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The worst used car dealer around They lie and will tell you anything they think you want to hear to sell you a car They have a pattern of this so review the dealer, but to save time I'd never consider going there to begin with Will save the buyer a lot of time and trouble, not to mention money for all the repairs you'll get stuck with They say they fix the problems, but never do Read the reviews on ***, [redacted] , [redacted] , etc Stay away from Kargar I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below [Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.] Regards, [redacted] The customer contacted and said that while she does understand the paperwork is signed that it is non-refundable but since the business cut the car off and then told her they would refund the deposit because the financial agreement was never completed

I will never purchase a car from such unprofessional, dishonest dealers in my life! I felt rushed through the process to sign paperwork (which I didnt) before I even test drove, looked at, or received a CarfaxI have never been so disrespected in my life from supposedly grown professional menI gave Dwayne and Julius $down to hold the [redacted] in return they promised to take ALL advertisements down! I look on Craigslist a couple days later and the SUV was back upI called Dwayne on this issue and he refused to give me the $back and on top of that he hung up in my face! Julius continuously called my phone after I've confirmed multiple times of the pick up datei would never recommend Kargar Motors to anyone and I have never felt so disrespected in my life! Bad businessJulius and Dwayne have made my experience with dealers horrible and I'm so happy I did not accept the pressure to sign ANYTHING! Beware future buyers there very manipulative and conning and really NOT knowledgeable about the cars they're selling!

To whom it may concern We do not guarantee MD inspectionWe also have that posted on the wall when you walk in right in front of youThere is no way any one said that it will pass MD inspectionWe always tell our clients that our vehicles have gone through VA inspectionI see that this customer is stating that it needs a lot of work to pass MD inspection and I really think that the inspector is trying to make a lot of money out of thisI don't think it needs all thatTo ask if they can return the vehicle I am sorry to say but the answers NOThat vehicle does not belong to us it belongs to a bankHow ever we would love to help with some repairsWe would like our client to take this vehicle to another inspector that is not greedy and then we can see what we can help with Tell us why here

On April 9th we sold a [redacted] to [redacted] ***We financed this vehicle througha lender we useHer son could not get approved for a vehicle so [redacted] purchased the [redacted] for himThere was a trade involved but never happened [redacted] wanted to keep the vehicle for herselfThat was her only means of a vehicleShe never brought itShe still has her vehicle and we have our [redacted] back now too (NOT IN THE SAME CONDITION)As for as doing the deal in the night or not giving them time? We give everyone a chance to look at the vehicle and test drive itAlso the inspection was done by an inspection station that we are not affiliated with I Have pictures of what the vehicle looked like when we got it back from [redacted] son I think this is finalWe do not expect to get anything for the damages caused to the vehicle from [redacted] son or [redacted] herselfWe will also finalize with the lender so they do not damage [redacted] I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Obviously KarGar Motors has a great lapse in memory as their entire response to my complaint is replete with lies, innuendos and a complete fabrication of the entire transaction I will truthfully and honestly again recite the actions that lead to my terminating the purchase of the vehicle 1) Firstly, I am not a “Mr.” I am a Ms., my anatomy is unmistakably quite feminine And if KarGar Motors was so intent on bending the truth, they might have at least taken the time to properly address my gender Could it be that they are such scam artists that they have developed a “one-size fits all form letter”? And by the way, you might want to revise your form letter because contrary to what you may believe, one size does not fit all You didn’t send your representative to [redacted] to retrieve your vehicle, but to the [redacted] You couldn’t pay me to drive that car after Kargar Motors so maliciously and capriciously disabled the vehicle! 2) Secondly, Kargar Motors “attempted” to secure financing for the purchase of the vehicle but said purchase was never consummated because of their inept and extreme unprofessional attitude and lies 3) Thirdly, not only did I provide every piece of documentation that was requested, I was never informed of a mandatory bank interview being contingent upon the final piece of transaction, which by the way, was actually done in part However, it was mentioned to me to lie to bank during the interview They wanted me to tell the bank I put down $cash down instead I gave them two $checks (1) being postdated to be cashed weeks later, and (1) to be cashed immediately, because the cash I put down was contingent upon the loan being approve Not telling the bank the truth didn’t rest right in my spirit, for I am a not liar That being said, the bank and I did have a final piece to resolve before complete closure of the deal, which was verification of my employment and income, It was at this time that the bothersome, numerous phone calls from Kargar Motors continued The bank was having problems getting this information from my employer Not being available at their convenience for this call is nowhere near the same as “not cooperating” as Kargar Motors claims As I stated on more than one occasion, I had every intention of returning the bank’s call but I was called into a very important meeting with the [redacted] of the company I work for and could not be disturbed After all, if I lose my job, how would I ever pay for a new car?!! Now, does that make sense to anyone – even Kargar Motors? 4) Kargar Motors did call over and over This is absolutely true! They kept calling me on my cell back-to-back while I was in the meeting with my ***! I tried to tell them very politely and discreetly that I was in a meeting and I will call back as soon as I could It was at this point that I became very exasperated and annoyed at Kargar Motors for their very unprofessional and rude attitude and obvious lack of respect for my job It was as though they were telling me, my job is not important and they didn’t give a flip-flop about anything but their commission from the sale of this vehicle 5) I never ever refused to do an interview In fact, during the earlier part of the day, the bank and I had already communicated several times about this interview and the one piece of information still needed to complete the transaction The bank and I were on one accord as to my getting back to them at a more convenient time but Kargar Motors wanted this thing done now!! 6) Kargar Motors had a choice when they decided to take back their vehicle In fact, I had no idea that was their plan until I went to my car to drive to my next job site that I realize I couldn’t start the car! To my surprise and dismay, Kargar Motors, had decided to inconvenience me as they felt I had inconvenienced them by disabling the vehicle and causing me much shame, embarrassment and inconvenience in the process 7) I might also add that the deal was not ended by Kargar Motors, but by me I am the one who ended this charade and told the bank I no longer wished to do business with Kargar Motors because of the humiliating and deliberate attempts to bully me into a sham of a deal As far as Kargar Motors having to detail the vehicle Nothing could be further from the truth Not only did I leave them with a full tank of gas, but the car was cleaner than when I first received it – with no gas! I doubt very seriously if they so much as gave the car a detail, as the vehicle actually set for at least five days that it was in my possession and was barely driven as I was hospitalized for a weekMost of miles were from me driving the car from the lot of Kargar Motors to my home in [redacted] and returning to Kargar Motors for servicing, which is miles one way Kargar Motors sent their representative to pick the vehicle up only after I informed them that I had taken my insurance off the vehicle and that it would be in their best interest to come for their vehicle as I had absolutely no intention of going any further out of my way to accommodate them Kargar Motors realized that without insurance their car was a sitting duck and at the mercy at any woucar thief, as they had released me from any further responsibility once they disabled the vehicle In fact, if anyone owe anyone, Kargar Motors owe me much more than I ever got from them, i.e., gas, [redacted] state inspection and cleaning They were so angry at me for cancelling the deal, they text rude messages to me, which I also have copies of; they hung the phone up on me while I was trying to explain my inability to speak with the bank at their timing and convenience The number of things Kargars did to hinder this process was just downright “ghetto” In closing, I absolutely find it amazing that this company has been in business for years (perhaps under an alias?) and conduct themselves in such a reprehensible manner And of course, Kargar Motors had to send someone to pick up their vehicle because I couldn’t do magic and drive an inoperable car! I would welcome the opportunity to have this case go to court or for Kargar Motors to have this matter turned over to their collection agency Nothing would make me happier, as it seems that might be the only way I am going to get my money back And if Kargar Motors are only “thinking” of calling their collection department to insist on money they are not entitled to, I would strongly suggest that they stop thinking about it and just do it For the record, if I wanted to rent a vehicle, I certainly would not have gone miles from my home to do it and secondly, I would have rent a much better car for that kind of money Regards, [redacted] ***

My experience at Kargar was outstanding The staff is very friendly and professional They had a great selection of vehicles to choose from I would recommend them to family and friends Thank you Georgie and Mike for all your help today!

I was an out of state buyerFound a car on [redacted] thought at first, sales people were very rudeSeem to get better after dealing with just one personI drove hundreds of miles to buy a car from kargar motorsVehicle looked good, lots of imperfections on outside and insideExhaust manifold leaking driver side, I already put deposit down before I leftRadio, nav, backup camera, didn't work, dash lgt's didn't work, etc.etc.etcafter buying car they disclosed numerous other issues with vehicleThey lied out there [redacted] to sell a vehicleI regret buying vehicleThen on my plus mile trip home ac compressor blew apart causing in damages to make it home These people are the thieves waiting for there next victimNo service department, sales people have car knowledge and a weirdo kid who knows nothing pumping a tire up with a Mickey mouse pumpThey never even changed the oil in vehicleThey must buy them from auction and sell directly to customers without doing anything to themThey won't return phone callsStay away from this place, worst place I have ever beenVery unprofessionalOnce they have your money, they laugh at you [redacted] !!!!This is a small shady used car dealership to stay away fromTell everyone to stay away I would like reimbursement for my troubles leaving dealership on my way homeThey had a mechanic fix ac system prior to picking car up but mechanic forgot to tighten bolts to compressor and had major troublesBesides my troubles, vehicle needs at least dollars to make nice again Very shady businessHopefully others will tell their experiences and put these thieves out of business

Wish I seriously considered the negative reviews before going hereBought a nice looking car at the Manassas location, low miles, great price starter went out the next dayGot the run around for about a week from the manager Duane W [redacted] , and sales Omar, and JuliusIt took Kargar weeks and about phone calls to agree to only pay half of the cost of the starter, not labor etcThey also charged up front for the tag and registration then told me weeks later that the tags had never been processedThey did send a check after the temporary tag expired! Why charge for a service you never provided and why take weeks to refund the fees? Unethical! The temporary tag had expired and they refused to right their wrongOnce again, I received the run around from the teamAndra, the tag lady said she would give a call back in minutes, she never called backWe called to follow up and Omar answered then says the tag lady Andra was gone for the eveningUnprofessional! Omar assured us that he would email a temp tag in the morningAs expected, the next day another problem, we are waiting for the email and then we are told it could not be done per Duane who refused to get on the phoneI spoke to Andra and she says to me we are not providing tags because an inspection should have been doneI asked her why would Duane tell me the inspection was done and charges applied, then say we were responsible for the inspection? Unethical! This company appears to care and be honest until they get the deal doneThat's when the truth comes outThere are too may reputable car companies out there to deal with thisPlease be advised

On September 23, we financed a [redacted] to [redacted] *** We finance everyone regardless for their credit We use several nationwide lenders On the contrat it states that [redacted] must provide us with documents and cooperate and if not the deposit will be non refundable There are several requirements in order to finalize a deal One of the requirements is to call the bank and do a bank interview [redacted] stated that he called the bank but it was not convenient for him to do a ten minute interview Howver, He would do an interview once the deal was finalized Sounds to me like [redacted] doesn't understand that if he does not do an interview then the deal will never will be finalized We called over and over to tell [redacted] to call the bank and do his interviewHe would call but refuse to do an interview I dont understand why he would not do a customer interview? Maybe he thought he could drive the vehicle for as long as he wants for free and the returning it and blaming us for the deal not being finalized We have been in the car business for over years and have seen all kinds of scams I am sorry to say that this scam did not fly by us By [redacted] not cooperating we had no choice but to take our vehicle back and cancelling the deal By cancelling the deal we had to send someone all the way to [redacted] to pick up our vehicle which was not cheap We also had to detail and restock our vehicle Not including that there should be charges for having the vehicle for so many days and putting miles on it It has cost us almost $ We would appreciate [redacted] to pay us for our losses We are thinking about calling our collection department and taking further action Have not done so but seriously considering it We are waiting for [redacted] to send us a check for the balance due

On January 28th we Kargar Motors sold a [redacted] to [redacted] She wanted to leave the vehicle to get it cleaned upShe came by a few days later to pick up her vehicleWith this crazy weather we have been getting, unfortunately we did not have it cleanedWe tried to tell [redacted] that the water pipes were frozen and we could not detail her vehicleI personally offered to give $ [redacted] for a car washShe was with a friend that was offended somehowHer friend said lets go and I have a lawyerWe don't understand how some people get offended when Mother Nature doesn't allow us to do what we needed to doA day later we spoke to [redacted] and she had no problem with usAll she asked for is for us to detail the vehicle and so we did now that the weather is much nicerShe came by today and picked up her vehicle and she is satisfied Thank you, [redacted]

To whom it may concern We sold a [redacted] to Mr [redacted] on June h We sold this vehicle for $plus processing fee of $Our asking price was $firmWe give all military a discount of $In this case we gave Mr [redacted] $offI don't know why he is complaining about thatWe never told Mr [redacted] we will register the vehicle and that's why we did not charge him any sort of taxesAs far as him stating that we spoke a different language and he didn't understandI find that funny because everyone here speaks perfect English If he is stating that we spoke among ourselves and pulled a fast one, will let me tell you that Jon is from Bolivia and speaks SpanishAmeed is from Afghanistan and speaks farsiDewayne is African American and speaks EnglishDo I need to say more? Mr.Ahmad called here and demanded that we should register the vehicle and when explained to him that he wasn't charged for tax and tittle, he got very nasty and started to say F this and F thatOur t ittle department asked very nicely Mr[redacted] please don't talk to me like that or I will hang upHe didn't stop and yes she did hang up on himWe just don't tolerate profanityMr[redacted] is asking for day temporary tagI am sorry to say that DMV don't allow us to do such We love to help all our clients but in this case we can't do muchOver all I think Mr[redacted] can't afford to pay for his tax and tittle therefore he wants day temporary tagsSincerely, I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear belowI called and left a message with Mike, who said he wasn't thereI didn't receive a call backInstead of calling you it probably would be better if you called meMy number is [redacted] I have class three days a week and I also work so it's best if you call on Monday or Wednesday after 1pm [Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.] Regards, [redacted]

I am sorry that Ms[redacted] was not satisfied with the vehicle that we sold herWe also feel we were ripped off by Ms.***She told us that she has two trades and did not have them at the time of the saleUs being gullible we trusted Ms[redacted] and decided to trust herShe said her vehicle was in great shape which wasn't and she also lied about the mileageWe have had a bad experience with Ms[redacted] but love to help herwe have learn to forget and forgive

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's offer If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to meI will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolvedIf the company does not perform as promised I can get back to you at: [redacted] Regards, [redacted]
I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
[Mr *** did agree to a **% down payment as the web site indicates so this statement is a lieThe web site also states Guaranteed credit approval to allMr *** had a *** tax lien that was paid and open tax liens that was also discussed as being paid on BEFORE the credit app was pulledAnother fabrication by Kargar
*** ***

I bought a car from Kargar Motors on October 9th, I just got the paper work to bring to the DMV to get my tags and titleThey sent me a big jumble of paper work, however, NO bill of saleI have called about times with no answers and when I do get an answer and I'm transferred to the "finance" department there is no answerAll I want is the *** bill of hard is that to fax? It needs to be done before the 9th or I won't be able to drive the car anymore since it won't have proper tags

I attempted to upload my documents in response to Kargar and I hit "ok", prior to typing my message and they website would not let me edit my responseI am sending my response as well as additional documentation to show repair orders needed to meet and pass an inspection. I took the vehicle to an established franchise found in many states for repair, which is different from original inspection place and the same issues were found. I do not want to go back and forth with the company, I purchased the vehicle on good faith that the information regarding the VA inspection was correctHowever, this transaction was fraudulent based on the major issues found with the vehicleI would like for the Kargar to pay for the major repairs i.ethe exhaust system, the parking brake, the body mounts, front wheel bearings, faulty brake line, windshield, and fuel filter mount. I am hoping to get this resolve ASAP and I have been more than patience and trying to work with the company to resolve the issueI am making payments on a vehicle that is inoperableKargar can contact *** *** *** ** *** and even forward the payment directly to them for the repairsI appreciate the for assisting in trying to resolve the issue, but if a satisfactory resolution can not reached soon, I will seek legal counsel
I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear belowI contacted the dealership on 9/2/and they refused to fix anything and conveniently "don't recall" saying they'd order a new rim for the front tire although we have a written message from our salesman saying it had been ordered The only thing the manager offered to do was have their mechanic look at the vehicle That had been done the day we purchased the vehicle when we were told their mechanic fixed the brakes and they ordered the rim We were also told a week later when we took the car back that their mechanic looked at the car again and there was nothing wrong with it We purchased the vehicle only because we were told the brakes had been fixed and they ordered a rim Had we known that had not been done, we would not have agreed to purchase the vehicle We understand the "as is" purchase but we were told they fixed the brakes and had ordered a rim All we wanted done was what we were told had been done prior to our signing paperwork The brakes fixed and the rim ordered We also paid for new tags for the vehicle but we are days for our temporary tags expiration and we have yet to receive the new tags We have no problem fixing any of the other issues that may come up with the car, we just want those repairs done that we were told had been done the day of our purchase Brakes fixed and rim ordered
The manager also stated in their response talkative we had "someone else" look at the vehicle That is not true I was with my wife at time of the Purchase and we were two hours away from where we live We had no one else with us to look at the vehicle The only time we had someone else look at it was the same week we had taken the vehicle back to kargar to check the brakes and we were told it was fine We took it to our local VW dealer days later which is when we found out that we had virtually no brakes, although kargar insisted it had been fixedWe are looking for nothing more than what we were told had been done PRIOR to our signing the purchase contract
Regards,*** ***
I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.] We (my girlfriend and I) were informed by ***, the *** ***, that the extra set of keys AND the title were at a different location due to insurance regulations and that they would send them to me in the mail, so I have received nothingNow, I find out that they didn't even have the extra set at allI understand that it was a used vehicle, however, don't tell a customer that they have something and actually don't, that is very misleading and bad for business. As I said before, if I knew they didn't have the other set, I WOULD NOT HAVE bought the carI have no clue as to what a replacement key and key fob would cost, but I shouldn't have to purchase them at all, espafter a*** tells you that they have themThe dealership needs to come up with a better solution to this problem
*** ***

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Description: Auto Dealers - Used Cars, Used Car Dealers (NAICS: 441120)

Address: 8901 Mathis Ave, Manassas, Virginia, United States, 20110-5215


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