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231 Hogan Rd, Gordonsville, Tennessee, United States, 38563-2118

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• Aug 17, 2020

Website said card info was wrong and wouldnt process the order but yet my card was charged. Tried contacting with no response.
I attempted to place an order on 8/15/2020. I put in my card info as I have done many times and the website said the card info was wrong. I checked it again and it indeed was correct but the order would not go through but the company still charged my card. So I emailed them immediately and no response. I try again this morning to have a page that says call us with no phone umber attached to it. I have tried to email again and I have even tried contacting through ***. As I looked it up on Google and saw there was a number that was displayed on your website for them I attempted to call that number only to be directed back onto their website for any problems. I am quite frustrated as it is a vital part that I needed for my car and I am out waiting for my financial institution to review and refund me my money it will take at least 5 days for that to happen. This company is very shady and should not be allowed to operate as people who order online try to do so to save money and therefore cannot afford to be ripped off by companies like this. Please review this and take the time to see all the complaints about them. They need to be shut down or watched over more closely as to not rip off anyone else.

Desired Outcome

I would like them to refund me my money in the amount of $30.32 immediately.

NewParts Response • Aug 19, 2020

Contact Name and Title: ***
Contact Email: ***
We have replied to your emails, I'm not sure why didn't you see them. Here is a copy of our reply: We have no confirmation of the order with this email address being process. Please let us know if there is a transaction ID connected to the payment, and we will look into it. As it stands, I am not able to find anything connected to the email address ***@*** or the name

• Aug 13, 2020

Item not as described / incomplete
I placed an order for a kit which is an OEM car manufacturer part with a part number. Both the vendors website AND the manufacturer web site show a complete kit for that part number INCLUDING a diagram of same. The kit was received to my address in Medley, Florida then shipped on to me in Jamaica. When the kit arrived it only had 2 of the 4 pieces. Upon contacting the vendor they advised that their supplier whom is the OEM Dealer, advised that there is only 2 pieces to the kit. This is contrary to both the vendors website and EVERY other website and vendor whom sells the kit INCLUDING the OEM Manufacturer. The vendor offered a refund if I was to send the parts back to them, however I told them this could not be a consideration as I had spent far more, shipping it further than the delivered location and paid import duties. In addition it would cost significantly more shipping again to get it back to the USA. They advised that they are in discussion with their supplier about the issue but it has been over a week and there seems to be no resolution. I can provide a link to the item showing all the pieces and photos of what I actually received.

Desired Outcome

I am requesting one of two options: A. Partial refund for value of missing items. or B. Delivery of missing items

NewParts Response • Aug 14, 2020


We were not informed that the customer's order is being forwarded to *** in advance. The customer's order was routed through a freight forwarding service. We accepted the customer's return from the freight forwarding service back to us and are able to provide a return label to alleviate the issue, even though it still remains unclear that the order was short shipped on our behalf. As of right now, our supplier (a certified dealership) claims that they shipped everything out and on time. In this case, we advised the customer to follow up with the freight forwarder but the freight forwarder issued a paper of confirmation that they shipped out what the customer ultimately received. We told our customer that we will still be willing to take the part back even with all this taken into account. As an online business, our options beyond that are limited and we're willing to resolve this for the customer by taking whatever they got back for a full refund.

Best regards,

Customer Response • Aug 14, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
There is nothing to say I should have to tell a vendor where my final destination of goods are going! I provided the proof from my freight forwarder that only 2 pieces of a 4 piece kit were received, this was substantiated by measurements and weight of the two boxes received taped together. The vendor (Otis) originally tried to use the excuse that his supplier (dealer) for the part insisted that only 2 pieces come in the kit. It wasn't until after I showed Otis that his website along with ALL others, and the Manufacturer, show it as a complete kit of 4 pieces, did he then change his line of argument to say all 4 pieces were shipped. These two completely different stances and explanations speak for themselves as to the integrity of this Company and customer service rep! I understand that if returned they will refund, HOWEVER, who will pay the shipping I have already paid since, plus the shipping I am going to have to pay to get it back and the customs duties I have also already paid??!! The obvious and decent thing to do is to simply ship me the missing 2 pieces!!! This is so simple and would solve the problem easily! I have available the complete email thread with relation to the mater that shows the two completely different explanations by Otis.

NewParts Response • Aug 17, 2020


As per the previous message, the issue here is two-fold.
1) The purchase has arrived incomplete. This is, at least to an extent, not up to us - the proof that the freight forwarder issued indicates what was shipped to the customer from the freight forwarder themselves, not what was received by the freight forwarder. Regardless, we're not asking for the freight forwarder to pick up the tab on missing items - we will be picking the tab up for the missing items by refunding the customer in full, as we've outlined several times over throughout this conversation and outlined to the customer throughout our direct communication;
2) In order to refund the customer in full, we would need the parts back (however many are to be returned). We are willing to cover the cost of shipping from the customer's delivery address (the freight forwarder) back to us. We are not able to cover the cost of shipping from the customer's country back to their freight forwarder.

Once again, we were not informed in advance that the packages are being freight forwarded to a different country. With the fact that the customer did not have control over the freight forwarding process and the fact that they trust the freight forwarder implicitly and putting all of the blame on us, we are not able to cover the costs of return shipping from a different country back to the customer's freight forwarding service.

Best regards,

Customer Response • Aug 18, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Otis would like to say that the proof provided by the freight forwarder is their paperwork of what they shipped out. This is not so, the proof was their paperwork of what was received!! This can be substantiated by the original ups paperwork should Otis decide to share which nobody from newparts has done.
As a business owner I CAN understand Otis's position however he should also be looking at my position and the fact that all I am asking for are the missing parts! Everyone wins in this scenario! I wont have to cover the cost of further shipping nor would he have to make a refund. Simply ship me the remainder of parts!

NewParts Response • Aug 18, 2020


The missing parts are not stocked separately and can not be sourced separately. This is a factory kit procured directly from a dealership, as was outlined several times over.

Best regards

• Aug 03, 2020

I purchased an item from this company through *** on 7/4/20. They claimed the items would fit my vehicle. After receiving the floor mats on 7/9/20, I installed them that day only to find out they didn't actually fit, like they claimed. I contacted them through*** on 7/9/20 and told them they didn't fit. They requested my VIN which I supplied and they got back to me on the 10th saying they didn't have anything in stock that fit my vehicle. So, I started a return at their request. My return request was accepted on the 13th. I then noticed on the*** return slip that I would be charged $53 dollars upon return. I emailed back on the 13th, and *** said it is an "*** mandated return label" and asked if I would like them to send me a return label to my personal email, which I said yes, on 7/14/20. On 7/17/20, I emailed them through***, that I hadn't gotten a label yet, to which they replied on the same day that they emailed it to me 2 days prior, which they hadn't because I didn't get it. I then supplied them 2 email addresses, to which they replied on 7/20 that they were sorry for the delay and sent me their label. I then dropped it off at *** on the 25th and it was delivered on the 29th. On the 30th, I was informed by *** that my refund would not be given by some reason not stated to me, by the seller and *** closed the case. I contacted*** and the company and neither have gotten back to me. I then looked at the sellers Negative Feedback, and it seems that this is a common occurance for this company, get and item returned and refuse refund. It clearly states on ***, returns accepted within 30 days. I believe this company is scamming people out of their money and hiding behind *** to get their way. I have also been in touch with *** and opened a dispute with them as well. Still waiting for a response...
Product_Or_Service: Volkswagen Jetta rubber floor mats - 4 pieces

Desired Outcome

Refund I would just like my money returned in full, $47.98, based on principal. Also, I think the company should supply the specific reasons why they have done this to other customers.

Customer Response • Aug 10, 2020

After contacting*** and *** and you, the company in question has honored the return. No further actions are needed, but I would keep an eye on this company because of their practices with other, nonaggressive customers.
Thank you.

I would suggest to all to stay away from Newparts, there sale practices are on borderline of crime. customer service does not respond to emails
On July 1 I called Newparts customer service to place an order that Newparts put together and sent to me via eBay massage system. The order was for the genuine set of four rotors and brake pads for my car.
Please find the links with adequate parts below:
If for whatever reason you can't access the links that I've just sent, please enter the XXXXXXXXXXXX & XXXXXXXXXXXX numbers into the eBay search field and it'll take you directly to them.
Best regards,
Customer Service"
This order was missing two brake sensors so I called Newparts to add them to the order , David-salesperson who took my info and order (payed by Mastercard), charged me without ever telling me , for the aftermarket set of rotors and pads that I did not ask for or ordered , When I got the invoice in my email I've reach out to him to stop the order- well, ,he told me that it was too late.

'Customer service should be reaching out to you, sorry for the confusion, but I never saw the conversations you had through eBay.'
After no contact from Newparts customer service for eight days I took two packages that they sent to me, to UPS store, and payed out of my packet $172.53 for shipping this back to them -again there was no fault on my own, Newparts sold me wrong item. /> /> Newparts got the back on July 10 at 9:05 am. Today is July 19 and nobody from Newparts has reached out to me, they charged me $566.78 for wrong parts and it cost me another $171.53 to sent them back to them - $738.31 spent on my end and absolutely nothing to show.
To top it all, I find out, David from Newparts charged me at list $120 more for aftermarket set, them their own website store.

Desired Outcome

I would like to get a full refund including shipping cost $738.31 .There was no wrong doing on my side the salesperson sold and sent to me an item I did not ordered .

NewParts Response • Jul 21, 2020

Buyer was provided with the RA number and the return guidelines on July 7th, to ship the parts back for the full refund. We have received both brake pad sets, the sensors and the front rotors. We have yet to receive the rear rotors. Once they get delivered, we will process the full refund, as agreed with the buyer.

Customer Response • Jul 21, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
What are you talking about , more lies. The two packages that you have sent to me were never opened , after three emails to your salesperson David, who sold me "wrong goods" without ever telling me that I'm buying aftermarket items - and three emails to the customer service with no response. I took the boxes on my own to UPS store and send them back to you,your firs customer service email came at 07.08.20 in the evening,This whole shopping experience with newparts is a total nightmare and again there was no fold on my side. You record all your phone orders so it shouldn't be any problem to verified all this and attach file of my conversation with your salesrep. who took the order for us all to hear. So far what I know for 100%, is that you took my $566.78 , and then I payed additional $172.53 for Newparts mistakes .At this moment what I've got from Newparts is - 0 "zero"

both packages had been delivered to you on July 10 9am. that is 8 business days ago see link below and attached picture of your packages.

At this point is quite clear what cine of a business you have, as now I see I'm not the first person with complain to and 1388 additional complains on your eBay store site tells us all.

NewParts Response • Jul 27, 2020

The return shipment was completed, and the full refund was processed, as discussed. The gross amount is $566.78. The transaction ID is XXXXXXXXXXX.

Customer Response • Jul 29, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
what about the reimbursement for me returning this packages to Nweparts. I payed out of my packet $172.53 for this item to be shipped back to you.
Again I did not ordered Brembo brake set from Newparts it was sold to me without my knowledge , Attached you can find the scan of UPS recite.

NewParts Response • Jul 30, 2020

Buyer wasn't specific about the brand, and it was clearly noted on the invoice that Brembo is being shipped. The screenshot of the invoice is attached. We have accepted the parts back for the full refund, but, for this reason, we cannot credit the return shipping back.

Customer Response • Aug 03, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
actually I was very specific about the item I wanted to purchase, this is why when I called ,I told David your sale representative that the order that Newparts presented to me was missing two brake sensors that I needed. See beloved


Please find the links with adequate parts below:

If for whatever reason you can't access the links that I've just sent, please enter the XXXXXXXXXXXX & XXXXXXXXXXXX numbers into the eBay search field and it'll take you directly to them.

Best regards,
Customer Service

Your Sale person on his own put together new order took my payment and never told me that is for Brembo set. When I've got the invoice the set was already shipped.
Email from David to me
"Customer service should be reaching out to you, sorry for the confusion, but I never saw the conversations you had through ebay.

I don't see where I've made any wrong. Again you record all orders so why don't you attached file so we can hear if I ask for the Brembo set when placing this order. Why do I have to pay for sipping back to you packages that contained items I did not wanted to begin with ?

NewParts Response • Aug 04, 2020

works for the NewParts sales, while Otis is our eBay customer service agent. They work independently. It was clearly noted on the invoice that the Brembo parts had been purchased. For this reason, we wouldn't be able to cover the return shipping costs, unfortunately.

Company refuses to provide refund for merchandise not received.
I ordered merchandise on 6/07/20 (receipt attached). The order was supposedly shipped via on 6/15/20 and I have yet to receive the order. I contacted *** and was informed that the order has never shipped. In addition, the merchandise was supposedly shipped *** but I was provided a*** tracking number. I have tried contacting the company number times and told via email that they will investigate and track the order. At this point, I requested the company refund the $2,021.81, and they have yet to respond. I feel as though they are trying to buy time and not refund the $2,021.81.

Desired Outcome

I would like for to get involved and assist me with my refund.

NewParts Response • Aug 17, 2020

The customer was given a complete refund upon the return of the product. This shipment never arrived at the customers address and was delayed due to PO Box shipping address and Covid related delays on the return. 08/04/2020 01:36:15 pm Refunded: $2021.81. Tax: $167.00. Total: $2188.81 Transaction ID: *** The case should be resolved at this time.

Customer Response • Aug 18, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They made us wait for 60 plus days before any response to my complaint of not receiving my order and I feel that was bad customer service

Terrible, probably criminal enterprise. Ordered parts. Showed "shipping label created". Big deal, right? Meant nothing. Tried to cancel before box was really sent, but was unsuccessful in reaching customer service. Two days later (not weekend) customer service contacted me via email apologizing for delay. Received a box nearly two weeks after placing the order but the box only contained the smaller of the two parts ordered. Since it was about the size and weight of three plastic drinking straws I even missed that on first look. At this point I'm starting to think I'm lucky to have received anything at all (The $9 part.), and will only end up being ripped off for $29.69, the price of the part left out. No answer from customer service again. Left message. And now they seem to have disabled my account, as I cannot sign in at all. Not that I'll miss buying from them in the future. That was never going to happen anyway. Obviously there are many customers who feel ripped off by this company. I was ripped off through their *** website. It was of Tennessee that received payment for them so they are obviously affiliated. I wonder how many other such sites they have to rip people off? They sure shouldn't have an A+ rating by the I mean reviews at 1.5 out of 5 stars gets an "A+" at the now?! What's the world coming to?

NewParts Response • Jul 10, 2020

We are sorry to hear that there was an issue with communication and receipt of the order. We are seeing some staffing shortages across the supply chain and we certainly have less people at our disposal in the communication department than usual due to Covid. This was a case of our supplying dealer short shipping the order and the process of sending photos of the package and reporting to the supplying dealer took more time than the customer was comfortable with, again our apologies for the delay and inconvenience. We have submitted a shipment for replacing the missing item and the customer reported that action will resolve the issue.

Customer Response • Jul 14, 2020

Thankfully *** did send out the part that was left out of the first box. I appreciate their customer service department taking care of it. I was quite frustrated when I wrote the above because I needed the part and my car was partially disassembled as I waited. Anyway, *** seems OK at t his point. Perhaps they have issues with personnel due to the pandemic. Anyway, basically all's well-ish that ends well-ish.

On May 20th, 2020 I ordered a set of ceramic brake shoes from ***, a.k.a. NewParts, off *** for the price of $46.95 plus $4.65 tax. They claimed those brake shoes would be an exact fit for my vehicle, a 2006*** Ion 2. When I received the brake shoes, I was not ready to install them as I was waiting for new brake drums to complete the job right. It took me about a month until I received my new brake drums and got a chance to do my brake job thanks to the Covid 19 issues causing shipping delays on my brake drums. I did not open the brake shoe box until June 18th. I instantly discovered these brake shoes would NOT work on my 2006*** Ion 2 as the seller claimed! The required shoes are equipped with a permanent, non-replaceable parking brake lever, which the ones I received did NOT have! I immediately contacted this seller to inform them that the parts they sold me that they claimed would work on my vehicle did NOT work on my car! Their first response included this: "Be assured that, if we were the cause of the issue, we will gladly provide you with a return label on our cost." (which they NEVER did!). Their next email started like this: "First of all, thank you for providing all the needed information, even more than required! We appreciate your cooperation! I have thoroughly searched for the correct item and came up against the same part number that *** provided you with. After looking into our stock, I've found out that *** doesn't produce this parts for your vehicle, however, we will send you the listing for the*** brand product in a short time." (So, they finally admitted that these parts did NOT actually fit my car as stated in their *** ad!). After asking them to send me a prepaid return shipping label as required by *** when incorrect parts are sold, their response was to sell me MORE EXPENSIVE parts! They sent me links to much more expensive parts. I HAVE MORE TO ADD!
Product_Or_Service: brake shoes

Desired Outcome

Refund I have asked the seller on countless times to send me a prepaid return shipping label, which they refused to do! I then asked for a refund, which they refused also! I want a FULL REFUND of my purchase price including sales tax! I refuse to pay to ship the incorrect parts back! It was THE SELLER'S misleading, incorrect listing that stated these brake shoes would work on my car when in fact they would NOT that caused all this! They have refused to reply to any of my messages for the last few days.

NewParts Response • Jul 01, 2020


The buyer was sent a pre-paid return label to *** on 06/29/2020 and was also informed on his *** account shortly after, on the same day. Once the item is delivered back and checked-in, we will process the full refund.

Kind regards!

Customer Response • Jul 10, 2020

Document Attached***
The item was received by the business on Monday, July 6th, but has refused to issue a refund 5 days later! This case should never have been closed based on lies from the seller. He has promised me a refund countless times but has refused to issue one. I now have complained to *** AND *** to no avail. The seller now has their parts back in resellable condition AND has my $51.60 but I have nothing!

NewParts Response • Jul 16, 2020

All returns are completed within two weeks, since the parts need to be checked in for the proper refund/exchange. Package was delivered on July 6th, 10 days ago. The refund was processed this morning. The *** transaction ID is 00K213575T2970116. The gross amount is $51.60.

Ordered some shocks on ***. When I received my email confirming shipping I saw it had a quantity of x2 which I only ordered x1. So I emailed newparts and they issued me a return request and at this time I come to realize they charge a 20% restocking fee. Honestly I've never heard of this. Seems like stealing to me especially when I dont feel it was my fault. Yes I should have checked their return policy and if I had they would have never got my money. But they did. So I originally only wanted x1 set so I request the return for x1 set (100% sure of this) and they emailed me back saying I requsted return x2. I know for a fact I changed it to x1, wasnt gonna let that happen again. I know what I did dont try and tell me what I did when I didn't. I tried to explain all this to Newparts CS (Bradly) and he insisted this was all my doing and refuse to waive the restocking fee. No worries bud, now you can just return both sets and I will refuse to do anykind of buissness with you and your company. The money lost is a lesson learned I guess! USE THIS COMPANY AT YOUR OWN RISK! They will find some way to *** you!

NewParts Response • Jun 11, 2020

The issue at hand was that the customer simply ordered an extra set, stating themselves that they may have ordered an extra one initially when they've opened a return request via ***. However, they've stated quickly after that, that we're trying to rob them of their money. This is factually untrue, as as a retailer, its not at all in our intention to rob our customers as we value any customer and try our best to resolve each issue that occurs at times. Additionally, neither we nor *** has the ability to modify an order in such a way as the customer portrayed, so it is also technically impossible for us to process different quantity then the customer has inputed upon placing their order. The second problem in this case was that the customer opened a return request for both sets, instead of one, since they've ordered only one extra set - which we've then corresponded about and explained that they've opened a return request for both. The customer was then additionally frustrated about the common practice for online retailers - implementing the 20% re-stocking fee. We've tried our best to explain that this is simply a practice in place only if the issue being the reason for return something on the buyer's side, not the seller's mistake. Unfortunately, the customer was completely uncooperative and rejected any kind of explanation and suggestion for a satisfactory resolution, leaving us with no further options to employ in resolving the issue, which was simply them needing to return the extra set, even though we've tried for multiple times to come to terms with the customer.

Customer Response • Jun 12, 2020

Wrong, I was not the one uncooperative, I simply wanted a full refund for something I dont feel was my fault. Out of respect for all parties involved I did in fact say it was a possibility it was something I did but was doubtful about that and didnt want to place blame on you or *** without having any clear indication of that possibility. I now see thats not the case on your behalf as your immediate response was to blame the customer so, once again IN MY OPINION, you can steal my money! Also once again when initiating my refund I not once, not twice, but three times confirmed my retern request for ONE SET of the shocks and once again you replied that it was double giving me the confirmation it had to be some glitch with in the computer system! Not saying any one particular persons fault but didnt feel it was my doing. My concern fell on deaf ears and you were unwilling to listen to my concern and only wished to blame me. So as a result of feeling I was *** by your company I decided to just not do business with you and return both sets instead of one. As a "reputable" company I guess that hard earned $30 you're stealing from me is just your way of doing business. Good luck with that.

NewParts Response • Jun 17, 2020

Hello, We are sorry to see that the customer feels that he didn't order two sets of shock absorbers, but we simply couldn't order them on his behalf. That is simply not possible. If the buyer ordered two sets of shock absorbers but needed only one set, he ordered one extra set by mistake. In situations where there is some sort of mistake on the customer's end, a restocking fee of 20% is applied to the refund. However, we would like to let you and the customer know that we will waive the restocking fee and issue a goodwill refund for the remaining sum in hope that Mr. V will find it as our attempt to improve his experience with our company.

Thank you for your understanding in resolving this issue.

The NewParts Team

Customer Response • Jun 17, 2020

I do truly appreciate that and it is deffenitly a redeeming gesture. Thank you and wish we could have come to this result in the beginning so I could have still used the original set of parts I ordered. Im not at all saying I'm right in this situation but do feel if the original CSR I dealt with was more understanding and willing to resolve the situation and litsen to my concerns we would have avoided this whole bad situation from the beginning. I do understand your companies policy although I was unaware at the time of purchase and once again appreciate you going beyond that to resolve the issue. Now thats the actions of a "reputable" company. Thank you.

Company never shipped 2 orders, one for $307.48 via order number: XXXXXXX I placed on 5/20, and another for $307.48 I placed on 5/20 via order number: XXXXXXX. The company refuses to refund my money or ship the items.
Product_Or_Service: Trim

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) I would like this company to refund 100% of my purchases.

NewParts Response • Jun 22, 2020

Dear Mr. and representatives,

we're terribly sorry to hear about the negative experience Mr. had with our company and truly apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused to our respected customer.
Unfortunately, in these challenging times, things can easily go awry.
What happened with both of these orders is that packages were misplaced by our carrier UPS and they weren't able to locate them for a couple of days. Both orders / boxes were handed to UPS on 05/20/2020, and there were no updates on the tracking number between that day and by the time Mr. contacted us about the delay in the delivery of his order. We've immediately filed a claim with UPS in order to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, this process takes a couple of days and in most cases, UPS can locate the package and proceed as advised. One of the boxes was found and sent back to our warehouse, but one was shipped and delivered to the customer after the expected delivery date. Here are tracking details:


Delivered 03/06/XXXX XX:XX *** US
Past Event Out for Delivery 03/06/XXXX X:XX *** United States
Past Event Shipped 29/05/XXXX XX:XX *** United States
Past Event Label Created 20/05/XXXX X:XX United States

However, by the time of the delivery, both orders were already refunded to the buyer with transaction IDs XXXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXXX on 06/03/2020.

As for the communication, most of the customer's attempts to reach us were during the Memorial Day Holiday weekend (05/24/XXXX - XX/26/2020), while our business was closed. We've worked with our customer and replied to all of his messages, emails and accepted chat requests during our working hours, for which we can supply additional documentation if needed.
While we acknowledge and accept that the delivery to our customer was delayed because of unforeseen circumstances, we've diligently worked both with our customer and the shipping service in order to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. The problem was resolved and customer has received a full refund for both of his order with shipping, as requested both in the communication with our customer service representatives and complaint.
If any further assistance and documentation is needed, we'll be happy to provide it or assist in any way.

Best regards

After placing my order using a promotional coupon provided by the website for $10 when subscribing with my email I submitted my order and the discount was not applied. I resubmitted the order after logging out and back in and that time the discount was applied. I immediately called to cancel my first order and no customer service available by chat or call. Also no option to cancel your order online. I left a message With my order number to cancel. The next day same thing and I left a message. Then the next day, Monday, I was abel to contact customer service by chat and they said they cannot cancel orders. My only option was to accept the two orders and pay for return shipping and be subject to 20% restocking fees. This is not fair. My package still has not shipped and I cannot cancel my order? For an error from the website that didn't apply my discount? This is bad business practices.
Product_Or_Service: Auto parts
Order_Number: XXXXXXX

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) Just cancel my order and refund the charge.

NewParts Response • May 29, 2020

Dear Sir/Madanm,

We are sorry to hear that the customer felt that we wouldn't help out and cancel the order for him becuase he couldn't apply the store credit of $10.00 we gave out as as gift to welcome him as a new member of our Loyalty Program. We did in fact canceled the order the same day and issued a refund for it. Please find the refund transaction details below: Refunded: $102.22. Tax: $8.44. Total: $110.66 Transaction ID: ***.

We have done everything the customer asked for and are very sorry to see that he filed a case agains us.

Thank you for your assistance and understanding in resolving this issue.

Best regards

Customer Response • May 29, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They are incorrect. See my documentation provided. The order was placed 5/23/2020. They offered to cancel the order 5/25/2020. After placing the order I chatted with their chat support online and the agent told me I could not cancel the order. I did not have the option and they did not have the option to cancel. The two order must be shipped out to me even though both of them had not shipped out yet. I could send the items back after the order had arrived but I would be subject to a restocking fee and would have to pay for return shipping. After placing the complaint they did respond back to me with a reasonable offer to cancel the order. Again, this was after they told me I did not have the option to cancel. That is the entire reason I launched the complaint. Now the issue is resolved and I am refunded and only one package was sent (both orders had not been shipped out yet). And yes they did do what the customer asked for but only after intervention. I will not be doing business with a company that is dishonest in their retelling of the customer experience and decides to act reasonably only after is involved. I definitely recommend that others search for a more reputable company to work with.

I requested for an RMA to return my bad drive axle received 11/19. After many follow up with *** at Customer Service, my emails fell on deaf ears.
I received a warranty replacement drive axle for my 2008 Volvo XC90. The original purchase date was back in July 2019. I believe the order #XXXXXX.

*On Oct 2019, I filed a warranty claimed for the original purchased of the drive axle.

I received a warranty replacement for the drive axle on my 2008 Volvo XC90 on 11/20

The new warranty replacement drive axle was received in 11/19. New warranty replacement part installed in early Dec 2019,

I returned the bad drive axle back on Dec 2019. This unit was purchased back in July 2019 RA#XXXX-XX-XXXX.

*** The new warranty replacement drive axle broke on January 23, 2020. I was left stranded at an intersection. I contacted *** at Customer Service to inform him of the damaged drive axle on January 27, 2020. *** immediately replied back asking for photos. I sent the photos same day (1/27/20)

On January 28, 2020, *** said "Thank you! I've filed this with the manufacturer and am making sure that the parts are taken back for a full refund."

On January 31, 2020, I followed up. No reply from ***

Feb 2, 2020, *** replied back, "Manufacturers usually take their sweet time with considering the warranty requests - they usually request new purchase as that 'lubricates' the process in their eyes and they're more likely to act fast in that case. Regardless of that - we expect to get a reply from them on this tomorrow."

Feb 12, 2020, Feb 13, Feb 17, March 4, and final follow up on April 29, 2020. All emails fell on deaf ears and never received a reply back from ***. Last email conversation I had with *** was on Feb 2nd.

I tried to compromise with *** to allow me to obtain the credit towards my new purchased of the *** brake rotors and 4 pads on April 29. Order Confirmation # is XXXXX. No reply back from ***.

I demand my refund on the drive axle since it was only used for 2 months and broke down. My cost to tow my Volvo cost me more than the cost of the drive axle. Yet, I tried to compromise.
This is very poor Customer Service to let the Buyer "hang to dry"

Desired Outcome

Please send me my RMA. I want a full refund.

NewParts Response • May 24, 2020

Buyer was sent an email on May 24th. We are asking for his vehicle info to be able to file the warranty claim with the manufacturer, and authorize his return request.

Customer Response • May 29, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I accepted their response after insisting that pay for the return shipping label. There was no discussion on whether I will get my full refund or refund minus the restocking fee. However, since it's warranty related claim, I should be getting my full refund. As of today, I have not sent back the item. I will do so in the next day or so. Thank you Newpart for resolving this issue. It's been a thorn to have to deal with.

I did not receive what I ordered. The company representative emailed that a return shipping label would be emailed to me. I have not received label.
From: Customer Service
Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2020
Subject: Re: Offline Message from ***: Good afternoon, I did not receive what I -
To: ***


Return label will be with you soon. Thanks for the update!

Best regards,
Customer Service

-----Original message-----
From: ***
Sent: 04/29/2020 19:03:42

> Yes, that will work.
> On Wednesday, April 29, 2020 Customer Service
> wrote:
> Hello,
> Thank you, I can send the return label here to your email, let us
> know if that'd work for you.
> Best regards,
> ***
> Customer Service
> -----Original message-----
> From: ***
> Sent: 04/28/2020 22:59:21
> > Okay, option 2 then. Let's go with option 2.
> > It's poor customer service though because I ordered the correct
> parts
> > to begin with.
> >
> > On Tuesday, April 28, 2020 Customer Service
> > wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> > Sorry to hear that. Please find the replacement options below:
> > We have 2 options at this point.
> > 1. You can purchase the items again and we will send you a return
> > label for the wrong items you received. Then once we receive them
> back
> > we will issue you a full refund for the wrong items.
> > 2. We can send you a return label and when the items arrive
> we can
> > send you the correct replacement items.
> > Option 1 has the fastest turnaround time, but the choice is totally
> > up to you.
> > Best regards,
> > ***
> > Customer Service
> >
> > -----Original message----------
> > From: ***
> > Sent: 04/28/2020 12:11:42
> > > Good evening,
> > > These parts go between the headlight bezel and the bumper
> cover.
> > > They have the headlight washer hose and wiper arm rod holes.
> I
> > don't
> > > need these parts.
> > > What I ordered was the set of headlight bezels for both sides
> > and
> > > my order receipt shows the correct parts as being ordered/paid
> for.
> > > Please have the incorrect parts shipped back and rush my correct
> > parts
> > > to me. I'm behind schedule now that the wrong parts were shipped
> > > in error.
> > > Thx,
> > > ***

> > > On Monday, April 27, 2020 Customer Service
> > > wrote:
> > > Hello,
> > >
> > > Sorry to hear that, please provide us with a picture or two
> of what
> > > you've got so we can make sure that these parts are swapped
> out
> > > adequately.
> > >
> > > Best regards,
> > > ***
> > > Customer Service
> > >
> > > -----Original message---------------
> > > From: Zendesk Chat
> > > Sent: 04/27/2020 20:17:00
> > >
> > > > Offline Message from on 27 Apr 2020, 06:16 PM
> > > >
> > > > Offline Message from ***
> > > >
> > > > Offline Message left on 27 Apr 2020, 06:16 PM (GMT+0)
> > > >
> > > > Good afternoon, I did not receive what I ordered. I should
> have
> > received
> > > > both the left and right headlight bezels and didn't. What
> you
> > > shipped
> > > > me is not what I paid for. Ship me the correct headlight bezels
> > and
> > > > also have the incorrect parts picked up.
> > > >
> > > > NAME ***
> > > >
> > > > EMAIL *** (mailto:***
> > > >
> > > > PHONE --
> > > >
> > > > LOCATION Fairmont, West Virginia, United States

Desired Outcome

I want a full refund and they can have the incorrect parts back.

NewParts Response • May 05, 2020

The customer received a return label to their email 6 days ago. I would advise the customer to check their spam and junk folders and let us know if the return label is there. If it didn't arrive, it would represent no issue for us to resend the return label to a different email address if the customer can provide us with one. If not, we can resend to the same email.

Best regards

Customer Response • May 06, 2020

Good morning,

I check my spam email daily and my normal email inbox.

I did not receive the return label.

Please advise the company to send me another return shipping label.

NewParts Response • May 07, 2020


After this exchange was finished, the customer sent us an email yesterday inquiring about their return label. We replied to the message that the customer sent with a return label, attachment and requisite return instructions. If the customer still did not get a return label, we implore them to let us know of an alternate email address so that we're able to rectify this ASAP.

Best regards

Fraudulent charges on our company card in February. Newparts did not reach out to us at the time and is not helping to resolve the situation now.
$2,371.63 charge on Feb, 5 2020
$1,926.33 charge on Feb 13, 2020
($1,926.33) credited 31 Mar 2020

Cardholder: *** (senior citizen)
*** credit card
Photo is a screenshot from our online card portal.

Newparts did not reach out to us at the time and is not helping to resolve the situation now.

We have been in contact with the rep Otis and the PR via their official Facebook page. *** emailed *** and explained that we did not order from their company. Otis replied to that email, but it appeared to be an auto-response, because he asked for our order number (?). He has ignored two of our requests to call us and remedy the situation.

Desired Outcome

We would like a refund and an explanation. This company has a bad reputation as an eBay seller, from the looks of their reviews.

NewParts Response • Apr 13, 2020


As previously outlined to the customer, we have no knowledge of these charges. We've advised the customer to follow up with their bank and start a chargeback case with them as we have no knowledge or trace of them ever being made. Upon previous contact, I've followed up regarding this with our accounting but they haven't been able to help due to the fact that the charges (again) aren't shown in our system.

We're here for any help we can provide but at this point that's very little as we don't see the payments anywhere.

Just to broaden the horizon here a little - we've been in business for 10 years, have extremely detailed and thorough records of purchases made for the entirety of the 10 years. We move tens of thousands of orders on a weekly basis even through the pandemic lockdown. If the charge doesn't show on our end, we're not able to assist no matter how much we'd want to.

Best regards,

Customer Response • Apr 13, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Thank you for the prompt response. I am the finance manager for the company, and I filed this complaint. This is the first we've spoken. I'm marking this customer service complaint as resolved because it does not seem like you were informed of my requests for a phone call through the Facebook chat on Thursday, and the PR notified me that you never received my email requesting a phone conversation. I had to comment on a public photo to get any kind of response from a representative. I attached both screenshots of those below. We initiated a fraud investigation case with the bank immediately when we found the discrepancy. It still seems very odd to me the credit card shows three charges to Newparts, Inc in Nashville, yet your merchant account shows no record of any of the transactions. It could be someone posing as your merchant account, perhaps.

In any case, I was frustrated at trying multiple different avenues to get a hold of you and not hearing back for several days. is the only avenue I've been able to reach you concerning the case. Again, feel free to call me, and I can verify the identity of the cardholder (our employee, Lewis) and any other details you may need to find the charges. I assume *** will probably call you as well, so we can end our communication as soon as it began, if you like.

Nolan ***
Finance Manager @ *** Landscape Co.

This company is an absolute fraud. I am on one of the many poor souls and is like the ones below that ordered parts, I got half of what I ordered and now they are disputing that all the items were shipped when they in fact have a second listing with the items I was sent and its $200 dollars less.

Days after my claim, they are asking me for why would I lie about this to get a refund but I have to go buy the parts for much more somewhere else? Please folks do yourself a service, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

They list and offer you what you need, but send you something else completely irrelevant. I ordered my items for $380 dollars, I got an oil pan and oil instead which are worth $150-$170 at worst with shipping. So after paying a tow truck driver to get my car back from the shop or Id have to pay storage fees, I was out $120 dollars, the $200 of missing parts as well. Have not car, have to pay for overnight from a reputable yes...STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!! CHECK THEIR ***! We are but a few here that have reported them for doing just this! The hundreds of negative feedback on *** dont lie. Stay away from the SCAM!!! CAUSE THIS IS THEFT! WIRE AND MAIL FRAUD!

Thats what you call when you use selling and shipping services with the intent to steal. FRAUD!

I would like to speak to a senior company manager about Otis the customer service department manager who refuses to respond to me or I am leaving
I have been a long time customer of the "old" Newparts company where it was a pleasure doing business with Michael and David as salespeople. Since there has been some organizational change, you can no longer talk to David directly, only email him, and there is this arrogant customer service person named Otis who has missed my voicemails and takes no responsibility for it and also contributed to me missing a return window for a few items by non response to a form filled out several times and multiple voicemails. I want a call from a higher level manager to discuss this issue as if I dont receive contact, I will immediately cease buying from Newparts. David has always been and remains a great sales agent.

Desired Outcome

Call from a Senior Manager (NOT Otis) to discuss Otis' behavior and response and lack thereof Reimbursement for the boxed parts whose return window was missed due to customer service dept ineptness

NewParts Response • Mar 18, 2020

We will be happy to take the parts back for the refund. The problems were addressed in an email sent to the customer.

Customer Response • Mar 20, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I did not receive any email nor a prepaid shipping label and who was the manager in charge of this resolution. Then I accept.

NewParts Response • Mar 24, 2020

The email was sent on March 18th, and it has just been forwarded again. We have forwarded it to another address that we have on records, as well, since it's possible that the customer wasn't checking the other account. The subject is 'Customer Service complaint and Return Request'. We would appreciate if the customer would check the spam folder as well. We will do our best to get the issue resolved as quickly and as hassle-free as possible, once we receive the response.

Order parts unable to deliver to PO Box, told refund would be issued and reorder parts, did exactly that and no refund and no parts
On March 6 placed an parts order with No where on their ordering form did it stay I could get the parts shipped to my PO Box, however on March 9 received an email stating parts are not shipped to PO Boxes and refund would be issued and instructed to reorder parts. Waited until March 11 for refund, nothing, decided to reorder parts, reordered and waited. Website states orders received before 4 pm EST are processed same day, March 12 still no confrontation of order being processed or refund. Now out $365 and no parts. Contacted customer service support and told fraudulent activity because I placed two orders within 7 days!!! is the only one benefiting from this transaction

Desired Outcome

Refund money and ship my parts immediately

NewParts Response • Mar 13, 2020


The customer placed a purchase for a Tail Light Assembly 7 days ago. Their account was flagged in our system for potential fraudulent activity. Since, we have called the customer two times and got no reply whatsoever. The customer's initial purchase was refunded three days ago and on our end, everything seems okay. If the customer is interested, we can provide her with the refund confirmation number.

The customer has since purchased more parts, that is also correct. All of these were shipped out yesterday afternoon (our handling time is 24 hours) and they do have a tracking number. If the customer is interested, we can provide her with the tracking number as well.

If there's anything else we can do, please reach out to us via email to ***.

Best regards,

Customer Response • Mar 13, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The company never attempted to contact me. I have not receive any refund and no one ever offered to provide me with any confirmation number. I did receive an email stating the parts were shipped and I would receive an email within the hour with a tracking number Never did get that number and still out of my money.

NewParts Response • Mar 16, 2020

Refund Confirmation Number: XXXXXXXXXXX


Customer Response • Mar 18, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) did ship the parts finally. However, I have checked with my bank and still no refund. They stated the money was refunded "several days ago" what does that mean? On March 9, when they canceled my order or yesterday when they shipped my second order? I understand this is irritating to his business and simply want the matter resolved. The parts are being delivered which results the main issue. Now, just the refund. I understand refunds take time to process but not 11 days.

NewParts Response • Mar 18, 2020


As we've previously indicated, this refund was provided quite some time ago. We're not aware of there being any issues on our end and the money was definitely taken out of our account. Whether it was held up or is delayed by the bank we don't know. We've provided the refund confirmation number and there's no further course that we can trace here - we suggest the customer follows up with their bank.

Best regards,

August 27, 2019 I purchased 3 parts and received them a few days later. One item was damaged when shipped due to poor packing.

Invoice #:***
Part No.: ***

I contacted the office and send pictures about the damage. I was told that that *** will be informed. I have been sending emails and try to call to ether get a replacement or I return the broken part for a refund.


Desired Outcome

ether get a replacement or I return the broken part for a refund.

NewParts Response • Dec 23, 2019


The customer has a call scheduled and we will be reaching out the customer directly, making sure their concern is handled in full.

Best regards,

Customer Response • Dec 24, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Otis, I have been told over and over again that you will deal with this. You never did. No call , no mail NOTHING .....

Complaint Response Date bumped because: Holiday

NewParts Response • Dec 30, 2019


With our honest and due apologies to the customer for the lack of contact - things got stretched a bit due to Holidays. We'll be resolving this ASAP.

Best regards,

Customer Response • Jan 03, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

Otis, I have been told over and over again that you will deal with this. You never did. No call , no mail NOTHING .....

Ordered parts for a vehicle the mid Nov; its been a month and never received parts ordered. Mandated Refund but Co. will not give process
Problem and Purchase Date: 11/21/2019
Order number: XXXXXXX
Customer Service : Dave

Order numbers: *** (qty 8) 37.12 per item
*** (qty 2) 63.07 per item
*** (qty 8) 5.69 per item

Payment Amt: 497.64
Payment Method: ***

Expected Shipdate: 11/22/19

Called each week to Dave and Mike and each time told me FedEx will drop ship next day; FedEx never comes...this is FRAUD!!!!!

Desired Outcome


NewParts Response • Dec 11, 2019


We sincerely apologize for the delay in delivery on this order. My colleague has informed me that the matter has since been resolved. If there is anything that we can do to assist you in resolving the matter, please let us know.

Best regards,

Company sent incomplete parts, then offers refunds that they do not complete on there end. Seems to be a reoccurring complaint in the comments.
I bought 2 upper control arms for my explorer. These were supposed to come with rearward bushings. They did not come. They offered me a partial refund which I agreed to. This was weeks ago and never seen it. They took forever to communicate with me now they wont even respond. I will never buy from this company and I recomend that you dont purchase from them eather.

Desired Outcome

I just want the refund that the company promised me. I had to purchase the parts separately costing me another 90 bucks. I agreed to take the 80 partial refund they offered but they never finished there end of the deal

NewParts Response • Jan 16, 2020


The customer's purchase has been refunded in the previously agreed upon amount. Please see confirmation below:

Transaction ID: ***
Payment Status: COMPLETED
Gross amount
-$80.00 USD

Best regards,

I paid for 2 headlights, received one, was promised a refund on the other charge, and have been told the refund is coming. It has not. Nobody answers
I ordered a driver's headlight for my 2011 BMW 550 with vision. They were on back order for over a month. This was not newparts fault. They finally came in and shipped me one via *** right away! *** lost it. I filed a claim with FedEx, and they worked directly with new parts for the refund to them for the lost light. While this was being resolved I paid for a second light so I could pass inspection and drive my car again. New parts advised that they attempted to process a refund in July but it did not go through. I believe they were attempting to refund a card that had been closed due to fraud. I followed up with new parts on numerous times after this and was advised that people were looking into it and would be in touch. However, nobody reached out to me. I used their messaging system on over 5 separate occasions for an update. The first time it seemed like it would be resolved, but it was not. Then today, I inquired and they completely ignored me. So on a sperate computer with a different IP address I messaged about buying a new car part. They instantly responded. Then I brought up my claim, and they said the accounting department would have to look into it. After that, they ignored my next 20 messages. I have never been vulgar or rude with them. I simply want my $900 back. I do have copies of emails stating they were attempting to refund me as well as some of the message conversations. I did not keep most of them, because I did not imagine needing to have them.

Desired Outcome

I simply want my $900 back. I am open to a card refund, ***, or even a check. I feel bad filling this out. Newparts was very helpful at the start when I needed a headlight. Furthermore, it is not their fault that *** lost the first light. However, I do not want to pay for this twice.

NewParts Response • Nov 26, 2019


We've tried to refund the customer several times over and most of our communication was super smooth due to the customer's understanding and patience in dealing with what is ostensibly an uncomfortable matter. Unfortunately, we hit a snag when the customer requested to be refunded to a credit card different to the one the customer used to purchase the part originally. At this moment, I would have to request that the customer provide us with details of their new card as well as some sort of identity confirmation that can be done either via the phone or emails - we'd prefer a phone just in the interest of security for both us and the customer. The customer can follow up with us on this via email and will get a call back within 24 hours from our Fraud Department.

Best regards

Customer Response • Dec 16, 2019

Hello Again I am following up on this refund. The company had someone call me about taking care of my refund after the initial complaint was filed to you. I confirmed with them that they could credit the funds to my *** card that I had used to make the order. When I ordered the headlight initially I had to pay twice to get it to my house. I used a Discover card once and a *** the other time to pay for the light. The discover card was closed by discover due to a fraud alert over the summer and cannot accept a refund to my knowledge. However, the *** is still active, and thus I confirmed that credit card information to enable them to send a refund. However, there still has been no refund and it has been weeks. They are more than welcome to mail me a check to my billing address. It is the same as the shipping address. I sent the company an email about this on 12/10, and also attempted to reach them via their online chat before bringing this back to you.

NewParts Response • Jan 16, 2020


The customer has been refunded in full for the purchase.

Best regards,

Customer Response • Jan 20, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I was contacted again, and was again met with a very apologetic representative. He repeatedly apologized for the process, and then sent me the refund via *** while we were on the telephone. Thank you for finally refunding me for the duplicate charge!

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