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Ivory Paper

PO Box 30387, Gahanna, Ohio, United States, 43230-0387

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• Feb 14, 2021

Still haven't recieved my product
Ordered my planner on 1 January. They have refused to respond to any emails or calls. I asked them on Instagram for an update and they deleted my comment. This company is a scam.

• Feb 11, 2021

Failure to deliver
My order was placed on January 1st and my receipt confirmed it would ship in 5-9 business days. Two weeks later, I had received no information regarding shipping. I reached out to inquire and received an automatic reply that they would get back to me in 3-4 business days. Four days later the response informed me they were a few days behind and it would ship soon. After seven more business days I reached out to follow up. I was told that shipping times are estimates and they could give no indication of when it would ship. I asked for a refund and was told to refer to their company policy. They do not give refunds for failure to ship. I started reading their reviews on BBB and realized my situation is not unique. Honest feedback is blocked from their Facebook page and the promise on their website “We'll do everything we can to make sure you have a great experience with us” is really just lip service. So despite the fact that months have gone unused in the product as a result of their failure to deliver, price for the product remains the same. It is now thirty business days since I placed my order. Customer service has not reached out to provide updates of any kind or respond to my complaints.

• Feb 10, 2021

Never received
Ordered $108 worth of merchandise January 2 2021. Order confirmation stated 5-9 business days for processing. It is now February 10, 2021. I still have not received my merchandise or any shipment info. Have reached out multiple times for a refund. They refused a refund and simply stated their processing times are "just an estimate." Horrible customer service. Clearly this is a common issue they refuse to correct. Which is why their BBB rating is an F. This speaks poorly for black-owned businesses. It's a disgrace.
Never received

• Feb 08, 2021

The worst Ever!!
I ordered a planner December 28th, 2020. The stated time of arrival was mid-January. I emailed and they responded a week later that the day AFTER I ordered the delivery time has been increased(as if that was supposed to mean anything to me). I was told it was coming soon. I still don't have it. So last week I ordered from another printer, and guess what I have the different one. IPC is refusing to reimburse me for the planner I have yet to receive even though we are already in February. They over promise and way under deliver. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM IVORY PAPER COMPANY.

• Feb 02, 2021

Horrible Company
I placed my order on 12/30/20, today is 2/2/21 and they have yet to respond to any of my emails regarding shipping. I’ve started a dispute with my bank and already received my money back. If you haven’t received any shipping info, call your bank! If I could give them 0 stars I would!

I ordered the planner and the product came wrong and all the dates on the planner were mixed up and the pages were printed incorrectly. All I want is the correct product or a refund. I reached out to the business many times over email and social media but have received no response from customer service.

Ivory Paper Response • Jul 14, 2020

She originally received an issue with her planner. We worked with her and let her know we would send a replacement. The replacement has been sent. Here is the tracking number:

I was really looking forward to this planner, and to support a small business. Unfortunately, my planner was never shipped. The company was very rude in all communications, and refused to take responsibility for being MASSIVELY behind on orders. I wouldn't recommend ordering this planner unless you are okay with waiting months for it.

Ivory Paper Response • May 01, 2020

All orders we receive do get shipped out unless the order was canceled. All orders that experienced delays earlier this year have been successfully delivered. Do you happen to have an order number so I can look into this and process a refund? Thanks!

I had ordered a product from this company on January 11th, 2020 and was informed at that time that there was a 7 day processing time. 6 days later received an e-mail that processing times would be briefly delayed. I then reached out to this company on February 5th, as I had gotten no update about shipping, etc. I called the business multiple times over a 3 day period, and sent e-mails, to which I got no reply. Then sent a message to the social media account and finally got an answer on February 10th that they would send me an e-mail when the shipping label was created and ready to be sent. I received a shipping notification on February 24th that the label was created and was awaiting pickup, and at this point in time it has still not been picked up close to 1 month later. I again reached out to this business with disappointment about the service and lack of honesty with delays of receiving my order on March 12th, and have still not gotten any form of response. More upsetting, is that this company is continuing to post and encourage sales on social media without informing the buyers of these delays and not being able to deliver with the previously submitted orders, and are posting saying they are sending out hundreds a day, and yet my order from 3 months ago is still sitting in their facility, with no updates from the company, or any form of apology or notification at that.

Ivory Paper Response • Apr 01, 2020

Hello ***, it appears that your order has the tracking number of 9205590175547700014623*** and is showing as delivered. We are unable to refund you your money because you have the product but have created the code ***50 which will give you 50% off your next purchase! Hope this helps! thanks

Customer Response • Apr 01, 2020

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 14229483, and find the resolution is satisfactory to me.


I ordered a product and never received the product. I have been contacting the company and I got a response saying shipping was delayed. I ordered the product Jan 23rd. I still have not received it. Tried to contact company on social media since they are not answering calls or emails, but am getting ignored and comments deleted questioning my order.

Ivory Paper Response • Apr 01, 2020

Hello ***,

We have gone ahead and refunded and canceled your order for you since it still has not arrived! Thanks!

I ordered a planner from Ivory Paper Co on February 12, 2020. (Order# 12***) When I submitted the order, I was aware of a 2 week turn around time for the company to create the planner. I have emailed, called, commented and direct messaged Ivory Paper Co multiple times asking for an update on if my planner has been completed. I have not received one single response to any of my attempts to contact them, tomorrow it will be 1 month since I completed my order and they took my money (immediately), but still, no planner. Or even a shipping notice.

Ivory Paper Response • Mar 31, 2020

Hello ***, we are so sorry to hear about your frustrations. We have gone ahead and canceled and refunded your order! Thanks!

Today is 3/10/20. I ordered a planner from this company on 2/6/20 which was 23 business days ago. I have not received my order and I’ve sent several emails and have not received a response.

Ivory Paper Response • Mar 31, 2020

Hello ***,

I just pulled up your order and it shows a tracking number of 9205590175547700014622*** was delivered on March 20th. Did you not receive this shipment?


Customer Response • Apr 01, 2020

I reviewed the response made by the business and find the resolution is satisfactory to me.

I have purchased product from Ivory Paper Co on 2/10/2020 and expected my order to take up to7 days processing times and 1-3 days shipping time. I still have not received shipping or tracking info as of today 3/10/2020 and no response when I leave a voicemail or email customer support. I have paid for my planner to start back in February and now these are wasted pages and wasted money.

Ivory Paper Response • Mar 19, 2020

Hello,Thank you for your patience with this response. As you can expect, things have been kind of hectic here as we try to quickly adapt to the changes related to Covid 19. I just looked up your order and it appears to have already shipped to you and I can not predict how long any further delays will be so I have gone ahead and canceled and refunded your order in full!

Hope you are staying healthy and sane during this challenging time! Thanks!

I ordered a planner on 2/7. Website said 14 days for processing and 3 days shipping. I still have not received my planner and after several emails, phone calls, and social media messages I have had no response from customer service. I’m starting to worry this is not a real company as no one has responded to me in two weeks and I was charged a month ago and still have not received merchandise. I noticed several customer complaints of the same issue on social media and now they turned off commenting all together.

Ivory Paper Response • Mar 11, 2020

Hello ***,

I am sorry to hear about the issues and frustrations you've been having with Ivory Paper Co and our customer support team. I looked into your order and it does appear that it has not shipped within the quoted processing times so I have gone ahead and refunded your order in full! Thanks again! xx

I placed an order January 29th and have YET to get ANY updates. I’ve sent FOUR emails to support and nothing. (2/13/2020, 2/29/2020, 3/3/2020, 3/5/2020.) I spent $50 dollars on a planner! It was supposed to start in February, it is now March. I am demanding a refund of my money OR for my order to be fulfilled with the FULL amount of months I paid for, starting April 1, 2020.

Ivory Paper Response • Mar 10, 2020

Hello ***! We have refunded your order! Thanks! xx

I ordered a planner from this company on January 16. I was notified there would be a slight delay due to production issues. I am still waiting on my planner. I have contacted the company several times about where my planner was. I was informed that January orders were being shipped the week of February 3. I am still waiting for my planner. On February 24 I got an email my planner had be delivered, but there was no planner inside the package. I contacted the company and they were "checking with the team" to find out the problem and get me my planner to me "ASAP." I contacted the company again on March 3 and have not heard back.

Ivory Paper Response • Mar 31, 2020

Hello ***,

We have received your dispute and have been communicating directly with your bank. However you have been refunded in full in the meantime! Thanks!

I submitted an order Jan 25/2020 and have yet to receive it. Repeat customer service inquiries indicated delivery issues are allegedly tied to delays from China processing (coronavirus was used as reason). No updates on anticipated arrival or a response to the last 2 emails I sent asking for updates. I am calling the card issuer to file a fraud claim next as this company does not deliver to its commitment. Ongoing references to clauses of "unanticipated delays" is not an acceptable response, as contracts are based on reasonableness in delivery. More so, any court would counsel the company that they should have stopped accepting orders but they instead continued to process and accept monies while having knowledge of the deliver delays. That is fraud. Order number is: 1907-

Ivory Paper Response • Mar 10, 2020

Hello ***,

I just reviewed your order #12*** and see that it is showing as unfulfilled. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We have gone ahead and canceled/refunded your order! Best wishes! xx

Customer Response • Mar 14, 2020

Though the resolution to my case is acceptable, my concern remains for those who place orders and are caught in this business' web. Please take caution if ordering from Ivory Paper Co. and inquire directly with customer service if there is a backlog remaining. Buyer beware.

I ordered a planner from this company in January. They sent me an email confirming my order, but then I never received an email confirming that the product shipped. I emailed this company and asked for a refund and to cancel my order. Their customer service team responded on February 12 with an email saying my planner would be on its way as soon as possible, and they couldn’t issue a refund. It is now almost a month later and still I have heard nothing about the product I ordered. It is my full belief that this company is a scam and needs to be shut down.

Ivory Paper Response • Mar 10, 2020

Hello ***,

I just pulled up the tracking number for your order #12489 and it appear to not be tracking even though it was created weeks ago. I have filed a claim with USPS and refunded your order! We apologize for the inconvenience! Thanks!

Customer Response • Mar 10, 2020

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 1420***, and find the resolution is satisfactory to me.


I ordered on 1/13 a planner to start in February, 2020. Website stated 7-14 processing and 1 week delivery. It's now 3/2 - they prepared a pre-shipment label on 2/24 to try to appease me but the item still has not been shipped as of this morning. So not only have I not got product in almost 2 months and it being a company from the US but when and if I do receive it, it will contain a month in which I can not even use. I asked for a refund more than 2 weeks but was told that since it was "custom" that they could not refund the money. If it hasn't even been printed then why can't it be refunded?

Ivory Paper Response • Mar 19, 2020


Sorry to hear about your issues! I have gone ahead and refunded your order in full because when I pulled up your tracking it was showing as not trackable!


I placed an order and paid $75.95 for a planner from Ivory Paper Company. I ordered on January 14th and the website states a processing time of up to 14 days. It is now February 28th and I still have not received my order. I have sent numerous emails which I received one in return that said, "you will receive a tracking number when your item is shipped". I have called to ask when I can expect delivery of the planner I have paid for. My calls have not been answered nor emails answered. After sending an email on Feb. 23, 2020, asking for a refund and saying I would be contacting the, I received an email stating a tracking number had been generated. When I try and track the number that was sent to me, the USPS website says it is still awaiting for the item. It is now 5 days later than when the tracking number was created and still has not been delivered to the post office to ship. So, in order to make one think that your order may actually be shipped, Ivory Paper Company sends you a fake tracking number but the USPS doesn't receive the item to actually start the shipping process.
This company has the worst customer service that I have ever experienced. If you look on their Facebook site or Instagram, you will see that numerous comments have been made by angry customers that have not received their planners as well. Ivory Paper Company then deletes all negative comments so the post ends up having numerous comments but nothing appears in the comment section as Ivory Paper Company has deleted them.
I want a refund and I want to warn everybody out there, DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY AS YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR PLANNER.
This company is a scam.

Ivory Paper Response • Mar 06, 2020

I looked into your order an it appears that USPS attempted to deliver your planner to you but was unsuccessful. Your tracking number is 9205590241675500008914*** and I have attached a screenshot of the notice. You will need to contact your local post office to get this taken care of! Thanks a bunch!

Customer Response • Mar 07, 2020

The only reason that Ivory Paper Co. sent my order was due to the fact that I contacted the and my credit card company. Ivory Paper Company generated a tracking number back on Feb. 24th but did not actually send my order until the 4th of March. AFTER they had been notified by the and my credit card company. This is a horrible way to run a business and I would like everyone that may have a thought of ordering from Ivory Paper Company to Be warned that it will take at least 2 months to get your order, IF you receive it at all. They have the worst customer service of any business that I have ever dealt with. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS BUSINESS!! I have yet to receive my order.

Ivory Paper Response • Mar 31, 2020

We have received your dispute on March 9th and have been in communications with your bank to get this solved! However, you have been refunded in the mean time! Thanks!

I ordered a planner two months ago with this company. It has still not come in. They had some shipping delays which I was understanding of at first and they offered the equivalence of $4 compensation. Then, they kept saying it was going to be shipped very soon, but it never did. Now, I have tried to contact them about receiving a refund or more of a compensation because the planner is no longer needed after this delay. They have no returned any of my calls, voicemails, emails and messages via social media (I have truly tried everything to get in contact with these people). All I want now is a refund for this planner.

Ivory Paper Response • Mar 31, 2020

Hello ***. We are sorry to hear your frustration. We have refunded you your money as of March 11th to the card on file! Thanks!

Customer Response • Mar 31, 2020

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 14191270, and find the resolution is satisfactory to me.


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Address: PO Box 30387, Gahanna, Ohio, United States, 43230-0387


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