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Lowes Warranty Advantage

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Lowes Warranty Advantage Reviews (33)

• May 25, 2022

disgraceful product
A disgraceful useless policy. Called for service under warranty. Was on hold for 57 minutes. Appointmwas was set for 4 days out. Technician never showed up. They LIED to me and said we were not home. Bold faced lie. We never left our home. Sat there and waited all day. I called them, spoke to a manager who rescheduled 2 WEEKS out. This is unacceptable for a broken 7 month old refrigerator.
STAY AWAY FROM LOWES AND BUY FROM BEST BUYS WITH GEEK SQUAD WARRANTY. Never had a problem with them in many years with multiple products.

• May 21, 2022

Run. Do Not walk away from this crap warranty service
Please save your money and the aggravation you will get from this complete cluster of a Lowes warranty.
Waiting on hold for hours (no exaggeration)
Barely English speaking representatives
Asking for a supervisor has you disconnected.
Cannot find your warranty is a standard response even if you have the warranty number
Straight up lie that they will call you back or email you.
Above are just some of the benefits of buying this crap warranty program.
Please do not buy the warranty.
Head to Home Depot.

• May 13, 2022

Lowes Advantage Warranty is a mess
DO NOT purchase an Advantage warranty on a major appliance from Lowes. Our refrigerator was giving us problems and I contacted Lowes warranty department who sent out a tech who said the problem could not be repaired and that we would be contacted within 7 days concerning a settlement. In the meantime Lowes turned over management to a company named Assurant. When I called the warranty department to check on the status and put on hold for over an hour, I was told all the records concerning claims prior to May 1st were lost and to call back in a few days. I called back in a few days and they were still clueless. I guess I will go camp out in the store manager's office to see if I can get some help. WHAT A MESS

• May 12, 2022

4 hours on hold - new company called Assurant. No longer Advantage
I would not recommend Lowe's protection plan service any longer or Lowes appliance without a protection plan. My husband and I have been an avid purchaser of major appliances from lowe's mostly because of the protection plans they have and the service we received in the past for repair services. We have had to call 7 times for our fridge to be fixed and get the repair done through out Lowe's protection plan in the last 4 years without an out of pocket expense. We even purchased a 5 year plan. Since I have called 7 times I am very used to dealing with kind, informative, and responsive team members. However, Lowes has changed companies who they have the protection plan service. I know that they have changed companies because now I had to wait 4 HOURS to talk to someone, they were going by a horrible new script and had horrible non English accent which was hard to understand. In the past I have always talked to someone within 30 minutes, talked to a person with an American English accent. I get confirmations for the repair service request previous with the name Lowe's Service Advantage. Today, I got a confirmation service repair email ticket from a company called Assurant. This new company asked me very different questions that I was used to even questioned my marriage and who I was calling for and what appliance. In the past I usually just give my protection plan #, item # and Model #. Then one last item... The Lowes protection plan Advantage employees had to give me this long drawn out disclaimer verbally before they would schedule my repair. This didn't happen with this new company. The new company also wasn't' going to give me a confirmation/ ticket # for my request and I had to chase after this #. I'm used to automatically getting the confirmation with the previously better company. I talked with my husband and we will not be purchasing appliances from Lowes because we will not have an appliance without a good service protection plan. I will not deal with waiting 4 hours and the headache it was. I'm very scared if we will even get the service repair we requested and scared I'm going to have to call all over again and wait 4 hours. Seriously upset. Previous to our fridge protection plan we have had for 6 years protection plans on washer and dryer. I can't image experiencing this on all my appliances in the future. I dread it.

• May 12, 2022

Warranty is as good as a turd in the turlet. Don’t buy it, it will stink up your life.

Expect to be on hold for 1-2 hours each time you need to call but rest assured, “your call is very important” to them. Then wen you finally reach them, good luck understanding them as I struggled due to a heavy non-English speaking accent. Finally got a service visit scheduled for a 4 hour window so I took the day off to be available and hopefully get my home water heater repaired to take a warm shower. The day finally arrived, and to my surprise another turd dropped on my lap when they didn’t show. Back on the phone for another hour wait to schedule another appointment and low and behold, another giant turd of a no-show appointment. I’m gave up, going to buy a new one at Home Depot instead. Not worth my time. Lowes should be called “Poop Hustler” instead.

• May 11, 2022

Lowe's has the WORSE extended warranty EVER!!
It has been impossible to reach anyone with the extended Lowe's warranty program. I contacted the manager Mike at the Lowe's in Cross Lanes, WV, and he was NO help at all.
I have waited over an hour multiple times and still on hold currently.
What a joke! Never buy the extended warranty from LOWES...

• May 02, 2022

Can’t even get through for service help! On hold for hours! Lowes should be held responsible legally!

• May 02, 2022

I bought whirpool refrigerator. It started freezing my food last summer. Technician shows up looks at it says it’s the control panel doesn’t even test anything. So it would be a week before the part was in. Came back put the part in did not fix the situation. I contacted the technician and he said to get a second opinion. I contacted the warranty company they said there was no one to work on the whirlpool in my area at the time. So I had a claim number I thought it was a done deal I was getting a new refrigerator. I had a broken ankle I was in a wheelchair my father was in hospice dying in northern Indiana. As soon as I was able to walk at all I went up to care for my father and settle the estate. I had a house sitter here when I got home I would have a new refrigerator! Instead nothing had happened. I contacted the warranty company again. Was told the claim been closed because someone did not do the job! And another technician was coming. I was fed up. I bought a new refrigerator from my local appliance store. So I have the appliance store come out and look at the refrigerator today. He took the time to take the panel off and actually look at the refrigerator! He told me it was a closed system the refrigerator cannot be repaired! Leaking gas..I paid $80 to prove my point here out of my own pocket! I have bought warranties with everything I have ever bought from Lowe’s and never made a claim! I expect a new refrigerator from you! Or reimbursement. I have pictures today of what he found I have a written receipt with the problem from the refrigerator. I have both claim numbers that I went through I’m going to submit. Don’t waste my time anymore please my time is precious too and my money! Shame on you for during some of my most trying times what you put me through!
Case number Lowe’s

• Apr 20, 2022

waiting for associate to help me for 2 houres
I've been on hold for an hour and then I finally press the one to have them call me back 2 hours later then I finally got an appointment for the next day service and then one hour later the service company called me tells me they can't help me until Friday and today is Wednesday so I can't do Friday cuz I have a doctor's appointment they told me they won't be able to help me for two weeks I'm like 2 weeks I asked him why am I going to wait a few weeks and a service provider said well you can just cancel and call Lowe's warranty repairs again and I said I'll do that so I'm here again 30 minutes 40 minutes passed by finally answered the phobe then they said so this is for repairs on the washing machine sothey just put me back on hold and transferred me so yeah customer services and waiting times on there Lowe's help protect your plan website in their phone numbers really sucks they shouldn't be treating anybody like this I have three major appliances pritected by them and I just feel like I just been in taken for a ride

• Apr 11, 2022

extended warranty - hard to get service
Boy did I get the run around when trying to use my 5 year extended protection plan. Called the number. 2 hour wait until I finally hung up. Called again - got disconnected.
Called the next day waited 25 minutes. Got transferred to someone and they were not the right person. That person gave me 2 other numbers to call both of which were disconnected. Finally called the store where I bought it from and found out it did not apply to the broken handle on my refrigerator. The person who sold the extended protection plan failed to tell me all it did not cover.

• Mar 04, 2022

Buy it and then they say they can't find your extended warranty, bad service
Bought a new Refrigerator. Paid for a 3 year extended warranty. Ice maker stopped working. Called them and they couldn't find the warranty on our refrigerator. I sent them a copy of the receipt clearly showing we bought it and it was paid. They scheduled a repair and then cancelled it. The ice maker started working again so we let it go. Now stopped working again and called. Was told wait time was over 15 minutes and they would call me back. Expected time for return call 3 - 4 hours. Best solution Home Depot from now on.

• Feb 01, 2022

Warranty is a joke
Made warranty claim and appointment for 4year old $4k refrigerator No one showed up. Managers in warranty center (Eric) is a joke. OVER 2 WEEKS NOW NO SERVICE APPOINTMENT and had to buy a small frig for eggs milk and prescription medicine that needs to be refrigerated.
Don't know how this company ever got this big with this management and customer service. Never will buy anything from Lowes again

• Jan 06, 2022

Don't waste your money
The warranty does not work like they say it does. You appliance can go down 3 times in the first year and then it has to go down 4 more times before they will buy it out. A&E service was scheduled to come out and the confirmed at 6:30 am that my appointment between 8 and 12, at 11:35 they did a computer call telling me to call back to reschedule. I don't know how many times my fridge has to go down before they offer a buy out like they say

• Dec 11, 2021

Lowes Extended Warranty is a Waste of Money
My Maytag washer stopped working so I reached out to Lowes to make use of the extended warranty. Can you believe they only have one service center in the area and it took them two weeks to get to me. Then another 2 weeks to order a part and have Maytag approve it, then another week and 1/2 to install it. This is not acceptable. It stopped working again so I called the same servicecenter who gave me an appointment two weeks out. I gave up and called a local repairman who came the next day, ordered a part (lid lock) and my washer was back in business in a short period of time. It cost a bit more than the extended warranty but well worth it to have my wahser back. I complained to Lowes but they don't care.

• Dec 01, 2021

Ridiculous warranty - don't fall for it
We purchased a nice SS refrigerator from Lowes Oct. 2020 and purchased the 5 year extended warranty. Late Sept. 2021 the compressor went out. Lowe's Claims - and I really wished I knew which warranty company is actually behind these warranties claims we poured water over the outlet that the fridge is plugged into and that is why it's broken. And they deny the claim. 1. the fridge isn't anywhere near water, nor is the outlet. 2. Who in his right mind would walk up to an outlet and pour water over it?
Right now I am holding for about 40 minutes because the store told me I HAVE TO go through the claims number. Store cannot do anything about this. Waste of money and time. Actually ALL warranties that are related to home warranties are just that - A WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME.

• Nov 25, 2021

This so called "extended warranty plan" is a scam. Lowes should be ashamed, but they are not. They should be held accountable for selling something that is not what they say it is. Trying to deal with Lowes and National Platinum Service appliance repair on the phone is a joke... a one-way street. Same goes for the service techs who never show up to do the work and never answer the phone. Even if you are fortunate enough to be rewarded with "a buy back," you will receive a gift card. In other words, you will receive a gift card that you will have to use at this same company, another one-way street. You will be making a huge mistake in buying an appliance and extended warranty from Lowes. A company is only as good as its products and service.

• Nov 23, 2021

2016 (December) purchase Samsun induction range ($4000.00). Purchased 5 years warrantee. First range when unboxed had shattered top. Had to order from factory. I paid 4 months payments without a stove.. Installed in April 2017. Two stovetop eyes stop working July 2021. Began August to get it repaired using Lowes Advantage plan. Been to store five times, Stayed home five times waiting for repairman, now it is Thanksgiving and nothing to cook on. My wife and I are fed up.

• Nov 05, 2021

Still waiting
But thousands of dollars worth of appliances from Lowe’s. Bought the warranty with each appliance. My whirlpool refrigerator started freezing the food. I contacted them finally a repairman came out said he had to get the part and wait another week the part was replaced. Then my freezer stopped freezing in my refrigerator will barely go below 40° sit on maximum. After ours an hours on the phone. They set me up with an appliance store here in town. Well I called them and they said we can’t work on whirlpool we’re not licensed we told Lowes that. So back on the phone hours of wait. They said in two days you should be hearing something about a buyout. Well that has now been a week ago and two more phone calls every time I called they said will be two days four days six days. And on top of that with the buyout it’s just a merchandise card I still have to re-buy through Lowe’s! Never ever again. If I even get my refrigerator replaced. It’s a scam.

• Nov 05, 2021

Frigidaire Freezer Frig Lights
Was told they did not have anyone in my area to service my Frig/Freezer. Why sell an extended warranty if no one can service it.

• Oct 07, 2021

3 months no stove and no services
I called at the beginning of August for service.. now I had purchased this stove on 2-15-20... today is 10-6-21... it was a year and a half old... the glass on the door shattered... it was not on and it had not been used at all that day... the glass got all over the baby in the walker...
I called service man.. he came out took pictures said he'd get back to us. During that waiting period I had been getting an error code F10... I started getting it about 7 months after purchasing it... but it was not often... maybe 1 or 2 times a month... id just unplug it and start over... (this is about the 5th stove I've purchased that has done this) I didn't want to deal with the service center bc its horrible service... So after a constant battle to keep the stove on just long enough to cook a meal I made another call for this issue... still waiting for the glass to be replaced of course... I got an email stating that on August 8th the service man would be out for replacing the glass... he never showed up or called... so I waited till after 7pm... called the store they said they'd get back with me. Two weeks later still no word about repair. Its been 3 months without a stove to cook on with a family of 8 to cook for. I've called and I was literally on the phones 3 hours waiting to get a person and never did... not 3ven a call back... So today 10/6/21 I called the store... a manager took my info and he called service advantage and called me backed. He said since the parts are on back order and they are so backed up they are going to do a buy out where they give u a gift card for the price u paid for the stove.. however they DO NOT take into consideration that prices have gone up... ok im fine with that but I paid 139.39 for their extended warranty that I didn't even use the warrenty...
So now I'm getting $591.55 on a gift card so I have to buy another POS stove from ur Store. WHY do they make a decision without talking with u first. NOW I'm out the $139.39 I paid for this extended sucking service... Theres no way to even find a stove at 600.00 at this time... I can't believe that this service plan is allowed to be purchased due to the lack of services. I want my extended warrenty money back as well bc I never got to use the services..

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