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Last week M/I Homes placed "Do Not Block" signs up near Mr [redacted] 's driveway and mailbox The homes on either side of Mr [redacted] have been sodded and are closing this month which should drastically reduce construction traffic in his area We regret that these issues caused an inconvenience and disruption of Mr [redacted] 's day to day living and encourage him to contact us directly should anyone violate the instructions we have provided to respect the private property

Please see attached email sent to Ms [redacted] today: Dear Ms [redacted] , Please provide a copy of your paid receipt for the repair of the work described in your home for consideration While this type of issue would fall under your warranty, the warranty involves M/I Homes repairing the item and does not include reimbursement for a repair at your cost As a courtesy, M/I Homes will consider your request and I am confident we will be able to participate, based upon the cost of the repair A work order is being issued today for a drywall company to repair your ceiling Should you have any questions about this work, please call our office at [redacted] Either of our Customer Care Administrator’s will be able to assist you and answer the phones daily from 8-4: Thank you,

They left the Broookview community underfunded when we transitioned from MI to a resident HOA. No reserve fund. They left us in debt. They left unfinished side walks and numerous other projects they should have finished. Buyer beware. If you are going to buy at Allen Mills in Concord there new development, ask lots of questions about the future of the community.

Family members are having a home built by MI in Cypress, Tex. I am not impressed with the QA process, nor the fix after a problem is discovered. They would rather spend time fighting a proper fix than spend $15.00 for the fix. They left out the underslab pex to the kitchen island when the concrete was poured so they had to bust out a trench to install the pex later. When installing the later pex they put couplings (two on the hot water and two on the cold water) to splice the pex inside the wall instead of routing solid pex from beginning to end. I realize the likelihood of the couplings developing a leak are rare. However, if the couplings in the island begin to leak it will require the homeowner to rip out cabinets and walls to fix the leak. The builder said those were not the only couplings in the pex as he pointed to the ceiling, which is true. The BIG difference is if one of those begins to leak you simply go in the attic and replace it. No need to demolish the home. The request for warranty against tile cracking over the top of the repaired trench was also denied. The builder either knew he has telling a half-truth which is a morality issue or he didn't realize the real problem which is an issue of being qualified to do his job. So far I am impressed only with the amount and quality of lumber from the bottom of the ceiling joist to the floor. No craft has impressed and the QA is absent from the job. This is a far cry from the company they described during the sales portion of the project.

Please see attached email sent to Ms. [redacted] today:
Dear Ms. [redacted],
Please provide a copy of your paid receipt for the repair of
the work described in your home for consideration.  While this type of
issue would fall under your warranty, the warranty involves M/I Homes...

the item and does not include reimbursement for a repair at your cost.  As
a courtesy, M/I Homes will consider your request and I am confident we will be
able to participate, based upon the cost of the repair.  A work order is
being issued today for a drywall company to repair your ceiling.  Should
you have any questions about this work, please call our office at
[redacted].  Either of our Customer Care Administrator’s will be able to
assist you and answer the phones daily from 8-4:30. 
Thank you,

Last week M/I Homes placed "Do Not Block" signs up near Mr. [redacted]'s driveway and mailbox.  The homes on either side of Mr. [redacted] have been sodded and are closing this month which should drastically reduce construction traffic in his area.  We regret that these issues caused an...

inconvenience and disruption of Mr. [redacted]'s day to day living and encourage him to contact us directly should anyone violate the instructions we have provided to respect the private property.

Review: I had MI build my home in 2005. The windows came with a lifetime warranty. Now 5 windows have

broken seals. After sending in a Warranty Work Request through MI's website, they called me and

informed me the window manufacturer went out of business and MI would not cover replacement

windows. I think MI should have an obligation to cover these windows, as I purchased the home from

them, not [redacted]. In my opinion this was false advertising and generally a bad business practive if MI will not cover replacement windows.Desired Settlement: Replace windows with equal valued window, minus installation charges (which is what I paid when one

of the other windows failed).



The company the M/I Homes purchased the windows from was a very reputable company that we used for more than a decade and installed thousands of windows for us. We had no reason to believe they would be unable to live up to their manufacturer warranty or that they would go out of business. The warranty that the window company did offer was to cover defective parts, but labor costs would remain the responsibility of the homeowner. We continue to stand behind the warranty that we promised would transfer, which is the balance of the 30 year structural warranty, however, we are unable to absorb every warranty of every manufacturer that goes out of business. At this time, we must respectfully deny Mr. [redacted]'s request as we explained to him when he called us originally.

Review: We purchased a home from MI Homes in July 2013 and there has been a lot of issues with our home. We made a list of our issues for our 90 day walk through and was informed that the issues would be fixed. Still till this day I have the same issues and haven't yet to be fixed or resolved. For example for roof was leaking and I called to inform them and when they came out they said it normal. Every issue we have the are always saying its normal for these things to happen. Mi was out today and there was a dent in my kitchen floor and when they want to replace the hardwood, the product is no longer being made. So they told me I would have to deal with it, after they tore up the floor and broke the boards and scratched the floor. I called the Manager for Mi today and left a message, but yet to hear back from anyone.Desired Settlement: I would like all the issues with my home to be fixed and not get the run a round to get our issues fixed in a timely matter



This call was received yesterday afternoon. The call will be returned today between 2 and 4:30pm.



I am rejecting this response because: I've been waiting 8 months to get our issues resolved and everything is always on MI time. I am unavailable at that time today. Would like a response this morning!



I called this customer upon receipt of this rejection and she states that she had not filed anything else from initial correspondence and believes we are on the right path to accomplishing items in her home. Please let me know if there is a misunderstanding. Thanks in advance.

Review: My home was completed in December of 2004 as a new build. This home, a Hudson style was a dream come true for us. Our home is a good looking home until you get to really looking at it. After the 3rd year we had a leak from our upstairs guest bathroom. It leaked into our kitchen ceiling just below. We found the problem (a bad wax toilet ring) and repaired it and our ceiling. From that time on we have had our linoleum in the kitchen and master bathroom pull away and buckle from the sides. Our counter top with the sink has swelled and puckered at the edges, and a window which leaks in our breakfast nook. A few months ago a new leak on the ceiling in the living room from our master bathroom upstairs causing more damage. Feeling overwhelmed with these issues I thought to ask for help from MI Homes. They have on their website this quote: "From our very beginnings in 1976, M/I Homes has been deeply committed to quality, value, integrity and above all, treating the customer "right"." They responded promptly and scheduled a gentleman to visit our home. He explained what we already knew and that our warranty expired after the 2nd year. We only have structual warranty. He said he would review with corporate and call us later. 5 hours later I was called and told we are not under warranty. My issue is that MI Homes states quality, yet my home leaks in 5 different locations internally. Our home has always been maintenaced and cared for by us! However these problems that are new are costly! I work two jobs and struggle to make ends meet, and yet I will always have our mortgage paid. My concern is this, what will our home be like in 5 or 10 more years? What have I signed up for? I will agree that MI Homes heard my complaint, but they already knew what the response was going to be. I feel defeated that I have no other choice but to protect others from making the same mistake in choosing MI Homes. MI Homes. . . I wish was not MY Home.Desired Settlement: If anything was considered I'd like the repair of the Master Bathroom leak and the living room ceiling it damaged. As for the window and counter top that suffer from qailty defects, I hope to replace them one day. I've managed to cover the pulled away linoleum with rugs.



We are sorry to hear that any of our customers are frustrated with their M/I Home. We are more than willing to revisit these issues and inspect each one individually. You will be contacted this week to schedule an appointment. Although our staff will take good care of you, please accept my contact information : [redacted] ###-###-####. [redacted] Thank you for contacting us.



I am more than happy to meet with [redacted]n at his home. Please free to call one of our administrators to arrange a meeting at your home. Our number here is [redacted]. Thank you in advance. I look forward to meeting with you. [redacted]



I will call to set up a "meeting". Please be advised I have had 2 of these "meetings" with [redacted] in our home. While [redacted] is a very nice man, NOTHING has been done to remedy the situation. I've lodge my complaints, had pictures taken, and have not been heard by MI Homes. I have given my opinions, concerns, and possible remedies but they have fallen on deaf ears. I know that when we were in the process of considering and then building with MI Homes, we were in constant contact by MI Homes. Now that we have issues it has taken a complaint with the to get 2 "meetings" but again NO RESOLVE. So I will call today and set up a request to meet yet again, but I ask you [redacted] . . what are the possibilites MI Homes will show copability? This home afterall is built with and to quote MI Homes website: [redacted]

"New Home Builder

For over 30 years, M/I Homes has been building new homes of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. With each new home, we've also built a reputation for superior customer service with over 78,000 satisfied homeowners. The fact is, customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We approach every new home we build like it's our own. Our caring spirit is reflected in every component of our unique Confidence Builder Program, designed to make your home buying and home building process as easy and enjoyable as possible. When you buy an M/I home, our dedication to your satisfaction starts at the beginning of your search and extends through each year in your home. As one of the nation's top home builders, M/I Homes goes far beyond building homes with unmatched quality, premier craftsmanship, and unrivaled customer experience. We also build confidence"

[redacted] that paragraph is moving, but it is not entirely true. Is it? Yet I will try again as I love my home despite the leaks from the shotty work performed by your paid workers! I do thank you for responding with the requests to call you. I would like to mention I'm also available at [redacted] cell and [redacted] work.



I spoke with [redacted] a few moments ago, and we have agreed to meet at his home tomorrow morning at 8am. [redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

[redacted], Mi Homes [redacted] has agreed to fix the linoleum in both the kitchen and the master bathroom. She has also agreed to fix the backsplash and take a look into the living room ceiling. MI Homes isn't prepared to take accountability for the leaking ceiling HOWEVER I told her that was my biggest concern. it was then she agreed to look into it and if the problem is installation they will be accountable. I felt at that moment it was fair. I hope this will be resloved on the date I agreed with [redacted] on 9/13/12 at 10:00am.

Review: I purchased a home with MI Homes about 1 year ago. I've built several MI homes over the years. I had a poor customer service experience (MI Homes Customer Care) yesterday (7/19/12). The issue is with settling in the front yard. The ground has sunk approximately 4 to 6" and there is ground opening about 2 to 3" in diameter running perpendicular to the home. Customer care contacted me after he inspected the property today and told me there was nothing he could do because the settlement/crack was not large enough. As this conversation evolved he continued to belittle the situation calling it a minor issue. I explained to him that the home is a big investment for me and its in my best interest to take care of it and to please not call the issue minor. He continued calling the issue minor and that he couldn't do anything for me except maybe drop off a bag of soil on the driveway for me to fill in the cracks myself. I was taken back after he made this statement, when I inquired further he told me to just read my warranty pamphlet and that I would have to just live with the decision. I then asked him if he could have someone spread the soil and fill in the cracks and he said he could not. I then said that I did not feel comfortable working with him any longer because I did not appreciate his condescending and apathetic tone. This morning (7/20/12) I spoke to the customer care manager. Unfortunately we could not reach a settlement. It's sad, and I'm just really disappointed. Apparently, the customer care manager has no authority to use good judgment and discretion to keep a customer happy; it's not what I've come to expect from MI Homes. Having someone from the company spread the soil for me (which would take about 10 minutes) is just too much for me to ask. Plus, the manager stated "Well, you are out of your 1 year warranty. So technically we don't have to do anything, but we can drop off a few bags of soil." Yes, I may technically be just outside of my 1 year warranty but WOW!Desired Settlement: I would appreciate MI Homes providing the soil and filling in the large cracks in the yard and fixing the exterior vent over the front left window that has popped out.



We make every attempt to be consistent and fair to all of our valued customers. With the amount of ground movement associated with building a home, we anticipate soil settlement will occur. For this reason, our standard warranty encompasses this challenge and promises to help remedy the problem once within the first year of ownership. The warranty manual provided to the customer at the time of closing clearly states that should the yard settlement include greater than 6 yards of soil, M/I Homes promises to provide the material as well as the labor to address the settlement. Should the customer experience settlement less than 6 yards, M/I Homes provides the top soil to be delivered to the home and the labor is the responsibility of the customer. [redacted] is in need of less than one yard of soil, and he is absolutely correct when he says it will take a very small amount of time for this to be taken care of. If the customer does not have the time, M/I Homes is more than willing to provide [redacted] a few names and numbers of people that he could hire to do the work for him.



I am rejecting this response because:

Review: The consumer is calling in regards to a home she built with MI Homes. The consumer closed on this

home 4/20/12. The consumer says the windows on exterior were supposed to have a nice looking trim.

The supplier neglected to put the trim on her home. The consumer has had several conversations with

the supplier to no avail. The supplier says they will not fix the trim.Desired Settlement: The consumer would like to have the trim put on her home.



I am attempting to reply to a complaint I received this morning – and it appears that the website will not allow me into the body portion of the reply. Please let me know if I am mistaken. Attached is our position on [redacted]’s home. Not only did we deliver the home she purchased, she never brought up the concern during construction and she proceeded to close on her home. She did bring to our attention other changes she wanted performed, we accommodated those requests, at least one of which specifically related to the appearance of the front of the home. If there was something she was not satisfied with regarding the exterior appearance of her home, the time to bring up this concern would have been prior to her closing. This change of heart did not surface until months after taking possession of her home. We explained that we would be more than happy to provide her contact information of vendors that may be able to help her, at her expense, should she decide that changing the look of her home is something she is adamant about. Please see the attached correspondence explaining our position. We regret that Ms. [redacted] is not satisfied with her purchase.

Additional note --

[redacted]’s husband stopped [redacted] (M/I Homes construction supervisor) on Tuesday afternoon 12/11 and told [redacted] that the [redacted]’s would be willing to pay for the repair, asking if M/I Homes would perform the work. This acknowledgement and willingness to pay for the work substantiates the position of M/I Homes that the home was delivered properly.

Thank you for your consideration.

Review: I have a air conditioning unit that is 3 years old. The unit has not been cooling down as efficiently as it used when I first moved in. I took the liberty and contacted the [redacted] manufacturer who wanted to charge me $70 per hour just to come out and look @ unit. Funny how there is only a 5 year warranty on parts and we just moved into the home and it says the unit is 4 years old. I hired someone that I could trust and not someone that is affailated with M/I homes and they had to put freeon in my unit. I asked the technician if this is normal and he stated that unless there is a leak or something hasn't been installed properly than we should be able to go years w/o the unit being charged or even a lifetime. I have a copy of the notes along with the $158 bill from them. It is so ironic that every time I turn my head something is always going wrong in my M/I home due to improper or poor workmanship.Desired Settlement: I suggest M/I to be more careful on who they hire to install stuff in their homes that they are so "GREAT" at building. This is not the first time that I have had an issue with this company and I am sure it will not be the last. I'm sick of putting money into a new home that should of been done properly the first time around!!



M/I Homes appreciates your feedback as our goal is to make sure every customer is satisfied with their home as well as the service we provide. I am more than happy to check with [redacted] to try to gain an understanding of the fee you were charged for evaluation. Please let us know if you have any further performance issues with your home prior to hiring an indpendent contractor. While your coverage includes proper workmanship and installation, we are unable to reimbursement for work performed by others. Feel free to contact me directly for any of your future concerns. My office number is ###-###-####.

Review: Kitchen and Bath Flooring.

Home purchased in 2009. Floors have always been a concern (leveling and discoloration). I reported floors within first 30 days. I reported floors first 1 year. I noticed discoloration immediately (orange). The entrance of my kitchen is not level. It has a slope that is noticeable when entering kitchen from LR and hallway. I have always questioned. January 2014 I reported MI Homes to look at my floors in kitchen again. The discoloration of orange was increased in several areas. There are cracks in flooring everywhere. I had a flooring company not related to MI Homes enter my home to confirm that floors looked defective. I have documentations of all times called to MI Homes with concerns. Many of my calls were not returned. My first call was January 10, 2014 in request to "FIX" floors. Flooring Distributors (Norman) entered my home on February 19, 2014 and confirmed that my floors may have been installed wrong, or the glue was causing problems (coloring). A formulation (cleaner) was put on spots and did not disappear. Flooring Distributors ([redacted]) came into my home on April 9, 2014 to remove a "sample". He cut into my floors to have a sample sent away for test. PLEASE NOTE: [redacted] requested permission to have my floors "CUT" to have a sample to see what may cause the discoloration and defectiveness. I told [redacted] that I would not allow anyone to come into my house without guarantee that MI Homes would replace my floors regardless of problem. [redacted] told me "YES" MI Homes would put new floors into my kitchen and baths regardless of what went wrong in 2009 installing floors. I have been waiting for 4 months now for answers. The SAMPLE and PROBLEM is something that MI Homes show learn in their future when installing floors of other home owners and should not be MY problem. I am a customer.Desired Settlement: I am a home owner that has dealt with these floors since 2009. I should not have to continue waiting for an answer. Regardless the floors have been promised to replace in my kitchen and baths. Regardless of the defective installation, my floors should be replaced. I would like to have my floors replaced ASAP in kitchen and baths. I am living in my home with discoloration (ORANGE) everywhere, cracks, and a hole with cement in the middle of my kitchen. This is not only embarrassing but I am not happy living in this manner any longer.



I called [redacted] at 12:45pm, May 10, 2014 to personally get involved as the manager of the department. I left my direct number and asked her to give me a call to allow me to get involved and help resolve her concerns.



Sprint can confirm this. She did NOT offer any assistance nor call or leave any message. In order to be acceptable - I would like a date confirmed to install new floors. Attached is photos of discoloration and cement floor (sample sent away in April requested by builder).



The response to the and call to [redacted] were on Saturday. We have communicated since then and the issue is being resolved. Thank you.



Please keep file/complaint OPEN until resolved.The builder and floor distribution company have scheduled to repair floors next Thursday and Friday. I can follow up next Friday.

Review: We like many homeowners were victims to the market, resulting in being upside down on our home. MI had a program called 3/3/3 which helps homeowners sell their home at a lower amount by not paying realtor commission. How the program works is your realtor agrees to forego his commission on the sale of your home and MI would pay his 3% commission on the purchase of an MI home. This would then allow you to sell your home for less or relieve some financial burden from the homeowner. Our realtor agreed to this program as we listed our home $10,000 lower then what we purchased it for four years prior. We signed a purchase agreement with MI on 9/7/13. This agreement was contingent on the sale of our existing home where we paid $1,000 earnest money to hold our lot. We were made aware we had first right of refusal. In the addendum it stated that if another purchaser wanted to sign a contract to begin construction on our lot we MI had to notify us where we had 48 hours to either release our contingency and begin construction or forfeit the lot. If we failed to release the contingency within 48 hours MI would return our earnest money which would release us and MI on any obligations pertaining to the agreement. On 9/21/13 [redacted] informed us her corporate office accepted the changes we made to the agreement. Since then we signed two additional contracts with MI. In November, the sale rep explained there were interested buyers but never officially told us we had 48 hours. After we sold our home and moved into a 6 mo rental MI informed us we no longer had the lot. This is the last lot in the community. They mislead us into believing we were still in contract. MI has failed to remedy the situation.Desired Settlement: We either want the lot we had a contract on or to building on a lot we deemed acceptable. MI has provided options of other communities where the location does not work for me and my family. If we cannot reach an agreement, I would like MI to cover my realtor fees they were going to cover if we purchased a home from them as the mislead us and left us no other choice but to look for options outside from MI.



The following is a summary of all the concerns noted by the customer:

Background Information:

Customer wrote a contingent contract with M/I Homes on September 7, 2013.

The 3/3/3 program that the customer is referring to in the complaint is a program offered through the real estate broker that they choose to use. This is not a program offered by M/I Homes. The customer made the decision to use this program with their broker at their own risk. M/I Homes is not affiliated with this program at all.

The customer signed a contingent contract with M/I Homes on September 7, 2013. The house to sell contingency agreement was good for 30 days. M/I Homes verbally extended this agreement for 30 additional days. With the verbal extension, the contingency expired on November 6, 2013. Even with the expired contingency, an M/I Homes representative contacted the customer on November 13, 2013 to let them know someone else was interested in buying the lot that had written the contingent contract on.

Current Situation:

M/I Homes has performed exactly as our contract requires us to. While we do not have any further responsibility, we understands that the customer is upset about losing the lot that they had written the contingent contract on. Therefore we have been willing to seek a resolution. Unfortunately, we do not have any additional lots in the subdivision that they were looking to build. We have offered them two different options:

1.) We offered them a reduced price on a comparable market home that we had for sale in the community.

2.) We offered to build them the home they choose in one of the other communities that we are currently building

The customer had put a deposit down when they had originally written the contingent contract. M/I Home is refunding their deposit in full and mailing it back to them.

Review: MI Homes incorrectly designed and installed a custom shower in our new construction home in Huntersville NC. Incorrectly installed moisture barrier caused the shower to leak and caused extensive damage to the home. Multiple tile and shower contractors have confirmed that the installation is a construction defect and was not done to industry norms.Desired Settlement: MI Homes should cover this construction defect per warranty and repair/replace the failed shower.



Thank you for notification of the above reference complaint. Mr. [redacted]'s home

was built in 2007. Upon notification by Mr. [redacted] in 2015 of his concern over

his master shower seat leaking we immediately asked our tile installer to

evaluate the situation. Our installer determined the current shower seat had

been rebuilt by the homeowner. In discussions with Mr. [redacted] he stated he had

torn out the existing seat after a leak in 2013 which was denied due to lack of

maintenance by M/I Homes. He then reframed and retiled the area. The current

active leak is not occurring in a product constructed by M/I Homes. M/I Homes respectfully ask you to close this




I am rejecting this response because: This complaint is specifically about the improper installation of moisture barrier, which is still in place today and exists in the home as delivered by MI Homes. The bench itself is immaterial to this complaint. It's plainly clear today, as it was in 2013 when the original warranty claim was denied, that the installation is faulty and caused significant damage. We've had multiple repair companies come and look at the issue to quote repairs. Every one has stated that it was improperly built by MI Homes. Our request is that MI Homes repair, replace, or otherwise compensate us for this defect.



Mr. [redacted]’s home was built in

accordance with applicable building code and subsequently passed numerous

required county code enforcement inspections. Original damage to the

shower was caused due to a lack of maintenance. The original area of complaint

was removed and rebuilt by Mr. [redacted]. The existing leak and improper

construction currently creating an issue was built by Mr. [redacted] and/or Mr.

[redacted]’s subcontractors.

The M/I Home’s Homeowner Manual

(9/03 Edition pg. 9) states “Recaulking Ceramic Tile Grouting” is a homeowner

maintenance item. Under “Interior Components” of this manual it states

(pg. 13) “After closing, you are responsible for re-grouting cracks. Use

flexible high-quality tub and tile caulking material”.

The M/I Home’s Homeowner Manual

(9/03 Edition pg. 4) states “Under our warranty policy, we warranty against

problems resulting from defective materials and workmanship during the first year

of ownership of your newly constructed home” Mr. [redacted]’s homes was built

in 2007. This manual further states (pg 8.) under “Exclusions from

Warranty” ; “Damage caused or made worse by: (#13) Negligence or improper

maintenance or operation by anyone other than M/I Homes its employees, agents

or subcontractors” . The warranty manual further excludes, in the same

section, “Materials or work supplied by anyone other than M/I Homes, its

employees, agents or subcontractors”.

M/I Homes respectfully request

this complaint be closed. Thank you



Please close this issue.

Review: I was having a kitchen faucett replaced by a plumber, when the plumber advised me that I had a water leak somewhere below the kitchen sink. There is a hissing sound which to me sounded like a gas line. It has made that sound almost as long as I had this townhouse bulit and moved in here. A week after I moved in, a pipe split in the wall and flooded my carpet. According the plumber that repaired it, he told me that the joint had been forced in too hard and fixed it, but now when I use my washer., it makes a loud sucking noise from the kitchen sink. Last year, I also had a problem with the partial power in my house and when I had an electrician investigate, it was determine that the CGI outlet had become rusted due to overexposure to water. The electrician thought it might be due a leaky seal around the kitchen basin. I called in another plumber, [redacted], who is the owner of [redacted], and he opened a section of the drywall on the wall behind the kitchen sink. He could see a very fine spray of water below the slab. He felt around below the slab opening. he also mentioned that he thougth he felt a joint below the slab and he could feel very little insulation which he indicated this was not up to code. My realtor thought this should be covered on the 30 year structural warranty, the plumber thought it should be covered as well. My water bills have been very high, at first I thought it was because I was watering my sod. My water & sewer bills were always included in my rent and this was my very first home that I built & owned. [redacted], from M/I warranty,came over to inspect it and was goiing to let me know. I had to call him back to find out and said that it would not be covered. I think that with all the water that is seeping out under my foundation, it will have a very detrimental affect on the structure of this home and should be covered. There is a gap in between the floor and trim in the half-bath on the first floor in the front of the house. I have seen another small gap near the front of the door along the firewall and also below the front door. I would like this to be corrected under my warranty.Desired Settlement: I would like M/I to repair this problem before it becomes worse .



M/I Homes respectfully denies Ms. [redacted] request for the following reasons:

1) The warranty on the plumbing and electric work covered a period of two years from the original closing date. Ms. [redacted] closed on her home on January 31, 2004.

2) The warranty that remains in effect on Ms. [redacted] home is balance of the limited transferable structural warranty. Her claim does not fall under this warranty.

3) Finally, the statute of repose in the state of Ohio is ten years Ms. [redacted] first communicated this concern on February 28, 2014, beyond the expiration of the statue's limitations.

Please feel free to contact M/I Homes Warranty Department for any further questions.



I am rejecting this response because this was my very first home that I ever purchased and owned. How could I had known that this was a problem, since it sounds like a gas line and not water leaking.

So far, this has been an unsatisfying experience as a first time homeowner, in regards to the quality of the quality of work and the problems I have experienced with MI. It's too bad they don't build these homes

like they are building their own house and go on vacation in the middle of building my home. The contractor they listed on the warranty sheet was not the one that came in to repair the pipe that burst in my wall one week after

Review: **Letter sent to MI[redacted]October 23, 2012To whom it may concern:I am writing today to tell you about my total disgust with MI Homes Warranty Department.We moved into the [redacted] in August 2004 at [redacted]. This is our dream home. The building experience was great. But, now it seems as though MI no longer cares about the current owners.Issue 1: Windows. The windows came with a warranty. When they started to fog up last year, we contacted the company to replace them. At that time, we were told that the company was out of business and the new company was not honoring any of the previous warranties. So, we contacted MI. Basically, we were told that we were on our own. WHAT?!?! It was not OUR fault that the company went out of business and MI should back their contractors and honor the warranty. Extremely unprofessional and NOT customer centered.Issue 2: Trim. Along with several of our neighbors, we began to notice that the trim around the windows was starting to rot as it had not been properly primed. When we contacted MI, we were informed that the only boards that MI would replace are the VERTICAL boards. The horizontal boards are homeowner responsibility. WHAT?!? How can it be that SEVERAL of us are having the same problems but it is homeowner responsibility? That is ridiculous. When looking back in our paperwork, nowhere does it state that the homeowner needs to pay attention for rotting trim around the windows. Today, [redacted] came out to replace ONLY the vertical boards. Of course, they replaced them with unfinished lumber and it is now OUR responsibility to paint. This is a terrible injustice on the part of MI and is going to wind up being a huge expense that we should not have to bear.These two things are very big deals to us and our neighbors. As a result, none of us will recommend MI to anyone in the future. Step up to the plate and honor your warranty and fix the things that have gone wrong.[redacted]Desired Settlement: I want the windows and trim replaced and painted at NO expense.



With regard to [redacted] complaint regarding the windows, the company the M/I Homes purchased the windows from was a very reputable company that we used for more than a decade and installed thousands of windows for us. We had no reason to believe they would be unable to live up to their manufacturer warranty or that they would go out of business. The warranty that the window company did offer was to cover defective parts, but labor costs would remain the responsibility of the homeowner. We continue to stand behind the warranty that we promised would transfer, which is the balance of the 30 year structural warranty, however, we are unable to absorb every warranty every manufacturer that goes out of business. At this time, we must respectfully deny [redacted] request as we explained to him when he called us originally.

The trim surrounding the windows does not appear to be an issue with cusotmers that performed regular maintenance of their homes. We attempted to set a proper expectation regarding maintenance in the Customer Care Manual supplied to [redacted] at the time of closing on page 31 stating "Check caulking annually and add or re-caulk as necessary". Had this maintenance been performed, water would not have had an opportunity for entry. The reason the vertical boards were replaced was due to the fact that the unexposed ends were not painted/priimed at time of installation as recommended by the manufacturer. The reason the replacement boards were not painted was because at 8 years of age, a home is due for repainting and thus, this compromise was made and explained to [redacted] prior to any work was performed. We regret that this compromise did not meet [redacted] expectation; however, expectations were set before any work commenced. No further action will be taken.



Is it coincidence that most of our neighbors are having the same problems with the boards around their windows? IF it were a true homeowner problem, then we would be the ONLY ones with the issue. We owned a [redacted] Home for 13+ years and NEVER had this issue? Why would that be? Are their products held to a higher standard?

When we built our house, WE hired MI. At that point, MI used subcontractors. WE are not the ones that hired the window company...MI did. Therefore, they should have to standby the warranty. Again, many neighbors with the same issue.

Clearly MI is more concerned with their new builds rather than keeping current customers happy with the chance of an upgrade in their home.

I have never been so utterly disappointed in customer service in my life.

Review: Several telephone call attempts have gone unanswered. For the past several years we have noticed a settling of our home (well outside of normal). Many independent people outside of M/I homes have all agreed this is a structural issue. Recently, we have noticed a mold problem starting in and around a major area of settling. M/I has come out on numerous occasions to "remedy" the issue only for it to return again. Recently they started to erect additional new homes in the subdivision (immediately next door) and we have noticed the settling to be getting worse along with the mold. The mold smells awful and several attempts to remedy doesn't work.Desired Settlement: M/I NEEDS TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE AS I AM A PAYING CUSTOMER AND I FEEL THAT THIS WORKMANSHIP IS UNACCEPTABLE.



[redacted] and I have communicated many times since this complaint was originated and are successfully working together towards resolution. I called him again this morning to confirm he is satisfied with the direction we are taking and he agreed.

Review: I bought a new house on November 17th 2006 from M/I homes with a 30 year structural warranty. On October 1st I began to notice a mildew smell and the carpeting,vinyl flooring had separated from the concrete and baseboards,uneven floor,cracks in the walls,bowed walls,a sagging plant ledge,nail pops,uneven door frames,cracks in the window sills,and a leak spot in the ceiling. Now I have a hole in the floor and more of the concrete parting from the carpet and baseboard. I called M/I customer care and sent [redacted] out on October the 8th 2012 in which he said I needed to buy some insulation put it down. I then called [redacted] came out on October 18th 2012.[redacted] Looked at the damages and told me he would contact M/I. [redacted]/M/I structural engineer,[redacted] and myself met on October 26th to discuss the issues. I got [redacted] structural report in which it was stated I had low bearing capacity and sub grad soil and cracked concreteand 14 Helical piers needed to be put in the work was started on November 12th and completed on November 28th. [redacted] M/I [redacted] refused to have the inside structural repairs done saying it was cosmetic. I hired an attorney [redacted] and my own structural engineer [redacted] and they reported 13 code violations. My attorney,My Structural engineer,[redacted] M/I Legal Councel,Myself,my freind [redacted] met on January 18th,June 11th,and in Aug to discuss possible repairs. I received a report from [redacted] stated they would not be responsible due to repairs being cosmetic. My engineer found 1/4 inch thickend slab under the bathroom door,and they installed 2 LVL beams (which are slanted)in instead of 1 after the house settled causing the plant ledge to continue to sag. I have had Drywall experts in for an estimate they say it is structural and needs ceilings gutted. I have all reports and pictures.Desired Settlement: I would like for the house to be bought back by the builder M/I due to the fact that it will never be the same with all the damage and I will not be able to sell the home having to reveal the damage. I will have to send the documents by email.




receiving Ms. [redacted] call in October 2012, we evaluated and corrected the

structural concern in her home within 30 days. The repair was based upon the

recommendation of a licensed engineer and in accordance with M/I Homes' 30 year

structural warranty. In December 2012, Ms. [redacted] attorney requested documentation

of the repair and we complied with this request. In January 2013, we met Ms.

[redacted] at her home with our engineer and her attorney to address her

additional concerns. M/I Homes determined at that time that concerns pointed

out during that visit were not structural in nature, nor the result of the

recent work performed in her home; therefore, out of warranty as she purchased

her home in 2006. Ms. [redacted] hired an engineer to inspect her home and she

shared that report with M/I Homes. Due to the discrepancies in the two

engineering reports, M/I Homes suggested a meeting in order to review the

reports together. Attorneys representing both parties, both engineers, Ms.

[redacted] and myself met in our office in June 2013. During this meeting in

June, Ms. [redacted] engineer acknowledged to the group that all but one of the

items in his report were cosmetic in nature. All parties agreed during this

meeting that one of the items had the potential to be a structural concern, and

decided to set a meeting at the house for an inspection. M/I Homes scheduled a

framing contractor to remove the drywall and inspect the framing in this area.

During this inspection, both engineers were present as well as a M/I Homes

representative, Ms. [redacted] and her attorney. It was agreed by all parties during

this appointment that the structural integrity of the area in questions was

intact and no repair was needed. M/I Homes arranged for the drywall to be

reinstalled and the work was completed according to the meeting in our office. Following

the verification meeting, Ms. [redacted] attorney requested documentation of work

performed and M/I Homes supplied this information. Ms. [redacted] recently

contacted our office and spoke at length with our in house counsel. During that

conversation, Ms. [redacted] shared that she had new information regarding her

home. Our counsel asked Ms. [redacted] if she would like us to come to her home

and inspect these new concerns. She declined. Ms. [redacted] mentions in a recent

letter to M/I Homes that she has had several consults with drywall companies as

well as new symptoms in her home. We are more than happy to address these

reports/symptoms if Ms. [redacted] provides the reports and allows access to her

home to view the new symptoms.


Review: I live in an M/I Homes development that is not fully developed. M/I has started construction on the land behind my house. Their workers are constantly leaving garbage on the site that blows into the neighboring yards. Additionally, they are polluting the air and the local water retention systems with excessive dust and dirt from the earthmoving equipment. The streets have been covered with mud on numerous occasions, and M/I has neglected to clean up the mess after they are finished for the day. When I say covered, I mean that there was such a thick layer of dirt on the road that my SUV was sliding as I made a turn to go into my alley. Our house has a nice coating of dust and dirt from all of the site work. M/I refuses to clean the streets and my house which has been bombarded by dirt from their activitieys. They did decide to clean my neighbors house since she used to work for M/I. I called M/I and asked them to clean up the mess they made at my house and they refused stating that it was "not under warranty". I advised them that this was not a warranty issue. They did not seem to care. That is the opposite of good customer service.Desired Settlement: I would like them to clean the dust off my house since they made the mess. That is all I asked of them.



I did have an opportunity to speak with Mr. [redacted] on the phone on May 10, 2013. He had three complaints: 1) garbage and debris 2) dirt in the street 3) dust on his home. I explained to Mr. [redacted] that I would be more than happy to speak with the site supervisor for his community with regards to the debris and dirt in the road. We do have the streets cleaned regularly as required by directive of the local municipality. I also explained to Mr. [redacted] that he purchased a home in an area under construction, so a certain level of dirt disturbance and construction traffic would be a reasonable expectation. Mr. [redacted] is the second owner of the property. The warranty that transfers to subsequent owners is the structural warranty. His request to clean the dust off of his house does not fall under the coverage of the structural warranty. We will continue to monitor the garbage and dirt on the roads; however, we will not be honoring his request to clean the dust off of his home.



The amount of dirt and debris is at an unacceptable level. I should not be having to pick up pizza boxes and wrappers from the construction materials on a weekly basis. I have never seen anyone monitoring this. M/I provided my neighbor who lives right next door to me with the service of power washing the outside of his house due to the dirt, dust, and debris from the construction activity, it would only be fair for them to provide me with the same service. They should be treating everyone equally. I would not have requested that they clean the outside of my house if I did not see them doing the same thing for my neighbor. They should be cleaning up after their mess and should treat all residents equally.

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