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To whom this may concern:As the RGM of [redacted] , KFC I would like to sincerely apologize for any bad encounter you endured in my restaurantIt is my pleasure to inform you that since your last visit our Air conditioners have been replaced and are working, also that I now have a better staff to serve youMy self along with my employees would love to invite you back to our restaurant with a golden promise that our facility is more inviting and is very sanitaryI know you mentioned corporate offering you a free meal and you would not accept but if you will please take time to come back and visit with us I would love to provide you with a free mealIf you have any further concerns please contact my store and I will be more than happy to address any questions you may haveThank you so much for your time and once again I sincerely apologize [redacted] ***RGM [redacted] KFC I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewe matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the hi as for the response that the corporate office compansated me I would love to know howbecause I got nothing from them other theni had to contact for messages there was voice message on my phone, no emailsas I stated was only acceptable communicationas I am a sole proprietor and the amount oftime I have already spent on phone with thisis to I certainly do not see anything acceptable about response Regards, [redacted]

Hello,I sincerely apologize you were dissatisfied with the price of the stacker and taco box on your last visit to my restaurant.As a result of multiple government mandated minimum wage increases over the past year, and the increase in the cost of food, we've had to take a moderate increase on some of our menu items including the stacker and taco box We feel we are still providing the best value vsour competitor's most popular combo meals.Your satisfaction is important to us and we realize you have many choices for restaurants We appreciate and thank you for you choosing Taco Bell.Thanks, [redacted]

Prior to oct.4,my name should have been in the customer care book from my visit on 9/27/When kfc did not put biscuits in my mealThere has been a total of three different visits when biscuits have not been in my mealSeptSept27, and octi have brought this to Linda attention 2xOnce when I called her on the phoneSeptAnd octWhen I spoke to her early that morning and when I came to the restaurant that evening at the drive thru window and when I spoke to the male manager on the phone

OMG IDDIOTSTom installed a pool last year and walked away after getting paid and let the whole job go south His attitude was F u his guys finished the job just to get paid (he uses young guys he takes advantage of to get his jobs done)I know its slim pickings but think hard before you hire this thief

We needed our central air unit repaired, Darko thoroughly explained all of the work to us and the cost before the repair was startedDarko also checked the warranty for usThe guys were very professional from start to finishI also want to add the price was affordable for a tight budget like mine

The chicken at this location was very bad on the 23rd of Oct Since I live thirty five minutes away from the KFC, I decided to talk with the manager in a couple of days when I went back to Taos When I approached the GenMgrhe told me there was nothing he could do about my bad chicken He said I should have contacted him immediately and because I did not, he was unable to help I explained that I live a distance away and was planning another trip back I did not want a refund but rather another chicken breast to replace the bad one they sold me At this, the General Manager turned around and ignored me as I was talking until I left the restaurant I have never been treated so horribly regarding a bad order! Please help! Sincerely, [redacted]

[A default letter is provided here which indicates that the business has not responded to you directly If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] At this time, I have not been contacted by KFC regarding complaint ID [redacted] Regards, [redacted]

There was a surcharge for using credit card and a sign for offsetting credit...No credit providedI immediately contacted customer service who stated I would receive call from store manager or district managerIt has been two weeks no callThey are being deceptive

The *** *** package purchased by Mr*** had expired on March 20, 2016. That was his time frame to request a refund for the package. After that, there is no mechanism for a refund. It was up to him to use the package or request a refund. There is however, a year
grace period to use the package's worthMr*** had tried to book twice. First in December 2015. That year, the weather was against the ski industry however, we have no control of the weather. This year he tried to book December 2016, well after the expiration date, the weather has been wonderful for the ski industry with the best conditions in years. We can not predict or control the weather. If we could have we would have guaranteed him the best conditions available. Vacations are booked all over the world and weather is an act of God and out of our control. The *** *** package is a drastically discounted package offered to their membership to use area vacation venues at reduced rates. There are restrictions and policies dictated by *** *** that as a member he signed off on which includes no refunds after the expiration date. Mr*** has more years to utilize the value of the package. That's the best he gets. *** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
There was nothing sent from corporate office as stated aginIf there was the matter never escalated to this email is *** my mailing address is ** *** ** *** *** ** ***.I can be reached by phone before am and after pm
*** ***

On the KFC website they offer $fill ups and every other KFC I visit they do the sameAt your location you charge $fill ups

I had Darko clean my furnace on 9/05/and was very impressed and pleased He arrived within the time frame he had given me, shook my hand and introduced himself and explained what he was doing He made some recommendations for improvements and advised me I was entitled to a free energy audit but was not in any way pushy or forward about any of this information He did a very thorough job cleaning my furnace and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone I will definitely use him again in the future I would rate him A+

Received call from the consumer stating that she received a call from the business and they did not leave a message. I then called the business and spoke with Manager Linda and she stated that the consumer was offered a free meal and she declined and took me to do my job. We will still offer her a free Wednesday special. The only thing she has to do is come in on a Wednesday and advise them that her name is in their "carebook" and she will receive the meal free

Dear Ms***: KFC Corporation has received the above-referenced complaint of a recent guest at one of our restaurants in your area owned and operated by a valued KFC franchiseeThank you for making us aware of this issue and giving us a chance to respondKFC has responded directly to this
guest, contacting her by email to apologize that her experience with KFC did not meet her expectationsWe explained why the chicken served by our restaurants may have some variation in size and shape, and have invited her to visit KFC again so that we may have another opportunity to serve herWe trust this information is helpful to you, and very much appreciate the's work and servicePlease contact me if you have any further questions about this matter. this time, I have not been contacted by KFC regarding complaint ID ***.Sincerely,*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
The district manager has NEVER responded to this problem. She told her corporate office she called, but that is absolutely untrue. The facts are the restaurants do not provide good service. I have followed their request to call in my order ahead of time, something that is very rare in the fast food industry. However, I do it when they will take the time to answer their phone. This response does nothing to address the issue that I called times in one evening, and was hung up on by someone who was too busy to take my order. Yes, I have complained in the past, and that's when I was told to call ahead. It doesn't appear that they are interested in the business. The reviews on YELP for this particular restaurant all say there are customer service issues, yet no one wants to deal with them. I would love to speak to the owner of this location, but he, too has refused to return my calls. I would appreciate a phone call from him
*** ***

I have reached out to KFC customer service reguarding my experience at this Kfc about prior visitsLinda reached out to me,as I was told by customer service that a district manager would be calling meWhen Linda called she did not know how to handle the situationAs she as8ked me what should be doneI stated maybe Linda could talk to the employeesLinda stated she has done that and dont know what else she could do and referred to the employees as a bunch of kidsLinda stated she wiuld put my name in the book for my biscuitsWhen I went there on 10/once again my biscuits were not in the boxSo the problem has not been fixedI stated to the manager on the phone that night they still owe me buscuits from last time,which I never recieved when I asked for themAt this time Linda does not know how to handle issues when they ariseThen when a issue arise and it is brought to her attention she becomes disrespectful and very unpleasant to talk toLinda is not customer orientedAt this time I feel this matter should be brought to the district manager / corporate attention. Someone needs to address Linda poor customer service and the manor she talks to customers in an unprofessional manorThank You for your time

At KFC we strive to uphold the standards of our brands and want every customer to fill satisfied When dealing with incidents that occur we do have a policy on refunds that requires that the customer must have the food and the receipt in order to receive a full refund We did offer a
full meal replacement and the customer did not want that I offered her half without product which is not our usual policy The customer at the time had seemed satisfied with that compromise I had not heard from the customer again until receiving news from At this time the owner has refunded the customer her full amount We don't want any customer to be unsatisfied and will take care of any concerns that arise within our policies Sincerely,Katie R***KFC

RE: Case ID # *** Customer Coxaplaint, Date of occurrence 9/2017We received your letter dated December 6, regarding a customer complaint.Customer service is of paramount importance to usWe take great pride in providing delicious fried chicken to our customers in a friendly manner
We have stringent training programs to ensure each team member is properly trained to ensure our guests are satisfied.This particular customer has complained at more than one of our restaurant locationsHer complaints range fronu issues with our drive through speakers, our telephone response : times and our serviceSeveral of our restaurant managers have spoken with her and tried to satisfy her requestsOur District Manager has also spoken to this particulat customerto satisfy her requestsOverall, we feel we have done everything in our control to satisfy the customerUnfortunately, it seems that we are notable to satisfy this customer.Yours truly,Per:*** ***

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