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• Apr 03, 2021

Doesn't stand behind its sales
They are NOT d'oeuvre of our military. GovX sold event tickets through their web site. The event was canceled. No refund was made. The 3rd party vendor apparently had a "no refund" policy and GovX reps said, "Too bad for you. ". It is a pretty awful way to treat active duty personnel who are now out hundreds of dollars per ticket. . I would not use GovX to buy anything. They offer items from third-party vendors who steal our money. Govx probably got a cut of the money the vendor kept.

Scam. Don't waste your time.
GovX not discounted just retail prices. Don't waste your time. Selection is meek an the email contact response is basically zero. Cannot delete my account why, WTF? Lame company trying to scam people like they are getting some deal if the send in drivers license or DD214 I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved Regards, [redacted] ***

Hi ***, Since your purchase was placed outside of our shopping cart, we don't have your funds and therefore cannot process a refundAs I mentioned before, one of my agents is working on your resolution with Member Deals since they collected payment at the point of purchaseHe is aware that you'd prefer a refund over the actual item that you purchased and you can expect to hear back from him in the next few business daysThank you for your patience as we continue to work towards your desired resolution and take care [redacted]

To whom it may concern: I spoke with this customer on about this as he posted the following on our review page on the previous day: "Do not order from this company, they take your $$$ but won't provide the product." Review By: [redacted] ( [redacted] ) - Zip Code: ***Submitted: 08/12/--- Prior to calling this customer, I reviewed this order with ***, the customer care agent that was originally addressing the order issue, and the communications that [redacted] had between him and the customer [redacted] sent the below email to the customer's email address that was listed in the order and on the accoutn at [redacted] on the below dates: Email 1, Monday 08/Hello, My name is [redacted] and I’m the Customer Care agent who works directly with [redacted] here at GovXThey’ve been having some processing issues at their warehouse recently, and the tracking information for orders has not been getting sent out once the order has shipped, which has made it hard for us to ensure that all orders have shipped out and made it to their destinationWe are working with them to get this error fixed, and I apologize for any delay that you have already experienced with the orderPlease let me know whether or not you already have received the item that you ordered from ***, and this will help us to double check that all orders have been accounted for and receivedThank you so much for your patience, and please let me know if you have additional questions or concerns regarding the order-- Best, [redacted] Email 2, Tuesday 08/ Hello, I just wanted to update you and let you know that we are still working with [redacted] to get your order shipped out as soon as we possibly canBoth the account manager and the CFO of our company are working with me to get them shipping out orders as soon as possible, and I’m so sorry for the delay with your order so farI don’t have an exact ETA on when we can get you your order yet, but as soon as I have an update for you I’ll let you know immediatelyI’ve already added a credit to your account that you can use on your next order, and please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions or concerns in the meantime-- Best, [redacted] Email 3, Thursday 08/Hey ***, First, let me apologize again for the delay in getting you updated and informed on the status of your order [redacted] has been making some large scale changes and improvements internally in their warehouse, and this made it difficult for them to get us, and therefore you, caught up to speed on what the status of your order wasIn moving forward with these internal changes, [redacted] informed us that they are making some improvements to their weighted compression technology, in order to make the technology waterproof, as well as to improve the performance and durabilityAs a result, they informed us yesterday that they no longer have the older Vests to send out, and the new technology is still being finalized and will not be available for another or so weeksUnfortunately, this means that we will have to cancel the entire order that you placed with us at GovX, because we don’t feel comfortable holding your payment without providing you your product for that extended amount of time, and [redacted] is unable to ship at this timeYou have the option of receiving a refund to your original form of payment or you can receive a GovX credit for the amount of the refundPlease let me know which option you would prefer, and if I do not hear back from you by Tuesday, August 16th we will be automatically refunding you to your form of paymentWe will also be adding another $credit to your GovX account for the inconvenienceYou can be notified immediately when the new Weighted Vest Technology is available on GovX by following the link below, and selecting the “Notify Me When Available” option of the product page of the product that you are interested in [redacted] Again, I’m so sorry for not only the delay, but the inconvenience of the entire process with this orderIt’s always our intention to keep you well informed on the status of your order once it’s been placed with the vendor, especially when the order has been taking longer to processIn this case and under the circumstances with ***, we weren’t able to do that effectively and there’s no excuse for that, which is something we will work to improve on going forwardIf you have any questions or concerns about what occurred, or what we are doing moving forward, please do not hesitate to reach out to me-- Best, [redacted] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I then called the customer [redacted] to address his review and to address the above emailsThe above communications had been sent to ***'s son, the person on the order and his son said that he never rec'd the above emailsI asked [redacted] to ask his son if the emails were sent to his son's spam or trash folders and I confirmed that we did email the email address on file and offered to send him proof via screen shots of this and he said no to that and said he'd ask his son to check his spam and trash foldersThe customer then notified me that he rec'd internal information about our issues with [redacted] per the ticket merge for # [redacted] into #*** [redacted] did this without realizing that the info from ticket # [redacted] would be public to the customerI did discuss this with her as she was not aware that this was information the customer could seeI will also be sending a notice to the entire team on my side so that they take extra caution when merging ticketsI apologized for the issue with [redacted] and acknowledged that we messed up in our ticket merging as he definitely should not have seen our internal correspondence with ***I agreed with him that our internal issues are not his problem and again apologized for the mistake on our sideHe then mentioned that it took him posting something on our review page to get my attention and I acknowledged this and also addressed that from our side he had been communicated with per the email address on fileHe then said that he doesn't blame us for the [redacted] issue only for the email issueI told him that is completely understandableHe alluded to wanting to wait for the item to ship and I said [redacted] did give us an ETA of weeks but that we still can't hold the order due to internal accounting policies not allowing us to hold funds without a firm ship dateI confirmed with him that he wanted to be refunded to the original method of payment and that I would be replying back to his reviewI also told him that should he want to purchase in the future and if he has questions he can always contact me directlyHere is my reply to the review that is still pending with the Revdex.comScreen shot attached as well: Hi Mr [redacted] , First, I would like to thank you for your time and for allowing me to discuss your order issue with you over the phoneAgain, I am very sorry for both the lack of communication and the miscommunication surrounding your orderI take full responsibility for these mistakes and I will do my best to ensure they are not repeated on my side in the futureI want to reiterate that we would never take money for an order and not ship the productAs I explained over the phone, the reason that we had to cancel your order is due to the fact that we are unable to secure a solid ship date from the brand and this is why we are unable to hold your fundsA full refund will be processed back to your original method of payment by COB todayThe issues that we are experiencing with the brand that you ordered from are still being worked through and we are confident that we will be able to provide you and the rest of members with their new and improved products in the futureIf you have questions about GovX in the future, feel free to contact me directly at [redacted] or at [redacted] and I will be happy to further assist youThank you for your time and take care! ---On at approximately 4:15p, PST, his [redacted] portion of his order was refunded for the amount of $which is what he paid for the item in questionMr [redacted] paid $(including shipping: $7.95) for his entire order which included an item from a different order that he did rec’d so that portion of his order was not refundedSee attached screenshots (Certain things have been crossed out as they are proprietary information to GovX.) If there are any further questions in regards to this issue that was taken care of on 8.12.16, feel free to let me know-- Best, [redacted] Customer Care Manager, GovX GovX, Inc [redacted]

Anybody ordering anything from the GOV X websiteBuyer bewareI purchased an item that didn't fitI paid to have it shipped back and they deducted money from my refund for shipping

I am writing to inform the that my consumer complaint with GovX (complaint [redacted]

Good morning, I finally received my hydroflask so please close complaint [redacted] no thanks to GovX as they really did nothing to help [redacted] ***

I ordered a flashlight on the 24th of NovemberI waited until the 4th of December to ask why it had not shippedGovx wrote back that they would look into it and get back to me in business daysbusiness days later no response I called Govx on the 7th of December and was told the flashlight had shipped on the 27th of NovemberNo tracking code, no update and their customer service had no idea on the 4th of December that the flashlight had shippedGovx is amateurish in their communication and customer service consists of a canned form letter to your responsesDon't even consider returning unless you want to eat the postage!!!

I have had two sales experiences with GovX - and because if these experiences I have recommended them to all of my coworkers in law enforcement and military

Within the help center of our website, we do state that if you’re not satisfied with your GovX purchase, you can return an item within days of the date you received it for a full refund, minus any shipping costsI have also attached a screen shot of where this is listed on our siteHere is a link to that portion of our site as well: [redacted] As a one time courtesy to Mr [redacted] , we have refunded the shipping chargeIf there are any questions in regards to this, please don't hesitate to ask Thank you, [redacted] Customer Care Manager [redacted]

Mr [redacted] order was initially delayedPer his request, I did request to cancel his order on My contact had already processed his order with his warehouse and the tracking number posted to Mr [redacted] order the next dayI left a voicemail for the customer to notify that I was unable to cancel his order and I apologized for the delay and any inconvenience this causedThen a return was processed for his order and when he was refunded his amount didn't reflect the shipping cost of $since his order did in fact ship to himHe then emailed our general sales inbox inquiring about this and it was explained to him as to why this happenedPer our policies, we don't refund shipping on orders unless the entire order was cancelled successfully and we don't provide return shipping labels unless their is something wrong with the product upon receiptHowever, a courtesy has been extended to the customer and he has since been refunded the original shipping charge of $If there is any more information you would like me to provide in regards to the solution for this complaint, please let me know and I will be glad to helpThank you! [redacted] Customer Care Manager

I have nothing but good things to say about GovXThe merchandise I ordered was exactly what I received and it is of good quality! I hope they are able to expand and carry even more products at a good price for our men and women of the Armed Forces!

Have ordered from Govx in the past and will continue to do so Ordered two pairs of boots from the website Never received confirmation of shipping so I contacted them The vendor in question has business days to ship Called on day and the customer service representative was very nice and told me she would escalate my order Received an email from President and CEO confirming my order and telling me the vendor was going through a system integration change and would be delayed I expressed my disappointment and frustration Mr [redacted] then handled my situation and my boots are on the way Also my order was refunded This is the way business should be run Many times companies are at the mercy of their suppliers

I recently ordered a pair of [redacted]  Sunglasses, easy ordering experience and received them in a timely manner. Ordered on a Sunday, got them on Thursday and I got the glasses for $115 when they are originally $180. GovX is awesome!!! Going to be using more in the future.

I have bought a few products from govx and I have had very mixed experiencesThe first item I purchased was supposed to be near $bucks off and after getting the product to find it did not fit for it's intended product I did some research to find out I paid retail value for the product and it was falsely advertisedAfter reaching out to the company I was told it was some sort of mistake and the would work with me to return the productWell after a month of getting nowhere I had to call govx directly to complain to management to get my refund after they had the product back for weeksI recently have Been watching products from Vortex optics since I've used there hero's program beforeGovx on multiple times showed big discounts on there products and prices slashed only after doing a price compare they where more expensive then the company or other sites like expercityThere prices are not accurate and are taking advantage of consumersI'm sure there are good deals and it's great they do offer many items but you may not be getting the deal you think or at all with this company

I ordered on June 6th and it didn't ship until now, over weeks later Customer service was not remotely helpful and didn't even reply to my last emailI left a review on each product but they were never published showing you that govx hides their less than good reviews on the siteNot impressed with the ethics of this company and will not be returning

I purchased ordinary tickets and tickets with a 25$ gift card to AMC recently through GOVX I received the tickets digitally and the tickets in the mail, but never received a gift card I contacted GovX after not receiving the gift card that was purchased GovX stated the purchase was from a separate company and they could not help me with a failure to deliver goods/services, even though the purchase was on GovX's military-only website They provided me a phone number (no email or physical address) and had the audacity to assert it is somehow my responsibility to track down one of their affiliates and ask them why I didn't receive what I'd purchased They wrote "You will need to contact our affiliate "Member Deals", they will be able to assist you in this matterPlease see below for their phone number and have a great day!" I called the number they gave, and was transferred to a voicemail box I've since emailed govx a 3rd time, and received no reply The member deals

I recently ordered a pair of *** Sunglasses, easy ordering experience and received them in a timely mannerOrdered on a Sunday, got them on Thursday and I got the glasses for $when they are originally $GovX is awesome!!! Going to be using more in the future

So disappointed in this companyI found them online and seeing as they promote their affiliation with the military and government I was immediately drawn to them (I am a Veteran of the Air Force)BIG MISTAKE!!
My husband has ordered serval things and every single time there has been some issue whether it be shipping times or receiving the wrong product, etc
BUT, silly me, I still continued to browse and use my accountSo, fast forward to last month, I did all the research in the world online looking for a great smart watch to buy my husband as a Christmas present from our kidsSeriously, I spent days online and decided on the Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire watch (Horrible choice), but I looked at so many different places for it and then thought, “Oh! Let me check GOVX” and wouldn’t you know, they had it for about $cheaper than the cheapest price I had foundSo I read the product description and studied the pictures of the watch and just knew that this was IT!!! I purchased the watch (this is no small dollar amount watch either) and received the package within a very timely mannerI was so excited because after all my husbands negative experiences he had with ordering from this company, I thought my luck was completely different and everything was perfect from price, shipping time, etcSo I wrapped the box (never opened it to check to make sure the product worked, another horrible choice) and my husband opens it and is immediately so excited and happy about his gift from our kidsWell long story short, the watch not only did not match the product description but also did not have the features listed on the item descriptionThen when he tried to connect it to his phone all he got was an error message and after days on trying over and over, (the watch would never connect) he came to me and asked if there was any way I could return it because he couldn’t use itI then had to tell him that I ordered it from GOVX even after all his negative experiences with themSo I immediately contacted GOVX via email and stated the issues(No reply) secondly, I went to the live chat feature and spoke to an agent who asked for pictures of the product and other “proof” that it was defective, which I sentI was told that I would be contacted in 1-business days....NOTHINGSo today, I went to their live chat again and was told that oh yes Garmin had reviewed my complaint and would issue me a new watch or a refund, I chose the refund, I just want to sever ties with this fiasco of a companyBut if I wouldn’t have contacted them AGAIN, would I have ever heard a response or that Garmin had responded to the complaint? I mean when you say you will get back to a customer within 1-days, I believe you should stand by that or remove it from the reply you give unhappy customersI was told today they have processed the return and it should be in my account in 1-business daysWe will see, I will definitely update this if need be and report if that statement is a lie as well and I do not receive the money back within that timeframe
Just be warned, not all that glitters is gold and that is definitely true with GOVXDon’t be sucked in by the “military and government support” gimmicks they useThat’s what I got fooled by and I regret it

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