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Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: My daughter DID NOT hit anything with tiresAs I told the Manager thatShe pulled into the EDT because she thought she needed Air in the tires The last thing she was thinking was to contact MeinekeHer concern was to get to be with the family due to the death of her GrandmotherI was also told by the owner that when lower control arms were done A Alignment was doneIt is part of the service that is not charged forI have talked to the owner and we came to a compromise of the extra work that was done to the front end of my carI was expecting more of a payment from them but After weeks I just want this over withSo I settled with the owner? Regards, [redacted]

Mr***, I am familiar with your problem and I apologize Although I have not had time to review the occurrence to the extent that I would like I know that you have been patient with us I do believe that Beema is doing a fine job and your car is in good hands.There have been problems with communications on this matter and I talked to Beema for the first time about an hour ago and all is well He now understands the procedure for getting paid through inter-shop warranty and that is backed up by Meineke Corporation I have no plans of delaying the process but the process must be followed Your vehicle should not be detainedThank you, Keith F*Owner Meineke 1440Vancouver, WA Tell us why here

The consumer brought the coupon in two days after her vehicle was servicedThe business did issue a refund to the consumer $**[redacted] even though coupon wasn't presented at the time of service

I am rejecting this response because:In returning the care the manager stated that the rotors placed on car were defective they will be in later or can be done at by tomorrow you may drive car The other mechanic sid you may hear and feel pulsating noise to breaks because of defective rotors I drove away and did hear a noise that iI never heard before and continued the griding sound gone to front wheels but I heard this rhymic noise but I never heard this noise before I called meineke and reported the noise and described it to him and was upset that he gave the car back to me in this condition and I had my disabled daughter with me and also at shop while they repaired the car for the only noise I heard was grinding in the front that is why I only stated that the rear brakes were not needed but told necessaryAGAIN only noise was grinding in the front The noise now heard was different and since I am not a mechanic and they stated that the rotors placed were defective that this may be the noise Since he stated he was not sure and I was nervous the dealership was closer than the shop since I Had no knowledge of what the noise is and what the problem wasI got a ride from the dealership form who picked my other daughter and myself and my disabled daughter I have a bill from Dover DODGE DEALERSHIP for a new engine The car was not given in this state there was no noise until the car was given backI only discussed exhaust problem but no other noises were noted until they returned the car to me I was didn't know what was wrong I sought help at the nearest place physically close to me amd my daughter because I NEVER heard noise like that before I spoke to coorporate so this does not happen to any one else you do not do this any one I am also placing complaint to consumer affairs I am not a mechanic but you should not have a car returned in that condition and allow people to drive away The dealership was amazed I think it was their responsibilty to return the car in the state given I gave the check without the job completed and I was told there would be a noise again so I am not a mechanic to tell the diference I am grateful the dealership was close and neither of us harmed I do not agree with what was stated and this is why I contacted consumer potection NJ so this will not occur to anyone elseI have to file and they also want to fax the dealerships bill and fidings which I have and will file with them also Thank you for time and assistance in this matter, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: [redacted] never serviced the vehicle and I have proof that I paid and redeemed the maintenance package on Friday, June 19th, at 9:am after purchasing on Wednesday, June 17thYou can see my groupon details here on pc, and also attached with Groupon number: [redacted] It was a Honda Civic, so he is falsely claiming it was a I have emails confirming appointments as well as other reviews that state the same issue I hadI also talked to Groupon and his groupon was taken off for similar claimsHere are the emails: If you look at my "habitual complaining" on yelp, he is the only negative review I have EVER had here: These are other complaints on yelp: Regards, [redacted]

Customer had her front brakes replaced here in January At that time we also recommended replacing her rear brakes but she declined and had us do the fronts only We did advise her that without doing the rear brakes her front brakes would wear out prematurely That transaction was paid with a post dated check and there were no problems.On Monday customer called and said her brakes were grinding and need to be replaced She also requested I accept a post dated check for the work, and because we did not have a problem last time, I agreed to look at the vehicle Customer arrived around 11AM and because the brakes were grinding we did not test drive the van, but pulled it into the bay and removed the wheels Our inspection determined that the front calipers had frozen and the result was the brake pad had worn completely through and the metal back of the pad was grinding into the rotor Recommended repair was new calipers, pads and rotors On the rear wheels we recommended replacing the wheel cylinders which were leaking (brake fluid), the hardware , shoes and drums which were worn out (This was the same recommendation we made in January) After I agreed to reduce the price nearly $200, AND accept a post dated check for payment, the customer agreed to have us do the work This was a verbal agreement.During the repair the customer and I talked about various things including how much money she recently spent on the van She volunteered that the dealer just replaced the radiator and water pump, but she had to go back there for a manifold When I inquired which manifold she was not sure, but said it had to do with the coolant and oil getting mixed I said it sounded like the intake manifold and she agreed that was the problem Since she already had an appointment for the repair, and another shop had diagnosed the problem ,I did not offer to provide a diagnosis or estimate of repair (Another reason I did not offer was the customer said she had to get her daughter off the bus at 3PM and it was approaching that time.) When the repair was finished we took the van for a test drive and the engine was fine during our mile test drive The rotors appeared to be warped so when my tech returned we gave her the option of replacing the rotors now, (about a minute job), or getting her daughter off the bus and returning at for the rotor replacement She chose the latter and drove home I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Starks said in need my transmission was no good and need to be fixSo my father paid for them to put a new transmission in my Ford Explorer in the beginning of February He paid extra for a year warranty on the transmissionI was in [redacted] with my girls and the transmission went completely outI have had it at a shop in [redacted] from a month nowStarks has lied about where they bought the transmission from and the Manager [redacted] will not return my phone calls so I get my car fixed and get back homeI am struck in [redacted] with no transportation with my two daughters Product_Or_Service: TRANSMISSION Order_Number: [redacted] Account_Number: ***

On June 2, 2018, Mrs [redacted] came in to have Meineke look at her A/C system, stating it was not blowing coldOn that day, I, [redacted] ***- General Manager, was not in the officeMy service writer, [redacted] , was the one who initially helped Mrs [redacted] Ahead is the information that I have obtained from Ms [redacted] , in regards to Mrs [redacted] 's visit that day [redacted] stated that Mrs [redacted] came in and mentioned that she had a coupon from Meineke, referencing a "Free A/C Check"My service writer informed her that the coupon for the free a/c check only entailed the technician looking at the a/c controls to see if the air was blowing out of the vents, which our technician found to be working properly, the air was just not coldMrs [redacted] was then told by our service writer, that for a complete a/c check, it was $79.99, but as a courtesy, we would have our technician go ahead and look further into why her a/c was not blowing coldAfter diagnosing her a/c, our technician confirmed that it needed a new compressor and drier, as well as an evacuate/recharge of the a/c systemMy service writer then prepared an estimate for Mrs [redacted] , of all the things that her car would require to have a/c back up ando think about it and figure out if she was going to be able to borrow money to have the repairs made.? he one who initially helped Mrs [redacted] Ahead is the information that I have obtained from Ms [redacted] , in regards to Mrs [redacted] 's visit that day [redacted] stated that Mrs [redacted] came in and mentioned that she had a coupon from Meineke, referencing a "Free A/C Check"My service writer informed her that the coupon for the free a/c check only entailed the technician looking at the a/c controls to see if the air was blowing out of the vents, which our technician found to be working properly, the air was just not coldMrs [redacted] was then told by our service writer, that for a complete a/c check, it was $79.99, but as a courtesy, we would have our technician go ahead and look further into why her a/c was not blowing coldAfter diagnosing her a/c, our technician confirmed that it needed a new compressor, condenser, and orifice tube, and then a evac/recharge of the a/c systemMy service writer then prepared an estimate for Mrs [redacted] , of all the things that her car would require to have a/c back up and blowing coldMrs [redacted] then said that she would have to think about it and figure out if she was going to be able to borrow money to have the repairs made.? ? Fast forward to June 5, On this day, I [redacted] ***- General Manager, was workingMrs [redacted] came back into Meineke to move forward with the repairs on her a/c systemI then went over herepair order with her, to confirm the repairs needed, as well as the costsMrs [redacted] agreed to have the work done, so my technician proceeded with repairsThe car was in our possession for two days, while proper repairs were being done to ensure that a/c was blowing cold againWe kept her car one more day to finish the job, but to compensate for the inconvenience, we provided her with a rental car from AvisMrs [redacted] ? came back on Saturday (6/9/2018), stating her a/c was not blowing air out of the ventsI, [redacted] ***, was not working that day as wellMy service writer, [redacted] , called me from the shopI was told that her a/c was not blowing at all, so I told [redacted] to have the technician check it out againIn the meantime, I received a very unpleasant voicemail from Mrs [redacted] I tried to call her back about numerous times that day, with no answerI then attempted to call her back the following Sunday, twice, with no answer, as well as Monday-TuesdayMrs [redacted] came into Meineke on Thursday (6/14/2018), and I personally checked all of the vehicles fuses, which all tested goodAfter further investigating, I was able to determine that the vehicle's blower motor was actually faulty, resulting in her air not blowingI was able to tap? on the blower motor, and it came onI showed her this was the problem, and she stated everyone has a "STORY"I apologized to Mrs [redacted] , and I was able to call the Mercedes's dealership to get a price on a blower motor for herMrs [redacted] began cursing at me, and I felt as though I was being attackedI kept my composure and explained to her that the blower motor was not part of repairs that we made to her vehicle, so it was nothing that my technician tampered withI asked if she would like us to replace the vehicle's blower motor, to which she became upset and angry, stating that "her money is hard to come by"I apologized again for her frustrations, but reiterated that we did not cause the blower motor to go outShe then got in her car and left To fix her a/c issue, she needs to replace the blower motorMeineke will not replace it because it was working when she left, and there is no refund eitherThank you for your timeFor more information or any other questions, please contact me at (228) [redacted] , or email [redacted] .? Thank You,? [redacted] ***- General Manager

[redacted] Has also complained to [redacted] ***, Twice now He charged (months same as cash) and bill is now due I have followed ALL procedures recommended to contact [redacted] **He has not responded Not sure what to do if customer wont respond [redacted] has already dropped this complaint once and will do again with out response from customer

regarding the claim for( [redacted] ) [redacted] we sorry about what happened we going to refund her the for the part and the labor ( on camshalf sensor ) and the dollors diffrent on the tires mis quoted ) sorry about the miss understanding and we will get the rims power coated for her and we appolgize about the hole sutition and the mis understanding costa mesa ( [redacted] ) general manager mr***

Our client is unable to provide complete information. We are coding it to be removed from her credit and are canceling the accountIf she needs verification of this, she can contact our office. *** ***, ManagerRussell Collection Agency, Inc
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear belowI have been trying to work with this company even after all the problems that I have had with themNot only did the issues continue they provide me with a smog checkI will not leave my car in their hand again to have anything worked on or fixedI will take my car to my own choice of place in regards to the rims at their costHowever, I have to have more work done on my car after leaving it with themI have not had any issues with my car except the sensor going out and needing replacedI feel after not having the use of my car for a approxtotal of days and the trouble and suffering I should be fully refunded and cost of damages paid for by company
*** ***

[A default letter is provided here which indicates that the business has not responded to you directly. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
At this time, I have not been contacted by Meineke regarding complaint
*** ***

I would just like to say a few more thingsFirst Mr*** states that I have a "we're perfect and it's impossible for us to ever make a mistake" attitude, which is completely incorrectMy technicians and I are very good at our jobs, but yes we are all human and we have made mistakes in the pastWhen we do make a mistake I have always taken ownership of it and done what ever it took to resolve itI have been repairing vehicles for about years and I know with out a doubt if my technician was at fault or not for a problem with a vehicleIf he is, then we take care of itI realize Mr*** is having a hard time realizing that the problems he had were not our fault, but all I can do is assure him it was notIf I had any doubt in my mind I would take care of itI am truly sorry to lose a very good customer over this! I do wish him well and if there is any change in his feelings toward us, we will be more than happy to continue to service his vehicles.Sincerely,David N***

Avoid this place at all costsEither they don't know what they are doing, or they just want your moneyI came in a few weeks ago on a Thursday (missed work) with my 10-year-old Pontiac Gand asked them to diagnose everything, and left my car in their care for a few hoursI made sure to tell them to check my electrical issues, which were my main concernA few hours later, I came back and all they recommended was new strutsCoolThe guy said I'm "lucky to have this car" because it should last me a few more years with little maintenanceI put down the $for that and brought the car back the next day for the fixI ask the guy if they checked the electrical issuesThey didn't!! But then diagnosed my check engine light (after I pressed them about it) and found out there was something wrong with the throttle position sensor, which I told them about Thursday after my friend originally ran the codeThey said I would have to come back another day for the repairs and I said "So you want me to take another day off work?" The guy was like "Have you really missed that much?" But he seemed totally sarcastic, like he didn't take me seriouslyOh, and when I asked them what the throttle position sensor was, they said they didn't know! Well, after buying the struts and getting new tires that day (also at their recommendation-- about another $260), I decided to take the car to the dealership for a second opinion from expertsThe dealership had the car for a few days, diagnosed EVERYTHING, including the electrical, and discovered I had about more than $2.5k of work to be doneGuy said it wasn't worth it, and I should just invest that money in a new car (I did- got a sweet Prius from Carmax in Irvine)I just wish I had known this information sooner from MeinekeHad they looked at EVERYTHING like I had asked them to in the first place, I would have not gotten the new struts or tires and just sold the carI wasted almost $because of these crooksDo not go here! I wish I could get a refund but the Pontiac is now in Carmax's possession, and the new parts didn't even help with my appraisalSave your money and go to experts who actually care and know what they're doing

The layout, position to campus, and the accessibility is was attracted me to Shelbourne ApartmentsWith that said, I was pretty pleasedBut let me explain why I rated it one starWe had a serious mold issue, and maintenance neglected to take care of itMy roommates were sick because of it, on and off for two semesters while it went onFound mushrooms growing in the carpetLong story short, we were treated horribly on the situation and the owners/managers were EXTREMELY unprofessional on solving the matterIf crap hits the fan here, have funI got screwed over so hard, and they denied all requests for reasonable reimbursementMoved apartments times throughout the semesterLive at *** *** insteadI wouldn't wish it on anyoneVery poor treatment! Got to a point where legal matters had to get involvedI got relocated to another apartment at Shelbourne, and that one had mold all over the bathroom as wellLive somewhere elseTERRIBLE! And we were nothing but reasonable and nice to the managers and ownersSave yourself the troubleAnd by the wayElectrical problems and major flooding occurred between the two laundry roomsThe amenities was completely shut down for most of the semesterSuch a waste of money

We have a fleet of trucks and were considering moving our business to this shop because they support the *** *** *** ** *** Our experience was so poor we will never be going backMy experience:
We first took van in on Sept 21, for alignmentWe took the vehicle back more times over months because it wouldn’t drive properly, it was still out of alignmentAfter the 3rd visit we finally took it to the *** *** to see what was going on They documented it being out of alignment and what they had to do to repair it, one of the things they mentioned is that the Camber kit was not tightened down properly which would explain why the driving would get worse as *** drove itI went back to Meineke, outlined the facts, showed them the documentation from *** and asked for the following compensation from the $worth of work they had done:
$for missbilling of Credit card (looks like someone transposed the numbers and billed the card for $instead of $on the initial visit)
$Reimburse of the alignment and the labor associated with the install of the camber bushings$Reimbursement for two new tires
To which they reponded with accusations that we abuse our vehicles No doubt our vehicles get driven hard but we operate a fleet of vehicles of which are identical to this one and we know that attempts at an alignment in months is way out of the ordinaryWe will not be taking any of our other vehicles to another Meineke EVER!

My response to the complaint, We fortunately have cameras on the inside and outside of our shop that show the entire transactionI welcome Mr*** to come by the shop and review the video on his car from the moment it arrived until it leftI have reviewed the entire frame and would be happy to
review it personally with him

I am writing in response to a complaint with the ID of ***On October 6, a customer came into Meineke at 8:a.mand requested a quote for a transmission flush on his Chevrolet Avalanche This vehicle had 152,miles on it at that timeAs with every other transmission
flush, our front counter staff asked if there was any issues with the transmission (especially with the amount of miles this vehicle had on it), because if there are any issues a flush could cause more problems and we would recommend going to a transmission shopWe do not do any servicing to transmissions, with the exception of flushes and changing filters, so we make sure to ask every flush customer why they are requesting the flush and exactly what is going on with the vehicleThe customer declared there were no issues, that the vehicle was simply due for serviceHe then received Estimate #***, for a transmission flushThe total was $156.73, which included I hour of labor at $59.00, quarts of Automatic Transmission Fluid at $per quart, $in shop supplies, and sales tax in the amount of $The estimate clearly states, "CAUTION- High Mileage Vehicles: If you have not had your transmission flushed in accordance of your vehicle manufacturer recommendations, this service may cause damageBy signing this estimate you acknowledge responsibility for any transmission performance issues that may result from this service." As seen on the copy of the estimate I have enclosed, the customer signed the estimate, did not reveal any prior vehicle neglect, and asked us to perform the transmission flush serviceAt 11:a.m., the flush was completed and the customer paid the $due in cash and left
We heard nothing more from the customer until January 5, when he returned for a basic oil changeHis odometer reading at that time was 153,miles, which was months and 1,miles of driving after the transmission flush in questionAt that time a technician here performed the oil change on the vehicle in questionOur basic oil change package includes a 23-point inspection, which includes checking the fluids and making sure they are at the proper level, aren't discolored and do not have any kind of burnt or alarming odorsOn this inspection sheet, the technician did not note any problems with the transmission fluid, nor did he recommend any transmission servicesThe customer also did not have any complaints about the transmission or having any issues with it at that time
On approximately September 27,2016, the customer returned stating that his transmission was acting up as a result of our transmission flushMatthew B***, co-owner of this franchise with me, explained to the customer that a transmission flush is not going to cause gears to strip, and that he would have had issues immediately following the transmission flush that had been done ONE YEAR priorThe customer asked for a refund for the transmission flush since we were the last people to work on his transmissionMatthew explained to him that is was not our fault and that he would not be receiving a refundThe customer was upset and left the premisesApproximately one week later on October 4, 16, the customer returned, adamant that he was owed a refundWe were having a busy day and had a lobby full of peopleThe customer made it clear that he felt we wronged him and that he would not be leaving without a refundAt that time Matthew decided that it would be best to refund his money simply to get him out of the store and to avoid any more contact with the customer
Apparently the customer was after more than a refund because we were then contacted by the complaint department at the Meineke corporate headquartersThe customer had called to tell them that we broke his transmission and that he wanted a new oneWell, Meineke headquarters serves as a sounding board, as this is a franchise that we ownWe are a locally owned business, not a corporate storeThey will not refund money or mandate repairs on the behalf of our customersThey will perform disciplinary action to franchisees if the complaint is legitimate and the customer is owed repairs or replacementsMeineke found that we had done nothing owing repairs or replacements and informed the customer that there would be no action taken, and that if he wanted to pursue further action that was up to himA couple weeks went by and we received another complaint from the customer through headquarters, and the exact same resolution was given to the customerNow, you have the honor of dealing with thisAlso, if you look at the complaint from the customer you can see that he states, "I was not told that getting a flush can cause it to break." I have documented proof that shows he read our warning statement and acknowledged it with his signature, he absolutely was informed that a flush may cause issuesIt will not cause gears to strip, any mechanic can tell you that
Being the owner of a local repair shop I know my fellow business owners in the areaI can tell you I have been informed by others that the customer has pulled the same type of stunts at other businesses, (I will keep them confidential unless you need the names) he has been asked not to return to a couple other auto businesses in the areaI have also spoken with our local transmission shop, and the customer has been frequenting them asking for repairs on a payment plan, and stating that we broke his transmissionThe owner of the transmission shop clearly stated to the customer that nothing we did could have caused the issues he is havingThis man is clearly in a bind because he did not follow the factory recommended servicing his vehicle requiresAs shown in Exhibit A, a Chevrolet Avalanche requires a transmission flush every 50,milesAs shown in Exhibit B, the customer's specific vehicle had the first and only transmission flush performed on it here at Meineke at 152,milesI am very sorry that the customer is in this predicament, but I can assure you that it is not because of any negligence on our partI am devastated that all my hard work and dedication to our customers is being questioned because of this situationI can assure you that we are honest people who worked hard our whole lives to own our own business, and that we strive for honesty, integrity, and outstanding quality in any and all aspects of our business
For your convenience I have included copies of: the factory recommended service schedule for the vehicle model in question (Exhibit A), the CARFAX maintenance history for the customer's specific vehicle (Exhibit B), a copy of Estimate #*** with the customer's signature (Exhibit C), a copy of the receipt for the transmission flush and the inspection report that shows we saw discolored transmission fluid (Exhibit D), and a copy of the receipt and inspection form from the oil change performed on I /05/showing no transmission issues (Exhibit E)Our final resolution for this customer has already occurred when we refunded the cost of the transmission flush, which we were not obligated to doThis is an obvious case where there is absolutely no fault on our part, and we no longer wish to do business with this customerI am prepared to take this to the court system if this harassment does not stop immediately
Best regards,
Rachael B***

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