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Kean Miller, Attorney at Law

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ID# [redacted] Dear,I spoke with this customer and told them I need time to get with the contractor to get this resolvedThe contractors run this kind of stuff threw there insurance company.I only get to meet with contractors once a weekAfter talking with the contractor Sunday, he apologized and said he would pay for the tire.I apologize for the delay, it just takes a few weeks to investigate and resolve things like this.Mr [redacted] check for $is being mailed out this week!Thank you,***

I spoke with Mr [redacted] and was able to resolve the problem I apologized for the delay, then the bad weather set us back a few days I compensated Mr [redacted] with a discount for his trouble He was satisfied with that agreementThank you, *** I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

There was no problem to set this customer up on a Friday or SaturdayWe just happen to be in the area on a Monday and our customer service representative called the customer just to see if it would be possible to set him up earlierThat did not mean he could not have a weekend delivery
After talking to the customer he decided to cancel his orderI told the customer that deposits are non-refundable especially on a 50% custom buildingAfter checking on this I was able to refund his deposit because we had not cut or welded his order yetI could not stop the 5% fee from the credit card company
All this information is located on the order formDelivery times and days are subject to change at anytimeThe customer agreed to these terms before giving us two credit card numbers to make his deposit
Shawn *** Manager
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
All Steel Carports actually canceled on me twice for dates already setup for installation because of contractor that they deal with was unable to be in location on first date, and second date was because the contractor was involved in an accident I was told, but would be surprising available that next Monday instead of the Friday that was agreed uponThis was in breech of the agreement we had verbally for a 3-week delivery timeI signed no contract with All Steel but insisted on charging me 5% against my CC deposit they needed to get the process moving.
I would like my full refund for my deposit since they had no intentions of having my building done in the time frame they agreed to verbally since the building materials were not even ready for deliveryIt seems more like the building was not ready as it was that a contractor was unavailable on the dates requested due to the location being hours away from my current locationI had to cancel other contractors that were supposed to do other work that weekend twice because of All Steels failure to provide services in the time frame they had given.
*** ***

Management spoke to the customer then the customer service representative gave an installation date of January 19, as well as provided free mobile home anchors for their inconvenienceThe customer was satisfied with this agreementSincerely,
*** *** Manager%

I would like my deposit refunded back to without the charges they hit me withThey have no signed agreement from me on any terms in which they claim to be charging me forThey were unable to meet the terms verbally agreed to for installation and delivery of the buildingThey canceled on me
times for dates that I was able to meet with a contractor at my siteI am taking my business else where and would like my deposit to be made whole again

Dear,This customer is correctWe received some dented doors from our door supplierI'm very sorry for the inconvenienceWe will be calling Mr*** this week to get him scheduled ASAP to get his door replaced.Thank you,***

This complaint has already been replied to, the customer canceled, and the order has been purged from our system.Thank you,Shawn
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
I did  decline to use the anchors provided by ASC, I advised them that I had just put in 17” of new gravel to level the site, if I had used the 30” ground anchors provided by ASC that would have meant that only 13” of their anchors would have been in virgin undisturbed soil, the Anchors that I bought were 48” long and were approved for use by Brian at ASC, please see attached emails.The crew installed three corner ground anchors without incident, on the fourth corner he did hit something in the ground that stopped the ground anchor, of the three Hispanic man crew only one the crew leader spoke very broken English, however his language barrier was very clear when the fourth anchor got stuck he threw his machine on the ground and said no more, I said yes you have to finish installing the anchors, he climbed on the roof, he began working on it,  he told me to do it, with that I did not want to continue into an argument with a person who spoke very little English, not being afraid of work  I picked up his machine as he said and began to put an anchor in the ground, the anchor hit something and got stuck, the machine which was not wired correctly would not shut off at the switch because it had been bypassed a definite violation of OSHA, the machine spun me a round and I ended up on top of the running machine until one of the crew ran over and unplugged the machine at this point I had enough and called Skip my sales person at all about shedz, Skip responded to my home and talked with the crew leader he still refused to attempt to install anymore ground anchors, Skip called Brian at ASC and the next thing I know the crew leader was installing one of the ASC ground anchors in the last corner which occurred without incident which was fine because in that area I did not have but about six inches of new gravel the rest of the 30” anchors was planted into good virgin compacted dirt. Skip left the site while he was installing that anchor, then the crew leader said no more, I immediately called Brian at ASC he advised me they would finish installing the last two middle anchors before they left the site, they did not install the last two anchors and they left. I called Skip and Brian back they both prommissed the crew would return before they left town and install the last two. I waited until October 12, I then called Skip and Brian back and informed them that the crew never returned, Brian said he would check into the problem and get back in touch, knowing that I Had already been lied to by Brian at ASC I filed a complaintI have three witnesses to the fact that the crew leader said no more you install them, the crew never even attempted to do the two ground anchors in the middle, the crew leader could not possibley know if they could have been installed without incident as the first three anchors went in without incident, because he never tried to install the last two even after I told him to just use the ASC anchors, in my way of thinking those anchors would have been better than no anchors.The Purchasing and use of stronger and longer anchors was approved by Brian at ASC again see attached emails between Skip and ASC as proof I did not go rouge and just order something stronger than the ASC anchors without prior approval. You are right it would not take a 100 trips, it would only require that the crew tried to install the last two middle anchors while they were onsite which they refused to even attempt, even after I told the crew leader to try the ASC anchors like he did for the last corner as the middle only has 10” of fresh gravel that would have put 20” of the ASC anchors into virgin compacted dirt he still refused to try.The building swaying in the wind is a concern to me, however with that said if your engineers have determined that no additional bracing is required to prevent metal fatigue then by all means they are the experts. However I do have a question if three foot braces would have taken the sway out of the carport why were two foot braces used.I am sorry your installation crew and Brian from ASC customer service was not truthful with you at (ASC All Steel Carports), In closing all I want is for the two remaining middle anchors installed and the swaying of the carport stopped.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. 

In Response to Mr. [redacted], We do apologize about the scheduling issues you've had. We usually can't commit to a certain date of install but can usually get pretty close to a date. Since we do traveling construction there is a pretty big chance that something can happen on the road to delay a...

schedule or delay a contractor coming back to load another schedule. That is the main reason we do not do predetermined install dates. All deposits are nonrefundable, They're used to pay the dealer for their work and also a fee to fabricate the building. Only in certain circumstances can a deposit be refunded. I listened to some calls and found one with a rep named Amanda and during that call Mr. [redacted], said the 12th of May would be best. Amanda said she would note that down and right after that said once they have a schedule sometime after the 12th you would be contacted. I then listened to another call and it was from LaVera calling to schedule the building for the 12th of May for install. Customer accepted that date of install.  Thank you,Brian S[redacted]Customer Care Department / Quality Control AgentAll Steel Carports INC.800-730-7908 765-284-0694 [email protected]: 765-284-2689

Mr. [redacted] is correct when he says he has called about the repair on his building.   I have been contacting this company from on or before March 7 2017    Mr. [redacted] is correct when he says we've told him we would schedule the repair but left off the part..... "WHEN...

WE HAVE A SCHEDULE IN HIS AREA."   they keep telling me that I will be contacted by someone    Mr. [redacted] is corrects HIMSELF when he said... "I never hear from anyone..."  BUT THEN... goes on to AFFIRM that Amber called and TRIED to schedule him for 7.17.17 BUT  HE WAS UNABLE to work his schedule to meet our crew for the repair.   I never hear from anyone. Amber the rep who schedules Ohio called and talked to me on 07/15/2017. She called to schedule the repair for 07/17/2017, and I told her I do not get home until 4:30PM    Amber tells him... I will call you as soon as I have a contractor back in your area.  Today 7/25/17 she has attempted to call him for a possible afternoon schedule on Friday 7.28 or  Tuesday Aug 1.     We look forward to having the repair completed for Mr. [redacted] if HIS schedule allows!  If these dates do not work for him, we will work him into the very NEXT schedule that  goes into his area.  Thank you,  Brian S[redacted] Customer care department / Quality control agent All Steel Carports INC. 800-730-7908 765-284-0694 [email protected] FAX: 765-284-2689

in response to [redacted] Customer ordered a building on 9/2/16 with a representative here named Tiffany. Our lead time for delivery is 4-weeks or sooner. Customer called 9/26/2016 around 2PM upset and demanding a date and time. The rep she spoke to named Mitch went and checked with...

scheduling and said we could get her on for this weekend 9/30-10/2/2016 but until he was able to pull the schedule and could find an exact day he was unable to give her a date and time but guaranteed her Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. She said if he did not get her an exact date and time and keep that appointment with her that he just needed to cancel her order. He tried to get her to give him 2 hours to put the schedule together but she refused. She said that he needed to cancel her order and refund her money. Mitch told her that wouldn't be a problem but she would have to give him the Credit Card info for a refund, to which she got very upset that we didn't keep it on file and she would be reaching out to her CC company to do a dispute for an UN-received product. We never keep credit card information on file for security reasons once it's ran it gets destroyed there is no reason to keep it after that. Customer is within the 4-week period for install. We tried to schedule the building customer did not want anymore. We are more than willing to refund her money to her card. We would need the card information to do so. Customer said she will notify her Card carrier. We will wait to hear from her credit card company. Thank you,Brian SmithCustomer Care Department / Quality Control AgentAll Steel Carports INC.800-730-7908 Ext:219765-284-0694 Ext:[email protected]: 765-284-2689

In response to Mr. [redacted], I have received your complaint. I am sorry about the experience you had with our collections agent.  I will be contacting you through phone or email regarding your building.I do apologize this is the first I am hearing of this issue.  Thank you, Brian...

S[redacted]All Steel Carports [email protected]: 765-284-2689

We took care of Mr. [redacted] issue.We apologize for the inconvenience. The customer is satisfied with the resolution to the problem.Thank you,All Steel Carports

In response to Mrs. [redacted], We do apologize about the delay in getting your driveway fixed by a contractor. We use independent contractors they're not employees of All Steel Carports. They are contracted to do the work but any damage to a customers property they are responsible for. We have...

forwarded the information over to the contractor and advised him that he needs to contact the customer and turn this over to his insurance company so this matter be taken care of. All Steel Carports will assist the customer with this matter from here with the contractor to make sure resolution is made. Thank you,Brian S[redacted]Customer Care Department / Quality Control AgentAll Steel Carports INC.800-730-7908 Ext:219765-284-0694 Ext:[email protected]: 765-284-2689

In response to Mr. [redacted], Mr. [redacted] purchased his building through one of our dealers who informed the customer we were installing buildings 4 weeks or sooner.  It is true that there is a statement on the web site from an older Q&A form that references 2 weeks…and we are making sure...

the webmaster removes the statement. Mr. [redacted] fails to mention in his complaint that HE ONLY IS AVAILABLE ON MONDAYS for an installation.  He informed us of that fact on Oct 14 2016. He also calls back to as that we call his wife’s number because our attempts to reach him on his phone were not successful and he said, “my phone is acting dumb”. He has not paid any money to All Steel Carports in reference to his refund statement.   We are working to see if we can arrange to have a contractor install his building on a Monday as soon as possible.  If Mr. [redacted] is available other days of the week, it will increase the speed in which we can install the building. Ashley a representative from All Steel Carports called Mr. [redacted] on Monday October 24th, 2016 to schedule his install for Monday October 31st, 2016. His response was that he has turned it over to the and he is trying to get his deposit back and he didn't want the Carport.  Thank you,Brian S[redacted]Customer Care Department / Quality Control AgentAll Steel Carports INC.800-730-7908 765-284-0694 [email protected]: 765-284-2689
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. 
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that the...

response would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
Lee W[redacted] I reject this response because I was told by Kaycee, their representative, that the one year maintenance warranty also covers sheet metal against rust.  I have a copy of the one year maintenance warranty on the carport.  I have an e-mail from Kaycee, their representative, stating that these panels would be covered as part of the maintenance warranty and that they would take care of this problem and they would be getting back to me shortly.  (Management never did get back to me).  The distributor also stated that this rust should be covered.  My question is what good is this maintenance warranty and their reputation if they go back on their word that they are going to take care of this problem.  Why did they take all of this time dragging their feet on this issue if it was not covered?  On my first e-mail to them, they could have simply stated there was no warranty.  As I stated earlier, I have all five e-mail responses and a copy of the warranty sheet.  I would be more than happy to mail copies of these to you if need be.

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