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OfferPad, LLC

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• Oct 03, 2022

Our experience is very negative and they put us a in a very difficult state by giving a very generous offer and then changing it whenever and however was good for them. Don't do business with them and you will be in trouble, I don't know why government doesn't take any action against these fraud businesses.
We entered into another contract (building our home) based on this one and then giving excuses they changed price and the duration of the contract according to how they think fit.
Don't use Offer pad.

• Aug 02, 2022

Don't Use Them. Las Vegas NV
This company is nothing but a bunch of liar, esp the sales Rep we had Todd Thomason. Worst that a used car salesman. Told the house was worth $700K then after the inspection which found noting but a loose faucet handle, they can back with $15K of repairs. When I called them on the repairs they could not provide any details on the repairs. Just keep telling me there were nonnegotiable repairs. They could not provide and insight into what the repair were or what the issue was with the house. Such as drywall repair. There are no holes or any drywall repairs needed in the house. When I asked to point out the drywall issues, they could not. Problem is they came up with a list of non-tangible repairs that they could not identify. They lied about and repairs would be covered by the first [email protected] of the sale commission. When I ended up talking to the district customer service rep, she told me she has been with the company for five years and this is not true. Good old Todd is nothing but a liar. The company is a scam What they promised and list on a contract is nothing but a big lie. Do not use this company or Todd. Funny how everything he told me was against the company polices. If he worked for me, I would have fired him on the spot. The offer they gave us was overpriced and they knew it and were looking to try and capture some of their money back. If I could have provided 0 stars, I would have.

• Jul 28, 2022

Absolutely not happy with their selling process
Offerpad made be a cash offer of 605,000. Their realtor told me she could get us more money by listing the house at 650,000. They sent over the documents and switched the terms of the so-called cash flex option midstream Without explaining it to us. In fact the realtor did not even come over in person to go through the paperwork with us at signing. By the time we got the house listed the cash option expired in three days. However starting in July their policy is the house has to be listed for 30 days before you can exercise the cash buyout option. So in essence it was an impossible to execute cash buyout option. I asked why we were asked to sign a document with terms that were impossible to comply with. I was told that we just got caught in the transition from the old pre-July process and the current July process. I like the idea about reporting Offerpad through the real estate commission and will probably pursue that option.

• Apr 19, 2022

Beware of Offer pad inspectors!
I was thinking on selling my home to Offerpad. So I let their inspectors in my house to do inspections. They stole a very expensive 18 kt Wg 4 Ct. Pink sapphire diamond ring my husband had bought me. Beware of Offer pad thieves coming in your house! Watch them every minute they are in your home! Value of ring is $4000 dollars. They didn't have any business in my closet except to steal! Calling insurance see if they will do something! Inspectors need an honest person to come and watch as they inspect!

• Feb 21, 2022

Ripped Off by OfferPad (actually my review is a negative 5 stars)
My 84 year old Mother just bought a house sold by OfferPad. When I walked in the house I said Holly Cow! The paint job was horrible with large runs on all trim work that now needs replaced. The kitchen drain poured water from pipes that were clearly too short, so my husband had to replace them. My Mom had told me there was paint in the bathtub that she was going to have to get off. I walked in that bathroom and I saw immediately that they had resurface it with some sort of spray paint that is shiny, lumpy and already peeling without being used. I go to the master bath and find that the shower was unprofessionally installed and had been reglazed (walls anfd floor). We have a quality inspector in there right now that we were referred too because we found mold growing in the duct system for which we called a duct cleaning company out last week who inspected and said the house has fiberboard ducts which can't be effectively treated for mold and said she should get new ductwork installed. The inspector who is the house right now is reporting to me as he inspects and has found numerous issues that we were not aware of that were covered up. He is doing air samplings to see if there is mold and what type of mold it is. If anyone knows of a good attorney who specializes in these types of cases please post contact information.

• Dec 09, 2021

Major Structural Issues
My house is sinking... that's it plain and simple. The house I brought from Offer Pad has major issues. How strange they didn't show up until 1 year later.

I knew the kitchen had a little slope in the sub floor. The inspector said it was nothing to worry about. I moved in, set up my furnishings. Then noticed slow my house started leaning to the left. I really believe they knew this could happen. They low balled me on repairs and never showed up to fix. Called another contractor it will cost 3 times more to fix. Im out of work and will end up being stuck with this house for years to come.
Does anyone know of a CLASS ACTION SUITE against this company?


Not good
Not a good company to try and work with... refused to allow or accept my choice of inspector


OfferPad in Tampa Bay FloridaWe would have accepted the offer if it was not for the nit pickingFirst off, they take a 6% realtor commission as well as an "area" percentageThis will take about 10% off the offerThe title search took almost a month, not their fault except for the fact they choose the title company, so it falls back on themThe company we did sell to had it done in daysThis caused OfferPad to ask for extensions on the closing dateWe were selling an inheritance, so were looking to sell quick and as isOnce they came back with the items they wanted fixed, we were doneThey wanted both toilets replaced, the water conditioner replaced and lights in the kitchen replacedAll these were functioning as they were designedThey wanted the walls in the bedrooms patched and paintedThe only patching needed were the small holes created by small nails for picturesAll the rooms in the house had pictures at one time and would need the sameThey were asking us to pay for half the interior painting, which was needed throughout as parents have lived there a long time and interior had not been painted for many yearsThey also wanted to send an electrician into the attics to clean up the cable and antenna wiresOver the years there had been over the air, two cable providers, and dish networkAll the repairs they ask for have to be performed by licenses contractors, so u pay a premium for thatIf we would have been able to do these ourselves, it would not have been such a deal breaker as I can paint, replace toilets and could have pulled TV cables out of the attic myself So the majority of repairs they wanted were unnecessary and were just a way to drive the price down moreThe requests were actually quite offensive to usThey claim they do not nitpick, but I strongly disagree


100% recommend
Just sold to Offerpad last week. I had contact them a year ago, but wasn't ready to move and shopped around basically getting quotes from both Offerpad and OpenDoor. I went at it again this summer each time Offerpad was higher then OD and the fee rate was lower then OD. When I finally went ahead and found a home to purchase, they were quick to give my offer, and get the inspectors out (that took a few days) and then I was dreading the inspection report. I even waited because I thought they were going to take advantage and deduct all this money for repairs. The inspection report was very thorough but they really only deducted for floors, paint and then odor removal (I have a dog) when I called them, they agreed to negotiate on the deduction for repair. From there on start to finish (30 days) they held up their end of the bargain at every point. I had only read a few reviews and they weren't good. OD is one of the more popular companies that buys in my area (29707) so I was super nervous! Between the staff at Offerpad and the title company, they really held my hand. I took advantage of the free move (Bellhops) and stayed in my home for 2 days past closing. They inspected the next day after I vacated and sent me back my deposit (for those 2 extra days) I really have no complaints. Yes, I know it cost me more then a realtor, but for me it was the right move. No showing (no worrying about leaving at the drop of a dime) no repairs, no nit picking, they didn't even fuss over small holes in the walls when I removed the TV bracket.

I am very satisfied with my experience and definitely 100% recommend.


Why not my town?
I give them a chance to buy my house, I told I was willing to get so much for my house. Their answer was we do nationwide, but does not buy in my town. If they are nationwide why not my town?


Inspection process...
Glad I came to this site. I had my home on the market March 2019. I had 6 offers and 2 contracts. Both contracts fell through on buyer's end with closing on their homes which they needed to sell in order to purchase mine. My home's value is $165,000-179,000 based on what homes my size 3/2/2 in my area sold for in March and April 2019. I was exhausted from several showings a day and buyer's contracts falling through so I decided to try OfferPad. Initially their offer was $119,000. I declined. After 2 months the offer was $142,000 minus the $9,800 they take for so called relisting fees. So before any inspection I am at $132,000 when I had contracts for $35,000 more. I figured $35,000 loss ok I know they have to make money on the deal so they can't give you actual value. I was ok with that until I read these reviews and reviews from other sites about what happens at closing with dates stretched out, never closing and bringing the offer down tens of thousands less 2 days before closing for cosmetic things that you don't have to fix when you list and sell through a realtor. Because of horrors with inspections and requiring things fixed which are not broken I cancelled my inspection scheduled this week and cancelling my contract with them. It's one things to make an easy $35,000 it's another to force sellers to paint walls for nail holes, replace a toilet only because it's not as modern but works and worst of all they keep the money for repairs and never make them or require you to use a licensed contractor when you can do these things yourself and you should not have to do them. Inspections are supposed to catch things needed to make a house run that are broke not make the house look pretty. Those who had contract on my house cared less about the cosmetic items here and there. If you want to stay in business work on your inspection process.


Beware! I would suggest to anyone to never buy a house from offerpad, llc. They create fake bidding wars to increase your sale price, they sell houses with multiple problems and cover them up with a sloppy paint job. Their repairs are done by a local handyman employed by the company and are not licensed. Offerpad sold me my home with a pool which had a crack half way around the pool at the tile level. Offerpad installed a pool leveler to keep the water level looking normal, meanwhile the water was constantly running and the water usage during the 6 months the house was vacant was anywhere from 7,000 - 24,000 gallons (yes, that is correct) of water used in one month. The water bill for that particular month was upwards of $500 and still offerpad never disclosed the crack and maintains it had no knowledge of the crack. Six days after closing and taking ownership of this money pit, I found out about the crack ultimately costing me well over $8,000 to repair. There are other misc. Items we are still uncovering in this home that need repair. They should be put out of business immediately! They hide behind clauses that "seller never occupied the home" and are not aware of anything in the home. I call bs on that since they get inspections done before actually purchasing homes they are about to flip and are well aware of what actually needs repairs. There was paint all over the floors and in the showers from where they did a sloppy job painting... Probably the non-licensed handyman and not a licensed painter, paint over outlet plates and nail holes & patches not properly concealed. They left anchors in the walls and painted over them. They duped us but I hope more people spread the word about this unprofessional & unethical company. I'm not stopping here.

• Dec 09, 2021

I feel your pain, where do we go from here?

Extremely insulting
Recently submitted a request for an offer from offerpad. My house on zillow is listed at $553K my tax value is $530k. Their offer after fees was $388k. That offer was extremely insulting and clearly the company preys on people who are desperate to sell.


I had a very positive experience, they closed on our home in working days They did exacting what they say they will do We were treated with the upmost respect


Offer pad says it will make the sales process seamlessPick your closing date they said, no hidden fees, our first offer is what we will pay!!
They didn't deliver on any of them
The closing date agreed upon came and went without a extension even be written, I had to get on touch with the title company and send them the contracts because they never received them from the companyThem of course days before closing they want a huge credit discount for work they need to do on top of the already huge discount they already got based on the condition of the propertyThe customer service number has only one person who handles all of the calls, they were very difficult to get in touch with and are no better than dealing with local guys who make low ball cash offers


Just report them
To anyone who has a problem with low life real estate companies that do unethical things, don't waste time or money, just report them to the department of real estate AND the attorney general's office. You will be amazed at what happens. These people usually change their unethical behavior. You'll probably find out that a lot of the companies have already had complaints and are being investigated, which makes it more important for you to report them. I was a real estate agent and saw a lot of companies and agents who did things that were unethical but kept doing it because they got away with it!


This is 110% spot on. It is extremely important for anyone who has experienced questionable practices in business to consumer relationship to contact the Attorney Generals Office Consumer Protection and The Real Estate Commission in your state. If it is a nationwide company like Offerpad or Opendoor, or Knock you should also contact the Federal Trade Commission. I believe the State of NC is waiting for a few more complaints before it rises to a 'legislative or enforcement priority'.

DO NOT buy from them
I bought a condo in Las Vegas from offerpad. I can’t begin to explain how sorry I am! The HVAC system was old & corroded, wrong water heater installed, should have been a quick recovery one as the heating was a hydronic system. Also did minimal work, toilets were cheap crap & improperly installed, so leaking around the bottom, causing damage to the laminate floor. Also they exaggerated the offer numbers causing a bidding war. I am doing nothing but fixing up this place. DO NOT buy from them, they just put lipstick on a pig & sell by nice looking but pure junk underneath! They should be run out of business for unethical presentation and not truthful disclosure!


I am currently a neighbor of an Offer Pad home that has instant access for viewing. Offer Pad has no screening on potential buyers and grant access to homes with nobody present. Yesterday we had the police over there twice as they had given access to drug addict homeless people, they were living in the vacant home for 27 hours. This instant access needs to be stopped and allowing crime and drugs in our neighborhoods.


Thank you for all the feed-back... that's why you always do your due diligence... I recv'd a card in the mail from, and said let me keep this for the future, months passed... I wasn't ready to sell, but decided to FIRST look for info regarding this company... wow I didn't expect to read all the negative reviews... the post card is now in the garbage...caveat emptor as they say! ("may he beware", ) please people do your due diligence...


Live next door to an Offerpad house. The owner went into foreclosure and sure they got the house for a steal. Send their workers in and painted, replaced flooring with as cheap as they could get. Best part was there was an old riding lawn mower in their back yard, they dragged it into my back yard! I guess they didn't think I would see it? Called offerpad and got the run around from many people. Still waiting for them to resolve the issue and not going to let up until they make it right! Oh yes only one phone number to call, all calls go there.

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