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Lancaster Tactical Supply

PO Box 2007, Chester, South Carolina, United States, 29706-0879

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• Jun 04, 2020

I didnt want to go on here and do this but I ordered from them a month ago with no response.
Been trying to call and email them to find out about my order they say on the phone message they will be back to u in 24-72 hours. It has been a week since I emailed them last and 2 weeks since I called thwm.last with no anwser. Would just like a full refund for my order lts-7272.

Desired Outcome

Full refund ASAP.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time Jun 04, 2020

This order has been canceled at the request of the customer.

Customer Response time Jun 04, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The order is canceled but are they issuing me my refund then?

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time Jun 09, 2020

We have already done what was requested and have nothing further to add.

• Jun 03, 2020

LTS-6725 Placed order on 4/20, card immediately charged. Still no SHipment Now no response
LTS-6725 Placed on 4/20 Hasnt shipped. Stopped responding to email requests for updates. Last response RUDELY took a picture of my order and the parts that I ordered to "prove" they had them, but still hasnt shipped. Very rude and harsh customer service. Obviously, they have some legitimacy issues. they keep saying they are behind because of COVID 19, but last response I got over 3 weeks ago said they were caught up to orders a week prior to mine. Now no response and no ship, but they charged my card. I suspect they are fraudulently holding money for orders they cannot ship.

Desired Outcome

Either ship immediately or refund. I am tired of the lies.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time Jun 03, 2020

This customer is making false claims in an effort to sound like a victim. His money has never been held and he sent emails making demands and false accusations based on no factual information. He could have canceled his order at anytime but he chose not to. He has no factual or verifiable proof or evidence to support the statements made in his complaint.

At this time his order has been canceled and he will not be shipped his order.

Customer Response time Jun 07, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Order was cancelled, but I have not yet seen a refund! This is getting old! Crooked customers

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time Jun 17, 2020

We have nothing further to add.

Customer Response time Jun 22, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Business CONTINUES TO Say the same thing on every persons complaint. FACT: after 2 months of LIES, you NEVER SHIPPED and FINALLY CANCELLED. BUT, you HAVE NOT refunded my money! This is FRAUD. EVERY complaint on LTS and says same thing. Cancelled, but never refunded. LTS always blames the customers BANK. ITS SIMPLE to make sure you refund money. its 2020, call your bank and make sure the refund is processed. I am sick and tired of this FRAUDULENT ONLINE RETAILER lying and blaming EVERY complaint on here. LTS DOES NOT SHIP and DOES NOT REFUND MONEY. YOU CHARGED MY CARD on 4/20 for $96.30 and have NEVER SHIPPED AND NEVER REFUNDED ME> FACT You charged my card under the name WHITLEYS WHOLESALE WARE. DISPUTE THAT? DISPUTE THAT YOU HAVE NOT REFUNDED ME OR SHIPPED ME
Attached copy of the CHARGE on my CARD to PROVE that you charged me. and COPY of the PHOTO you took of my order and the product that you never shipped when You RUDELY took the time to take photo of my order and my product, but yet proclaim you werent shipping it yet. this was on 5/12, 3 + Weeks after my order. FACT FRAUD!

• Jun 03, 2020

I ordered my item on apr 25th and after a month I asked for a refund. It states that it was refunded. I never recieved the payment. Just want my money
I do have email, *** and *** conversation with the party. They are rude.

I ordered a glock 17 lower parts kit on april 25. After a month I asked for a refund, it stated that it will go through. I contacted them to see where the refund is with my bank on 2 separate occasions and they stated that it is up to the company to refund me. The company states the bank does. I just want me refund for 58.85

Desired Outcome

I just want my money back

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time Jun 03, 2020

This customer was fully refunded on 5/28/2020. He was informed that refunds are not instant and can take up to 7-10 business days for his bank to put the funds back on his account. His issue is not with us it is with his bank. Be needs to contact his bank and get details of the status of his funds because we have already initiated the refund on our end. We do not have access to his account information to put funds back, that is the sole responsibility of his bank and his bank alone. The customer already confirmed in his complaint that he was notified that the refund confirmation was provided he just has to either wait for the funds to hit his account or contact his bank and get details from them. There is nothing more for us to do.

• May 28, 2020

I ordered an item from the company. I have tried to call the company with no answer. I also emailed them.
I ordered an item from the company name Lancaster Tactical Supply on May 13th. The order number I received after my purchase was LTS 7769. The item is listed on their site as GLPK4 Glock 26 9mm & .40 cal. Lower Parts Kit. I used my debit card to make the purchase. I received an email that stated I made my purchase and they they would get back to me once item shipped. I know due to the pandemic things are slow. A week after purchase May 20th I called the number listed on their website as (XXX) XXX - XXXX. The many times I did call the phone would ring out without an option to leave a message because the mailbox wasn't set up yet. I continued calling that week to try to get an update. I emailed them May 25th with the address listed on their website ( and asked them for an update on my order. I received an emailed today May 27th, that said "There was a temporary problem delivering your message to ***"

Once I received this email I knew that this website was a scam. I'm asking back for a refund in the amount of $90.95.

Desired Outcome

I'm asking back for a refund in the amount of $90.95.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time May 28, 2020

This customer has filed a false claim and we deny the remarks that were made. First and foremost our voicemail is setup and has a message that clearly states that we are not taking any call due to overwhelming calls due to covid 19 and the only calls that will be returned are those that leave a message. This customer has never left a voicemail and the reason is because this customer is trying to defraud our company.

This customer used the name *** to place an order with the card used in the same name. However the card was flagged as potential fraudulent activity and we notified the customer via email to provide photographic evidence that they were in fact the cardholder and we never received a reply.

We attempted to call the customer at the number provided and the call is forwarded to another phone number and the voicemail for the other number is what is asked to leave a message. The order was canceled due to this activity and any refunds would need to go through the cardholders bank/card company as the funds have been taken from us and returned to the card in question.

If this is the actual card holder they will have no problem contacting their bank to get details regarding funds being returned to them.

Customer Response time May 29, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
If the voice mail was actually active I would have left a voice mail in the same way I tried to contact you via email. I arrached a photo of that as well. If the number on your website is outdated that is your job to update it.

You have not sent any emails from your company to me stating that you attempted to contact me about fraud.

I have attached all the correspondence between myself and this company to show that they are in fact fabricating their story. After I filed their company as a scam on on *** 27th, the very next day (*** 28th) I received an email from the company saying that my order was cancelled. And when I asked for my refund they said it would have to be through the and you can see that in the attachment I provided.

I shouldn't have to cancel my bank card because you are trying to steal from me. As you stated in the email, our communication will be through here and I want my refund of $90.95

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time May 29, 2020

There is nothing wrong with our email address it is the same email address that the uses to contact us and they have had no problems sending us email. The phone number receives voicemails daily and is never full. This order has been canceled and this customer has been notified via email. Our position remains the same. We have nothing further to add.

Customer Response time Jun 03, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have spoken with my bank Today June 3rd and they verified that there isn't a refund pending in my account. Can you provide proof that you have actually cancelled my order and issued a refund? I have already mentioned your company is a scam and I will be writing reviews on all possible platforms so people won't have to go through this mess with a lowdown company

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time Jun 04, 2020

This is a forum used for a customer and a business to work together to resolve an issue. This person is trying to use this platform to slander our company and we do not have to communicate with them or the this way. We have not insulted the customer nor have was been disrespectful to them. This customer is making threats to defame our company and we have elected to Cease and Desist any further communication and will wait for her to make good on her threats so that we can pursue legal actions against her.

We have nothing further to add to this report.

Customer Response time Jun 05, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
You have yet to provide any proof that you have issued my refund. I don't need to defame your company. This transaction on and anyone who has access to it will see that your company is a sham. I need your company to Provide proof that my refund was sent. An email in this case means nothing if you can't show proof on your end.

• May 28, 2020

this company takes your money and then doesn't ship the products or respond back.
I placed two orders one on April 13th and one on April 17th. LTS-6358 and LTS-6565. After waiting a month I emailed them about an update. No reply. I emailed again a week later and to cancel. No reply. So they took my money and haven't shipped any thing or responded to my messages. I just want my money back.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund with email confirmation.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time May 28, 2020

This customers claim is false and we deny his claim. We have been in constant communication with him and have sent 4 emails to him. Both of his orders have been canceled and he has been notified via email. This company did not "take" any money from this customer. This customer paid for his order willingly and agreed to wait for his order to ship and was aware on the delayed shipping due to Covid 19.

Customer Response time Jun 03, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
There constant communication of four emails was two emails confirming two orders and two emails confirming two cancelations with 7 weeks of nothing. I still haven't gotten my money back and don't how long it will take if I actually do get it back. Just stay away from this place.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time Jun 04, 2020

The customers latest comment has nothing to do with the actual situation but is an attempt to use this forum to slander the company. We ask that this remark be removed from here as this is a place to discuss and resolve matters not a place to leave a review.

Customer Response time Jun 09, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I still haven't received an email stating that I would be getting a refund nor do I have the monies in my account. So I'm still waiting.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time Jun 09, 2020

Our position remains the same and we have nothing further to add.

Customer Response time Jun 15, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Nothing more to add. How about adding my money back to my bank account. It has been over the 7-10 business days for a refund. Still haven't gotten an email stating I would get a refund just an email saying order canceled. Refund my money.

• May 22, 2020

I purchased an item on 4/1/20 and can't get ahold of them since 4/15/20 and never received item. Voicemail isn't set up and no response to emails.
After my last contact with them on 4/15/20 I was told my item was I stock and waiting shipment. It is since over a month since then and I have been emailing them every week to see what going on and no response. I have tried 5 time in the last 4 days to call them and there voicemail box isn't set up and no answer. Also no response to emails. Last time we spoke on 4/15/20 they said 2 weeks for it to be shipped from order date and now going on close to 2 months.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund of my full amount $165.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time May 28, 2020

This customer filed a complaint the same day the order shipped. This order was delivered on May 25th 2020 and was shipped via USPS with tracking number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. There is nothing further for us to say.

• May 20, 2020

I have been waiting for my package for a lil over a month, I have been waiting patiently but no response from them through email or phone wise.
I have been waiting for my package for a month, I have been waiting patiently but no response from them through email or phone wise. They are not an official business it feels like they have stolen from me. Ordered *** still have not received my item Order number

Desired Outcome

Phone call/refund or otherwise Business taken down

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time May 20, 2020

Due to Covid 19 all order shipping is delayed by 2 weeks. This customer placed his order on April 23rd and as of our reply today we are currently shipping orders from April 16th. The bottom line is that we have not gotten to the customers order yet. This claim is based on this customer being impatience and wanting the to do something that they cannot do. "Business taken down'! The does not have the power to close our company as they are a third party mediator only. This customer will have to get their parts elsewhere this order is being canceled and a refund will be issued

• May 20, 2020

Does not ship product, delays, poor communication, doesn't actually refund.
I placed an order on 4/15/2020. At the time of order there was no indication of a delay. I reached out on 4/23/2020 as I hand not received any confirmation from the seller, their reply was a 2 week lead time on all orders. I thanked them for the communication and waited patiently. On 5/12/2020 my order had not shipped (4 weeks) and I reached out again their reply was less polite (We cannot send you any shipping information until the order ships. All orders have a 2 week lead time on shipping as indicated on our website. We are currently shipping orders from April 13th and have not gotten to your order yet. If you need to cancel please let us know.)
Notice how again we say 2 weeks, yet we are already at 4 weeks. I felt as though the seller might be scamming me so I asked for a refund. Seller replied that returns can take 7-10 days. Here we are at 7 days, my order is still in new status (indicating that no refund has been attempted). I attempted communication with seller and they are now not responsive. I have made contact with my bank to dispute the matter.

Desired Outcome

I would like my refund.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time May 20, 2020

This customer never requested a refund he only inquired how long the refund process would take so we gave him the refund policy information. All refunds must need to made in writing and you must state that you want to cancel the order. This customer never did that so his order was never cancelled.

This customer is requesting that he have his money refunded to him but the very last sentence in his claim states that he has already contacted his bank to dispute this matter. If his bank has been contacted to dispute the charges then there is nothing further that we can do. The refund process is now in the hands of his bank. If he does not get his refund it is not our issue it is the issue with his bank.

His order has been canceled and there is nothing further for us to discuss.

Customer Response time May 21, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Blatant fabrications.
I have emails to back up my requests for refund. It was not until my complaint was made with the and my bank that a credit invoice was sent. This experience goes right along with every other complaint the has on file for this "business". My bank has not reversed the charges, they are performing a fraud investigation based upon the same details I provided to the The seller is most welcome to refund my amount immediately and I will call the bank off. The seller is also welcome to contact me at the provided number if they have any questions. I believe that the business's response and demeanor are a very good example of the type of business they operate. If needed I can supply the email chain to back up my story.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time May 29, 2020

This customer states that his card company is doing fraud investigation of our company. If that is the case the only reason they would do that is if the customer filed a dispute for the charges and they will refund the customer. There is no need for us to interfere with the banks "investigation" so we will wait to be contacted by his bank and handle this matter directly with his bank. Our position remains the same.

Customer Response time May 29, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Should be obvious, the outcome will be the same. This is another example of this business "punishing" the customer.

• May 11, 2020

I placed an order on 04/21/2020 for the total of $219.35. I have not received anything and business wont respond to any e-mails or calls.
I placed an order on 04/21/2020 and have not received anything to this date.
I have tried contacting them various time's through email and phone, no answer.
Basically they have my money and I have no idea when they'll send my items.
Voicemail was left before they stopped taking calls.
2 E-mails and 1 Voicemail. Still no answer 19 days later.

DATE OF PURCHASE: 04/21/2020
ORDER#: ***
TOTAL: $219.35

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund due to the fact the businesses phone is off and they are not answering emails and calls. why would they take orders if they cant relay shipping info.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time Jun 11, 2020

This customer filed a chargeback with the card company and the order was canceled at that time. There is nothing further to add.

• May 07, 2020

Made an online purchase and never received product.
On 4/27/2020 I made an online purchase order #*** I received an automatic receipt email but no further communication. I sent 2 emails asking what the lead time would be and if a tracking # would be provided. After seeing recent reviews from other in my situation, it is clear the business is false advertising items as in stock and taking advantage of the economic shutdown keeping funds and not sending items or issuing timely refunds. Other client's google reviews have stated that the business never sends items, purposely sends the wrong item and waits over a month to refund after bank disputes and charge backs.

Desired Outcome

To have the exact item I paid for shipped and provide a tracking number or issue a complete refund.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time May 07, 2020

Mr. has filed a false claim with the in an effort to force us to do something that he wants us to do. This customer has tried to portray himself as a victim and that this company has wronged him which is untrue. This customer placed an order with us on April 27th and our website indicates that there are shipping delays due to Covid 19.

As of today we are shipping orders from April 11th and we have not gotten to his order. He has tried to use terms like "taking advantage of the economic shutdown" to make his claim more dire than what it is. We did not ask Mr. to order from us, he did so of his own free will.

He claims that he left a voicemail with us and if that is the case he would have heard the message state that due to Covid 19 our customer service staff has been cut and that we are no longer taking inbound call and that we will only reply to callers that leave a message and that all calls will be answered within 72 hours. The message goes on to state that we can be reached by email as well and that all emails will be replied to within 72 hours. This is just a clear cut case of this customer being impatience.

This customer stated that "it is clear the business is false advertising items as in stock" this statement is 100 percent false and yet again trying to use terms to make himself seem victimized. He has not give any proof or evidence to support his statement that we do not have the parts in stock.

This customer purchased a Glock 26 Lower parts *** and we have plenty in stock. As a matter of fact we recently posted imaged on our social media accounts showing our inventory and included dates with the items to confirm that these items are in fact in stock. If Mr. would have done better research he would have found these images instead of trying to slander own company name.

To prove that Mr. has no idea of what he is talking about we have attached pictures of his order form along with the Glock 26 lower parts *** that he ordered. Today's date is also on the written on the order form to verify and confirm that the item is in stock and ready to ship once we would have gotten to his order.

After the reviews this evidence we ask that this case be closed and that no negative effect is reflected on our score.

Since Mr. has gone out of his way to file a false statement and attempt to slander our company with this false claim we have elected to CANCEL his order and REFUND his money to him. The Glock 26 Lower Parts kit that we had on reserve for him will be added back to our inventory and he will have to find this parts *** elsewhere.

Customer Response time May 07, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This business replied with a threat to file a civil lawsuit for slander (speaking) to media and libel. Clearly the business does not operate professionally or they would have actually had the correct OD *** colored part in the picture. Also the pictire of the item is not complete and missing parts. They obviously do not have the item and leave retaliatory responses on google and emails. They canceled the order but have not processed a refund through the banks. I can provide call logs and emails of me attempting to contact them just for open communication and a lead processing time. I implore the to investigate the business and report the true findings to the BATFE for their FFL revocation. I want the refund processed immediately without delay.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time May 07, 2020

This customer has yet again lied to the All of the parts for this kit are in fact in the bag as shown and he he just trying to save himself some embarrassment because we provided factual evidence that we have the parts in stock.

We did reach out to Mr. and informed him that in light of his fictitious statements that we are seeking to have a civil action brought against him and it is well within our right to do so. A false claim was made in writing in a public setting without any evidence to support the claim and we have every legal right to pursue civil remedies. This is not a threat is a fact and we will begin this process immediately.

Again Mr. has lied by making the claim that we have not issued a refund to him. In our initial reply to this claim we inform the that we have cancelled his order and initiated the refund process. Mr. was email both an order cancellation confirmation as well as a refund confirmation. We have also attached a copy of the refund confirmation so that the can see that it has been processed, sent to his bank and is pending his banks settlement. Refunds are not instant and will take 7-10 business days to complete as indicated on our website. Mr. just thinks that he cane just say whatever he wants without proof but we have nothing to hide and can and will prove everything that we say. Please see the attached refund.

Customer Response time May 08, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The business responds with, "if we decide not to communicate with you or refund your money the cannot make us do that." They have not issued a refund or processed a refund. I verified with my bank and have started the charge back process. I have also filed criminal complaints.

South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs
complaint numbe***
Federal Trade Commission
Complaint number ***

BATFE complaint filed
***, North Carolina 28226

I am also contacting the local sheriff to notify them and provide all documentation and the responses through email and here on this complaint.

To threaten to civilly sue me and withhold the item I paid for and not refund my money because I made a legitimate complaint in regards to no contact or item received can be construed as civil extortion.

Sadly,this person can not conduct himself or business professionally and resorts to threats of civil suits and withholding paid for items and or not refunding people who had to file a complaint and post a negative google review. His own words are he will not refund or send the item and no one can make him. He has lied about processing a refund. The emails are Point of Sale and do not represent real world info like actual bank authorization numbers or any information as to when it will be processed. This business has lost trust and credibility and therefore I lack the belief the "refund" email was legit because my bank does not have any transactions or authorization codes to verify which is why I started the charge back process.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time May 14, 2020

Mr. is yet again blowing smoke and has yet to provide any factual information to support his statements. If he has not received a refund have him present a letter from Visa stating that his account with card number ending in 8634 has not been credited. We have attached confirmation that Visa has Settled the refund amount of $90.95 and we have a confirmation notice from Visa that confirms that his funds were settled on April 7th 2020.

Mr. stated that we refused to grant a refund to him and that is another lie as we provided proof of the refund issuance with our first response. Mr. is helping our us by making all of these mistakes that he is putting in writing.

We have been in contact with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and they have informed that we have not violated any laws rules or regulations and that the information provided to them was sufficient. We have been in contact with the Department of consumer affairs and presented evidence to them as well and are awaiting a reply.

What is really amazing is that a representative
from visa said that if Mr. was really concerned about the possibility of not getting a refund all he has to do was file a charge back dispute instead of trying to fight for a refund because it is their job to do it for him. According to Visa he in not eligible for a charge back because he has already been refunded. Again he has not provided any valid reason why he has not filed a charge back and he has not provided valid evidence that he has not been refunded he has only given a statement saying he has not. He has also not provided information to any of the agencies that he filed a complaint with. He keeps trying to deflect by bringing up things that do not have to do with him directly and trying to draw sympathy from the

He will however have to prove his statements because we filed a civil suit against Mr. and we will provide all the information from Visa to prove our case. He can no longer hide from the truth and we will be vindicated. The court documents have already been signed by a judge and Mr. will be served and he will have to appear in court and answer this false claim. Due to the fact that we now have a court case pending against Mr. we will not reply to any further replies from Mr. through the All further communication will need to go through our attorney.

• May 01, 2020

I was getting timely responses via email and telephone however when I go to cancel my order my emails dont get answered and no one answers the phone
I ordered two build kits that I was told were in stock and was guaranteed a 1 week ship time over the phone before I placed my order, fast forward 2+ weeks and nothing has happened and no communication from LTS. I reach out to them regarding my order only to find out that it's being delayed another 2 weeks and am asked if I wish to cancel. Once I send the email saying I wish to cancel my order my emails dont get replied to anymore and when I call the phone number it goes to voicemail even though I'm calling within office hours and no one replies to the voicemail either.

Desired Outcome

Cancel and refund my order ASAP

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time May 02, 2020

This customer placed an order on April 14th 2020 and was never promised a 1 week delivery. Our website home page clearly states that there is a shipping delay due to Covid 19. He claims that he has called during business hours but our voicemail clearly states that we are closed. Our customer service department has been cut due to covid 19 and we have that stated on our website and in our voicemail. He was never denied a refund and we are happy to cancel his order and process a refund.

• Apr 23, 2020

Could not change or cancel order. Couldnt get in contact with LTS. LTS will not respond when contacted period. Trouble canceling order/refunding money
I have placed online order *** (Item *** to LTS on 4/18/2020. I wanted to make some minor changes to my order but you cannot make any changes. I wanted to see if I could cancel and reorder, but my Visa credit card was immediately charged $695.50. The website basically says that you have to wait until the order arrives and ship it back and they will notify you if you will get a refund. They do not even have an estimated delivery date or a way to track your order. I decided to call to change or cancel my order but LTS does not seem to accept calls. I've called numerous times different days before leaving voice messages and still no response. Im still waiting on a response from Email as well. I've done research and discovered that LTS has poor customer service and does not value their customers or their money and you could be stuck waiting a long time for your that will never arrive. So I've decided to bail out all together. I hope to cancel my order and receive a full refund before waiting long for disappointment.

Desired Outcome

I would like to cancel my order all together and receive a full refund to avoid any problems that are likely to occur

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time Apr 23, 2020

This claim is false and Mr. has not been truthful in his comments. Mr. read our Return Policy which states that an item must be returned in its original condition in order to get a refund. We have a no hassle refund policy that states that as long as we have not shipped your order to you, you can cancel the order at anytime for any reason. If a customer wishes to cancel they must *** their cancellation request in writing and we will cancel the order immediately.

Due to Covid 19 we are short staffed and we are responding to all emails within 24-48 hours and this information is noted on our website.

Mr. never contacted us regarding any refund or to cancel his order he simply contacted the and thought they they would force us to give him a refund. Unfortunately the is a third party mediator and not an authority that has any legal jurisdiction on us.

This is the real series of events;
1. He placed his order on 4/18/2020.
2. On 4/22/2020 he sent an email requesting to change his order.
3. On 4/23/2020 he filed a complaint with the and he never waited for a reply from our customer service to reply. He decided to file a false claim in an effort to hurt our rating.

We have cancelled his order and he was emailed an Order Confirmation. We also initiated a refund and he was also emailed a Refund Confirmation and he should receive his refund in 7-10 business days as stated on our website.

His comments are unfounded and baseless and we are glad that the allows us to voice the truth.

• Apr 15, 2020

They take your money as fast as they can and drag their feet getting you the product.
These Scam artists love to take you money and tell you "it will be 'x' amount of days wait". There are numerous consumers who have had a multitude of issues with this business. They have fake *** reviews to make them look good. They hide as much of the negative reviews as possible because they are the truth. After I have waited 14 days for my order to ship I asked for a Refund and got this email in response. They will say they refund if that is what you want in an intimidating manner and when you ask them to refund your order they act like you, the customer, are making a big mistake. They shouldn't be allowed to operate with the amount of time and money they are scamming from people. I am only out $128 at the moment of writing this, I am sure other's have lost more.

Desired Outcome

I obviously want my refund in a timely manner, as opposed to how long they take to ship. I also want to seem them get a more accurate review in an honest manner. And this is apparently the only way to get there. I know the has no control over*** or ***, but folks need to steer clear of this scam institution.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time Apr 15, 2020

We deny everything that Mr. has entered in his complaint. Firs and foremost we were never rude to him it was actually the opposite. Everyone on the planet knows that we are dealing with Covid 19 and it has had a effect on the entire world and with shipping products as well. Many other companies are shut down due to this but we are still working and shipping everyday. Mr. is just whining because he wants his product when he wants it and is trying to use the to assist him with his childish rant in the hopes that the will somehow help to legitimize his complaint. Mr. placed his order on April 2nd 2020 and the front of our website informs all customers that there is a shipping delay related to Covid 19. Currently we are processing and shipping orders form March 27th and 28th. on April 10th 2020 Mr *** sent an email and asked his order would ship and we replied "Due to Covid 19 we are currently 2 weeks behind on all orders. We have not gotten to your order yet and once we do you will receive a tracking number. If you want to cancel please let us know. Our shipping department is moving as quickly as we can." There is nothing rude or intimidating about this message unless Mr. is just really sensitive. This is a standard message that all customers get and none of our female customers have had any issues with this message being intimidating.

Upon receiving our email replied that he wanted to cancel his order because he does not like our "business practices" and he demanded a refund. Upon receiving his email we promptly cancelled his order and emailed an order cancellation confirmation to him. Following that we contacted our card processor and initiated a refund (a copy is attached) it clearly shows that the refund has been processed and where it states the reason for the refund we indicated what he put in his email. Mr. received a copy of this email as well. The standard refund process is 7-10 business days and that was explained to Mr. and he is hoping that the can try to speed this process up for him and he is wrong. We cannot speed up that process and it simply must run its course. Our refund policy can be found here and it clearly states that refund can take up to 30 business days but it usually happens sooner than that. By the time he gets his refund his order would have been shipped to him but this is a choice that he made and not a choice we made for him.

Furthermore we have been in business long enough to spot those lame people that try to make themselves the victim in an effort to try to hurt the reputation of a company. They use words like Scam, or Fraud, or any other word they think will get the readers attention and make them afraid to deal with the company. Mr. is not a victim he is actually the scammer. If we were a scam we would not have refunded his money. If we were a scam we would not have even replied back to him. We would have kept his money and ran with it. We want everyone who reads this (since that is his goal) to know that he is a fake and an impatience cry baby that wants the world to operate at his command. We do not work that way. He also made comments that have no fact to them at all like our Google reviews are fake. This are the types of language that gets people sued because he is printed information that is false. In his reply to this I ask that the challenge Mr. to produce factual information that proves any post that our customers have left us is false. Since he wants to use the platform to call us a fake have him to provide evidence that supports his claim that our reviews are fake. If he cannot produce this information please advise him that we will be contacting the Colorado Spring Municipal Court to file a suit against him for Slander, and Libel. We will use the records here with the to confirm our claim as a matter of public record.

Mr. will learn that businesses have voices as well and we will be heard. Its not about what you say it is about what you can prove and we want Mr. to prove his claim here in this public forum or in court. We have provided proof that we are not a scam now it is his turn to prove he is not a liar and a fraud.

Customer Response time Apr 16, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I Got y money back from them. Again as their response shows, they are only trying to scem, intiidate, and abuse what they call customers. I'm not sure why I would need to provide any info or screenshots when they have the whole conversation. They are a scam, and there are hundreds of good people out there that can attest to it. This has been resolved by my bank and I no longer wish to have anything to do with this company. Here is the last email I got from them

• Apr 06, 2020

I have called, emailed, and FB about my order 5070 it has been 3 months and no items shipped would like a refund
Made a purchase on jan 8, it is march 6... order number ***. I have not received nothing from my order. I have keep on getting the run around about my part being in stock at the end of the week and then nothing. I made this order with the item saying in-stock. I had to wait there 10 business day processing and try to contact them.... that took about 3 days just to get a call back and that is when the run around started. I have tried to contact them on the phone with no luck and then get the same emails saying that they are waiting for parts that are coming at the end of that week. many week have went buy and I have just lost confidence in this company completing this order. I would like to get a refund, but now there is no email, phone or FB responses..

Desired Outcome

All i want is a full refund

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time Apr 10, 2020

This complaint is completely false. We have been in constant communication with Mr. and we have the emails to prove it. Mr. is trying to use the as a way to force us to give him money when he wants it not knowing that the is not an authority that can make any business do anything. Furthermore we have processed the refund for Mr. already and we are providing proof of that. Mr. just wants his money now and he has to wait for the refund process to complete. We can not speed it up nor can we slow it down. When you see the copy of the refund you will see that it was done the same day that he requested the refund and at that same time he filed a complaint with the in an effort to force us to give him his money instantly. He demanded that we give him his money immediately and we informed him that refunds do not work that way. This matter should be closed and no negative reflection on our overall score should be impacted.

Customer Response time Apr 10, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I Did get my refund of $930.50 after I went on FB where he was posting ad for his products that people will never get. I requested my refund 3 day prior (email and call that was not answered) before filling with the and making a complaint. I never said that we did not have any contact, but that there were email that were never answered plenty of time and had to constantly email just to get a response. He will tell you 24hr/48hr/72hr for a response but I would go a week and have to email again. I got him on the phone one time during a three month span, where he was trying to butter me up and tell me that New years, him going to shot show and the covid19 was the problem with his business not having my product. When clearly my product was in-stock when I order it or I would not have put my order thru. Three months later NO PRODUCT. I would never suggest anyone doing business with this person. I would suggest if your going to do business with LTS just try to call first and you will get your answer. I would hope that would leave this post up for others to see, because he did delete my post off of FB where others can not see how horrible his business really is.

• Mar 17, 2020

Ordered a gun part 17 days ago and it has not been shipped - can't reach anyone to find out why.
On March 1st I ordered online a Magpul RVGRail Vertical Grip (black) from Lancaster Tactical Supply. I paid 20.00 + tax for this with free shipping, the total was 21.40.
On received an email stating my order was taken (X-X-XXXX). On X-X-XXXX I received another email stating my order was in processing - my order number is LTS - 5397
I called several days later to check on my order, all I got was a voice mail. I left a message concerning my order but never heard back from Lancaster Tactical Supply. I sent an email to their sales department on X-XX-XXXX and never got a reply. Since then I have called repeatedly but only get directed to the voice mail.

Desired Outcome

Delivery the gun part I paid for.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time Mar 17, 2020

We will not allow ourselves to let customers dictate how we run our business and we will not allow customers to try to use the to bully us into doing what they want us to do when they want us yo do it. Mr. simply had to review our shipping policy and there is a message posted on our website and social media that states that we are behind one week on shipping.

As of 3/17/2020 since receiving this bogus complaint we have elected to cancel Mr. order and refund his money. He has been emailed a order cancellation confirmation and he has been emailed a refund confirmation. This matter is resolved. Please instruct Mr. to purchase his product elsewhere.

Customer Response time Mar 18, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I'm eagerly waiting for my refund! Sorry to know that poor customer service like this exists. Maybe answering phone calls or emails would help? They say shipping is behind one week, it's been 17 days since I ordered??

Customer Response time Mar 20, 2020

Update...I did get my refund. Thanks

• Mar 13, 2020

Asked for a refund after not receiving product. Was told 7-10 business days. Its been well over that period.
I purchased a handgun grip module from them for $69.55 on feb X XXXX and was told a week and after a week I was told the next week. Than my emails started getting ignored and I still had not got the product so I asked for a refund on feb XX XXXX and was told on feb XX XXXX that my order was canceled and the refund process had begun. Its now march XX XXXX and still no refund. They have been nothing but ignorant to me in emails and they continue to give me the run around about getting my money back. The names of the 2 people that emailed me were Lisa *** G and Derrick J. The order number is ***. I paid with my Visa bank card and the amount was $69.55. All I want is my money back that I worked very hard for and this company is giving me a very very hard time and has been from the beginning. I have never ever had to file a complaint for any business or anybody for that matter. I really hope you guys can help me finally get my money back. Thank you.

Desired Outcome

All I want is my money back. I did not receive any product or anything. I just want my $69.55 that was taken from my account on feb X XXXX.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time Mar 13, 2020

Mr. is over exaggerating the events and is trying to portray us as a villain and portray himself as a victim when it is actually the reverse.

Mr. ordered a CUSTOM COLORED GRIP MODULE with the key word being CUSTOM. Mr. was notified that all custom orders have a standard lead time of 7-14 business days (not 7-10) and that we were behind an week and a half on all custom orders. Our lead time was also shared with him via a link from our website listed here which states "Please note that all custom orders will delay shipping and our average shipping time on custom order is 7-14 business days. These times are only estimates and will vary depending on our current work load."

Mr. sent several very rude emails demanding that we ship his order immediately to which we replied that if he was in a hurry we could cancel his order and have a refund issued to him. His reply was very rude and disrespectful and he used several racial slurs at our female account manager *** and we elected to cancel his order and refund his money.

He was emailed a order cancellation and was informed that he would receive a refund. Mr. demanded that we give him his money instantly and we informed him that the refund process has already been initiated and that the standard time for a refund is 70-10 business days but it could take up to 30 days for him to receive a refund. We also directed Mr. to our refunds page on our website listed here We informed Mr. that we cannot control when the funds would post to his account because we are not the ones that place the funds on his account. Only his bank has the power to replace the funds and he must wait for the process to complete. Today make the 4th business day since his refund was processed and I imagine that he filed this bogus claim your office thinking that you had the power to make us give him the money back right now and that is not the case. He has not waited for the process to even get started good enough before filing a complaint. This is just an attempt to extort us into doing something that we cannot control. The bottom line is that we have begun the process and that process has to be seen through. If he has not received his refund back within 30 days then he has a legitimate complaint to make but until then this claim should be closed and no negative impact on our rating should be made. I appreciate your time on this matter.

Customer Response time Mar 13, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I just read the response and it completely blew my mind how much he just made up. I have all the emails saved. Not one time did I ever use any racial slurs. Not one time was I directed to go to any refund page to see the progress. And today is NOT the 4th business day. I will attach the email I was sent on feb 22 and feb 23 of them telling me the refund process has begun. If the refund process began on feb 24th than today DOES NOT make it the 4th business day. This response was full of lies and I am astonished at how unprofessional these people truly are. Not once did I demand they send me my product either. I politely asked and THANKED THEM FOR THEIR SERVICE because they claim to have served but I recently found out that was a bogus lie too. I am absolutely 100% done with this business. I want my refund back which I am entitled too and thats it. I didnt file this complaint thinking id instantly get my money. I filed this complaint to get my refund process started because you obviously lied through your teeth about when you started it. Thanks for your time and if you need any proof of receipts or emails from these people to show the dates and what was said I will send it. I will attach some right now. Thanks agai

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time Mar 16, 2020

It is amazing to us here that Mr. claims that he has every email from us yet he does not have and email that shows that his order was cancelled. Attached are 2 items that verify our position. One is the copy of the Email Confirmation that was emailed to him. The other is a copy of the Refund Confirmation that was provided to us (and him) by Authorize.*** our credit card processor. After speaking to the (today 3/16/2020) they have assured us that the refund has been processed successfully and that Mr. will see his refund in the next upcoming days he just needs to allow the process to complete itself.

Customer Response time Mar 17, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
There is a difference between getting an email telling you that they have started the refund process and than them actually starting the refund process. Today marks the 17TH business day since they claimed to have refunded me which was the 23rd of February. In their last response they said it was the 4th business day which means they lied to me and didnt even start the refund until over a week after they claimed. Im sure they did this spitefully to make me wait even longer because I opted to cancel my order. Notice I said and so did they that I ASKED them to cancel my order. In their last response they claimed I used racial slurs and that they are the ones who decided they were going to cancel my order because of what I was demanding and saying. All in all this company should receive a bad rating and I think other people need to know about what this company has done so they have a heads up and make a clear decision before using them. I had a very negative experience with them and other people should know what they are about. They say the refund should appear anyday so ill give it some time now and well see. Thanks for your time and for your service. You guys have a great day!

• Mar 13, 2020

After making a purchase with Lancaster tactical and pay via my credit card, they made threats to me via email. I would be happy to supply info.
They accused me of fraud and theft after they said I filed a charge back dispute with my credit card company. I did not dispute my charge and talked with my card company to verify if there was any other issue. they had nothing on file and provided me info showing it was payed with no dispute. LTS sent an email saying they filed weapons theft charge with the ATF and my local sheriff's department. I did not purchase a weapon from them and the things they allege I did are false. They got mad that I attempted to post their email on their facebook page and additionally threatened libel. My response was that I only posted what they sent to me as a buyer beware. I would be happy to submit my email chain with them and my statement from my credit card company to show I paid with no charge back dispute even though, per their own words they still owe me parts for my purchase. and just to be clear they now deny they owe me anything. This is particularly scary it the age that it is so easy to red flag someone over what is my opinion a scam to get more money from me. The sad part is I was happy to deal with them until they lied and threatened me. Now there can never be any trust based on their actions.

Desired Outcome

It is scary to think that a group that says they pride themselves as "2a People" would do what they described in the attached email. I think other customers need to be aware of who they are dealing with. I am additionally considering a law suit for libel and threats to me seeing that their email says they have contacted two law enforcement agencies to bring false charges on me. I also have my credit card company doc showing that I paid my bill and did not refute the charge. that I could not upload with the email chain.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time Mar 14, 2020

This is a clear cut example of what happens when someone tries to defraud a business. Mr. has not given you all of the facts involved and if you read his claim he has left out the beginning, middle and jumped straight to the end. He is what actually happened.

Mr. did in fact purchase an custom colored *** Sauer pistol Grip Module for $82.80 from us on 2/18/2020 and we custom coated it for him and shipped it to him on 2/27/2020 via USPS with the tracking number ***. The order was delivered to him on 3/2/2020 and upon receiving his order he promptly called us and expressed to us how happy he was with his order and how he could not wait to show it off. He also stated that he was missing a magazine release button and requested why it was not included. I informed him that I thought it should be included and that I would have one sent to him.

I arranged for the mag release button to be shipped and before he could receive it our accounting department received a Chargeback notification that was filed by Mr. what he stated the the item received was not as described. As a result of the filed charge back the bank took the funds back from us and our accounting manager *** went into action on behalf of the losses that the company just suffered. She immediately contacted the USPS and had the mag release intercepted and returned to us and she then notified the ATF and Local sheriffs department in Mr. area and made them aware that there was order placed for gun parts and the funds had been reversed. She then sent an email notifying Mr. that we received the charge back and what steps she had taken which we are GOVERNED BY LAW to do and that he needed to either return our product to us or he needed to remit payment.

The needs to understand 2 very important things here.

1. This company has taken a loss on the product because Mr. is currently in possession of it, and we are out of the money that was paid for it because Mr. filed a false claim with his bank. We are the ones that has been wronged in this situation due to the fact that the money is gone and our product is also gone and has not been returned.

2. Because we sell gun parts and accessories the law enforcement agencies that govern our sales hold us to a very strict and high standard and have set rules and regulations that we have to adhere to. Primarily because of all of the mass shooting and recent gun violence we must report all cases of possibly fraud involving any gun parts that we sell NO MATTER WHAT THE ITEM IS. If a customer buys a gun part from us and has the charges reversed and commits a crime with the item that he got from us and we did not report that item stolen/unpaid for, our company could be held liable and responsible. So therefore when any situation like this arises we are bound by LAW and our AGREEMENT WITH THE GOVERNMENT to report all persons and cases that involve possible theft with products that we have sold.

I spoke to Mr. at great lengths and explained to him that this is what we have to do and if we did not do it then we ourselves could get into trouble. It really upsets me that people try to use the in order to make a company look bad and they paint themselves as good guys but never tell the whole truth and the business suffers. They use words like Scam and con artist etc. just to make the situation seem worse then what it really is. There is no scam here at all Mr. has our product still in his possession. Mr. had the charges reversed and now we do not have payment for our product either. By definition he has stolen from us and we are well within our rights to file police reports and anything else that we need to do in order to either retrieve our product or the payment that has been taken from us.

This company stands by the action of our accounting manager as she was doing what she is supposed to do and she followed protocol to the letter. The email that she sent to Mr. was both a notification to him of the situation and our action as well as informative so that he knew how to resolve this matter.

We have had situations like this before and we have assisted law enforcement in arresting people that commit this type of credit card fraud and the fact of the matter is that Mr. is afraid that the police are going to come looking for him. He even said so in a conversation I had with him regarding this matter. We record all phone calls and we can provide the with the conversations regarding this matter with Mr..

This company has broken no laws and again we have suffered the loss here not Mr.. If you look at his complaint he is upset that we contacted the authorities not because he is missing money or that we didn't deliver his order. He is upset because he is now on the radar of the police. Mr. has gone to social media and tried to slander the reputation of this company thinking that we will back down but this has only motivated us to push forward and seek justice.

Since Mr. has elected to employ the assistance of the to be the go between on this matter please relay to him that he has 48 business hours to return our product to us (which we already offered to pay the shipping for) or we will press forward and attempt to have an arrest warrant issued for the theft of our product. Mr. claims that he wants to sue us for libel but the fact is we have not printed any information regarding this matter anywhere so there is no law suit for that. Our attorney is ready to respond to any legal action the he wants to bring forth but we re not the bad guys here we are just doing what we are required by law to do.

Please have Mr. return our item or we will seek to prosecute to the full extent of the law. Thank yo for your time and attention to this claim.

Customer Response time Mar 17, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have submitted proof to both the and LTS that I did not reverse charges for the grip module. They claim they have a letter stating from their bank that I did but have not submitted it to me or the I would be happy to contact their bank via my credit card company to clear this up but they only seem to want to slander me in calling me a thief and a fraud. I also contact the ATF and they told me that they only deal with controlled items like (real) guns. I sent The the entire email thread that shows all conversations that I have had via email with LTS so I did not leave anything out. You simply have to read it to see what the truth is. To the point that I am concerned that they have alerted 2 law enforcement agencies that I am a thief and a fraud; yes I am concerned. especially that it is all based on a lie or a mistake on THEIR part. As I believe I noted before, I tried to handle this with them and my credit card company but they don't answer the phone very often and *** seems to be detained elsewhere. As for me slandering them: I have only posted what they wrote me as a buyer beware. I think the slander is from them to me via lying to 2 different law enforcement agencies. They claim to be strong in the gun community but fail to realize that telling lies to law enforcement agencies about "gun theft" as they state in their email can invoke red flag laws, that can get people hurt or killed.

Even after I gave them letter from my credit card company they still have yet to handle this appropriately. My concern to the public at large is that these people sell gun parts and real weapons. If they lie about me over something this simple then they could cause someone real harm. For me this is not about the money, I refuse to pay them twice for something that I did not even get all of what I should have. This is about how they handled the issue and refuse to take responsibility that they made a mistake. They *** think that they can use the law to scare me but I have proof of purchase and proof of my communications with them. They can use their call recordings scare all they want because I know what was said. I am waiting to see if they will do the right thing to determine my path forward as my lawyer also sees that I have a case for slander based on the email information and my statement from my credit card company. They are making this really difficult to keep simple by continuing to lie. have them submit the bank statement showing that I rejected payment and I think we will all see the truth behind what and why this happened. I have re-attached my info with my credit card company to show they processed and that the payment was never disputed by anyone from my side of the transaction.

Lancaster Tactical Supply Response time Mar 17, 2020

This company has already made its position clear. Mr. filed a charge back against us and we did what is required by law for us to do and we stand by it. We have not requested any further funds from Mr. and we have already advised him that we are challenging his dispute as we are entitled to do once a chargeback has been filed. This matter will be decided by the credit card companies. We admit no fault or wrongdoing. And offer no apology to Mr. after all he offered no apology for his Buyer Beware post.

This is very simple and easy. If Mr. has an attorney and he wants to fight this out in court then so be it. All further communication should be directed from his attorney to ours from this moment on. We will not reply through this channel any further. We are prepared to go to court and that makes this matter out of the hands of the and therefore should be filed Out Of Purview. Thank you for your time.

Customer Response time Mar 18, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have shipped the grip module back to them on 3/17/2020. I also di finally refute the charge also on 3/17/2020.
In this process, I have noted that LTS has not submitted any documents showing that I had previously refuted charges via my credit card company. I on the other hand did provide supporting documents of my claims that did not at the time do so. I would Also like to note that my buyer beware comment was a opy paste of an email they sent to me.

LTS does now have refuted charges because again they are a dishonest company. The willgwt their merchandise back as received but they lied again in stating they would up for shipping.

In their email they admit to slandering me to the ATF and the *** County Sheriff's department. It is a strong message they send by contacting two law enforcement agencies with lies and incorrect information and yet the feel *** hurt that I did nothing but post their enail to me showing how they deal with customers. They are dangerous to deal with and I will do everything I can to spread the truth.

I am not sure what the can do but other people need to see how these people deal with customers that purchase gun parts or God forbid a real weapon. You can read what each side has written and please note that I am the only one that provided proof of where I am in this matter. As far as slander case goes. I agree that will be hhandled appropriately. I still have concern for other possible customers dealing with this vendor. They have already noted that they have done this before.

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