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Lowes Warranty Advantage

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Lowes Warranty Advantage Reviews (62)

• Dec 22, 2022

Can't get a service representative to even show up!
Do not waste your money on this "warranty"! The first service rep (Lectrolux) showed up and informed me that he doesn't work on Whirlpool appliances, then promptly left! I spent another two hours on the phone with Lowe's service rep with no luck. Finally went to the Lowe's where I purchased it. Their service manager spent an hour trying to get the problem resolved. Finally got another appointment which A&E Appliance Service which they cancelled on the day of scheduled service. They scheduled if for another two weeks out. The warranty underwriter is American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, DBA as Assurant, Inc. Their ratings are low. Had I been informed of their worthless service ethic, I would not have wasted the money. Still waiting...

• Oct 02, 2022

Lowes selling appliances and repair warranties without a service provider
A little over a year ago, I bought a "dream" paired washer and dryer made by Midea. I bought the extended warranty, had them delivered and hired a contractor to build a custom enclosure with shelving for them in my master bath. A month or so ago, I found little chips of plastic in the wash tub and again a week later. I discovered they were breaking off the hinges of the glass top load lid. I called the appliance repair number, they took my info and a few days later received an email saying there was no one to service the washer and I would be receiving a digital E-Giftcard for $599 the next day good at Lowes instead of service. Its been another week and no digital E-Gift card. I called Lowes, they no longer sell the Midea brand! So even if I get the card, I can't replace the washer with a matching one to fit in the custom enclosure. I think they should replace both so I can shop for a pair that will fit the space...and NOT limit me to only shopping at Lowes. This is NOT my first poor experience in the past five years buying appliances at Lowes. Why do I continue to support a poor business model? Color me a dummy.
Lowes selling appliances and repair warranties without a service provider
Lowes selling appliances and repair warranties without a service provider

• Sep 25, 2022

Lowe's warranties are a scam
I made a claim with Lowe's Service Advantage around 8/17 expecting to have a technician come out in a few days to fix my broken dishwasher. In fact, Lowe's Service Advantage scheduled the appointment for 8/22 or 8/23. But then JDS Appliance Repair texted me at 4:50 on Friday 8/19 to say that they needed to reschedule the appointment because they needed to order a part. I'm not sure how they knew what part to order since they hadn't looked at the dishwasher yet. I tried repeatedly to get an appointment on the books so we could know what to expect and have a target but they said they could not book an appointment until the part came in. After repeatedly checking in on the status of the part, they told me it was estimated to arrive 8/31. Did I receive a call 8/31 to inform me of the status and schedule the appointment? No, I tried to contact JDS but to no avail. Side note: JDS does not answer their phone. Like ever. So you have to leave a message and generally it takes them 2-3 days to get back to you. 9/1 I reached back out to JDS via text and they said the part had arrived and they could do the service tomorrow, 9/2. The JDS technician came out 9/2 and attempted a repair. Apparently the pump was clogged so he attempted to unclog it and said we'd need a new pump if that doesn't work.

After trying a dishwashing run after he left, we discovered the dishwasher was still not working. I called and texted JDS and Lowe's Service Advantage the following day, 9/3 to inform them of this. Once again Lowe's Service Advantage scheduled an appointment for early the following week but JDS just contacted me again and told me they would need to reschedule the appointment because they had to order a part. I asked them what happened to the part they ordered the first time that caused me to wait so long initially. They said that they had ordered the motherboard but that ended up not being the problem. I pointed out to them that this wrong assumption cost me a couple of weeks.

Now, once again I'm waiting on another part to come in. Last I heard the part was due to arrive by 9/16. Did I receive a call or text to let me know the status on 9/16 and schedule the service appointment? No. Once again, I called JDS and Lowe's Service Advantage yesterday. As usual, JDS did not answer my call or return my voicemail or text. As discussed at the beginning, I got no help from Lowe's Service Advantage. So I'm sitting here a month after making my claim with a dishwasher that doesn't work.

Now JDS is telling me the part is on backorder and they have no idea when it might arrive. How did they have an estimated delivery of 9/16 if it was on backorder? Doesn't make sense; I think they are full of lies.

I have requested that Lowe's Service Advantage just issue me a payment for the dishwasher at this point as they have failed to repair the dishwasher in a timely manner. They told me per the terms and conditions, they will only issue a buy-out if they have made 3 unsuccessful service attempts or if the repair company tells them the appliance is unrepairable. I explained to them that while a timeline is not spelled out in the terms and conditions, there is an implied warranty that the appliance will be repaired in a timely manner and that I'd be happy to litigate this implied warranty in court.

Lowe's Service Advantage keeps telling me my claim has been escalated and I'll get a call from the escalation team within 48 hours. This never happens. Then when I call and tell them I want to speak to the escalation team, they say they can't transfer me and I'll get a call back within 48 hours. Insanity! From what I'm seeing on this site, it looks like it will only get worse. I'm going to do my best to make them pay for this. I'm going to PR against them and may well bring a lawsuit in small claims court.

• Dec 01, 2022

I am having the same exact issue. The service provider they sent to my house three times could not repair my washing machine. Lowes Service says they are waiting on the service provider to send them the paperwork saying it is not repairable. They told me to call back in 3 days. I did. I called them and to explain to them again what has happened as if they didn’t keep notes on my previous phone calls. They again said it would be 3 days and to call back. They said they had “expedited” the request for replacement and it would take another 2-3 days before that was approved. I asked to speak to a manager. I was hung up on again. Complete scam!

• Sep 22, 2022

Do not buy major appliance at Lowe's!
Same issue others have. Extended warranty is a joke! I would not recommend any appliances from Lowe's due to their "extended protection plan". Have had whirlpool washing machine fixed twice in less than a year. Now have the same error code that it was fixed for previously. Can't get an appt scheduled for a timely repair.
Do yourself a favour and buy elsewhere. I have had great satisfaction with warranty/repair issues with Best Buy. Only wish I would've bought washing machine from them.

• Sep 07, 2022

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker broken in 9 months.....LG refuses to repair it
Lowes refuses to do anything about the POS LG refrigerator they sold me...tell me 1st 12 months its LG's problem...LG refuses to fix it...2 NO SHOW appts already and when they did show they failed to fix I'm getting nothing but and run around and lips service from LG and Lowes...guess I know how Lowes got the nickname ...:LOWES BLOWS!

• Oct 15, 2022

I am having the exact problem. Try filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Need to know who the insurance provider is . . . . It is Assurant in the state of GA

• Sep 04, 2022

LG Refrigerator Repair a Total Joke
So after 4 years an LG refrigerator bought at Lowes failed. At first we were not sure we had the extended warranty so we stopped at a store and asked. They told us to go to the store we bought it in and they can give us the information. So we drive to that store and they have no clue on how to find it. We looked through our receipts and found it and we did have one. After many calls to the service dept a service guy finally showed after 3 days in a minivan and a sack of misc. tools. His 'service' was to touch the compressor and tell us it felt like it was running. His recommendation was to plug it in and if it did not get cold to call him in a couple of days so he can order parts. I have no faith this guy can fix the fridge. His company name was ALL CITY VIDEO SERVICE OF SI in the email which according to a good search does not even exist any longer.
LG Refrigerator Repair a Total Joke

• Sep 03, 2022

Lowe’s Sucks
How many people have to complain and tell you that the warranty company that you chose to sponsor is ripping people off? You are having people buy warranties through your company that are fraudulent. When I have contacted Lowe’s I am told their is nothing they can do and it is the responsibility of Assurant. I think we should all go after Lowe’s!

• Sep 08, 2022

Same issue and seems like a scam p

• Sep 08, 2022

I’m in been trying to get help with my washer I paid for the 5 year warranty and kept it in that blue book but u can’t make out much on it. When I call they can’t find it. Contacted the credit card company and they sent the transaction still not record. Seems like a scam

• Sep 03, 2022

Maytag Washing Machine
Lowe’s does not even deserve the one star I am forced to give them. Not not waste your money buying the extended warranty because it is a scam. My washing machine broke after a few months and Maytag would make my appointments but the technician would never show up. After a year of this Assurant Warranty took over. They sent out various technicians for the last four months and it’s still not fixed. I was promised I would be reimbursed and now when I call they hang up on me or tell me to call back. Lowe’s should not be allowed to sell people an extended warranty that scams people. Go look them up….they are doing it to everyone!

• Sep 01, 2022

Bought the protection plan on a Ego weed trimmer. When it broke I found out that the plan kicks in in 2027. I be laughing if I wasn't crying about how stupid I was to ever spend my money like this. ALL of my home improvement purchases will be through Home Depot.

• Aug 26, 2022

If I could give "Negative Rating" I would, thus the single star. Our Maytag washer (only two years old) suddenly died. Contacted warranty program. Technician was sent out, and the part was ordered and of course it was on backorder and not sure when it would come in. After numerous calls to warranty company they decided to send the "WRONG" part just to satisfy us, I guess. Long story short, machine was deemed unrepairable. So now the process of trying to get our refund. 20 plus hours on the phone to someone in the Philippines, a dozen emails and an equal amount of "LIES" from Assurant and we still have no resolution. Their favorite quotes are, "No problem", "I understand your frustration", "Let us escalate the refund for you", "It will take 2 to 3 business days", "It's already been processed, check you email and "spam" folder". ALL LIES! We finally got an email admitting there was a problem with the refund and stating that the "previous agent" had "cancelled" the refund order. Now today we were told, again, that it was a "mistake" on their end and that we should receive our refund by Monday. We'll see. Either way, we're done and will be seeking to file a "Class Action" lawsuit against them. I will never recommend this company to anyone. Oh and BTW, I do in excess of $50,000.00 a year in business with Lowe's and I'd have to say that I'm extremely disappointed in Lowes's for using this company for their warranty program. I'm more than likely going to go to the "Orange" store, or better yet, take my business to our small local businesses.

• Aug 04, 2022

Do not buy the Lowes Extended Warranty!
Our LG refrigerator went out on June 20, 2022. I called Lowes extended warranty service center on the 21st. They scheduled a technician from A&E Factory Services to come out on July 12th from 8-5. The technician came out, diagnosed the problem, ordered parts and rescheduled to come back out on 3 August to repair the refrigerator. Technician came to repair refrigerator on 8/3/2022. He had ordered the control board and a new compressor. While here he replaced the control board but not the compressor. About an hour after he left, the refrigerator started making noises, like a grinding and rattling. Finally it made some loud clunking sounds and then went quiet. The refrigerator does not work now. On 4 August, I called A&E to ask that the technician return to replace the compressor like he should have done the day before. I got their call center in India, I suppose. They told me to call Lowes to have a service appointment scheduled. I called Lowes' India call center and they scheduled another service call on August 17. We have now been without our refrigerator for over a month and it will probably be another month before we get it repaired, if they don't screw it up again. I have done the math and it is a whole lot cheaper to get a home warranty policy than to purchase the extended warranty service from Lowes. At least then you have some control over the process.

• Aug 01, 2022

Terrible, terrible service
I had to give at least one star, but I'd give zero stars if I could. Brand new LG dryer, bought as a washer-dryer set on July 18, delivered and installed July 23. Dryer never worked right--the timer is messed up. I called and they told me that they will not authorize any service calls until I pay an independent HVAC company to come out and clean the vent, and then submit proof to them that we had this done. At the same time, the guy also suggested I go online and buy one of those DIY vent pipe cleaning kits. Very fishy. I explained to them that we had double-checked our venting and it's all clean. Additionally, I told him, the manual setting on the dryer works, but the timed feature is broken. They wouldn't listen, didn't care. I have submitted a protest to management, and they said someone will get back to me later this week. Yeah. Right. Not holding my breath. In the meantime, I have posted a complaint on the BBB and disputed the payment for the dryer to my credit card. Basically, they sold me a dryer-shaped box that doesn't do what I want it to do, and they won't fix it.

• Jul 26, 2022

Do Not Buy A Major Appliance from Lowe's
I bought a Bosch dishwasher from Lowe's along with their extended warranty. I had a Maytag before that and it was another horror story from day one but that's beside the point.

The top racks are not getting clean period. I have had a service man here six times and they say there's nothing wrong with it. Obviously I wouldn't call if there were no problem but there is. They send people who obviously are not qualified to turn a faucet much less try and diagnose a malfunctioning dishwasher. Now they want me to pay for the warranty service call since they have deemed my appliance working (which they will reimburse IF they find a problem.) This has been going on for months and I have no other recourse than the courts.

• Jul 15, 2022

The worst thing you can do.
Horrible experience with Lowes repair contract. First don't buy Samsung please, worst appliances and second don't waste your $ on contracts. The repair companies they use are horrible, I been through hell and back to the point of nervous breakdown.. These people will drain you before you get any help!

• Jul 12, 2022

Been WITHOUT a clothes washing machine FOR A MONTH.
BTW- we are a family of that's fun.
Assurant warranty continues to stall, asking OVER & OVER for me to submit proof of purchase & warranty, (both I have & done already) only to say they cant find either & will get back to me. 20+ phone calls later & 3 "escalations" & I'm NOWHERE near getting a working washing machine. I HATE LOWES. Absolutely LOTHE the place. Their products are cheaply made, overpriced, unreliable & their "warranty" is laughable.
I have purchased 2 extended warranties for this washing machine. It took so long to get service that the original plan expired! I was instructed that the claim could only be completed if I purchased another "warranty". $350 in "WARRANTIES" so far & NO WORKING MACHINE. Learned my lesson. Please don't make the same mistake as me readers.

• Jul 09, 2022

Lowes changed warranty programs
More than $2,800.00 invested in a refrigerator. Bought the 5 year warranty along with other appliances. Refrigerator developed problems pretty quickly. The repairs were fast in response mostly. The 4th repair was NOT repairable per repairman. He called Lowes Advantage (warranty service at that time) while on the phone he handed it to me. The lady stated a check would be in the mail in the next 7 to 10 business days for the full purchase price including tax. This was in Jan. after many calls, many emails, Lowes send a gift card for $2,000 and the remainder on another gift card of over $800. NO CHECK ! I paid for this fridge with savings money cash. Now they was to give me a Lowes Gifts Cards of over $2,800 ? Lowes thinks I really want to spend $2,800 with them again? NOPE! I was informed since Lowes changed warranty programs this is all they could do. They changed programs while I was unaware. Of course nothing can be done. They won't change. Home Depot looks much better now.

• Jul 08, 2022

Very dissatisfied - rated terrible
I bought a washer and dryer from Lowes in Greer, SC on April 20, 2017. (My husband has bought a lot of supplies from Lowe's in the process of building our house) . This time the clerk asked us about a warranty. He said if I did not use the service for five years I would get a 30 percent refund. We bought the warranty. I called Lowe's on May 12, 2022 and was told it would take 60 days. I was NOT told I had to call within 60 days or that I HAD to call a warranty number myself which was never given to me. .
The way I understood was my refund would come after 60 days. When 60 days passed and no refund I called Lowe's again. This is when I was told about calling and given the warranty number. This was on July 8. After about two hours on the phone talking to a Grace and then Mike, I was told my 60 days had passed and therefore I could not get the refund and there was nothing they could do. I explained to them that I didn't know to call before the end of 60 days. I asked Grace to speak to her supervisor and she told me there was no person above her that I could talk to. Really! FYI, I had the original receipt and gave both of them all the necessary information. Also, how many people actually keep up with something that would not happen for five years.
I think this is a scam and maybe this should be reported to the Better Business Bureau or the police. This does not speak highly of Lowe's. I should have read the reviews before buying the warranty. I think someone at Lowe's should look into this. For anyone reading this beware!

• Jul 05, 2022

Poor, Poor, Poor
I have the warranty, the Assurant people are terrible! I've been hung up on, and the service is terrible. I'm struggling to get a repairman to fix my appliance. The entire thing is a mess.

• Jun 24, 2022

3 months with unusable clothes washer.
Purchased a Maytag top load impeller washer at Lowes. Also purchased the 5 yr extended warranty contract. 15 months later the washer failed just as we were entertaining out of town guests for ten days. Called for service and the tech showed up and said we had to have a new controller and user interface module. Heard nothing for 5 weeks. Called repair company and was informed that they are waiting for the parts. Three weeks later a service call was scheduled and then canceled because I didn't answer tech's phone call. Rescheduled and then tech was sick and rescheduled service call. A new tech showed up and installed the parts and proclaimed that the washer was repaired. Of course, it wasn't but the warranty service closed out the ticket. Scheduled another service call and when the tech looked at the washer he proclaimed it unrepairable. Heard nothing from Lowes or the warranty service. Called local Lowes and they scheduled another service call for the washer. They showed up and proclaimed it unrepairable also. Now a week later the warranty service hasn't received the report it needs to refund our money. Going on 4 months now. At wit's end being placed between appliance service providers and the warranty company.

• Jun 18, 2022

Lowes Stole Over $800 From Me In Warranties That Don't WOrk
In 2018 I bought 7 new appliances for my home and purchased 5 year extended warranties for each one. Evidently Lowes changed over their systems and wiped out all my warranties numbers needed to file a claim. My dishwasher has been broken for a month and the Assistant manager at this store has had not any luck helping me with the warranty company. I have asked to speak to the manager over and over but have been told he would call me back but he never does. I spent over $800 on warranties and now I have nothing. I insisted Lowes replace my dishwasher and then go after the warranty company for the claim and Lowes refuses to give me a new dishwasher. As far as I am concerned Lowes has committed fraud by not living up to the warranties I paid for. They stole over $800 from me for warranties I don't have. The warranty company says the system was changed over and they don't have access to my warranties that I paid for. Lowes Warranty said it is a big problem for customers who paid and need service but there was nothing she could do because my warranties are lost in the system.

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