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Purchased two itemsReceived one of the itemsFollowed up on the status of the second item and was told it would ship in daysFollowed up when the item did not arrive and was told it would not ship for another weeks (thanks for notifying me)Waited days to find out it would be another month maybe, ridiculous! I should have been refunded the entire order amount for such poor service

The issue with this order has been resolved as per customer. Parts were received and is in working condition. The warranty request will be forward upon his request

This company is a nightmare. They have poor internal bookkeeping. I returned a product and have been dealing with constant “past due notices” even with proof of a tracking number. I’ll be happy once this charge is finally removed from my credit card bill. I will not do business with,this company,again.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am...

rejecting this response because:The product was never installed for use.  It was placed on the commode long enough to determine it wouldn't fit good enough to be secured in place.  It was never used.  That said, I again want to reiterate that no where in the product description does it state that this product is considered to be a hygiene product or that it is non-returnable.  We were apparently supposed to assume that. It's unfair and deceptive product advertising that takes advantage of seniors.  I consider that elder abuse and expect you to rectify this situation with a refund of the product cost of $29.99 to my mother's credit card account.Sincerely,

From: dina [redacted] Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2017 1:33 PM To: [redacted] Subject: [redacted] Importance: High   Hello [redacted]   In regards to this complaint, we have 2 orders with this customer and both shows delivered. We have tried many times to reach this...

customer and they have not responded to us. On the first order the customer even said they were happy with the product. Please let me know if we can close out this complaint. Thank you, Dina S. Customer Care Office Manager

1. The product that you purchased fits all sizes of toilets that are made. I believe it is matter of choice that you want to return rather than sizing issue.2. Anything that (merely even) touches a toilet gets contaminated and I am certain you would not expect to be shipped a product that has touched a toilet before.3. Having said that, we will issue you credit of $29.99 back to your card. We do not want the product back.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

On Shopping Terms page, it is mentioned that certain items cannot be returned due to hygienic nature of the product (in this case). cannot accept return for an item that has been installed at premises.

I apologize for the inconvenience. We had responded to your request via email and also sent the tracking information to the account listed on your order. I am sorry you did not receive those and for any delays. Regarding the mask, this item does not come with one but we would be...

happy to help you find the mask that best suits your needs. It can be ordered separately. A customer care representative will be contacting you on Monday to help assist with finding the proper mask. We appreciate your patience.Just for your reference, our site lists all that comes with the unit. See below: [redacted] Portable [redacted] Machine includes- [redacted] Machine- Power Supply Power Cord- Carrying Case- [redacted] Hose- SD Card- Reusable [redacted] Filter- User Manual Tell us why here...

I see that one of our customer representatives had spoken with you regarding the refund being done a while back. Please let us know if there is still an issue with that showing up on your account. Our return policy is posted on our website and we also include a link to that page in the emails that...

were sent along with the return info. We applogize for any confusion as to where each item would need to be returned. We do our best to ensure that the return information is clearly posted in each email sent out.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
[redacted]  was not aware that no mask came with the [redacted].  They should make it clear what you get. On my part this case is closed.

The product was described as an elastic finger sleeve. The sleeve has no elastic, it is a cotton material with no compression ability (like an ace wrap would have). The description was deceptive, tricking us in to believing that it is something that it is not. There is a restocking fee that was not stated at the time of sale. very underhanded business practices.

I ordered [redacted] bandages from this company. The nurse had told us to get a size G that was too large then she said size F that was also too large. Neither of these products were used. We then ordered a size E which we kept.
The return process was different then any other large or small company I have used. You had to call customer service and then you had to wait several days to get an email from the company ... Then you had to send them all the tracking info. I thought was a bit tedious and LONG. But I did what was requested AT NO TIME did they mention a RESTOCKNG FEE. If I had know I would have kept the stockings and donated them. The result was.
For $51.98 I was charged a $14.59 Restocking fee and had to pay $8 in shipping (OK I understanding the shipping)
ON the other pair which was $55.44 I was charged $15.86 once again paying the shipping myself.
When I saw my credit card bill I was confused because I was unaware of the RESTOCKING fee. I called customer services. He said it was their policy since they were a small company ... But one of the pairs went back to the manufacture not even to the company warehouse. I wanted to speak to a supervisor ....he said one would call me back.
Never got a call from the supervisor but the person I spoke to called back and said it was taken care of but he had gotten the original message totally incorrect and thought I wanted money back on the order I was keeping. I told him he was incorrect and he fought with me telling me that I had said what he thought he had heard. I wanted to speak to a supervisor. He would not let me and I asked for a call back from a supervisor and he said that probably wasn't going to happen.
I am furious. I think this is a way for the company to make money. The box that was being returned was only about 7 inches by 7 inches . REALLY a restocking fee.
This company should be ashamed of itself. The rep kept saying it was because it was a small company ... I have dealt with small companies and never a restocking fee.
DO NOT purchase from here. You will regret it if you need to return something .....
I spent $46.85 returning 2 small items ....REALLY Health Products for You you need to reevaluate you customer relations and you reps.

We stand by our decision in this matter.

Order was placed for [redacted] Cushion on 12/19/2014 and shipped to customer on 12/22/2014 via 2-day service.
Customer called on 12/31/2014 stating they want to return the item.
We received the item back to our location on 1/8/2015 and upon inspection we found scuff & tears on the...

cushion cover.Attached is the photo of the returned merchandise.
Based on Return Policy on our website, we cannot accept returns if they differ from original condition.
Clearly we cannot resell the merchandise and hence refund was not granted.
Customer has the choice to take back the returned merchandise that we hold for 60 days after which it is discarded.
Let us know if we can further assist.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
Sincerely,[redacted] Telling a total lie to protect your bad business practices is despicable at the least. I hope the keeps a close eye on your deceptive practices.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

We sincerely apologize for the not-so-friendly shopping experience you encountered.
We have had recent hirings and I believe their training was incomplete.
Your order has been shipped via [redacted] on 6/11/2016 with ETA of 6/13/2016.
We are taking necessary and appropriate steps in...

our customer service department to avoid such instances with future orders and respective communications.To compensate for the inconvenience, I am issuing you $50.00 credit that will be refunded back to your [redacted] account.
We do hope you will shop with us in future.

Worst service I have ever experienced.

Review: received order, 2 pr zipper compression stockings 3/23, called 3/25 for RMA return (unable to put stockings on) a/o 4/4 no RMA despite call 4/1.

This company is unable to give an Return Material Auithorization code so that we can appropriately return stockings. Return policy requests notification within 2 days of receipt. Received on a Sat and called company on Monday. Initially said would get RMA via email in 2 days. None received as of 4/4/13. Called Bank [redacted] to dispute charge but BAC will not do until after product returned. Unable to return without RMA. Sort of caught in vicious circle. I sense that the company is aware of this policy and is just stalling hoping I will forget about the whole thing. For $179 I will not forget. On 4/1 phone call with company was told that RMA request was in "a separate folder" and they would get to it. This is not an acceptable way of working with an online customer.Desired Settlement: Have requested RMA to return product and receive refunt.



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/04/05) */

Return Authorization information was emailed to customer on 4/4/2013.

We are calling customer today (4/5/2013) to verify that he received the information so he can return and we can issue credit accordingly.

Consumer Response /* (3000, 7, 2013/04/08) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT ACCEPT the response from the business.)

The company indicated that the 10 day delay was the fault of [redacted] the mfg of the stockings. [redacted] said no, they respond immediately when a return is requested. They have also asked that The company call their return office regarding the return of the second pair that had been opened. As I explained to customer service at [redacted], there is no way you can determine in advance that ability of an individual to use the zippered compression hose without trying one on ... particularly since my mother is 95 yrs young. I suspect they will reconsider this return policy but the company needs to initiate this request with [redacted]'s return group.

Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2013/04/09) */

We would like to get the name and number of the person the customer spoke with at [redacted] in order to verify the following claims:

1. They respond immediately when a return is requested.

2. They will readily take the return for the opened pair of stocking.

That would be very helpful in getting this issue resolved amicably.

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