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Moving Pro Logistics

2205 SE 7th St, Pompano Beach, Florida, United States, 33062

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Company's phone and email are disconnected. Found this out when trying to call to change our moving date.
We hired this company back in June 2020 for a move from Oregon to Florida. We called yesterday September 13, 2020 to change the dates of our move and got a recording that the phone was not in service at this time. So we tried emailing them and it came back undeliverable...
Next I got on the web to look up reviews for the company and found this site and that they were reported to They have 995.00 of our money as a down payment for the move. They took the money out back in June 2020. We need our money back!!

Desired Outcome

After reading all of the complaints I no longer trust having business with this company. I should not have to use a company that has ruined my trust in them handling my personal furnishings. The fact that we can't even get in touch with them leaves a bad taste in my mouth. This company should be put out of business.

We originally used this company for a long-distance move from New York to South Carolina. In short, we hired them, they never showed up on the agreed-upon date and did not call us once to ever set up a new date. We did not get services for our down payment or a refund. I had to give at least one star, but I would give negative 100 if able. Full details: We were given a short turn-around time to move for my new job and we needed a quick response. *** answered our call and said they could get us on the schedule after getting all of our specific info. We weren't ready on that day to pay a down-payment so we stalled for a couple days. He said us paying the down payment would get us a reservation on the calendar. I asked about a full service move - packing and loading. He said packing would be an extra charge, but if we bought the materials ourselves (boxes, tape, blankets, paper, etc), that would save a lot of money and we could have the movers pack our entire home for a couple hundred extra. On the contract, it stated "partial pack." When I asked *** about this, he said that just means they are packing and we are providing the materials. We paid the down payment and *** stated going forward, we would be dealing with the general customer service line. After a few days I called the customer service line to firm up details and she told me the "partial pack" meant the movers would only pack one or two boxes, not the entire house. I tried to explain that the discussion with *** was for a "full pack" excluding materials, and she said we would have had to provide materials anyways; a partial pack was only for a few boxes. After arguing and figuring out we were getting nowhere, we figured out we would have to pack ourselves. I asked to confirm we were on the schedule for a specific date, and she confirmed we were going to be picked up on that day or the day after (back up date). Two days before the move, I tried calling customer service since we had not been contacted about a pickup time yet. I was never able to get through, just able to leave messages on the machine with no call back. On the day prior to the scheduled pick up, I tried contacting customer service again, and was eventually able to make contact after many unanswered calls and messages. We were assured once again that the moving company would contact us that day to set up a pickup time. I asked the customer service rep for the moving company's name and contact info and she couldn't give it. She told me that the moving company had not given her a call back yet. After many times back and forth, she said she would leave another message with the moving agent and that she could do nothing more for me. I asked her since she couldn't get in contact with the moving agent, just give us a refund and we would make different arrangements since we had to be at my new location in a few days. She told us we couldn't have a refund, but we could get a credit on our account to be used in the next 12 months. I told her that was pointless, we needed to move now, not "sometime in the next 12 months." Once again, she said, no refund, and wait for the moving agent to contact us. We tried calling customer service (and ***, but he never answered his personal line either after we signed the contract) again on the day of the move, and finally got through towards the end of the day. We were told she would leave another message with the moving agent and we should wait for them to contact us. I stated they were in breach of contract since they had not provided any services and she said that they were not in breach because they would still set up an alternate pickup date after missing the original. She also rudely declared we would never get a refund. After that call, we were never contacted to set up an alternate pickup date. This company exists to give empty promises at the beginning, pressure people into signing a heavy handed lopsided contract, receiving a down payment, and ignoring the customer and leaving them high-and-dry. We eventually had to rent a couple of "move yourself" vans and make multiple trips from NY to SC over 4 days since we lost part of our savings on the down payment they stole.

Company picked up our household items in Washington state to be transported to Michigan on July 28,2020 and still have not received. They will not answer our calls or messages. Their mailbox now says full. We have already paid $5400.00
Account_Number: FXXXXXXX

Desired Outcome

Delivery Would like our household items delivered ASAP as originally the contract stated.

On June 26 I contacted Moving Pro Logistics to move kitchen cabinets from Charleston SC to Hiawassee Ga. They gave me a total quote of around $2,000 and a deposit of $514. I gave then the deposit and they agreed to be there on a particular date which was very important because the Kabnets were being removed and I had to pick them up on that date. They agreed this would not be a problem and took my deposit. They said they would call me the day before and confirmed the address. No one ever called and no one ever showed up. I tried to call, email, and anything I could think to do to get a response from Moving Pro Logistics. Three days later a rep called me back from Moving Pro Logistics and explained that their truck had broken down and they would reschedule the move for the cabinets. I explained it was too late because the owner of the cabinets had already sold them and I would like my deposit back. She explained that they would not give me back my deposit because the fine print states that they do not have to show up on the date agreed to which they never send me a pdf copy of this contract that I could read for myself. I have read three reviews from the same weekend and three of them from different states had very similar reviews. This company was dishonest and pushed hard for a deposit and did not perform a service. I would not recommend their services.

Contracted with company to move me from Zwolle, LA to Granbury, TX on June 28 or 29. Company failed to deliver.
2 referred me to this company. Joe Gordon of Moving Pro took my information and a $515 deposit on June 12, 2020. On June 18th, I called Joe to add more items and paid an additional $1000 deposit. I was transferred to Greg in Quality Assurance who provided me with the name of my mover, Bull's Moving in Gurnee, Illinois (I *** be filing a separate complaint against them, however, I believe they are working this scam together). My move from Louisiana to Texas was to take place June 28 or June 29. I would pay half the balance when goods were picked up, and the other half when delivered. I went to Texas a week prior to rent a storage unit, and to give my son cash for the delivery, plus a tip. I can't believe I was actually going to tip these guys! They originally scheduled for June 27, which was great. No show and no call. The next scheduled date was June 28. No show and no call. Last scheduled date was morning of June 29, which was the date the new home owners were to take possession. No show, no call. I called Bull's immediately and was told they might be there on the 30th, no guarantee. I immediately contacted a local mover for an additional $3380 and was moved same day. As a courtesy, I called Bull's and Moving Pro and requested a refund. A very rude woman said I would be getting nothing back, as this was beyond their control. I was never given reasons to show traffic, weather, or mechanicaI issues cited in the contract. I disputed the charges with my bank, who unbelievably believed their lies that I had cancelled the move, but the company's response said to contact them to resolve this. My phone records show over 30 calls to both companies on June 28 and 29 trying to get moved. Bull's even contacted my realtor to explain the delay. I requested the documentation provided and began contacting both companies this morning. All calls are going straight to voicemail, voicemail boxes that are full, or simply ringing unanswered. I *** also be notifying the Attorney Generals office in both States. These companies need to be shut down.

Desired Outcome

At a minimum, I request the $1515 paid to Moving Pro. However, if the company remains so adamant about not refunding deposits, they can refund the $3380 I paid to the company that actually performed the services.

In May we hired Moving Pro Logistics to move our daughter from Minneapolis Minnesota to Meridian Idaho. We signed a contract and paid a $600 deposit. The move out was to take place on June 27 or 28 depending on their schedule. In early June a rep from Moving Pro called our daughter to review the items to be moved. He said she failed to let them know that she had boxes to be moved and the price went up by $1200. On June 28 nobody came to move her. After repeated phone calls we were just told that they were working on it. They even blocked my number and my daughter's number as they were tired of us calling them. On June 29, I drove from Bismarck, North Dakota to Minneapolis, rented a uhaul and moved my daughter out of her apartment on June 30, as her lease ended that day. On our drive back to North Dakota on July 1, Moving Pro called and said they had a mover lined up. We requested that they return our money but the contract stated that the deposit was non-refundable. We believe that they had no intentions of fulfilling our contract. I have never encountered a situation like this in my lifetime.
Product_Or_Service: Moving service
Account_Number: FXXXXXXX

Desired Outcome

Refund I believe this company needs to be investigated to see if they are actually legitimate. They appeared to have all the necessary licenses, but I am extremely frustrated that they took my money and did not provide the service that they promised. I believe a business who operates in this manner should be shut down and I should be refunded the money I paid them. The contract we unfortunately signed only protected them.

I have called moving pro logistics over 100 times and left voicemails and all the numbers are blocking my calls or disconnected. I am unable to reach
On Saturday 8/15 moving pro logistics came to my address of 3112 Ashlawn Terrace Virginia Beach, VA XXXXX and picked up my furniture. I was informed it would be a two day turnaround. It has now been 9 days and I haven't heard from anyone. I have called several different numbers over 100 times and left voicemails. Either the number is disconnected now or has blocked my calls. At this point I am concerned the company has taken my 6,515.00 dollars I have paid thus far and my furniture. Additionally, at pick up they were attempting to add more money to the cost although I had even less furniture I gave them a 120 box count and only had 40 boxes. Also, I took off a deep freezer, futon couch, a computer, printer, 2 tvs, weed eater, a folding table, and a few smaller items. They were supposed to adjust my quote a pickup to lower the amount but refused. I would like response from someone. My initial moving coordinator was Nicole *** with a number of XXX-XXX-XXXX, then I had Greg do my final overview with a number of XXX-XXX-XXXX, The day before move the coordinator to confirm the pickup time was number of XXX-XXX-XXXX. The drivers number was XXX-XXX-XXXX. I have also called XXX-XXX-XXXX, XXX-XXX-XXXX. All of these numbers either have me blocked or won't pick up. Collectively I have called over 100 times. My final destination delivery is *** W *** ave apt *** Chicago, IL XXXXX with an additional drop at storage a few miles away from here. At this point, I would either like my money back or my stuff. I am to the point of calling the police for robbery/fraud.

Desired Outcome

I am seeking a delivery of my furniture as well as a price adjustment for having significantly less furniture than I told them and they stated they would do the adjustment.

I have cancelled my moving but the company has not given my deposit back.
I ordered a moving service on July 27th, 2020 and I cancelled the order on July 28th, 2020 within 24 hours. The Reference Number is FXXXXXXX. The sales representative is Paris Michael. The amount of deposit I paid through my debit card was 822 dollars. The sales representative promised me that the deposit refund *** happen in around a week. However, till today I still haven't got my deposit back yet. Paris Michael is not answering his phone and when I call the company's number, there is never anyone picking the phone up and the voice mailbox is full. Today (August 22nd) I tried to go on their website and it can not be opened anymore. No one has replied to my email to answer my questions.

Desired Outcome

I would like the moving company to directly send the deposit (822 dollars) to by account.

They canceled my move and did not return the deposit $1175. The pickup day they wanted to charge me double, they did not give me options to negotiate.
They showed up late for the pick up saying my estimate was wrong, and I had to pay double. I was in shock, very mad I admit, the driver walked outside my apartment saying he was going to talk to someone and he left. I called back customer service to explain. I received a text later saying the truck was scheduled for the next day. That never happened, customer service called to tell me I have to pay fees for rescheduling the truck and she was canceling my move. She treated me without any respect. The same day, I sent an email to them explaining the facts and that I was willing to negotiate. They never call me back or anything. On the contrary, they lied to *** saying I canceled the move. Companies like this should not be in business.

Desired Outcome

They should return the deposit $1175.

The movers did not show up as scheduled, and I have been unable to reach the company to discuss.
On 6/19/20, I entered into agreement with Moving pro logistics to schedule a cross country move. At this time, I paid 40% for a down payment, $2015.00. The move was scheduled for 8/4/20, but was told it would not be a problem at all to adjust the move date as long as I don't make it an earlier date. Starting July 17th, I made multiple attempts to adjust our move date. On July 21st I made contact with a representative from moving pro logistics and confirmed our move date would by 8/16/20, and a follow up quote was sent with the updated information. Leading up to our move date, I did not hear from the company as I was told I would, so I began calling and emailing to discuss a final inventory. I never heard back. On the scheduled move date, no movers showed up to our house to complete the service I had arranged and paid for. My husband and I both attempted making phone calls and leaving voicemails, I also sent emails on that day, and did not receive any response. I have continued to try and contact this company without receiving a call or email in return.

Desired Outcome

I would like my down payment returned to me as they did not provide the service for which I paid.

Moving pro logistics provided a moving quote and charged a $700 deposit. I have been calling to confirm but no one is responding to any messages.
On July 20, a person named Anthony *** from Moving Pro Logistics sent me a quote and contacted me via phone - XXX XXX XXXX about the quote. After talking to him for 3 times, I finalized the quote and gave them authorization for taking $700 deposit for the moving costs. I also received a call from someone at customer service from Moving Pro Logistics and a person called Chloe Jones sent a welcome email on July 20, 2020. The moving date was supposed to be 19 - 20 Aug 2020. I have been trying to reach them for two days - 13 Aug and 14 Aug 2020 but no one has been answering their phones. Anthony's phone goes to voicemail and the customer service number does not have any tone once I dial. After some digging up, I realize that other people have had such experiences and that this is a scam company and I may have lost my money so I am submitting a complaint here.

Desired Outcome

I am seeking a refund of my money and punishment to the related parties for the scam they are running and defrauding the customers.

I contacted this company in June to arrange a move from Texas to Maine. I have been trying to reach them since 6/27/20 to no avail. The phone number goes directly to voicemail saying the mailbox is full. Numerous emails with no response. I gave them a deposit of $1670 and from reading all the recent reviews over the past 3 weeks, it looks like I have been scammed. I must move on the date agreed upon but I have no idea if they are going to even show up. I can't wait until that day and hope they do. Also, all the reviews say that they show up and then refuse to move your belongings until you pay additional fees. I want nothing to do with this company and I want my deposit back.
Product_Or_Service: 06/13/2020
Account_Number: XXXXXXX

Desired Outcome

Refund I want a refund of my deposit.

No return calls or emails for a move scheduled in 2 weeks. Took my 630.00 deposit and now *** not respond to any contact. I want my money back.
Called MPL On July 17 and spoke with Joe Gordan. He explained the moving contract (ref# XXXXXXX) and associated costs. He gave me his direct line and said he would be my moving coordinator.He sent me the contract to electronically sign. I did so and provided my banking information for the 1/3 deposit of 630.00 which was taken out of my account on July 22.I have since tried numerous times to contact them by text, phone and email to no avail. I did reach the office once and spoke with Chloe to change to move date. She changed it and sent me a revised contract. I need to make some revisions and they *** not return my calls, emails or texts. I am scheduled to move in 2 weeks.I would like my deposit returned for deplorable customer service. This is a cross country move, I cannot risk working with a business that is fraudulent and perhaps no longer in business.

Desired Outcome

I want my deposit returned asap

Failure to render services, and failure to communicate.
July 16initial contract made for moving from *** CT to ***, VA. Deposit paid in amount of $1995. Projected moving dates of July 29-30.

July 20called to confirm moving dates. Was told they could not confirm "this far out."

July 28"Greg" called to do final walkthrough. We had fewer items then in the initial estimate, but Greg claimed that we owed an additional $1,000 which we paid. Greg promised to call back later, or that we could text him to confirm the move dates of either July 29 or 30. We contacted Greg multiple times on July 28-29 but will not respond to calls or texts. Documentation lists "Greg" as "Tim *** so it's unclear which is the correct name.

July 29Called customer service to inquire about move date. Customer service rep "Tammy" would not confirm, and hung up on me.

July 29Made multiple calls throughout day, company would not respond.

July 29Emailed original customer service rep from July 16. No response.

July 29Customer service rep answers phone. Tells us that we would be hearing from "Bulls Moving," but that we are not permitted to know any contact details.

July 30Still no movers or contact from Moving Pro Log.

July 31Moving Pro Log. calls to inform us that the moving company tried to contact us. This is untrue, and phone records will confirm this. Moving Pro Log. suggested a reschedulingbut they were not able to offer a specific date. We asked for a refund and were denied.

July 31Sent email explaining reason for refund.

Services were never rendered. We had to pursue another company. Moving Pro Logistics claims it's their policy to reschedule a potential movehowever: (1) the company has refused to offer any details about a moving company, let alone a clear date, (2) the company has ignored our phone calls, texts, and email inquiries, (3) the company falsely claims that movers tried to contact us (again, phone records will verify this), (4) the few times we've spoken with customer service asking for more details, we have been hung up on, and (5) it is unclear who we are dealing with as at least one employee has used a pseudonym.

Whereas services have not been rendered and the company has failed to adequately communicate, we are requesting a refund in the amount totaling $2995.00.

Desired Outcome

We are seeking a refund in the amount of $2995.00. This is for services not rendered and breach of contract.

I registered a move with the company and they took a deposit but never showed up.
On July 14th, I registered a move with Moving Pro Logistics through a Senior Moving Coordinator named Keith Croteau ([email protected], XXX XXX XXXX). We signed a contract and I paid a deposit of about $2000 by credit card. Then I reached out to the company on July 23rd (talked to someone named Chloe) to add items to the list of what needed to be moved. The price went up and I had to submit a second deposit of $2000. This time, the machine was down for credit cards and so I paid with a check.
On the days leading up to the move, they stopped answering the phone or responding to any messages. No movers every showed up. I am attaching the moving estimate and a copy of the check.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund for the amounts paid as the services were never rendered.

I'm not convinced this is an actual moving company. I strongly suspect that Moving Pro Logistics deliberately delays service and provides rude "customer service" so the customer will cancel their move. Moving Pro Logistics gets to keep 1/3 the total moving cost in the form of a non-refundable deposit, and never have to do any work.
My move was never done. I ended up cancelling their "service", losing my deposit, and making other last minute moving arrangements. This experience was a nightmare. I first contacted this company during the last week of June to move out of my apartment by the end of July. They scheduled my move for July 18 or 19. They couldn't confirm a precise day. They also required 1/3 payment up front, non-refundable after 48 hours. I suspect this is how the company makes most of its income, from non-refundable deposits. I was called the morning of the 18th and told there was something wrong with the truck, and I'd maybe be moved on the 20th or 21st. This was the last call I received from Moving Pro Logistics. I tried calling several times on the 20th and 21st. I got a recorded message each time "all operators are serving other customers, leave a message". I left several messages and was never called back. On the evening of the 21st, I got a call from a supposed truck driver saying he would show up the next morning. The next morning came and went. I called the driver back, and he said he was stuck in a weigh station and that he probably wouldn't be able to move me. I received no call from Moving Pro Logistics. After several attempts, someone from "customer service" answered and said I didn't leave any messages. I'd also sent emails which were not acknowledged. When I asked when the move happen, she said my contract was sent out and I should wait for a call from the movers. I asked why no one from Moving Pro Logistics called and updated me on the delay, and was met with a condescending " I already told you to wait for a call from the mover. There's nothing more I can do. When I said how unprofessional customer service was being, she said "sorry you feel that way". When I threatened to call the, she happily said "does that mean you want to cancel your move?" On the 24th, and one week before having to be out of my apartment, I emailed them to cancel the move so I could make other moving arrangements. I left out mentioning my calls to others at Moving Pro Logistics where I was told they would look into my move, and never calling back.

We were quoted one price to move an employee and it wound up being $3,000 more. Now they have taken our deposit and refuse to call us back to rectify.
We were looking to move one of our employees from LA to GA. Mike *** gave us a quote that wound up being a total misrepresentation of the services we were going to receive. The truck showed up with other people's belongings in there and didn't have enough room to accommodate my employee's. The truck driver said that they could return back with an empty truck for $3,000 more than what we were quoted. After calling Mike to inform him of this and hoping that he would help sort out any miscommunication, he hung up on me, ignored all of my phone calls over the past several days, and now his number is not working anymore. I have tried reaching out to the company's main line hoping to speak to someone more professional so we could at least try and get our deposit back since no services were rendered, and I have yet to have anyone return my phone calls. This company is a huge scam taking advantage of their "clients". They deserve to be shut down so that no one else can fall victim of their fraudulent behavior. I am absolutely appalled by them.

Desired Outcome

We want a full refund of our $2,387 deposit back for the moving services that we never received.

The agreement I signed has not been fulfilled on the part of Moving Pro Logistics.
I was advised there would be a professional moving crew - the crew was hired off of Craig's List and had never moved anyone.
Full customer service - have called and sent emails with no one ever returning a call in more than two weeks. I just want to know where my things are so I can personally go and get them.
I paid $6,120 and have not received door to door service (as per the agreement) since no one will answer the phone or respond to email. I wonder if they are still in business.

Desired Outcome

Basically I want to know where my items are stored and I will go get them and it would be nice to get my money back. I just don't understand why no one will communicate with me as I have left numerous phone messages and sent emails.

Why do I even have to give them a star?? I would not give them any stars. My parents who are in their 70's used this company to move from AR to KY . They were charged $1500 down payment with a $3k payment made before pickup and then $1700 cash to the driver when they arrived for moving. They brought a 26' Uhaul to move a 4 bedroom home- then the driver from Bulls Moving tried to extort more money from my parents to load things not specifically described on the truck. The driver refused to show my dad his drivers license a second time because my dad got scared and wanted to see it again. The driver also hired 2 people from Craig's list to help him move the items, and in the contract it states that they would use professional movers. My parents live alone and the whole reason for moving to KY was to be closer to family members in the next phase of life. So now these jokers have half of my parents household items with memories and things that cannot be replaced and they *** NOT answer their phones. We have called everyday , no answer for Moving Pro Logistics nor Bulls Moving Company. We have sent an email every day to the customer service with no response from them. I have seen multiple complaints here on and other websites - WHY IS THIS COMPANY STILL ALLOWED TO OPERATE???


Moving Pro Logistics is a fraudulent company, based according to the address they list on their website, , in someone's residential apartment in Fort Lauderdale! I filed a police report for their culpability in the events I *** soon relay here, on August 1st and August 3, both in my California hometown (where they were supposed to coordinate a moving pickup), and with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, where they are based.

I booked with Moving "Pro" through a man named *** ("Senior Moving Coordinator"), who welcomed me with an emailed welcome package, formal estimate and contract. My move was from Northern California to Delaware, and the estimate for moving our 3 bed townhome was going to be some $5k, which is really a good rate. Too good to be true y'all! *** sent me over to "customer service department," which I now understand is some woman sitting in the same apartment as the other crooks. She also welcomed me, and gave me a receipt for my deposit to retain their services, amounting to $1,840. She assured me that someone would give me a call in the weeks before our scheduled move, which was to take place on August 1.

On July 23, a *** by the name of *** (if anybody knows his last name please share I would like to thoroughly drag him and any reputation he has left), texted me to set up a call that day. He later called and we took an even more detailed inventory of all of our things we were moving across country - even more detailed than the initial call with *** During this call, I added a few small items to my move, and *** informed me that because their rates depend on cubic square feet I need to make another payment to keep my account up. I actually felt relieved to hear this, because my gut told me that the initial quote was too good to be true. I did understand that this was a rather snaky sales approach, increasing the estimate in this way, but it was still a lower rate than most other companies we researched, and the transit time to delivery was really ideal. I was willing to pay another $1,500 at that time, which would mean my final payments at pickup and delivery would be a little under $2,000. We also loved that our first deposit of the $1,840 was payable via credit. But on this second call, *** told me that "due to covid-19, credit card processing was not able to process their customer payments" things were "delayed," and they required a direct payment. *** mentioned Zelle payment directly from my account would be preferable. I have learned a huge lesson with this ordeal. When this hogwash was entering my ears, I felt that it was lies, and it made very little sense. I should have stopped working with them at this red flag, but again, we had never made such a move before, or worked with moving companies, no less moving brokers, as Moving Pro Logistics claim to be, and not wanting the added stress of requesting a refund or potentially losing money we already paid, and being verbally assured by *** that questions I raised about the sneaky language of their contract meant that their customers would be protected (lies!), we foolishly continued working with them, and sent them the requested $1,500 via Zelle. I nothing short of regret doing so!

At the end of this call, *** assured me that they would have movers out to our home on the 1st. I told him this was very important because we had cleaners coming that same day, would then meet with our landlords to close out our lease, and had hotels scheduled for that night, and a cross country drive booked after that. He assured me that was no problem and they would definitely call me on July 31st to give me the exact timeframe they would come to move me out on August 1st.

On July 31, NO ONE CALLED ME! I called them instead, repeatedly, on all numbers associated with their *** NO ONE ANSWERED! I emailed all persons associated with their scam, no one responded! I called *** cell phone but he ignored my calls. On August 1, no one showed up & no one has EVER called me since!

Look at and All horrible reviews stating that these scammers have actually either directly ROBBED PEOPLE of all of their belongings, or else hired shady local movers that even NEVER DELIVERED PEOPLES' STUF!

Read more at and I am so happy I filed multiple police reports and will drag them on every review site possible in the hopes that other good people don't get scammed and left with a huge mess to clean up, and that they can be stopped and justice will be had.

BTW - They don't deserve a single star!!!

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