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Nomad Internet

New Braunfels, Texas, United States, 78130-7282

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• Jan 12, 2021

They continue to bill your card even after returning their equipment
I am using my own equipment and only received their SIM card. The service works ok, as long as you have a good AT&T signal. It never seems to be very fast. Not as fast as Verizon, for example. But, it does work with a good signal. Then, after a few months, they email me to say that they are increasing the subscription charge, saying "[a]s a result of working with a larger network partner, the need for a new partnership such as this has brought on additional costs." If you look around, you can find a lot of reviews that say they experienced similar rate hikes after a few months. So, I don't know if anyone should believe that using a new larger partner actually increased their costs, or if it is just standard practice to increase the rates after a few months... Anyway, I immediately requested cancellation of my service. They asked me to return the SIM card, which I found surprising. After all, the postage costs more than the sim card is worth. Anyway, I returned it and have confirmation that they received it before the next billing cycle. They charged my card anyway and are now giving me the run around promising a refund in three weeks... So much for cancel anytime... We'll see if they actually stop billing me and/or refund these fraudulent charges or whether I have to take it up with my credit card company and the BBB...

Just received the sim card today to begin service. So far, very satisfied. My location I am receiving a 45 ms ping, 35-50mpbs download with an 8-10 Mbps upload. Customer service has been great. Even with instant messaging and not person to person. They have able to answer and assist me with any questions.

Nomad internet is wonderful! I stumbled across their name when doing a Google search for services, and I have not been disappointed. I never thought I could have such reliable internet living in the woods, in the middle of nowhere! Emily in customer service is an angel, helping me get the router and plan that worked best for me. She made me feel like I was family. I recommend Nomad highly

• Aug 10, 2020

I selected Nomad because of advertising I saw on Facebook. Before ordering, I read multiple reviews. The most common theme I saw in the reviews was "great customer service." I've had my service for three weeks now, and I echo everything I've read about great customer service.
As with some other reviewers, I had some initial glitches getting the equipment set up and running properly. Whenever I requested assistance, I received a reply within a short period of time. Even over a weekend, the response time was never longer than a couple of hours.
Where I live, we paid a premium for several years to get DSL with "high speed," which was never more than 2-4 mbps. Our location does not have access to cable internet or fiber internet. With Nomad, I am routinely getting speeds now between 50-80 mbps. When I use an ethernet connection to the modem, I'm getting well above 100 mbps.
I highly recommend the service. I further recommend you consider getting the Nighthawk router where that is an option. The difference in performance is well worth the price.

• Aug 09, 2020

I live way out in the country and for 13 years suffered with only choice for internet was satellite and it was terrible so I cancelled that and bought unlimited plans for my IPads and cells. It was tolerable. Then a few weeks ago I discovered companies like Nomad, after lots of research I decided to try Nomad. Now at first they sent the wrong router as I put up an outside antenna to try and get the best signal. Then I reordered and once again got the wrong one. Finally Ross stepped in and quickly resolved the issue. My speeds with the first one were averaging about 4 MBPS down and 1 MBPS up. We are about 6 miles from the ATT tower. Then I hooked up the router that could hook up to my outside antenna to. The speeds were at 7 MBPS down and 2 up. I went outside and turned my antenna to line up with the ATT tower and WOW. my speeds jumped and I would say I am averaging 15 MBPS down and 8 up. I have seen it as height as over 20 down and 15 up. Very impressed, I have been streaming movies and have had no buffering at all in SD quality. Thank you Nomad, The only thing I would say now is I wished that were able to allow phone calls instead of chat only, but hopefully they will get this resolved as we all get past this pandemic. I would absolutely recommend their service if you are in the boon docks like me and dump the satellite. One more thing, the service is not cheap, but after seeing the quality I have changed my *** tv plan to a lower one saving $30, changed my iPad and cell services to a lower data plan saving another $50, so I am basically only paying $49 for the Nomad service after what I am saving on the others. Very happy customer here.

• Aug 05, 2020

I must say that for being a new customer with them, I'm already greatly impressed with their level of customer service! Although we were off to a rough start at first, it was just a small technical issue on our end to get our router to accept the new SIM card. The staff is very helpful through chat and it's that level of customer service that I really appreciate!

• Aug 04, 2020

Really great customer service and product... highly recommended. Representative Mike T was very friendly and helpful.

• Aug 04, 2020

I have received excellent customer service.
I changed up my order three times but got the help that I needed.
The product works as advertised.
I can stream video and surf the net at the same time with no problem.
I live full time in and RV.
I am currently in the high country of Colorado.
Cell towers are spread thin as the air up here.
Nomad Internet has solved that issue.

• Aug 04, 2020

I’ve used Nomad for about a month now and it’s been wonderful! Setup was easy, and coupled with the Netgear Nighthawk mobile hotspot, which is very powerful, I get great service. I’m only a couple of miles away from a cell tower, but I get consistently between 50-100mbps down and between 15-30 up and 20-30ms ping. When I chat with Nomad I always get a human in the other end. Reading some of the negative reviews on here, I believe the trouble they are experiencing is with poor or fluctuating connectivity in their area. Because these packages use the existing cell networks for the major carriers, if you don’t have great service or are operating during peak hours, you will see variable speeds. Even at the lowest mine is so much better than *** or *** in my area. Check you cell network speeds in your area to get the best results. Couldn’t be happier!

• Aug 03, 2020

I have an update on a review I made about this company. At first I was extremely upset due to the lack of communication on their end and also how nothing ever seemed to be resolved. This morning or yesterday evening I got an email from the CEO himself to talk to me about the issues I have been going through. He has taken the time to really listen to me and is rectifying the situation to truly make me feel valued. I'm retracting my previous review and thanking him for being patient with me and taking the time to really help me out.

• Aug 03, 2020

Excellent customer service through Chat experience. As a new customer I have found them very helpful and patient.

• Jul 30, 2020

Got throttled and they claim in their advertising that you won’t!! Never offered to help just claimed all is well on their end and suggested that I just cancel! Slow customer no service response.. Buyer BEWARE!!
Nomad didn’t offer hardware just a SIM chip that was installed in a certified Nighthawk m1 .. and yes I was throttled twice! I have since returned their ATT branded SIM and have ended the overpriced falsely promised service performance SCAM of a company .. no offers to provide technical assistance just an automatic “ just cancel “ from their CEO — this is not an ethical business

Nomad Internet Response time Aug 04, 2020

This customer purchased a SIM only plan from us, and reached out to us for suggestions on troubleshooting his device both on 6/28 and 7/2. While we were able to offer some general troubleshooting suggestions, Nomad unfortunately is limited on what we are able to do support wise when a customer is utilizing their own equipment, as we are not the ones to configure and set up the device ahead of time.
On 7/2 we confirmed that the SIM card provided by Nomad was active and working, and let the customer know this, and preemptively sent him our return link and information in case the customer decided to send his SIM back to cancel service. A full refund was processed for the customer upon receipt of his return.

• Jul 28, 2020

I can't tell if this company is deliberately fraudulent or just very incompetent. In the 10 days that I've been dealing with them so far I've received 1 router that I didn't order, and 3 separate invoices and charges on my credit card. When I emailed them - because they don't answer the phone - about the additional charges I got a snarky email reply about how it was required for a replacement router, which doesn't even make sense... then ANOTHER invoice a few days later! - So far, they're done nothing but invoice me ($390 so far) and waste my time.
DO NOT give them your credit card info.
Also, just an observation; all the 5 star reviews on here look pretty fake.

• Jul 28, 2020

With internet speeds at less than 1.5 mbps, I reached out to try and find a solution. I was met with the standard replies - reset your modem, etc, blah, blah, blah. Since they were incompetent to actually troubleshoot slow speeds, I activated a SIM card with another provider and immediately was getting 45-60mbps downloads without making any changes to my Mofi. So the issue was with Nomad.
I then asked them to cancel my service. They told me that they would when I returned my equipment. I did not have any of their equipment. I bought my Mofi router directly from Mofi. I then told them three more times to cancel my service and they ignored my inquiries. Today they charged my card!!
Since they charged my card even after I told them four times to cancel my account, I thought I would try to find a phone number for their business. The physical address they have listed on their website goes to the Shipping and Mailbox Emporium. They have what amounts to a PO Box and no physical location for their business. I did find a phone number on their Google Business page that plays a pre-recorded message telling you to refer to their website and then hangs up.
No phone number. No physical location. Buy from these scammers at your own peril!

Nomad Internet Response time Aug 05, 2020

As the Office Manager here at Nomad, I was alerted to assist this customer when this was escalated to me from my staff due to a communication that Nomad and it's employees were either "is" or "thieves". The escalation and time to look into the matter to handle this accusation did cause part of the delay, for which I apologized for.
When requesting a cancelation of an account, all items that belong to Nomad must be returned so that we can cancel the account and issue a refund when applicable. As we own and maintain the activation of each SIM card we send out, without this being sent back we would be unable to cease billing on a subscription. This is just the same as any other service provider or service.
We provided a return label for the customer and upon receipt of his package were able to issue a refund and close the account for the customer within 3 days of receiving return. Our return policy on our website indicates a standard 12 - 14 business days for normal handling. While it can be a bit challenging for our staff to assist without manager interference in situations like this, we take every customer's concern with great care and will always handle the situation fairly and accurately.

I have been with Nomad for almost 30 days now and they sure beat the competition! Yes, I pay more than I would with ***, ***, etc but *** kept charging overage fees and the other guys kinda went out of business or something. I get unlimited service and all I did was put a new SIM in my existing LTE router! One small config change to the APN and BOOM! Speeds are dependent on tower utilization and I can see speeds from 15mbps all the way up to 65+mbps!!!! We live in the country and the only other options are dial-up or DSL @ 3mbps (we usually only got 1/2 that speed).
I was burned by another company and their non-existent customer service, so I asked a lot of questions in Nomad's chat before signing up. I got a fast response, could see at the end of the day when status changed from available to out for the day, and all my questions were answered quickly and completely. I'm sharing the web page with friends and neighbors, these guys are wonderful!

• Jul 28, 2020

We have zero broadband and even Viasat won’t serve our address. I WFH and meet on Teams all day long. Today I had a 7 hour Teams meeting with zero issues, even with a thunderstorm. Nomad has been very receptive and helpful with any issues and things are working great. So thankful for this service!!’

• Jul 21, 2020

Cost a lot for the service that you get I have had it for a month one of the routers that they sent did not work at all so I have paid almost 1000 dollars to these people for only email support. They are also using covid as an excuse not to answer the phone.

Nomad Internet Response time Jul 30, 2020

Mr. V was able to speak with our manager by phone on July 27th to follow up with his concern. We were able to get his account sorted out quickly and prior to the call that morning, and we have the account set up correctly for his current plan with us.
We processed an exchange for the customer as the customer and our staff agreed it was best to try a different plan for his area after his original order did not work for him. This first exchange and plan closure took place on July 21st, and during the exchange we had missed his setup fee being credited towards his account as it fell outside of our 14 day money back trial period. We promptly processed a refund of the setup fee instead when we handled a new return for the customer on July 26th, and apologized for the error.
A replacement router was sent to the customer on July 13th, as the first one we sent for his new plan wasn’t working to his or to our standards. We received his return on July 21st at 6:59PM. Our billing team received notification of this during normal business hours the following day. We process our returns during business hours Monday to Friday, but were able to handle this return and his refund on Sunday, July 26th. A full refund of his original router setup, and two months of service, were handled for Mr. V at this time.

• Jul 16, 2020

Nomad customer service is absolutely AMAZING! From the moment I found their site to me setting up my modem they were with me every step of the way making sure I had everything I needed and that everything was working correctly! I am just getting started with them but I can already tell you my connection says “very good” and my connection never even said that with my high speed internet at my old house so I am very pleased already!

• Jul 15, 2020

I great customer service! I am a new customer who just started with Nomad. The first router I got worked great at first but after a few weeks developed an issue of lagging or disconnecting. Contacted Nomad and they worked out a plan for me to upgrade to a better wi/fi hotspot. Everyone was great and very responsive and addressed my issue.

• Jul 12, 2020

I have been using my NomadInternet for about 30 days now. I live in a rural community with plans to becoming a Nomad and living in a travel trailer and traveling around this beautiful country of ours. When setting up the system, the paperwork that came folded in the packages stated that the default password was on the back of the device, well it wasn't. I contacted their customer support and was given a few options that did not work. While the rep was asking a supervisor, I read the book, which told me where the PW was. So, yes, the CS needs better training. My service has been great. I play MMO's and have had no issues in-game. I moved from cable to this, so was expecting some lag, none so far. Very happy with the product. If you wish to see my video review of the service, go to

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