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Hi [redacted],   This is from our email but the customer confirmed the parts delivered on 3/19 which is the day that he opened the complaint with you.  Also for your reference here is the link from the post office that confirms delivery of the package.  
href="   It sometimes happen that we sort outbound mail into the [redacted] stream rather than the [redacted] stream which obviously results in loss of time on delivery.

Complaint: [redacted]Well since I do need the car to travel and it's my only transportation, I am going to send you the pictures above. There are 8 attachment pictures of when the hose was cleaned and then detecting where the leak is coming from when turning the steering wheel both ways which causes the car to smoke when the fluid is touching the muffler. Please get back to me as soon as possible thanks. 

Review: I had bought a high pressure hose line for my 2004 Saab 9-3 linear from around May of 2014 and I called to ask about the part being shipped already and I was told that the part was back ordered over the phone and I didn't get the part until 2 weeks after and I didn't get the part installed until a week after which was the beginning of June on the weekend. Within the year there was already a leak in the hose and it got worst over time after a year and four months and the hose kept leaking more when I drive and its causing my car to smoke up while driving and turning the steering wheel, It took me a while to trace where the leak was coming from. This hose turned out to be a defective hose and I contacted and Saab cusomter service and they did not want to warranty me another high pressure hose line, they want me to pay more money for the hose when I shouldn't be paying anything. I had [redacted] install the hose for me when I first got the high pressure hose and when I found out it was leaking I took my car to [redacted] again look at the hose and try to adjust and tighten the hose but nothing worked and the manager [redacted] at [redacted] branch confirmed that the high pressure hose was defective on Saturday September 5th 2015. As the consumer buying a High pressure hose for a car, the hose should last me many years not a year, unfortunately I got a defective hose from this company. Today I spoke to Zach at regarding this matter and I also spoke to him on Friday September 4th.Desired Settlement: In order to resolve this issue I would like to get a replacement for this part at no cost as the consumer because this company sold me a defective hose and I still have to pay a company to install this part again which is more money coming out of my pocket as well. This is dangerous while driving especially when I'm parking or turning the steering wheel causing the car to smoke up. I would like this to be resolved as soon as possible.



Hello, Thank you for contacting I am very sorry to hear of the issue. The item is outside of the warranty period of one year. If the customer would be willing to remove the item from the car and bring it to our [redacted] location, 10 minutes from [redacted], I would be happy to inspect the item and contact Saab, the manufacturer, and see if they will warranty the item outside the one year time frame. There are two areas on that original equipment hose that are prone to leaking due to incorrect tightening. Please be sure to check those two locations for leaks before removal from the vehicle. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do for you and have a great day.

Review: I bought brake pads for my [redacted] on line. The front pads were faulty. Had to pay my mechanic to put them on, test them, and then take them off. When I called europarts with my complaint, I was told they don't cover labor. I wasted $85 in labor charge, 5 hours of my time at the mechanic because they had never even seen faulty brake pads. I returned the bad part and they wouldn't even cover return shipping. When I complained loudly, they hung up on me.Desired Settlement: I want $12.50 return shipping and $85 to cover labor. Part was shipped in a USPS flat rate box for $12.50.



Hello Ms. [redacted],

Thank you for contacting us with this issue. The customer did indeed purchase front and rear brake pads from [redacted] as stated. The customer contacted us after installing the product claiming that they received the product "soaked in oil". They claim that the technician installed the front pads anyway and removed them after test driving due to exhibiting "lack of brakes". There we no oil products of any kind shipped with the customers order and there was no damage claim placed against the shipment at any time. The pads were examined at the time of return and they did appear to be installed on a car that had brake rotors with uneven wear. This would account for the lack of contact from pad to rotor and could contribute to less than adequate braking. The customer did not purchase new brake rotors from [redacted] and I have no way of determining if they installed new rotors or not, other than the usual wear on the "new" returned front brake pads. We provided a return label with the customers return request and the customer chose not to use it. Our return policy allows for warranty items to be returned only for exchange but we did allow a return for credit on this item. We also do not cover shipping on returns for credit but in this case we provided a prepaid label due to the customers agitated state. We have already given the customer a full credit on a part that was not defective.

Customer Service Manager



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: The company is not being honest. The brake pads were faulty, and appeared coated in oil. When my mechanic put new brake pads in bought from his usual source, brakes worked fine. The problem was not the rotors.

My other complaint is that they would not refund my return shipping. They did supply a [redacted] label and sent an email that shipping cost would be deducted from my refund. I live in a remote area of [redacted] and it made no sense to drive 45 minutes one way to a [redacted] location. Instead, I shipped USPS flat rate box for $12.50.

Review: On 03/06/I placed an online order with [redacted] in the amount of $about a week later expecting the parts any day I checked online to get the tracking number and on their website it said that the order was processing and the expected shipping date was 03/12/2015, so no big deal I can be patient so I called the company and asked them what was the hold up and they said they were waiting for the parts to come in which means they never had in their possession the parts they were selling which may or may not be an ethical I continued to be patient then on 03/13/I received an email saying my order had shipped Priority 2day via [redacted] and the tracking number [redacted] was providedWell its is now almost 03/19/and on the [redacted] tracking page it says a label has been created for this shipment but IT STILL HAS NOT BEEN PICKED UP AND SCANNED IN BY [redacted]!! I called [redacted] and asked them whats going on and that if my parts haven't shipped out I want a refund or to ship the parts immediately and they proceeded to give me a run around saying that because the parts had shipped out they couldn't process a refund and I would have to send the parts back when I receive them however as previously noted according to [redacted] the label was created but never scanned in! Upon pointing this out to them they said maybe it shipped out [redacted] but couldn't provide a tracking number and said they would continue researching it and call me back but they never didIf this company cannot provide the service they advertised and the parts I ordered they need to either provide me with clear evidence that the item was shipped or an immediate refund.Desired Settlement: I want evidence of the parts I ordered being shipped or a refund immediately! Thank You
Hi [redacted], This is from our email but the customer confirmed the parts delivered on 3/which is the day that he opened the complaint with youAlso for your reference here is the link from the post office that confirms delivery of the package[redacted] It sometimes happen that we sort outbound mail into the [redacted] stream rather than the [redacted] stream which obviously results in loss of time on delivery

Review: I ordered $1,023.16 worth of parts for my car. When I got shipment I opened it to inspect, only to find that there was NO type of packing protective material on the items. Being that my order was a complete exhaust system for my car, it was all metal including a muffler and a catalytic converter. The muffler as well as all of the other parts were damaged and scratched due to being shipping metal on metal. eEuroParts told me that the muffler is OEM and has chrome tips. Well the chrome tips were very scratched and damaged. I contacted eEuro and they pretty much told me that if I return the parts then they can send me another part. I don't have the time to find a box to fit a muffler as well as other metal parts not to mention the packing material that is needed as well. All I wanted from them is a partial refund or even a credit. They refused and I don't believe this is right. What kind of company doesn't include packing material with over $1,000 worth of stuff?Desired Settlement: I want a partial refund due to my items being neglected during the shipping process and being shipping without any type of packing material.



Hello Mr. [redacted]

Review: I ordered parts they claim they left the parts outside of my house . I told them there were no parts putside of my house and why would you just leave them outside? I told them to refund my money and they then disrespectfully imply that I stole them and refused to issue a refund!Desired Settlement: To make them issue the refund and write me an apology letter!



Hello,We are very sorry to hear of the issue. This order was placed on the 09/08/15, shipped on 09/09/2015 with [redacted] Tracking [redacted] and Delivered on 9/12/2015. Customer had contacted us on 9/13 stating they had not received the package. On 9/15 a [redacted] claim was submitted to trace the package. On 09/21/2015 This claim was denied by [redacted], they have gps data showing the truck at the delivery address on the delivery date. We are still willing to help the customer out, but since they are asking for a refund instead of replacement parts. We have asked for them to provide a receipt for the other parts purchased through another Vendor. The customer is unwilling to provide any type of receipt or work-order from the mechanic showing that these were purchased a second time. Thank you for choosing www.eEuroparts.comRegards,Zak M[redacted]eEuroparts Customer Service DepartmentMon–Fri 8am–8pm EST

Review: Website listed a particular part for sale. What I received was not the correct part, as I already own the part that I ordered. Received product had part numbers defaced and customer service was unwilling to acknowledge their wrongdoing. Offered zero assistance other than that what they sent was what I ordered.Desired Settlement: A replacement with the correct part would be ideal. If not, a refund would suffice. However, given that this company offered neither one despite the fact that they sent the wrong part and it was defective, I doubt they will do much of anything.




Review: [redacted] Dispute

• 12/4/2015 15:11 CST - Buyer: The product I purchased, Ignition lock cylinder, was defective as it would not start the vehicle as described by 3 of your service representatives. My mechanic initially contacted your company to verify that this was the proper part and was told that this part would work with the enclosed keys. With this pur[redacted] the keys would start the car and the original keys would be required to open the vehicle. My mechanic confirmed this part from the info received and instructed me to purchase. On 11/25/2015 I called your company (3:38pm-duration of call 19 min. 10 sec. on [redacted]) and again was told that this part would start the car with the keys enclosed without any need for coding as my original keys would open the doors. I ordered the part and awaited a confirmation email expecting info on VIN however, as it was not received I called back to confirm the info received by the two previous customer service reps (5:02pm-duration of call 3 min. 33 sec on [redacted]). Again, for the third time I was told that the part was correct and the keys would function. After delivery of the part my mechanic installed it only to note that the keys would not start the car due to the transponder of the keys not syncing with the car. He called your CS department and was basically told that as he was not on the invoice and your company could not help him. This part has to be cut off after it is installed. So basically defective due to lack of function. Due to the lack of car ignition the car had to be towed to a local facility to recode the keys to allow the car to operate. This excess amount per my mechanic was $350 on top of my expected labor. On three separate occasions we were given misinformation on the ability of this part to function. Thus leading to an excessive bill on my part. At this rate I should have had the dealer perform the process and avoid all this aggravation. Very disappointed to say the least and would recommend additional training on the functionality of your parts.

• 12/4/2015 15:25 CST - Buyer: I also contacted a representative (JR ext [redacted]) on Wednesday December 2nd (3:10pm-call duration 5 min. 58 sec on [redacted]) to explain the situation and was told that the info would be given to his supervisor (Zack ext [redacted]) and I should receive a call later that day. I did not receive a call back and followed up with the extension of his supervisor the next day on Dec 3rd (10:52am-duration of call 3 min. 2 sec. on [redacted]) and left a message on voicemail. I still have not received any contact from your company.

• 12/8/2015 14:02 CST - PayPal: [redacted] escalated this dispute to claim.

[redacted] Dispute Information

After escalating the dispute to a claim, [redacted] finally received a reply from the Seller offering a return, see below: Choices received via [redacted]

However, as noted above in my dispute, the part was installed by my mechanic and the part did not function as intended. The keys transponders did not sync with the vehicle as the customer service agents at this company indicated they would and they did not offer my mechanic any direction and/or advice when he called the company to state that the information that both he and I received prior to pur[redacted] was incorrect. With that said my mechanic contacted me to state that the company was unwilling to offer guidance to him as my name was on the invoice. I then proceeded to follow up with the company on multiple occasions as noted in the above [redacted] dispute, with no return calls from this company. To return this part, it requires the bolts holding the part to the steering column to be drilled out and/or cut off, thereby destroying the part! This would null and void their so called return policy, and they know that! This is not a good will gesture on their part, and would require not only 5-6 hours more of labor $$ by my mechanic to uninstall the product, but shipping costs as well.

All the while I would be unable to use my vehicle. All this due to misinformation not once, not twice but three times before the part left their warehouse. This part, lock cylinder, was not as described and basically useless without the cost of recoding, which I had to pay extra for the excess labor. This company audio tapes their calls, so the misinformation will be recorded unless they have already erased the conversations.

Let is also be noted that product that I purchased on 11/25/2015 from their website had a very recent picture and description update!!! I should have print screened the image and description prior to my dispute. How convenient that it now shows an image with [redacted] keys, not the steel keys as pictured in the coded product, and now has the additional description added “Lock cylinder with keys. Additional Programming may be required.” This description change occurred on and [redacted].com.

Now why on earth would anyone pur[redacted] this part, which DOES require programming over the coded product, which is only $37 more, when to get a single key coded (additional programming) would cost approximately $200 at [redacted]. I’m pleased that this company was able to review their product listing and modified it accordingly and hopefully educated their customer service/sales staff on the product to avoid any future misguidance to their clients. My advice going forward on the description would be “Additional Programming Required” not “may be”!

My status with [redacted] for this dispute is to respond to either (1) return the part, which is not possible under their return policy due to install or financially viable due to excessive labor costs or (2) cancel the claim!!! I’m very limited in my direction to proceed.

Choices received via [redacted] :How would you like to respond? (1)Provide tracking information. or (2)Cancel claim.

The merchandise must be in the condition in which you received it and you are responsible for any costs associated with the return.


New Product Return Policies: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase,® will accept the return of the product(s) only in the original, unused, and uninstalled condition within ninety (90) days of receipt.

So obviously the part has to be installed in order for it to be tested and to function, thus the install will void their return policy. The product was not as described!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy: We guarantee that if you have a problem that we caused we will resolve it to 100% of your satisfaction. ? When you have an issue with an item purchased on our site we will make every effort to quickly and promptly resolve that issue in a fair way. ?

This is of course assuming that item is still brand-new, hasn’t been installed on your car, and is in its original manufacturer packaging. Your customer service agents caused this problem from misinformation and/or lack of knowledge of product functionality so where is the resolve to 100% of my satisfaction? Your company cost me more in labor than the part is worth!

“Having a product allows you to form a company, but having customer service allows the company to grow and/or falter!”Desired Settlement: Refund due to misinformation of product functionality by employees on 3 separate occasions prior to product being shipped. Empty gesture to offer refund with return of product as product would not be new, unused and uninstalled on top of excess labor cost to perform such a return. All because of incorrect information verbally given over the phone.



Hello Mr. [redacted],

Review: I ordered and Item from the company that was said to be compatible with my car and it was not. I took the car to the dealer and it was confirmed that the part was indeed incompatible. The order #[redacted] was returned by me at the [redacted].When reported the Google Trusted Stores in which they're listed under, [redacted] resolution was to send me a return code to ship the item. They knowingly ignored the entirety of my complaint about being sold an incompatible part as well as not receiving a refund for the returned item. Google Trusted Store them emailed me saying that [redacted] has now resolved my complaint. I disputed that claim [redacted] and Google Trusted Store has since been giving me the runaround.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund from the part as stated in the companies terms and conditions.



Hello [redacted],

Thank you for the message concerning this customer service matter. We would be happy to offer the customer a full refund for the item as soon as it is returned. As of this time the item has not been returned and the customer has not provided us with any tracking information or proof of delivery. We look forward to resolving the issue as quickly as possible. Please feel free to contact me personally if I many be of any assistance. Have a great day.

Customer Service Manager


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