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National Car Rental/Alamo Rent A Car

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Review: ON October 9, 2014 my husband and I traveled to [redacted] to visit our new granddaughter and our daughter and son-in-law. We had a late flight from [redacted] which I stated on the rental information. I gave the flight number. I put the time of pick up as close to midnight as possible as our flight was to arrive at 11:17PM. Pick up time was 12:00AM. We were in line at the rental counter by 11:45AM. While in line a gentleman manager even came out to ask if anyone could use the kiosk as there were two problems holding up the counter for service. We got to the counter with our[redacted] reservation which stated our rental price of $184.65 and the young lady who helped us put our paperwork through fairly quickly. Not once did she mention we were late and had changed our reservation. She rented us the car with no hitch. My husband had the paperwork and put it in the glove compartment.When we returned the car on October 12, 2014 the rental person asked if I would like a receipt printed. I said yes. Since nothing was said earlier I put the receipt in my purse until we got home. [redacted] I was reconciling our travel receipts and noticed that we were charged $366.69. I work and it is difficult to call but I called [redacted] on [redacted] to let them know what had happened and ask why the charge was more. The lady I spoke to gave me a confirmation number of [redacted] and stated she could see what happened that their computer generated the charge like I had changed my reservation. She said I would hear back in 3-5 business days. I called again on Friday [redacted] and was told they would contact me on Monday or Tuesday of this week.It is now the [redacted] and I haven't heard from[redacted]. This is the second issue I have had renting vehicles from the airport that required contact other than with the company. We were in line and there before the midnight deadline and it should be a simple fix. Not a 12 day ordeal and having to contact the Do they think we won't notice? I would appreciate my original rental price.Desired Settlement: Refund of amount over the original rental price of $184.65. In the amount of $181.74. Total rental cost was $366.69. If we did arrive supposedly after midnight the cost of a 2 day rental is over $150.00 per day? I find that questionable.

Review: I am a frequent business traveler. In my June 2014 trip to Phoenix, I found damage on the bumper of the car when I picked up the car. I then notified the agent and he said it was fine. When I returned my car, I brought to the agent's attention the damage on the bumper but he could not locate the documentation on that. He then checked the car again in detail and found a very slight unobvious dent inside the car on the GPS screen (see picture link). I told the agent that damage did not happen during my rental. A supervisor has to be called in and after some hassles, the supervisor told me I was good to go.

I thought everything was OK and was very shocked that two months later, I received letters saying the first case about the bumper was dismissed (I assume they finally found the documentation) but I was responsible for the dent on the screen and there was an outrageous repair charge over $2000. Clearly Alamo did not have good documentation process on car damage themselves, like what I witnessed in the case of the obvious bumper damage. They just tried to blame customers for damages if customers did not notice in inspection. And the scary part is, they are blaming me for something is barely discernible and is pretty much normal wear and tear. Even if I inspected the car meticulously I might not be able to pick up every small scratch, dent, rip on the car, especially as this one is inside the car. So the company, who clearly does not document damage themselves well, can basically make customers scapegoats for all small damages. This kind of practice is so unfair and deceitful. Furthermore, as all customers carry insurance, all these small damages are paid by insurance companies, this practice is basically insurance fraud. [redacted]Desired Settlement: Alamo to drop this case and establish a good system/process of car damage documentation to prevent making customers/insurance companies scapegoats



We don’t have to waive the rental. The rental was paid by Earnhardt Ford and we waived the OOP for the airport taxes, surcharges, and fees.

Renter told me several times how degrading she was to him by calling him a “boy” and rude to brush him off and continually lie to his face. He really wanted me to tell him we “fired” Laura but I told him we have taken care of the situation internally.

He said he appreciated the follow-up call and will continue his business with the home city office.



We are in receipt of a customer concern notification in regard to a damaged vehicle rented by Mr. [redacted]. It is our position that the vehicle was rented without pre-existing damage, but in the interest of customer service, we have decided to close our file. Mr. ** will be made aware of this decision and will also receive written documentation of our decision for his personal records.

I booked a car from US for a week vacation in Scotland. When we came to pick up the car in Aberdeen (city location not airport), we were told that our reservation was made without the third party liability insurance. From my previous experience in Europe I know that liability is always included. When we tried to tell the clerk we do not need it, we were asked to sign a form stating that in case of an accident we are liable to pay 18 thousand pounds. We also called our [redacted] card to inquire if their coverage includes liability (we use [redacted] card for theft and collision coverage). Liability was not included.To make a long story short, we ended up paying for a Peace of Mind package as we were not presented with an option to pay just for liability.
I called National in US the same night and was told our reservation indeed included third party liability. I returned to US and submitted a claim. Here is the response from UK office:
On reviewing your query I can confirm my colleague at Aberdeen City has added the waivers correctly. When making the booking on the US website the third party waiver is included however no other coverage is applied as a large number of US and Canadian customers have cover through their credit card provider. The hire would be considered as stand liable which carries an excess of £18.000. When a customer then collects their vehicle they are required to produce their card which carries the coverage as well as written proof that this card has cover for rental vehicles. If this is not supplied at the point of check out the waivers have to be added locally or you would not be insured to drive.
We were not asked to the proof of coverage and ended up paying for what we did not need. After many calls to National US and email messages National UK refunded the money we paid for the Peace of Mind package.
My advice to National: on every booking confirmation it should be stated clearly that liability coverage is included.

Earlier today, July 26 2014, I had an unfortunate incident with my vehicle and had to take it back to the very repair shop who replaced my old radiator with a brand new radiator. Somehow they managed to damage my brand new radiator while replacing it, causing it to leak and blow antifreeze all over my engine compartment; leaving me without a working vehicle. This incident lead me to the decision to "rent" a vehicle in order to get back to a $5600.00, 4 week Peace Officer Training Academy, 106.3 miles away.
Long story short I tried calling the local GRK Alamo office and got no answer so I decided to book online using "[redacted].com" so I could get a discount for my week long rental. I made my online reservation at 1330 hrs (1:30 pm) for pick up at GRK Airport (Killeen Texas Regional Airport) at 1830 hrs (6:30 pm) on 26 July 2014 and return on 02 August 2014.
Booking online was easy through [redacted].com I chose the car size I wanted, I chose the discount code that pertained to my rental and PAID for what I thought was a VALID CAR RENTAL. Only to my surprise when I arrived at 1710 hrs (5:10 pm) I FOUND OUT ALAMO HAD BEEN SOLD OUT OF VEHICLES FOR HOURS PRIOR TO MY RESERVATION TIME!
Now my immediate question was why didn't Alamo or [redacted] care enough to call me, text me or email me to the fact that my reservation was invalid? Why didn't [redacted] know in advance that this rental agency was out of cars? Why didn't Alamo make more of an effort to call ME not [redacted] to resolve this issue?
The Alamo Representative was "clueless" in trying to resolve the issue with me. She didn't seem very willing to assist me with making a new reservation for the next day, or to call the number she "claimed" she called to inform them of the overbooking situation. She claimed she called [redacted] twice and talked with them in reference to their overbooking me but she couldn't/wouldn't give me a name of the agent she spoke with so I could rectify my own issue.
So as I am on the phone with [redacted] to get this situation resolved, the [redacted] agent was trying to call their (GRK Alamo) direct line to confirm my situation and to see how they can resolve this reservation for me in the same day. All the while I am standing near the Alamo desk and never once heard their phone-line ring. I told [redacted] I didn't hear the phone ring and asked did they have the correct number? The Alamo agent quickly hands me a card, laughing like as she is amused at this situation I'm in.
The [redacted] agent was convinced that she called the right numbers to reach the GRK Alamo. I personally believed that Alamo had their ringers turned off because they weren't accepting anymore new reservations for the day and that is why she was laughing because no one was the wiser. Long story short I got switched over to another agent at [redacted] and was finally refunded my rental purchase so I could complete a rental purchase WITH [redacted] INSTEAD OF ALAMO.
Obviously she wasn't concerned with losing Alamo's money nor was she professional enough to make another phone call on my behalf, try to work me into another car the following day nor was she professional enough NOT to laugh at my expense! I don't appreciate Alamo's rude behavior nor their disrespect in this matter!
Hopefully this rude-like behavior will not go unpunished but knowing how the world works it probably won't even get mentioned to this employee or her supervisor of her unprofessional behavior and "smirky" attitude. All I want is an apology; I certainly won't attempt to rent from Alamo or National Car Rental if my life depended on it. No thanks Alamo your attitude today was appalling and offensive. And yes I will file a complaint concerning [redacted]'s poor management of this process.

I dropped off my vehicle at Alamo at [redacted] Airport in Las Vegas. About 20 minutes later I realized my wallet was missing. After another 10 minutes, I was finally able to speak to someone and they told me they had my wallet in possession. Of course I was relieved but... why did no one call me to tell me my wallet was found? Second, I was missing approximately $250.00 when I picked up my wallet. They had me write down my name and phone number on the back side of a torn piece of paper.
I was furious to know that one of their employees had stolen from me. They even confirmed that it was two of their employees that had possession of it. now, including the man I was working with, that makes 3 employees that had my wallet.
I was told they would look into it. The manager told me that "Tyler would never take anything from anyone". But you know what, it was still one of your employees who took it and that is a direct reflection on the company.
It is now 2 days later and I still have not received a phone call from anyone and they charged my bank account approximately $40 more than I was told when I was there.
I am so frustrated and disappointed at how this entire experience has turned out. Not once, has anyone from Alamo offered to make this right in any way shape or form.

I rented a car from the Tucson Airport on Friday and changed my plans. (I was in Tucson to attend my brother's funeral. I discovered that his two cats would need a home and elected to drive them back to Livermore.) I returned the car to Livermore on Monday. I had called their customer service number and changed the reservation on Saturday. I was not quoted a drop off fee. I received a bill for $692.74 balance. I spoke with [redacted] at the Tucson location and we agreed a more reasonable bill would be the stated charge on the internet (for renting a car in Tucson and dropping it off in Livermore) or a balance of $214.09. I sent a him a check for that amount -- certified mail, returned receipt. He has not cashed the check. He will not answer my calls or letter. I contacted Enterprise's central customer service address by mail. I have not received any reply. Today I received a third bill from Enterprise threatening legal action. I would like [redacted] to tell me why he refuses to cash my check after agreeing on the price.

Product_Or_Service: Car rental


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