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• Oct 16, 2023

Stay clear of this company
Very terrible customer service. Been waiting almost a month just to get set up as a customer despite needing medical supplies. Whenever I call for a status update I get caught in a phone loop being transferred to various departments multiple times. Highly discourage anybody from using this company.

• Sep 26, 2023

I have a great relationship with my driver, Brandon Owens from the Liverpool ny outlet.
He goes above and beyond the call of duty . he has on many occasions gone out of his way to accommodate my needs and is always on time. Should there be a delay he notifies me.which saves me time I've had several drivers over the years and he is by far the best..Any questios feel free to call me at 315-427-8636..Michael Meyer 6415 Newport rd Warners ny 13164' Keep up the good work Brandon

• Jul 18, 2023

Very poor Customer Service
LinCare doesn't get a star rating for thier customer service in Lubbock is very poor. I had Stephine tell me that I didn't use enough oxygen to get what the doctor had written the presecription for, also had to use 48 canstires of oxygen at one time then was lowered 8 to be able to get a POC. But, then told it would take 3 months to get the POC. Ashley was suppose to get back to me on a question I had so far I have not gotten my answer but when you only email corp. what do you expect. I also called corporate office in Florida and talked to them they put me on hold and transfer me back to Lubbock office. No one wants to really help just pass the monkey to someone else as Susan said Lincare thinks they are gold and they are not. Just don't accept being lied to and pushed to one side as a concert company and care of customer with medical needs. I can see why they are rated 47th in health care sites. Very poor company and not a safe feeling.

Customer Service
Trying to resolve a outstanding bill issue for my deceased father. I Mailed them fathers death certificate w/ final balance owed statement and explaining my dispute. I continue to get a balance due statement. Therefore called their customer service number and have been on HOLD for 1 hour and 45 minutes.


Poor customer service.
After completing a sleep test, my doctor sent an order for a CPAP to Lincare 4 months ago and I still have not received it. My doctor's office keeps calling them and I keep calling them. Each time it is a different excuse. There are no other services in my area that provide CPAPs so I am stuck with this awful company and still waiting a my first CPAP.


Medical supplies or medical ripoff?
I purchased parts for my cpap machine from Lincare through a link in their email. It was definintely LINCARE. They charged me $110.00 for a single nasal pillow for my CPAP mask. It is a piece of silicone that can't weigh a half ounce. I can buy them from sleep Direct online for $35.00. They also list the MSRP as $49.00.
What a ripoff. Lincare's markups are outrageous because they assume the insurance will pay for everything and the customer won't care. Maybe they should change their name to Insurance Ripoff DONTCARE. This will be the last time I ever buy any supplies of anything from LINCARE.


Dangerous I could have died
I am a coma survivor whose doctor retired in April and I cannot get in to a new doctor until December. My tubing broke and I called Lincare, and the woman told me that since I was in between doctors I would have to pay cash, which I said was fine. I called three more times to make sure, because I live far out from them, and by the way, they have moved and not updated their new address either. So having made four phone calls, I got my money together and drove in the freezing rain very far and when I got there no one came to my car, I had to keep calling and finally some guy with a scraggle beard came out and said if I had no Rx I could NOT buy one. This was so traumatic, as a loved one had died the day before and I wanted to make sure that I could get the tubing and I had made four calls FOUR! and they still screwed me over big time. I wept.


Hello Alexandra,I am sorry to hear that you changed your mind on your custom order, and want a refund.All the window coverings offered online on our Web site are custom madeThese products are made to YOUR color and size specificationsThey are not produced until they are orderedThey are not pulled off a shelf and can be returnedWe would be unable to resell them as they are custom to your windows? I am sorry.Once your order is placed and in processing, we are unable to stop or cancel the orderWe are charged by the manufacturer at that point.Please feel free to review our policy on our Web site at any my best,Sherri Tell us why here

[redacted] Thank you for your follow up.As we stated before, the measuring instructions for all of our products are clearly available on our Web site for every customer to review and followThe customer is responsible for the sizes orderedYou are immediately sent an order confirmation to verify that you ordered the correct size needed for your windows/doorsYour call was reviewed and we found that the Design consultant advised you correctly on how to measureThe height of a blind is the overall measurementThis measurement includes the headrail.? We can offer you 20% off to re-order the product at a better size, or you can also check back on our Web site as we offer sales each month, and sometimes multiple sales per month.All my best,Sherri ***www.americanblinds.comTell us why here

[redacted] We provide all the same benefits to our customers who make measuring or order errorsWe provide a 20% discount to everyone.If our Web site is running a sale that is more than 20% off your product...wonderful! You can save more that way.Again, we provide the same benefits to everyoneIt would be unfair to offer one customer more of a discount than another customer.Warm regards,Sherri ***

these people are extremely non-professional in their customer service do not return phone calls and do not mke service calls when requested the manager sherry martin was very rude and unconcerned with my complaints of their products


[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint I feel I measured the blinds to the best of my knowledge with the instructions that were given to meI feel the company should take more responsibility in this matterI believe I should receive at least a partial refund for my order Regards, [redacted]

Ken's just finished the second stage of my driveway and I am amazed at how great it looksFrom start to finish they were very professional, timely and true to their wordEvery employee we interacted with was wonderful and the quality is top notchThese folks really know their business and it shows in their workHighly Recommend!

Does anyone at Lincare read and respond to these reviews - very poor customer service.


My ResMed Aircurve 10 ASV CPAP machine has stopped working properly and needs repaired. I have had difficulty obtaining the correct information and facts to pursue repairs or replacement. This issue seems to be overly complicated and any mistakes could be costly. There is a great deal of disparity of information provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield and Lincare creating a gap of unknowns. I am extremely disappointed with the accuracy and clarity of information from customer service provided by Lincare of Fort Wayne.
1. Actual delivery date not clear and Lincare unable to provide actual date – Original purchase was from Home Health Depot (recently purchased by Lincare) and no records seem to be available. BCBS said Lincare should provide this information.
2. Replacement date provided by Lincare is in conflict with BCBS – this places me a risk for total costs of a new unit with out insurance coverage. Lincare stated the unit could be replaced based on the last invoice date of 12-31-15 (somehow this date showed up after five days of questions) – this is in direct conflict of the benefits information provided by BCBS Benefits Representative – requires five years + rental period (23 months) to qualify – the concern here is if I take delivery I could then be obligated for the entire costs of a new unit. Potentially >$5,000.00. This is misrepresentation of facts. Lincare did provide a reference number I9400002 from “Dave” at Anthem BCCS, The benefit representative had not record or could relate that number to any reference files?.
3. Lincare demands a doctor’s visit and prescription for a replacement unit, including repairs. BCBS does not require the additional services for a repair/replacement unit – these costs are excessive and would be my burden.
4. With a five-year replacement cycle there is no effort to assist with replacement or repair if the unit fails after the two your warranty prior to the five-year cycle unit through Lincare. This is a gap in the system – yes repairs can be deducted from yearly deductible unfortunately I have a $6,000 deductible plan.
5. The more one digs into the requirements of insurance and the service provider and analysis of the total cost and complexity of the problem the more important it is to have accurate and clear information. Overall customer service experience has been very poor, request for information not accurate, request for call back when transferred to a different department not completed. There does not seem to be a trusted level of expertise at the office. I finally requested to speak with a manager for clarification of information from BCBS and Lincare on two different days finally on the second day Ebony returned the call she was less than empathetic or helpful and once she did return my call her attitude was less than professional- “this is what you get take it or leave it attitude”. My request was simply to relay and clarify information from BCBS to ensure I could make a decision with the correct data. This mis-information and her attitude only generates excess frustration for an expensive and complicated problem.

My original goal was to gather all of the required information to make a value-based decision to repair or replace my CPAP within the limitations of BCBS insurance – I’m not sure yet today that I have accurate information and which direction to pursue. I do know that working with the FW Lincar office has been exhausting and frustrating. I have less than a good impression of Lincare and will be looking for another provider.
I do not have the records of when the first CPAP was delivered, either four or five years ago. It has been replaced once during the warranty period for a similar problem on about 6-16. The original company I was directed to in network directed to for purchase of my CPAP (?Home Health Depot?) was purchased by Lincare three years ago. I'm told the CPAP has a five-year durable equipment replacement cycle. I asked Lincare for the delivery date to see if I needed to pursue a new unit or a replacement and if they would provide the shipped date - well they do not have or will not access those records. So I asked Lincare about possible repair (approximately 6 weeks and $700 to $880 or more for a repair) plus the cost of a rental unit. If I were to purchase a new unit and only if I was eligible (> 5yrs) Also I would be required to get a new sleep study and doctors’ orders for a repair / replacement.

I have called the Fort Wayne IN Lincare office for the five past days in a row to find a solution without getting the information needed. For each of the first three days I was told someone would call me back - that never happened no one called me back. On the forth day again I talked with a Customer Service Specialist and a CPAP counselor and still left with questions so I asked for a manager to call me back - that did not happen until I called back again. I then spoke with a manger named Ebony, she was not very helpful or understanding. When I share my discussion with the BCBS benefits rep she became indignant and proceeded to tell what she would do. I would say she was rude and she proceeded to tell me how it was going to be. I explained again that I was requesting that she follow up with BCBS in reference to the questions and information noted below.

I did call BCBS, my insurance company, the benefits group can only look back 3 years for history and if a claim was filed the too soon I would be ineligible and would be charged the full amount. I was also told by my insurance benefits that Lincare should provide the following:
1. ship date of original equipment
2. That durable equipment was to last for the period required - in this case 5 years- or should be repaired or replaced by the provider (Lincare) for the original cycle.
3. That there is no insurance requirement that a sleep study or new doctor’s orders are required to repair or replace the unit.


Lincare is a terrible service.


Huntsville, Al - Got my prescription sent to Lincare - they NEVER called me, I called them and they did take my info and order(painstakingly) - Today it is OVER 6 weeks later - the lady that answered said it looked like my account was not set up yet and transferred me to the Huntsville office (where I called to begin with) The person there said the CPAP person was not there today but it looked like he (BOB) had ordered my supplies on Monday (3/11) WHAT THE HECK - I ordered them at least 6 weeks ago. Any way - she said she could not tell me anything else about my order and to call back and talk to BOB on Monday. So that's what I'll do, meanwhile I will be looking for an alternate medical supply store. CRAPPY CUSTOMER CARE... wake up people!


They definitely are not pleasant to deal with. I think they feel we need them. I had ongoing billing problems and finally received out to the CEO. I received a phone call from one of the billing specialists but only to say they received my complaint. Never got resolved. Deeply disappointed but the good thing is I am able to switch medical suppliers per my insurance plan. I don't believe in rewarding companies that don't deserve it.


This company robs people, medicare and insurance companies billing/shipping products the customers don't need or want. I received a phone call from Lincare and a man was trying to sell me things I didn't want, IE hose, water reservoir, filters etc. I did order the complete assembled mask and 1 extra headgear but only if my insurance covered it. At the end of the conversation I told the man not to send a box full of parts, just the complete assembled mask and 1 extra headgear. The man said, "I think we've covered that". What a liar. I received a mask and a box full of parts, (junk because I don't need them). This company is robbing disabled people. What a scam.

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