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Moving Pro Logistics

2205 SE 7th St, Pompano Beach, Florida, United States, 33062

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Fraudulent business practices. Sales reps lie. Bait and switch.
Sales rep told me I had up to a week before moving date to cancel and have my deposit refunded which was a lie. The quote they gave me doubled so I can spend twice as much or lose my $600 deposit.

Desired Outcome

Refund of deposit.

Moving Pro Logistics Response • Jul 01, 2020

When you contacted us for a quote there was an inventory that added up to 288 cubic feet which is the price we provided in 5/27/2020. That quote accepted and could be updated anytime before pick up. We were contacted on 6/17 to update the inventory, since the cubic feet doubled naturally the cost did as well. The estimate is still good for the original quote and could be put towards a future move within 12 months. However since you are outside of the refund window we cannot process a refund at this time. Please refer to the agreement attached and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Customer Response • Jul 02, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Sales rep "***" lied by saying I had up until 1 week before move date to cancel and have deposit refunded. But I'm sure you already knew that as that appears to be your business model. Conning people out of their deposits.

Moving Pro Logistics Response • Jul 06, 2020

We have confirmed that was not what was stated, we went over the notes and it clarifies that if you need to postpone the move to notify us 1 week prior. However not only does a refund that for out directly do against what there policy stated is was not what was advised. We can always refer you back to the policy that was agreed to upon reservation.

Movers failed to come yesterday or today, as agreed in contract. Company refuses to refund deposit.

I received an estimate for a move from upstate NY to Chicago. The timing of the move was crucial, which the company (a broker, not a moving company), knew. I am to start a job in Chicago on Monday June 29. The contract I signed, based on the estimate, specified yesterday and today (June 26-7) as the pick-up window.

The contracted movers didn't come yesterday, and promised to come today. They did not. The broker company's contract specifies that it is not in breach if certain "industry events" prevent their keeping to the agreed schedule, and they include mechanical difficulties in that category. They allege a truck engine overheating, and offered another pick-up date, July 3, and claim that that offer relieves them of the duty to refund my deposit ($3235, a suspiciously high 58% of the total estimate).

The provisions of the contract, which I was pressured to sign because of time restraints (the supposed need to lock in the available vehicle before it contracted with another party), are so thoroughly one-sided, in the company's favor (of course), that it may be the case that by its terms they are within their rights to refuse the refund.

But the timing was crucial to my move, as the company knew, and as a result I have had to reserve a U-Haul truck so I can pack my belongings tomorrow, drive to Chicago on the day I was to start work, and delay my start date.

My attorney says the onerously one-sided contract is probably not enforceable in court, and that I would have contractual claims for damages, based among other things on the last minute frantic scramble necessitated by their failure to show up even on the second day of the pick-up window (including the added expenses) and the unprofessional rudeness of the customer service rep (acknowledged by her manager), as well as on the legal contractual doctrine of detrimental reliance. But the cost of going to court to ask a judge to force the company to do what it is at minimum morally obligated to do, would exceed the amount of the refund I'm asking for.

Contract (estimate) date: June 22, 2020
Customer Rep: ***, XXX XXX XXXX, ***
Customer Service Rep: *** XXX XXX XXXX Ext. 102

Desired Outcome

Refund of my deposit due to the company's failure to abide by a crucial timetable and to offer an acceptable alternative.

Moving Pro Logistics Response • Jun 29, 2020

Contact Name and Title: Chloe - Customer Service
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: ***
Hello we understand a last minute move can be very hectic however all of this was explained in the original estimate which you are required to read prior to booking with us. We were upfront from the beginning anything outside of our control would result in alliterative dates. As a customer you notated that you read, understood, and accepted these terms. It also address that the deposit will be kept on file for up to 12 months from the original moving dates. Find the agreed upon terms and conditions that were signed off on reservation attached.

Customer Response • Jul 02, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The company's response is merely that under the terms of the contract, it was within its rights to refuse to refund my deposit. A few points come to mind.

First, the contract was for moving services, which the company did not provide; therefore the company breached the contract, before I cancelled, despite the language about cancellation only being allowed within a certain period after the execution of the contact. The contracted services were simply not provided. The alternative (not "aliterative" as the company response has it) date offered was a full week too late, and thus unreasonable. The company knew time was of the essence for me because of my needing to be at my destination to begin a new job.

Furthermore, the contract as (semi-literately) written by the company would likely be found to be unenforceable if considered by a court of law. It is so thoroughly one-sided that the company is effectively shielded from any liability if it fails to perform its contractual obligations. The company hides behind the fine print, including the provision that certain events beyond its control excuse it from delivering promised servicesbut the company has provided no evidence, only a verbal assertion, that "mechanical failure" was the cause of the delay.

Since the genesis of this complaint is the company's refusal even to consider a full or partial refund of my deposit, the deposit itself needs some scrutiny. To a normal
person, a deposit of 25-30% would seem reasonable. The company demanded a deposit of fully 58% ($3235, of a total of $5611). Breaking it down, the original estimate was for $3767, and the required deposit was $1735, or 46% of the estimate. Then, after a more complete follow-up inventory, the estimate was increased by $1844 to $5611 (an increase of 51%, even though the increases in estimated volume and weight were only 22%), and the company demanded a further $1500 deposit (a whopping 81% of the increase from the original estimate to the final), bringing the deposit to $3235, 58% of the total estimate. It all seems arbitrary, and unreasonable.

In short, the company's contract is so one-sided as to be unenforceable, and the company's methods of calculating estimates and deposits are opaque and unreasonable. In any event, the company simply failed to deliver the agreed-upon services, and thus breached the contract. One has the impression that the company's business model is based partly on taking advantage of people during the high-stress time leading up to a major move.

Moving Pro Logistics Response • Jul 06, 2020

We put everything in writing and require all customers to read it prior to booking with us. We provided this estimate on 6/15/2020 and it was signed on 6/15/2020 and again on 6/22/2020. It clearly outlines how we will handle situation where there are delays, we will offer alternative dates. Which is exactly what happened, it also covers the deposit is refundable for a 48 hour period and outside of that there is no refund. We apologize you feel that these terms are "one sided" however they were clear upon reservation and accepted by you.

Customer Response • Jul 10, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
What was proposed was no resolution at all.

The fact remains that the company failed to deliver the contracted services, and thus breached the contract. I am open to a compromise to resolve the issue, but the company appears unwilling even to consider that.

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