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2205 SE 7th St, Pompano Beach, Florida, United States, 33062

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• Aug 03, 2020

Paid to have movers move household to Michigan for July 30th, they have not showed, they have not called they have not communicated.
In june I hired this company to move my household to Michigan. after a call on household contents I was given quote of 3800 and asked to pay deposit of 1400. a few weeks later a quality person reviewed my list, said I had more stuff then on initial call, which I did have about 15 more boxes but hadn't finished packing but they charged me additional 2000 and said as banks were closed due to covid they needed my checking number and routing number. I stupidly gave to them as desperate to move. They promised to be here july 30th and did not show. I emailed all people I had worked with and no answers to email or calls, just got voice mail. I called number on web page and talked to customer service yesterday and today and they said they would get a truck here but not sure when. I asked to talk to supervisor as I really needed a date and they refused. I searched online and saw their name on several customer reviews as scammers. I called again and talked to customer service and told her I was concerned about all the scam reviews as I was getting the same thing, quoted a price then later had to pay additional and no one responding to calls, she replied "at least we are consistent. I called and talked to my bank - *** and they said by me giving them my checking info I couldn't get that back and that is what scammers do. I am working with my bank on options but am out the 2000 unless this company *** refund. I just sent email today but not hopeful. Now I am having to find local company to move to local storage until I can make other arrangements. I am 62 so this is not fun. I tried several time to talk to supervisor but they would never give me a name number.

Desired Outcome

I would like my refund of the initial 1400 if bank cannot get that back, and the 2000 second payment the bank for sure cannot get back for me. I also would like to see this company closed, if you see all the complaints and them asking me for my checking number and routing number should have been my clue but was immediate red flag to my bank. I can forward my emails from them if that is helpful along with all the names of people i talked to and or emailed.

• Jul 31, 2020

I paid a down deposit of 1500 for a move on 7/16/2020 many red flags popped up beginning 7/29/2020 for the pick up of my furnishings on 7/31/2020
I am a military spouse who's been through multiple cross country moves before and has spent my fare share of time haggling with "Reputable" moving companies. My upcoming move has been anything but easy due to the scammer movers I have hired known as Moving Pro Logistics.
I will attach my email to my "moving director" my "contract" and incidents that occurred afterwords. I have deplored my friends to call the moving company as well to let them know that they need to contact me about the move. Why did I do this? Well you see the moving company blocked my phone number from every form of communication that I could get other than their 888 number which coincidentally only goes to voicemail these days. You can view my public posting in my Facebook profile where friends and family have tried to get a hold of Moving Pro Logistics to contact me.

Once I *67 Mike *** he began answering. On one occurrence Mike *** laughed and hung up. On another occurence Mike *** shouted "You are not getting *** back, listen, YOU ARE NOT GETTING *** BACK"

48 hours later a customer service rep called me back we were on a "Recorded call for quality assurance" She was pleasant at first and then when I couldn't get a real answer from her or the steps they'd take to reprimand Mike *** and Greg with no last name she said that I was throwing a temper tantrum. She would not give me the supposed recorded voice call.

I do not trust this company with my card information, with the moving of my personal belongings or to be in the same vicinity of there movers. I strongly discourage any involvement or bussiness contracts with them.

Desired Outcome

I'd like my deposit back.

• Jul 30, 2020

My son Greg, who is a disabled Vet, and I contracted with Dan *** salesman from Moving Pro Logistics LLC, on May 24th 2020 to move from Oxnard Ca to Sanford NC on 26 June 2020. We were led to believe the price quoted for the move was a "Veteran's Day" special price. Well a week prior to the move everything changed. This company, and the companies they sub contract to *** Moving & Storage, INC and Experienced Auto Transport) are either highly incompetent with their price quotes or they are working together to scam customers with extra fees and charges outside of their quoted contract price. All 3 companies have zero customer service qualities.

I have included all my phone conversations and e-mails with Pro Moving Logistics via a timeline in additional details (Greg's move doc). I tried to resolve this through the company. I contacted them via e-mail and phone calls at least 8 times. I was called back 1 time from the company after I sent an e-mail to their Senior Logistic Manager, Mike ***.
Product_Or_Service: Move household items and car
Order_Number: Car job number ***
Account_Number: Moving contract

Desired Outcome

Billing Adjustment I would like Moving Pro Logistics to be held accountable for very poor customer service, shady contracted prices and compensate me for all the additional up charges and fees outside of the ingenious original commitments. Moving Pro Logistics moving contract; Original 25 May; $2,600 for 509 cubic feet QA Greg added $1,400 for additional 150 cubic feet Oasis Moving and Storage added $458.25 for 141 additional cubic feet and $150(cash) for steps Moving Pro Logistics original car shipping contract through Dan *** was $950: Experienced Auto Transport voided contract. Did not pick up car (door to door in contract). Shipped car for an additional $500 because they did not have a truck per contract. I would like $608.25 from the household move, which is the $458.25 and $150. I would like $560 from the car move, which is additional $500 for truck and $60 UBER fee. Total $1,068.25.

• Jul 30, 2020

I was scammed by this company on a recent state-to-state move. Price gauged and 1/2 of my items didn't get moved. Damage to several pieces.
On July 8th, I contacted The Moving Pros, "Moving Pro Logistics" to obtain a quote for my move from Ga to FL. I spoke to Michael *** and went through my inventory. He provided a quote of $4,302.47 and pressured me to contract right away or the price would go up. I told him I would call him back ASAP but needed to review the information. I did call back the same day and accepted the quote. I then had to pay a deposit of $1978.00.
On Monday, July 13th, I received a call from "Greg" to go over the details of the move. He went back over the inventory list and he categorized items differently than Michael. He preceded to tell me that the price would be higher - $2200.00 higher. I had made my decision on this company based on the original quote they provided and I agreed to. When I questioned Greg, he was extremely rude and condescending. He said that either I pay the fee right then, or I would just be charged more at the move - which he said would be $3300.00. I reluctantly agreed, because the move was now less than a week away, they wouldn't refund my deposit, so I was stuck. Greg was one of the rudest people I have ever encountered. He was unprofessional, aggressive, rude, intimidating, snarky, and treated me in such a way that I was extremely anxious and upset.
I was to receive a phone call on Sunday, July 19th to inform of the time the movers would arrive. I was told they would call between 3:00 - 7:00 PM EST. I did not receive a call, so I began calling the only numbers I had for the company. Could not get in touch with anyone. I continued calling until after 11:00 PM. Monday morning, I checked my email to make sure they hadn't contacted and since they had not, I began calling at 7:20 AM and continued calling every 5 - 15 minutes, leaving voice mail messages each time. No one ever returned my calls nor responded to my emails. I was never provided a phone number to dispatch or an after-hours service number. Around 10:30 AM, I finally got someone on the phone. She preceeds to tell me that the movers will not be arriving on the 20th but would on the 21st. Sensing there was nothing I could do, I started trying to rearrange everyone's schedule that had already committed to helping. About 11:00 AM or so, I received a phone call from a moving company indicating they were on the way for the move and they should arrive in about 2 hours. They arrived move than 3 hours later.
Upon arrival of the mover, he asked to be shown what all in the house was going. I told him everything as I was relocating out of state. He proceeds to tell me that all of my items will not fit on the truck he had a 26 ft. Penske. I explained to him that I had gone over the inventory 2 times and since they were the supposed "professionals" they evidently didn't estimate correctly. The mover also told me, that I didn't have full use of the truck, and that I only was able to use a certain amount of cubit feet or additional charges would be incurred. Therefore, 1/2 of my belongings were left behind. I will now have to pay another company to load those items and deliver them to me at my new place in Florida.
In addition to all of this, several items were damaged in transport. I have tried to contact the broker company and have not received any return phone call or email follow-up. I want to have those items replaced. I also want to seek a refund of the amount I paid since only 1/2 of the job was done.
This company should not be allowed to continue scamming customers. They are a bait and switch operation with shoddy contractors performing the actual work and then not standing behind their word. No one ever returns a phone call or email message.

Desired Outcome

I want a refund from the company for 1/2 of the moving price since they only moved 1/2 of my items. I provided an accurate inventory list. I am now faced with hiring another company to bring the rest of my items to me resulting in additional expense that should not have been the case. I also want my broken items to be replaced. Both of the items are from pieces of furniture handed down from my parents. The furniture can not be used without the glass that was broken.

• Jul 30, 2020

Very unprofessional company that claims themself as moving broker. They will lie to you and purposely reduce the total of square cubic feet, to attract you, and when moving company gets it, it appease to be double. Emotionally unstable and rude customer service. This company obviously are not capable to do an estimate. They also very nasty when they hear foreign accent. My recommendation to stay away from this broker. I am in a process to get a deposit back due to failure to provide a service that written in a contract.

• Jul 29, 2020

Moving Pro Logistics broke the contract and never showed up to pick up my belongings and move them to Fort Lauderdale. Waited 2 days, no response.
Hired company thru *** to make arrangements to have his company do the arrangements to have movers pick up my household goods from Brownwood TX and deliver them to Fort Lauderdale FL. Paid a check $823 and also make a credit card payment of $1631. Items to be picked up Wed, they called and said it would be Thursday a.m. they said they would be here at 2pm. No show, called and person said they would be by 6pm. No show. Called every number I had for contacts and sent an email to *** No response still at 9pm. Finally *** (XXX-XXX-XXXX) text back and said "it is 9pm and I am not working, call CS in the a.m. Next morning driver called and said he would be at home at 8:30 a.m. I told him I no longer trust them with my items nor that they would even show up after waiting 2 days. I called CS to tell them I wanted a full refund and the rep said the money is not refundable. *** (XXX-XXX-XXXX) was the boss of the driver. I called my credit card company and explained the transaction was fraud and they removed the charges pending investigation into the matter. I would like a full refund for my check of $823. I made numerous calls to the all the contacts I had from the company and no one responded. To this day *** the sales rep has not made any attempt to contact me. *** (XXX-XXX-XXXX). This whole entire ordeal made a inconvenience to me and I had to make other arrangements to have my belongings moved to Florida. Moving Pro Logistics BROKE the contract, I did not.

Desired Outcome

If the Moving Pro Logistics does not issue the full refund due to untrue information to the credit card company, when I have a total refund of $2454 then I will close my complaint.

• Jul 29, 2020

Scam company that contracted to move my 1 BR apartment from SI to Fl never knew they were a broker overcharged by $5000
*** stares he was a moving company and my move would cost 1800 On the original quote, of which a deposit was given of 871.14. A week later "***" called and said because I added 13 bins (lie) and a dresser it would be $1200 more, and demanded another payment of 1200. Would not answer calls by both myself and my two daughters to explain the overages and when my daughter Georgette Olsen sent emails and spoke to *** to find out why And that they had the inventory wrong (no sofa bed only sofa and no patio table as originally priced )she was sent to customer service that never answered. When calling "customer service " the day of the move when the real moving company came "instant Movers" and charged another $5689, customer service repeated "you need to talk to the carrier" and would never put "***" on the phone to explain who this mover was and why wasn't my contract honored.

Desired Outcome

Refund of $2121.00 from Moving Pro for fraud and overcharges. They pretended to be a moving company and are not they are moving brokers and took $2121.00 of my money and would not go over the inventory list and explain why the estimate increased and why I had to pay the real Mover additional Money. Instant movers did lower the price by about $800and stated that moving pro should not have Charged that much and tries to make phone calls to no avail.

• Jul 28, 2020

I have no idea when my items will be delivered and cannot get any information from anyone on the phone. It has been difficult to get people on phone
My household items were picked up two weeks ago (July 14 2020). I called a customer service number to find out about my delivery. It was difficult to understand the person - but what I learned was that the items were still back home - stored somewhere - and there was some problem with some driver (or truck?) (could not understand what the problem was). After two weeks, the items are still somewhere back home (where I do not know) and I have NO IDEA when it may be delivered. I cannot get answers from Moving Pro logistics to whom I have already paid a substantial amount of money and also paid more money to the driver who came to pick up my items.

I want to know:

1) Where my stuff is
2) When will it be delivered

It would be good to be able to get some information about the delivery.
It would be good to have customer service call me about my items.

I had started this with Moving Pro logistics and I expect that Moving pro logistics will be my point of contact to resolve problems.

Am I going to get my stuff that was picked up?

Desired Outcome

1) Someone call me about where my stuff is 2) Finish the job - deliver the goods in the condition they were picked up.

• Jul 28, 2020

We hired Moving Pro Logistics based on a FaceTime walk-through of our entire home, 2 days before the mover were suppose to show up, the price went up.
*** was the initial Customer Rep. that provided us with the first quote on 7/2/2020. The quote was based on the FaceTime walkthrough of the house in each room. We were quoted 1207 cf. at $4716.17 for the move and paid a $1461 deposit. The move was scheduled for July 29,2020. On July 27, 2020 ***, Quality Manager called to verify the items. We had sold several items that were no longer going to be moved to the tune of roughly 500 cf. (5'x5'x6' Storage Shed, Couch, 2 Gun Cabinets, etc.) After speaking with ***, the quote was increased to $6800 based on 1500 cf. My wife spoke with *** and stated that *** had seen all this before when he made his quote and argued that the price should not go up. However, being 2 days before the move and already having $1400 desposit that was not considered non-refundable she felt like she had to agree and signed the new contract for $6800 and an additional deposit of $1750, I then called *** to understand the breakdown of how the price was increased and I was told he would not provide an itemize price list for each item on the list and that it was based on the increase on item count (38 vs 54) The main reason the items increased from the first quote was that the beds (3) were 1 item on the first estimate were not broken down by headboard, foot-board, Box-spring, mattresses. That was 9 of the 16 items that were increased. We asked to cancel and have our deposit returned, hours after signing the New Contract, to which we were told that the Original Contract was the one that the refund period was based on not the new contract. We submitted the cancellation request to the Info email account as stated in the Contract. We got a response that someone from customer service would reach out to us about the cancellation. The next morning July 28,2020 I reached out to the Customer Service Number and spoke Chloe the customer service manager. She was very rude and told me that I should have been common sense that the beds were not broken down into the individual components, even though I stated that it was their rep, ***, that quoted them that way. I was denied the request to speak to a manager from both *** and ***, *** stated that he would hang up on me and block my call. During the call with *** she hung up on me after stating that I was a joke and has since answered the phone. After doing additional research on this company, and reviewing complaints on and other sites it is evident that this is a bait and switch scheme to get your original deposit at a lower rate and then increase the price at moving time after you can no longer receive your original deposit back. This company has no legitimate business address to there office, just to an apartment were they collect mail. I have reached out the the Federal Trade Commission, the Florida Attorney Generals Office and now the in hopes to recover my deposit and ensure that this company is reported to the appropriate agencies so that they will not prey on anyone else.

Desired Outcome

I want a full refund of the $3211 deposit.

• Jul 27, 2020

Moving Pro Logistics (MPL) initially led me to believe that they were a moving company, which would handle all the aspects of our move - from disassembling bedframes and our VeriDesk, furniture pad wrapping of our furniture, securely removing and loading into their moving van, and then unloading and placing (and re-assembling) everything in our new location rooms. (This was our first-time to use a moving company; we had always done our own moves - loading a 26-foot Penske, with car trailer behind.) At the time of the first call from the MLP sales rep (*** O), he had me walk through our house and mention the furniture items I saw and also give an estimated number of anticipated boxes for yet-unpacked items. The process that winsome *** described gave me the impression that this move would be much easier than our previous moves. We would pay a discounted 'senior rate' per cubic foot.
However, since our packing was not finished at the time of the call, *** said that ***, the Quality Manager, would call a week later so we could provide a more complete, final listing. A day before that scheduled call, we learned from *** that "of course" we had to empty and pack all drawers and cabinets. We had never done that in our own packing because it's always easier and makes sense to keep things in the drawers where you've always had them. In the truck, we would shrink wrap around the drawered furniture after we replaced the drawers we had removed to lighten the stress on the carried furniture (and our backs). So, we hurriedly had to unloaded many drawers and mark them accordingly to keep track of where contents should be returned once the move was complete. Of course, we became aware of the increased cubic footage and costs that would result from the last-minute, stressful process.
Indeed, our final 'packing list' resulted in much higher totals than the first round. *** told us that we could "save money" by prepaying MPL at a special rate for the increase - because "if the driver has to add more at the end of loading, that rate would be greater than MPL's prepaid rate. (This statement proved to be false - the driver's rate was lower.) The initial portion (down payment) of $2,010.00 ended up increasing by another $3,000.00 (using MPL's pre-set percentage of the new total). Our credit card had now been charged $5,010.00 before MPL had done anything, other than make promises of a successful and timely move. A subsequent call settled the desired delivery date, June 16 and gave us the reassuring words, "The driver will call you within 24 hours of the pickup date/time." An alternative date was also mentioned, June 17, which would be only one day prior to our house closing. We were NOT told that the driver would be from another company. (As we discovered much later, the moving company MPL selected had limited service for western state deliveries .. even though from beginning our Loveland, Colorado address was recorded as the destination.)
When the driver called on June 15 to alert us that the second date option (June 17) would best fit his schedule, we then had to contact the repairman and house cleaners, who had been scheduled for June 17; we had assumed our house would be empty on June 16. We believe it's presumptuous to expect professionals to rearrange their commitments at the last minute, but thankfully, these folks willingly worked with us to reschedule their services on the morning of our afternoon closing day!
The moving crew arrived - only two men and a 26-foot Penske truck (like we had used for our previous moves). After a review of our household, they told us, "Brokers rob you.You should deal only with an actual moving company so that you pay only for moving services, not exorbitant fees for their'finding a moving company for you'. The final computed cubic footage much exceeded MPL's estimate, and the bill total increased to $10.966 for 3/4 of the truck.A non-MPL letterhead invoice further confirmed the deception.

Desired Outcome

I wish there were a recording of the exact conversations I had with both *** O and *** from MPL to verify the deceptive manipulation used in interactions with a senior citizen, a first-time user of a moving service. I should have been better alert to the tactics used to make me believe I was "getting a deal" by thinking their company was going to be the exclusive handlers of our moving process and household goods. The choice of subcontracted carrier was very poor.

• Jul 27, 2020

Fraudulant claims on pricing and delivery.
We were given a quote (contract # XXXXXXX) based on the specific amount of furniture/space we had to move. *** told us it would be a flat rate because it fell far below the sqft space available. We were transporting one bedroom; not a full house. He said this would fall under the flat rate for a studio apartment. Our pickup date was changed twice. Upon arrival, the company charged an additional $738 claiming we needed an additional 164 sqft of space. The room the furniture came out of was less than 164 sqft and the original quote was for 286 sqft of space. Upon contacting Moving Pro, they refused to release our original contract. We had access online and the day of the move it was removed from the system. Spoke with *** who told us to pay or the driver would leave. Chloe is one of the most disrespectful customer service reps the company has. She told us we had way more furniture than expected and the driver would only pick up if we paid more. Two weeks have passed and we still do not have our furniture. The company they contracted to pick up our furniture does not return phone calls. Contacted Moving Pro Logistics again and *** said there is nothing they can do and to contact the movers themselves. She said once the furniture is picked up, they no longer help. Moving Pro Logistics contracted with Bulls Moving out of Gurnee, Illinois. As of today, we still have not received our original contract.

Desired Outcome

As of today, 7/25/2020, we do not have our furniture. We are requesting a refund of payment as we were told we would be paying a flat rate. Upon arrival to pickup the furniture, they charged an additional fee to load the truck. Moving Pro Logistics refuses to return phone calls or respond to emails. We've requested our original contract on multiple occassions and no one has responded. We do not have our furniture, we do not have access to the original contract, *** refuses to connect us with a manager or the original salesperson (*** and no one at the movers will tell us when our furniture will be delivered.

• Jul 27, 2020

Moving Pro Logistics were not honest about their business practices and failed to provide quality service when needed.
I moved from Georgia to Texas. The first offer Moving Pro Logistics gave me I turned down because it was out of what I budgeted. I also turned down the 2nd offer but the third offer I accepted because it was right at budget. I paid my deposit. The week before the move I did revised inventory with Greg who said to text or contact him if I had any issues. My cost ballooned to $2000 more dollars because my revised list took up more space than originally quoted. I took the offer because of budget but now I'm over budget. I had to pay an additional $1500 deposit. The movers were 8 hours late. My cost then went up an additional $700 because they said I would need more space. Mind you, this was done by visual inspection. Nothing was put in the truck. I actually had less items than my inventory stated so I was expecting to use less space due to having less items than quoted. There was no proof shown that I needed an additional 230 cubic feet of space. I tried calling and texting Greg to no avail. I called the company on multiple occasions and no one returned my calls. No one. Once they got my deposit Greg and Moving Pro were done with me. I was at the mercy of the movers. Moving Pro Logistics also stated that I would get my items within 3-5 days of when they picked my stuff up. They stated that I would receive my items on July 18. My stuff was picked up July 14 and today is July 25 and I still havent received my stuff. It has been sitting in a trailer in New Jersey for over a week.

They sold me on being a company who prices wont go up on me and I wont be charged any additional fees like other companies.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refunded for funds exceeding our original contract due to their lack of authenticity from the original contact.

• Jul 24, 2020

Showed up two days before schedule and at 8pm with 30 minute notice. Then demanded an extra 4000$ to move my furniture
The contract agreed that items will be picked up and shipped on the 24th or 25th. The cost changed twice. First deposit was for 700. They completed an over the phone walk through and the total increased I agreed to second total due to new cubic feet that *** determined. I paid an additional 700 deposit. The movers call on the 22nd at 715pm saying that the are 45 minutes away. I say that they are two days early and am told that they are in Illinois now so it has to be now. They arrive and immediately say it will be another 4000 dollars to move the furniture. I say I can't do that so they begin giving different quotes. They call "dispatch" and she offers a deal that we only pay a few hundred more and throw out furniture and they will move us. I decline. I contacted the account that was stated on the agreement to resolve disputes and it send me to an entirely different company that says that they have no ties to moving pro logistics. I then contacted moving pro using an email and phone Homer on their website and have received no response. The attachment is a copy of the online agreement with the incorrect company as the link to resolve issues

Desired Outcome

I want my deposit refunded to me

• Jul 24, 2020

Quoted 5-7 days for my items to arrive and was then informed once my items were packed it was 21 days then told 30 days.
On 7/2 Brian *** quoted me a price for moving from Discovery Bay, CA to Austin, TX with the time frame of pick-up to delivery at the Austin address being 5-7 days. Due to this quote, I put a deposit down for the move. On this call Brian said he would be sending me a contract and email confirmation that he wanted me to respond to. I thought he would allow me to hang up and respond but instead wanted me to do it while waiting on the line with him. I felt pressured and rushed to do this. When I asked what was in the contract he said usual things and didn't mention caveats to the move time.

Come day before pick up on 7/9 I did not receive a call confirming the time frame the following day. Morning of the scheduled pick up I called and asked when they were coming, without asking for identifying information I was told if they didn't call me the day before they would come on my "back up day" which was not explained to me prior to then.

Movers end up coming on 7/11 - this was clearly the first day on the job for several of the four individuals that showed up. Mind you, the cab of the moving truck was not large enough for four full grown men to sit in or have seatbelts on. One man was wearing a jacket in 100+ Degree weather and explained it was because he did not have a shirt on underneath.

Once my belongings were packed up I was told that I would receive my items in 21 days. When I told the point man I was quoted 5-7 he said "that is probably right but legally I have to tell you 21 days." My belongings were already in the truck so I felt I had to say okay.

Come several days later I received a voicemail from Brooklyn moving, who the broker had set up the move with (and did not explain they were a brokerage service.) I called back and talked with a supervisor of Brooklyn Moving who then told me that they had until August 14th (30 business days) to get my items to me. When I pushed back and told him the initial quote of 5-7 days, then 21 days he directly said "the brokers will say anything to get a sale. They lied to you. I'm telling you the truth." He told me he would open a complaint once I requested to file a formal complaint. I have not heard back from Brooklyn moving - when I called again I was told it was not their problem and that they emailed the broker of Moving Pro Logistics to reach out to me.

I have since called Moving Pro Logistics several times, most recently on 7/22 requesting an immediate call back with no return call still. I wish to seek compensation for the blatant lies I was told, in addition to items that were not intended to be in a hot storage unit for 30 days that will now be ruined.

Desired Outcome

Requesting immediate delivery, contact from the business and a partial refund/billing adjustment.

• Jul 24, 2020

Theyquoted me price on move. I had the exact size and quantity of items confirmed also by another company also. They kept deposit and charged double.
This company (Moving Pro Logistics) is a total scam and the most dishonest and deceitful people I've ever dealt with. The entire purpose of this company is not to ever move your things but to only get you to sign and get a deposit from you that you will never get back, below is my explanation.
I had a call with the company a week prior to the move to go over all items and size of the items that would be moving. We had the exact calculations since everything (Except bed, couch and the two tv's which they said and it states in bullet points IN THIER OWN CONTRACT that they would dis-assemble ) was already put into boxes that were 3 cubic feet, it even said it on the boxes. We agreed all items added up to 480 cubic feet and the move would cost $4000. So since every box and item was calculated and accounted for, I agreed and signed the contract and gave them the other part of non refundable deposit equalling $2,400. Also I had another company come and actually see everything in person and they also verified that it was 480 cubic feet so I know that was accurate. So the day the moving company showed up they came into the apartment and walked around looking at everything. (Not actually measuring anything just eye balling it). I also told them as they looked around that I am not taking the two dressers or the two nightstands and I didn't use any of the 7 wardrobe boxes (which were in the original phone estimate with their own company keep in mind) so don't put that into the cubic feet total. (Which should of significantly lowered it from the original estimate) The lady said ok, then as they were almost finished walking around my small 1 bedroom apartment. I showed her the two TVs and small 6 cube thing that my son had his toys in for dis-assembly. Shocking to me one of the movers with her said we don't disasemble things... I said what do you mean it's in the signed contract and he said yeah we don't do that and I showed him the contract where it stated in the bullet points that they clearly did and he looked at me and said with a irritated look "I said we don't do that." So now I already knew something was off with these people who looked totally unprofessional. So they finished the walk through and I asked for the total of the cubic feet and price, to my shock and surprise this lady responded and said it's 1000 CUBIC FEET AND WILL BE $7,800!!!! I asked if she was joking and she said no. I asked how she got to that ridiculous number and she said they have been doing this a long time and laughed like I was the one in the wrong. I asked her how many cubic feet my couch was and she said 200, I then proceeded to get my tape measure and in front of all the movers to witness I added it and measured equally 48 cubic feet.... They gave me a irritated laugh and said that's not accurate. I handed them the tape measure and asked them to please show me how they got their total of 200, they would not do it. Instead they again said they have been doing this a long time as said we don't need to show you... WOW I thought to myself and told them that since my apartment is less then 1000 square feet in total and since they can't prove that they aren't just making up fantasy numbers that don't mathematically add up, that I will not be paying the crazy price of $7,800. They said so your canceling the move and I said again I'm not paying the rate of 7,800 when I agreed to $4,000 and they left laughing. The moment they were out the door, the booker or agent who has been extremely rude and not helpful called me from the company and said "hello sir so you canceled the move?" I repeated what I told the movers saying no I'm not paying 7,800 for 1000 cubic feet of stuff we agreed on. She replied and said "so your canceling the move", I again said no I'm not paying the rate and she disrespectfully said, "sir you can say that over and over but you canceled the move and now I will be giving your non-refundable deposit to the moving company that left.

Desired Outcome

I want my total deposit refunded immediately! Then I want justice brought to these deceitful and dishonest people so they cant keep doing this scamming and stealing to other people in the future.

• Jul 24, 2020

If I could give a -100 rating, I would. This "company" needs to be shut down. A complete *** and lie. They are a broker. When I talked to *** he said they weren't a broker. Lie. I was charged double the price. They told me I'd have my stuff in a 2 day turnaround. Lie. They said it would be $6,000. Lie, it was around $12,000. They said customer support would be there to help with anything. Lie. They have some girl who just says "this is policy" and then hangs up on you. They said we would have the truck to ourselves. Lie. Turns out our truck was taken to LA to pick up more people's things and then sat in a warehouse until they have now decided to drop off our stuff next week. Whatever you do, get a local company who comes and looks at your stuff and then tells you how much. These guys will *** you and frustrate you and provide you zero help and support.

• Jul 22, 2020

This company promised certain services to be performed under certain parameters. The company took my $ and brokered the job causing me to pay double.
On July 3rd I began looking for movers to move a 3 bedroom home. I had multiple people bid me for different trucks and cubic footage. I had one guy quote me for 300 cu ft and many other for roughly 900 cu ft. After talking to so many moving companies who sounded so dishonest, I finally chose to go with a middle ground bid from a guy that sounded so honest from this company. I asked *** (the rep/guy I was working with in Moving Pro Logistics) if they were brokered/ contracted out or if it was a dedicated team. He told me it was a dedicated team for their company, not contracted out. He gave me an estimated price $6,594.72 to do the whole move. He told me that would be the max charge because it would be a 24' or 26' truck coming to move us and that we would have the whole truck to ourselves. He also said that if I didn't fill up the whole truck, the price would go down. But that would be the max price. Moving day arrives and these two trucks pull up that said "Platinum Moving". I thought "wierd. He said they were dedicated time." When I asked about it, they said "we partner with them". They went through all of our stuff that needed to move and said that the only thing is that they would have to charge us for 3 bulky items - the ping pong table, pool table, and a standup piano. We asked why there would be an additional fee because we were suppose to have the whole truck and that the guy (*** told me that I was already given the max price. But hey, we didn't want to argue, so said carry on. A little while later, they bring us in and tell us we have maxed our 900 cu ft that we have paid for and that if they want us to continue to pack and move us, we had to consent to pay the extra it would cost with whatever space we took up in the truck. WE WERE SHOCKED. From there on it was a nightmare. They ended up charging us 12,682.52 dollars. Double what we were told. Then to make matters worse. They said they don't do two-day delivery. They only do 7-21 day delivery. ANOTHER LIE. The company Moving Logistics Pro brokered wouldn't help us and told us to contact Moving Logistics Pro. When I contacted them to get help, they said they couldn't help. They don't even have a management system because the RUDE "customer sales" lady said she wouldn't transfer me to anyone else to help me with the situation. I looked online and this had happened to so many other people. We are talking thousands of dollars being lost because of the lies of this company. They need to be shut down.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund, however I also think this company needs to be looked into and disbanded because it is not an honest business.

• Jul 13, 2020

Moving Pro Logistics LLC failed to compile and communicate effectively the estimate for my move to local moving company (Oasis moving Company).
This is the second moving brokers company that has failed to provide me services for my long-distance move that is urgently needed to be completed this past week. On July 10th, a payment of 2,790 dollars was put down for a deposit for my move from Phoenix AZ to Louisville KY. *** Franklin is the senior moving coordinator that I worked with, and he reassured me that this move would be completed successfully. I provided him the inventory of all of my belongings in my 2-bedroom apartment that was filled out on the previous moving brokers company's estimate, and from there, he came up with his own estimate based off of that. Oasis moving company was assigned to my move and two men in a very small budget rental truck pulled up at approx. 6:00 PM on 07/11/2020. The two movers immediately started questioning the distance of how far my apartment unit was from the truck and when I brought them into my apartment, they were confused with the move I was expecting to happen. On the estimate provided by Mr. Franklin the inventory filled out at the bottom stated 1 HHG (Household good) with 700 cf (cubic feet), giving Oasis moving company the impression that they were here to pick up one item. The movers were not prepared in the slightest to complete this move and stated that since it was a Saturday and after 6:00 PM that they would not be able to accommodate and larger truck and additional movers this day. One of the movers came up with his own estimate stating that I would need at least 1300 cf and that the cost would be an additional 6,000 dollars on top of the already paid deposit of 2,790 dollars. Needless to say, the move was not completed, and I am back to square one trying to get myself moved from Phoenix to Louisville. My vehicle has already been transported back east and I am currently here without a mode of transportation with all of my belongings packed up ready to go. Today, on 07/13/2020 I called Moving Pro Logistics and spoke to a female customer service representative, who was very rude and condescending, insisting that she received an email from Oasis Moving Co. that I canceled their services, even though they were not prepared to do the move in any capacity. The representative then informed me that due to this "cancellation" of services that I would not be getting continued services from this Brokers company and that I would not be receiving a refund for my deposit. I then asked her if she could transfer me to the moving coordinator to discuss this matter further and she refused, stating that she would not allow this situation to be escalated further. All I wanted to do was give Moving Pro Logistics the opportunity to remedy this issue and make it right, but in turn I was given the cold shoulder, experiencing the worst customer service I have ever encountered. This entire experience has taken a toll on me both physically and mentally and at this point all I want is a complete refund for the deposit, since they failed at providing me a service that I was promised.

Desired Outcome

I need a complete refund for the deposit I made in the amount 2,790 dollars so that I may hire a reputable moving company directly.

• Jul 13, 2020

I signed a contract with this company that mislead me to believing they are a moving company and the contract was not adhered to by other company
On June 12, 2020, I signed a contract for Order FXXXXXXX with *** (*** I submitted a $500 deposit for a $1393.30 move on that date for a move on June 30, 2020. On June 30, a different moving company arrived and added $450 to the charge although the initial payment was suppose to be all inclusive. Moving Pro Logistics was suppose to store my belongings until I had a final destination. In the end, it was InstaMove (aka Integrated Moving Solutions) that appeared and stored my items. InstaMove/Integrated Moving Solutions has terrible reviews so I had to reschedule the final delivery to my mother's and find a storage unit on my own. The initial terms I signed to with Moving Pro Logistics and the information Mike gave me over the phone turned out to be completely fraudulent and nothing held true.

Desired Outcome

I want to be completely refunded for this move.

• Jul 09, 2020

I was told they did not want to work with me after the timeframe to get my refund expired.
I have a 10' x 15' storage unit which holds my 2bdrm apartment furniture and materials. I made that known to get an accurate estimate from this company so after getting a quote I found reasonable we established a binding moving estimate on 6/10/20. Five days before I was to start my move (7/1/20) and expecting a moving truck to show up at my storage unit a quality insurance manager *** messaged me to have a measuring tape and be at the location of where the movers will be picking up my items. stated he needed a list of absolutely everything or it will be left out of the moving truck. I suggested they share this information with customers before waiting a few days before a major move. *** instantly said he doesn't want to work with me. He also added I will not get my downpayment back since it was passed their refund timeframe. I contacted Chloe Jones the next day since I was too stressed and emotional about the changes I'd have to come up with due to what felt like a scam. I confirmed with Chloe Jones that *** canceled my paid service. I reiterated the extreme price indifference estimate given to me from the beginning should have been done correctly since I gave them the exact size all the items needing to be moved from San Diego to Washington state. I contacted my bank about the scam and they confirmed the company kept my money and did not provide a service.

Desired Outcome

Refund my bank the $1,028.00 . They were able to return to me because of the position I was left in due to this activity.

Moving Pro Logistics Response • Jul 10, 2020


We spoke on 6/25/2020 and went over this quote is based on the cubic feet (space) utilized. When *** contacted you he was attempting to update the inventory to insure we had the most accurate information. However you expressed that you were very upset he asked you to provide measurements to see is any items were over sized, awkwardly shaped, ect to account for that space. From that point you stated you did not want to speak to him moving forward and I went over than you will have to update the space on move day and if it increases the cost will increase as well We make it clear from the beginning that the cubic feet is how the quote is given. Please see attached the printed estimate with the policies/key point highlighted. It is required that all customer read this prior to booking, it was sent 5 times but also signed twice. In order you sign the document you have to go past the policies including number 8 which addressed refunds, It is highlighted that after 48 hours we cannot process a refund however the deposit can be kept on file for up to 12 month from the original moving dates which we also went over on a recorded line. At this time the deposit will be kept on file as the agreed upon terms and conditions clarify.

Customer Response • Jul 13, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Reference number: FXXXXXXX
By the response, the original person who contacted me, *** - quality insurance manager, is not the one providing the correct information in this statement. *** never said the words awkwardly shaped or oversized items. However, what he did say is he doesn't want to work with me when I suggested they should make it clear to customers about having a measuring tape for every item or it will not be shipped with the rest of the belongings. I was very clear I had a 10' x 15' storage unit full of personal items that would be moved from Southern California to the Pacific northwest in Washington state. The lack of professionalism by providing a more accurate estimate was the reason for my comment stated above. *** made it clear I would not be getting a refund because it was passed the refund timeframe. This is disturbing because new information was being asked me after the fact of the timeframe for a refund, I would have made a proper choice if that was given to me in a timely manner.

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