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we have refunded this customer check your bank statements
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.As per the request from Logo Design Pros;the order number is: [redacted] email address used is: [redacted]What would resolve my concern is, they refund me my complete amount. I have attached the breakdown.

We are in touch with customer and getting his work done for his website its a custom work it will take time and this has been explained to customer.

Hey,We have refunded this customer half the amount as more than 50% work was completed.thanks
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint...

ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 

Review: I requested a graphic for a Facebook page that I have. I requested to have the logo designed that I could upload to my Facebook page. When the final produce was sent to me, it was not the product I asked for and was incompatible with Facebook page. I contacted the company and they informed me they needed admin access to my Facebook page in order to upload the design. I informed them that I wasn't told that and I didn't request that service. I am concerned with this practice as they are requesting access to my personal information to provide a service.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund for the service requested as it was obviously not what I paid for and also, I will not give my personal information to this company.



We have took care of the complaint from this customer and he all good now.. there was some understanding about the process..

Review: website design company didn't do anything they promised! $1,000 paid for nothingDesired Settlement: full refund

Review: I was contacted by Logo Design Pros by a gentlemen names [redacted], he claimed to be one of the top senior design consulants and insisted they were a highly commendable experienced and professional designing firm. I had a brief look at their website, it looked fine so I didnt doubt them. I wanted to rebrand and make amendments to my website at [redacted] which they quoted me £500.00 for in total. He requested me to make him a payment of £250 as a deposit to begin the works. He always insisted that if for any reason I was unhappy I would be entitled to a full refund. The templates and designs they put forward were of very poor standard, something I could have done myself so requested a refund. I was then told that they would need a paypal id in order for them to complete the refund. I told them I did not know it and did not know how to make one. Because I had confirmation of my refund entitilement in writing by a man named [redacted] from logo design pros I did not think I was legally obliged to give them the details within a specified time frame. Once I gave them a paypal id a Mr [redacted] of logo design pros said that the payment merchant they used now no longer exists so they cannot give a refund. Since then they have ignored all my calls, emails. They refuse to give me a company registration number or an address but instead keep putting the phone down on me. I have requested them to give me the directors or company registration detail name but so far I only have one name of the director by the name of mr [redacted] . I have reached a state where I am suffering from depression and axiety and do not believe anything they say. They all seem to have indian accents but surprisingly all carry white english/american names. Nobody returns my emails. They are not regulated, they have no complaints procedure, instead there is full of bad negative reviews written about them online. I paid £250 to them and since then I have not received my refund. I challenged them by taking them to court but without any help guidance or company formation details I have no leg to stand out as I am in the UK. Please help me get my money back :( my number is [redacted]Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund with compensation for all the trouble and distress they have caused in not offering me a refund as promised.



We have explain you many times about your refund that we cannot process it as our merchant has changed on which we charged you. you may use this same amount for some other services.

Review: They charged me USD 1800 and refund me USD 900 for products that they did not deliver.

1.I start my project with them in April 13. I requested for 5 times refund but they promised me a few things so I gave them chance.

2. They can't deliver so I call for refund. They refund me USD 900 out of USD 1800 that I paid. Now I received only 1 confirmed logo and confirmed stationary.

3. They asked me to submit revise statement I said I don't want to revise with them anymore because the quality of service is extremely bad. I have all the emails records and voice records on their promised. I have locked case to IC3 but no reply yet.

I hope to design webpage to help ADHD children and adult and I am very clear on my web requirement. Because of a few people handle my case seem like they are confuse.

[redacted] promised me to get my 2nd logo on 17 Aug 13 so that I can proceed for my web and the rest of design. However, when I called another colleague [redacted] told me no one working on my project.

I told manager [redacted] I need refund but he refuse and said by right they have right not to refund me. I talked to [redacted] can help but these two people never want to refund me another USD 500.

With the bad quality service, I even said I don't mind they charge me USD 400 for the 1 logo and 1 stationary but I don't want to continue with them anymore.

They refuse and not the whole team trying to block my emails because they did not reply, they did not accept my call, they did not accept my chat.Desired Settlement: I need urgent help. And as of todate, I think I don't even need to pay up to USD 400 for just one approved logo and stationary with this bad quality services.

I think they should charge only USD 300 and return me USD 600 for such bad services and wasted all my time. Appreciated a fair judegement and help for this case.

One of the approved logo I approved, they have given me the copyright however, the version they saved in that copyright is also not correct. I requested them to change the c




This customer has issued a refund last week, kindly confirm from her and close this case.



Very very poor service. A complete scam. Never fulfilled their promise to deliver ''100% customer satsifaction''. The designers are not professional but foreign people with word/art/paint experience. I was scammed for £250 and never received my refund as promised. They pretend to be a massive design company but is a one man band company that change their name and their accents. They run from a po box address. never return your voice messages or emails. STAY AWAY UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE ROBBED. VERY BIG SCAMMERS.

Review: [redacted]

Date: May 03, 2015 File #: [redacted] President or CEO

Logo Design Pros

United States of America

To the CEO or President,

We write this letter as a formal legal complaint of breaching your agreement and failure to deliver a fully functional custom website fully paid by a non=profit organization EHVI (Eritrean Hearing Visually Impaired Inc). Logo Design Pros entered in agreement with EHVI to provide a custom design website per order number [redacted]

According to all your requests, EHVI had complied in good faith and has fully paid a total of $948USD at present.

Although, Logo Design Pros was charging us beyond the market rate, EHVI is terribly disappointed by the lack of adequate service and the product delivery schedule. EHVI was forced to postpone project launch dates in three occasions due to the lack of a functional website delivery and unacceptable twisted and false communications by your crew. To make matters worse, EHVI attempted to contact Logo Design Pros in many occasions; however Logo Design Pros remains unreachable via phone, live-chat and email.


[redacted]Desired Settlement: At this junction, EHVI demands a fully functional delivery of the website or a full refund of the amount paid to Logo Design Pro. Short of the request above, EHVI will be forced to seek legal avenues against the breach of service agreement by Logo Design Pro. Your immediate response and cooperation could restore expected relationship which EHVI entered in good faith.

Review: I contracted and paid $350.00 Logo Design Pros in March 2015 to design and delivery web site for a non profit organization, [redacted]. As of May 17th, 2015 we were not provide a completed website design, there has been communication at all. I called and emailed the business and representatives but no response. The toll free # is no longer working.Desired Settlement: I want the company to issue a full refund so that I can find another company to design our website.

Review: I Paid for a web design project with functionality for Soccer they charged $1500 for the web design and $1500 for the functionality they compromised to install it on my server, and after 2 months they didn't. I have been trying to contact them by phone, by E-mail, and live chat with no answer.Desired Settlement: I want them to finish my project or refund my money.

Review: I bought their Logo, stationary and website combined package, but after the logo design everything else went down hill.I agree with all the people who gave this company a poor rating. I live in the UK and we were required to pay upfront. No sooner had they received the payment, it was as if they could forget the service. All promises to return calls or respond to email enquiries went out of the window. Once the logo design was finished, it was the stationaries stage when the problems started showing. They took a staggering two months to complete the stationary which consisted of nothing more than adding a bottom border to the paper and the logo as usual was on the top left hand side of the business card, letterhead or envelope. A lack of planning means they did not even care to adjust the size to UK measurements. I found out only after going to my local printers, so I had to return to ask them to it change to UK sizes. This simple change of measurements with a bleed extension of 3mm took them another staggering 3 months and it is still not done!Unlike what their online advert suggests, they do not consult the customer personally to understand what the customer wants, they only take an initial written form with a few basic questions. Nor do the designers get in touch if they didn't understand a written instruction. This simply results in repeated revision requests for the same changes because their designers do not bother to get it right, and now after complaints they deliberately intervene to add on errors and more distortions to the design.In other words, due a prepayment system, they feel at liberty to out their powers of sabotage. Their computer system seems to delete all previous history of amendments. While this may be convenient for their internal staff to hide all their repetitive errors or deliberate errors, this absence of history of work done to date, is the cause of poor quality performance because it necessitates repeat instructions when they have lost their bearings, (a fixed reference point is absent). In other words there is a failure or the absence of an accurate monitoring system, so progress is not being tracked. The result is that designers end up doing latest amendments (eg say stage 11 on a stage 5 template) and the customer has to repeat all the instructions from stages 5 to stage 10 before the latest amendment for stage 11 can be implemented. So for every one step forward they 10 steps backward.The website was also a simple design, yet they have taken 4 months just to produce a standard template and all they had to do was fill in whatever contents I gave them. Then, they lost a video I sent to them to upload on my web page, given that online mediums such as Dropbox and Google take 3 hours to upload, it is a slow process but this did not bother them. After 2 months when the time came to upload it onto my website, they had to request it again from me. It means that they had not saved the file, carelessly allowed it to become deleted. It took another week to successfully transmit the video for them to receive for the website. During mid July2014, they told me that the development phase would only take a week, but after a month it turned out that they still needed my input to design and finish off the [redacted] and [redacted] pages before development could begin, in other words their account holders had little clue about the stage of progress. They said they couldnt upload my video on the main website page because it would slow down the whole operation of the website but since there was a Utube page within my package budget, so it could be uploaded there. But they have kept sending me the Utube page empty ie without the video uploaded on it. There is a total absence of project management, administrative planning or coordination for the projects to be delivered smoothly, and they don't feel they have to stick to any accuracy of delivering information correctly, or amend to an instruction correctly. This has caused a lot of unnecessary delays which directly impacts my ability to market my business, which in turn means that the delays are costing me a loss of income. Please would American Authorities do something about it ?Desired Settlement: They have been deliberately sabotaging progress, so it is time to seek a refund. I have waited nearly 5 months and this is abnormal time scale.I cannot wait anymore so I would like a refund



This issues has been take care of and customer is all good. kindly get the confirmation from customer as well



Review: I purchased a website from this company in 2013 and it was supposed to be set up by December 1, 2013 but it was not set up until Jan. 2014. The information on the website was incorrect. I paid for web hosting and I my website was unavailable for 5 days. The information was incorrect and in a different language other than English. I've called many times and the information is incorrect and my problem has not been solved. I have a business to run and how can I do so if my website is not correct and un-understand.Infinity Logo Information Phone(866) 964-[redacted]Desired Settlement: I would like for my website to be corrected and up and running like it should be or I would like a refund and I will take my business elsewhere because I AM LOSING MONEY with my website being unavailable and incorrect.

Review: Logo Design Pros is a company that plays the "Shell game." After paying for a website to be developed, I waited and waited and waited. I finally contacted Logo Design Pros who told me I have to wait until my other order (a business logo design) was completed. I waited and then was told it would be two days after the logo was done before I could review samples of the website.

Weeks went by after my logo was done and I contacted Logo Design Pros to cancel. After being tossed around from person to person and being "magically" disconnected numerous times. I spoke with the "manager" who told me he would help. The manager said he would have it done in 24 hours and handle my case personally so that I'm satisfied. He then said if I hate it, I can call to cancel again and he'll give me a full refund. The manager also said he would contact me personally the next day to go over the details to make sure it's right. I believed him... (bad choice)

Next day: Designs showed up, but no phone call. I attempted to call. "[redacted]" was out for the day...

Day two: Attempted to call throughout the day only to find out "[redacted]" has again left for the day...

Day three: Sorry it's a weekend, only "[redacted]" can cancel the order and he's not here till Monday. I[redacted]ically "sales" was the only department that had answered the phone, but not "support" or "hold till the next available operator" What a good business model.

Day four: Called SEVEN times to finally get a hold of someone who told me they were going to charge me 25% of the order because I didn't cancel within 48 hours. They claimed that was in their terms in service, but I quickly reminded them that this "policy" was not in their terms and conditions whatsoever and that I've attempted to cancel for the last four days. I was then hung up on because they were "transferring me to someone who can help."

Call number eight: Screaming.... I was so angry. I was finally told I would be refunded and they would send me an e-mail confirmation. E-mail was sent and the w[redacted]g order number was displayed...... It's never ending with these people. They claim to give me back my money, but I'm not holding my breath.

DON'T USE THESE SCAM ARTISTS. I never make complaints, but hopefully this helps someone else who doesn't need this while they're trying to set up a new business.Desired Settlement: If my refund goes through ($899.40) then this is for information only. If the refund does not go through as they promised me today and in a confirmation e-mail, then I would like to pursue the full refund.



customer has been refunded..



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Review: I have been dealing with this company since July 15,2014. The were hired to created my logo and E-commerce website for my newly formed business. They delivered the logo on time and it was just what I wanted. The web site is still not up or ready 6 months later. We found out on Tuesday 02/03/2015 that our domain name had not even been purchased. We since then hired another company who had our website up and ready in 48hrs. We called to receive a refund since we were promised by our original rep it is a 100% money back guarantee. I even offered them the option of partial refund. I have since not been able to speak with anyone or get a call back. All of the reps have generic American names but they are clearly not American! I need help with getting my refund and shutting this scam down.Desired Settlement: I paid $1,594.40. I would like any size refund from $500 to $1,000. Again I a, satisfied with the logo.



we we are well aware of this issue we are willing to work with her but we do custom design work and customer feedback is important. We cannot refund her as our merchant has be closed on which she has made the payment. But we can work on same project or any other project for the same amount. All the options has been shared with customer before .

Review: I have paid LOGO DESIGN PROS to design files for a business brochure.

I have tried to contact them numerous times to receive my final files but no one answers my emails or queries, the live chat on their website is no connecting and their phone number seems to be disconnected.

I have been waiting for weeks and my business brochures are at a halt because no one is responding or sending the files to me.Desired Settlement: I want to receive the final files for the product I paid for ASAP, since I need to print my business brochures and I have no access to the material.

Review: Paid for website services including images. Multiple email and phone calls have not resolved the correction of copyright photos on my website.Desired Settlement: The jobs should be finished in a professional and timely manner. The organization is already severely behind schedule with the completion of the websites.



We are in touch with customer and getting his work done for his website its a custom work it will take time and this has been explained to customer.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] The organization is working to resolve any issues.




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.


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