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My wife and I went thru the KM presentation and purchased a membershipIn the presentation we were told about all of the campgrounds in the system that we could stay atWe were told our membership packet would arrive at home in the mailWhat came in the mail two weeks later was just a credit card sized card with our picture and on the back phone numbers to all of the campgroundsWe thought there was a sign in for booking a spot so I called Ocean Mist( A campground on the Ocean) I had to leave a message with our dates of staytwo days later they call us and say we are not able to stay there and call Corporate? I do and they say we cant stay at that one but anyone else? I say why not I bought the Charter Membership and you showed us all of the sites in the PresentationKM said we can stay at Ocean Breeze which is by the Ocean but you have to drive a couple of milesI was not happy but had them place a reservation at Ocean BreezeI received an email with the wrong datesI called

BEWARE - My spouse and I had an appointment with KM Resorts to talk about our complimentary membership During the initial phone call with Christi I had inquired about how to pick our "home" RV park and she explained that would be discussed during our meetingWe would have unlimited free camping at our home parl, plus low cost parking at Coast to Coast parksWell, we were very early and sat in a coffee shop for about an hour reading customer reviews Bait and switch is correct Boy oh boy Now, I used to be a KM Member years ago with my first spouse and loved our membership However, close friends recently had an extremely terrible experience with their membership and canceled itThus, we were prepared and told them exactly what we wanted The complimentary membership with a home park of our choosing and option for free or low cost camping at the other resorts, similar to what I had before and exactly what we were informed we would get during the initial phone call Unfortunately, we found out within moments of our appointment there is no choice as Elma is given to everyone as a home park unless you pay to upgrade We were there for maybe minutes, found out we weren't receiving the membership implied to us and left Besides, when you do the math there really isn't the cost savings they try to convince you of

During a stay at Columbia Shores we were not told the dump station was down When I was mad about this and talked to owner Kevin he was very unprofessional with me and told me I am a habitual complainer and I am the only one who complain Never offered me a solution at all The girls in office offered me a solution whI called back the next day I also left a voice mail the next day to apologize to owner for cussing he never called me back They are also advertising a store a the park which was completely closed and used as a storage facility

We have had nothing but a great experience as K&M members Love their Western Washington locationsThe buy in to the membership is expensive, but not ridiculousThe yearly fees after your initial buy in are, in my opinion, extremely reasonableThe K&M resorts have a lot of amenities for families, some locations more than others, but all in all we go to their locations to get away We do a lot of dry camping during the summer, so amenities are just secondary thought to us when we do use K&M

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:
I am attaching the wrong reservations that were made by KM Resort and I have all of the Text sent back and forth with Adrian with the dates very clearly asking for the 14-
And then you completely dropped my friends that were coming! Even when Bruce did get the right dates finally but we already booked at thousand trails online because we could not wait anymore
There was nothing said about booking right away without the packet, just to look for it in the mail
And in the presentation Adrian showed all of the Campgrounds, nothing was said about one or another until I tried to book Ocean Mist after getting our Membership cardsIt was not discussed that we had to call and make reservationsWe were under the impression it was online
Ocean Breeze is Miles from the Ocean? I would think a Gold Charter @ Would get to stay at The OceanThere was a lot of Deceit in the presentation and I plan to see this thruI have talked to quite a few couples that have the same feeling
Sincerely,*** ***

My wife and I purchased a nice RV recently and as part of the purchase were given a "complimentary" membership in K&M, said to be worth $2,We were invited to spend up to nights at a Washington State location of our choosing to check it outWe were told by company reps on the phone that we could choose any location as our "home" location and as members (which only entailed a $annual fee) could stay there for freeWe would then be entitled to stay at other locations in the state, or at network locations in all states, for only $per nightWhile we figured there were caveats, this sounded like a good deal, so we decided to try out the free weekend
The location we chose was Ocean Mist, but an operator talked us out of this, saying it was small and cramped and we would much more enjoy a location down the road with much more availability, Ocean BreezeWe only had two nights to spendWe scheduled a supposedly brief meeting with a representative on site to finalize the details of our membership
We immediately noticed some things that caused concernThe spaces were not very well maintainedMany were marked "out of order" or were muddy or unevenWe asked about advertised wirelessThey said their wireless antenna had been "hit by lightning" two years back and they'd never gotten it replaced(Later on, the staff at another location told us the lightning story was bogus; that it had broken down and the managers at Ocean Breeze were too cheap or lazy to get it fixed.)
On the plus side, our space was near a very clean bathroom/shower facility, and also a nice clubhouse with a lovely poolThey had an indoor spa, but it too was out of service
The next day we went down to the office to meet with the repWe were instructed to drive our rig back to our space and someone who had come in from the home office in Fife would pick us up and give us a tour insteadOKSo we took the tour, then sat down with the new guy(Not sure what happened to the other guy?) He showed us posters of all the nice features of the various locations, and a typical marketing videoThen he sat down with a "questionnaire" and proceeded to tell us that he was an expert and would interview us to help determine exactly what we needed!
What we needed (and wanted) was what we had earlier been promised -- but NOAs it turns out, that was total BAIT 'N SWITCHOur "complimentary membership" only entitled us to make our "home" at one Washington location (their least desirable, in Elma, in the middle of nowhere)We could stay there up to days at a time, but had to leave at least days between visitsSo, basically we could only stay there once a monthWe could pay more for privileges in their national network, but were similarly limited to one stay every so oftenAnd it was very expensive
He said quickly, "I can see this package is not for you, that you need more." And proceeded to tell us how he could "upgrade" us to a level where we could get what we really needed (what we were told we would get for $335/a year) for an $7,feeThe good news? Our $2,discount could be applied against that, so we ONLY owed $5,And our annual fee went down to the $range and the restrictions were removed
Doing the math in our heads, we were acutely aware we would save a lot of money by going the KOA and/or state campground routeAnd they were nicer these generally have wireless, and cable, and grates on the campfires so you can BBQ
Then we got the big pitch about how it was so much better to "own than rent," and how we could pass this down to our kids, etc
As a last resort, he informed us that at K&M we could rest assured that we would be secure, that only "good people" were members there, and that state campgrounds and KOAs were filled with ne'er-do-wellsHe informed us that Jeffrey Dahmer had in fact been apprehended at a KOA!
If you're laughing now, you are doing what we were trying very hard NOT to do at this pointAt least out loud
He further informed us that "60%" of people who received our presentation bought the package on the spot, because it was such a wonderful dealWe then told him we were in the 40% that would would need to go home and think about it
"Well," he replied, "you certainly have the right to do thatHowever, once you leave the premises here, the deal expires and you lose your $2,discount."
I guess these kind of strong-arm, high-pressure marketing, bait 'n switch tactics work with some peopleNOT USHe could have offered a membership to us for FREE at this point, and we would have told him to take a flying leap off an ocean bluff
Well, we did have a nice two-night stay (other than that, and the aforementioned shortcomings of the park)We enjoyed a hearty complimentary breakfast and used as much of their free power and water as we could before leaving forever

Always enjoy Ponderosa FallsGreat staff and place is always clean

We have been a member of KM Resorts since 1994, as soon as you drive into the park it's like you just came home to familyAbsolutely love it I've been to almost all the parts, and highly recommend it to everyone we meet

See the attached information regarding Mr***
His contract clearly shows that he has Ocean Breeze, one of the Ocean parks are included with each membership, see his signature on the contract
His reservation sheet is also attached, we would not have made a mistake or times with dates,
he made it through our corporate office, we have never turned a member away or been too full to accommodate our members, this is why they purchase a private membership
I have also attached a copy of the signature page from the Public Offering StatementThis states that he received a copy of this documentIt explains the cancellation policy and how to cancelHe also received his membership "packet" while he was at our office, the only thing mailed out to them are membership cardsHe can make reservations and stay without the cards until they are received
The documentation presented shows Mr*** had everything he needed and signed showing that
Thank you
Kelli A***
***Supporting Documentation Redacted by Staf*

When we first signed up with KM Resorts of America they were affiliated with Yogi Bear Campgrounds and had many activities for our childrenWe were told when we signed up but that affiliation would be going away, but that the activities would stay the sameAfter the affiliation went away so did the activitiesThe place basically turned into a retirement ParkOur children were yelled at for riding their bikes too fast and there was absolutely nothing for them to doThe place absolutely started catering towards retired people and forgot all about families!

During a stay at Columbia Shores we were not told the dump station was down When I was mad about this and talked to owner Kevin he was very unprofessional with me and told me I am a habitual complainer and I am the only one who complain Never offered me a solution at all The girls in office offered me a solution whI called back the next day I also left a voice mail the next day to apologize to owner for cussing he never called me back They are also advertising a store a the park which was completely closed and used as a storage facility

Unfortunately I have no 'real' experience as a Consumer of KM products or services but my complaint is sourced from my experience with their customer service and marketing calls Over the past 3-weeks I have had an exceptionally short, rude, and inappropriate salesperson calling my phone and leaving messages regarding 'my credit with KM' First, I have never exchanged, signed up for, or agreed to conducting ANY business with KM and have no idea where they received my information Second, the individual making these calls and subsequent voicemails is extremely rude and leaves just enough alerting information to potentially receive a phone call back (I assume to continue down the 'marketing and sales' route she is trying to conduct) When someone has a rude/direct voicemail 'regarding the credit with KM' of course the receiving person is going to immediately assume that there is something wrong, as they do not have 'credit' with such a company, and call back - only to be sucked into a sales pitch Instead of being that person I have chosen to simply block the # of KM Resorts and submit this review - as an A+ rating is truly not reflective of this unscrupulous company willing to do or say anything to gain a customer

Always enjoy Ponderosa FallsGreat staff and place is always clean

Please see attached regarding the complaint from Mr. [redacted].
He is on a membership with his mom, normally we do not allow this, it is for a couple, we made an exception for them back in 2006 when they joined.
Notice the multiple times we have spoken with them about their account, we even offered...

to pay them back 500 in 2010.
I have also attached some activities pages from last summer for Ponderosa Falls.
In our opinion, the reason for the complaint is because they were finally sent to collections for their balances owed, we went over and beyond accommodating them when they were behind in payments. The notes attached speak for them self.
Any questions please call me.
Thank you

Concerning this email, first of all I never received anything from K & M and second of all when we went to the meeting to view the camp ground membership we were NEVER shown a movie or video, we were ushered into an office, looked at pictures on a WALL and then ushered into another room where another sales rep told us about all the camp grounds and all the amenities they had of which so far we have not seen any.

Mr. [redacted] is welcome to come into our Fife Office to go over his paperwork and discuss.
As far as his friends reservations, We typically do not make reservations for guests in the summer until 2 weeks prior, the reservation confirmation was dated June 27, this is over the 14 day period.
I show one reservation that started on the right day, just needed to be extended one day which is no big deal, our members can go to the parks without a reservation, we prefer they make one ahead of time to assure a full hook up, or let them know what is available the time they would like to go.
As far as the "packet" he is referring to, he would have left our office with all the directories. The only thing we mail are his membership cards.
In his contract I already attached, it states Ocean Breeze as one of his home parks. Ocean Breeze is at the most 2 miles from the ocean, not 10.
Again, we would be more than happy to have him come in and discuss his memberships and options.
Thank you

We have already responded to Mr. [redacted] regarding his complaint. We offered to waive his dues for two years, not put them on hold. All of the pictures we use on our marketing material are pictures from all of our resorts, we do not use stock photos.
He also would have watched a video prior to...

purchasing showing all the resorts, We do not own the Blaine resort, it is a sister resort.
Rather than him writing all of the complaints, we would be more than happy to sit down with him and go over his membership. He purchased in 2014, and is asking for  refund two years later.
Thank you,
Douglas M[redacted]

the list of J.V. companies honoring K&M resorts agreements was nil.
all across the country and in mazatlan mexico I was denied posted rates and access to services.
They also neglected to send us coupon book for payments and when we got behind sent us to collections and ruined my credit rating.
I need to find a class action suit to join.
Lack of performance on the contract.
[email protected]

I was contact by KM to let me know that I had 'won' a 'package' for camping at their resorts. I was not aware that I had even entered a contest but the way it was presented I thought it was worth the time to look into it further. Once I met with someone at their office I could tell immediately that it was a sales pitch to try to get me to buy in with a membership where I would be responsible for 'maintenance' fees for the first year. The maintenance fees alone are pricey and I thought that someone is getting rich off of this scam. I liken this so called offer to that of a time share where once you buy in you will have a difficult time letting go of it. It may be a good deal for some but be sure you understand what you are getting and what it will cost you. I felt like it was a high pressure snow job.

How you gave K&M Resorts an A+ rating is unbelievable. I have read nothing but negative reviews about this company. They will tell you anything to get you to sign up and then you find their parks are dumps. We have one of the upper memberships and would give it away to anyone naive enough to take it. We are now waiting for the class action lawsuit to begin, which we will be a part of. As far as trusting the for any reviews, I think you must sell your ratings to companies. I would never trust the's rating system again. K&M's representatives certainly bend the truth dramatically when you talk to them. Get everything in writing and if they won't agree to that, walk away. We are doing what a lot of others are doing and signing off on our membership and eating the loss. As one member said "There is no use throwing good money after bad".

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