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I am under contract and building with Mattamy at [redacted] currently. New home counselor, very nice but disorganized and does not follow through with what is spoken. Very easy to deal with, but once things are set and done, the paperwork reflected differently. I was promised solid doors for my den, and I got window french doors. I opted for the inlaw suite and the stock cabinets do not have drawers. It did not seem right, but it so happens that's the way they come... if anyone has ever been in a bathroom with a large vanity there is at least one drawer. Same goes for bathroom #2, large vanity, 2 sinks and not one single drawer. When I called to find out, the counselor urged I call the design center, for them to tell me, well, that's not an option I could have even purchased!!! The construction supervisor, very nice, and pays attention when something is pointed out. We noticed smoking in the home and noticed he put up fliers warning the craftsmen that they would be fined if he found evidence of continued smoking in the home. Purchasing a home for the first time has been stressful enough, but with broken promises and details that should not be missed, it has made this experience very negative, frustrating and unpleasant.

Review: We are having a home built by Mattamy Homes at their Granite Ridge location. Several after-the-fact billing increases have hit us, and our trust with this builder has been broken. Concerns were brought to the attention of the Division President in writing and a meeting was arranged to take care of our concerns. This meeting was cancelled at the last minute over a week ago, and repeated attempts to make contact with the President and others in the office have gone unanswered with not so much as an acknowledgment as a reply.

Our issues are as follows:

1) When we visited the design center, we were told we could select the bronze finish in the standard door hardware at no additional charge, and this is reflected in the options list provided us by the sales counselor in September as having a cost of $0.00. On our most recent addendum printout, however, it is listed as "upgrade 1" with a cost of $495.00. We request that the original pricing of $0.00 be honored.

2) We added the a base granite option in the powder room, and according to the option list utilized at the time of selection, that should carry a price of $450.00 (code ct23). On our most recent addendum, this is listed at the bath 4 upgrade cost of $600.00. We need this to be corrected.

3) We have been given verbal assurances by the sales counselor that a number of items are standard in our build, yet we do not see these and, given our recent challenges with Mattamy, we would like to have them in writing as an assurance. They are:

A. Fire sprinkler system

B. French door at casita entrance

C. R30 insulation in garage standard as part of second story addition

We request that these items be put in writing and honored during the build as promised.

4) We requested one double flood light and switch for the backyard, but the addendum shows coding for two such floodlights. We are okay with this but need to be able to alter the location of the fixtures; namely at the two corners of the house facing the backyard.

5) When we visited the Bridgestone model at Granite Ridge, we were impressed with the circular installation of the pavers in the rotunda. Our sales counselor added the porch paver option (the only option available on the date we signed) so we could have the same design in our new home. Later, we were informed that a new option costing over $1,200.00 more had been added for circular lay of the pavers instead of a standard staggered design. Since we were told the original add of pavers would look like those in the model and no other options were available at the time of selection, we fully expect the circular layout in the rotunda at the original cost, as promised. This certainly appears to be a bait-and-switch! We have already requested this adjustment but have received no response.

6) At the design center, we selected the deep rollout shelves in one base cabinet to the left of our cooktop and were told the cost is $95.00 per door as per the written options list. Since the cabinet we selected has but one door, we expected to be charged once; still, we were charged twice and told by the designer that this price had been clarified with management. We again request that one of these charges be reversed as per the original agreement as per the written options list.

7) We have requested several times in writing that the faux wood beams in the great room be removed from our options list, yet it still appears in all addenda at the price of over $3,500. This needs to be removed.Desired Settlement: ??1. A reduction of $740.00 to offset price increases made after the fact of our selections. $495.00 door handle upgrade. $95.00 second rollout shelf. $150.00 increase in powder room granite top.

2. Circular paver installation at no additional charge as originally presented and agreed upon.

3. Removal of charge for faux wood beams as requested several times in writing.

4. Written assurance and installation of single lite French door at casita entrance, sprinkler system, and R30 insulation in and above garage, all at no additional charge, as promised by sales counselor.

5. Ability to select locations of two flood lights.

Review: I purchased a completed home on a weekend trip to AZ in November 2015, closed with a Realtor walk through in December 2015 and moved in January 2016. The home was vacant from November 8 through Jan 16. The 3 week December heating bill was $95. I questioned the Sales [redacted]ciate about why but did not receive a response as to why an empty house in AZ would have such a high heat bill. Was there an open window, what was the problem so I asked the Realtor to drop by and check out the house. In January we moved in and almost froze to death in a cold AZ winter. Bedroom was 72 in the Master with the remainder of the house 59. HAVC system. One Blower motor had to be replaced, vents were in backwards, air was being distributed incorrectly, jump ducts had been left out and incorrect Thermostates were in the house and located in the wrong place. January heat bill $135. We turned the front sitting room into an office installing French Doors, Ceiling light and fan along with a jump duct to avoid a vacum in the room caused from the French Doors. When the holes were cut in the ceiling to install the jump duct and ceiling fictures guess what, no insulation in half the attic of a 3,000 sq ft home. Maybe that would explain the high heating bills and poor ability to heat and cool. I have absolutely no idea if this house is insolated in the remainder of the house or the walls. Insolation company was scheduled to come today after a two week wait, they showed but Mattamay couldn't get over here during the two weeks to cut an access door for them to get into the attic to insulate the attic. I ran the building Supervisor down this morning at 7:30 and told him if it wasn't taken care of they would have a problem. He said how do I know that part of the house needs insolation. I said if you don't know the attic needs insolation maybe you don't need to be in the construction business and you damn sure don't need to be Supervising the building of new homes. Like a calf at a new gate.Desired Settlement: At one time I wanted the house fixed. I would really like to get my investment back from Mattamay and get out of this place. I see it falling down around my ears sooner than latter. I thiink they build the worst product in the industry and this is the 14th home that I have owned. You don't allow enough space to include all the problems with the house.



Mattamy Homes stands behind their product 100%. Our goal is always to make this the "Best Homeowner Experience" for each and every customer we sell a home to. Each of our homes we build are put through a rigorous quality assurance process that ensures quality at the highest standard of building. We also are governed by local and state agencies that include numerous inspections per the national building code and the highest workmanship standards through the Arizona Registrar Of Contractors. We also register each home with a structural 10 year warranty to provide peace of mind to each one of our customers. We would be happy to meet with this customer at their home and address all of their concerns and take appropriate action to remedy any items that warrant repairing or replacing. Please feel free to have the customer call me direct at ###-###-####. We look forward to their call. Sincerely, Steve S[redacted]Division President Mattamy Homes - Phoenix



The business has responded with a representative to begin work. That does not mean work has been accomplished or will be accomplished to my satisfaction. They have sent repair people before only to have work done wrong requiring repeat after repeat repair order and still the same results. Einstiens Theory of Insanity, "Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results." I told the Warranty Representative this morning that I will have a complete inspection of the property done after they finish the repairs because problems are so numereous I cannot catch them all. The cost is $350. I WILL present Matammy with the receiipt from the inspection company when completed along with results and expect reempursment along with repairs if needed at that time.



We will not buy back the customers home. We are only obligated to correct any issues that fall under the warranty guidelines. Please contact me or the warranty department. Thank You Steve S[redacted]Division President

Review: Currently under contract on a new build home in the Crosspointe community on 91st Ave and Olive. Our close date is 3/31/2015. We signed our paperwork in December of 2014 that included our options we chose to upgrade in the home. One of the options was a soft water system, the new home sales counselor missed it in the documentation, we thought it was removed but it was still showing in final paperwork. We continued to believe it would just be included in the final product of the home. We did a walk through and now there is no soft water system, and yet it is still in the documentation. We now expect them to put one in since it was documented in the last change order we signed for in December. We are now being told it is not possible and they can't find it in the options to remove, yet, our design paperwork shows the water softener system valued over 2K.Desired Settlement: I would like the job done, if it is in the paperwork, and we have signed it, then I expect it in the home by the time we close or soon there after.



I’m responding to the above complaint. Our Mission statement at Mattamy homes is to provide the best homeowner experience. We take this statement very serious and when we have a challenge arise in which a buyer has felt they have not received the best experience we simply want to change that and make it right! In this situation the customers complaint details are correct. We simply had a breakdown in clerical and communication from our office to the design studio. Clearly we set the expectation for the customer and did not follow through. The good news is that the customer was not charged for the item. We truly apologize for this error and wish to resolve the issue by installing a after-market soft water system at no expense to the customer. We plan on doing this in short order but do have to do some research to make sure the customer gets the best product and installation. We will plan on contacting the customer today and set the expectation of the timing to get this item installed. On Behalf of the Mattamy team I sincerely apologize for this error and hope we can truly turn this into the best experience for our customer. Thank you for your attention in this matter and working with us in advance.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


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