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OfferPad, LLC

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In the beginning the calls are earnest and engaged. As the process goes on it gets stickier and stickier. By the time they refused to refund the $$ held at closing it was downright ugly. It amazes me to know there is a culture of flat out lying to the client and then not taking responsibility. Incredibly frustrating.

Offer pad
my with offer pad was very poor my house is 8 years old on a golf course and in upgraded also has 34 owned solar panels . in an active adult community
I paid $190.000 ,other houses in my community are selling for 235.000 they offered 177.000 after commission of 15,000
I think they are a ripoff

I received two offers both were Slap in the face they offered $10.000 less than I paid for my house 9 years ago when I built my house on a golf course and added 34 solar panels I feel this company is a rip off

We had a property on the market for 1 year. After we withdrew the contract we contacted Offerpad. Gave us an offer higher than the properties in our neighborhood sold for. We closed in three weeks. The unit has been back on the market since the end of October and still has not sold. We have saved a bundle and did not have to pay the HOA. Thank you Kathy

Don't buy it for one second. What is the address? I have been a Realtor for years and that is pie in the sky stuff. Offerpad is in my opinion horrible at best. I had a client put an offer in on a house in Orlando, I advised them I thought it was high for the area but my client liked the home. Long story short the appraisal came back $15k lower than the price. Offerpad would only come down $6k on price even after I provided Comps that reflected what the house should have been, about 15-20k lower. It took 4 weeks for them to get the cancellation processed so my client could get the escrow back. BTW the house is still on the market almost 7 months later. Yeah any good reviews on here like this one are very rare and not believable. The only way this happened was when Offerpad first started they didn't care about the price and paid whatever to get inventory out there. Now I see how they are making money with the fees and 6%+ Realtor charges. Stick with professionals, I know they have a blood pressure machine at Walgreens but if you were sick would you go there or to a doctor?

Thank you for your sharing your story. I was assuming all the same negative comments, from life experiences. You hit the nail on the head. Atleast local will have the work, more chance to be better off. They know the houses, neighborhoods etc.

I submitted all the info required on Offerpad to get an offer on my mother's home. A couple hours later I got a voice mail, email and text message from Mark Spain Realty saying they got my name from Offerpad stating I needed help selling my mom's house. When some from Mark Spain called me at 7:45 the next morning they got it with both barrels. They tried to tell me it was because Offered doesn't sell in our area (metro Atlanta). Why not tell me that before I lose an hour of my life gathering and entering all the info they asked for just to get multiple calls from a realtor who should not have my contact info in the first place? What a sleazy bait and switch tactic.

Do not work for these guys they rip off employees they rip off clients. they cover up known issues in a house like mold damaged roofs busted water pipes. they don't do proper repairs.

I stopped the process with OfferPad when they gave me an offer for about $90k less than what I know I could sell it for if I took the time to list it. AND they were still going to charge me a full-boat 6% commission as well.

These guys are going to make their money off people who need to sell right away and/or have neglected properties. I get it: they are buying sight unseen. But don't market yourselves, then, as the equivalent of selling the regular way but with less hassle.

This is an EXPENSIVE way to avoid that hassle.

I just considered buying an Offerpad home in Mesa, AZ. Can I just say...NO! They must have had a mad man spraying paint on everything in the house! The pictures looked amazing, but there was not one thing in the house that was in good condition. They literally did JUST enough to make the photos look good. The roof was about to go, the foundation was cracked, pool equipment about to go, AC about to go...a complete disaster! I would never again consider buying from them. Run!

They likely charged the seller for each of those repairs not made.

Offer Pad means leaving money on the table for the home owner. Don't be fooled, sign on with a Realtor and leave the closing table with more money.

Money on the table by selling to offerpad is a good point. Use a licensed Realtor and leave with more money.

Offerpad = crooks
Need I say more...they are liars, they basically rip off the subcontractors after the work is done and the contractor has spent his own money. I woulnt recommend offerpad to my worst enemy. My name is curt jorgensen and I didnt want to do thier job but they were in a bind and neede it done and I was told "the moneys all there' so I got my help and we gotter done in 2 1/2 days and now its a month later and I havent recieved one penny. I partially paid my help out of savings and every week im promised to be paid by next week. Now they want me to send an invoice for just over half the agreed price and sign a lein waiver and I will be paid next week. UNEXCEPTABLE. They are straight up crooks. I bet you cant find one contractor that says good about them and if you do hes paid off and just hasnt felt it yet. These people really need to be put out of business and/or investagated by the irs and feds. Then they will be shut down

Exactly as I thought. Thank you for the great advice. I believe they are unmasked crooks that are out in daylight who need a class action lawsuit up the u know what!
I'm running straight to a real realtor to sell my home

I was a foreman for offerpad and not only crooks to the people they buy homes from and 1099 vendors but theyre own employees. they don't fix theyre houses properly they cover up mold , they cover up roofs that are not safe. watch out trying to buy theyre homes

We just closed the sale of our home with Offerpad and it was absolutely flawless. The price was fair and they did everything to close on time. Great experience

Your reply
Wow...amazing from all the other comments here...
would you consider an email with your name so I can check public records on the property you bought/sold? That would tell me a lot! and I'll share it with you.

These are investors and as investors, they need to make a profit. It may work for some people who don't mind leaving money on the table but it's not for everyone. Consider various options, including working with a Realtor & For Sale by Owner. Professionals in the field of home sales are usually the best option, even if it's not always convenient..

My parents taught me..."If it seems too good to be true, it probably is...!" It has served me well for many years and applies here too...ask neighbors for referral to a good ethical realtor!

they are realtors in reality. what a bad joke. they wasted 6 months of my time. be smart don't use them. If you do you will be as big a adiot as I was. be smart run as fast away as you can!

I was offered 274K from OfferPad. Our house had three offers in 24 hours for $314K. Just say NO.

In my area/market, that's not unreasonable price difference for an investor...
Unless the property was much in need? maybe the $314k was low and allowed for the repairs/updating but better than OfferPad? Just trying to get a grip on the pos & neg...

AVOID OfferPad in Utah at all costs!! They have a realtor associated with them named Mark Purser and he will do whatever he can to benefit him--he does not care about clients or customers, just his bottom line. When I was discussing a problem he created by delaying things, he looked right at me and said, "What does that have to do with me? Why is that my problem?" There might be good, helpful people who work for OfferPad, but they certainly aren't in Utah.

My experience with Offer Pad was perfect. They provided all the services that they promised. They quickly completed the transaction with little or no work on our part.

They were fair and reasonable.

My friend sold her home to OfferPad, they were able to close in time as promised to meet the deadlines of the other home she was trying to buy. Everyone I met or talked to at the company were professional, courteous and polite. I would recommend this company to friends and family.

AJ why does your response match Identically to ones on here from other people? Is this the canned response Offerpad employees are using to counter all the bad reviews? I have been in Real Estate for years and by far this and Opendoor are the two worst companies to deal with for everyone involved, Realtors, Buyers/Sellers, Contractors, I have even heard horror stories from Title Companies. If title Companies say they are bad, then they are worse than Bad. So provide your "Friends" address or Zillow profile and then maybe I'll buy this BS.

I go tan offer from OfferPad, and they sent me a contract. I am wanting to add something to the contract. I'm waiting on new one.
Did they ay the amount they agreed to?
AManda Poore

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