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PO Box 30387, Gahanna, Ohio, United States, 43230-0387

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• Aug 09, 2021

Will not let me cancel my order
I have recently tried to cancel my order because it will not arrive in time for school to start and I found a cheaper option. After trying to reach out to them twice they just send me the same a full time college student it is a big deal to spend 40 plus dollars on a planner. I did not customize it I just did the basic planner layout. I feel like they should let me cancel it because that is what a good business would do.

• Jun 02, 2021

Deplorable. Atricious. STAY AWAY.
I ordered a planner and return address labels on January 2, 2021. My credit card was charged in full on January 3, 2021. After hearing NOTHING about my order for several months, I made multiple attempts to reach out the company for a status update in March. Weeks after I submitted multiple email requests (as one cannot reach this company via phone), I received a reply apologizing and was advised my order was on the way.

On March 18, 2021, I received an email notification that my order had been shipped. There was never any movement on my order.

I finally received my order on JUNE 1, 2021, which is 149 days after I placed the order. I'm not sure what Ivory Paper Company thinks I intend to do with a 2021 planner now that the year is half over.

Ivory Paper Company- how about you try owning up to your mistakes and issuing refunds to the people you have STOLEN from? Ridiculous.

• May 22, 2021

Follow these steps to shut down her website
This is where your Ivory Paper Co complaints should go.
Ivory paper co is using as her website builder to sell and process credit card payments. Complaints should be sent to Wix to have her shut down.

Here is the link to send in your complaint. You can upload docs etc to prove your claim to Wix. Enough of these complaints will shut her down.
Add this link to the form

Also include these links to all of the complaints.

BBB 936 Complaints />
Reddtt<... />

• May 11, 2021

Never received item
I placed an order on 1/6/2021 for a planner and personalized notecards. When the order was placed it was noted shipping was 5-9 business days. It is now over 4 months and I have not received my order. Emails go largely unanswered. When they do respond the information is incorrect. However, the company continues to advertise for new orders even though many orders are left unfilled. I would not recommend purchasing which is tremendously sad given the desire to support a female owned business.

• May 05, 2021

Do you have money to burn?
I purchased from Ivory Paper Co on January 2, 2021. I ordered a weekly 12 month planner - where I chose the start date of January 15th - and planner stickers which brought my order to a little more than $100. I received a confirmation email that told me I would receive my order in 5-9 business days. I emailed on January 20th, and got no response. I went to IG and FB because there were lots of posts and updates there, and got blocked from their accounts for asking, “Could someone DM me so that I can get an update on my order, please?” I emailed again on February 12th, and again got no response. That’s when I found the Facebook group where hundreds (now thousands) of Ivory Paper Co customers all had the same story.

On February 18th, there was a mass email that my order would be mailed the following week. And I got nothing. The following week another mass email said that while my order group hadn’t gone out yet, their company was “kicking butt” in getting orders out. At that point, I gave up and I ordered another planner from Plum Paper and it arrived in 4 business days.

My order finally arrived on March 20th. And although the tracking information claimed my entire order had shipped, I didn’t receive the stickers and they sent me the wrong planner. I sent it back. I contacted my bank and am working on getting a chargeback.

I would treat Ivory Paper Co like gambling: don’t order from them unless you could literally light that money on fire and not miss it.

• May 05, 2021

Worst customer experience
Ordered a planner in January and the website claimed a 9-14 day delivery timeline. I did not receive my planner until May (which I refused via USPS). Almost all of my emails to the company went answered. I was blocked from all of their social media accounts because I would try to ask for the status of my order since they were not responding to emails, but they were very active on social media. Would never, ever, EVER order from this company again.

• May 05, 2021

Still waiting—ordered 1/1/21 (it’s 5/5/21)
I ordered in the wee hours of the morning, 1/1/21. They submitted to my bank and the funds were transferred 1/4/21 (via CC).

I selected my planner start date: 2/1/21. They only offered 1/15/21 or 2/1/21. I figured that with the way USPS was going at the time, we might need extra shipping time.

The website—at the time of my order—said 4-7 days’ processing time before I’d get a shipping label notification.


I emailed and got an automated response—pretty standard for customer service. A few days later, I received a response about the shipping timeframe being 9-14 business days—and they condescendingly notes it was only the 12th business day. 😒

So, I waited.

And I sent another email a month after ordering. At this point, I don’t need the planner and their website tries to say they don’t do refunds (#redflag). At this point, they were in violation of the FTC’s 30-day rule.

Then, I saw some ads on FB and asked when I could expect my planner. My comment was hidden & I was blocked from their social media (FB & IG). #ProTip: if you note the comment number is high but you can only see a few comments, the site is hiding something.

Another month goes by—this business is now in violation of Ohio’s 60-day law regarding delivery of products. They’re also in violation of USPS rules & committing mail fraud for non-delivery.

Around this time, I found a Facebook group—lo and behold, there are over a thousand people in similar situations. Check out the BBB F-rating.

My last email to Ivory Paper Co was sent two weeks ago and I haven’t received a reply beyond the automated one. I have registered a complaint with every avenue available to me—BBB, OH AG, FTC, USPS.

It’s really sad that this company wasn’t honest, isn’t forthcoming with information, and put money over customer service. As an avid planner user, spending $60 for a 6-month planner that meets my needs is something I’ll do. They lost me as a customer, and I’m trying to let everyone know about my experience so they aren’t scammed, as well.

• May 05, 2021

Never Received My Order
I ordered a planner and stickers from Ivory Paper Company on 1/3/2021. When I placed my order, it said my order would ship within 4-6 business days. However, when I received my email receipt the next day, it said 9-14 business days. Since placing my order, I have followed up with numerous emails requesting a status update and have been told on several occasions that my order will "ship soon". One even stated it would ship no later than 2/13/2021. And, I even received a shipping confirmation of my package on 3/18/2021 which sat in pre-transit for two weeks and then all tracking information disappeared. When I followed up, they said it would be "shipping soon". As of today (5/5/2021) I still do not have a planner and they have ignored my multiple requests for a refund and cancellation of my order. I would avoid ordering from this company as you may never receive their product. Customer service is poor, and they don't feel they need to respect their customers or their hard earned money.

• Apr 21, 2021

Beyond Awful
I ordered a planner January 2nd, fully expecting it would take some time to get it, within reason. After multiple emails and reassurances that it’s coming and it will be looked into, it is now APRIL 21st and I still have no received my planner nor is there any shipping updates indicating I will get it ANYTIME soon. This is ridiculous. Not to mention, zero of the email responses I got (when I did get one) apologized for the delay whatsoever. When I asked for a refund, as I paid 60 bucks for a planner I have not received three months later, I was told that’s not an option. I demand a refund. This feels like a complete scam and it’s disappointing as I was really looking forward to receiving this planner. There is no way it would be worth the almost four month wait at this point. And I am getting married in two months which was the primary reason I wanted it sometime in January, to plan. Very very disappointed and at this point, strongly want a refund.
Beyond Awful

• Apr 21, 2021

Fraud and scam artists!!
I ordered in late February before hearing about planner gate. It is April and no updates to speak of. No returned emails, no refunds, and a planner that started in April, and I am blocked by them on social media now.

• Apr 09, 2021

Have yet to receive my planner and other items
I ordered a planner and some other items on January 3rd, 2021, it is now April 9th and I have yet to receive anything. I have emailed the company on 5 different occasions asking about my order and I keep getting the run around. At this point I need a refund, my order has been "shipping" since March 18th and it is still in Ohio. I emailed customer service asking what is going on with my order on April 1st they said they would reach out to the shipping department and the shipping department would get things moving, well 9 days later and it still hasn't moved and I haven't received a new shipping label. I have gone too long without a planner and I would like a refund now!

• Apr 08, 2021

Customer service and their copy/paste responses
I ordered on January 11th and my money was promptly pulled out of my account. It is now April 7th and I've only received the generic "our wait times are 4-6 days for customer service to respond" copy/paste emails. When I requested a refund for these delays and poor service (3x I sent this email) I finally got a response stating that this delay was not cause for a refund". Even IF I ever get the original planner ordered, I will be returning to sender. There is no point in mailing mine it should just be repurposed for someone else.

• Mar 31, 2021

Don't waste your money just to fight customer service
I placed an order #45779 for $54.50 on January 13th and received a confirmation email saying it would take 9-14 days before receiving tracking information. On January 29th, I emailed customer support asking for my shipping information. They informed me that orders were backed up and it would take an additional 9-14 days. When I emailed them again on February 11th, I recieved no response. They then sent out a mass email apologizing for the inconvenience and promising that all orders placed before January 15th would be shipped out by February 23rd. I never received my order and emailed customer service on March 16th (now two months after my purchase date) stating that I no longer need the product and asking for a refund. They informed me that they do not issue refunds for delayed orders but to look out for my tracking number to be sent shortly. It is now March 31st. This company obviously does not care about their customers or their reputation. Don't waste your money.

• Mar 12, 2021

This company is a sham - total thief and liar
Ordered planner on 1/5/2021. Charged $66.64 immediately. Today is 3/11/2021 and I still have no planner, no response to email inquiries, no refund after 3 requests for refund, and now am blocked on all social media, where the owners apparently have plenty of time to delete every negative review, comment, or post (and block the commenter) but don’t have time to make and ship a product that isn’t all that costly or technical to produce. This company is 100% a scam. They should be investigated by the IRS and possibly more organizations ASAP

• Feb 26, 2021

Do NOT order from here
I placed an order 1/18 and was told that my planner would ship 9-14 business days. It is now 2/25 and I have emailed the company twice explaining the issue with this and there is no valid response. I started school 6 weeks ago and at this point there is no point in getting a planner when mine won’t be here until I’m over halfway done with school. However, this company continually ignores responses and just keeps stating when it will be shipped. Why do they not understand that I don’t want it anymore, and would like to be refunded? They’re so worried about their own needs instead of others. I spent almost $60 on this planner and had to buy a new one to compensate for this one not coming.

• Feb 23, 2021

This is the WORST small business experience I have ever had DO NOT ORDER HERE. You will waste your money and likely not even hear from the company if you try reaching out. I placed an order nearly two months ago and haven’t even received a shipping notification. This company is a huge disappointment and clearly sell the worst planners if they can’t even manage their own time.

• Feb 19, 2021

I wish I would have researched company first
I had no interest in getting a planner, but when I saw this was a company in Columbus, Ohio, not too far from my home, I decided to order one. I placed my order on January 3. About 3 weeks later, I emailed asking about the 5-9 business days for it to ship?

The automatic email response included a line that was a red flag: "Please refrain from sending multiple emails or replying in the same thread as it causes our system to re-ticket your inquiry causing additional delays in response time. " The email indicates that I am already bothering them by even sending a request.

I was told there was a delay, but it would be coming. I received an email on 2-18 that my planner should be sent at the end of February. This email mentioned that "in early January we had a processing time of 9-14 days." Hmmmm, I would say that January 3 is "early January." They also were happy to announce they are outsourcing some of the work to Utah. Oh joy. My impetus to support a local Ohio company is also no longer being fulfilled. I have asked for a refund and to cancel my order. No response yet to that request. I have disputed the charge to my credit card. By the way, it didn't even take one business day for them to accept the payment!

• Feb 19, 2021

Thieves.....jumping around in their cute little videos using my $$$
Ordered my planner (~$80) 8 weeks ago. Customer service can not give any concise feedback on delivery. Four weeks ago I was told that orders from the 3 day period in late December were handled. Silence and crickets and no journal. Appears that they have blocked me from posting on their FB page as well. BBB has them rated as a high risk of complaints in early 2020 already...and so thievery continues.

• Feb 17, 2021

Terrible customer service
I ordered a planner on 1/5/2021 and still have not received it. I emailed the company twice with no response. I even messaged them on Instagram with no response. Don’t buy from them.

• Feb 16, 2021

Avoid this Company
Do not order from this company. I have had such a horrible experience. I ordered a planner on 1/18/2021 and I am still waiting. I wish I had done my research. Customer service is not helpful and sent a generic email with dates that don't match the timeline specific to my order. I asked for a refund and they pointed to their policy on website. I was then told that I should receive information about my order which I have not. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and will now dispute the charge on my credit card. Integrity goes a long way when you take people money. This company should not be selling anything.

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