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K M Resorts Of America

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Review: This is the email I sent KM today: In September my husband and I were at a [redacted] in Burlington, WA. On our way out there was a draw box for a camping package so I entered. A few weeks later we received a phone call saying we had "won" the package. The friendly lady invited us to [redacted] for dinner and a weekend stay. Little did we know this was going to be a sales pitch. When I got off the phone and discussed it with my husband, something seemed fishy. We don't like "winning" things with strings attached to it. We once agreed to a "no-hassle" vacuum demonstration for a free air purifier only to have the woman cry on our living room floor and refuse to leave until we bought a vacuum. Well, we tossed her and the vacuum and the "free" purifier out of our house. After searching KM Resorts we found several negative reviews about its practices, quality of services, costs, etc. We didn't want to be involved in a time share scenario and that isn't the type of camping we enjoy. We're explorers, not squatters. And I believe, in a free country, we have the right to turn down a "free gift." So we emailed the lady later that evening and told her we weren't interested in any way and we don't ever want to be contacted again. Here is the exact email: Tuesday, October 14, 2014, 10:33 PM To: [redacted] Hi [redacted]. We have been doing research on KM and [redacted] and the reviews from other users seem odd and fishy. We don't want to get involved in a scam/money-grab scenario. Please cancel our appointment for Saturday. This is not our type of camping and we don't like gifts with strings attached. There is no need to contact us again and we'd like to be removed from any mailing list. Thanks anyway. A normal person would assume this is the end of our saga with KM. No. About a month ago I received a phone call from someone with KM Resorts. He said our account was on administrative hold but we didn't understand the true value of what was being offered to us. Over the course of our 14 minute conversation, he didn't let me speak once. Not once! I kept trying to interject with, "excuse me..." or "Actually..." Extremely rude. Whether or not we had asked to be left alone already, his manner of speaking to me was very aggressive and disrespectful. Hard-sell tactics don't work on us. We've grown immune to them over the years, beginning with the sobbing vacuum lady. I was finally able to tell him my husband wasn't home but I'd let him know he called. As soon as he got home I said, "Guess who calllllled....." He wasn't happy. And he let the guy know it. The salesman started off on the same pitch with my husband as he tried with me, not allowing space for an interjection. But my husband isn't as polite as I am and said, "No! You're not talking. This isn't a conversation. I'm the only one talking. You're NEVER calling here again! Do you understand?" The man went to say something. My husband said, "I don't want to hear it. I just want to hear yes. Do you understand?" Again, you would assume this is the end of our saga. But just last week I saw a voicemail on my phone and it was our KM buddy, with the EXACT same message. "I see here your file has been placed on administrative hold but I feel I need to explain to you the true value of this package." NO! WE! DON'T! WANT! TO! HEAR! IT! During our first phone conversation he said, "I'll gladly call the next person on the list and give this package away to someone who will appreciate it. But I don't think you want me to do that." Well, hey buddy. Why are you calling us to sell us this awesome package if there is a long list of people dying to get in? PHONE THEM! I played the message for my husband, who promptly phoned the toll-free number. He got a woman and was as polite and firm as he could be without blowing a fuse. So in summary, because apparently you guys are slow learners and take a while for things to sink in, this is what we want: NEVER PHONE US AGAIN! DON'T REPLY TO THIS EMAIL! STOP HARASSING US!Desired Settlement: I just want to be left alone and I want the business to understand it's not okay to treat people with such disrespect and aggressive sales tactics. I honestly don't even want an apology because we don't want to hear from them again.



Her initial complaint is regarding [redacted] in Birch Bay, I have forwarded them the information. We are affiliated with [redacted] and share a marketing database, I have removed her phone number and made notes to not contact her. She filled out a drawing slip with [redacted] at the [redacted] store in Burlington. They were in our marketing database twice with two different phone numbers, this is why the multiple calls.

We apologize and they will not be called again.

Review: My wife and I went to Camping World and were stopped in the lobby by a man who offered us $25 in gas to listen to his sales pitch.

We went to the trailer he told us was his onsite office. Another man was there too, another salesman. The first guy left and said he was going to their home office just down the street to get our gas certificate, while the other salesman gave us the rundown on the K/M Resorts Of America system. WE got to a point where we knew we couldn't use the resort system, he sent us to the camping world desk where we first met the salesman to get our $25 gas certificate. There was nobody there. When the salesman in question finally showed, he said he didn't have any $25 gas certificates but could give us a $25 off Camping World certificate. We told him we didn't want that, and he said he would mail one to us. We left feeling like the biggest fools in town.Desired Settlement: We would like our promised $25 gas certificate. We were told they would fill the tank of our truck, but we agreed to $25.00. WE would also like an apology for what they did, which was to use the gas certificate as a teaser to get us to possibly buy a share in their company. When we didn't buy, they withheld the money promised. That is unfair salesmanship.

Review: I was contacted on Friday Feb 21 saying I had won a $2000.00 camp ground award and was directed to make an appointment with this company. My wife and I went to our 2:30 appointment and were greeted by a young lady [redacted] at the door. [redacted] took us back to a small room and proceeded to give us their sales pitch. We continually asked "how much" and she would go off on another tangent. She had fee amounts all over the place taking us down paths where as we saw no daylight. One of the things that interested us was the fact we could go to any represented campground 1 of 9 at any time as we please and that all fees were covered. Once we got down to the money part she asked us for $3,000.00 plus fees to join. We told her no thanks and she then brought in a gentleman [redacted] who offered us $500.00 off the 3000.00. I told him if that offer stood we'd go home and think about it. He became belligerent and told us NO we had to sign then and there. After I told him no again he finally made us the offer to come back the next day. At that time [redacted] handed my wife a brochure that was supposed to have 3 free camping passes in it, it had nothing inside except for the brochure. Lied to again.That evening I went online and printed out member handbook. It was chocked full of what we could and could not do and tons of associated fees. There was nothing stated about what KM Resorts would do for the consumer. As well as nothing that we had been promised during the presentation. They were far from what had been described to us. Starting with reservations were always needed and there were fees from everything from no show fees to extra vehicle fees etc. We were mislead and obviously lied to throughout the demonstrated program. We did not return although KM called us 4 times on Sunday (we knew by the phone #) and never left a message. I believe their business practices are fraudulent at best and they should publish member rights. They leave everything open for their benefit and nothing showing consumer rights or values. We were lied to throughout the presentation, bullied into paying money by Bruce that we refused to do, deceived and handed an empty brochure that was alleged to have coupons in it. Desired Settlement: I would like a written apology from the owners of the company with a valid explanation of why they operate the way they do. I wish we could be compensated for losing an entire afternoon of our time. It would be nice to receive the passes we were also promised.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/03/04) */

Our basic membership with K/M, as stated in our public offering statement, is values at $2,000. [redacted] explained the many levels of programs to [redacted] and [redacted], there is not one price we sell a membership for, for [redacted] to quote a single price. That is why we ask them to come in and allow an hour or so to explain the memberships we offer and see what would fit best into their camping plans. When they left, [redacted] gave them a brochure and asked them to call her personally to book their complimentary stay at one of our resorts. There is no "pass" in the brochure she gave them, she let them know she would take care of the reservations for them. AS far as the extra fees, I have the survey sheet where [redacted] explained the program to them, on the sheet, she outlined the extra costs for wi-fi and cable. We also outline in our public offering statement the additional fees charged at the resorts, this is standard at most resorts, the overnight fees are included in the membership, not wi-fi and cable since they are optional. If anyone would like to see the outline of what was told to them, I can provide. K/M has been in business for over 25 years, we are licensed with the state and have a good reputation. I an unclear on some of his comments, therefore I cannot answer, such as "they leave everything open for our benefit?" If they would like to speak over the phone to clear up any misconceptions they took away, we would be happy to do that.

This company is utterly dishonest and I am surprised there are no class action law suits against them; stay far away from them.

Very nice Rv sites,outstanding hosts & employees at the campgrounds,

Review: We have held our familiy holiday at Beachwood Resorts in Washington the first two weeks of August for almost 20 years. When we went to book this vacation period we were told the park is "sold out" and no camping spots are available. If this is the case K&M Resorts has been over-selling the resort such that members can no longer receive the benefits/products that were purchased and contracted for. This company requires investigationm of its sales practices by local government, the, and agency responsible for regulating this industry. Also, consumers using the for reference checks on K&M Resorts should be apprised of this practice.Desired Settlement: K&M living up to the contract entered into when we purchased our membership almost 20 years ago.



Business' Initial Response /* (1000, 6, 2013/07/23) */

K/M Resorts and Sound Pacific Resources of Washington (owner of Beachwood) are not oversold. We complete a Public Offering Statement each year with the state of Washington. July and August are our busiest months of the year, After speaking with someone at Beachwood, Mr. [redacted] called to make a reservation on July 9th for August 9th, he can call 60 days prior and did not. If he goes every year he should have called sooner. The reservations person did tell him he would not be turned away, he just would not be guaranteed a hook up for the dates requested of August 9-18th. After he complained to management they told him they would make him a reseration. I am not sure why his complaint says he cannot get in. Mr [redacted] needs to make sure in the busy months he is taking advantage of calling 60 days prior. He is also a member of Sound Pacific Resources/Beachwood and should send his concerns to them in Birch Bay.

Review: The following is an email I sent to the Owner of KM: The only response I got was him asking me twice if anyone had contacted me.

I have been a member for a few years now and decided that since I no longer visit WA that it was time to sell the membership. I placed an ad on [redacted] and got a reply right away from [redacted] See below: I thought how nice it is that your company would assist in the transfer. I contacted [redacted] with 2 people that were all ready to buy my membership and I put them in touch with [redacted].

Since then I had another buyer all ready except to sign the papers and when I tried to call [redacted] he would not return any of my calls. I was then contacted by [redacted] who said he also was in charge of transfers. I received a fax from him to sign and he was going to take care of the rest with the buyers. I contacted the buyers and they said they changed their mind and when I asked if [redacted] tried to sell them another membership she told me YES.

What is going on here? What type of deceitful practice is this to have me refer a buyer for my membership which I bought in good faith and because of circumstances beyond my control I can no longer use, and then have your salesmen who are in charge of membership transfers take my buyer and sell them another membership. This is a very deceitful practice.


My name is [redacted] and I am here at [redacted]

I see your [redacted] membership is for sale on [redacted]

I take care of all the membership transfers.

Please contact me with any questions you or your purchaser may have and I will help you with your sale.

Take advantage of my 22 years experience here at [redacted]

Let me know when you find a purchaser so we can make an appointment for the transfer.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Cell: [redacted] (The best way to reach me quickly)Desired Settlement: Fair way to transfer membership and buy my membership back at the advertised price when they stole my buyers, which is $1000.00



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 14, 2014/09/12) */

The customers complaint is directed to [redacted] customer needs to contact [redacted] with questions and concerns. Their phone number is XXX XXX-XXXX.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 16, 2014/09/17) */

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Owner handled the next person I sent to the company and handled it professionally and to my satisfaction. Too bad it had to come to this.

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