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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

[redacted], We are waiving the cancellation fee in the amount of $29.95 for your termination. Your last billing is as scheduled for December 2, 2015, in the amount of $9.95. Your last day to use the facility is January 31, 2016. If you have any further questions or concerns please notify the General...

Manager of your home club. Thank you for your patience with this matter. Sincerely,[redacted]

I have reviewed and researched the membership account in question. I have found that the member opted for our All Access plan for $19.95 monthly with an Annual Fee $29.95 to bill every March 17th. I have no request, or inquiry to our club nor the billing department in regards to termination. If...

member has copy of her written requested termination along with said "processing fee", that would help us determine if she is owed a refund and if she should have an actively billing membership. As of today the membership agreement is actively billing $19.95 every 2nd of the month per her agreement. If she does not have proof of her written termination notice, then I advise that she submit her written termination to the facility in order to cease the billing. Thank you,[redacted]

Mr. [redacted], Thank you for your concerns and on behalf of Flex Fit Gym, we apologize for the miscommunication and error on our end. We will waive the balance of $67.00 on your account and terminate your membership immediately with no termination fee. We will continue coaching our team to help our...

members resolve issues at the club, going forward, to avoid these situations. We hope that you choose to visit us in the future as your favorite fitness facility. -Sincerely,[redacted]

I did speak to the manager at the Cedar Park location, he is refunding [redacted] the processing fee of $29.00. Please allow 5-7 business days for the refund to reflect on her account. GM has also notified member's of processing fee, reflected on agreements. Thank you, have a great New...

Year!Sincerely,[redacted]GM Flex Fit Gym 24/7 [redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me once it is officially complete. As of today, the refund has yet to be processed back to my account. I will give this until Wednesday of this week as that will be the full 7 business days since they stated the refund was issued.

[redacted] I do understand your concerns and thank you for addressing this matter. I just wanted to confirm that the facility does have 5 A/C units, one unit is missing the face plate because it is being "piggy backed" through another unit which is to ensure that the new unit installed is working correctly. The face plate is missing, yes. However, the new unit is installed and it is working efficiently thus far. I do understand that this issue has occurred in the past, in South Texas with temperatures over 100 degrees on any given day during the summer months- this is not uncommon in businesses and residences here in our area. You can consider an A/C unit to be similar to a vehicle- now take into consideration that sometimes things go wrong and there are repairs that must be made to a vehicle, much like an A/C unit. If our vehicle needs a new fan belt- our first solution would not be to go out and buy a new car, our first solution would be to have a mechanic look at the vehicle and make a suggested repair and attempt to correct the problem, this may take several days to diagnose and sometimes even weeks if we are waiting on a specific part for our repair. More often than not when repairing a vehicle or unit issue- other mechanical issues tend to occur- this is very similar to an A/C unit. It is extremely frustrating and it is a huge inconvenience, however, it does not mean that we are not trying to correct the problem. When we have an issue with anything in our facilities, we make a report to the correct maintenance personnel. If it can not be fixed immediately, we call out a specialized technician and they make a diagnosis. If parts are needed, we order parts and sometimes these things take days, sometimes depending on how unique the part is, it could take weeks for a part to come in. It is not our intention to not work quickly at correcting the issue but during these waiting periods, we do the best we can to compensate for the issue (ie. placing fans in the area to circulate the cool air that is coming out of the current working units). I assure you that had this issue occurred during a winter month, it would be unnoticed but because it is during a summer month it was significantly noticed, specifically during the afternoon times 2:00pm-8:00pm, the room temperatures were comfortable aside from this time frame.  I have included photos to assure you that the facility does not stay at 80+ degrees all day long. I have also included a photo of the old unit that was replaced as originally reported to you last week. We would like to offer you a free month for August due to the inconvenience you have had to endure during this time. Thank you for your continual service and we hope that we can continue accommodating you and your fitness needs going forward. Sincerely,[redacted]

[redacted]On behalf of Flex Fit Gym 24/7, we are very sorry to hear that the facility is not meeting your needs. We strive to offer a comfortable atmosphere for all of our members in all aspects of a fitness facility. Our facility has five air conditioning units and yesterday in particular the...

breakers went down for three of those units, combined with the high temperatures outside during the hottest time of day we can understand how it was able to escalate to such temperatures. We can say that as soon as we located the issue with the breakers we were able to adjust them and turn the units back on, stabilizing the facility once more. Again, this is something that was out of our control and things do happen from time to time at any business. We are working steadily to correct one unit in particular that has caused some issues in the past. We have set up fans in designated locations to help keep the main facility cool. Our main gym does have 20 foot ceilings and even with three units, one unit down can cause the other units to over work themselves to try to compensate for the large area-this is where we are experiencing an issue during the summer months because of how hot temperatures can reach. With three units going in our main gym unit, and the extreme weather conditions in South Texas, it is not uncommon for some kind of issue to occur for any air conditioning unit. Our units in particular are located on the rooftops. We always work quickly to repair the issue and call the appropriate servicemen out to address any issues that may occur. We also have monthly routine maintenance for all of our units at all of our locations to ensure proper care and filter changes to help avoid these types of issues. Unfortunately, these are some of the mishaps that occur and we will continue to work as fast as possible to ensure that the facility is back to normal within the days to follow.  Yours in Fitness,[redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

[redacted]We have reviewed your account #[redacted] and billing history, we have found that you did present a termination request on, November 30, 2016. Your thirty day notice of termination presented on November, 30, 2016, would process, upon your last billing date, schedule December 2,...

2016. Your Annual Fee in question was billed October 17, 2016, prior to termination request. Flex Fit, did not receive notice of chargebacks for October, November, December membership dues and October's Annual Fee, from Capital One, until December 12, 2016, resulting in a delinquency balance and breach of agreement terms. The membership balance of $59.95, would be outstanding, the remaining invoices were a result of late fee's associated with the delinquency in the account. On behalf of Flex Fit Gym 24/7, we find that the outstanding/unpaid balance of the requested $117.29 will be waived and termination will be processed. We apologize for any miscommunication on our part and we wish you continued success with all of your fitness goals. Sincerely,[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
[redacted] I have the check copy of the one year they charged me and that they cashed and I told them it was a final payment and they just kept it open .... I only agreed to pay it because of the fact that they said it would go away after that but nope it just keepson going I live over 4 hrs away there is just no way of getting away from people like that  it's just bad business in there part...

[redacted]We have reviewed your membership account discrepancy. Upon further research, we were able to find the original documentation of termination request. Per agreement terms, we require a thirty day notice of termination, but allow our member's a grace period of the 1st to the 15th of...

the month. Requests after this grace period will be processed after the last billable month in your case this would be February 2, 2017, as documented on termination request form. On behalf of Flex Fit, we are unable to refund requested amount of $19.95 but we will extend your term for a free thirty days to accommodate for any miscommunication that has occurred on our part. Thank you and we wish you success in all of your fitness goals. Sincerely, [redacted]

The credit for the outstanding is balance has been issued from our billing dept as of 24th of March 2016 (it's up to clients bank to issue asap).   This is a month to month agreement that does require written notification signed at gym or certified letter sent to the business 30 days prior...

next billing cycle. There is a signed copy of agreement with these details if one needs to be provided. Thank you    [redacted]

Dear,Mrs. [redacted] signed up with us on February 6, 2016, during a promotional sign up for $0 down. Her first billing was scheduled for 3/2/2016 for $19.95 for both memberships. On 3/1/16, our customer service department received a call inquiring about cancellation from [redacted],...

the gentlemen who agreed to pay for these memberships. They came in on 3/1/16 to submit their 30 day notice of termination. Since this notice is their 30 day notice, they were still responsible to pay the scheduled billing on 3/2/16. We billed as scheduled per the agreement terms and those charges came back declined and on 6/30/16 our office was notified of a "chargeback" for the $19.95 on 3/2/16 for both memberships. Per the terms of the agreement the member's accounts were charged an NSF fee in the amount of $20 for both declines that were scheduled for 3/2/16. On 6/30/16, the accounts assessed a charge back fee of $29.00. In the event of a chargeback dispute because it breaks the terms of agreement, the cancellation does not process due to a balance on the accounts. The member was aware of the charges and I can void one NSF fee of $20 to help her with the balance but she would need to pay the remaining balance in order to process the termination requested on 3/1/16. Sincerely, [redacted]

Mrs. [redacted], We understand your concerns and apologize for any miscommunication on our companies end. On behalf of Flex Fit Gym 24/7, we would like to submit a refund for you and your sons Annual Fees. But upon further review of your memberships, it seems that you submitted a chargeback through your bank for the Annual fees. We would not be able to refund invoices that are under a chargeback review. However, we will not dispute the charge backs submitted  for the Annual fee, which will result in a reimbursement of the annual fees in question.Yours in Fitness,[redacted]

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