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• Jan 10, 2021

Costly to do business with them
Okinus is horrible with updating your payment history with the credit bureaus. I've been with them for over a year with excellent payment history and was never late. Okinus mixed up my account number, only reported 2 months of payment history and pretended like the only person who could fix it was always out of the office. Finally got this lady on the phone and it took her 3 more months to find and fix the error. Her fix was to just delete the entire account instead of trying to do the right thing and fix it so the accurate payment history could show up. She deleted the entire account and 2 months later the Okinus account has reappeared on my credit file as a new account/debt with 1 month of good payment history, the wrong balance due and it cost me 22 points and 17 points with 2 credit bureaus. If you're smart, you'll stay away from Okinus and go with a better company who cares about the customer, customer service and doing right by a very costly error that they made!

• Feb 27, 2020

I wish there was a way to give a business negative stars because Okinus would definitely get NEGATIVE STARS. In the beginning I secured credit with Okinus for $3500 and went to look at furniture. I went to the nearest furniture store that supported Okinus as a third party vendor. From beginning to end this experience was horrible, from customer service to delivery to ultimately finding hidden in the fine print of the contract that you are leasing furniture. I contacted Okinus several times demanding that they return to my home to pick up the furniture and they kept stalling, never showed up or kept calling me to reschedule. The cost of my furniture was $3000 with monthly payments of $460, that was in June is now Feb 2020 and I just was told that I owe $4497 and if I go the length of the loan I owe $5998. Can you say predatory lender? Okinus is a joke, find a more reputable company with no fine print and good customer service. Every time I walk through my house and look at those purchases, I get pissed off and want to give that crap away. I still have not been reimbursed for the damage that the delivery guys did to my hardwood floors and freshly painted walls.

• Jan 23, 2020 I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.] Regards, [redacted] As of now I have made it clear to them that they are not including all payments made by me in the total balance on the account as of the purchase to the last date of the daysThe starting balance after the days should be a different amount even if it included taxes and all there fees if I have not made payment is due to the lack of professionalism on their part when I tried to communicate my concern, they continue to avoid the issue in fixing the correct balance and adding the amount paid to be balance before the days , so as they cannot and wont correct this they can cancel in all my account I will never do business with them and they can send me to collections if they want I will take care of it then I cannot continue to have them report I am late in payments when that is not true as my credit report shoes I have paid them before on time in the previous account and I always pay all my credit card on time If I have to contact that credit bearer I will do so as well I rather have a collection on my account then late payments every month from them, I refuse to pay them any more money as they will just end up saying it’s all fees and taxes and I will never be done paying them off they are a fraud and I will not settle with them with steading balance and all there fees!! Thank you I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.[Provide details of why you are not dissatisfied with this resolution.] Regards, [redacted] ***

The amount to pay the account off is $179.85, per regular terms of the contractOkinus will accept your next regular payment to pay the account off If you would like to schedule sooner than your next due date of 1/1/contact Okinus Okinus would again like to thank your for your selfless service to our country Corporal Brand [redacted] Senior Manager

Ms [redacted] received a Welcome Letter (attached) as do all customers of Okinus stating that if have any questions to not hesitate to contact OkinusAfter speaking with the representative that Ms [redacted] has dealt with (***) in reference to directing Ms [redacted] to repair the merchandiseMs [redacted] stated that her spouse had repaired a piece previously and after determining from the the manufacturer of the sofa was no longer in business and would not be able to procure replacement parts Okinus offered the reduced settlement; at this time it was suggested that since her spouse had previously repaired the merchandise that possibly could repair the new issue was having In reference to harassment; after review of account the only notes in account are from the department that [redacted] works in as the account was being maintained by their departmentIf Ms [redacted] has documentation that was contacted by others repetitively she can forward to me for review at [redacted] In reference to being forced to take out insurance for furnitureOkinus does charge a damage waiver to protect the customers/Okinus’ interest on merchandiseMs [redacted] contacted Okinus on 5/27/in reference to Damage Waiver (among other things) and how to have it removedMs [redacted] was informed for Okinus to remove the Damage Waiver to have Okinus added as a loss payee on homeowners/renters insurance (this will insure Okinus will receive compensation should merchandise be compromised), she stated that she would do thisOn 6/17/Ms [redacted] contacted Okinus again in reference to having Damage Waiver removed, Ms [redacted] was again told the steps to take and stated that she would not do this as her insurance is for “real merchandise and not furniture”Ms [redacted] was also informed on 6/17/that if could send over proof that had homeowners/renters insurance then Okinus could remove the Damage Waiver; it was also noted that if Okinus was not listed as a los payee that Ms [redacted] would be responsible for paying Okinus any claims that were paid in reference to the furnitureInsurance information received on 7/30/and Damage Waiver premium removedMs [redacted] was not charged a Damage Waiver fee for months after receiving the insurance information, the last Damage Waiver fee paid was on 8/5/(per previous payment history the 8/5/payment received was for 7/15/payment) Per the Payment History submitted the Equifax report is correctThe balance will not be accurately reflect due to the account being settledOnce the account is paid out thru settlement the account will reflect as such A refund is not due and the account will reflect paid out once the remaining payments are madeEither a dispute filed with Equifax or updated copy of Equifax report sent to Okinus for review/correcting Attached: Welcome Letter [redacted] Senior Manager I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below The response from [redacted] at Okinus makes no senseI have sent complaints to The attorney general, and the CFPB giving them the same documentsDo not lie and say you cannot see any of the documents they are in more than one database! Again...I have retrieved a response from a representative by email stating the OPPOSITE of what [redacted] is trying to sayI have attached AGAIN the payments that have been drafted from my bank, Bank Of America as well as been cleared (paid to OKINUS)These documents I have attached again are EVIDENCE that Okinus is in the wrong...are in error of reporting my payments...and are in CLEAR VIOLATION of the FCRA Okinus had better update my creditworthiness from ALL payment periods from -present as paid as agreed, throughout the entire contract period They will be sued if they fail to resolve the issues entailing complaint ID [redacted] Regards, [redacted]

Ms [redacted] is correct the system did quote her an incorrect payoff in the amount of $ 1387.73, instead of the accurate payoff of $ that Ms [redacted] paid on 3/18/ Okinus will need Ms [redacted] to submit a bank statement of the cleared payoff $to OkinusMs [redacted] is free to contact Okinus about the overpayment and speak to [redacted] [redacted] Senior Manager

I provided the login because I thought it was to verify that I HAD AN ACCOUNTNot for the purpose of getting any information in my account which is what they didThey went into my account and were able to tell me EXACTLY WHAT TRANSACTIONS I had at the timeMy bank DOES NOT SEND INFORMATION TO ANYONE BECAUSE THAT IS ILLEGAL! I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below [Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.] Regards, [redacted] According to Merriam-Webster's' dictionary the term "lease" means, a contract by which one conveys real estate, equipment, or facilities for a specified term and for a specified rentWhen buying furniture & using OKINUS the consumer is not informed they RENTING furniture until the rental terms are metThey are working with companies who sell furniture NOT RENTING furniture Like stated before they are flying under the radar

Mr [redacted] did contact Okinus on several occasions in reference to the fee being chargedMr [redacted] was informed each time that needed the Renters Insurance Policy and needed to have Okinus as loss payee and then the damage waiver fee would be taken off of accountOkinus finally received from the insurance company year months since Mr [redacted] initially mentioned having the fee removedBelow are the dates Mr [redacted] contacted Okinus and what was discussed, also attached is the Renter Insurance Policy we received on 12/23/(notice states Change type “ADD” and has effective date of 12/23/13) · 6/23/12-Stated had homeowners insurance and wanted damage waiver off, Mr [redacted] was informed that Okinus would have to be listed as loss payee and forward Okinus a copy, he was concerned that his premium would increase and that if increased would not do it · 3/8/13- Stated he was upset having to pay the $damage waiver fee when has renters insurance, was informed by [redacted] (Manager) to email a copy of the policy once has Okinus as loss payee · 6/8/13-Called office in reference to damage waiver stated that he had Okinus on his insurance as payee but is still being charged, Mr [redacted] was advised that we have not received any documents from him or insurance companyMr [redacted] said that would call his insurance company to send the documents he asked for his loan number and the fax number (1st time) · 12/13/13-Called office in reference to paying account off, stated that he spoke with [redacted] l (Manager) a while back and informed her that had homeowners insurance and that was going to give him a credit back for feesHe stated that his insurance company sent it for him and notified him that was doneMr [redacted] was informed that would have to get with Manager due to not having any notes to credit back fees as not is policy and still did not have the copy of renters insurance · 12/23/13-Called office; advised that still needed the copy of renters insurance, he stated will call them and have them send it(Okinus received the copy of insurance policy**note the copy of the policy has that Okinus was added as loss payee with an effective date of 12/23/13)Okinus removed the damage waiver fee from account · 12/26/13-Called office stated that has been trying for weeks to get in touch with someone in reference to damage waiver fee being removed and also wants to be refunded for the damage waiver fee that has been paid · 1/22/14-Called left message for Mr [redacted] (account was past due) · 1/27/14-Called office about payoff and receiving letter about drafting from accountHe was informed that the ACH (automatic draft) was turned off in December 2013; Mr [redacted] said that he did not authorize this and wanted to speak to supervisor · 1/27/14-Supervisor spoke to Mr [redacted] said that is very upset with Okinus that we told him that if sent in damage waiver would remove and refund all fees from day oneThe manager that assisted him 3/8/stated this was not told to Mr***, Mr [redacted] advised the representative to set up payoff and let us know that was reporting to Mr [redacted] is not due a refund of damage waiver fees paid, Okinus removed the fee from Mr***’s account when the Policy was received

Ms [redacted] ’s account is due on the 8th of each month It is currently up to date, now due for 7/8/ Each month if the account is not paid on by the 8th, phone calls will be placed for collection purposes Phone calls were placed each time the account was past due, which was December, January, February, March, April, May, and June I will personally check with our collection call center to see if excessive amounts of calls were placed on a daily basis and ensure that will not happen in the future We thank Ms [redacted] for her business and as long as her account remains current, phone calls will not be placed to her by our collection office Thank you, [redacted] Director of Human Relations Okinus, Inc

After review of the following account, proper Okinus procedure was followed When the customers information was ran through our system, it gave the following pre-approval message: [redacted] , Congratulations! You have been approved for the following two leasing options, subject to verification of banking information and incomeOption A: Approval up to $with your initial payment at signing equal to your monthly payment $would be approximately $a month for In the above pre-approval message, it states that the leasing options offered are subject to verification of the customers banking information and income To obtain this information Okinus uses a verification service provided by our trusted partner, Decision LogicThe purpose of this link is to verify banking information electronicallyWe verify information such as banking and income electronically because it cuts down on the possibility of receiving fraudulent documents With this verification service a secure link is sent via text or email to the customerOnce the link is received the customer then has to enter in the user name and password to their online banking accountOnce this is entered, they then have to Agree to the terms and conditions before moving forwardIt is disclosed in the terms and conditions that the 90days of bank statement that is being received is a read only copy and Okinus does not have access to the customers actual checking account Once the information the customer enters in is verified, the customers financial Institution releases a read only copy of the bank information to OkinusUnfortunately after review of Mr [redacted] bank information and transaction history it was determined that he didn’t meet company qualifications and was denied for 90daysMr [redacted] may re-apply with Okinus on December 7th, I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.] Regards, [redacted] ***

There was an error on Mr [redacted] ***'s account that resulted in two payments being drafted from his accountOkinus does want to correct the situation but there are policies in place that Okinus has to follow before a refund can be issuedOkinus has a strict policy that states we have to verify that the payment cleared the customer's checking account before we can issue a refund to prevent a customer from being credited back a payment then it return back to OkinusThis is done most of the time by requesting a bank statement from a customer that can verify the payment cleared their bank and will not return back to OkinusIf a customer wishes to not send over a bank statement there are two options Okinus can then offer a customerOkinus can either do way with the customer's bank to verify that the payment cleared and will not return back to our office or the customer can wait business days which is the standard time it can take for a payment to return back to the office if a bank is rejecting itOkinus will return the extra payment back to Mr [redacted] as soon as it is verified that the payment will not return back to the office I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear belowThe business claims they record phone calls, therefore, they should be able to pull up the contact logs where I requested the furniture to be picked upI NEVER requested a third account to be opened! I have been trying to get rid of this furniture since I could no longer make the paymentsI am not settling for $because they should have picked up the furniture the moment I was late, since this is a LEASE agreement I tried to return the furniture Please pull up your call logs and you will see that I am telling the truth This account shows "open" on my credit report but it is indeed closed since I have not made a payment in SEVERAL years! My next step is to report this company to the Consumer Credit Protection Bureau for violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act since this account is supposed to reflect closed since it has not been active for a long time Regards, [redacted] ***

Ms [redacted] ’s payment history is attached for reviewIn regards to paying double sales tax; Okinus charges sales tax for each lease payment that is madeMs [redacted] did not pay for sales tax initiallyIn the payment history you will find that Okinus has charged the same amount per payment for sales tax No refund is due [redacted] Senior Manager

MsNorma is a returning customer as stated in complaint and paid both accounts off before the SAC (Same As Cash) expirationMs [redacted] was making extra payment on current account with the expectation of paying off within the Day SAC period, however the SAC expired before it could be completedAs previously stated Okinus spoke with Ms [redacted] on several occasions and Ms [redacted] was informed on the payoff after the SAC expirationThe revised payoff for Ms [redacted] will be $(the current payoff on account is $2819.16)The revised payoff will expire on 10/15/after 10/15/the payoff will be the current payoff in Okinus' systemThe amount that Ms [redacted] references on her Equifax report is the balance without taxThe reduced payoff that has been offered to Ms [redacted] is waiving the past due amount ($682.03) on account since have not made a payment on account since June The reduced payoff will expire on 10/15/14, Ms [redacted] is urged to take advantage of the reduced amount while still available Okinus apologizes to Ms [redacted] for the confusion on accountHopefully this will resolve all issues ***Attached you will find the copy of the contract that details the payoff after each payment, and a copy of payment history (list of payments made)The signed contract was not attached previously (another document was attached by mistake disregard SWGA Account) [redacted] Senior Manager I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.All during this time they had and knew they had my money and they refused to acknowledge that fact and return the money This is just poor customer service in my opinion and is indicative of their lack of care for their customer and instead care only for themselves And I want this noted in any file with the, so that others will know of the type of service they will receive, Regards, [redacted] ***

We are sorry that Ms [redacted] feels that she is being harassedOkinus keeps trying to contact Ms [redacted] due to her account being due for 7/18/A partial payment was made on Ms [redacted] 's account on 9/and before that another partial payment was made on 8/Okinus has not contacted Ms [redacted] since the payment on 9/and her account has been turned over to our legal department being Ms [redacted] has requested we do not contact her any longerBefore we received the Cease and Desist Okinus was trying to get in contact with Ms [redacted] so that we can set up arrangements with her to help bring her account back current with our company Okinus will not be calling Ms [redacted] any longer but we do request that she contact our office to set up arrangements to bring her account back current with our office

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