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Review: Ordered couch on 3/17/13 was delivered on May 30, 2013. Couch was defective and missing parts that held it together with rest of couch. After many calls to company and store they sent someone out to fix it after a week. Still was not correct. Parts of the couch are now coming out due to the poor material and make of the product. Have had nothing put problems with the couch and the store dealing with these issues. Called for warranty and will take 3 weeks for someone to come out and look.Desired Settlement: Would like a refund but they wouldn't before when it was delivered defective and keeps failing apart after 3 months. For the money that I paid you would think that the couch wouldn't be. If I can't get a refund I would like some cash back or a complete replacement of this couch. This is the worst product that I ever bought!



Please see attached response.

Review: In Aug/Oct we contacted Lazy-boy regarding a defect issue with the a metal rod ripping through the backing of our couch causing a hold in the wall. Lazy boy sent out a technician to replace the backing and rod. He informed us that this couch has been discontinued and has problems with the backing rods due to the design and to contact Lazy boy again if it continued to happen. In December after a couple of months of use, the same issue occurred with a metal rod tearing through the backing making a hole in the fabric causing a hole in my our wall. We contact [redacted] out of the [redacted] office and was told that it was our fault that the backing was defective since we should have it much further from the wall and refused to fix it even though it is a known defect. We explained to him that we were told this was a defect by not just one but two people at his sales office when we purchased a new couch and were told this was discontinued. He denied problems with the couch even though his technician and sales reps advised us the couch has problems with the back and were discontinued. He was rude and condescending. He first said he would fix it and then stated he changed his mind. He proceeded to give us a analogy of a rubber tire. When We asked to speak with his manager, he hung up on us and cold transferred in the middle of our complaint. I was also informed that he provided us with misleading information on who he reports to stating [redacted] the VP of Operations but we were told by Lazyboy service to contact [redacted] or [redacted].Product_Or_Service: Couch currently discontinuedAccount_Number: can locate under phoDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)Stand by your product, it was not fixed correctly and we should not have to pay for a defective product especially at Lazy boy. We expect more and expect you to honor the workmanship and guidance by you technician. Address the issues of poor and misleading service by [redacted] at your [redacted] location.



I talked to [redacted] on 01-02-14 regarding the issue. It was concluded that due to the motion sofa sliding from normal use it had positioned to close to the wall and when reclining the back had hit the wall causing the damage. [redacted] felt due to that information not being presented to her that we should order another back for her(this is the second replacement) and install it at no charge. I agreed to do this one last time. The upholstered back was ordered on 01-03-14, we received it on 01-21-14. Contacted the client and scheduled to install it on 01-29-14, arrived at the 10-12 time window which was confirmed and no one was home. They have been rescheduled for 02-11-14 for the installation.Sincerely,[redacted]V.P OperationsLa-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Arizona

We purchased a new recliner 2 years ago expecting a great product. We had purchased a recliner 20 years ago and it is still in good condition, so apparently the quality has declined greatly. The new recliner has already broken. When we purchased the product, we were told it had a lifetime warranty. When we tried to use the warranty to have it fixed, we were told that the warranty would only cover the materials and we would have to pay $40.00/hr in labor fees. Also, you either have to deliver the piece to the service center yourself or pay a large fee for pick-up.

Review: We purchased the "Astor" reclina-way recliner on 11/18/12 and within one week the store advertised in the Syracuse Post Standard the "'Astor' big man recliner for $449". The lower price was good for 4 days only--Friday through Monday. This price is less than what we paid. We called the store on Sunday 11/25 to see if we could receive the lower price as basing our inquiry on the "Lowest Price Guarantee" section as stated in the terms and conditions of sale. The guarantee states "If within 30 days of your order date you see the identical merchandise advertised for less, under the same terms and conditions, we will gladly refund the difference in full. See store for details, some restrictions may apply. By signing below, you confirm that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the sale set forth above." We were told NO. The chair advertised was a rocker/recliner and therefore not the same. No where in the ad does it say rocker/recliner. The owner of the store (according to the manager) said the picture of the chair, approx. 1 x 1, was a rocker/recliner and that is what's on sale. All the 4 chairs pictured in the ad say recliner in their description. Unless you know that the base of the La-z-boy rocker/recliner is wood, the average consumer would think that all the chairs pictured were just plain recliners.The words in the ad do not match the merchandise pictured and therefore the advertising is false and misleading.Desired Settlement: Or we will take $200 in store credit toward another chair.



Consumer ordered a specific stationary chair on 11/18 with a fabric of their choosing.

Review: I purchased a chair August 2013 and was told it could take 2 months. After 2 months had pasted they could not provide me a date I would get my chair. In November after much frustration and requesting compensation the Store Manager offered me $50 to be taken off the price. $50 did not meet my loss of not getting my chair but I agreed. After reviewing my bill the credit was not on my account I again called the Store Manager and she mailed me a sheet of paper showing the credit on the left side of the page. However it was not taken out of the balance on the calculated right side. I sent this to to the credit card company and they obviously denied it. Not only did I not get this credit, but another $50 credit offered to me August for a delay in my order being process and the mishand[redacted]g of the order by the clerk named April I believe.Desired Settlement: I would like the $100 credit applied to my account at once.



3075 Beacon Boulevard


Sacramento, CA 95691

RE: [redacted]


# [redacted]

Thank you for your recent inquiry in

regards to our customer, [redacted]n. We

appreciate your concern for our customers who choose La-Z-Boy to furnish their


Ms. [redacted] received a credit of $50.00

off her sale. The adjustment was made in

our sales system on November 26, 2013.

We processed Ms. [redacted]n’s financing after her delivery on November 29,

2013, which is why she will not see a credit on her credit card or financing

account. The original sale totaled at $1039.15

and the amount charged to Ms. [redacted] is $985.02, a difference of $54.13.

We have no record of an additional

$50.00 credit due and believe Ms. [redacted] is referring to the same credit.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries takes

pride in doing their best to solve any problems our customer’s experience. We are more than wiling to address the

concerns of our customers in a timely manner.

Please contact us at ###-###-#### if you have any questions.



I am rejecting this response because:

Review: We ordered a living room set from Lazy-Boy on March 8, 2014. A loveseat, 1 sofa, 3 tables and a rocker recliner. The sofa and loveseat came in with terrible defects. We received them at my house on July 3, 2014. The arms on both loveseat and sofa have decorative cord piping that were not sewn properly and did not catch when sewn or stapled at manufacturing place where they were put together. The cushions were not stuffed properly on the back cushions. The seating cushions are all wavy, pipe cording was not properly sewn and inserted straight. They are very very wavy on the seating cushions, like I have owned the set for 10 yrs. We have another Lazy-Boy couch and loveseat for 20 yrs, this set also has cord piping on seating cushions, every one has sat on it, from 100 lbs. to 200 lbs. and the cording is straight as an arrow the seats were never wavy and ugly. We also had bought the set at Lazy-Boy on San Mateo 20 yrs. ago. Apparently Lazy-Boy manufacturing co. does not care about putting together a perfect sofa and loveseat anymore. Their workers are very unprofessional and don’t inspect the quality of their work at all or we would not be dealing with Lazy-Boy and a defective sofa & loveseat!

If Lazy-Boy orders a new loveseat and sofa, and we receive it with defects again, then we want our money back for the loveseat and sofa and recliner. We would have to buy another sofa and loveseat and the matching recliner elsewhere at another furniture co. because the rocker recliner would not match another sofa and loveseat. We took pictures at [redacted] Furniture and the sofas and loveseats there do not have wavy and defective cord piping on their cushions, and all sizes of people sit on them everyday, the salesman said they had been on the floor for 1 yr or longer. Lazy-Boy picked up the defective sofa and loveseat on July 11, 2014 to repair or rebuild the sofa & loveseat to make it right. They delivered it back to us on July 17, 2014. It was delivered back to us the same way, same defects, as when it was picked up on July 11, 2014. I called [redacted] at the repair shop Lazy-Boy has in Alb. N. Mex. She said she would order 2 cushions for the loveseat and one cushion for the sofa and 1 left arm for the sofa defect. We are very disappointed customers because we paid good money for the set we wanted and parts are being ordered, like the sofa & loveseat are a piece of old garbage that we picked up at a dumpster, or an old car that we need parts to repair. We know that Lazy-Boy is only worried about the money that they loose out on, and they are not worried or concerned about us at all. We are just another customer that bought and paid in full for a defective sofa and loveseat from Lazy-Boy Co. This should not have happened to us because of unprofessional workers, and the manufacturing place that don’t care about the customer at all.Desired Settlement: We would like for Lazy-Boy to order a new set of the loveseat and sofa, and make sure that it is perfect before it is delivered to us from the manufacturing co.



Hello,I first apologize for having this issue come to a second notice. I have been away and unable to attend to my emails. I have spoken with my service department to get details for this issue. The below transcript and service history was sent to our Corporate representative by [redacted] (Service Admin) for review:

"Special order items were

delivered to customer on 7/3/14 and was not pleased with the pieces. She

expressed concerns about the welt being crooked on the seats and the backs. I

sent our tech out to the home on 7/5/14 to inspect the pieces. He told her that

they met La-Z-Boy specifications but she insisted we correct the issues or she

would contact a lawyer and go to the media. Service is as follows:

Picked up pieces on 7/11/14 and

brought to shop. Adjusted both backs and seats so as to correct welting and

corners on backs.

Delivered pieces back to

customer on 7/18/14 and was happy with the results

Customer called me on 8/16/14 to

say that the pieces were still not right and she wanted us to correct or she

wanted to return.

Sent tech out on 8/30/14 for

another inspection. Tech told her we would order new seat covers for the

pieces. She said that better resolve issue or she would go to the news media.

Customer called me on 9/2/14 and

after much discussion I offered her Comfort Care’s #.

Ordered parts on 9/3/14 under

SO# [redacted] and [redacted]."

Our Comfort Care division representative, ([redacted]) reviewed the case and deemed the units within specification as quoted below:"I called and left a message

stating that everything appears to be up to specs, and that seat casing were

ordered as a courtesy. I told her to call us if she has any additional

concerns." Two calls were placed this morning to Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] which was prompted by this complaint in request that I personally go out to their home to inspect the issues. I am confident that we can correct any/all issues that are brought to my attention if it is possible for me to complete an inspection. We were unsuccessful on the first attempt and have left a message on the second attempt of calling Mr. and Mrs. [redacted]. I am eagerly awaiting their response so we can resolve this matter. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I have attached two photos of the sofa if needed and do have more if needed.Thank you,[redacted]Director of Warehouse & Customer Excellence[redacted][redacted]



Sept. 29, 2014

ID #[redacted]

I am responding within the 7 days, as you requested. This complaint against La-Z-Boy is far from being resolved. First of all when our Love Seat and Sofa from La-Z-Boy were delivered, I immediately saw that they were defective pieces, period. La-Z-Boy says that I was not pleased with the Sofa and Loveseat! My husband and I, and everyone else that sees the sofa and Love Seat can see that they are defective! Would you be pleased if you paid good money for defective pieces to see everyday in your living room? Also, in all of the La-z-Boy statements to you, they never mention that the Sofa and Love Seat are defective pieces. They never say that Sofa and Love Seat. They never say that the Sofa and Love Seat were built by unprofessional people at the manufacturing place, and then sent to us to look at everyday! La-z-Boy needs to admit that the Manufacturing Co. made a big mistake and either give us our money back or place another order for a new Sofa and Love Seat, that is properly built. Instead, the La-z-Boy Corporate representative, is rebuilding the Sofa and Love Seat by ordering parts for them, like an old car!

When the tech came to our house on 7-5-014 to inspect the pieces, I never said that I would contact a lawyer or media. That is a lie. When the Sofa and Love Seat were picked up on 7-11-14 the only correction made was the backs of the pieces, they were restuffed. Because they were not stuffed at manufacturing co. The sitting cushions were never corrected, because it is probably impossible to correct the wavy cording at all after the sitting cushions have been sewn together! Also the curves on the arms of the Sofa were never corrected, instead there are loose cording that was never sewn in properly and staples can be seen. This is uncalled for, and we are made to look like the bad customers, because we are looking at a defective Love Seat and Sofa, that were never built right to begin with.

When the tech came back to our house on 8-30-14 again to inspect the Sofa and Love Seat again, I told him that the curve on Sofa looked like crap, and the sitting cushions are still wavy, and that we wanted our money back or I would or I would go to channel 7, like I stated before, the La-Z-Boy Manufacturing Co, built this defective Sofa and Love Seat for us, and then just expects warehouse place to order parts for it and rebuild it for us, so that we can love it, and keep our mouths shut, I guess that’s the La-Z-boy policy now.

Also, as [redacted] is concerned, she is the comfort care representative, who reviewed our case. She represents the La-Z-Boy co, she does not care about us. She did call and left a message and did say that everything appears to be up to Specs, and that seat casings were ordered as a courtesy to us, for their defective Sofa and Love Seat. I guess wording the situations as a courtesy to us is supposed to make us feel alot better. I am sending these pictures of Sofa & Love Seat, that [redacted] says meet specs, with defects!

Thank you,

[redacted] & [redacted]



Hello [redacted],

I have a service call for me to personally go out to the customer home to inspect any and all concerns that will be brought to my attention. The issue that is shown in the photos can be easily corrected and I will have replacement seat covers in my possession to install. The La-Z-Boy warranty states that if any issues are in need of addressing, it calls for service. We have followed our policies and will continue to do so until we have met our customer’s needs. We are not at any point able to refund or order replacement units as these are special order items for one, and two it is against our policies and warranty. I have no doubt that the issues brought to my attention will be addressed and corrected.

Thank you,

[redacted] | Director of Warehouse & Customer Excellence | La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries®

Review: I purchased a LAZBOY Modular Sofa for $2500. The first two sections were delivered on 6/2/12. The final section was picked up on 8/10/12. I did not want to take the final section because it appeared damaged. They said it could be fixed and I gave in. I asked to have a manager call me. After waiting for two months with no call, I followed up. After 14 phone calls to an off-site call center, multiple emails and an inspection by a LAZBOY Rep, I have an in-home repair date of 3/16/13--7 months since the last piece was picked up. I’ve now become the LAZBOY warehouse with four large cardboard boxes piled up in my living room while I wait six weeks for repairmen. I am especially concerned since the repair mechanism was delivered poking out of its box with no protective packaging whatsoever. Who knows its condition? LAZBOY will arrive on 3/16 and I may have to wait weeks/months more for a new piece and another date.

I have no confidence that LAZBOY can make this right. Since they can’t seem to make furniture that lines up or functions properly, I’d rather replace it with two individual pieces, but was told that was not an option even though their website states: WARRANTIES ARE FOR REPAIR, REPLACEMENT, OR SUBSTITUTION ONLY, IN LA-Z-BOY’S SOLE DISCRETION.

At this point, it seems as if LAZBOY is running out the clock until the warranty expires with no concern about making my purchase right.Desired Settlement: LAZBOY to pickup defective merchandise and issue store credit for substitute product.



On Tue, Feb 12 at 12:56 PM , [redacted]<[redacted]> wrote:


Review: I purchased a couch and loveseat that was a custom order that took approximately 10 weeks to deliver. I was charged for the couches and a $125 delivery charge. The couches were delivered and one had a broken frame. The other had multiple issues with the seams, alignment and overall quality. After trying to get resolution on the phone, I went into the store only to be told I had to call the store manager. Long story short, the manager never returned calls and I worked with the sales person, Heather. After about 5 days of back and forth phone conversations I was able to get a refund for the poorly made and broken furniture. HOWEVER, Laz Boy refused to refund the delivery charge of $125. When I inquired on this, I was told it was non-refundable since Laz Boy had to pay a separate company to deliver the furniture. Just because Laz Boy chooses to outsource their delivery of product to another company, does not mean that they should charge the customer. The product was delivered broken and poorly made.

The entire experience has left me in bewilderment. I will be sure to let everyone know how poorly their product was made and how unprofessional they were with refusing to return the $125 delivery charge for broken furniture.Desired Settlement: I am seeking the $125 returned to my credit card.



We will refund the 125.00. Have her contact the store and advise them I have authorized the refund.[redacted]V.P. of Operations.

Review: I am disabled. In 2009 I purchased two 4-position power lift recliners with heat and massage from La-Z-Boy in Santa Clara. In June 2013, my wife wanted to replace both chairs because I had surgery again and my mobility issue had worsened. The chairs my wife purchased in Roseville were 3-position chairs, which I had no use for so I had her arrange to return them. We had to pay a $500 cash restocking fee on top of the purchase price and now have a $3869.96 credit, which we now cannot possibly spend to replace our old (original) 4-position power lift chairs. It's not our fault La-Z-Boy no longer offers such chairs or that my wife assumed you might in 2014. We waited hoping that you would offer chairs similar to those that your company sold in 2009 with heat and message. We both retired in 2009 and have no more furniture needs beyond replacing the lift chairs we have with something offering similar features. I spend 12-18 hours a day in my chair. It is not a luxury; it is a tool like my walker/wheel chair and I need it to survive. We tried to be loyal customers.Desired Settlement: Why can't this company accommodate our needs and return our money? We are desperate to get new chairs because our current chairs are breaking down and we are in our 70s. We simply cannot afford to let this money go unspent right now nor do we foresee the need for other furniture in the future.



3075 Beacon Boulevard

West Sacramento, CA 95691

RE: Customer [redacted]

Case # [redacted]

Thank you for your recent inquiry in regards to our customer, [redacted]. We appreciate your concern for our customers who choose La-Z-Boy to furnish their homes.

[redacted] purchased two Clayton Power Recliners with Massage and Heat on June 14, 2013. The customer contacted her salesperson stating that her husband did not like the chairs and our corporate office was contacted by the salesperson to receive authorization for an exchange on June 21, 2013.

Per our Terms and Conditions, see attached, the customer signed acknowledging that “we will allow you to exchange regular-priced in-stock merchandise, within 3 days of when you receive it, for product of same or lesser value. Fabric protection and delivery charges are not taken into account in determining the value of the product you received. You may not receive a refund when exchanging an item of lesser value. All exchanged items must be in ‘new’ condition (no smoke, pet odors, hair, soil, etc.). You will be required to pay a restocking fee of 30% for exchanged merchandise. There are separate charges if you want us to pick up your merchandise or deliver the replacement merchandise.”

In the interest of customer goodwill, a concession was made for the customer and the store was authorized by our corporate office to charge a 10% restocking fee in lieu of the stated 30%, for exchange only. The merchandise was picked up on July 13, 2013. The customer has a store credit of $3869.96 that has been available to the [redacted]’s since July 13, 2014, to use towards their new purchase. We have additional styles of recliner that are available as a lift recliner with massage and heat for the customer to choose from that have become available over the past few months. We have invited the [redacted]'s back into our showroom to make their furniture selection on numerous occasions.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries takes pride in doing their best to solve any problems our customer’s experience. We ask that the [redacted]’s use their store credit by December 31, 2014. We are more than willing to address the concerns of our customers in a timely manner. Please contact us at ###-###-#### if you have any questions.



I am rejecting this response because:

On 6-14-2013, just past mid-night, I underwent emergency surgery at Kaiser, Roseville. I was still in the hospital and recovering 3 days later so there is no way I could have rejected those chairs, which by the way, were not even present in to our home by the time that I returned.

In fact, I knew nothing about this purchase until just before they were delivered late one evening the following week. Prior to this, I did not go to the La-Z-Boy store and test them nor did I go online to shop for them. In short, this was supposed to be a much needed surprise present to supplement the rental hospital bed in my dining room. I make this point only because the La-Z-Boy response is largely inaccurate with the exception of the attached receipt to whit: refund policy.

Per La-Z-Boy, I am entitled to a refund to Visa only if I change my mind within 3 days of purchase. So, while this company is happy to complete a sale for 2 expensive chairs and take my wife's money on 6-14-2013, the fact is neither chair was available for delivery within the 3 day period, nor refundable per contract. This is the old Catch 22 argument: La-Z-Boy assures the consumer it is refundable in theory, but, in reality, it is not possible.

Those 3 days in the hospital were hell for me, but no less so for my poor wife who had to endure my suffering plus create a small hospital at home to accommodate her disabled husband's recovery. Check the calendar. Doing this on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is a tough job. I am also sure the La-Z-Boy salespeople were aware of her anxiety and how indisposed I was at the time.

I also wish to cite that the La-Z-Boy response was not signed. I would not have signed it either. Note please that there was no mention of details like: 1) when the chairs were delivered or what time; 2) upon assembly, that I tested one chair and requested they take both chairs back and save time returning to pick them up; 3) the deliverymen refused to take both chairs despite my explaining they were 3-position lift chairs and useless for my needs (which is why I bought two 4-position lift chairs from La-Z-Boy in 2009); 4) how many times my wife went back to the store and inquired about the availability of a 4-position lift chair since then; and, 5) for kickers, the La-Z-Boy response failed to mention the "ultimatum" letter sent to us dated 5-24-14 by Accounting Administrator, [redacted]. The response likewise failed to address the $500 restocking fee which the company charged us for returning the chairs.

In summary, I am a disabled senior citizen with debilitating arthritis, a bad heart, and a rotten immune system, all of which has made me largely immobile and confined to my broken old La-Z-Boy 4-position lift chair for 12-18 hours a day. I need to replace it. If my back goes out, I need to sleep in this 4-position chair. La-Z-Boy offers no solution to my problem now or in the future.

In its response, the company chooses to hide behind contract language, not facts like their own logistical problems, questionable return policy or substandard customer service. I am entitled to a refund. The company has sold those chairs that I returned to them. It has not lost a dime because they were returned. I sat in them once and neither chair suffered any damage. In fact, I am out $500 for giving them back. I have been a loyal customer in the past. I want my money returned. I cannot buy what I need from this company so a credit is as useless to us as extending the credit expiration date to 12-31-2014. Said concession is self-serving to them, not my wife and I. Or perhaps La-Z-Boy is just hoping my wife and I will die first and this complaint will expire.




The Terms and Conditions allow a customer to request a refund within 3 days of making their purchase, unless the furniture is already in the customer’s possession. Once the customer has accepted their merchandise, they have 3 days to contact us to request an exchange with a 30% restocking fee. Our refund and exchange policies are not intended to overlap each other. By signing the sales ticket agreement, Mrs. [redacted] has confirmed that she understood these terms and conditions at the time of purchase. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to determine that the merchandise they select is what they want, whether it is for themselves or for another individual. We proceeded with the order in good faith according to the signed sales ticket.

The merchandise on sales ticket 150-25984 was delivered to the [redacted] household on June 18, 2013. Mrs. [redacted] signed for the items in good condition, see attached signed delivery manifest. On June 21, 2013, Mrs. [redacted]’s salesperson communicated to her that the chairs could not be returned for a refund; however we allowed an exchange with a significant reduction in restocking fees.

The letter sent to Mrs. [redacted] dated May 24, 2014 was a friendly reminder of the unused credit. These funds may be used to make any purchase in our showroom, including a possible replacement for Mr. [redacted]’s broken chair. We checked our records for a purchase made by the [redacted]’s in 2009 and found a sale for a sleeper sofa - we were not able to find a sale for a lift chair. Without more information regarding the chairs purchased in 2009, finding a similar replacement would be difficult. Please note that the La-Z-Boy Incorporated Comfort Care Department may be contacted to assist with repairs of broken La-Z-Boy furniture.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries takes pride in doing their best to solve any problems our customer’s experience. We ask that Mrs. [redacted] use her store credit by December 31, 2014. We are more than willing to address the concerns of our customers in a timely manner. Please contact us at ###-###-#### if you have any questions. To speak with a La-Z-Boy Incorporated Comfort Care Department representative, you may call ###-###-#### for assistance.



I am rejecting this response because: La-Z-Boy has not responded to the issues which I cited in my last letter. Furthermore, La-Z-Boy has not performed due diligence with respect to our dealings with the Roseville store. If their representative, bothered to read my last response, I clearly indicated that we purchased two 4-position recliners from the La-Z-Boy store at 2550 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, California (on 8-24-09) prior to moving to Roseville in November, 2009. We did not purchase the chairs from the store in Roseville. We did, however, have to replace 3 sets of controllers for said chairs per warranty and went through the Roseville store to order them. The same store had to arrange for a warranty service call to fix a problem with one chair and a man was sent out to repair the problem. Now how could we have arranged for all of that work unless we owned La-Z-Boy chairs with all the paper work. Yes, (2) Style 1L6 515; Cover: C876868; Stock #: NOCA0624096-001-009 Lift Chair W/6 MTR P. R; Amount: $1349.50/chair; Total: $3047.66 /tax included.

I accused La-Z-Boy of fraudulent business practice. In response, they claim my wife signed away her right to a refund at the time of purchase because she initialed each clause. I claim that La-Z-Boy sold her the wrong chairs, I claim that when said chairs were delivered, I rejected them as unsatisfactory to my specific needs as a disabled man, but the men refused to take them back at the time. This delivery was already past the time to qualify for a credit to our Visa account or three days. Thus, we are at odds because I was in the hospital until 6-17-13 and unaware until said chairs were delivered on 6-18-13, that a purchase had even occurred. There is so much wrong here that it makes my head spin. A 'yes, but" company policy that should in all fairness, simply state, "all sales are final". A company that cannot admit it received $500 for restocking the chairs or that said chairs were subsequently sold by La-Z-Boy during the past year. In short, La-Z-Boy has not lost a dime and, yet it is choosing to cry foul rather than refunding our money in a timely fashion. This simply means it has no regard for their loyal customers.

Lastly, it is obvious that my needs for a 4-position recliners are as inconsequential to La-Z-Boy as their need to supply one for me. Why? They do not make 4-position chairs anymore. Instead, they imply how willing they are to help me repair my broken chairs. Is this La-Z-Boy's way of telling me that at my age, I do not warrant new chairs? That I must accept less than more? Just what right does this company have to send me such a message? I need a chair that I can sleep in if necessary with heat and massage. I spend up to twelve hours a day in my current chair. These are not "his and hers" chairs that were bought. One is a backup for the one that I use in case it goes haywire. These chairs keep me from being bedridden. I need to replace both 4-position chairs now. This is not a luxury item to me. It is a daily necessity. What good is a La-Z-Boy credit to me? Will it buy me what I need right now? Of course not. That is why the company offers it to me. Catch 22 all over again! La-Z-Boy's policy is self-serving and paradoxical at best. I want my La-Z-Boy credit refunded to my Visa Card. The company sold the chairs and made $500 on the restocking fee, neither of which will the company admit.

Review: I purchased a sofa from La-Z-Boy on August 11. Paid a deposit of $691.74, special order. The sofa was delivered to my house on October 3. There was an issue with the sectional fitting together properly. I called the store and spoke with [redacted] the salesperson that sold me the sofa, I sent her a picture of it. She spoke with the guy that delivered it. He tried to fix it but could not. I stayed in touch with her tying to get the matter taken care of. They sent a service person out to fix it. Still it is not right. Sent another person out, after I showed him all the things that were wrong with the sofa, all he did was take pictures of it. I have been trying for almost two months to get this resolved. This is a 2,300 hundred dollar sofa that is overstuffed, puckered, uneven, a big gap where it is supposed to fit together. From what I gather from the few people I have spoken with is, I'm stuck with the sofa because it's a special order. I waited almost three years to buy a sofa. I went with La-Z-Boy because of their reputation for quality. I did not get quality. I got junk. I'm embarrassed to have it in my house. I cannot express how completely disappointed and frustrated I am at this point. I need some help here please. Thank you.Desired Settlement: In the beginning I was willing to work with them, take the sofa back and have it redone. After the way I have been treated by La-Z-Boy I do not want anything else to do with them. I want them to come and get the sofa. I want my money back. Thank you, [redacted]



Consumer states that business has contacted her and the complaint issues have been resolved.





Business' Initial Response

December 28, 2012

Thank you for your recent inquiry in regards to our customer, [redacted]. We appreciate your concern for our customers who choose La-Z-Boy to furnish their homes.

On October 7, 2012, Ms. [redacted] came into our West Sacramento showroom and placed a special order for an Eden Sofa ([redacted] BXXXXXX) and two stock Allegra chairs (XXXXXX GXXXXXX). Please note that the Terms and Conditions of the Sales Ticket, signed by Ms. [redacted] state that, "We make special order furniture specifically for you and your home. You may change or cancel your order within 3 days of placing it. After that three-day period, you may not cancel or change your order or obtain a refund." In addition to the Terms and Conditions, Ms. [redacted] initialed the front of her sales ticket acknowledging and agreeing that, "Custom and Out of Stock orders normally arrive in approximately 8 weeks. Due to the nature of producing custom made furniture, unforeseen delays on fabric and/or parts may extend production time. No refunds or cancellations, including delay of product."

In the interest of customer goodwill, we offered the customer free delivery (a value of $119.99) and $100 off her order, totaling $219.99.

The same day Ms. [redacted] filed her claim, she scheduled delivery of her sofa and chairs. As of today she is scheduled to be delivered on January 3, 2013.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries takes pride in doing their best to solve any problems our customer's experience. We are more than willing to address the concerns of our customers in a timely manner. Please contact the La-Z-Boy Comfort Care Department at (877) XXX-XXXX if you have any questions.

Review: Subject: Claim issue please helpTo whom it may concern:I purchased a recliner chair from your Arrowhead AZ / Glendale store along with a five year warrantee on 8/09, I had to wait for the chair and took possession 9/28/09.This is my third Lazy Boy reclining chair, I have also purchased living room furniture from your stores on the east coast. The chair in question is an oversized chair, it was suggested we have it upholstered in a vinyl, (I had a chair in new buck leather at the time) but was recovering from an accident and did not want to stain the chair.This past November I was shifting myself in the chair and my elbow went through the upholstery on the right arm.I went thought all the steps of reporting the damage. Warrantee company (Guardsman) first said it was wrong type of policy I was sold, I contacted customer service, he called Guardsman and told them it was right policy. Next I get a call from Lazy Boy customer service (Damin) said they would replace arm. A few days later he calls back. He said the fabric is no longer available and it was no longer their problem. He went on to say I took a few days too long in reporting it (due to illness and Holidays) and they would no longer be able to assist me. (I did not discontinue the fabric!) I still have two years on my policy, since the fabric is no longer available how can my chair be repaired? I now have a chair I paid $998.80 for with a hole in the arm, and the vinyl is coming lose from the backing at sown edges. This is the exact email I sent to Lazy Boy corp. Guardsman refused original repair saying "Lazy boy sold me wrong warrantee, and all I needed was a receipt for proper coverage."Lazyboy and Guardsman skirted their culpability from the start.Desired Settlement: Since lazy boy, discontinued fabric and I purchased a 5 year warrantee, I see no other resolve other than reupholster the entire chair. They said there was no way to repair and would have if fabric was available.Customer service rep. Damon stated: 1st call. "Guardsman is responsible for repair under my purchased warrantee." 2nd call. Sales rep. Damon said, "lazy Boy would repair, but wanted to check for fabric." 3rd. Call same rep. Stated, "fabric was no longer being offered, so no repair"



I talked to the client on 01-29-13. They will be able to reselect a using the subtotal of the chair only. No fabric protection plan will be available to purchase on the reselection and no factory warranty will exist. The client accepted the terms.

Randy Serbus

Review: Reclining sofa 3 seat too hard middle seat gave me sore bottom took 3 days to heal sit on sofa right end couch falling in We dont live life on sofa comfortably Mr [redacted] sold us LaZBoy sofa Explained my husband has progressive prostrate cancer We need a reclining sofa We can sleep on so [redacted] is close to husband to gibe him care We are both disabled 80 years old LaZBoy sofa recliner chair each end brown delivered March X XXXX Friday [redacted] and [redacted] keep telling us wait one more week Weeks go by [redacted] called May 5 2013 Sunday 877-738-8852 [redacted] said someone will come see our sofa and stuff sofa [redacted] tells us the sofa is not new they dont have to do anything We signed a paper good for three days /7:41 pm Jose Vallejo will be here may 16 to stuff our sofa May 16 called (10am) 5-21-13 [redacted] arrived shortly Decide not stuff sofa Mr [redacted] said "If you had your sofa stuffed its yours" May 31 Friday 1031 am I talk to [redacted] We dont want your sofa! We want our money back May XX XXXX Friday [redacted] (or [redacted] called form XXX-XXX-XXXX She is sorry Will call back 159 pm [redacted] called back She is so sorry We will not receive any money backDesired Settlement: We want all our money returned to us!! May 1 2013 Wed I went into LaZBoy store I talk to [redacted]. He told me we would get our money. I asked how much. In a loud voice [redacted] said "all of it".



Business' Initial Response

Contact Name and Title: [redacted]

Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Contact Email: [redacted]

Service issues are not dealt with by the dealership. All of our customers service concerns are handled by our service department-Comfort Care. Customer [redacted] currently has an open service ticket # with our Comfort Care department. Currently customer [redacted] has had a certified technician visit their home and a recommendation was made by the technician to replace the seat poly's on the sofa. For service to continue, we would ask Mr. [redacted] to continue to work with the Comfort Care. They are ready and willing to install the recommended replacement parts free of charge.

Review: My wife and I bought 2 mechanical recliners in April of 2012 and we bought the additional protection and were told about the lifetime warranties and were told at the time of the sale with the written warranty which was less confusing than the IRS manual and less ambiguous. One of our chairs in a year has lost most of its foam and it's mechanics when you bring the foot part back in to the chair is inconsistent. When we spoke to them they referred us to the service department who were rude and very unhelpful. When I tried to bring up the warranties and all, all they could or would do was give me all the fees involved now to fix my chair which after I started to add them up in my head made me feel like it cost more than the chair itself. When I tried to go over the small print and the ** in their agreement which was like I said confusing at best all they did was refer me to their corporate office in Michigan - again very unhelpful. After and only after I threatened to get a lawyer to read this and on them they referred me to a contractor to fix it which costs $75 just to walk in my house then I have to pay for labor and then materials or mechanisms which were supposed to lifetime warranted, but who's lifetime? They were impossible to talk to and they were VERY argumentative and really didn't give a [redacted] and just wanted me off the phone and said to me at least one of the 2 chairs are still good. VERY UNSATISFACTORY for customer service but great on aggravation. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! It will cost me more to fix my chair than the original chair and they did not tell me about all of this at the time of sale.Desired Settlement: Fix my chair at a nominal price and for the price I paid for the warranty there should be a real one.



















I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

I reviewed what they wrote and the only thing they didn't again lie about was that I was very upset. The first thing is that they quoted me the technician is $65 and it's not it's $75, so they don't even know how much that charge is. I was told at the sale that they were lifetime guaranteed and then told that again by their sales staff and I guess that is a misnomer too. When people by this kind of furniture I dare anyone to tell me that they read all the small print in the store. The fact that they have so much small print and it is all in ambiguous language is that nothing is covered and they have to hide it with small print. Again, as I wrote you before all they do is refer you to their Michigan corporate office rather than deal with it person to person and do the right thing customer service wise. I bought 2 chairs and not one so do you think they would accommodate a good customer no - so I will not be a customer with them ever again and tell all my friends and family who were looking for chairs like this not to go there. There is too much cost involved in dealing with something that is just out of warranty - I do not want to chase good money with bad and would rather throw the chair out as an example than to fix it. 1. $75 charge for the guy just coming in my house. 2. THEY AND HIM REFUSE TO TELL ME THE LABOR CHARGE BEFORE HE WALKS IN ON WHAT IS IT PER HOUR. 3 It needs replacement fabric and that is ridiculous after a year unless he tells me the fabric they put in was defective and they have to admit it which they never would. With this in mind even if the mechanism is warrantied for life which I believe they would find a loophole with the cost of repairing this might be mnore than the chair was originally.

This is bad customer service and bad business practice and if you allow them to get away with this kind of practice than whoever deals with them deserves what they get I guess.

What they didn't say in their answer is that their Assistant Manager since the Manager refused to talk with me was totally arrogant, nasty, rude and unprofessional, so I can imagine how the manager would be. As they did write and you can read and not in small print or hidden print is that their answer was toi argue with corporate and they didn't want to hear about much. - again bad business.

In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.


Review: We paid for two couches in June. We were informed that they will take eight weeks until they will be shipped at our home. After eight weeks passed I called to check the status. I was informed that there was problem with the fabric and it will not be shipped until Oct. 2, 2012. We were very disappointed, considering we had already given away our old couches. The sales rep said, "It is what it is." After expressing how disappointed and put out we were, they agreed to give us a petty reimbursement. Now we have waited patiently for FOUR months. I called in Oct.1, 2012 to get a delivery status they say it will be here in DECEMBER! I have contacted the manager, Brian. He never has any information. All he has told me is he never got a response from his email to his company asking why it will be delivered in December. Yesterday, Wed Oct. 4, 2012 Brian the manager said he will call me in one hour. He has never called. I want to call the police. They have taken my cash, several thousand dollars and will not even call me back. The manager says he will contact me and he never has. Is this against the law? I have contacted the main number for lazy boy and all they say is for me to contact the dealer in Roseville,Ca. So sad, I thought this was a reputable company.

Product_Or_Service: couches

Account_Number: 150-17840

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I want my money back. They said the couches will be delivered in eight weeks. Now they expect me to wait for SIX months. I do not trust the companies word on fulfilling the contract.



Business' Initial Response

Thank you for your recent inquiry in regards to our customer, [redacted] and [redacted]. We appreciate your concern for our customers who choose La-Z-Boy to furnish their homes.

Since this claim, our Roseville showroom manager has been in contact with the Mr. and Mrs. [redacted]. Unfortunately there has been a few delays with the fabric which caused the estimated time of shipment to change numerous times. This fabric delay is also why the order has not yet completed. The delayed fabric is currently estimated to arrive at our manufacturing facility at the end of this month. We attempted to work with the customer and offer them a re-selection, however the customer is willing to work with the showroom manager and wait for the delayed fabric.

At this time, we are waiting for the fabric to arrive to complete Mr. and Mrs. [redacted]'s order.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries takes pride in doing their best to solve any problems our customer's experience. We are more than willing to address the concerns of our customers in a timely manner. Please contact our Comfort Care Department at (877) XXX-XXXX if you have any questions.

Review: When I bought my chair 4-9-14 I was told they couldn't sell me the one in the store. I paid half of the price and they ordered it. I also paid for the protection guard for 5 yrs. It was $50.00 The sales person, [redacted], said it would take 3 weeks to get it. Three weeks later I called and ask why I hadn't heard from them, the lady was really rude and called me a liar when I told them what [redacted] had told me. I asked to talk to a supervisor and he was worst then she was. He said she didn't call me a liar and I ask him if he was there when she talked to me and he said no. The following week they called and said my chair was in 5-16-14. My sister and I went to pick it up. When I got there I told them I wanted to sit in the chair on the floor to compare it with the new chair. They said the chair was gone, it was sold. I reminded them that they said they couldn't sell me the last chair, why did I not get it. They said they got a big shipment in. When I went to pick my chair up around the back of the store, it was not in the box. I don't think they treated the chair because I put a couple of drops of water on it and it soaked right in. I feel they owe me that $50.00 I paid for that. About three weeks after I got my chair I got a call from them saying my chair was in. I told them they had already contacted me and I picked up a chair. I think the one she called about was probably treated. I called their corporate headquarters and the lady was supposed to call me back, that was over 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have never been treated so badly before. I feel something need to be done. I had a heart attack before all of this and I did not need this stress in my life.Desired Settlement: At least $50.00 reinbursment for the fabric protection which they did not do. Protection number is [redacted]




letter is in response to the complaint lodged by the above mentioned customer,

[redacted]; ID [redacted]. When Mrs. [redacted] purchased her recliner, we did

not have any in stock in our local warehouse in [redacted] in the color that

she chose other than the floor model. Our store was in the midst of a

transition to a Regional Distribution Center (RDC) in [redacted].

Participating in the distribution center allows us the benefit of having over

16,000 pieces of furniture available at any time for immediate delivery. Mrs.

[redacted]' recliner was ordered through production at the [redacted] plant, since we were not sure how long it would be until we were able to draw

from the [redacted] Distribution Center.


we were able to obtain furniture from the [redacted] Distribution Center, we

brought a new recliner in the color that Mrs. [redacted] chose in order that she

did not have to wait the additional 3-4 weeks for the custom order. We thought

we were performing a positive service by getting her a chair earlier.


fabric protection spray was applied at our Distribution Center before

transferring to [redacted]. The treatment is odorless, colorless and does

not alter the texture or look of the fabric in any circumstance; which is one

of the reasons La-Z-Boy Inc. has chosen it (UltraShield) as its Fabric

Protection partner. Contrary to many persons' beliefs, water does not bead up.

The treatment adheres to the individual strands of the fibers, not the cloth so

that it does not affect the feel. Since the UltraShield treatment is solvent

based, it will not allow most stains and spills (food, drink, body fluids,

etc.) to set when in contact with the fibers. In addition, it provides an

ultra-violet protectant to rd fading and a static shield to resist dust and

other particulates that could cause fabric abrading. It will add 5 years life

to most fabrics.

Once Mrs. [redacted] picked up her chair, there was

no way to cancel the original chair ordered through production. Once it arrived

in our [redacted] Distribution Center, Mrs. [redacted] was accidently called and

notified that it had arrived. Whoever called her failed to look at her sales ticket

to see that it had been finalized. Custom made furniture arrives with the

customer's name on the label on the box. Since Mrs. [redacted] had already

received her chair, the custom ordered unit was entered into stock to be sold.

Since Mrs. [redacted] has her fabric protection

warranty card (which would be in effect even if her chair had not been treated)

and her chair was in fact sprayed; she cannot have a refund. ft is impossible

to un-spray a chair. Mrs. [redacted] can rest assured that for Five years from the

date of pick up, she will have protection, in writing, against accidental cuts,

tears, punctures, burns and spills or stains as listed explicitly in her

warranty card



This is in regard to the chair I purchased from lazboy furniture. I was NOT told the order would come from [redacted] and they did NOT tell me they were sending one from [redacted]. My sister can verify that when we went to pick up the chair, there was not a chair like that one in the showroom. They said they sold it. I asked why they wouldn't sell it to me, that they had said they couldn't sell the last one in the store. They said they got a shipment in. If so, why didn't they have one in then showroom. The chair was NOT in a box when we went around back to pick it up. About two to three weeks later they called again and said my chair was in. She really sounded surprised when I told her I had already picked mine up.

I have never been treated like I did from any business and I am ** years old. There is no excuse for rudeness in dealing with the public. I was called a liar and I did not deserve that.

In regard to the fabric protection, I have had many many things treated and I know this one was not. No wonder the [redacted] store closed. They really need some lessons in honesty.

Review: Back in March we purchased the Lazy Boy Eclipse couch and loveseat. When we received it the stitching was coming apart. We called Lazy boy and they replaced the cushins. In the meantime we noticed the same problem on the love seat so we called again. Again they were to replace the cushions. When the repair man came, he opened the box and wouldn't even take them out of the wrapping because he noticed the seams were coming undone again. Also, the cushions that were replaced on the couch the first time, were doing the same thing again. I called the store again and they said we can finally return it and pick something else out.Well I didn't have the trust in them now and I couldn't find anything in our price range we liked. We asked for a refund and they refused We decided to re-order, on their suggestion, the same couch because they would not give us our money back. Last Saturday, 12/26/13 the new set came with the same exact problem. I called that night to complain, no one called back, I wrote the company, no one wrote back. Finally got in touch with [redacted],store manager and he said someone would call back by today 1/4 Called three times and left him a message and he will not return or take my calls. It seems they are now avoiding the callsDesired Settlement: I would like a full refund. [redacted] the store manager stated if the new set comes in the same we would "have a better claim to get a refund" but now both phone calls and emails to the company are being ignored



In Reference to your letter dated 1/4/14, please be advised we are exchanging the customer’s furniture on 1/16/14

If you should need any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me


Customer Service Manager



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

I had 2 sets of cushions sent to me all with the same problem. I was then told get a new set and if it happens again you will get your money back. The day it was delivered I phones that it does have the same problem. Back and forth phone calls they said they will not refund my money. Tomorrow they are delivering yet my 3rd set. after this, if it comes broke again, I want myMoney back. I paid too much money for this.


Horrible experience. Rude people at the warehouse in phoenix, lousy customer service. No phone calls returned. After many thousands of $ spent by entire family, none of us will purchase anything ever again. The operations mgr and president should be ashamed of what happens at their stores in phoenix. Shame on you!

Review: I purchased a living room set from this vendor. With the furniture I purchased a warranty for the fabric of the furniture. The warranty explicitly states that damage to the fabric from 'accidental damage' is covered. A button from the button tuck back pillows on the sofa has come loose. This was probably by someone 'accidentally' catching it on their clothing while sitting down. The warranty company, Guardsman, was notified within the specified period by an online form order number [redacted]. In addition to taking over 2 weeks to respond they said this is not covered because there is a clause in the warranty agreement that states "Components and mechanisms integrated into the furniture". is not covered. They said the button fell into this category. I assert that the button is part of the pillow and in no imaginable way falls into the category of components and mechanisms. As you will see in the warranty agreement the examples of components and mechanisms are very large items that are in no way common to a sofa, i.e.: Sinks, Plumbing, Robotics TV lifts. A button on a pillow is not uncommon to a sofa and especially cannot be associated with what they exemplified. It's absurd for them to even try to correlate the 2!In spite of several phone calls, the resolve was they said it would cost in access of $50.00 just to have it looked at. Since I could not take that as an answer, I am writing to you.

Since I cannot attach the bill of sale and the warranty contract, I want you to know that I have them and can send them to you at any time.

Thank you.Desired Settlement: I just want the sofa repaired as per the warranty agreement. If the company refuses to repair it, I want a replacement sofa and a refund for the useless warranty.



The issue that [redacted] is having with the loose button,

is not cover under the Guardsman portect plan. Please have the

customer contact us, and we will be happy to assist her, with

her problem.

Thank you,

Review: On July 19, 2014 we purchased a La-z-boy sofa and 2 rocker recliners chairs form La-z boy Furniture Gallery. It was delivered August 2014. The one recliner was squeaking when rocking back and forth. The technichian came to our home and took care of the squeaking. A few weeks later we noticed on the print recliner, the material was frayed and missing some on the back side. The technician came and tried to stretch it back and stapled it. It still shows the frayed material. The technician came again to replace the arm on the print recliner as some metals was showing on the bottom right side. The right arm of the sofa began showing deep long ripples and wrinkling the cloth. We called the technician again and he came and tried to strech the cloth back but the ripples and wrinkling are worse than before. The sofa cushion seats were replaced because when sitting on them they sunk down quite a bit. Needless to say, we are totally dissatisfied with all 3 pieces and the workmanship.Desired Settlement: We no longer want a replacement as this problem could occur again. The only solution we expect is a full refund of the purchase price. this problem has been going on for about 4 months.



Mr. [redacted] purchased a sofa and two recliners on July 16, 2014. These three pieces were special ordered for him and delivered to his home on August 22, 2014. I have included a signed delivery copy showing he received them in good working order and to his satisfaction. Since the delivery on August 22, La-Z-Boy service has been to Mr. [redacted]'s home on 6 separate trips from complaints varying from noisy recliners, wrinkled fabric, cushion compression, and most recently damage to a wall. La-Z-Boy service has gone above and beyond to rectify all of the issues reported by this customer, but is drawing the line at a damaged wall due to the customer placing the recliner too close to the wall. La-Z-Boy has offered to replace all of Mr. [redacted]'s furniture with new, to which the customer is not agreeable. I have found this to be a more than fair offer and am now leaving it the hands of the customer to reorder the furniture as it is currently in his home or to re-order something different. As I hope you can tell from our ongoing efforts to maintain great customer service, we have exhausted every effort to satisfy Mr. [redacted], but refunding this customers money, after having the furniture in his home since last August, in not an option. We are very disappointed in this customer's decision to not re-select new furniture and hope he will decide to do so. Please find the following documentation regarding this transaction: 1-Signed Sales receipt with terms and conditions of the sale 2-Signed Delivery receipt 3-Service notes from La-Z-Boy Corporate Service IE: "Comfort Care" With Best Regards,[redacted]-General Manager La-Z-Boy and Decore



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. We will be going into the store sometime this week to pick out new furniture. I just wanted to let Mr. [redacted] know that the gentleman who came out to repair the recliner, cut a metal piece off of the recliner rear head part. This is what caused the additional damage to my wall. He took photos on his cell phone while he was here. After he cut the metal piece it did not damage the wall anymore. I believe he failed to tell Mr. [redacted] this after he was here. I have no reason to lie about this. You can come to my home to check it out. I am accepting this offer with the assumption I will not have the same problems with the furniture that I did the first time. I will also be sending in a letter of response explaining what happened. Regards, [redacted]

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