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GSM Outdoors

5250 Frye Rd, Irving, Texas, United States, 75061

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Poor service and performance
I purchased a stealth cam fusion cellular in Paris Tx where I live about two weeks ago. First cellular I have ever bought. I have 14 game cameras. 8 Browning's and 6 Stealth cam's. All non- cellular. I am very experienced at maintaining and programming them. After some initial problems getting it started I put it in my yard watching my outside cat eat food day and night just to test it out. The pictures sent to my cell phone were good and I felt it was ready to deploy to my land on a deer trail. The cellular is approximately 50 feet from one of my other stealth cam cameras. I did that so one camera was watching another knowing a buck was there fairly often to test the new cameras speed. I turned it on, synchronized the camera. locked it up and went home.
My land is about 25 miles from Paris and there is a cell tower a few miles away. The first night no pictures. Went to the land, could not see anything wrong and called 888-508-5922. No answer. Called several times with various wait times with the same results and finally just stayed on hold for over and hour. Finally a female technician answered and made multiple attempts to get the camera working from her end. Nothing worked and she said it might take till the next day before I would get pictures. We ended the call and by the middle of the next day no pictures. I had to move a ladder stand to a new spot on my land so I called the same number knowing the results and left the phone on speaker for over and hour and a half before another female answered. It took so long I nearly finished moving the ladder stand. I went back to the camera as she ask me to do, which was only about 200 yards from where I was working, and after more try's to fix the problem the lady told me she was going to put in a ticket for more technical support and would call me back shortly. Keep in mind I have perfect cell service in both locations. Out of frustration I decided to move the camera near the stand I just set up which is the highest point on my property. These are hills guys not mountains. This is northeast Texas folks. Put the camera up, synced it again, and went home. I have not had a return call. I have a record of all my attempts to call GSM starting Monday8/23 and after three 1 hour wait times today 8/31 a gentleman answered the phone who was not able to help me. Different department. LOL. He listened to my raving frustration and kindly told me he was going to transfer me to the no answer number 888-508-5922 and warned me the call could be historically dropped. Guess what. It did. I can honestly tell you I am retired, on a fixed income, and the sale price of $139.99 is not spent lightly. I plan to go to every major web site that sells you camera and give it and your customer support the poorest review I possibly can so others that take hunting seriously are not lured into such poor support. I worked as a maintenance manager for 30 years and never have I had a vendor act so poorly. There has got to be a solution to this problem, the deepest is your internal management.


New command app
Worst customer service I have ever experienced. THEIR SUPPORT PEOPLE DO NOT FOLLOW UP ON PROMISES TO CALL YOU BACK. My Stealthcam remote cameras are non functional due to their terrible customer service and app changes. They were very expensive.I will never purchase products from this company again! Waste of money!


This company has possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I was promised a refund months ago, instead of getting a refund I got an additional charge added.Hold times are outrageous! I spent two hours on hold and still was not able to get through to anyone. When I called a couple days later fortunately the hold was only 45 minutes. The customer service representatives are very friendly. The problem is they make promises that they can't keep. They don't return calls, they don't send email responses as promised... Not to mention the fees for their trail cam uploads are astronomical!! The battery on the original trail cam died after only a few hours so like an it I invested in their solar powered battery that also dies. How does that happen? It's a solar battery!!! - oh and this was after the first solar battery arrived with a panel that was smashed into a zillion pieces. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Mark my word, you will regret it.


Canceled order Told is fine no problem send order anyway returned order with fed x for our refund now we are told they have no records of it. Are their really business that survive working like this it became a part time job dealing with the people there.


Do not buy any product from these guys, they do not stand behind anything they sell!!!!


Purchased a gunner blind and the door is severely leaking.Called over a month ago and someone was going to call me and have never gotten a call back.
Purchased a Gunner Box Blind in February 2020. After several rains I noticed the door severely leaking and starting to damage the plywood floor. The door is supposed to be waterproof. After calling several times with the promise of them resolving this and being contacted with a resolution, I have not heard from anyone regarding this. This is a very expensive box blind and I am appalled nobody has contacted me about this after calling twice!!

Desired Outcome

I either want them to repair the blind I have to stop the leak, deliver a new one and pick up the old blind or refund the purchase price.

I returned an item in January and I am still waiting for a return. I have proof or my return and just want my money back.
I purchased the silencer ear buds for my husband in December of 2019. I returned them for a refund in January of 2019 however they shipped me another pair instead so without opening the box, I returned those too in January. Kaylee and Shanna have been wonderful to work with, I have provided tracking numbers to prove the returns and I am still awaiting a refund.

Desired Outcome

I just want my $300 refunded to me since I have returned the product and it was confirmed as received via usps.

GSM Outdoors Response • May 14, 2020

we have refunded the amount of the item bought and I have attached the receipt of that.

Customer Response • May 15, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Need the last 4 digits of the card refunded to to confirm return.

GSM Outdoors Response • May 20, 2020

RAXXXXXX has been refunded to the customer in the amount of $299.99

Returned a recalled product for a refund. A month later and nothing has been done
First call was made on 1/17/2020. Pictures of receipts were delivered via email the same day. It was agreed that I was to receive a refund, not an exchange. The return products were delivered to GSM Outdoors on 2/20/2020. I called on 2/21/2020 to confirm that they had received my package and that the process had begun. And again, I had to confirm that this for a refund, not an exchange. Had not heard from anyone and had not recieved my refund, so I called again on 3/3/2020. I was informed that my exchange product was in route, and to decline shipment when it arrived, and contact GSM to make them aware so that the refund process could begin. I was told 3 to 5 business days, like I've been told the entire time. It is now 3/13/2020, so I decided to call again to get an update, and still nothing. As of 5:15pm est I have still not recieved the refund or a confirmation email.

Desired Outcome

I want my full refund

GSM Outdoors Response • Apr 16, 2020

this customer was refunded per the recall of this product. the amount of this refund is based on the receipts that the customer provided.

I called in and order a muddy bull blind and tower. I was quoted the price above. The next day they canceled my order cause they made a mistake.
I called and tried to order the muddy bull blind with the 5 ft tower elite. I was quoted a price for the product which was 1,623.74. The money was taken from my account and the next day I was called and told that the representative made a mistake. Therefore my order was canceled and my money has not be refunded yet. I was told that the customer service representative was new, but I was out in hold so that a supervisor could overlook the equipment and the price. After that I purchased the product. So as of now I am out 1,623.74 and I do not have any product coming to my house.

Desired Outcome

I think that since a supervisor had to look at the order sheet to approve the order the order should be upheld for what I was quoted. Or they should try and make this right by giving a higher discount on the product. I would still like to purchase this product.

GSM Outdoors Response • Dec 04, 2019

this was an unfortunate experience for this person and the fact of the matter is that a new agent made a mistake, we did not charge the customer, it was an authorization on the credit card and will fall off in the coming days. this is not the normal practice for us as a company and the agent has been corrected so to not repeat this again. we have attached the banking details for your records.

Customer Response • Dec 06, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I understand that mistakes can be made. I have been trying to still buy this product. I am on day 7/8 of waiting for a shipping price. It just seems that since this happened that no one in this company wants to help me.

I ordered a replacement seat for my tree stand 40 days ago and it's been "awaiting shipment" ever since. Customer service never answers due to high call volume and the recording says they'll call you back. Right. I've received 1 call back and it took 3 days. However, I did get through twice and talked to reps. They both told me that they would email the warehouse to get my ordered released. Yet I'm still waiting.

there customer service is a negative 10 DO NOT ANSWER PHONE CALLS OR EMAILS


The worst. I finally received my replacement camera (at 50% off) after a month. Put the new batteries in and NOTHING - happened. Cant ever get anyone on the phone. They say they will call back in the order the calls were received. NEVER heard a word. Never again. If I could give no stars I would!

I purchased a Buddy Treestand that had parts missing when I opened it. So I called GSM to see about getting the parts shipped to me. They never ship
I purchased a Buddy Treestand that had parts missing when I opened it. So I called GSM to see about getting the parts shipped to me. They sent me back to Rural King in Knoxville, TN where it was purchased. Rural King wouldn't help me, so they sent me back to GSM. I've called and emailed GSM, and no one will respond to me.

Desired Outcome

I paid for a complete product and a complete product is what I'm asking for.

After returni a defective camera on September 23, Company has not provided a preplacement and refuses a refund.
Purchased a camera in July 2019 through the Customer Service. within 2 weeks of receiving he camera, determined it was not working properly. Contacted Customer Service and after several attempts of correcting the problem was directed to return it for a replacement. Returned the camera on 23 September via UPS. Subsequently I have made 3 phone calls (each taking 50 minutes or more to speak to a rep)and 2 e-mails trying to get the status of my replacement. Last week I spoke to the Customer Service floor supervisor who stated that she would order an upgraded camera and have it shipped the next day. Today (21 Sep) a customer Service rep informed me that his records showed that the camera would not be shipped for 4-6 weeks. He also stated that is supervisor was not available. I asked that she call me back. I have not received he call.

Desired Outcome

I have been without a workable camera since July. I request an immediate refund or immediate delivery of a replace replacement camera

GSM Outdoors Response • Nov 07, 2019

The customer has sent in a camera STC-G36NG 12MP 36NG Pro Brown Oak Camera on RAXXXXXX we did recieve this on Sept 23rd, it was turned into and order and up graded to STC-*** 26MP G45NG Max Camera that is one of our best cameras, it will be delivered today by the end of day...

Customer Response • Nov 08, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Customer Response • Nov 11, 2019

Reference complaint XXXXXXXXX

Today I received a replacement camera. No further action required. Thank you.

Ordered a part 5 weeks ago, was charged but the part was never shipped.
Order# XXXXXX, purchased on 9/7/19 tried contacting via email and phone, no one picks up just endless on hold and no responses to email. It is now 10/14/19 and still no updates. It still shows awaiting shipment, after paying $12 in shipping it should have been shipped promptly. Either ship the part or refund my money!

Desired Outcome

Either complete shipment or refund my money.

GSM Outdoors Response • Oct 22, 2019

Sorry for the delay in getting this part, after looking into this situation we have this part that we are going to ship today along with some free goods. The order is shipping out today. USPS tracking is

Customer Response • Nov 01, 2019

I got the shipment, thank you!

non shipment of order

I placed an order with this company on 9/10/2019
on 9/10/19 Order #XXXXX.
I emailed on Mon. 9/15 to inquire about shipp

shipment. No response.
Called on 9/16 to inquire about when product
would ship. Was told it would ship on Fri.
Emailed on 9/23 about shipment. No response.
Emailed on 9/25 No response.
Tried calling on 20/2, put on hold for ever.

Desired Outcome


Customer Response • Oct 11, 2019

Complaint resolved.
Order cancelled
Moneys refunded.
Thank you for your time and effort in
This matter.

I am being charged for a monthly data subscription that I have asked them numerous times to cancel.
In August, I bought a stealthcam trail camera at Cabelas. That evening, I signed up for a monthly data plan that would allow pictures to be sent straight to my phone. It was 14 dollars a month. The camera was not good quality, so we returned it to the store the next day. The company offered no way to cancel the plan online, so I sent an email on 09/03/2019 asking for it to be cancelled. The plan account was STC-A1895. They emailed back and said it would be cancelled. On 09/23/2019, my card was charged again. I sent another email as was told they did send it to be cancelled and didn't know what happened, but they would send it again. I was offered no refund for the 14 dollars, but I'm not concerned with that. I just wanted the plan cancelled. They said they would send it again, this time high priority. I asked for confirmation of cancellation, which they said they would provide when it was finalized. A week later, the plan was still active. I once again emailed, this time they said again they didn't know what happened, but they would try to call and find out. However, apparently no one was answering their call either. I've tried calling this company numerous time and no live person ever answers the phone. I will report any future charges as fraud, however I do not want to have to get a whole new credit card number to fix this issue. I have never in my life had this much difficulty cancelling a subscription plan. I just want confirmation the account is cancelled and my personal information removed from their system as I will never do business with them again.

Desired Outcome

I want my account removed and I want the data plan cancelled before it is billed again on 10/23/2019. I would also appreciate a refund for the 14 dollars that should have not been billed on 09/23/2019. I never used the plan at all as the product was returned the day after we bought it.

GSM Outdoors Response • Oct 03, 2019

This account was already closed and we refunded the 2 months that the customer was charged, our system by design gives the end user the power to suspend or cancel the subscription on their own.

Customer Response • Oct 07, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I finally got someone on the phone who helped me cancel the account. I will gladly accept the refund and appreciate the quick response. My biggest complaints was the email agent who claimed to have fixed the problem many times when they had not. I'd of rather them ignored my emails as I took their word for it that it was cancelled. I wasn't not aware I could cancel it myself as I was having difficulties with the website . I I I apologize for my misunderstanding, but I thank you for the quick resolution.

I ordered Birchwood-Casey gun cleaning patches from GSM Outdoors. I was double charged for the patches through PayPal, even though I chose to pay via credit card. GSM Outdoors does not answer phone calls at its listed phone number nor does it answer e-mails. As for my order, I have not received any notification from GSM Outdoors as to its status. No link on its website is provided for status updates unless one is a member in standing with GSM, and there is no link to cancel an order. Again, GSM has gone out of its way to avoid any form of contact. I am in the process of contacting Birchwood-Casey and the Texas State Attorneys General Office, as well as Visa, as to the operation of GSM. If I could give this company 'no' stars, I would without hesitation. There is a reason GSM is not affiliated with the

If you need parts or information on their products, they just ignore your email. I needed a part for my tree stand, and had a question about it. I sent them an email. The next day I got a read receipt that said someone read the message, but never did get a reply. I definitely won't be buying anything else of theirs. I don't do business with companies that don't stand behind their products.

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