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The only reason why paypal denied my claim is because they do not cover anything that has a motor. Under their policy protection. So motobuys shields under this policy. Second. I assemble what ever needed to assemble on the dune buggy. But I wont modified or retrofit anything on something brand new. This company will not stand by its junkie product. Motobuys is not there for customers all they wanna make that sale and then disregard any problems that arise. Poor customer service

The free gifts will be mailed to the customer via USPS. Due to high holiday sales several of the FREE gift items were on backorder and have now been filled.  All any customer has to do for parts is go to:  [redacted]    which is the simple parts request form.   All the customer has to do is submit this simple form and his parts will be sent out.  Customer has never done this .  We are an Online company and all these details are clearly posted on our web site. 
us why here...

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Again you are lying through your teeth ! I bought this bike on Sept, 20th and received it the end of Sept 2013. You had almost 2 months to get these parts to me before your warehouse closed and moved ! Do not try to use reverse psychology on me and put the lies in my ballpark ! I have proof of this and will use it. Since you have no other excuses but the warehouse scenario and will not meet my requests of a partial refund because of your poor business practices I have no choice but to get my attorney involved and settle this in a court of law. I have all the documentation, dates, phone calls, and records needed to win this case. Think I'm bluffing ? Watch me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You will pay attorney fees and court costs as well ! maybe you will think twice about lying to the general public and run your business in a better way.....................Stay tuned wise guy because by the time I am done you will wish you met my simple request and saved face with your business.......[redacted] of FL.  Regards,[redacted]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I have attached a copy of the item description that states in title that it is CALIF Legal. I did order a different item however the company canceled the order.This company has no customer service at all.They sent me an email stating the order was sent then at 1:36am [redacted] set an email that he canceled my order and to purchase from somebody else.


This was mailed to customer on 3/10/14 to  [redacted]US United StatesVia USPS .

I had a great experience buying my son a dirt bike and I will be back for a go kart when he is older. Great customer service as well. I had a technical question and their tecnician helped me thorugh it.

Customers MSO and bill of sale were mailed to customers billing address on 2/24/16. Customer now claims they did not get it.  Per customers request and our direct contact with them on 3/7/16, they were clearly informed that we ordered a duplicate MSO from the factory for them. The titles are...

generated by the factory, not us.  They were also informed that on 3/7/16 that it takes 2 to 3 weeks to get a title.  As soon as we receive the dupilcate they requested it will be mailed to them.

This information is new to me.  My has spoken with the company several times and this is the first time receiving information that the title was mailed on 2/24/16 (which we indeed did not receive) and my son is adamant that he has not been told that a duplicate had to be ordered.  I guess we are at their mercy and will just have to wait but this is surely not a good way to do business.  I am frustrated that they have my money and we should be able to use the product that I paid for.

The title and bill of sale was mailed out to this customer 4/3/15 to [redacted] via USPS.

and there you have it.  Over the last year he claims he has not gotten it 3 times.  That is false.  He has been told many times that the bike requires title and a bill of sales in every state.  Our previous response is correct and answer these same questions again.

This customer complaint is false.  Attachment # 1 shows the product listing page of the motorcycle he ordered.  Attachment # 2 is the photo of this bike customer received. Attachment # 2 is a photo sent to us by this customer showing that this is the exact same bike.  We did send...

customer this exact model with upgraded larger wheels that sells on our site for $975, $50 more than he paid us for this bike at no extra charge.  Customer was told that if wants the smaller cheaper wheels that he can mail back the more expensive larger wheels and we would replace them with the cheaper smaller ones. Also note that this customer attempted a chargeback with [redacted] and after [redacted] complete review of this case, closed the case in our favor based on the fact customer did indeed receive exactly what was ordered and found no merit to his complaint. At Motobuys we strive to provide great products and top notch customer service. we are sorry we could satisfy this one customer. We hope that this customer enjoys his dirt bike for many years to come.

I saw on their website that they give a $75 discount if you order 2 Dirt bikes. I was going to ship them both to one locations, however I decided to call them and ask if I get the discount if both bikes are shipped to different locations. I spoke with Bob and he said yes, however I had to place the order over the phone. After placing my order he asked to send him a copy of credit card and drivers license which I did. I asked Bob if I will get an email confirmation with my order information. Once again he said yes.

After 4 days I still did not receive any order confirmation. Called them, asked for Bob but spoke to Chris who said I will not receive any confirmation because it was a phone order. Bob never called me back so I called again and finally got him. He said email confirmation is on it's way but he never sent it. I called again to inquire about my order (not sure who I spoke to this time) and they asked for an order number. I told him I have no information regarding my order because I never received a receipt nor any confirmation. They finally sent me a tracking number for one bike that didn't provide any information regarding the destination...unbelievable...

I decided to check my credit card account and saw that they charged me the full price without the $75 discount and still no order confirmation with itemized purchased receipt.

Once again I call them and now spoke to Joe (I believe he gave me a fake name because he paused after I ask him) I explained to him that Bob took my order by phone to insure I get $75 discount. He said that was a mistake and that I will be charged full price. I asked him 'Do I have to pay for Bobs mistake?" He said "Yes basically you do".

So now they will not pickup my calls and decided to email them again. In my message I asked Bill (the manager) if there was any way we can resolved this issue other than cancelling my order? Maybe throw in a Peewee chest protector ($60 item). He said no and cancelled my order.

Do not trust these people.They will lie to you. I had to go as far as cancelling my credit card because they had a copy.The only time anyone was courteous was when I was placing an order. After that everyone was extremely rude. This is an internet based business so they probably do a lot of volume sales and can care less about their customers. This bad review will join dozens of others.

Ultimately they did me a favor.I used to get my bikes. They were pure gentlemen and I save $150. I also received my order confirmation with an itemized receipt.

The item was on backorder.  The did come into stock today.  We have sent e-mails to customer informing them of this.  However since they are so unhappy, we have simply issued a full refund today to the customer today.

It is now march the 26th and I have still not received any of my paperwork. So no they have not mailed it nor did they mailed it march 18th as this Bill person stated.

Sorry to hear that customer has had an issue.  The unit unit comes with a factory warranty.  The unit ships direct from the factory. The warranty is handled by the factory direct.They can be reached by e-mail at

align="left">Warranty = 30 day parts replacement warranty and life time technical support. The factory will provide replacement parts and provide tech support.  The warranty reads as follows and is posted on our web site:

we have never once lied to Mr [redacted]. The issue here was that the factory moved their entire operations in November & December. Mr [redacted]'s parts have now been shipped and the Tracking is # [redacted].We explained this to Mr [redacted] many times however if he chooses to not believe us there is nothing more we can say.  But for proof of this:[redacted] old address was[redacted]Effective Jan 2, 2014 there address is [redacted] new address is [redacted] 

[redacted] The new phone # : Toll free: [redacted]Cell phone : [redacted]Mr [redacted] is welcome to call them to confirm this for himself.   Our goal is to provide prompt service to all our customers.   We are sorry that his issue occurred during the factories move when there parts dept was shut down.[redacted] / Motobuys

This customer purchased a Go Kart and was given the complete terms and conditions of purchase which clearly includes what the customer is required to do for assembly when they get it.  We also clearly state that if a customer is not able to do the assembly, adjustments...

and mountings that the unit can be shipped to a mechanic near them. This unit required those kinds of adjustments. This included simply drilling out a mounting hole to fit a screw. This customer did not have the skills to do the assembly and refused to have a mechanic assist them.  We provide full time tech support, and a parts dept.  This customer was obstinate and refused to accept assitance from us in any way per the warranty policy. Our customer service team spoke with on at least 7 occasions.  Our tech support. This customer then filed a chargeback claim with Pay Pal.  After complete review of the case, [redacted] denied the claim as they found we did indeed attempt to support this customer and that we did do all that was required. Customer satisfaction is our # 1 goal. We strive to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service and support we can. We have sold many thousands of vehicles online and it is not always possible to please 100% of everyone everytime.   If you visit  You will find hundreds of positive reviews left by our customers. We are sorry we could not make this customer happy, but we certainly did try.  Thanks for taking the time to read our rebuttal.

I have read this complaint.  Unless a customer is verbally abusive to our staff we never hang up on anyone.   All our ATV's come with a clearly written parts replacement warranty.  All the customer needs to do is diagnose the problem themselves, with there mechanic or call our...

tech support for assistance.  The warranty policy is a large blue tab that reads  "Warranty Click Here"  which is found on every products listing page.  We will be very happy to assist them with parts and tech support.  Customer can call us toll free at [redacted] or contact via e-mail at [redacted]

thank you for your prompt response, if u would have emailed me back I wouldn't have to go through this. I did submit a pets request but if you didn't get it I just got done filling and submitting another one. Email me that you have recieved and that the parts and the gear are being shipped at which point I will add a retraction to this complaint.

Customer e-signed the terms and conditions of sale agreement.  This can found at  / Please read the attached document.  If the customer needs any futher assistance with getting his scooter running he can contact us at ###-###-#### / If customer needs parts you can order them at  
The full factory warranty customer agreed to is clearly posted on the items listing page which clearly states that the unit unit comes with a factory parts replacement warranty.  If the customer has a bad ignition switch as he claims, all he has to do is order a new one free of charge.

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