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Lifetime Solutions, Inc.

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Punctual and professional.

James M[redacted] provided excellent service for our soft water system. He was professional in his approach and answered all questions satisfactorily.

Martin has been the person who has come out to service our water softener. He always has a smile and a very pleasant way about himself. He is very informative and always explains all he work that he does. Martin always leaves my wife and I with a confident feeling that he has done a great job servicing our water softener. Martin is very approachable and has answered every question we have asked concerning our water softener. We feel very blessed that we have had the opportunity to meet such a great person and to have Martin as our service technician. Thank You Martin !!!!!

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 9, 2016/01/06) */
On 10/12/15 [redacted] & [redacted] purchased a [redacted] system through an in-home water test promotion through The [redacted]. Our records indicate that we installed the system on 10/13/15. We sent a technician to the home on 10/17/15 due...

to the system not working properly. The technician replaced the necessary parts for the system to work properly. On 11/5/15 we did a follow-up Quality Control call, at which time the customer expressed that they felt the water pressure was lower than usual. We responded by sending technician to the home to test the water as well as the water pressure, to make sure the equipment was giving them the quality of water it was suppose to as well as deal with any water pressure issues. The notes indicate that all tests show that the water quality is excellent. We increased pressure in the drinking system to give a better flow to the ice maker, and adjusted the water pressure regulator on the home to give them a better quality of pressure throughout the home.
Mr. & Mrs. [redacted] informed us that they wanted to pay a [redacted] restocking fee (15%) to have the equipment removed from their home. This restocking fee doesn't apply to this type of equipment that cannot be resold as new. In regards to this type of water system it is very much like investing in a new car. After it's been owned and driven for a while, the dealer cannot simply restock the vehicle as new. In this case, because of our contract with The [redacted] we are not able to even offer used equipment as an option so our losses as a business become tremendous. We certainly want [redacted] and [redacted] to be happy with their purchase, and commit to doing whatever's necessary on our part to deliver good quality on what they purchased; but realize this may not be possible. The last conversation our Service Manager had with them, Mrs. [redacted] said that the system was working fine, but they referenced back to the ice maker, cloths, & taste. He explained that we are committed to resolving any issues they feel they are having as a customer, but she stated they are only interested in a refund. At that, because a refund is not really an option, we offered a buy back; however, due to voided warranties, unsellable equipment, installation parts and wages, our unrecoverable expenses add up to $2,549.65. That was our last contact with the customer, which was through The [redacted].
Lifetime Solutions, Inc.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 11, 2016/01/07) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I, [redacted] am submitting a response to Lifetime Solutions on January 7, 2016. Below are a list of reasons why I refuse to pay the $2,549.65, due to the contract clearly stating they charge a 15% restocking fee, unless this was a special order. .
1. Since we've gotten this water softener installed, there have been many things that have happened to my and my families health. My husband and my mouth has been extremely dry and we have both developed burn blisters on our tongues. Upon doctors orders, we stopped drinking the installed water and start drinking bottled water, and both of our dry mouth and blisters went away. After a week I started drinking the installed water again, and immediately my dry mouth and burn blisters came back. These health problems were NOT an issue before I had the water softners installed.
2. Our refrigerator ice maker dispenser is no longer working. We called your company, they stated that to fix the problem, air needed to be pumped into my tank under the sink. Your company came out to my residence, pumped air in the tank and to date my ice maker still does NOT dispense ice. There were no issues with my ice machine on my refrigerator before I had the water softener installed.
3. Every time I wash clothes now, they must be washed twice. After the first wash, the water leaves a film on all of our clothes, so a second round of rinsing is needed to get them clean. This was not an issue prior to getting the water softener installed. And I used the detergent that they told me to
use and also used it the way they told me to use it.
After paying $7500 for your product, we are now forced to purchase water again through the [redacted] We are no longer drinking the water installed. All we want is for the product to be taken out of my house before any more health issue occur, anymore appliances break or anymore clothes are ruined. I am willing to pay $2000.00, which I think that is more than fair, to have this removed.
Thank you so much for your time,
Final Business Response /* (4000, 13, 2016/01/15) */
We are going to accept the $2000.00. Our office will contact the customers to make arrangements.

Service call was completed satisfactorily.

Henry L. was great! Answered all our questions very professional.

I'd like to recognize Jim M[redacted] for his excellent service today on our system! He was very knowledgeable and polite. Thank you for correcting the couple issues today.

Have water softener system with osmosis filter. Phone contacts are very friendly, service is very friendly, product is tried and true. When we moved, this company moved our system for us also. Absolutely no issues with this company.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/01/19) */
I called and spoke with Mr. [redacted] and agreed with him that he did not receive the kind of service he should have expected from us. I apologized and reduced his bill. A new itemized bill will be sent out. He seems satisfied with what we...

have offered.

We have been receiving services from Lifetime for our water softener for 5 years. Always greeted by their courteous staff and we are pleased with the quality of the work.

Martin G came to the house was very helpful very knowledgable and was very pleasant to have and respectful

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/03/20) */
Contact Name and Title: [redacted]
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: [redacted]
In response to the complaint,
We have scheduled an appt. on 3/25/15 at 4pm. I have personally called and explained the...

contract with Mr. [redacted], He completely understands the contract, and is happy at this point. The complaint was an unfortunate misunderstanding between the service technician and Mr. [redacted]. After going over the details he currently understands and wants to continue with the service plan.
Thank you,

Tommy was professional and knowledgable about the company product. He was aware of my needs and answered all my questions. I appreciated that he offered to cover his boots before entering my home. He showed me before and after on he filters and made sure I knew how the product was working. Thanks Tommy

Ray was a shining star in world today where good customer service is hard to find. He was so helpful and took the time to explain every thing he as doing. He of course also took care of my problem. Thank you Ray. And thank you lifetime solutions for hiring people like him.

James fixed water softener with one visit and spent time you explain maintenance.

Hector T[redacted] from Lifetime Solutions provided maintenance for our water and HVAC system on 6/7/16. He has been to our home before, and we find him to be very nice, personable and professional. He has an excellent knowledge of the systems and was very helpful. We definitely recommend him as well as Lifetime Solutions.

Tommy M[redacted] called the morning of 9/22/16 advising me he would be arriving between 11 am and 1pm. He later called advising me that he was running a bit late and would arrive closer to 1:30 pm. I unexpectantly needed to leave at about 1:25 pm, but my son was home. Upon my return, between 2:30 and 3:00 pm I was informed Tommy had performed additional work, which previous technicians had not, resulting in improved water flow from my refrigerator door water dispenser. According to my son, Tommy was friendly, courteous, and professional.

Honesty, Integrity, expertise, and a love of the job are qualities not often seen anymore when it comes to customer service.
The other day I had the unique privilege of experiencing all the above. Hector Tovar, a service tech from Lifetime Solutions, arrived at my home to conduct a annual maintenance for our WaterSoft system.
From the get go, Hector was cheerful and informative as to exactly what he was to do and how and why he was going to go about doing it. Throughout the entire time, Hector continuously communicated well as to the importance of his procedure.
Because of his professionalism and knowledge, I found myself engaged, and would ask questions to better know the system. He answered every question intelligibly and patiently in terms that I (not at all an expert) could fully understand.
But Hector took it to a whole new level when he gladly informed me that the membrane filter was still working at ninety percent and didn't need to be replaced. I can't remember the last time a company employee came to my home to do a job at an agreed price, and told me it would be considerably less because something was still working fine and didn't need replacing! Somethings are priceless, and Hectors honest hardworking character, coupled with innate people skills and a love for what he just that!
Having owned a business myself for nearly 25 years, I know fist hand a great employee when I see one.
Lifetime Solutions, take good care of people like Hector and reward them so they can train others how to be better at what they do and continue this remarkable service!
Most sincerely,
A very satisfied customer

I use Lifetime Solutions, Inc. for my Rainsoft whole house water conditioning system. I have had the water filtration system and utilized Lifetime Solutions for over 8 years. They keep my system operating at peak condition. They provide all service from routine preventive maintenance to moving your system when you change to a new home. I have been lucky enough to be helped by Michelle W. each time I call. She is always completely professional, while at the same time making you feel like you're an old friend. Such a pleasure to deal with a customer service representative who possesses outstanding people skills. My technician during the last scheduled maintenance call was Lakyn S. Again, someone who is completely professional, while being a friendly and highly knowledgeable technician. I offer my highest recommendation for both Michelle and Lakyn along with recommending Lifetime Solutions to anyone looking for professional water treatment systems for their home.

Henry did a great job, answered all my questions, new his job well and a very good asset for Lifetime Solutions.

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