with proves also that I am not the only one that has dealt with this scam of a company. I just think I'm the only one who is not settling and will do whatever it takes to stop them from doing this to anyone else.

PayPal is involved, my bank that I paid for the items with are involved, small claims court is ABOUT TO BE INVOLVED , and next I will go to the media.


The company added unexplained charges to my paid bill
On September 4th, 2018 I received a quick pay request from the company to pay $*** for 2 beginners package, full wrap label order, tax, shipping. The invoice did not provide a specific break down of each item however, per the conversation I had with the sales rep *** and per what is listed on their website, 2 beginners package cost (***), full wrap is (350 x 2 = 700) he also mentioned shipping was about 182(not exactly sure of that amount since he read it over the phone) and taxes were about 148.38. I proceeded to make a payment of $*** via chase quickpay. My bank would not let me do more the $*** for that day and I informed the sales rep that I would make the balance the next day.
on September 5th, I sent the sales a text message that I would like to make some changes to my order (He had told me I could do that when we had the phone conversation the previous day). I decided that I was going to remove the full wrap service and replace that with another beginners package. So I was removing something that cost $750 to replace with something that cost $550 so at this point they should most likely me owing me. So after I texted him, I also asked for a breakdown of the new charges. He said they would send be a "balanced Invoice" I was uncertain what that meant but didnt bother asking.
September 6th, I received an invoice with the update changes however a charge called "on- phone service charge' for $250 was included which meant overall I was still owing then. So I text asking what that meantI was told its a charge for talking to a rep which is absolutely ridiculous. As a matter of fact, when we first spoke I asked the rep if I should go on the website to place the order, he said no that its better for him to help me place it so that its done properly. HE NEVER mentioned that there are fees of $250 for talking to him. Also, when I got the first bill, why wasnt there a fee for talking to him. It wasnt till I made a change that there is a grand fee. I asked the service fee rate, the said it depends. SO I asked for refund because I didnt feel safe working with a company that come up with fees "just because" or includes fees that were never told to me. then the said they dont issue refunds. They only just got my money and are refusing to refund it when no service has been made. ALL I WANT IS MY MONEY BACK AND IT IS HIGHLY UNFAIR TO SCAM PEOPLE LIKE THIS. It just seems all perfectly played out. *** discouraged me from getting samples because he wanted me to just give them my money. *** never informed me of a service fee. *** never informed me of their refund policy before taking my money. and *** never wanted me to go to the website to place the order. I have never been so scammed before in my entire life. I am hoping to get this easily resolve with a refund because I honestly dont feel comfortable proceeding any further its too sketchy to me. If I am unable to get my refund from them them ill be filing a lawsuit which sucks even more for them because if I do win, they would not only be paying my $*** they would also be paying my attorney fees.

Desired Outcome

A full refund of $

Frost Cosmetics Response time Sep 12, 2018

Hello, thank you for your feedback, however, there was a change request from you the "buyer" for editing your order per your request. Frost Account Representatives are trained to cater to all buyers if the buyer decides to call our support line for assistance. If you wanted to submit your purchase order via online you could have completed online with no service charge. We value every buyer and we fully train our Account Representatives to get the buyer into their own businesses. There was a mailing to you with your invoice, terms, and conditions for all order DETAILS FOR NO CONFUSION. We did not scam you, everything with sales, product, terms, and conditions are very visual on our website and stated to you over the recorded phone line. All orders can take up to 15-45 business days. If colors for your order is not submitted within 2 weeks, we will proceed with your order with the top selling colors. If you have any more concerns please contact us at ***. Thank you so much for your business, and feedback on bettering our business.

Customer Response time Sep 14, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The response is complete untrue. Per the phone conversation I had with the *** I was NOt and I repeat NOT informed that changes over the phone would na a fee. I specifically asked hi 2 questions if I could make changes and he said it was ok. I also asked him how to proceed with placing the order, if I should place the order online he responded saying that it was best if he helped me. Like I also said before my I ital order was placed over the phone and there was no charge for placing that over the phone. However your text message claimed that there was a charge for placing that over the phone. Now the story seems to be changing that it's when I make changes that there is a charge? Very inconsistent? Seems to be a scam. I expected lies. Absolute lies And you dare lying with so much confidence. Your sales rep specifically told me not to place the order on the website so how was I supposed to see all your policies on a website if he didn't inform me? I am requesting a full refund. I do and will not patronize a scam of a business

Frost Cosmetics Response time Sep 27, 2018

Hello, thank you for your feedback. When anyone call our support line at the beginning of all calls there is a recording that states "all calls are recorded for insurance and training purposes", however if there is anything issues with your services with us, please contact us at ***.

Customer Response time Sep 24, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I called the number and the VP claims he is going to review the call to see if they was any miscommunication on their path. And he would get back to me
In 7 days. It's really funny though because this so called has been reviewed already twice but he claims it's was not by him. Also be aware that I am 85% sure that they never even mentioned that they were recording me when we spoke. Last time I check that's illegal. He also tried to lie that I already got my money back because I filed a dispute with my bank. But I have solid eveidence that I never got my money back. I'm tired of the back and forth. I have proceeded to file a case in the
court and I'll let the judge decide. For anyone reading this stay please stay away from frost cosmetics. It's really a fraud. It's not worth it.

I had an amazing experience with Frost. I first did a face-to-face meeting to discuss my branding idea. Frost helped me to come up with a great product and branding packaging. I received my products and all I can say is "YES" THANK YOU, GOD! My customers love my products and packaging. All I can say is thank you, Frost, for being understanding, helpful, and on time with my deadline dates. I am now on my 6 re-order purchasing order and will not be going to any other manufacturer. Frost made my dream come to reality. Once again, thank you, Frost.

Frost Cosmetics Response time Sep 07, 2018

Thank you.

What I love about my purchase order history with Frost Cosmetics is the staff and of course my products. I have been purchasing from Frost for the past 5 years and always have a good experience. I was sad that the company moved from the Mid-West to California but I still love them. I can't see myself going to any other private companies because Frost make products by your request and no one can copy the right type of texture Frost does. All I can say is try them out for yourself. I so love them professional. Thank you Frost Cosmetics!

Frost Cosmetics Response time Aug 30, 2018

Thank you so much. We are Frost Warriors together.

I purchased my custom lipstick line from Frost. Man, I love this company. The owner of the company is black and she really put her foot in creating my brand. She really knows how to create products for a black woman. I live and promote my brand in Puerto Rico and all my black woman love my product. Thank you Frost.

Frost Cosmetics Response time Aug 30, 2018

Thank you. Here at Frost we love everyone.

I give Frost a total 100% for my customize lip line. Thank you so much for creating my brand. I will highly recommend Frost.

Frost Cosmetics Response time Aug 30, 2018

We so love your submitted components. We wish you the best of luck and thank you so much for reviewing our business.

Thank you so much Frost Cosmetics for completing my exclusive lip line. I am so happy and pleased with my line. You guys are amazing. Can't wait to expand my line with you. Again thank you so much.

Frost Cosmetics Response time Aug 28, 2018

Yes, we thank you as well.

My products are so good that I just pitched for a collection line for Macy's. I just left the pitch meeting with a great response to my product. All I can say is thank you Frost Cosmetics for making my dream come true. You guys are an amazing team and I'm so glad that I choose you to be my manufacturing company. Thank you so much. I highly recommend Frost Cosmetics for lip wear products and customizing products.

Thank you so much Frost Cosmetics for getting my products on Amazon. I already sold over 400 pieces of lipsticks. Frost is so amazing, my products were done correctly and on time. I paid for Frost business service to be a vendor on Amazon, even though this package was expensive it was so worth it. Thank you so much FROST! I highly recommend everyone to build their brand with Frost.

placed order 2017 have not received products want money back
Order was placed 11/2017
A few weeks later I emailed to check status was told they had not started because I owe 20.00 due to specific spring color I selected. Payed 20.0 January 3rd 2018. I have been emailing and calling since. Have communication on record through email. I order spring/summer colors and at this point I do not want them. I paid *** 500.00 twice to rent space for my daughters hair/cosmetic event. I moved from the address location this weekend and sent email last week requesting response and address change process and inquiring about expected shipping date. I never get a response unless it is something that they want to answer. But they never have the answer you need regarding product.

Desired Outcome

refund of amount paid and 500.00 for event space rental the second rental I was able to get money back from the location due to meeting cancellation guidelines. total requested

Frost Cosmetics Response time Aug 21, 2018

Hello, please contact our designated VP of Sales. His name is *** and he will be the person that will assist in any matters that will result in missing products and etc. You can reach him at (XXX)XXX-XXXX. Thank you for allowing us to continue to better our services.

Customer Response time Aug 28, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
After reaching out since November I do not want to try to keep reaching out. I called again yesterday to number provided I did get a call back and was told about when I requested for refund 2 weeks ago that the order was placed in investigation. I do not believe that and would like my money back because there is nothing to investigate. I paid money in November 2017 and never got product and at this point want a refund. Case solved

Frost Cosmetics Response time Aug 30, 2018


In order for our team to review and assist you with your claim with our company we will need to speak with you. If you called and there was no support agent to speak to, please leave a message so an "Account Representative" can call you back and resolve your claim with us.

Thank you so much.

Customer Response time Sep 04, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The same day that I sent that response, I called the number back and the number was not to *** it was to *** and we did not resolve anything. I stated to him that I wanted a full refund and he never gave me a straight forward answer to anything, he stated that he had to check the status of things. I called that same number in the past and never got a call back. To resolve this please respond with the expectation of my refund request.

My cosmetic brand looks so amazing. Frost helped me pick the right type of components that look so pretty. My lip products are great! I can only pray that my brand gets pick-up by Ultra Beauty. The executives love the product and packaging. Thank you so much Frost Cosmetics. I'm so glad I did not listen to these personal review complaints on this because I would not have the opportunities that are present to me now from all my cosmetic distributors from the tradeshows I participated in. Every cosmetic distributor was very impressed with my product and packaging. I am so happy. Thank you FROST TEAM! I highly recommend Frost Cosmetics for any private labeling services.

Frost Cosmetics Response time Aug 21, 2018

Thank you!

I had a chance to meet the actual owner "***" herself to discuss my line that will be introduced to the Target executive team to possibly be placed in mid-west stores in 2019. I 100% love my products that Frost produced for my line. Target Corporation is impressed as well. Frost is well worth your money. Timeframes are longer than the average cosmetic manufacturer companies, however, I know why because Frost focus on custom orders only. This company is great for indivduals who are seeking to do long term business and retail placement.

Frost Cosmetics Response time Aug 21, 2018

Have you so much and we value you business too.

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Address: 6025 Santa Monica Blvd STE 203, West Hollywood, California, United States, 90038-1137


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