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I do appreciate your effortsYeah our credits were pretty much exact same and I was not working at allI just never understood why they ran it twice through their system and about a total of timesThat's an excessive amountI've financed cars before through dealerships and at most was hitsI did received a copy of the letter regarding this matterI just hope the credit bureaus will honnor the request.Thanks for your time,*** [A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I recently discovered another part of the flyer, but it was stuck together, and I did not see it in the beginningIt looked like a single flyer with a front and backOn the inside of the flyer it states information about a sales event for the cars at Koons AutomotiveIt says days only Wednesday February 10th to Monday February 15thAt the bottom of the flyer it gives information about the contest, but I still do not see where it says when the contest started or the deadlineIt says on the front of the card that if I matched all 7'S I would win $5,in cashThey should have never stated this on their flyer if it was untrueThey claim that only one person won, but this is not how their advertisement appearsAgain, it is very misleadingMy advice for Koons is to refrain from sending out and misleading advertisementsI could never do business with a company such as this.Regards, [redacted] ***

2/26/16To Whom It May Concern:Thank you for the notice regarding your concern with with our scratch, match & win marketing flyer.We have copied the flyer in its entirety and included it in this attachmentPlease note the highlighted areas that clearly state "DAYS ONLY THURSDAY, FEB11- MONDAY, FEB15!"On the second page it clearly states "Due to advertising deadlines etc." The in Home Date of 2/9/is just thatthe date the postal service was to have the flyer "in the home"On this same page it clearly states "Then proceed to Koons Automotive of Culpeper during event times to claim your prize!"From a business perspective this is very clearThere is a contest, during a given time frame, before and after the time period is not during the given time of the contest.Koons has had the pleasure of satisfying many winners with a variety of prizes throughout this contest, and othersHowever, the only way the contest works is as described above.We apologize if this seemed misleading as that is surely not our intentAgain, we had several potential customers who won a variety of prizes.Please let us know if we can be of further assistanceWe do try to please!Many Thanks,Koons Auto

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me However I would like to note that 2/the car did not pass Maryland inspection, and return to Koons for a rear tire, lower control arm and misfire when starting Regards, [redacted]

Sir,We had a conditional approval based on the information you provided usThe lender who provided the conditional approval rejected the approval based on the proof of income you submittedThe lender could not validate the poi and felt as if it had been falsifiedWe apologize but cannot force a bank to purchase a loan they consider falseIn addition, during this process a check was bounced to Koons, then later paid in fullBounced check fees were assessedA close family member still owes Koons money from August of Per your comment you drove the vehicle for almost two monthsDuring this two month period you accumulated miles on the car and wear and tearThe vehicle depreciated during this time periodWe are happy to work with you but please understand that the Buyers Order you signed allows for compensation for mileage, wear and tear and time in the vehicleWe will have a member of our management staff from the home office contact you asap.Thank you,Koons Auto

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I have told you numerous times what the sales rep name was from the beginning ( Decker ) and the fact that I am being told that no knows of this sales rep is again very concerning to me that a company could have someone in there building and on their property selling items and yet no one knows who's it is Orlando from the Fredericksburg location where I purchased my vehicle knows this manSince I have spoken to Orlando and he is saying that that weekend there was a liquidation sale which you guys paid some extra sales people in to sell your vehicles and that decker was their supervisor , But to me all I see is sales people selling for Koons automotive and he had to check numerous times with Orlando or whomever was in the building to approve this letter that was written at the time of the saleThen a finance guy came to my work and dared me to come to Koons and try to refinance or trade in my car so he can blow up my interest rate because his uncle had a bad experience at the place I work atI have gotten nothing but lied to and threatened but employees at your companyLike I said before I would have never purchased this vehicle if this letter wasn't written was the stipulation for me buying that I could come back after monthly on time payments and refinance my car to get a lower interest rate so I wouldn't have to pay a month for this vehicleThe exact line I was told is " is only for the first months because of the bankruptcy but make this first monthly payments on time and then come back to this location and refinance and the bank will lower the interest rate and your payments will be around , think about it if you can make payments of then the bank will know you can make its only logical , but if you come back and don't want to refinance and would rather trade it in then we will give you the amount that you paid back for the trade in as long as no derogatory remarks on your credit " ( which there aren't anything bad remarks that wasnt there when I bought the car ) thats why I came back in months, which I do not want to trade the car in I love my car but I do need to lower my payments and I feel this should be honored because this is what I was told and if not then the car was only purchased based on deception by your Fredericksburg locationI would really like to get this resolved because I feel I should not even be having to be going through this as the reason why I got the letter Regards, [redacted]

2/14/16Revdex.comKStNW10th FloorWashington, DC [redacted] *** [redacted] ***Alexandria, Va ***Complaint ID# [redacted] Dear [redacted] &,Thank you for taking time to contact usWe value you and appreciate your feedbackWe apologize you feel the circumstances surrounding the purchase of your vehicle were less than desirable and that you feel Koons was transparent and dishonestThis is never our intent! Please note Koons sublet the paint work on your vehicle to another body shop as we do not have a service facility at this locationThis could account for the amount of time it took to perform the work as we have no control of another businesses scheduleWe are happy to ask the body shop to redo their work if it is not acceptable to you and warrants being repairedWe have reviewed the paperwork in your deal jacketThe application that we submitted to the Credit Union had your social security number typed in itThe number ends in ***We have a copy of this if you would like to view itThis social security number, ending in ***, matches the social security number pulled on your credit reportWe also have a copy of this if you are interested in viewing itThe payoff authorization paperwork you signed has your name on it and a social security number that you hand wrote in ending in ***, not ***We have a copy of this if you want to view itThe registration paperwork for the travehicle had ONLY your name on it, no one elsesThe title to the travehicle had ONLY your name on it, no one elsesWe are happy to provide all documents for your viewingBecause you signed the pay-off authorization, the registration and title were ONLY in your name and you signed a power of attorney allowing us to reassign the title of the trade, we could proceed with paying off the loan and reselling the vehicleWe have done soYour trasold shortly after it was traded in and has been retitled to the new ownerAgain, thank you for contacting usWe are more than willing to look at your vehicle, confirm the deficiencies in the paint work, and repair the work if neededRespectfully,Koons Automotive [redacted]

Thank you for your concernKoons Automotive shares in this concern and is NOT refusing to release the title to you or the Credit Union Koons Automotive is bound by signing and cashing the check from your Credit Union to record a lienThe verbiage on the back of the check stated "by cashing this instrument the dealer is required to record a lien against said vehicle" In addition, we have a letter from Virginia Credit Union stating the title has to be mailed to them....please see attachedWe understand that you have shared you want to pay your own taxes and tag fees independent of the dealership, and that your Credit Union shares a lien does NOT need to be recordedOur sales manager, Jonathan R [redacted] , has spoken several times to [redacted] at the Credit Union who continues to confirm this as well However, MsCash will not provide this in writing to Koons AutomotiveKoons hands are tiedWe have cashed the Credit Union check, thus binding ourselves to record a lienIn order to record the lien we are required to pay your taxes and tag fees which total $Now that you have paid Koons the taxes and tag monies we will proceed with recording the lien and will mail you your tagsHopefully this resolves this matter in full.....Thank you,Koons Automotive###-###-#### (Title Manager)

Mrs [redacted] ,We apologize that it has taken us several days to respondHowever, we have fully investigated this situation, to include reading all of the text messages and do not concur with your assessmentWe are confident the sales person was clear in her delivery of the terms of this agreeent Regardless, we will gladly sell you the product at our cost and have it installed also at our costHopefully this will rectify the problem and allow you to become a happy customer and enjoy your purchase! Respectfully,Koons Automotive

Mr [redacted] , We appreciate your perspective and would like to share oursThis particular vehicle was listed on line before the total repairs had been completedThe repairs were more expensive than anticipated and we had no option but to raise the price to cover our costsWe were in the process of adjusting the price online when you became interested in the vehicleEven with the additional fee, that Koons spent, the vehicle was still several thousand dollars less expensive than you had been able to find elsewhere, according to your comment to our personnelOur sales person said he contacted you and said "what if I could get management to split the fee with you" and you were interested in thisThe sales person at no time had the authority to make this decision on his own, Lyndon did not approve the decision, even if it was relayed as a "what if." This is why Lyndon was adamant that we could not sell the vehicle without the recon fee as Koons was not in the position to lose money on this vehicleAgain, we apologize for the situation and are happy to help you with any other vehicle at any time, or with this vehicle at the correct price pointThank you,Koons Auto

We apologize for any inconvenienceThe sales flyer is just that, a flyer used to generate business from a sales event the company has plannedEveryone is a winner whether its $gold coin or a variety of larger prizesThis is not a scam as our company has given away thousands of prizes from many dollar rangesAll of our flyers are run first through the National Do Not Call and Do Not Send databasesPlease note that the flyer clearly states "Preferred Customers our records show that you are a finalist of one of these five prices"If your number matches a number to one of the five prizes you are a finalistYou then need to come in and spin the wheel to see which of the five prizes you wonThe flyer also states "you could be the winner"....This is not meant to mislead or misrepresent our business but to promote a planned sale for the company.Thank you for taking the time to inquire.Koons Automotive, Inc

Thank you for your commentAs you know we are in the business of selling vehiclesWe have no reason to continue to ask for proof of income unless the banking institution we are working with is asking us for the informationWe only asked you to provide what was asked of usWe would have loved to have sold you a vehicleLoved to! The banking institution we were working provided a pre approval which means if you can provide proof of what you have shared on the credit application they will approve the loanThe bank did not feel as if the proof provided was sufficient, or authentic, this had nothing to do with KoonsKoons trusted the information you provided and allowed you to take our vehicle pending the bank approval, which never happenedAt this point we had no choice but to take the vehicle backYou paid $of $dueKoons refunded you $So you drove a vehicle for two months for $We consider this a very fair experience and wish you nothing but the bestIf you could help us collect money due since Aug/Sept of from your close family member we would be most appreciativeRespectfully,Koons Auto

Sir,Again, we apologize for the confusionYou share that you submitted an online application to [redacted] ***The representative that called you from Koons Automotive was MrHerb W [redacted] Herb also works with [redacted] , [redacted] ***, etc [redacted] sells their qualified leads from on line applicants to companies like [redacted] , [redacted] ***, etcKoons only purchases qualified leads from these sources thus only qualified leads are transmitted to Koons AutoThe leads are deemed "qualified" only if the applicant has clicked the box in the bottom left hand corner of the applicationThis box says ""Authorized to Check Credit: YES"Koons then goes into a database and prints the qualified leadsYour lead was and still is in the databaseHerb W [redacted] contacted you after he received the leadYou all spoke about a vehicle that you liked at [redacted] but you weren't happy with the financing that was offeredHerb then spoke with our Finance Office and for whatever reason we chose not to pursue the dealIf we could remove the credit check we would be happy to but this is a legitimate request to the bureau regarding the opportunity to purchase/sell a vehicleBecause you submitted this application on line, and it was sold to various companies, Koons being one of these, and due to the fact that Koons did review your bureau for the possible purchase of structuring a sale Koons is not able to request that the bureau inquiry be removedAgain, we apologize if this has inconvenienced you in any way.Thank you,Koons Automotive

[redacted] Please accept our sincerest of apologies** has experienced a recent family emergency with his mother and he has been in and out of work as a result of her diagnosisPlease know that we will definitely provide you your spare key and would also like to offer to detail your vehicle free of charge for the inconvenienceIn the future please feel free to contact our sales manager or General Manager as they too can assist you [redacted] will be in touch as soon as he can set this upThank you,Koons Automotive

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: After the way we were mistreated by MrG***, I am not surprised that he would deny what happened In case anyone else is unsure that we had agreed to a deal, I have attached the receipt for the cashier's check we were told to bring As requested, it was made out for $11,to Koons Automotive Inc We were told, "Put the Inc on the end, there's an inc." No further response is required from the dealership, they clearly are not going to acknowledge the truth Regards, [redacted]

Complaint ID# [redacted] Dear [redacted] &,Thank you for taking time to contact usWe value and appreciate you and your feedback.Weapologize for not sending a final response in the allotted time allowed by as we take pride inresponding and attempting to rectify any and all situationsMy wife had a family member pass away in NC and was out of town for a bit thus our delay,We apologize that you may feel Koons was transparent and not honestThis is never our intent We began conversing about this note in the middle of DecemberNot once was a name given, nor legible to be read, until middle of January when you shared the person was DeckerWe have spoken with all of the employees at the Fredericksburg location and no one recalls this conversation or note, again our apologiesRegardless, we have no reason to lie to youIn all the years that we've been in business We've never had a customer come back with a hand written note of this natureOur employees know and have appropriate paperwork with Koons letterhead that represent virtually every situation that we could encounterWe are not lying, calling you a liar, or trying to be dishonest in any mannerWe will be happy to help you refinance the vehicle, if we can find a bank willing to do soWe work with over 40+ lenders so there is a great possibility that we can help! We will work with you on the trade in amount and promise to provide fair trade in value with the condition and mileage on the vehicle taken into consideration as Wel.We sincerely appreciate your Service to our Country and would like to share that we value you and your ServiceWe have no reason to treat you differently or disrespect you in any wayIt is our pleasure to be able to Work with you.Again, thank you for contacting usWe are happy to help in your refinance process if at all possibleIn the interim I have included several free oil change coupons and free detail certificates for your personaluse

3/23/15To Whom this may Concern:Please accept our sincerest of apologies regarding the frustration you experienced receiving your VaState tags, Koons shares in the same frustrationWhen Koons received your title the Vehicle Identification number was one digit off from the Vehicle Identification number of the vehicle you actually purchasedKoons could not legally prepare the paperwork to process your tag and title until this issue was resolvedWhile Stefanie doesn’t remember telling you the tags would be ready on March 1st, she did visit the DMV times in an effort to get the issue resolvedOn her third visit DMV was able to resolve the problem, and she notified you immediatelyStefanie wasn’t comfortable quoting a date that your tags would be ready as the correction process lied within the DMV and not with herPlease note that the date of March when you share you contacted Koons was yesterday, which is a Sunday, and Koons is not typically open on Sunday unless we are in the midst of a sale submitted your complaint on 3/so the date of March cannot be validRegardless of the situation being completely out of Koons hands, we are guilty of not keeping you abreast of the situation and for this we do apologizeIt’s not our desire for this to happen to any customer, including a service memberThank you,Koons Automotive, Inc

[redacted] we apologize for your concernsAs you are aware, your loan had to be recontracted at the bankYour loan was funded on 8/and your tags and pay off were processed after this dateIt is not in our best interest to process the pay off of a trade in vehicle until the vehicle being purchased is fundedLikewise, we do not process the tags for a vehicle until the vehicle is fundedOur finance manager attempted to contact [redacted] ***, you provided the number to herUnfortunately she was only able to leave a messageOur staff left voice mails for you last week sharing that your tags are ready for pick upWe apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate you and your businessPlease let management know if we can assist you further.Koons Automotive

Mrs [redacted] ,Thank you for sharing the texts, againThis set of texts were sent before you actually came into the dealershipWhile you were at the dealership we tried to have the tv/dvds added to your deal but were unsuccessfulAs you are aware we tried everything we could that would include theseWe could not get the deal approved with this additional expense, thus the later conversation you had with the sales person regarding her splitting the cost of the devices/install with youAgain, Koons is more than happy to pay for your installation if you will purchase the devices at our costThank you,Koons Auto

Mam,We are sorry for the confusionAt no time did Koons intentionally misrepresent anything to youAs you share the sales man and the manager both shared the price on the windshield was a cash priceWe would love to be able to help you purchase a vehicle and have no reason not to assist, this is after all the line of business we are inAfter speaking to the manager who assisted you he shared that they really enjoyed working with youYou were polite and very friendlyThey tried their best to make a deal happen for you but were unable toWe did not mean to imply that your credit was poor only that with your bureau score the banks we could obtain financing with required a large feeIf we could have helped you we certainly would haveIn addition, your co-buyers state issued id wasn't being held intentionallyHad either of you asked for it it would have been returnedThe manager shared that it was on his desk and he just forgot to return it until after he reviewed the options for financingHe also mentioned that there were no other vehicles shared with him that may have been of interest to youYour first post did not share additional vehiclesRegardless, we apologize for the experience you had at KoonsOur sales man and manager enjoyed working with you and felt you were understanding when they explained the financing situation to youAt no time did they sense hostility or discontentThere was no advertising involved here as the price advertised is the purchase price of the vehicle when paying with cashThank you for your time and again we apologize that we couldn't please you,Koons Auto

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