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John Elway Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

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According to our GM, Jonathan L [redacted] , this issue has been resolved and Mr [redacted] is satisfied

I bought my brand new RAM [redacted] on 12/26/After I signed papers, their lot tech drove the truck to wash it, while doing so they crashed my passenger side dually fender into a poleI gave them a chance to fix it rightThey would not let my body shop of choice do the work, only theirsI wanted a new truck box because it was a brand new truck and should have not been attempted to be fixed by just replacing the fenderThey would not let my body shop do the work so I let their body shop do itWhen I was given the truck back after weeks of them having itIt was covered in dirt and road grime and also had 36+ miles on the odometer which shouldn't of happened because their body shop is miles awayThe next morning I got to look at the truck in more detail and found 2- 1/8" deep scratches on the fender they had fixed and then a couple weeks later I was washing it and found out in the process of taking the rear bumper off or putting it back on they scratched

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I asked for a written letter, apologizing for the fact that MrG [redacted] lied to us concerning our credit being pulled, and for the way that we were treated Yes, I do understand that this will all show as one credit pull after days, but that doesn't negate the fact that we were flat lied to The owner did apologize on the phone, which I appreciate, and he was very friendly MrG [redacted] also spoke to me on the phone I did know that he was present during the conference call, however, when he started speaking he never identified himself so I didn't know for a long time who I was talking to Honestly, I thought it was still the owner until near the end of the conversation Never once did MrG [redacted] take responsibility for his actions, but rather rationalized why he had our credit pulled after he told us that he wouldn't pull it Never once did he apologize for being rude In addition, it was made very clear that we already had the loan secured at our bank, and all we needed was for my wife's name to be added to the paperwork, so most of the other paperwork that he had us sign was not necessary We've bought nearly every car that we own in Colorado, because it is a bigger market for vehicles, and never once have I been treated the way that MrG [redacted] treated me Never once have I ever had a car deal that was made this difficult, and never once were we asked to sign some of the paperwork that MrG [redacted] sent up with MrRode for us to sign At the point that I told MrG [redacted] that we had financing already secured, it should have become a cash deal for John Elway A conference call with my loan officer would not have alleviated any miscommunication It was made very clear to MrG [redacted] by our loan officer, and myself what was going on and MrG [redacted] became irritated and rude There was not any necessity for my wife's credit to be pulled by John Elway as the loan was already complete at my bank All we needed from MrG [redacted] was a new buyer's order that also contained my wife's name on it That was the only document that we needed to sign As soon as that was signed, my loan officer handed MrRode (the salesperson from Elway) a check To say there was miscommunication is wrong The bottom line is that MrG [redacted] was too arrogant to do what was best for the customer, and that he lied about what he would do with our information Whether it counts as a hundred hits on our credit or one, we were still lied to When MrG [redacted] spoke on the phone during the conference call with the owner, all he had to do was admit that he was wrong Instead he tried to explain his actions away, saying there was a miscommunication Nobody did us any favors by bringing up the paperwork - it could have easily been mailed and been here before it was driven up days later By the way, I drove into town minutes (minutes round trip) and waited for MrRode to bring the paperwork when he said he was going to (Tuesday, August 8th) I waited for about minutes where we were supposed to meet Finally, I called MrR [redacted] to see where he was and he said that he had been meaning to call and let me know that he wasn't coming until Thursday, August 8th instead Believe me, I did have better things to do than be waiting for someone that wasn't coming, yet didn't call to let me know To say that Elway tried to accommodate us by having someone drive "several" hours is ludicrous Instead, an hour and a half of my time was wasted while waiting for someone that wasn't coming, and by having to meet again in town days later to sign unnecessary paperwork All we needed was the buyer's order with my wife's name on it Don't try to justify any of the actions on John Elway's end in this deal, or make it sound like anyone did us any favors.Yes, I get the fact that [redacted] quoted the dealer a different rate than what they offered us The difference in rates was not one of the issues in my complaint The point was that MrG [redacted] was wrong about what he told me I explained to Richard that we have member benefits with [redacted] and that I could get a lower rate through them I understood why the rates were different, but apparently MrG [redacted] didn't As stated previously, he guaranteed me that I couldn't get a lower rate and that it had already gone to their underwriter I knew that the underwriter wasn't considering our member benefits, but MrG [redacted] apparently knew otherwise because of his "years" of experience that he felt was necessary for me to know about I wasn't impressed, MrG***.Here's what I want and only then I will consider this issue resolved:A written letter sent in the mail, from the owner, apologizing for the fact that we were lied to by MrG [redacted] (this is what I originally asked for) I get that maybe it happens more often than it should, but that's not how business should be done I've gone from an experience where I would recommend this John Elway dealer to where I will definitely encourage people to shop elsewhere because of the way that MrG [redacted] treated us I don't want any other explanations of why Richard did what he did - bottom line is that he lied and mishandled the financial side of this deal on the only brand new vehicle we have ever purchased There was never a misunderstanding, and if he is telling you that there was, MrM***, then he is also lying to you There are no rational excuses for what he did and no customer should be treated with the level of disrespect or condescending attitude that MrG [redacted] provided us with The only thing I found a little humorous was the fact that he guaranteed us we couldn't get the rate I told him we would and which we ultimately did MrM***, you asked me what you could do to make this right...I certainly am not going to drive down to Greeley for a vehicle service at John Elway, but you could agree to pay for my first maintenance services here at the local dodge dealer or send some custom fit seat covers if you would like to do something But even if you just send me a written apology in the mail without any rationalization of why things happened the way they did and accept the fact that MrG [redacted] acted unprofessionally, I will consider this resolved and indicate so through Regards, [redacted]

Rob R [redacted] our Service Manager is requesting that Mr [redacted] contact him directly He did leave a message for Mr [redacted] today Rob can be reached at [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

A check was sent to [redacted] on October 8th, in the amount of $ We have been under the impression that is case has been resolved

I have attached our compliance directors notes and response:Finance miscommunicationThere was miscommunication regarding Mr [redacted] ’s financing [redacted] (“***”) partners with several local credit unions to provide lending for dealerships’ customers John Elway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (“Elway”) submitted [redacted] ’s credit application, and a higher rate was returned from [redacted] (“***”) which is part of ***When Mr [redacted] stated he wanted his wife to also be on the loan, Elway requested Mrs [redacted] ’s information in order to arrange financing through *** The credit information was pulled in good faith with a “permissible purpose” which was to help facilitate financing through [redacted] which is supposed to offer the same financing terms to customers in the dealerships the same as they would for their local customers [redacted] is also supposed to direct their members back to the dealership if they were buying a vehicleUnfortunately, [redacted] neither offered the same terms nor referred them back to the dealership which created confusionInstead of adding the pre-approval terms in [redacted] that the dealership could access, it compounded problems by arranging financing itself and sent Elway a check for the balance.Staff interactionOne of Richard G***’s functions at the dealership is to ensure full payment for all vehicles Although the [redacted] s provided a down payment and a trade, the vehicle wasn’t fully paidRichard’s intention was to resolve the situation by finding what appeared to be the best financial offerWhen he realized the [redacted] s were speaking with a loan officer from ***, he correctly requested to be on a conference call with all of them He was unaware that the [redacted] s and the loan officer weren’t already in a private officeHad the conference call taken place, much of the miscommunication would have been preventedSince the [redacted] s refused the conference call, Elway tried to accommodate the [redacted] s another way by having the salesman drive several hours to take all the new paperwork to the [redacted] s to sign.Trade payoffElway can only release funds for a trade once it is paid in full Once Elway received the check from [redacted] for the balance, Elway then sent the payoff checkThe [redacted] s trade was paid August with check number and sent via UPS where it later cleared Elway’s bank on August 15.Credit inquiriesManaging Partner Todd M [redacted] spoke to Mr [redacted] to help resolve the issuesHe explained that Lori C***h was on vacation but would contact him when she returned She called Mr [redacted] on Monday, August 21, to address the major concern regarding the multiple credit inquiriesShe educated Mr [redacted] that all inquiries within a 30-day period counted as one inquiry and provided a website link for [redacted] .com She also followed the phone call with an email providing the same informationResolutionMr [redacted] ’s resolution request related to the credit inquiries and an apology by the owner MrM [redacted] spoke with Mr [redacted] regarding the interaction with the staff, and the credit inquiry issue was addressed both by phone and by email By doing both, it appears that his complaint has been resolved

This complaint has been taken care of to the satisfaction of the guest

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:it has not been resolved this vehicle should qualify for the lemon law because the throttle petal position sensor keeps comming on and the vehicle is undriveable it excelerates on it,s own and there is no way to control the speed of the vehicle very dangerous when I am driving in busy and other vehicles on all sides my new solution to this problem is for the dealership to get me in a different vehicle Regards, [redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

The owner, MrM*** felt he did the right thing by calling Mr*** personally to apologize for his experience at the dealership After speaking with Mr*** on the phone he completely understood his frustration MrM*** apologizes for the poor communication and confusion involving our finance manager, MrG***, and for the frustration this caused both Mr and Mrs *** A check in the amount of $will be mailed to Mr*** on Sept 19th This will pay for diesel lube/oil/filter changes, so Mr*** can have them performed at his local repair facility Again, MrM*** apologizes for the frustration this entire situation caused for the *** family

I recently bought a new vehicle from John Elway of Greeley, CO; and have been VERY DISAPPOINTED with the customer care I have received I bought this vehicle on July 16, and I have had to initiate SEVERAL CALLS to both the salesman and the service center on numerous occasions for assistance in getting the work done that was identified when bought When the time finally arrived for them to service the vehicle; they had it for two (2) days and I received a call saying that some of the parts were damaged and I could come pick it up They have now had my jeep for over a week with NO CALLS from a self proclaimed 'MRFIX IT," that stated he would check on it daily and keep me posted The salesman often referenced that when I got the survey from the dealership to be sure and score him a I honestly do not know how I can do this in good conscious when they have been such a let down since the day I bought it It seems as though all they care about it making the sale and scoring big on a survey I called again this week; August 26, 2016; and I have yet to hear back from anyone with regards to anything

*** *** *** ***
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*** ** ***
My name is *** *** and I am the Service Director here at John
I have had the opportunity to review the complaint and the repair order that Ms *** is disputing and would like to resolve this issue as quickly as possibleFirst of all I am very sorry that Mrs *** feels the staff here wasn’t completely honest with her, I promise the General Manager, myself and Mr *** will not tolerate dishonest behavior here and I am sure we can reach an agreeable solution on her complaint
I have personally owned and worked on *** *** and have seen in the past when the timing belt has stretched like this before it brokeIt is not common but it can happenWhen it does stretch it can cause the problems that Ms *** explained to us and because the timing belt is a wear item it was suggested that is inspected before anything else is doneOnce she approved the diagnostic time to inspect and the engine was dissembled to the point of being able to see the condition of the belt she was advised the condition was such that if driven much farther it could have broken and if driving at hwy speed could have caused major damage
Unfortunately we were too late and the damage was already done to the motor and the timing belt was not the only thing wrong with the carTo determine what else is needed the engine would require additional Disassembly to diagnoseAgain we feel the stretched belt already damaged the engine but could not be determined until correctedIf the customer was not advised that the engine could still have additional damage Even after the repair then I feel we do need to refund her part of the cost back
Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Ms ***s complaint

*** came in, we traded him out of his old vehicle and into a new one that he is satisfied with

On Jan 10, MsSondaytraded her vehicle at which time we obtained a payoff We also had her signa few documents that stated exactly what the payoff was and when/ how much itwould be sent for When completing the deal we always get a 10at thesoonest to 20day payoff in order for there
to be enough time for loan completion. As well as stating the payoff we collected when financing the vehiclesthe forms clearly state any difference will be covered by the person who’s loanis being paid off These document are enclosed Afterfurther research we found the reason for the extra amount due was the Januarypayment was due on the 12th Due to our continuous desire to provide outstandingservices the dealership went above and beyond and paid the $322.05, it wasmailed on February 2, 2015, so this issue should be resolved. As far as the late payment I am unsurehow any bank would ding a customers credit for less than a 30daylate pay - after 20yrs I can not remember a time they have

I purchased the vehicle the salesman told me that if I had a problem with the vehicle it would be covered for the first day,s well there is a check engine light that triggers a fault light that involves a warning to not drive the vehicle when this light iluminates this light is on every form and they have not fixed the problem I took it in they stated it would cost to run a diagnostic test on the vehicle this problem was happening before it set foot in the vehicle there fore I feel they should repair it at there cost for selling a vehicle that is at times unsafe to drive and they reset it but when I use the key fob to start it this problem comes up

They sold me a truck with a blown head gasket and leaking water pumpI went to this dealership expecting to have a running and reliable vehicleTwo days after I bought this truck the low coolant light came on so I figured they didn't fill it up enough at the dealershipThen three days after that the low coolant light came on againSo I talked to a mechanic and he said to try replacing the thermostats and the radiator capSo I did that and it didn't fix anythingWithin a week I called the dealership and took my truck inTheir mechanics told me it was the radiator cap even though I just replaced itI drove the truck then a few days later the low coolant light came on againI took the truck back in and they then told me it was the water pump and head gasketThey told me they would replace the water pump because it was under the day warrantyBut then told me that the head gasket would be around $9,dollars and that they aren't going to fix itI did buy a used vehicle but

On July 31, I purchased a new Ram from John Elway We put $20,down on this purchase, as well as traded in a vehicle which they gave us approximately 16,on for trade We were assured that this was the very best they could do on our trade without losing money after some back and forth haggling We felt like we were able to make a deal, so we went ahead with the purchase Initially, we only had my name on the loan documents through John Elway, as we knew we were just going to refinance it with both mine and my wife's name on the vehicle loan through our local credit union We were told that they could get us a loan at 2.99% with a term of years Exactly a week later, on Monday, August 7th, I was called by Richard G***, who to my understanding is their finance manager He said that he got our loan approved, at a rate of 3.23% by *** *** *** ***, or 3.49% by *** *** *** *** He said that I needed to come down "tomorrow" to Colorado to join

This case has been taken care of to the guests satisfaction

The dealership has replaced the PCMs on Mr***'s vehicle at no cost to him He has agreed with Jonathan L*** that this was an acceptable resolution

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