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LoanMe Reviews (234) I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Regards, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved Regards, [redacted] ***

I have stmts from Aug and zSept showing a total balance due of $I was lateNow they are saying they sold it to a 3rd party collector in an amt of over $This is total robbery, I am able now to make the $pymtMy original loan to them was only $3100, of which I have already paid over $due to interest, etcAnd I've been paying over a yearThey are charging an additional $because I was late and did not pay the $by Sept This should be completely illegal

I took out a loan on November 11th, for $Annual percentage rate is Making my monthly payments $The total amount of the loan would be $16,I paid one or two payments and then couldn't afford it anymore, so they went to court to garnish my wages on May 2nd, They starting garnishing my paycheck every two weeks in Septemeber of for $They did this until January of and I was told by my employer that it was paid off in fullAll of a sudden LoanMe employee Ashlee Flores contacted my employer and said that they are still interest /fess that has not been paid in the amount of $SHe said it might be attributed to a daily interest/fees charged by the [redacted] DepartmentOn the Earning Withholding Order, they sent me it clearly states the [redacted] Fee is $

I am writing to dispute the "CHARGE OFF" on my credit reportsLOANME, INChas several allegations of dishonest business practicesI called them and they agreed to lower my interest rate and change my payments to $per monthThe CFRA defines a "CHARGE OFF" as an account that a business has written off because they feel the consumer will never payA "CHARGE OFF" is also considered when a consumer does not pay on his/her account in months or moreMy account was referred to court and set as a "CHARGE OFF" on my credit report almost immediately, my credit report shows that exact date this account was referred as a "CHARGE OFF", which is an unfair business practiceThis account is paid in fullThe California Department of Business Oversight (CA DBO) has taken regulatory actions against this company for various business infractionsI am requesting that this account be removed from all credit reports because the information reported is incorrectI spoke with a lady by the

I had a loan with Loan me for the amount of $3,USD and I was paying on time, one month a was late on my payment and Loan Me sold my loan to a third party when the loan had more payments left for USD now aparently I owe the original amountI find this absurd, I contacted Loan me to tell them that I would pay the resting amount but very negative and firm on their stand said no

I made a payment of $and change towards my loan on 3/25/and when I called on 3/30/to ask why the "payoff" $amount was different from the balance due $the csr advised me that it was because the $payment hasn't reflected yetShe also advised me that it was $and change of interest daily so it just didn't add up to the amount that was dueSo again she told me the payoff amount would be less the $so we came up with $and change and I rounded it up to $and the csr advised me that if there is any left over money from overpayment I would get a paper check separate from my payoff noticeThe whole purpose of me making a huge payment was to payoffI would not have chose to pay this large amount and still have a balanceI called again on Monday 4/4/(or so) because I noticed a balance due still and they said I owe $495...and I asked why after explaining my conversation w/ the previous csrThe csr said she will leave a message with a supervisor and ge

When I signed up with this company the one stipulation I had with them is that they take credit cards There was no way that I was going to agree to pay 135% interest for the length of the loan I needed the money immediately due to health reasons, the only way it would work is if I could transfer this incredibly high interest rate to a 15% interest rate credit card The person I spoke with on the phone promised me time and time again that yes, they do take credit cards and people do this all the time Fast forward to today, they changed their policy a week ago and now don't take credit cards They did not inform their clients, they did not send an email and it still states on their website that they take credit cards This form of payment was the entire reason I agree to use this company and take this money I am now in a horrible cycle of paying this entire loan with the 135% interest rate This is not what was promised me by the company and this is not what I agreed to I s

This has to be the WORST company everHonestly I cannot understand how they have received a A+ rating, they must have connections on the insideNo one in customer service seems to know the process when you want to payoff your loan, when you ask a simple question you are given several different answers from the customer service rep to their supervisorsI won't be surprised when they are slapped with class action suit

LoanMe, Inc., (“LoanMe”) is in receipt of the consumer’s above-referenced complaint, and we welcome this opportunity to respond to help clarify and resolve the matter Please allow this to serve as our formal response LoanMe’s records indicate that our customer obtained an unsecured consumer installment loan on May 1, and was subsequently funded on May 4, 2015, in the amount of $10,minus a $pre-paid finance charge/origination fee In compliance with the Truth in Lending Act (“TILA”), LoanMe’s Promissory Note and Disclosure Statement (“Note”) properly displayed the loan terms and provided the required disclosures, including the interest rate, the Annual Percentage Rate (“APR”), the Finance Charge, the pre-paid finance charge/origination fee amount, and the repayment schedule of months The terms of the Note also stated that interest is calculated on a 360/simple interest basis and that the loan can be paid in part or full at any time without incurring a prepayment penaltyOur customer signed the document electronically in compliance with the Electronic Signatures in Global and National commerce Act (E-SIGN), indicating that he read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the Note LoanMe conducted a “welcome call” after the loan was funded on May 4, 2015, at which time the terms of the loan were explained once again, and our customer indicated he did not have any questions or concerns LoanMe encourages our customers to pay extra amounts toward principal to pay the loan off earlier than scheduled, and to reduce the overall expense of the loan compared to making only the minimum payments as scheduled Our customer states that LoanMe advised that his payments would not incur a finance charge and would go toward the principal balance and not the interest This is incorrectLoanMe did not advise our customer that he would not incur a finance chargeThe conversations our customer had regarding his loan prior to funding indicated the interest rate, and APR of the loan, and the Note disclosed this information as well The Note our customer signed also indicated that payments made would be applied to earned interest before it would be applied to principalWe have reviewed the payments made toward our customer’s loan, and they have been applied properly Our customer believes his current interest rate is too high and would like to have it lowered againLoanMe has already assisted our customer with his account on July 25, 2015, and as a courtesy LoanMe lowered his interest rate significantly and offered him a one month deferment on his payments Based on this, we are not able to lower the interest rate on his loan further at this time The terms of our customer’s unsecured consumer installment loan are legal, including the interest rate and APR, and the loan was made in accordance with LoanMe’s Finance Lender License issued by the State of California Department of Business Oversight (License #K061) We thank you for this opportunity to respond, and hope that we have helped to clarify the matter for our customer If our customer has additional questions or concerns, he may contact LoanMe directly at [redacted]

I called loanme to ask about getting a loan for a home improvement project I specifically asked about their fees and interest ratesI was told that they would need my credit information and they call back the following day and let me know what was available for me They called back the following day and offered me a totally ridiculous loan with an enormous initiation fee and very high interest rateI told the representative that the fees and interest was way too high and I wasn't interestedThe representative call back a few times and tried to get me to agree to getting this loan by discussing various pay back options which all amounted to a very bad dealA day later, I started getting emails saying that my loan application was being processedNow here it is a month later I get a letter stating that my loan is being rejectedI specifically told the representative that I was not interested in doing business with his company but he submitted a loan application anywayI don't appreciate an unnecessary loan inquiry on my credit especially by a company that is obviously ingauging in predatory lending tacticsBuyer beware of loanme

Hello I have been the Loan Me company for a year now and they haven't dropped my balance, my interest rate is 135% and the payments I'm making is $monthlyI've been talking to them to about fixing my balance and my interest rate but haven't resolved itThey said they can't do it because I already made a contract with them and they can't help meI'm really upset

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