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Kris Smith Quality Horses

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Review: purchased blue roan gelding with no papers just coggings on labor day weekend 2015 .when I spoke to kris s[redacted] on phone prior to going to look at horse I told him I wanted a 10year old he told me he was 12 which I said was ok.when I got there with a friend we looked over horse and I rode him he gave me coggings to look at the coggins states hes 10years old I asked kris about difference in age and he stated that he looked in his mouth and that he was a twelve year old and I said a two year difference was ok. told him I do games on horses called a gymkhana (speed events)and do team penning and sorting with cattle and he told me he came off a feed lot in Kentucky working with cows .I also trail ride a lot do parades and go to nj shore to ride a lot and need young horse. my other horse in 25 years old and cant be ridden. paid 2,800.00 for him.brought him home had him vet checked the 1st week of sept. was told he had slight arthritis in frt knees. asked if this is common with a horse at 12yrs that worked with cattle all his life and vet said yes its not bad. the equine dentist was coming the 1st week of nov to do all of the horse in our barn with a vet if any horses needed to get sedation so I didn't have my vet ck his mouth at the vet ck also because they charged extra and I didn't have a problem or concern about his age that I was told by kris. when I had my farrier come to ck my new horses feet I was told he had shoes on that where 2 sizes too small and where sitting on point of corn and almost caused abcess. in nov. when dentist came my horse had to be sedated his teeth where a mess had not been done in a long time his insicors where also bad and his bite was way off. at that point in time I asked the 2 dentist plus the vet to ck his age with out talking to each other they all said he was aged between 20 and 22 yrs. I almost pasted out and then was [redacted] off and then started to crying. tried to contac kris left mess did not return my call. then finally got him told him about teeth he said bring him back and I will get you another horse I said I'm attached to him love him plus have over 1,000.00 invested in shots and shoes an dentist are you going to give me that money he said a big NO and and then said keep him until hes no good to ride any longer then bring him back and I give you new horse at the same price you paid I said no. I would not have come to look at him if I knew he was aged if I had my own barn I might buy him as a extra horse and give him a good life in his old age . I would have only paid 500.00 also I paid board at a private stable. he told me his dad and him sell old horses for what I paid all the time.. that's bull no 1 is going to pay 2,800.00 for and aged horse now is see why he has arthritis in his frt legs . I want all my money back that I paid for the horse and plus money for all the 1,000.00 I will take him to court



I (Kris S[redacted]) am responding to a customer complaint from [redacted]. Complaint id number [redacted]. I do remember talking to [redacted] and selling [redacted] the Blue Roan horse. [redacted] came up and purchased the horse when she came up she went all over the horse and rode him. I had a coggins health paper from a vet stating that the horse was 10. I told her the horses teeth looked like 12 to me . When buying a horse that is not registered it is impossible to tell exactly how old they are. Health papers from vet said 10 I told her 12. If you ask 3 different vets you will get 3 different answers. I give all my customers the right to have a pre purchase exam from a vet of there choice before purchasing the horse. she never did that and she had the oppertunity to. [redacted] took the horse home told me how much she loved the horse and 3 months later calls me and says her vet says hes older then she wanted . I give a 30 day guarantee to trade a horse back if there not happy . So when [redacted] called 90 days later I said well if your not happy [redacted] I will still trade you another horse even tho its been so long. I told her I would trade her head up for a equal value horse and she said no she was attached to this horse and liked him so much and didnt want to get rid or him. I also offered her to keep her horse and ride it a couple more years and if it was to old to ride in a couple years to bring it back then and id still trade her another horse. I was really trying to work with her but she did not want to get rid of the horse because she liked it so much . She told me she wanted the 2800 back( purchase Price) plus her cost of 1000 for keeping the horse so a total of 3800 dollars and still wanted to keep the horse. So she asked me to send her 3800 and for her to keep the horse. Now I dont know any business wether its [redacted] or any other store that will give all your money back plus more than they paid and still keep the product they bought. I thought my 2 offers to [redacted] was more than fair. Thank You Kris S[redacted]

Review: Purchased a horse that was unsafe- bucked. Seller replaced with a horse that damaged our barn. We then were upcharged another $1000 for a registered horse. The horse's registration papers have not been forwarded to us despite repeated contact with the seller. Horse was purchased in July of 2014. Lack of registration papers greatly decreases the value of this horse- is would not have paid more for a horse without registration papers.Desired Settlement: Registration papers for horse or $1000 refund.

Review: On June 19, 2014 I Purchased a 9 year old black gelding horse from Kris Smith quality horses at the Cook Forest trail ride in Clarion Pa. This horse was described as a safe quiet well broke trail horse. I had a friend bring this horse home for me which is a 3 hour trip one way. This horse was kept at her location. In the mean while I was able to trail ride this horse 5 times after we brought the horse home. aprox 2 weeks into owning this horse my friend who is a seasoned rider was working with the black gelding in a round pen to improve controls and soften this horse with riding. In this time this horse became an unsafe horse and began to started bucking and threw the person riding this horse at a walk speed. The horse continued to buck in the round pen after she was thrown off. Contacted Kris to get a refund of the $1800.00 he disclosed that he does not offer a cash refund. At purchase there was no refund policy disclosed. Kris offered to bring the horse back to his consignment sale and resell the horse there. We sent a description of this horse Kris only to see the only selling information In the catalog was listed as blk ranch horse rode during cowboy week by Ken Mcnabb. Kris had not used the description he had asked up for he placed us 59th in the sale started at 2 pm we arrived around 11am and the horse did not go through until after 5pm that day. The horse continued to buck and show signs of not being a beginner safe horse . A certified trainer rode this horse in the sale and had the same issues with the bucking horse. She stated this is not a broke horse the horse reacts badly to leg pressure when asked to perform. I also paid another $50.00 to register this horse in his sale. This horse that was advertised as a safe really broke horse was 2400.00 that a month later couldn't bring 600.00 at his sale. I believe this dealer bought back his own horse a month ago I payed $1800 for $575.00 I will also lose a portion of that price due to sales fees paid during a consignment sale.Desired Settlement: Refund total 1800.00 purchase price of horse$50.00 for registration for consignment sale.

Review: Kris Smith sold me a horse that medically was crippled prior to me buying it. My vetrinarian diagnosed this horse with ring bone in which he has had for a long time. I I bought the horse on his word he said all of his horses are medically sound. He had a friend of his haul the horse from Pennsylvania into Ohio via without a coggins test or health papers which I was told they were in the mail still haven't received them. I thought hauling livestock into another state without proper paperwork is illegal. He broke our contract as no coggins or health papers were provided.I paid the guy shipping the horse 200 dollars the trailer was suppose to be enclosed it was not the wind chill was below zero he arrived in a stock trailer completely open. I paid 2000 dollars for the horse he overcharged the credit card still waiting waiting on my refund. As my horse has been lame we sought out a vet he told that the horse has ring bone a condition he has had for a long time. My 15 year was planning on riding this horse to compete in. Kris reassured me that all of his horses are sound not in this case because the slightest bit of arena work makes this horse lame. I tried everything to help this horse I tried to resolve the issue with Kris but he hung up on me during our phone call. My receipt he provided has no date on it.Desired Settlement: Refund and would like him to quit advertising horses that are lame. Kids get attached to their pets. This is an awful situation.

Review: I purchased a horse from Kris and he told me he was a calm dead broke trail horse. That was exactly what I wanted. He rode this horse and then I did and he was great. I got him home and he was a total different horse. I've had two trainers work with him now and he is not the horse I bought. Did not find any medical problems . We are thinking the horse was drugged. I spent $2000 on this horse that was supposed to be very trained and now I have to spend a ton of money on training to get this horse where I want. I got a hold of his original owner from his papers and he said he has NEVER had any training. This is so wrong to do to people. Luckily no one got hurt.Desired Settlement: I would like half of my money back. $1,000 to help cover training expenses.



This is Kris S[redacted] responding to a customer complaint from [redacted]. Id number [redacted].I personaly do not remember the horse or [redacted] as we sell alot of horses in a years time and since the purchase of the horse is coming up on a year ago. I have never drugged a horse. She states the horse has rode great at my place , it is impossible for me to guarantee what a horse will do after they leave my control and possession. If [redacted] would of called and let me know the horse was not working out I would have traded her for another horse as I offer to anyone who buys a horse from me that if they dont work out and the people are nice I will always trade for anther horse within a month. It is impossible for me to do anything to help [redacted] when she never calls and tells me she is having a problem. Instead of turning this into the all she had to do was pick up the phone and call me and I would have been more then happy to trade her out for a equal value horse. Which is way more then most other people that sell horses will do as they most all sell them as is with no refunds and trade backs. Thank You, Kris S[redacted]



Review: I purchased a horse for $1600 for my children in June 2nd 2014. [redacted] told me that the horse was in perfect health and perfect for children. Upon getting the horse home he started to have issues. I had a vet come out and look at him and was told that the horse has an old injury that could not be fixed. He would need special shoes, which are very expensive and that still will not SOLVE the problem! I have tried to contact [redacted] numerous times and he does not answer my calls or emails! I dont mean to sound insensitive but I spent alot of money on this horse, fuel and medical bills already and my children cannot even ride this horse! I would like to bring the horse back and get a full refund but [redacted] will not even speak to me!Desired Settlement: Full refund for Horse and medical and fuel bills

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