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Yes [redacted] you will receive the remaining balance of the 3 year 37000 mile service plan starting from Monday and going forward. I need to get a contract activated so you are in the system to redeem your remaining services. It should be active by Monday, on Monday feel free to contact Aaron at Coatesville and get your next service scheduled.

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]
 Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
The fact that [redacted] asserts they have a disclaimer in their mailer that they guarantee they are in compliance with PA law is of no consequence either way.  A court would decide if they are committing consumer fraud or not and their disclaimer would be useless except that the court might decide that [redacted] would need to indemnify the dealer if they in fact were found non-compliant.  An apology by [redacted] and/or the car dealership for any misunderstanding is of no value either.  A copy of their mailer to me is attached and it clearly indicates that I won $2,500 by matching the three 7’s.  Any reasonable person would believe that to be the case.  I took my winning ticket to the Kia dealership which [redacted] promoted.  Neither [redacted] nor the Kia dealership have told me or will tell me now what I have won.  They can tell me and the right now what I won.  If it is $2,500 or more, then I will withdrawal my complaint.  If it is not, then any flimsy answer by [redacted] or the Kia dealership about the obvious consumer fraud they committed will not suffice.  If [redacted] or the Kia dealership do not rectify this situation through the soon, I will be referring this case to a class action attorney that I know to further investigate this matter. 

I was already contacted by her brother [redacted] who is an attorney. He already pressed Kia for as much as they would take off the bill. This was the bill from Kia due to damages on the carHey [redacted], So on this acct we have already removed $130 as a settlement when [redacted] called in on the...

customers behalf. Danny was actually reviewing the damage with the agent since it was an attorney on the line, however that is the maximum we are able to adjust. I tried to get more off but they would not budge. I went to my Kia District Manager, and still ended up with the best offer of $600.  I am not sure why they feel the dealer is responsible for the damage as I explained to [redacted] the damage is not our responsibility and at every lease end the vehicle will be inspected by the manufacturer. As you can you see above there is no charge for the mud on the car. I worked with [redacted] and Kia for about a week on this already. I am sorry it is not a $0 balance I tried. We explained we were not trading the car in and we would pay out the remaining payments, since it is not a trade in we did not go out and look at the vehicle it is not our responsibility the final inspection handles that. The reason I pushed so hard with Kia is because they never sent the lease end packet again that is not the dealership but Kia Motors. When [redacted] told me she never received the lease end packet I got right on the phone and started pressing them. And with that Kia reduced the bill from $1346 down to $600.  Attached is the revised billed after her brother [redacted] and myself contacted Kia Motors Finanace. It was $1300 plus before adjustments

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 

Date Sent: 6/22/2016 3:22:44 PMI am sorry again I can only move as fast as the deal takes to finalize. Regional still says your employer has not contacted them back.  All your HR department has to do is call 302-561-6163 use reference number [redacted] If they do that the contract will be put through in 24 hours. Once it is put through I can get your tags the next day and have someone drop the tags off to you. You can also go to DE DMV and they can issue you another Temp tag, the dealership is not allowed to, but they will. Just send me a copy of the receipt and I will reimburse you. That tag will be valid for another 30 days.

The standard sticker does not state that 2.0 is included. The standard sticker comes from Kia the dealership adds the 2.0 sticker with a retail price of $2495, that package was not purchased at time of sale. Jill has been told this numerous times and does not want to hear it but that's what it...


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complaint will be closed as Answered]
 Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
I was in to cancel the warranties that I was charged thousands of dollars for, and not told that I could cancel when I came in and talked to the dealership countless times, obviously unhappy. Though I cancelled my warranties and was told I would get my money back for them, that does not excuse the outright poor customer service and shady dealings that I was dealt. A month of headaches and back and forth culminated to another dealership having to tell me that I can get my money back (a third of the total purchase/amount financed). Getting money back, that I am entitled to regardless, does not make up for selling the car I was told that you would hold for me to buy back, nor does it excuse the poor treatment I received. I am still appalled that the only response I received to my entire solution is that you believe it to be resolved. Where is an apology for poor treatment and service? Where is an apology for going back on your word? Where is an apology for causing disruptions in my life and making me miss out on valuable experiences? Where is the apology for unnecessarily costing me thousands of dollars when all you had to do was make one (perhaps two) phone calls on the first day of the problem that could have been resolved within hours, not a month. I do hope you can empathize with where I am coming from and not brush me off in your next response, as you have been for months. 

I will look into this matter immediately. The only way the 108 was not reimbursed is if the original title did not show up until after we already sent the money to the state to apply for duplicate title. I will look at the information and I will get back to you.ThanksJoe S[redacted]General Manager

You should never buy something and sign all the papers if you are not 100% certain. The reason businesses have people sign contracts is because there are no refunds, the deal that was agree upon is outlined line by line on the contract that people sign. You can't just cancel a contract. I'm sorry this lesson came to you by the way of us, that is not why we come in everyday to work. We come here to help people purchase cars and give them a great experience. Unfortunately sometimes it does not happen the way it should but by no means should we be taking all the blame for your situation. I am sorry your life was interrupted and your nerves were shot over this that is not our intention. I apologize that you are upset because that is not what we want. I do not believe we went back on our word, you said you would be right back with the check you implied that day but it was over a week going on 2 weeks later when you called back for the car.  Your life problems that were caused were not caused by us, you made a decision that you were upset about and because you were not able to come in an just erase the problem you caused for yourself you in return blame us. Again I am empathetic to your feelings but in the end our policies do not allow us to cancel deals. I am sorry this transaction did not work out and it left you upset. I wish you the best

On may 23 I brought a car since then I've been inconvenienced by filling out new contracts for different paperwork that means numerous rides to west chester last week I received another call from finance saying I need to fill out another paper because the price change... So they sent the salesman Robert to my job... I called to the reginal acceptance corp where my vehicle is supposed to be finance through the lady tells me they have no record of my paperworl .. I immediately call KIA ask to speak to finance a new guy answers the phone then puts ed on the phone he rudely tells me I have the car an they haven't gotten paid for it an they haven't sent my paperwork I'm so upset for one my old car is gone I'm still being charged weekly there taking money outta my account I have two kids an new car an I have been hit with bad luck from this car place I will not reccommend them to anybody the salesman was nice Robert Smith Edward the manager is very rude he advice me to call the bank stop payments anybody know that'll go against my credit I didn't have this problem from buy here pay here place an KIA supposed to be step up I feel taking advantage of they repared my window only because I filed complaint..I won't my paperwork sent for my payoff so I can stop being charged got car I don't have I also would like to speak with the owner about these issues

$11,000 is a fair number for trade in value, Especially with 75,000 miles on it. it will cost between $800 and $1500 to recondition the car depending on what is needed. At those miles it could need brakes, rotors, tires, ball joints, transmission service, 70k service, plus a windshield.  Fair Market Value for this [redacted] is 10,550. Below average would be a car with problems like check engine light, abs light, or air bag light on. Average is what we consider fair market value this is where the majority of cars fall into. Above is a small percent of people who drive 10,000 miles or less per year and the car has no blemishes absolutely perfect condition ( Very small percent of people fall into this category). They gave you a very fair number at $11,000 if they were trading based on a problem car they would of gave you $8000. The chart below is a reference point from [redacted] Auto Auction ( Largest Auto Auction in the US). This is the guide most dealers use for a point of reference of what a vehicle is worth.  You received a great number for your trade in this transaction it was traded as if there was nothing wrong with it.  

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
 Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:  The only thing this garage did to fix the cigarette smoke smell was change the cabin air filter after I told them I was reporting them because they sprayed a very strong chemical into the entire vehicle to cover up the smell before the sale instead of just being honest about the cigarette smoke- if they would have told me a smoker had this car I never would have bought it- I have a severe heart issue and asthma-they knew that when I was looking for a car as I was wearing a mask and told my salesman why-   thats why they lied-  lesson learned- never deal with this garage again  and dont refer anyone to them-  as I said before this garage lied and as per continental warranty kia lied and my warranty cannot be canceled unless my car is totaled or repossesed.  I have it in writing from the warranty company.  as per the wheel bearing I had to take my car back 3 times- they denied they sold me a car with a bad wheel bearing- my car could have locked up and I could have wrecked-  they denied there was a problem until I demanded they fix it.  This garage should be shut down. How dare they blame me for their faults- just take responsibility and fix the issues-  of course there is no way to get cigarette smoke smell out of a car once it has infiltrated the entire car-   be honest next time- you have been lying since you sold me the car on day one-  I was back there within a few days telling you I had a severe asthma attack while I was driving since you deceived me in regards to the smoke and my independent garage told me the wheel bearing was broken-  you called my independent garage a liar-   trust me I dont want anything from this kia dealership- I just feel the needs to know their unscrupulous business practices.  They took advantage of someone with a less than perfect credit situation,.  thats what this was about-  they also way overpriced the car-  a year later with only 5000 more miles on my car and 4 diff garages told me it is only worth 2000.    good riddance kia of west chester

This is the first I'm hearing of this.  I will look into right away and get the money you are owed immediately. The refund is a pro rated amount from the time of purchase not from the time the factory warranty ends. So it will not be 100% refundable they will pro rate the refund by how long the...

car was owned. Give me a few hours to get to the bottom of this.
Joe S[redacted] 
General Manager 

We did fix the the bearing, the cigarette smell we had two different companies come and get the smell out on 3 different occasions. The first two times she complained it did not work so we tried a different company on the third time and we have not heard from her since, until now. The warranty she...

bought is able to be canceled the refund goes to [redacted] the Lien holder. I do not feel anything was done wrong here if after the the third time the smell did not go away she should of told us immediately but not over a year later and looking for a full refund seriously? That's crazy. We are reaching out to her to let her know we would love to help her resolve her issues, but a full refund is not fair. She has used this car for over a year she has to take that into consideration as we are. We left her a message on 03/31/2014 at 3:40pm. When she returns our call I will update with the outcome.

I will look into this matter immediately. The only way the 108 was not reimbursed is if the original title did not show up until after we already sent the money to the state to apply for duplicate title. I will look at the information and I will get back to...

Joe S[redacted]
General Manager

According to our computer system he made an inquiry about selling his vehicle on 4/09/2015 and we had a tentative appointment on 4/15/2015.  He was a no show on the 04/15/2015 and our job is to follow up until we get a response back. This is the first response we have heard from him. We went...

into our system and mark him no longer interested and removed his phone number and email as of 05/21/2015.  Again we follow a process and until we hear back from a customer saying yes I'm still in the market or No I am not we continue to follow up. We were never informed either way after he missed his appointment.

The mailer that was sent out does have all the proper disclaimers on it and is not in anyway false advertising. The Company who does this mailer and prize claim is called Direct Dealer Services and they have been doing it a long time and pride themselves in being compliant in every state they...

practice in. There is a grand prize winner out there, and for everyone else they will receive a consolation prize. All odds and probability are stated in the disclaimer of the ad.

I do feel bad that we were not able to find away to help these folks, a they seemed very nice.  As far a my conversation on the phone with [redacted], I specifically told her that I would not submit anything to any lenders until they arrived for several reasons. I did review her application over the phone and did understand her situation before she made her trip.  I did tell her that if she got pulled over to tell the officer that she was on her way to look into trading the vehicle in since the vehicle was recently out of inspection.  As for the payment, I was told that she would be flexible. This is the response from Jason.

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
 Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: This is all lies. I will not continue to explain this over and over. All you did was copy and paste part of the same reply from a few days ago. It's funny how you people only reply after someone from the dealership contacts me! Every time someone from there calls me, within a few hours there is a reply here on the I wish you all would just tell the truth!!!

We are in the process of working with the credit bureaus to try and get the inquiries off her credit. This process takes time, We will keep everyone in the loop with the progress.

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