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we purchases a home thru MI homes in NewAlbany, OH. We upgraded most of the things including cabinets. The installer had broken the cabinet from inside and all they did was put a wall paper over the broken cabinet instead of replacing the cabinets for which we paid 3000. Its been few weeks only and its already peeling off.

Review: During my process in building my new home with M/I, I discovered some inconsistent answers during my financing. While building my new home, I was advised that my down payment would be applied towards my final sales price of my home at closing. I was pre-approved through M/I Financing in the beginning. I was making my payments each month. I also was advised by my financing lender that he had submitted my application for the OFHA program. I recieved an email stating that everything looked good and I shouldn't have no troubles. It was until 30 days before my closing was when everything went wrong. I had made my last down payment to M/I on a Friday. The following Monday I recieved a call from my lender stating that M/I could no longer finance my home and that an issue was identified with my credit and that my credit had dropped under their requirements to finance me, which was 80 points. My lender was extremely rude and when I asked what I needed to do, he stated I needed to find a new lender to finance me. I found it very odd that I made my last payment to M/I and once that happened, they could no longer finance me. I checked with all 3 credit buearus and they indicated my score never dropped. To this day, M/I has never sent me any information as far as my credit and stated that my down payment was non-refundable. I paid over $2000.00 to M/I, in which I will no longer see my money. I have terminated my contract with M/I and have not heard anything further from them.Desired Settlement: I would just like proof that my credit score dropped below their standards and my down payment money I made to M/I Homes.



Although Mr. [redacted]'s original credit rating in July 2012 was approved, his score had declined by December 2012. His credit rating returned to an acceptable score in January 2013 and Mr. [redacted] was approved once again. M/I Homes is in possession of these credit scores (which are also available to Mr. [redacted]) but I am not attaching them here as they contain personal information. I have attached two default letters sent from M/I Homes to Mr. [redacted] advising him that we were prepared to close on his home and attempted to let him know that should he fail to do so, M/I Homes would be placing his home back on the market and retaining all funds on deposit. Finally, his signed purchase agreement is included here acknowledging section 9a that states M/I Homes retains the Deposit in the event Purchaser fails to comply with any provision of the Agreement. Therefore, M/I Homes respectfully declines Mr. [redacted]'s request to refund his deposit. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Review: Lack of Service after the Sale. Our house was built 6 years ago. After 3 years some serious settling occurred (cracked walls, doors not closing etc). M/I Homes sent an engineer out and agreed that this was abnormal. They decided to "shore up the walls", repair door closure issues, repair drywall and paint. Fast Forward 3 years, we noticed some cracking re-occurring, doors not closing, ceiling cracks and bubbling in drywall in the exact same location as the noted issue before. M/I sent out a Customer Care agent who remembered the prior issue and viewed the cracking, door closure and bubbling drywall issues. He took photos, wrote up a report and spoke to his management team. I received word yesterday that the management team considered this normal settling and that they will not honor the "Lifetime Structural Warranty" that they sell their customers. Being that this is a per-existing condition, how can this be normal?? Calls to [redacted] (Customer Service Manager) have gone unanswered and I am left with cracked walls.Desired Settlement: I would like the issue to be resolved via repair of walls, doors and ceiling. If this is not the course of action M/I wants to take then I want it to be noted that when I sell the house and I fail the inspection in this area of the house, I want M/I to then repair the issue at that point. THIS IS A PER-EXISTING ISSUE!



We agreed to his request earlier today.

Review: Problems with roof - 2 different situation: walls in side of home - spots like oil appearing thru paint: front porch: windows: bathroom sink 2nd replacement: basement floor crack: carpet seams: yard - dirt sinking in various areas: resolved but 4 visits for microwave, 3 for refrigerator, 1 for stove within 9 months of moving in

Comments made from MI respresentative "it is what it is"

Several attempts have been made to some of the problems but some are getting worse, and some of the ones they tried to repair are still the same or getting bad again.

[redacted], head of customer care has seen these items agree with us when she is in our home, sends some one out from the comp. any they responds back, then she agrees with them and the no repair.

This is upsetting to me & my husband because we are the only ones living here and are in our early 60 and late 60's so we know to take care of items. This home is only 3 years old to us. Please help us any way.

Thank you.Desired Settlement: inside painted, porch fixed, things fixed without remarked by MI representative "it is what it is your insurance will take care of it, or get rubbing or buffing compound.



Following up on your conversation this morning with [redacted], he is picking up a check today for $275.00 from you as previously agreed. We have confirmed with [redacted] (Showroom Floors) that the work will be completed by the end of this week weather permitting. If it rains any this week, scheduling will not permit completion by this weekend. In order for all parties to be clear regarding this plan, we are requesting all future communication be done in writing.

Review: I have noticed my windows, in my home, getting very bad after only 9+ years. I am the original owner of my house in which I bought brand new in Nov 2002. Other homeowners in area, several years ago, received new windows for everyone that was bad for a total price of $65 (Total). I referred to my paperwork and seen I have a 10 year warranty for my homes windows through atria windows in [redacted] Ohio. I called the provided warranty number only to find out they went out of business in June 2010. This info can also be seen on their old website: I then called M I homes and they told me if a company goes out of business which provided items for my home, their warranty goes void no matter what. This is very frustrating as there is no paperwork stating this in the chance it was to happen. I feel I am entitled to this warranty even though window company has gone out of business, and M I should honor [redacted]'s warranty they gave to home buyers. I spent alot of money on this house, to M I, for this warranty to be void. The window problems I am having are mainly on second floor of house. They include algae-like (or green mold) in inner glass as well as alot of condensation. The windows are also becoming very discolored. These windows get cleaned every spring and it does nothing for them. I don't know if there are potential health problems from what is developing in the windows. I just wanted to know of this, that M I homes, is doing bad business with the warranties offered when there hired businesses go out of businessDesired Settlement: I feel M I homes is responsible for not hiring a business capable of staying in business, which can't fulfill my warranty promised. I feel I should be honored with my 10 year warranty even though Atria went out of business. M I should step up since they hired that business to do their windows.



The company the M/I Homes purchased the

windows from was a very reputable company that we used for more than a decade

and installed thousands of windows for us. We had no reason to believe

they would be unable to live up to their manufacturer warranty or that they

would go out of business. The warranty that the window company did offer

was to cover defective parts, but labor costs would remain the responsibility

of the homeowner. We continue to stand behind the warranty that we

promised would transfer, which is the balance of the 30 year structural

warranty, however, we are unable to absorb every warranty of every manufacturer

that goes out of business. At this time, we must respectfully deny Mr. [redacted]'s request as we explained to him when he called us originally.



In my paperwork, which I have kept since purchasing the house brand new in 2002 shows nothing in regards to a warranty going void if a business goes out of business. I spent $157,000 and I expect to get the warranties with the outrageous price you put on these cheaply, built homes.



Although I can appreciate your frustration, please refer back to the paperwork you mention in your latest correspondence. The warranty that M/I Homes committed to was a 2 year mechanical warranty and a 30 year structural warranty. We honored the first, and are currently standing behind the second. Any additional warranties were manufacturer warranties, not M/I Homes warranties. We would be more than happy to share with you contact information to help you with repairs in your home.

Review: There was a mud slide in my back yard about 6 months back. Despite repeated request there was no response or clear plan of action to fix the mud slide in the backyard.

Repeated request to get a clarification of plan of action has resulted in NO response from the customer service department.

Recently there was some work done however there was no communication about the timeline of the fix. Moreover the work done has done resulted in further damage to my front yard.

This is unacceptableDesired Settlement: I would like to get clear communication of the plan of action to fix the mud slide and now the damage to the front yard.



Mr. and Mrs. [redacted],

I tried calling you but I didn't get an answer at your daytime number. I'm sorry for the delay on repairing the

landscaping. There is a shortage on sod in the area that is preventing us from completing repairs in several

neighborhoods. I had contacted one of our landscapers a few days ago about getting sod. They are going to check and

get back with me next week. [redacted] will also be back from vacation and I'll make sure that we follow up with you as soon

as we hear from them. Thank you for your patience.

Review: Last December I wanted to have a hardwood floor installed in the 13 year old MI Home we purchased in November, 2012. On installation day, the installers found the floor too uneven to lay the hardwood. I had [redacted], MI [redacted] look at the floor and she said it was not covered by the 30 year transferable warranty. I hired an engineering firm ([redacted]) to evaluate the problem and they discovered that a load bearing wall was not properly supported and it had dropped, i.e. it was a structural defect (I have a written report, and many photos of the repairs). I hired [redacted] construction company to raise the floor and install proper load bearing support. This did not totally remedy the even floor so they removed a 16 foot length of plywood (on the first floor) and planed down the floor joists to get a level surface. The flooring company was then able to properly lay the hardwood floor.MI offered no help whatsoever to remedy the problem. I hired an attorney ([redacted]) and was prepared to take it to court. MI was prepared to fight it all the way and so it would not have been economically rational to pursue litigation. MI claims there was no structural defect so it was not covered by the warranty. The load bearing wall was simply resting on plywood with no structural support directly underneath, just on both sides, and this was causing the floor to deflect.Is this the type of poor construction, and poor customer service that MI wants to be known for?Desired Settlement: 1) Full reimbursement, i.e. engineering, construction and attorney fees - approximately $8,5002) Potential MI homebuyers should be made aware of possible structural and/or uneven floor issues with their MI home3) All existing MI homeowners with this model of home should be informed that their home may have a structural defect, or at a minimum that their carpeted floor may be covering up an uneven, poor quality floor requiring costly repairs if they want to install hardwood



We attempted to work with Mr. [redacted] for some time without success, at which point he decided to retain legal counsel. Mr. [redacted]'s attorney called me inquiring about M/I Homes position, and once I explained the situation to him, I never heard from him again. Upon receipt of this complaint, I called the attorney to ask if he was still employed by Mr. [redacted]. I reached his voicemail and left a mesage asking him to call me back. I have not received a call. If Mr. [redacted] continues to be represented by counsel, then communication should be from his attorney to ours. It should be noted than the structural warranty that transferred to Mr. [redacted] contains an exclusion from coverage for structural defects caused by work performed by anyone other than M/I Homes. The orginal buyer finished the basement in the home, potentially affecting the framing and load bearing portions of the home. Finally, Mr. [redacted]'s engineer's report makes claims based on assumptions he was unable to witness, as he notes in his report, and is merely surmising that the issue is a structural one without the benefit of factual information. M/I Homes respectfully declines Mr. [redacted]'s settlement requests.




definition of attempting to work with me without success - is

MI telling me the problem is not covered by the warranty, and me not accepting

it. At no time did MI offer any

assistance of any kind to further investigate or resolve the problem. [redacted] visited my home on December 13,

2012 and said the home was built according to code, and because the basement

was finished later by the homeowner, this may have compromised the structural

integrity, therefore the problem was not covered by the warranty.


January 24, 2013 I emailed [redacted] the engineering report, the repair

estimate and advised that I would be moving forward with the repairs so we

could have the hardwood floor installed.

At this point my family and I had been walking on a plywood floor

since December 10, 2012. Again, she

offered no help whatsoever and simply continued to deny the claim. That is why I hired an attorney. I have all the emails that I exchanged with

[redacted] as proof that MI has steadfastly denied the claim.


hired [redacted], Inc. to repair the structural

defect. The work was completed during

the week of March 4, 2013. Large holes

were cut in the drywall of the basement ceiling and wall. We discovered that even after the basement

was finished, all of the structural integrity remained intact. The

“blocking” and “steel columns” are intact as detailed in the M/I blueprints

from which the home was originally constructed.

I have blueprints of the home as well as photos of the blocking, steel

columns and repair work. A 20 ton bottle

jack was used to raise the wall before installing the proper structural support.


met with my attorney on March 14, 2013 concerning next steps. He advised me that he just spoke to [redacted] and learned that MI was fully prepared to hire counsel and defend their

position in court. This can be verified

by [redacted], LLC ###-###-####). My attorney advised me that it could cost

much more in attorney fees for me to prove my claim than the cost of repairs,

so I decided not to pursue it.


would be one thing for me to make an unsubstantiated warranty claim. It is quite another matter when you have an a

licensed professional engineer claiming a structural deficiency, professional

contractor repairs, blueprints and photos showing the finished basement in no

way altered the original structural integrity.


there was no structural defect then how did the floor deflect so

extremely? If MIs only concern is that

the finished basement may have compromised the structural integrity, then the

photos clearly show the blocking and columns were not removed. They remained intact as originally

built. Finishing the basement had no

effect on the original structural integrity.


my humble opinion MI is breaching their written 30 year transferrable warranty

against structural defects, and should be required to bear all cost I have

incurred to prove this claim and repair the problem.

(2 Photos Attached: Blocking supported by steel columns)




As stated in our previous response, due to the modification of the original structure, this claim does not fall under M/I Homes limited transferable structural warranty (as stated in the warranty manual provided to the original M/I Homes customer, and that Mr. [redacted] is in possession of). I spoke to Mr. [redacted]'s attorney and conveyed this information to him and he seemed to agree that this removed any position for a warranty claim. M/I Homes will not be taking any action with regard to this complaint.




original structure of the home was not modified, nor did my attorney seem to

agree that simply finishing the basement removed any position for a warranty

claim. Finishing the basement was a cosmetic

change to the home, not a structural change.

Review: I closed on a new house built by M/I approximately six months ago. Since I closed, M/I and/or the contractors it employs have blocked my driveway and mailbox, parked in my front yard, and used my front yard while constructing other houses. They have stacked concrete forms, building supplies, ladders, etc. in my front yard. My front yard has also been covered with scrap lumber and soil was taken from my yard. Many of the issues listed above have occurred multiple times. While this has slowed some in the past couple of months, it continues to happen. I have talked to a number of M/I employees about this and sent Emails to M/I. This past Saturday, Sept. 6, a contractor who was cutting the grass next door, drove a mower well onto my property and damaged my lawn where I had just planted grass seed. A few weeks ago, the same contractor blocked my driveway and mailbox and then damaged another part of my yard. My experience with M/I has been the worst experience I have had with any business. A hole in the floor of my house was covered with carpet. Three of the eight windows in the house were damaged. Two of the three had the damaged covered with tape. A water leak destroyed the floor. There were numerous electrical issues, a couple that I believe had the potential to cause injury. There are many patches in the house due to wrong measurements, construction errors, etc.Desired Settlement: I want M/I and the contractors it employs to obey the law and stop blocking my driveway and mailbox, stop damaging my property, stop using my property for their benefit, and stop trespassing on my property without my permission.



Last week M/I Homes placed "Do Not Block" signs up near Mr. [redacted]'s driveway and mailbox. The homes on either side of Mr. [redacted] have been sodded and are closing this month which should drastically reduce construction traffic in his area. We regret that these issues caused an inconvenience and disruption of Mr. [redacted]'s day to day living and encourage him to contact us directly should anyone violate the instructions we have provided to respect the private property.

Review: For the past one month, I have been trying to contact [redacted], the customer care manager with M/I Homes. Out of the 12+ calls I have made, she has returned 2 or 3. I have yet to speak to [redacted]. I have left a long message as to the nature of my problem, but no response. I have left a message asking what her work hours are and if there is a better time to call, and still no response. I have left a message asking if there is someone else I could speak with or if I could speak with her boss, and zero response. In one of her 2-3 calls to me, she did leave a message requesting that I call her on her cell phone. She told me to call the number, if she doesn't answer to hang up and call right back and she'll pick up. Yikes, that tells me she does a fair amount of screening of calls. No wonder she has never picked up her phone in the 4 weeks I have been trying to call. But, even in that instance, she never picked up or called me back. Go figure.

The nature of my problem is thus: My home is under 5 years old and due to a water leak in my dining room ceiling, my husband had to cut a 6 by 3 ft. hole in the ceiling to find the source of the leak. The water stain did in fact cover this large an area of my ceiling. The water was coming from my furnace. We had the heating/cooling professionals come out to evaluate and although the furnace is fine, the installation of the plumbing, traps, pipes for the furnace was not okay. The man had to get materials to correct the plumbing, traps, etc,. Basically, he had to redo the installation. He explained to my husband and I how it was done incorrectly at the time the house was built. And, guess what, no further leaks after it was fixed. I don't think I should be responsible for the bill that I had to pay to correct this installation error, as well as I certainly don't think my husband, with his busy schedule, should have to repair the hole in the ceiling due to the leak. it needs to be drywalled and painted and the ceiling has a specific pattern on it that needs to be professionally stomped out.

It really would have been nice if the customer care manager, [redacted], could have responded to my numerous requests for a call back to discuss this situation. I guess I am not understanding her title then as "customer care" and "manager" to boot!Desired Settlement: I would like reimbursement for what I had to pay the heating/cooling professionals to fix the problem with the furnace. I would also like the hole in my ceiling to be repaired and for my ceiling to look like it did before the leak. This means a drywall repair, painting, as well as the ceiling will then need stomped out due to the pattern in the ceiling. So, I am requesting a call back, a refund, and finally, a repair.



Please see attached email sent to Ms. [redacted] today:

Dear Ms. [redacted],

Please provide a copy of your paid receipt for the repair of

the work described in your home for consideration. While this type of

issue would fall under your warranty, the warranty involves M/I Homes repairing

the item and does not include reimbursement for a repair at your cost. As

a courtesy, M/I Homes will consider your request and I am confident we will be

able to participate, based upon the cost of the repair. A work order is

being issued today for a drywall company to repair your ceiling. Should

you have any questions about this work, please call our office at

[redacted]. Either of our Customer Care Administrator’s will be able to

assist you and answer the phones daily from 8-4:30.

Thank you,

Review: We have a huge mountain of dirt next to our house, that they moved there and piled up last fall. Every since then our backyard has flooded. We had NO flooding issues in our backyard prior to this mountain of dirt. Every time it floods it fills our backyard up with more mud and dirt from the run off.Desired Settlement: Would like this to be fixed, so the flooding, mud and dirt run off stops flowing into our yard.



At the time of this complaint, there were three outstanding issues. The downspout/conductor issue has been resolved. The driveway issue is scheduled for June 11, 2014, weather permitting and we are working through the rear yard issue. Homeowner is aware.

Review: The constituent said he entered into a contract to purchase a condominium in July of 2012. He worked with a salesperson who is no longer with the company. His contract calls for a half basement and 2 and 1/2 bedrooms. He was later told he needed to have a full basement and 3 and 1/2 bathrooms because of city regulations. He called his city government and was told there are no such regulations. There are also issues with the kitchen cabinets.Desired Settlement: The constituent wants the original contract to be honored.



I am attaching both the contract addendum that the customer signed, as well as an explanation from our V.P. of Sales. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Thank you.



This is [redacted] and I have received your email concerning the above File Number. I must say I am totally disappointed in M/I Home's response. They seem to be confused about this complaint as it has nothing to do with "[redacted]", nor does it have anything to do with [redacted]. My name is [redacted].

Review: Purchase Information: Problem Area: Warranty Purchase Date: Total Price: $0.00 Disputed Amount: $0.00 Amount Paid So Far: $0.00 Description: My home was built and purchased in 2003. Over the past several years, a number of my neighbors in my community have complained about the seals in the windows breaking. I have now experienced such issue and when I contacted MI, they explained that the company that handled the windows at the time, [redacted], is no longer in business and that all homeowners are now responsible. I find it disturbing with the number of homes in my neighborhood with the same issue, that MI Homes is not standing behind their product.Desired Settlement: Satisfactory Solution: I believe that given the number of homes in the same community having the same issue, this is a repair that should be handled by the company.



The company that M/I Homes purchased the windows from was a very reputable company we used for more than a decade and installed thousands of windows for us. We had no reason to believe they would be unable to live up to their manufacturer warranty or that they would go out of business. In an attempt to set the proper expectation at the time of closing, we provided a Customer Care Manual that states all manufacturer warranties are assigned and transferred to our customers. The warranty that the window company did offer was to cover defective parts, but labor costs would remain the responsibility of the homeowner. We continue to stand behind the M/I Homes Warranty, which is the balance of the 30 year transferable structural warranty; however, we are unable to absorb every warranty every manufacturer that goes out of business. At this time, we must respectfully deny Ms. [redacted]'s request as we explained to her when she called us originally.



I can appreciate if one homeowner has an issue, but this appears to be an issue being experienced by numerous homeowners. I now have a total of 3 windows that must have the glass replaced. MI has found one way or another to remove themselves from the entire equation. I would have to wonder how many contractors / companies they use today that they used 10 years ago? Seems they change them periodically to ensure they don't have to deal with situations like this. In any event, I don't expect any more of a response from them, but I absolutely will inform anyone even considering building a home with them to reconsider.

Review: I was laid off from my job on January 7th, we requested refund for deposit on new home, On March 8th

MI Homes agreed to make $9,400.00 refund within 3 weeks; we have not received the refund, nor any

response to email or voicemails requesting an updateDesired Settlement: receive refund of $9,400



This check was mailed yesterday, 4/16/13. Thank you.

Review: Pursuant to our conversations with M/I Homes, we are writing this letter to explain the details of cabinet damage we sustained as a result of having to fix a broken oven.

Background: On December 20, 2014, as we prepared to have family in town for the holidays, we ran the oven cleaner the lower oven of our Whirlpool convection double oven. This was the first time we ran the oven cleaner on this oven. The next morning, we awoke to find that the oven was not working. There was no power and no signal on the display. After researching online, we found that this is a common problem with Whirlpool appliances. When one runs the oven cleaner, apparently it runs at a temperature (~900 degrees) than is allowed by the fuses in the oven, causing them to trip and need to be replaced. While this is an obvious design flaw, it is not surprising, as we have had numerous issues with the various Whirlpool appliances in the 2 years that we have moved in.

To note, we are on our second Whirlpool refrigerator after having made 4 to 6 service calls on the original MI installed refrigerator, and have already placed another 4+ service calls on this second refrigerator. Also, our MI installed Whirlpool dishwasher has a serious design flaw whereby the hinges on the door slice apart rubber stoppers that keep it from lowering too quickly. We have fixed this several times, and the stoppers keep breaking. We suspect the poor performance of our Whirlpool appliances are the reason that, soon after we purchased our home (we were the first completed home in the neighborhood) MI switched all new homes to GE appliances. Due to all of the problems we've had, we've asked MI to explain why we are the ONLY house in the neighborhood to have Whirlpool appliances, why the switch to GE Profile was made, and to replace our appliances with GE Profile, they have not answered any of our questions other than to tell us, "No, they will not be giving us GE Profile appliances."

Coming back to the oven, we had little choice but to call an appliance repair place to come out and fix it. They sent two technicians that day. When the technicians arrived, they noticed that, given the way the oven was installed, it would be nearly impossible to repair without doing some damage to the cabinets. The double oven was extremely heavy (it took three of us to remove it) and had ridges below that would get caught on the paneling surrounding the oven. The only way to remove and fix would be to either cut the cabinet paneling or wedge it out. We pulled it out as carefully as we could, but some of the paneling was separated from the cabinets in the process. This was also the result of the wood bottom below the oven not being secured in place during construction.....when we lifted the oven to try and allow the ridges to bypass the paneling, the wood moved and pushed against the paneling.

Request: All told, we have spent countless money (thousands of dollars) and time repairing these terrible appliances installed by MI. We have accepted some of that as part of being home owners. What we cannot accept is having to now go out and pay a carpenter to fix our cabinets because the oven was installed in a way that would not allow it to be repaired when it (inevitably) broke or needed to be replaced. We are seeking MI to have someone come out and fix the paneling and cabinets and make sure the oven is installed in a way that this will not happen again.Desired Settlement: We are seeking MI to replace our appliances to the GE Profile appliances that everyone else in the neighborhood has as well as have someone come out and fix the paneling and cabinets and make sure the oven is installed in a way that this will not happen again.



There are two items to address.1) Ms. [redacted] is requesting we replace her Whirlpool appliances with GE appliances. When Ms. [redacted] purchased her home in [redacted] the [redacted] was installing Whirlpool kitchen appliances. Whirlpool appliances were being installed in all homes in all communities. Shortly after Ms. [redacted] purchased her home the [redacted] changed to GE kitchen appliances for all homes in all communities. Ms. [redacted] states she has had numerous problems with her Whirlpool appliances which she has addressed directly with Whirlpool. Ms. [redacted] implies we changed to GE appliances because of quality issues with the Whirlpool appliances and that she should be given what she believes are higher quality GE appliances. Our decision to move to GE appliances was solely based on Whirlpools inability to meet our production and scheduling needs. The fact that Whirlpool appliances were installed in Ms. [redacted]’s home and GE appliances were installed in other [redacted] homes is simply because of the timing of the change from Whirlpool to GE. It is correct that the appliances in the [redacted] model were changed from Whirlpool to GE. This change was made because the model needed to correctly reflect the appliances that would be installed on future sales.2) Ms. [redacted] is requesting M/I Homes to fix the paneling and cabinets she states were damaged when repair work was completed on the oven. The Customer Care Manager will contact Ms. [redacted] and schedule an appointment to inspect the damaged paneling and cabinets. If it is determined that the damage to the paneling and cabinets was a result of the oven being incorrectly installed, M/I Homes will repair the damaged paneling and cabinets.Please let me know if you need additional information to reply to the complaint.Regards,[redacted] Controller & VP of Operations M/I Homes of Sterling VA

Review: My husband and myself purchased a home from MI Homes in 2001. We have kept up with regular maintenance items over the years. 3 weeks ago, during a rain event, water was pouring in through the bottom of the molding around a window in our bay window area of our kitchen. Since we could not locate the source of the problem, we called a contractor who could come out the next day. When he arrived, and started looking for the source of the leak, he said the gutter system was not installed correctly, and thus water was continually pooling and spilling over where 2 points of the roof line come together. He said there should have been a downspout at that point. Instead, the downspout was located about 12 feet away. In addition, the gutter was level (instead of angled) so there was no way all the water could travel 12 feet away.

Next he started to remove the window, and could not believe all the damage he saw. The entire area surrounding the window was completely rotted and moldy. He said it was only a matter of time before the window would have simply fallen out of the wall (we have a ton of photos to substantiate). He had to remove an adjacent wall, and had to replace a portion of the subfloor as well as cutout and then reinforce 2 of the beams which run from the front to the back of the house. Suffice to say the damage had been going on FOR YEARS.

The charge for all the work was $4,000 which our insurance company will not cover......due to "it being a result of poor workmanship". In addition, the vinyl flooring needed to be replaced, but since we knew we could not afford the 1st $4000.00 there we asked the contractor to do whatever he could to save the vinyl flooring. He did the best he could, but now there are creases in it and seams where there shouldn't be seams.

I spoke to a local "Customer Care" representative from MI Homes who 1st said that their famous "30 Home Warranty" only covers the structure?? And, also said that since my home is 14yrs old there was nothing he could do for me. He then went on to say that I should have called MI Homes to have them come out and see the damage before I had it fixed. I explained that we have over 50 photos of the damage, which did not make a difference to him. He was actually laughing it off, so when I asked him who he reported to, his response was "my wife". I realized I would get nowhere with him so a week later I called the President of Customer Care for all of MI Homes. While he claimed my home was only warrantied for 8yrs he then said if I had called MI Homes maybe they could have fixed it for less than my contractor or maybe they could have "cut me a check" on the spot.....indeed a MAJOR contradiction!

In conclusion, judging by the extent of the damage, to my home, the water had been running into my house for MANY years before we ended up with a pool of water in our kitchen.

As an additional side note.....3 of my neighbors homes, which were built at the same time as ours, have all suffered long term water damage that has just now surfaced.....that is how we found our contractor.....he fixed their homes.Desired Settlement: We feel MI Homes should reimburse us for the cost of the repair and pay for the vinyl flooring which needs to be replaced. If they want to have their folks replace the flooring, that would be fine too.



Dear Sirs,In response to this customer complaint, M/I Homes took the following steps:(1) The Area President of M/I Raleigh contacted the homeowner on 12/3/14. The Area President agreed to have a field inspection performed to determine the conditions of the property and to verify the alleged problem and decide if M/I had any responsibility for this leak as the home was over 14 years old and well beyond any typical warranty coverage. M/I wanted to determine if we had made a construction mistake. Items such as this are typically a function of poor homeowner maintenance on a house of this age. However, the homeowner under took repairs before consulting M/I. Only once the repairs were complete did they contact M/I regarding this problem.(2) We sent our Construction Vice President out to the home on 12/12/14 to investigate on site. The new repair work was complete and the affected area was not open to inspection at the time of this visit. Photographs of the repair work in process were shown to M/l's Construction Vice President who returned to work on 12/16/14 to present what he had seen. We at M/I verified that all plans for this home conformed to building standards established and enforced with the City of Raleigh at the time of construction. All inspections were made and approved by the City.It is difficult to determine why this leak did not occur previously (14 year old) and why it was not brought to our attention until after the repair work was completed by an outside contractor hired by the homeowner. The extent of the damage indicates to us that this deterioration is recent and it is not an obvious design or construction defect. However, we will be contacting this buyer, will explain our position and reasoning, and seek an amicable resolution.Respectfully,[redacted]M/I Homes of Raleigh, LLC

Review: My big problem is with settling in our driveway which MI has known about as well as their paving contractor since at least September of 2013. I was told that we would want to wait until the end of the year because of possibly more settling issues. Once the end of the year came nothing was said or done, which I was okay with because after doing my own research and talking with other paving companies, the best time to take care of driveways is in the spring time. After doing my own research and not hearing from MI, I had to contact MI, and we agreed that spring time would be when the driveway would be replaced because of the settling.

Come spring time 2014, there was no contact to let me know when my driveway would be replaced. I waited, and waited, and waited to hear from either the paving company or MI, and never did. I then in May again had to contact MI about when they would be coming out to replace my driveway. MI again said they would come out and get my driveway replaced. MI was contacted again in June as well as the paving company this time to see when someone would be coming to replace my driveway. The paving company said at first that they haven't even heard of what was going on, but would do some research and get back to me. Never heard back from them or MI.

Now come summer time 2014, three weeks since I last talked with anyone, I come home from being out of town to see that earlier in the day the paving company had been out to patch my driveway instead of replacing it like I was told and agreed upon would be done. Even if it would have been agreed upon that they would do the patch work, a big portion of the driveway wasn't patched, and the patch work they did is of poor quality. Not to mention they did burned up some of our plants while patching, and where sloppy in their work.

Maybe if someone would have contacted me to let me know they were coming out, some of these mistakes would not have taken place.Desired Settlement: I would like MI, and the paving company to actually contact me for once and schedule a time for them to come out to replace my driveway like it was originally agreed upon.



I just spoke with Mr. [redacted] and he and I came to an agreement that we are both comfortable with. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at ###-###-####. Thank you, [redacted].



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution at this time is moving in the right direction towards having the issue resolved.


Review: Description:

The consumer had their home built by MI Homes. There is black mold that is growing in between the

windows. The consumer contacted MI Homes and they stated that it was subcontractor that installed the

windows, but they are out of business and they now refuse to replace the windows. The home was built 7

or 8 years ago.

Consumer seeked legal counsel who told him that MI Homes is still liable.Desired Settlement: Satisfactory Solution:

Consumer wants MI Homes to fix this problem by replacing three or 4 windows



The company that M/I Homes purchased the windows from was a

very reputable company we used for more than a decade and installed

thousands of windows for us. We had no reason to believe they would be

unable to live up to their manufacturer warranty or that they would go out of

business. The warranty that the window company did offer was to cover

defective parts, but labor costs would remain the responsibility of the

homeowner. In an attempt to set the proper expectation at time of closing, M/I Homes provided the customer with a Customer Care Manual explaining all manufacturer warranties are assigned and and passed through to the customer. We continue to stand behind the M/I Homes warranty, which is the balance of the 30 year transferable structural warranty; however, we

are unable to absorb every warranty every manufacturer that goes out of

business. At this time, we must respectfully deny Mr. [redacted]'s request.

Review: In October of 2009 my husband and I were so excited to purchase an M/I home due to hearing such fabulous feedback. We decided to go with a new build property bc of less maintenance we would endure for quite some time. I was attending nursing school and it would be beneficial for us to not worry about remodeling a place while I had to worry about school work and all that jazz. Within, the first week of our move in we noticed electrical issues. I would run the sweeper and my lights would shut completely off. I still experience this problem to this day. I am tired of making phone calls to the customer service department that decides to place blame on something else. I have never noticed my parents house doing this or anyone else that may have GFI's. Now let's discuss my master shower. I have had to remove the shower doors completely due to the mold that has been coming in there. We have cleaned that shower like crazy. I have removed the old grout and resealed it and it still does not solve the problem. This tells me that something was wrong during the building process. The drip pan even has wholes at the side where there is mold. I now know why so many people walk away from M/I homes! This is frustrating when you have a supervisor come out here and do nothing to protect your name. I wasn't born yesterday, but I will begin to ruin your reputation.As for the the third major problem I have a leaking line in my basement which I am sure is going to turn into a flood at some point. So how is it that you guarantee anything or warranty your homes?!! My last and final problem which is absolutely crazy to me is when I am running the dishwasher, washer, or any type of sink I can hear it through my walls. That is not normal!!!Desired Settlement: @ this point I would like these problems solved. If they cannot I will be taking further action with my attorney.



M/I Homes has been communicated with [redacted] many times over the past few months. Based upon these conversations, the only item remaining to be done is a grout repair near her rear slider. Yesterday, [redacted] Distributors(M/I Homes vendor) provided M/I Homes with an update that both parties ([redacted] distributors and [redacted]) are attempting to schedule a Saturday for the work to be performed. Never in any of these conversations, nor in any of the visits to her home, has she ever mentioned the master shower, the basement line, or the noise in the walls. We are more than willing to evaluate these issues with [redacted]. We are available Monday through Friday from 8am until 4pm for an evaluation. Respectfully,



Bc I don't know who the hell [redacted] is! In addition they are stating that they have had contact with someone. Who the heck are these people. Not once has my phone rang or has a letter been received! M/I homes is not about their customers!



I made a mistake when I replied yesterday to this complaint. We have another customer with a name extremely similar to this customer, and I incorrectly assumed they were one and the same. We will call [redacted] in this complaint today and set up a time to inspect her concerns. Thanks.

Review: I purchased a new home from MI Homes in 2006 that is now a rental property. The renter reported a leak and damage in the kitchen ceiling and the plumbing company that had installed the plumbimg for MI inspectd the problem a few days later on 5/18/12. The plumber found that a plastic pipe in the wall had been pierced by a nail when the floor moulding was installed and the nail had finally rusted out causing the leaak. He cut a hole in the wall and the replaced the pipe.A few days later an inspector from MI Warranty came out to the same home(after many calls) to repair a water heater vent pipe leak that damaged the HVAC closet ceiling. He was shown the hole in the wall and the pipe with the nail hole causing the plumbing leak and was given photos of the plumber doing the repair and the bill for reimbursement from MI Homes. I rejected an offer a few days later when the inspector called and advised me that their subcontractor, [redacted] of [redacted] offered $150 for the $275 repair bill and the ceiling and wall repair that I had done myself. MI Homes admitted their negligence when the made the unfair offer from D[redacted] for a situation where my home would have been completely flooded and cost me and my renter thousands of dollars in damage if we had not located and repaired the hidden damaged pipe soon enough. On June 28 I sent a letter to MI Homes CEO [redacted] with another set of photos and the plumbing bill. Their email response on 7/18 was "Unfortunately, the issues you raise do not fall within the terms of your warranty.".The intentionally vague response of MI Homes is a disgraceful example of customer service. Presuming they meant that this type of damage is not covered is not plausible and presuming that they meant it was not reported in time is insulting since the damage was hidden inside a wall.Desired Settlement: Warranty, like a statute of limitations, does not end when a hidden, unknown damage and liability occurs.MI Homes was lucky that I repaired this leak before it caused a major flood and they were subrogated and sued by my insurance company for thousands of dollars of flood damages.MI Homes owes me $275 for the plumbing repair plus $500 for my time and travel to Columbus and my wall and ceiling repair for a total of $775.



The terms of the warranty supplied by M/I Homes does not cover time and travel, nor for potential losses. The warranty for this home that remains active and open is the structural warranty. This complaint is not a structural issue. Should you elect to accept the offer set forth by [redacted], please let us know and we will facilitate this reimbursement as they offered originally.

Review: I am trying to purchase home from MI Homes in Grove City Ohio, [redacted]. I have signed a contract and put $5000 down. I have repeated issues with picture documentation of building and repairs of this new construction. It has been a fight from the beginning on this home to get MI to do the repairs and quality workmanship that they advertise. Their approach is take back your money and move on down the road. I am to close on this home on 4.8.14 and am being pressured by the main office, [redacted] that I must close on 4/8/14. We did a walk through on 4/1 and had a list of repairs that needed to be done. We have already sold our current home but the buyer had a few issues after purchase that delayed the closing on the new house as it sits in a trust. We ask only for another 2 weeks to fix the issues with the trusts and transaction and are being denied. MI is aware of the trust. We have not been able to gain entry into the new home to verify the repairs have been completed, phone calls are not being returned and we are basically being told to take it or leave it on 4/8. We were suggested by an attorney that due to cracks in the foundation of this home and furnace repairs that had to be done before we have even closed be checked out by our own home inspector. MI is not allowing us time to verify the house if suitable with the repairs we request nor bring in our own inspector.All the paperwork they give us show another address for a house behind ours, not our address,...we don't even know what house they are trying to sell us! There has not been any final price presented to our bank either. We feel like we are stuck. Our house is sold and we don't have another home to move to because MI won't wait a few weeks to close to ensure the house meets building standards and our buying standards as far as the repairs.Basically we are out $5000 and without a home after starting this project six months ago. Can you help us. We just want the house and two weeks longer to close.Desired Settlement: Extend closing two weeks for the buyer to switch funds in the trust with our current home resides (MI is aware of this). We will purchase the home all we as is for the closing date to be moved out and all repairs requested during the walk through be completed to desired request.



We have extended Ms. [redacted]'s time frame to close to the 18th of April as a courtesy. If the closing does not take place on the 18th, her $5,000.00 will be returned to her and the home will be placed back on the market. All walk through items have been completed and she has been advised to contact our office to set a final walk through. Per the purchase agreement, a temporary certificate of occupancy has been issued and the house is complete.



It is not that I am rejecting the response is that we were told they would extend to the 13th of April, not the 18t. Both I ([redacted]) and the bank ([redacted]) has tried several time 4/10 and 4/11 to contact Ms. [redacted] prior to that 13th date of closing she extended to us and we had not received a call back. This is the first we have heard of the 18th so we will be in touch with the bank to see what we can do. Please advise Ms. [redacted] that we do need timely responses back from her and the group at MI to the bank and/or I in order to meet the deadlines she provides. Losing communication just before the given deadlines causes postponement and set backs in finishing paperwork. We appreciate her giving us till the 18th.

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