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Jinigram, Jinify Your Digital Home!

400 Concar Dr, San Mateo, California, United States, 94402-2681

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I had to give a review would have been minus 10, were I had a choice. My story is like so many others posted...they are will trust that anyone, stay away!
Cost me over 300.00 Canadian to have them fix problem on my PC...through Norton, who I no longer trust....and they fixed hacked three times. Filed a complaint with the credit bureau, my credit card company....THEN, had to pay to get my PC completely scrubbed and rebuilt....497.50 plus taxes! I do not have this kind of will be eating potatoes, for a long time. No joke!!!
Of course you will never get your money back....I will no longer have anything to do with Norton.....should they not know they have a problem and fix it....shame on them.
Very very very good smooth talkers. Jinigram,...don't tell me who you are, show me! They have proven themselves to be worthy of no one's trust. Your call, if you choose to use them.
MY credit card complaint led to daily calls from a guy named Perry....."was I alright"..."was my computer working well?" "was I pleased with their service"......I never gave him a chance, to let him know, the above complaints had been filed....he no longer calls.
Now am with McAphee & so buttoned up, security wise, will go to NO site, they do not green check, as safe. They explained they could not promo me, but gave me an exceptional yearly coverage amount & guarantee my PC protection. I was so far in the $ hole...I did go for McAphee needs security these days...not all of us are techies.
My hope, for all, is that my credit card company will act as they are able, to protect others down the line.
STAY AWAY form this site.....I don't have a temper nor anger but feel beyond betrayed (like the many others do)....& they even have the nerve to give their info online....don't even know if that is true.
Karma, to some is what goes around, comes around. It can also be what you do, is on I react, is on me. .....I hope your days are numbered Jinigram,....your behaviour, deserves no less!

Jinigram, Jinify Your Digital Home! Response time Dec 01, 2019

This is with regards to the complaint ID: on for a transaction of $89.99 dated 05/05/2019. On 5th May 2019 (Susan J B called us from the number 2503392301 for the issue related to her security software. As customer had an issue with her security software, she searched online for assistance and got our support through Search engine optimizer. Our support team investigated the issue and informed the customer that current security software on his computer was expired, so he suggested McAfee Total Protection - 1-Year / 1-Device - Global. Thus, the customer purchased the security and support from our online store and paid $89.99 USD. On successful online purchase. We have resolved the issue and took the email confirmation
Later, the case was transferred to the technician who optimized the computer and activated licensed security software on it. The customer gave confirmation on the call as well on email regarding issue resolution.
It was a shock to us when we found that Susan J B had raised a complaint at, we went ahead and resolved her issue and activated the security software on her system. The customer made a false allegation to affect the goodwill of the company with an intend to get her refund.
As per our complete disclosure rules, we informed the customer that we were a third party and informed our company name and the same is clearly mentioned in every email and invoice sent to the customer during the period of transaction. Moreover, we went ahead installed & activated licensed security software on her system the licensed was registered and activated under customer email address and Refunds will NOT BE provided for any software downloads or licensed software installations (i.e. Antivirus software, Operating System installs)
At Jinigram we believe in transparency in business and give high regard to Customer Satisfaction. The technician went ahead and fixed the issue and also installed the security software. Later when our customer service team contacted her for feedback, she confirmed that her issue has been resolved and security is working fine.
A consumer should be more prudent when dealing with a company that is as customer friendly and consumer centric as we are. You had an issue and we resolved. We believe he would be satisfied with our service and if not, we appreciate if the customer contacts us to resolve the issue.

My story sounds similar to others posted here and I advise anyone to NOT BELIEVE anything you’re told if you find yourself speaking to anyone from JINIGRAM, LLC. Oh, they are VERY cunning, VERY knowledgeable in what and how to say just the right things. But I WAS LIED TO AT EVERY TURN.
While trying to put McAfee Livesafe on grandson’s brand new laptop with Windows 10 (bought both items at the same time from *** 10/1/2019), an official looking McAfee error box popped up saying to call the provided number for help.
I did and was told (most assuredly, lied to) that McAfee Livesafe WOULD DEFINITELY NOT WORK on the new computer, that I MUST use McAfee’s Total Protection, and, of course wanted to sell me the program. After quoting me a more-than-$300-price for three years, I said I would have to think about that first and asked for a phone number to call him back. This made him lower the offered price to $168 for three years, and I, though reluctant, agreed, trusting soul that I am. When he began the buying process, I DID notice he wasn’t at the McAfee website, and when I mentioned this he said (lied) McAfee used Jinigram to sell its products.
He installed the program on a Sunday and early the next morning, Monday, I went to *** to question why they would sell me a product that wouldn’t work on the laptop. I’ve bought number of laptops from *** and used their tech services and always been very pleased. After they assured me the Livesafe SHOULD ABSOLUTELY work on the laptop, I took it back and a ***’ technician removed the Jinigram-bought-McAfee Total Protection software and successfully installed the original McAfee Livesafe I’d bought, and it works well.
When I got home, I called McAfee’s customer service/support number and was told (1) yes, indeed, Livesafe WILL work and (2) that they know NOTHING about Jinigram!!
I called the Jinigram number (from the numerous emails they’d sent me to be sure I was satisfied with their service and the product) and asked to speak with a supervisor and told him that I’d gone back to *** and had the McAfee Total Protection removed, and ended asking for a full refund. I also told him I’d called McAfee’s customer service number and he EMPHATICALLY argued with me saying there WAS NO MCAFEE SUPPORT NUMBER to be found on the McAfee website. After going “round and round” yet standing my ground while the supervisor kept trying to interrupt me, I GOT the full refund I demanded, and it HAS cleared the bank, just today 10/17/19.

I recently had trouble with my e-mail from Spectrum. Jinigram sent me an e-mail indicating a virus or some other system problem was the issue. (How did they know I had a problem with my email?!) When I called this number I was skeptical and talked with the young man quite a while to try to confirm they were legitimate. I was told they were THE company that Spectrum/Roadrunner used to resolve e-mail issues. (Once again, how did they know I had Spectrum e-mail?!) I bought Malwarebytes which they installed and for which I paid a large sum. I had been told by another company (reputable and well-known) with which I have an annual service contract that it is not advisable to have two such programs running on one computer. I asked the Jinigram rep about this and he convinced me that Malwarebytes served a different purpose than the one I already had installed. I am not totally computer illiterate nor am I normally gullible. I guess I was just so tired and frustrated that I admit they "got" me.
Subsequently I bought a new computer with a good virus protection already installed and was asked if I wanted the installed protection or did I want to transfer the Malwarebytes. Once again I was told that running 2 such programs was not advisable. I did not reinstall Malwarebytes so I wasted a good sum of money.
Do not deal with this company. They misrepresented themselves and they provided me with false information to be able to make a sale.
This review is not intended as a review of either Spectrum or Malwarebytes. I have no issue with either. It is intended to give a very poor rating of Jinigram and to warn others about dealing with them. If I could give them a zero star, I would.

OMG, SCAM Company. Acts Like they are Norton. Won't give me refund.

Jinigram, Jinify Your Digital Home! Response time Aug 20, 2019

We have been contacted by search engine marketing. We at Jinigram never pretend to be Norton or any other brand. Customer bought the security, which she was looking to buy online. We did our best to give her the resolution however since customer was not happy with the services. We have proactively refunded the entire amount yesterday. We do have refund policy in place and do our best to keep our customer satisfied. Since we have done full refund if there is something more we can do, we are open for any other assistance and customer can contact us at our toll free number.
Happy to help!
Jinigram support

I have dealt with Jinigram for the last 4 years. I have nothing but admiration for all the Technicians that work for Jinigram. They are not only great to work with, they will walk you through what they are doing or what they have done so that you understand. They are VERY respectful. I can't say enough about them.

I used Jinigram a couple of days ago. I felt they tried to rip me off. They were not upfront about their fee which when they told me was $90 if I also bought a more powerful McAfee product called Total Protection. (I had a year left on McAfee SafeLive) He got me Netgear Extender working and told me he had installed the new software although I did not see him do that. The next day I searched for the new McAfee software and all I had was the old software. The technician said he installed it on the other computer. I was at my neighbors house and her computer was turned off an he did not have access to it and I told him so. He finally got on my computer and installed the McAfee Total Protection which I'm still not sure was necessary since he got my problem fixed without it being on there. He just needed his commission. Beware

I have used Jinigram for almost a year now. They have always corrected any problem that I have had in a very quick time. I highly recommend their company and their staff to resolve any problem you may have. I am one happy camper and will say you will be in good hands with their company and techs. All professional.

HP printer wouldn't work with wireless. I cannot believe that I fell for this SCAM. HP convinced me that my Mac was soooo filled with spyware that it could not connect with the printer. Connected me with the JINIGRAM for $. Two hours later, printer not working, the tech guy had completely disconnected me from my home network AND never called me back. The tech put me in bridgemode..I watched the it do it while he had control of my Mac....nothing to do with the printer which still didn't work. Now, all devices in my house are off line. Smart Tv, *** Echo, Alarm system etc. Had to get on phone with local carrier....thank goodness I had been watching while the "jinigram tech" was "fixing" my I could tell my local tech that 'jinigram' put my network into "bridgemode" She knew exactly what the it did and fixed everything, including the printer. No thanks to Hp or jinigram. I cannot believe that I fell for this. When I took my Mac to ***, they told me I had been scammed. If you read this..please believe me...DO NOT ENGAGE or GIVE A CC # to these people. Oh, and don't purchase any HP products because you won't get any help there.

Jinigram technicians are great, so far every problem I have had with my computer they were able to solve. They also kept me from getting hacked recently, I have the ability to contact them from my computer and talk to the office while on the phone with the hacker they saved me a lot of time and trouble. THANK YOU JINIGRAM

I am extremely pleased with the service I have received.

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Address: 400 Concar Dr, San Mateo, California, United States, 94402-2681


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