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[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved Regards, [redacted]

Hello, A resolution is in place pertaining to this matter A combined effort between Mr [redacted] , a La-Z-Boy Corporate Liaison, and our Director of Sales have come up with an agreement to have a unit ordered in the timeliest manner possible This was an initial error on our part and we do deeply apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused Our sincerest apologies! Jake S [redacted] Director of OperationsLazboy Furniture Galleries

I'm writing in reference to Case# [redacted] for customer Floyd [redacted] in the amount of $1,Mr[redacted] special ordered a [redacted] Recliner in our [redacted] location on May 15, His recliner was delivered to him on June 8, and he signed the delivery invoice stating that his recliner was delivered to his satisfaction.In September of a service technician was dispatched to his house to repair the rocker sub assembly, which was repaired to Mr [redacted] 's satisfaction.On April 10, Mr [redacted] called to complain that the leather on the back headrest was wearingAnew back was ordered on the same dayOn May 9, the technician went to Mr [redacted] 's home and replaced the back, again to Mr [redacted] 's satisfactionOur return policy, which Mr [redacted] signed, advises that there is a day return policy at the time of sale, and it was past that time frame.We are clearly trying to work with Mr [redacted] with the issues he has reported to us with his chair.I have included all necessary documentation regarding this claim to support what we have reported is accurateIf you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to call my office phone at [redacted] , or email me at [redacted] Thomas M [redacted] General Manager La-Z-Boy Furniture Home & Decor [redacted] ***

I purchased furniture had to pay % in full before they would order furniture because it was not in stockstill don't have it I just moved to Birmingham went to La-z Boy to purchase new living room set and Dining Room sethad to pay in full before the manager would order furniture which I didover Seven thousand dollarsLiving room furniture has been delivered tables are in but have not been deliveredI call every day and am told that they will deliver next day still don't deliverI ask for a refund was told it was a special order and they don't refund for that

The customer service person told me that they won't fix my chair even after saying they would send someone out to look at it - in a monthThis will be almost months after I first requested help for itShe was using every reason she could think of for them not to fix it; first she said it was from our dog, then she said we didn't maintain it properly, and that our warranty wouldn't cover itSo, I'm thinking they already have their mind made up not to fix it no matter whatThe problem is with the leather; not dogs or maintenance- we have a pound dog, and We only wipe it down with a damp cloth like we were told toWe aren't asking for anything except it to be fixed, and if that's not possible to replace it like our warranty states have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I had told the store when they called about the $refund that it was below the amount I was expectingThe rep then said she would take that information back to her corporate offices to see about getting moreAdditionally, their statement about dust and dirt blowing in on my chair is a lieThose were ashes from a cigarette and I have a witness who can attest to thatI also requested a call from the regional management team that covers that store to apologize to meThat wasn't offered in their attempt to close this matterRegards, [redacted]

On March *, the corporate office had called [redacted] in response to his complained about the odor, at that time [redacted] informed them that the odor was dissipatingIt was explained to him that this is a new leather odor which will dissipates in time, usuallythirty days As stated on the invoice that [redacted] signed at the time of purchase Merchandise is not returnableThank You,Georgette C*** have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Regards, [redacted] If you were to go into the store and pretend to want a chair upholstered in leather and ask to see the leather, you will be able to see the difference in the leathers(As a further proof they will suggest that you buy something to condition the thinner leather If you choose the thicker leather, they will tell you that you do not need to condition the leather because the color, etcgoes all the way through – it is their “best” In addition, you could ask for a quote on both the leathers.) The store will not let you take the samples out of the store.Yes, the company did replace the back of the recliner because of a cut, but – again – the leather is much thinner than the one I chose in the store.You can also see the difference of the leather if you were to compare the sample with the leather where it is stapled to the chair At first they said it was because it was the same leather as the one I had chosen, but the backing on the leather had been scraped (or cut, I can’t remember exactly) off Then they said that it was because it was stretched – However, if you feel the leather on the arms, etcyou will see that it has not been stretched and is loose.If you need me to do anything more, let me know.Thank you

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/06/18) */ La-Z-Boy is a very reputable company who stands behind their product and their warrantiesEverything is made and sewn by hand and sometimes service has to be done here locally once we receive the unitsLa-Z-Boy's warranty is to repair or replace the defective part and not the pieceEverything on a La-Z-Boy can be replacedIf these issues were found during the inspection at La-Z-Boy before they went out La-Z-Boy would not have just scrapped the piece and started overThey would replace the necessary partsThat is what we are allowed to do here in the fieldWe have ordered right and left arms and the seat which can easily be installedThe parts are being shipped to our Peoria warehouseWhen we receive the parts we will call the customer and schedule the installationIn the meantime, the chair is in the customer's home for their use Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 7, 2015/06/22) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) We paid at the time of placing the order $and that chair was not inspected at their Peoria StoreThe poor workmanship is unsatisfactory for usNow we feel if they do not want to totally replace the entire chair, not just parts, we will be demanding our money back for the total amount of the chairThat chair should never have reached our homeWe are not allowing anyone to come in to our home and fix that chairWe will accept the other chair even though the mechanics were broken when it came to our home Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 9, 2015/07/02) */ LA-Z-BOY'S WARRANTY IS TO REPAIR OR REPLACE THE DEFECTIVE PART NOT THE ENTIRE UNITIF LZB WOULD HAVE NOTICED A DEFECT ALONG THE ASSEMBLY LINE THEY WOULD NOT HAVE STARTED ALL OVER BY BUILDING A NEW PIECETHEY WOULD ONLY REPLACE THE DEFECTIVE PARTWE HAVE TECHNICIANS THAT WORK FOR LZB ONLY WHO ARE TRAINED TO REPLACE THESE PARTSTHE ARMS BOLT ON AND BOLT OFFVERY EASY REPAIR AND CAN BE DONE IN THE CUSTOMER'S HOMELAZBOY'S WARRANTIES HAVE NOT CHANGED SINCE

My original response was not written or meant to be taken as " a nasty snotty response"I simply stated the facts from the original agreement and consumer warranty information attached to the product Currently we have agreed with the customer to make a ONE TIME EXCEPTION to send a service technician to the consumers home at NO CHARGE to take care of the customers concernsThe house call is scheduled for May 27th I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]Tom references a phone call that will be made to me by the [redacted] *** on 6/27/ As of 7:pm, I have received no such phone call from the store Regards, Colleen [redacted]

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries - Portland has reached out and made contact with [redacted] We have coordinated a plan of actions to complete the resolution of complaint to client's expectations as stated in the complaint This activity is in process with an anticipated completion and acceptance of client by Saturday March Mark H [redacted] - Operations Manager

Requested a full refund due to unacceptable quality product and poor customer service Three weeks and no response or refund of any kind Purchased a sofa in late February with a sales pitch of no more than three week delivery time Finally, received sofa April however, the item was damaged beyond belief and filthy The delivery team actually recommended I reject the delivered item based upon damaged condition I went to the local store that day and was told they were closed, the sales person was on vacation and I could not call a manager for additional assistance, only the sales person could help me April I received a bill for the furniture I do not currently have, I was forced to dispute the charge to negate the minimum due payment I have since been handed off via email to the General Manager [redacted] who has not so much as acknowledged my email yet I still have this $charge on my card and a $deposit with Lazyboy My order number is 3COVI The

The sofa doesn't appear to have any broken parts.After sitting on the sofa for a few days we found that we both experienced pain - my lower back and leg, - my husband's neck and hands.? We discovered this after using the sofa for a few days, 1/hour to hour at a time which was all the time we could tolerate because of intense out gassingAs previously stated, we went to great lengths to provide air circulation around the sofa, as we were not able to be in the same room with it for approximately one week after deliveryThe possibility of returning the sofa never came up till we were able to use it.We are older folks, I am 72- this is an unfortunate situation.No one instructed us to read the small print on the sales slip, front or back.? We were never told to sign the agreementWe? never realized it was a matter of three days.Because we cannot sit comfortably on the sofa for more than to minutes without the result being painful, we find that it is not functioning as intended and is certainly not helping us to"Live Life Comfortably," La Z Boy's motto

The chair that the consumer selected to special order is represented on our showroom floor and has the same tailoring design that are shown in the customers pictures which indicate that there is nothing defective with how the chair was madeLa-Z-Boy makes over different styles of chairsThis particular design is puffy, casual, marshmallow soft, comfortable designIn order to achieve this design the fabric is not pulled real tight and has gathering along the sew linesThis is very popular in today's relaxed comfort designsThis design and fabric application does not make the product a lesser qualityThe chair is made from the same raw materials such as wood, steel, foam, springs, [redacted] that is used through out the entire line.It appears the customers dislike is the visual design not structural or performance On 8/1/our service department called the only phone number on the sales order ( [redacted] ) to set up an appointment to send a professional upholstery craftsman to the customers home to see if something can be done that would be acceptable to the customer without completely altering the designWe never got a return phone call to the message that was left

bought new Furniture, had faults I was told that the repairs would take week, weeks later I have no clue what they are doing with my furniture Spent over 5k on furniture end of December and then waited weeks to receive the furnitureSince then my recliner has been in their repair shop for weeks with little to no updates, sent email after email seldom get a responseI also Purchased sectional from them at the same time, this is also having issues Cannot get any response from customer service

Consumer states that business has contacted her and the complaint issues have been resolved

As of today we are unaware of any outstanding service problems We do have a "Rebate" in the amount of $for late delivery provided by La Z Boy We are not sure who to give the rebate to since the furniture was paid for by another family member If there are other concerns we would like to know what they are so that we can handle them quickly It is our intent to provide proper service after the sale If the [redacted] do not feel that we have done that please call either [redacted] *** or [redacted] at the showroom

Sales order 1125611DLUF was placed at the Town Center location 11/25/The purchase included special ordered item/s (including blue leather loveseat), quoting a standard 4-weeks for produictionThe product / order arrived 1/4/2017, within the alloted time frame, in which the customer was notified via phone, and delivery scheduled 1/17/Upon delivery, the blue leather loveseat was found to have a small cut in the back panel, which ultimately called for a replacement unit in full, considering the amount of upholstery work involved to repairThe customer service department entered the concern in our database on 1/20/2017, days after delivery - not weeks after calling & emailing as suggested aboveAt this point the customer had been in contact with Steve Edmunds, the customer service manager, and acquired contact information for both email as well as phone number & extensionA replacement loveseat was ordered under sales order 0203711ECGW after acquiring necessary documentation of the concernThe new loveseat arrived 3/16/2017, again within the typical 4-week predictionDelivery ws scheduled for 3/29/2017, in which the loveseat was refused by the customer for having skewed upholstery workmanshipThe refused loveseat was? returned to our service center to correct the upholstery work, with the understanding our master upholsterer was capale of correcting the issueThe concern was corrected (to the best of our ability) and scheduled to return to the customer via home delivery on 4/16/2017, in which the delivery staff was confident that the customer would not have been satisfied with the resultsA 3rd loveseat was ordered at this point, being the only avenue to satisfy the customer in regards to? quality workmanship of a loveseatThe new loveseat arrived 5/13/2017, and scheduled for delivery 5/16/This delivery was sucessful, and satisfactory to the customer.Upon delivery of the new loveseat on 5/16/2017, the delivery team was unaware that the original loveseat had to be returned to our warehouse, and unfortunately left it in the customers' possession by mistakeBeing that the delivery driver is liable for any lost or stolen product by contract, upon realizing his mistake, began to panic in regards to his attempts at retreiving the itemMultiple phone calls, as well as? an email,? were sent to the customer, explaining that we had realized what mistake had taken place - unfortunately without a resonse returned by the customer.? In no way, did we instruct the delivery driver on the actions taken, to collect the furniture from the homeWe too feel the way the delivery driver conducted his attempts? (described by the customer), to have been unprofessional, and certainly could have been handled within business hours at the customers' conveineceUp to this point, though frustrating for both parties involved, business was handled professionally.Thus far, a monetary refund amount, or credit, to be given to the customer for the inconveinences experienced, has not been discussed nor requested by either party involvedAfter reviewing the case, we do feel that the customer has been extremely patient during the process of trying to satisfy the order "in good condition", and are open to the discussionPersonally, I apologize if I have proven to be "a thorn in your side", as our records of conversation? by? both phone and email throughout the last few months suggests otherwise.? I feel I have made every effort within my authority to work in your best interests, though obviously some of those attempts prooved to be failed efforts.Please feel free to contact me directly at the same number (or email)? provided to you in January -? [redacted] Customer Service Mgr

Better Business Bureau: I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved Sincerely, [redacted] LaZBoy's resolution to pick up the recliner and give me a full refund is acceptable The matter will be resolved when LaZBoy picks up the recliner and provide me with a full refund

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