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• Aug 29, 2023

Excellent Customer Service Rob Tuohy and Austin Slabaugh...Maaco 550 W Maple Troy
We brought our Audi A6 for Body Work Repair and Paint. The Price was Great the Work was Excellent! Rob and Austin were Kind and Professional!
I would Highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for customer service above and beyond!
Low-Cost Best Service!

I have reviewed the response offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below To Whom It May Concern, I am writing this in response to the owner’s rebuttal to my complaintHe states that I was never told that the vehicle would be ready around the 29th, but I have spoken to the insurance adjuster from [redacted] and he stated that he called them on the 23rd and spoke to a person named [redacted] to get an update on the repair so that he could adjust my rentalHe stated that he was told by [redacted] at that time that the repairs had already begun and the vehicle should be ready on or about the 28th or 29thAlso I was told the same thing when I dropped off the vehicle on the 16thWhen I found out that work had not even begun on the car when I called on the 28th [redacted] told me at that time that they had been backed up due to the holidaysI asked him why I was not informed or why did he tell me to drop it off on the 16th if they knew that they would not be able to get to it weeks later [redacted] responded by saying that it needed to get in lineI replied with “isn’t that what appointments are for”It makes no sense to me to have a vehicle sit for almost weeks with no work being done to the carAfter that conversation I looked up other reviews from customers that went to maaco and found that a lot of other people have experienced similar things, which is when I made the decision to call the corporate office and file a complaintNot minutes after making that complaint I received a voicemail from [redacted] telling me that Robert just got off the phone with corporate and wants you to come pick up your vehicleWhen I called back and spoke to Robert he repeated the same thing And said since I called corporate he does not want to work on the vehicleWith this in mind Robert cannot say that this was not the basis of the action that he tookI was told that my vehicle would not be worked on when I complained to [redacted] it was only after Robert received a call from the corporate office that this came aboutAnd once more the representatives of Robert’s shop lied about work being done to the vehicle and to me when I was told that work would begin shortly after dropping it offI do not expect anything from Robert in this matter but he should at least apologize for the fact that my car sat for weeks and no work was done and that lies were told leading people to believe otherwiseThis is very unprofessional, and unacceptable Sincerely, [redacted]

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 20, 2015/07/16) */ Two separate issues were brought upThe first is a chip in the paint due to a rock or some other objectMaaco (nor any paint manufacturer) will warranty a road hazardThe second issue was a run in the paint from previous work not done at MaacoAgain, not an issue covered by our warranty, nor should it be

I had this location replace and paint a rear bumper cover The work was acceptable at first, but after six months when the weather started getting hot the paint began to wrinkle Within a week it began cracking and peeling from the bumper David, the estimator, who was initially friendly, didn't hesitate to tell me that they won't stand behind their work and implied that I was lying about the paint failing and that someone must have hit the car, even though there's no sign of damage or impact aside from the failing paint Once he realized he couldn't sell me a new paint job he dropped the friendly affectations and told me I had no recourse as a customer I'd strongly recommend against doing business with this location as they refuse to stand behind their shoddy work There are plenty of other body shops along Buford highway that will be glad to do the job right

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: It is a complete distortion of the eventsFirst of all, the sales representative who provided me with an initial quote for moving services he estimate $58,the value of all my household contents, but did not asked me if I agreed with such valuation, not even informed me about how it works Based on the copy of the quote he provided me with there was no additional charge for me to accept this valuation instead of the standard $per lb(See attached docPlease note it is signed by the repThe notes were written after the move by the chief of the crew) It was after the move, after we (the movers and myself) had discovered one of my items broken, after the movers contacted their office for instructions as to how to proceed - for the braking of such items was a great deal for me -, and after I had handed a check for the amount I was requested to paid to the chief of the crew, that I received a copy of the Uniform Household Goods Bill of Landing and Freight Bill, prepared by the sales rep (who was not present nor available at any time during or after the moveAs the matter of fact, I had never heard from him after I accepted the services), who had entered $58,valuation in the original document; however, in this copy, this amount was crossed out and -whoever did it (obviously the person who handed it to me after consulting with his office), wrote cents per Lb(see attach) Again, no explanations, After hours of stressful moving, my husband and I were exhausted and just wanted to be alone in our new home, so we could rest But nest morning, we review everything and realized that the amount we had paid was more than we should hadIn spite of not understanding why this business can just crossed out deals in writing, when we learned that we were compensated for damages and loss at a $per lbrate, we did not argued We did not want to deal again with the same disrespect and ugliness we dealt with when we asked them to correct the bill according to the actual size of the crew and time of movingSecond, we never created expectations to the repair man or anybodyIn March, when we discovered our TV had been damaged during the move, we called the same repair man the moving company had sent to our home back in February, and, explaining very clearly the reason of our call was to ask him if he could please stop by our home to give us an estimate of a newly discovered damage -never said it was to come and repair anything We chose this time to have an expert to estimate the damage before we submitted it, so it would expedite the process (so we thought); also because he was the one who confirmed that we had months, from the date of moving, to submit further claims for damaged we may have discovered later, regardless the claim we had already submitted, and because we liked how this repair man handled himselfWe had previously explained to him that my husband had surgeries ahead of him, so we had decided to have all the repairs done after he was done with all his surgeries -for I wanted to focus on my husband's health and not in preparing for any repairs (one of the pieces is a china cabinet which I would need to empty to have it ready for the repair)-, and he was very sympathetic and understandingSo, when I called him for him to come to our home, he knew it was to give us an new estimate, which he did at no chargeHe left our home with no payment because there was no payment expectedIt seems to me that once again, this moving company has found the way to disrespect and insult my integrity in order to make me go away without them taking any responsibility Third, should I have known that by accepting the first check I received for the first claim (almost months after I submitted such claim), that by doing so, I was closing the door for submitting another claim, I would have waited until I had completed the unpackingBut we trusted the information we received by the movers and relied on the knowledge and experience of the repair man For my husband and I this is a matter of principle, is not about the $(the cost of the repair this moving cois refusing to pay for) At this time, we just want this moving company to realize that they cannot conduct business as they did with us without facing some kind of consequencesMaybe they improve, so nobody would deal with what we didMoving is one of he most stressful events in the life of a personThe job of any moving company is to reduce that stress, not to add; that is why they charge what they charge, and that is why we pay what we pay Although this is not the first time I have dealt with poor services, not getting what I paid for, it is the first time I have ever submitted a complaint against a service provider of any kind, because this time, it was beyond my imaginationI honestly do not know how anybody can stay in business providing such a poor service Regards, [redacted] [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, the consumer must give a reason why they are rejecting the responseIf the consumer does not provide a reason the complaint will be closed Answered]

Positive Experience ! For over a year I've had the need to repaint my roadster Bird droppings destroyed the finish on every square inch of topsides !! I live in an area of East Tennessee which is adjacent to the GSMNP and birds flock like storm clouds here on occasion My roadster is an adult toy and was never meant to be a showpiece So, I was hoping to get a paint job as inexpensive as possible I did my research and found that getting a car painted isn't like it used to be back in the's very, very expensive I realize quality costs, but my needs were just to tidy up my toy Fortunately, I found MAACO in Knoxville! Meeting professionals who are proud of their work is always a refreshing experience ! Everyone I came in contact with at MAACO Knoxville, from the Owner to the Outside Sales Representative was another reason I came to be pleased with the services I received The car looks amazing and I still have money in my billfold ! Thanks to everyone there ! I would recommend them for your auto painting needs

I know most people take time to write reviews when experiences with a business are negative and a person needs to ventHowever, my overall experience with Maaco was goodI brought in my Honda Accord for an estimate on a paint jobThe paint was pealing in several places and I wanted to fix it prior to selling the vehicleI got a quick estimateAt first the representative quoted me a higher price for a job with a clear coat and a better warrantyI told him I did not need this particular warrantyHe then quoted me $This was a little more then their advertised price for the basic paint jobHowever, he indicated the price did not include labor to prep the spots that were pealingThe job was completed in two days and looked goodKnow which paint job best suites your needStaff were friendly and I would recommend Maaco for an affordable paint job

I have apologized to the customer Unfortunately there are several misunderstandings about dates and time expectations still present that I have already addressed in a previous response Once again I felt it to be in the best interest of the consumer and the business to not complete the work on this customers car Our sincere apologies are expressed in this situation

This claim was filed in December and the claims adjuster was scheduled and reviewed the claim.Shipper had selected $0.60/lb/article for her move She was not charged for any services not provided.Shipper received her claim check and letter stating her move claim was complete and finalized, and her move claim was closed.Shipper then set up a date with [redacted] to perform the repairs which she chose a cash settlement for, upon the [redacted] arrival to residence, the shipper said she did not want to have repairs performed and instead directed the representative to a box frame TV and asked him to inspect for chips along bottom carpet edge The rep took photos and performed inspection He did not file a service order as he had not been dispatched to address a claim for a move The repair rep left the job without payment and having not performed the repair service he was "scheduled" for by the customerIt is the companies policy that upon full and final payment for a move claim, that the shipper can not continue to file claims on going This shipment moved November 30, The claimant filed Dec30, The claim was paid full and final on March 2, It was not until March 27, that a copy of another claim form was mailed to our business, this was after the bait and switch performed on Western States to get him into the residence The duration between move delivery and claim settlement was over months in duration Claimant was unhappy with the move valuation which was priced for this local move and the cash settlement which the valuation of move rendered We again Deny this claim settlement as ***/ [redacted] move claim was settled full and final in the payment disbursementThank you,

On April 7, I left my car to get a new paint jobI was told the car would be ready on on April 13thWhen I called the morning of April 13th, I was told they hadn't even started working on painting the car yetI was then told that they would get it ready for pickup the next day at closingWhen I went to pick it up the paint job was awfulWhere my pain was chipping they just painted over itBubbles were all over the carSomeone had on an Alabama wristband and it was painted into the paintI wanted it repaintedI was then told I had to wait till May 15th for them to redo it, four more weeksI called on May 12th to confirm leaving my car Sunday night I was told they would start Monday morning on the carI left the car Sunday night with a detailed note including my name and phone numberWhen I called on Wednesday I was told they had no idea why the car was there and had not even started on itI drove to the office on Wednesday afternoon, spoke to the manager who promised m

I had this location replace and paint a rear bumper cover The work was acceptable at first, but after six months when the weather started getting hot the paint began to wrinkle Within a week it began cracking and peeling from the bumper David, the estimator, who was initially friendly, didn't hesitate to tell me that they won't stand behind their work and implied that I was lying about the paint failing and that someone must have hit the car, even though there's no sign of damage or impact aside from the failing paint Once he realized he couldn't sell me a new paint job he dropped the friendly affectations and told me I had no recourse as a customer
I'd strongly recommend against doing business with this location as they refuse to stand behind their shoddy work There are plenty of other body shops along Buford highway that will be glad to do the job right

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 9, 2014/04/24) */
Contact Name and Title: *** Monson
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
The customer committed check fraud and forgerywe have resolved the issue with the local authoritiesshe received the scope of work
we had agreed on and the balance has been satisfied
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 11, 2014/04/25) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
*** is lyingI signed the check from my insurance company with my name, there was no fraud or forgeryMy bank, *** deposited the check in my account with my signature only*** even stood behind me and retrieved my $I paid maaco which was my deductibleIn the end, my attorney advised I pay the money, to which they are not entitled yo, yet if they were to press criminal charges against me for theft, it would move much faster than me suiing themNontheless, maaco has been paid in fullI will see them in court for not only my money back, but also for what they lowered the value of my car by, roughly $to $She who laughs last, laughs hardest!

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/04/24) */
The accusations against us are falseMr*** was quote 1,for what he initially said he wanted done which was to paint his vehicle black without removing and reinstalling trim and mirrors etche wanted to keep costs as low as
possible and there are additional labor charges associated with thatWe were also to hold his car for a month while doing it so he could gather the moneyWe agreed and the next day he dropped off the carHe then stated that morning that he could only afford dollarsWe agreed to go with a lower level paint service at that price and use the original color code from the vehicleupon completion, Mr*** did not like the color on the car because he said it had too much metallic in the paintthe amount of metallic was mixed in with the paint according to his cars paint codeHe stated that there was none to start with which was falseAttempting to satisfy mr rhodens unhappiness even though we followed proceedure, we told him that if he paid the difference for the next paint service up we would redo it and it would be as he expectedhe then instructed us to repaint it black like he originally asked forwe discounted the work and completed the job for dollars rather than the 1,he was first quotedupon completion for the second time the customer complained about us not taking off the trim and mirrors and handles etcwhich as previously stated he did not want to pay forMr*** has gotten more than he was originally quoted for less money and two different people with no relation to us were interested in purchasing it on the spot because of the work we providedthe customers vehicle never left the premises for any reason , he received a better quality paint service than the one we advertise for we worked with Mr***'s budget and made his car look great as well as accommodating him with ample time to pay for it and providing free storage for a monthMr*** has unreasonable expectations for what he was willing to payHe will not be issued a refund or an apology for us following his directions
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2014/04/25) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
first off I never asked *** for a discounted paint jobI never said I was on a BUDGET, I did tell him I was in no hurry for my car.I asked *** to paint my car the original color, he (***) said he could do a good job for $Im a retired conductor from the railroad with a very healthy income & I have my own businessMONEY IS NOT & WAS NEVER the issueThey are untruthful to say the least, they just don't have merit or professionalism in nothing they have said nor done as being representing maacoPlease understand, its not about the money, its the principalTheir work ethics & customer service is horrible, he (***) even asked if I knew any one who could work the front desk because they didn't have enough staff to cover their work loadHonestly I never expected anything less from that shop but a bunch of liesTHIS IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLEIts the poor workmanship, that's the real problem & lack of product knowledgeI have the Pictures to prove all that I have saidI'll see them in courtthis is not going to go awayThey ruined my classic car, this was supposed to be a gift to my son who is returning home from IraqHad he (***) would have been honest & not lied in the beginning, all of this could have been avoided & to have his dad (***) back up his mistake & lies shows how thirsty they are to just say anything just to make a buckI WILL BE ALLOWED PROVE MY POINTI WILL NOT STAND DOWN ON THIS

The move in discussion was performed under the state required minimum valuation of $0.60/lb/Item at no cost to the customer.The customers listed his appliance weights on his claim form which was sent on day of damage via email. In settlement of the claim, each appliance had an applied
weight of lbs each, resulting in lbs total for the washer and dryer. Claim payment was for $and complete in resolution to terms of valuation on move.This was explained to the customer and claim check settlement was mailed to residence. All terms of valuation and settlement were met.Shipper was not charged, nor paid for any additional higher valuation amounts. Shipper received an estimate by salesperson which displayed the applied No Charge state minimum valuation of $.60/lb/item

This customer was informed on his initial estimate that in order to obtain a good color match it was necessary to blend his front fenders This is standard procedure for any body shop when painting a panel He informed me that he did not think blending was necessary and that he did not
want to do it I did tell him it was a $charge to do so I told him that if he declined blending that the color match would not be guaranteed I also made a note on his ticket that he had declined blending When the customer came to pick his car up and expressed his concern about the color match I reminded him that he had declined blending He wasn't satisfied with that answer, so I offered to redo the job if he would agree to pay the $I would have originally charged to blend The customer declined this offer

This place has the worst customer serviceAfter leaving my truck here for four days the manager*** *** refused to repair the truck; he said it was due to customer dissatisfactionAfter my insurance company agreed to pay for all of the repairs,*** refused to complete the workHe robbed his team the opportunity to do the job and have a satisfied customer and he gained a dissatisfied customer.*** inconvenienced me, wasted my money and timeHe had no confidence in his team that they could successfully repair my truck?.so be warned, DO NOT patronize this business
Product_Or_Service: Body work

I have been calling for weeks now just to receive a receipt of work that was done to my truck a year agoI tried calling the location, but since it flooded during hurricane Harvey, I got no responseI called corporate on Tuesday, November 6, the lady told me it would take days to get the receipt that the request has to be sent to corporate, which I thought that's who I was callingFriday the 9th, I called back since I still had not heard or received anything and I was advised that it takes BUSINESS hours to get something back after my initial request sent in on the 6thI waited till Friday the 16th, more than business hours, since STILL no response or receipt emailed to me, and I was advised that I would hear something back by MondayHere we are Tuesday the 20th, and STILL nothingWhat does one have to do to get a receipt for something that was done to my truck???? Corporate won't give me the information to the franchise company that owned that location because "they don't have it" so how is my request even being handled????

When I dropped the truck off they were suppose to sand all the rust off and make sure there was none left The truck was painted and when I picked the truck up there was running in the paint a ring circle on the hood and also spot drips There are grit spots on the truck where trash is under the paint There are several rust spots that wasn't sanded The inside of the truck has paint inside the cabI had paper work that is red and paint was on my outside mirrors that I had put in the back floorboardthe driver inside door panel is painted red The truck was to be painted and a clear coat on it also I've had people to tell me there isn't any clear coatWhen I got home I had to detail the truck out Cant get most of the paint off on the insideThe glass has paint on it where they didn't cover it also the grill has red paint on itVery poor work
Product_Or_Service: Paint job
Account_Number: 4465-

My response concerning the above *** is the followingThe complainant had
his tuck repaired on June 25, Mr*** claim was being paid by Nationwide
"text-align: left;">Insurance, Claim *** ***
POT his Chevrolet Silverado Pickup
Truck, Vin,#*** The amount of Nationwide’s Estimate was for
$The extent of the repair was damage to the left fender that needed replaced and
a small dent on the left door that was smaller than a golf ball(See enclosed Nationwide
Insurance Estimate.) When dealing with Insurance Companies, their Estimate is always
the starting point of repairYou must follow the estimate to the letter otherwise the
customer, insured, or the claimant could have out of pocket expensesPlease see enclosed
Maaco Repair order #and you will notice it mirrors such Nationwide Insurance
Estimate, The Insurance specified what parts would be repaired and or replaced and the
kind of part as wellMonroeville Maaco followed this estimate and collected a check
when picked up by Mr*** for the amount of $1419.54.(see paid invoice) The small
dent on the door from this repair did not and would not cause Mr***’s problem
almost two years later with a lower left rusted door hinge, (see web search
documentation) As you can see, many people have experienced this issue with the same
truck due to lack of owner maintenance, So, we are denying any warranty repair for this
As far as Mr***’s claim that I pocketed left over Insurance money, staunchly deny
thisHe is accusing me of Insurance Fraud and he needs to show concrete proof or strike
that statement from his complaintMy attorney will be addressing this in a letter to Mr
*** and if his original letter is published in any way
G.MMonroeville Maaco, Inc

This complaint is about Maaco collision repair, *** *** I had a horrendous experience when they attempted to fix my *** When I went to pick the car up, it was not fixed to my satisfaction and they refused to answer my concerns and said that if I want my car back the way it is I must payI paid and then months later, the part of the car they supposedly fixed was broken againThe rear quarter panel popped out and was broken againI have a written month warranty and they refused to fix it*** said he refused to honor the warrantyBoth *** and *** who work there were very nasty and threateningI would never go back there again and don"t recomend anybody using this MaacoYou just don"t know what will happenI am very dissappointed with them.My wife and I are senors and local businesses should not be taking advantage of us or anybody else

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