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Here to There Moving and Storage

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spoke with customer have agreed to pay contractor to fix floor.

The customer made an outside deal with the mover(who no longer works for us) outside the contract with the company for a cheaper move using our company supplies and truck, my boss said he will not refund something he had no contract with. The customer was given the exemployees information to...

get his funds back from him.

I acquired this company for a local move about 15 minutes away. The movers were courteous but took an hour to get to my house 15 minutes away. My final bill was $378.00 which is a rip off. I gave the driver my $200.00 groupon voucher and paid him a $180.00 cash to avoid paying a $10.00 credit card fee, he provided me with a receipt of the transaction. Exactly 10 days later I received a invoice from this company stating I had an outstanding balance of $178. I immediately contacted the accounting and advised them I paid cash because this is a cash on delivery service. He stated that I had not paid and that the drivers stated to charge my credit card, and he wanted a copy of my receipt. I asked him what kind of moving company bills somebody. This agitated the owner Josh and he told me that I was lying because I was defensive, he then continued to belittle me and yell out me and call me a liar. I did go home and locate the receipt but I refuse to give him the receipt. I called him and told him I had a copy of the receipt and he told me to text to his personal cell phone. I told him I would not and if he wants the receipt he can come get it, I told him I don't appreciate this doing business with this shady company and I gave him a lecture on customer service. The owner then yelled a curse word and hung up the phone. Do not do business with this company as it seems they are out to scam people out additional money. The owner is unprofessional and the prices are outrageous. have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.This is totally unacceptable.  Our refrigerator was not purchased as a scratch and dent unit.    The auction did contain some scratch and dent applicances, but it was also an auction of THOUSANDS of  brand new applicances.  I have attached a photo of the front of our refrigerator before the moving company moved it.    So YES, I expect it to be restored to the condition it was in before HTT moved it. 
At this time, I have not been contacted by Here to There Moving and Storage regarding complaint ID [redacted].
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. 

As with any input, we always appreciate the opportunity to grow. This is no different.
Ms. [redacted] claim was reviewed by an individual that is no longer employed by Here to There Movers. This unexpected change in staff did create a brief delay in the follow-up of this claim. However, it was...

at all neglected. Ms. [redacted] received her stools repaired on 4/7/14, as well as reimbursement for her lamp that was not able to be repaired. This was all done with consistent communication that included scheduling conflicts due to the nature of her employment. Further, we have not had any correspondence attempts from her since the delivery of her stools, consider her claim to be closed, and find this complaint to be unjust and much to our surprise. 
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused the customer. However, nothing was done without her being advised and with her approval.

We did agree to pay for theses damage per our contract as customer agreed for $80.00. Check came back in the mail and we will be remaiiling it this week to the correct address. I apologize for the frustration and mincommunication
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I was not given the option to purchase additional insurance at the time of booking. The statement that "Ms. [redacted] wasn’t present at time of pick-up" is false. I was present at the time of pickup. I photographed the Here to There employees loading my (undamaged) refrigerator onto the truck and provided those photos to Here to There movers. The Here to There employees neglected to review my insurance options at pickup. As I have stated many times, I would have chosen the higher level of coverage had it been offereed to me for review once I learned that there were dozens of items for multiple customers going on the same truck. I was not notified at the time of booking that this would be the case. This is the second incident of untruthfulness from Here to There movers in this thread alone. "
I have been contacted by Here to There Moving and Storage regarding complaint ID [redacted].  They contacted me last week and stated they were looking into the issues and should be completed in about there weeks.  Please keep this complaint open...

for another month and I will update with their actions, if any.  FYI, I am not sure what method was used to contact the company but it appears that their email address was not working so phone was the only way I was able to contact them.

We, as promised, scheduled at [redacted] convenience and went
out to repack the storage unit, [redacted] REFUSED the help
to repack the storage unit.
Repairs do take some time and those repairs were addressed. We fixed the floor, couch and scratches on your furniture.
dining room chair has water damage, not moving damage, it is in our
office and you are welcome to pick it up or we can schedule another
appointment and leave it on a porch if you are not available. [redacted]
Also this was taken, by the
customer, to a personal level by cussing out and THREATENING our operations manager, his
wife and kids. We are sorry for the damage and your

Whenever a customer books their move a disclaimer is read and within that disclaimer the option of purchasing the additional insurance is explained stating “You will need to choose a level of liability coverage prior to starting the job. Please review the options as one is included and the other cost extra”.     However, after pulling Ms. [redacted]’s phone call when she originally booked her move this was explained. Ms. [redacted] wasn’t present at time of pick-up, therefore, she was given the cheaper insurance option since she didn’t express to us at time of booking that she wanted to buy additional insurance. Unfortunately customers cannot buy insurance after their move when they didn’t choose that option at time of booking.   Have a great move! Heather [redacted] Here To There Inc Toll free 1-888-218-6683 USDOT1062160 / PUCO No.506822 / MC777343

I personally have called and left a message for [redacted] letting her know that I have listened to the phone call and as my staff are trained they do not give totals and in fact did not!   We have know what of knowing how long a move is going to take but can come out for a free on site estimate...

if requested prior to the move but even then we can not be 100 percent a rate as there things that cause the move to take longer such as weather, customer not being asp repaired as they should be and other things...  We do promise good work ethic and that our movers to a good job and not slow walk your move.   In this case the customer had my manager [redacted] on the job and I am sure after speaking with him and the helper got good quality service.   As this customer has Said she was told over the phone her move cost would be ABOUT $160.00 based off what the customer said she wanted to use.   The customer went over the 3 hour mark and was also charged shrink wrap and tape as she was told over the phone.   I listened to the phone call and our receptionist [redacted] clear told her we bill by the hour plus materials used, truck charge and fuel charge.   She was very clear that this was not a total and she is not allowed to give a total.   We send out an email confirmation to every customer at the time of scheduling confirming there move and charges.  When we arrived she clearly signed our contract stating the hourly rate and other charges that would be charged prior to us doing any moving and authorized us to start and agreeing to all charges, terms and condions.  Per out terms and condones we get the right to come out and make any repairs mesas army and if we are unsuccessful we then will pay out thru the insurance option chosen at the time of the move by the customer.  This customer chose the free insurance of a maximum of .60 cents per pound.
  At this time we do not find any evidence we made any kind of mistake and will not be giving a refund.  However I do need the customer to get in contact with me so we can schedule an appointment for myself or my manager to come out look at the dresser and make proper repair.  We have a damage policy and stand behind our work and will handle it according to our policy and procedures.   My cell number is ###-###-####. Please contact me so I can get this scheduled.

Here To There Movers agreed to move Key Auctions appliances for their customers. Our company loaded multiple appliances onto 1 truck and mapped out the route for that day. On the signed BOL for Ms. [redacted], the cheaper insurance was checked, meaning we’re willing to pay up to .60 MAX per pound...

for any damages that may occur. Every customer is given the option to buy the addition insurance at time of service and even before hand when scheduling their move with us. Based on the specs of Ms. [redacted] refrigerator, weighing 353 pounds, $211.80 would be the max amount allowed for payout. When Ms. [redacted] was offered this amount, she declined this payment.  The replacement part for this refrigerator cost $347.28 + shipping, which is over the allowed amount. We’re still willing to payout $211.80 for the damages if Ms. [redacted] accepts this offer. Thank you for your time. Let me know if we need to address any further problems. Have a great move! Heather [redacted] Here To There Inc Toll free 1-888-218-6683 USDOT1062160 / PUCO No.506822 / MC777343

she filed bankruptcy against us we will no longer be dealing with this customer outside of lawyers
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.As was explained to the business and was outlined in my complaint, I was not given any insurance options. The box on the referenced form was fraudulently checked by the employee(s) of Here to There Movers, who then lied and said that I had checked it. The form clearly states that the customer needs to initial the box to indicate which insurance is being selected, which I clearly did not do. Had I been offered the insurance options, I would have selected the higher option due to the amount of items and other customers on the truck. I have even offered to pay the charge retroactively. Additionally, I did not refuse the $211. On my last conversation with Joshua, he indicated that he would be mailing said check and confirmed my mailing address.

Total scam, they stole 99 bucks from me straight up. We paid the bill including tip when the movers were done. One week later we get a 99 dollar charge on our card we used to reserve the day. We did not authorize this charge nor did we receive a phone call letting us know that this was something we owed. When we disputed it with them they told us they would refund the charge, then send us a bill and when we didn't pay it we would be sent to collections. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Stay away from this business. Save yourself from being robbed.

221, 221); border-bottom-width: 1pt; text-align: left; background: rgb(39, 108, 194);"> john[redacted]
Called customer to assemble bed and to touch up scratches, she informed me not to worry about, she already filed a claim and would rather handle it that way.
on 6/15 our manager are try to get back with her to fix the damaged items. she told us not to contact her...  -- I will forward this complain to our local manager again. he will get back with you about this case,thanks Feng Y[redacted] Accounting Dept. Here To There Movers 1-888-218-6683   USDOT 1062160 / PUCO NO 506822

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